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First of all, thank you so much for the outstanding support you give Aspire Magazine with every issue. We’re very proud to say we have now won a total of THREE major awards – a Gold from Marcom Awards 2020 for Aspire #28, a Platinum from Muse Creative Awards 2021 for Aspire #29, and a Platinum from AVA Digital Awards 2022 for Aspire #30. This year, we want to further emphasise our promise to remain your partner in success for life. A promise to be your steadfast support as you move forward with courage and resilience in the face of adversity. Aspire is only one part of this, but we hope the stories you find here resonate with you and that this magazine continues to be a symbol of our commitment to your journey. In Service,

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Editor’s Note


Our Promise, Your Legacy The Promise My Mother Made Me Keep


A Roundup of Global QNET News


6 Habits for a Healthy Home Treat Yourself


Go Green & Make a Difference Discover RYTHM Around the World I Promise 7 Levels of Understanding Making & Keeping a Promise


You Can Do It! Achievers' Club


Girls Got Game!


Our Promise, Your Legacy I have been taught the importance of keeping my word very early in life. I understand the value of only making promises that I can keep, and this will always be something that I’ll hold very close to my heart. I intend to practice and pass this value on, through my deeds and my work. When I found QNET more than two decades ago, I saw not only a company but a family that shares the same values and beliefs. I have seen how QNET has transformed thousands of lives within the last two decades, and most of you have been part of this incredible journey. You have seen the impact this business has on people and have worked very hard to get to where you are today. There are many other distributors like you who believe in the QNET promise and are working towards their dreams. Our promise is to be your partner for the long term. In our 23 years, QNET has never wavered on any challenges that were thrown at us. We have remained strong in standing with you as you create your own legacy – a direct selling business that you can pass on to future generations. I truly hope that you will continue to find joy and purpose with us here at QNET, as we all continue to strive for and achieve great lengths to serve you, whilst you work tirelessly to ensure better lives for you and your loved ones. Let us continue to work together, believe in our purpose, and embody our core values of integrity, service, leadership, and sustainability as we grow and bring our promise to the world.

Malou Caluza


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connect with QNET QNET family, you are our muse. We want to connect with you, we want to get to know you. Your feedback and support help us create better experiences for you. So, get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts.

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My Mother Made Me Keep

Promises are personal. Every time you make a promise, you share an important part of yourself that you wish to build upon. A heartfelt promise comes with integrity, commitment, and love. When I started my network marketing journey, I promised my Amma that I will do whatever it takes to succeed. I strived not only for financial freedom but also for my mother to live the best kind of life she deserves. It was that promise that kept me going no matter what. Even when I did fulfill that promise for her, she pushed me to keep going. She made me realise that my responsibility as networker involves my mentors and downlines. My promise to her became my promise to everyone who are with me in this journey. The best thing about making that promise was not just about keeping it, but the person I became along the way. That promise taught me how to be a warrior. I fought my way through every challenge because that promise meant a lot for me, my mother, my Uplines Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph ‘Japadas’ Bismark, and the amazing people who have joined me. I found a purpose that became my life-long commitment. This is a promise I have made since day one, and one that I plan to keep for the rest of my life. Know that I will be here with you every step of the way because that is my promise. I hope you have made such a promise to yourself, and the people around you. We are in this unbelievable ride, together. I love you guys!

‘Chief’ Pathman Senathirajah





QNET NEWS It’s still early in the year and we’ve already been very busy here at QNET. Check out some of the exciting things we’ve done so far! QNET is One of the Best Direct Selling Brands in the World The DSN Digital Momentum Index, a quarterly report that compares the online performance of direct selling companies, has recently extended its ranking from the US domestic market to the rest of the world – and QNET has ranked #16 among the top direct selling brands globally! Let’s keep aiming higher together!

9 Malou Caluza Honoured as Female Executive of the Year QNET CEO Malou Caluza received a bronze award in the Female Executive of the Year category at the 18th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Previously, she won a gold Globee at the 2021 CEO World Awards. We’re so proud of these accomplishments!

