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Where is the Swiss eLearning Institute based? The Swiss eLearning Institute is located on an advanced web-based platform powered by Switzerland’s leading global online business school.

Anybody can benefit from continuing education, but the informal and flexible nature of continuing education courses provides a particular advantage to those whose professions are constantly evolving, especially networkers. When we first develop ourselves, other aspects surrounding our lives improve also. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body, which leads to a healthy, wealthy life. Yet, when do you have the time to go back to basics and build on your core skills? How can busy, determined networkers suddenly drop everything they’re doing to attend school? And after all, the power of network marketing is in its ability to be taught and duplicated, without a prerequisite of a university degree or a piece of paper that says ‘diploma’. Yet, what is life if we are not learning? This is where QNET has blended together the skills that make a successful networker, with the academic experts and leading professors at Switzerland’s leading online university. The Swiss eLearning Institute recognises that a strictly structured, tightly framed environment like that of a traditional university or classroom setting is not the most suitable for the fast-paced, dynamic and progressive life and busy schedules of networkers. Unlike a normal classroom, eLearning offers a flexible and an informal educational environment tailor-made for professional development. The Swiss eLearning Institute offers well-developed courses, from beginner to advanced to niche, for the modern networker.

Improve yourself today and watch the results in your business. Invest in your own human capital, that of your own and of your team. Invest in your own future, and help improve those around you.

What makes a Networker • • • •

Dynamic and progressive lifestyles Flexibility and adaptability to change A desire to make a difference Having wants to evolve and change one’s life

What makes an eLearning Student • • • •

Active and productive lifestyles A want to expand knowledge Adaptation and resilience Seeking a way to improve oneself