The Prestige of Bernhard H. Mayer Bernhard H. Mayer has been featured twice on Prestige, a luxury lifestyle website that “provides a fresh insider’s perspective” into the glamour of high living in Asia.

QNET’s Winning Streak Continues In February, QNET won five major awards at the 2022 AVA Digital Awards:

Platinum – A History of Building Champions Platinum – Aspire # 30 Gold – 3 Reasons Why QNET is the Best in Direct Selling Gold – QNET’s Commitment to Creating a Sustainable World Gold – QNET & HomePure #BottleSelfieChallenge




HomePure Represents at the World Water Forum

QNET Empowers Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

RYTHM Foundation Boosts Economic Empowerment for Women

As part of its ongoing efforts to support the environment and leave a Green Legacy, QNET and HomePure participated in the 9th World Water Forum in Senegal from 21-26 March. With this, QNET hopes to contribute to the promotion of water security for African populations, which will help provide access to safe drinking water for all.

As part of its goal to empower more women in business, QNET has been providing training and mentorship programmes on entrepreneurship to women in Nigeria. The programmes aim to equip women with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their direct selling businesses.

In January, RYTHM Foundation won the silver award in the Livelihood category at the CSR Times Award, for its project “Economic Empowerment of Women in Eastern India through Microenterprises” in partnership with Parinaama Development Foundation. Through this, QNET and Parinaama have helped nearly 10,000 women from several communities in rural India, by providing them with the technical and business training necessary to develop a microenterprise and gain more economic independence.

11 QNET Boosts Excitement at First Expo of the Year in Malaysia QNET marked an exciting beginning for 2022 by holding a two-day expo where we introduced our fantastic portfolio of health and wellness products to over 200 attendees. We hope to host even more expos around the world very soon!

Product Launches Be sure to watch out for these new products on your eStore!

Ghana Gets Its First Training Centre Going Strong in the UAE

QNET opened its first training centre in collaboration with the local service provider Bosumtwi Limite, in Ghana, to help direct sellers master professional and sustainable business practices in the country.

Last year, QNET began an exclusive partnership with online marketplace in the UAE. Since then, customers have enjoyed shopping for a variety of branded products while also earning RSPs. Stay tuned to find out where will go next!

qLearn courses to boost your business acumen • Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising • Google: IT Security • Introduction to Negotiation • Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

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Stunning watches and jewellery from Bernhard H. Mayer • Lurve Collection • Classe Bangle • Drift Racer • Empire




Home is where the heart is. And, in most cases, it is the most important place on Earth because that’s where your family is. While our homes may be neat and tidy, there are many health hazards hidden in plain sight such as lead particles, uninvited bacteria, fungi, insects, smoke, pesticides, and other harmful pollutants. These can cause illnesses such as respiratory problems, lead poisoning, asthma, allergies, and more importantly prevent you and your family from leading a healthy life. Stay true to your promise of taking care of your family’s health at home with these six tips covering you and your family from head to toe, and beyond.



BREATHE HEALTHY Air provides us with life-giving oxygen, but it can also contain a lot of impurities. Air quality really matters in a home because it’s where we rest and rejuvenate after a long


day’s work. Purify the air you breathe indoors with QNET’s HomePure Zayn, a compact and stylish device that effectively removes pollutants in the air. Rest assured that QNET’s Home & Living range of products will help you control the uncontrollable and provide your family with the safe and healthy environment they deserve.

DRINK HEALTHY Water is the ultimate source of life, but given the rising amounts of pollution in the cities we live in, the water that flows through our taps might not be the cleanest – even after being treated. Cloudy water may be a carrier of many harmful solvents alongside excessive sediments and hard water – which might appear clean – often contain high levels of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and other soluble deposits that could lead to harmful consequences. This is where QNET’s HomePure Complete Water Line comes in. Easy to set up, it ensures that your home always has access to clean and safe water.








Managing a healthy weight will not only make you feel good about yourself, but it will also keep the unnecessary illnesses away while helping you maintain more balanced energy throughout the day. Opt for a certified and health-friendly weight management formula like Belite 123 to help boost your metabolism, curb your appetite, and detoxify your body, and you’ll be feeling great in no time.

Avoiding junk food is not the only thing you can do to eat healthy. The fruits and vegetables we eat are often loaded with pesticides and chemicals that cling on even after being washed. Make sure you pick the freshest and cleanest produce, even if it means taking some extra steps. And on top of that, wash them with

Bio Disc 3 enhanced water to increase the potency of its nutritional value.



SLEEP HEALTHY We all have our own circadian rhythm. When we allow this rhythm to wake us


up naturally, we will feel alert, relaxed, and ready to start the day. But for too many of us, our alarms interrupt our natural cycles. In addition to that, busy schedules and commitments interfere with our sleep as well. So, to get a good night’s sleep, make use of the Amezcua Bio Light 3. It has been known to balance biofields and reinstate circadian rhythms as we sleep.

LOOK HEALTHY Taking care of our bodies should be our number one priority. It impacts everything we do, from having the perfect smile and looking presentable to performing our best. Maintaining healthy skin is difficult when we’re living in a world full of stressors and pollutants. That’s why incorporating a good skincare routine is essential. Luckily, these are all made easier with international standard, research-backed skincare products from QNET’s range of personal care solutions that are designed to help you look and feel your best.



TREAT Y Elevate your life by prioritising yourself We live the craziest lives – meetings, projects, reports, assignments, housework, commitments… the list goes on. It seems like the clock is running faster and faster, and we’re running behind all the time. Stop and smell the roses, they say. But how? When? Often, we prioritise everything else in life over ourselves. While this might work for a while, it’s not the healthiest or wisest approach. Taking life slow and steady is vital, but we often think we can’t afford that luxury given the fast-paced world we live in. However, what we can do is give ourselves the best life we know we deserve. This might range from ensuring that we eat well and exercise daily, to allowing ourselves the small pleasures in life, so that we live each day to the fullest! It’s all about making time for yourself, treating yourself every now and then, and keeping in mind that YOU matter most.



So, make a promise to yourself to start loving and treating yourself a little bit more – here are some ways to get started!

How many times have we stressed over giving the perfect gift to our partner, parents, friends, and co-workers? Yet how often have we treated ourselves to something good? Jewellery is always a good start, so perhaps you should look at getting a string of pearls to go with that black dress in your closet – the Bernhard

H. Mayer® Pearl Icons Collection is your one-stop-shop for everything Akoya Pearl. Or maybe some arm candy would be more your speed? Then an iconic wristwatch might be just the thing for you! Bernhard H. Mayer’s Lurve Luxury Watch Collection is ideal if you’re looking to add sensuality and strength to your look. Go shopping today and browse through QNET’s range of watches and jewellery and get that luxurious gift for yourself that you know you want.



TREAT YOURSELF UPSKILL YOURSELF If there is one investment that will give you rewards for life, it’s learning! Investing in education, development, and upskilling will never go out of style. Be it acing your next promotion, winning your dream contract, or starting your own business, improving your skills with the education you deserve is not something to put off for later.

Thanks to technology, online education is now widely accessible to all, making upskilling yourself easier than ever. But with the good

comes the bad so make sure to stay savvy with qLearn’s Social Media Marketing course and protect yourself against digital risks with their Google certified IT Security course. There are also many other courses to choose from so find the one that best suits you - from project management to English language skills.

19 TAKE YOURSELF OUT No, we don’t mean to a restaurant, but on an actual holiday! Vacations are not just about having fun and exploring new places; they’re about rewinding, rejuvenating, and refuelling yourself. A proper vacation leaves you feeling refreshed and pumped when you get back to the real world and with the right precautions and travel practices (for the new normal), you’ll be back on the road in no time. Select from a wide range of travel options from QVI – be it for a solo trip, a romantic getaway with your partner, or even a family vacation with the gang! The pandemic may have dampened travel for a while, but that’s in the past now. It’s time to reclaim all the holidays you missed out on over the last two years. So, the real question you need to ask yourself is, are you ready to travel?



Go Green & Make a Difference

Climate change is the greatest threat to our planet. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere are at their highest levels in two million years and they are climbing. And we are already witnessing their impact as increased droughts, wildfires, floods, and storms ravage our communities, and animal species are on the brink of extinction. We must act now to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that our future generation will inherit a habitable planet. That is why QNET is QNET has teamed up with committed to EcoMatcher to plant a building a Green global forest! The first phase of QNET’s sustainable Legacy. Check reforestation initiative will out some of our see a total of 3,000 trees sustainability spread out in Kenya, efforts and easy the Philippines, and the tips on how you United Arab Emirates. can do your part!

21 In 2020, while most of us were stuck indoors, we saw an improvement in the environment around the world. Unfortunately, that didn’t last as seen with the recent surge of wildfires and increasing pollution. The United Nations has initiated a detailed strategic plan to preserve the Earth, and many organisations have also included sustainable commitments of their own.

Did you know that you can help save the environment by making small changes to your lifestyle? Practising a more eco-conscious lifestyle is simpler than we may realise.

Thinking of achieving some eco-friendly resolutions in 2022? We’ve got just the right checklist for you! These tips are not only easy to start off with, but they can make a huge difference in the environment with your help.




RYTHM Around the World

RYTHM Foundation, the social impact arm of QNET’s parent CSR company QI Group, has worked on a broad range of humanitarian PROJECTS projects around the world that reflect the group’s core philosophy of empowering lives and transforming communities. A LD • MAKING






Over the years, RYTHM has collaborated with multiple organisations to bring about lasting changes to communities in need. The Foundation works closely with Aorganisations AFRIC grassroots PROJECTS aligned with its mission and focus areas. These include achieving gender equality, providing access to education for all, and uplifting underserved communities through sustainable community development programmes. These impactful initiatives and partnerships have been detailed in a new

23 e-publication called RYTHM AROUND THE WORLD. The collection of powerful pictures and impact stories highlights the social concerns communities worldwide face even in the age of digitalisation and progress. In addition, it provides readers with an update on each initiative’s ongoing efforts and accomplishments. A LD • MAKING




uplift the needy out of poverty,” she says. “We firmly believe that philanthropy should start in our backyard and extend to anyone who needs help. Our goal is to empower lives and transform communities, regardless of geographical barriers.”


The long-term sustainable community and educational programmes, conducted primarily in Southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, and Africa, have ranged from funding medical treatment to building schools to providing electricity to remote communities. In her message for the book, RYTHM Chairperson Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran describes the Foundation’s far-reaching efforts as helping communities help themselves. “Financial support is only one aspect of any effort because it needs to start somewhere. We support communities with other resources, knowledge, and skills to

then examine how we can help. Additionally, by disseminating this e-book, we hope to encourage organisations to seek out communities in need and do what they can,” Santhi adds.


The Head of RYTHM, Santhi Periasamy, says RYTHM AROUND THE WORLD perfectly communicates the group’s corporate philosophy to a global audience. “The ease with which we can disseminate this e-book helps showcase the various ways people can still empower lives and transform communities,” she says.

To learn more about RYTHM’s accomplishments in equal partnership with communities worldwide and read about the extraordinary impact stories, please click the link below.




RYTHM also hopes that awareness of the issues sparks conversations that ultimately improve the affected communities’ situations. “Alternatively, this could also help bring to light issues that our readers know about. By informing the Foundation, we can






I Promise



arly this year, QNET made waves worldwide with its exclusive short film, “I Promise”, a ten-minute video that spoke to many of our common fears, but also our shared desires and commitments that have grown stronger than ever, especially after living through two years of a global pandemic. Through the story of Hina Gupta, a young working professional from a middle-class family in India, we saw how we all strive to keep our promises to our loved ones and face the challenges on our way to making our own dreams a reality. Hina’s journey begins with a promise. A promise rooted in the hope of a better life, a promise to look after the people she cares about, a promise to be the best version of herself. It’s a story of courage and resilience in the face of adversity, one that exemplifies grit and determination. And it’s a story that reflects QNET’s promise to all of you – that we are committed to being your partner in success for life. What does a promise mean to you?



Levels of




In our journey through life, we go through different phases. Inevitably, our opinions and thoughts on various issues change as we grow older, and we begin to see life through the lens of our experiences. Often, we may gain more insight into a topic with age. The advantage of age and experience is a natural evolution in our thought process. As we meet and interact with people who are different than us, as we travel to other countries and experience other cultures, as we read new books and learn new things, our mind absorbs all the new

information and gives us a new perspective into things we thought we knew well. Through these experiences, we ultimately gain a deeper understanding of life. From the time we are born, we are constantly learning, absorbing, adapting, and changing. Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran refers to this process as the “7 Levels of Understanding”. Each level correlates to a certain phase in our life. It is important to ponder upon the phases we have gone through in life so that we may understand how we have grown and how we can grow even further. Watch this video to understand how these seven phases in life correlate to the seven levels of understanding we develop throughout our life.



Making &Keeping a


A promise is a commitment.

More than simply doing what you say you will, making and keeping your promises is about showing you care—for others and for yourself. When you keep your word, it’s not just about respecting others but also about respecting yourself and leading by example. But how you make and keep these promises are grounded on the foundation of your being. What principles do you live by? What are your non-negotiables? How do you respond when faced with making decisions? Your capacity to stay true to your words hinges upon your life’s principles.


The Foundation of Your Being Austerity, Cleanliness, Truthfulness, and Compassion are just some of the basic principles of life. Put together, they become one’s anchor, the building blocks which determine our success—be it personal or professional. You cannot be compassionate when you are not truthful. You cannot serve your people without austerity and cleanliness.



YOU CAN DO IT! Success Tips for Every Aspiring Achiever Anyone can be successful in direct selling, but it takes a lot of hard work and skill to make it. Here are some of our favourite success tips to help you get there!

Who’s the boss Being a good leader is not only about leading a team – first, you must be able to lead yourself. Now more than ever it is vital for entrepreneurs to collaborate with people, navigate hybrid working conditions, adapt to change, and thrive even in uncertain situations. Knowing how to govern yourself will make these skills feel like second nature.

Nice people finish first There’s a misconception that in order to succeed in business, one must be ruthless and ready to push others out of the way without mercy no matter what. Well, many experts and thought leaders have proven time and time again that this is not true. Practising kindness at work helps you gain loyal customers, enables you and your team to rise from setbacks, and improves performance, among other benefits. What’s great is that it is much easier to be kind every day than it is to be the opposite. So, make sure you always play nice.

31 What’s clicking Social media has been part of our lives for a very long time, including how we market our business. But social media is ever evolving, and with it so must we as entrepreneurs. Level up your social media game this year and stay ahead of the curve.

To the top Being a top performer is all about developing certain traits that set you apart from your peers. Hard work will always be key but to really stand out and rise to the top, you need to be curious and creative, receptive to feedback, hungry to learn more, and work well with a team as well as on your own. Hone these skills and you’ll be well on your way to succeed.



Achievers’ Club Platinum Star

Akash Singh Before joining QNET, Akash Singh started off as a software engineer in the IT industry. He discovered QNET through his friend who became his upline. Although he faced many challenges throughout his journey, he stayed focussed on his goal. He was determined to have a more sustainable future financially for himself and his family.

As a QNET Achiever, you will inspire a lot of people. You will lead them and show them the right things about the business. I used to believe that one person can’t make a difference, but I have evolved since then, and I know that anything is possible.

33 The Achievers’ Club is the most elite rank advancement platform in QNET. As your team will look to you for guidance, it is important to stay focussed on climbing the ranks as an entrepreneur. Let’s look at some of our success stories from around the world!

Platinum Star

Osama Adnan

Osama Adnan joined QNET in 2013 and has been one of our long-standing Achievers. joining QNET, he worked in a series of traditional jobs. Today, he is one of our shining Platinum Stars, and he aims to motivate his team to move up the ranks.

Never stop chasing your dreams, do daily productive activities, be serious in following the system, and help your downlines to succeed and you’ll automatically be successful.



Achievers’ Club

Sapphire Star

Saranya & Arun Saranya and Arun are amazing examples of Achievers who did not allow rejections to dampen their goals. Through perseverance, they earned their first cheque within a week. Their immediate circle did not trust them enough to join QNET. However, they overcame this by spending a lot of time sharing the truth about QNET and being living proof that you can find success in direct selling.

From the very first day at QNET, we faced rejections. But we don’t care about them. Once we attended V-Convention Dubai, we were able to see for ourselves the power of QNET. That’s when we decided that whatever rejections we face, we will keep moving forward.

35 Sapphire Star

VEL Ouattara Lassina V Elite Leader Ouattara Lassina had been a university student until he lost his father and became the sole provider for his family. Discovering QNET helped him rise above his difficulties and take control of his life while fulfilling his responsibilities to his family. His secret ingredient for success? Never giving up.

Your success depends on the success of others. When you enable someone else to earn a living like yourself, you have succeeded.

Sapphire Star

Alishpayeva Armanovna Alishpayeva Armanovna has been with QNET for over three years, but before embarking on her journey in direct selling, she had worked as a waitress. In the face of rejections and other challenges, she stayed motivated by family and her dreams.

As they say, you must give up the good to achieve the best. Despite the difficulties I faced, I am thankful that I had my uplines and my sister, who helped me withstand tough times.




It’s been said that sports have the power to change lives. According to UN Women, sports build character by teaching resilience, teamwork, confidence, determination, and a positive attitude. Empowering women in sports is vital to furthering gender equality.

Much like in direct selling, sports enable women to #BreakTheBias and aim for greater heights, as well as become role models who empower even more people around them. QNET shows its dedication to this vision by supporting programmes that encourage girls to participate in sports and partnering with female athletes around the world.

2015-16: Tennis star Martina Hingis, a five-time Grand Slam Champion and the youngest player ever to rank number one in the world, became QNET’s brand ambassador.

2018: QNET sponsored Arunima Sinha, the first female amputee in the world to scale Mount Everest, supporting her successful mission to scale Mount Vinson in Antarctica.

2019: RYTHM Foundation supported India’s Usha School of

Athletics in their quest to develop young female talent from rural areas to become Olympians.

37 Through supporting women’s sports, we highlight the dedication and hard work shared by female athletes and entrepreneurs worldwide. Much like in sports, direct selling empowers women and allows them to write their own success stories. QNET’s partnership with female athletes is a natural fit. - Malou Caluza


Manchester City Women’s Football Club. One of QNET’s longeststanding partnerships is with Manchester City, and with it the Manchester City, Women’s team. In 2018, QNET became Manchester City Women’s first-ever sleeve sponsor, and both entities have since been featured in each other’s digital content and offline activities. We’re proud of all the goals we’ve scored together with Manchester City throughout the years!

2022: Galatasaray Women’s Volleyball Team.

QNET’s latest partnership is with Turkey’s Galatasaray Women’s Volleyball Team, which was announced in commemoration of Women’s Day this year. Volleyball has long been a symbol of great strength in Turkey, as one of the nation’s most-followed sports. Here’s to a spiking success with Galatasaray!