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Absolute Living



COFFEE TALK Advocating the QNET Choice – Malou Caluza


Make Transformation Your Strategy – Trevor Kuna


Welcome Home, Warriors – Pathman Senathirajah




Sharing is Caring


TRAVEL How to Plan a Quick Weekend Getaway


Istanbul – Where Continents Collide


ABSOLUTE LIVING The Forgotten Art of Breathing


It’s Time for a Coffee Rush!


Your Body is Deteriorating; What Can You Do?


What You Didn’t Know about Looking Like a Man


Stress-Free Holiday Bookings with tripsavr

LIVING PROOF 32 Sharing Positivity Through Leadership 34 Your Only Limit is You 36 The Power Couple Driving Africa to Soar 38 Let’s Talk #GIRLPOWER FEATURE 42 #VCON16 – The V-Con Of Absolute Living 48 QNET Rocks IIFA 50 The Truth about QNET 54 Kindness Avails Many This Ramadan 56 Absolute Living with Rashid Centre’s Sports Day 58 Raising Maharanis 60 #qnetpro The Professional Way to Go!


LIFESTYLE Two Minutes from the Abyss


How I Keep My Family Healthy


Tweet for Success


To Be Happy, Stop Caring About these Five Things


What to Watch this Weekend


AROUND THE WORLD QNET Takes Africa by Storm


QNET Opens First Experience Centre in Dubai


Learning and Growing Together with QNET in Moldova


ACHIEVERS’ CLUB Achievers Spotted at #VCON16


SPORTS QNET Scores With HKFC Partnership


Play Absolutely: QNETCity’s New Era


SUPPORT Meet the Team that Keeps QNET in High Spirits


Global Support Centre (GSC)


Editor’s note (We get knocked down But we get up again They’re never gonna keep us down) We hum the tune as we go about our daily tasks because it’s our 18th Anniversary and we’re in the best of moods! To those of you who’ve read an issue of aspIRe before, hi again, we’re so glad you’re back; to our first-time readers, welcome and we hope you enjoy our magazine. As a company, we’ve been through a lot together and yet, we all have that same drive to keep pushing forward, to grow stronger for another 18 years. Our goals have never changed, we were built on the principles of RYTHM, and we have evolved our growth strategy to include Absolute Living. We’ve taken tremendous leaps forward this year, both geographically and digitally, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store! But for now, this 21st Issue of aspIRe brings you tales of success and determination, struggles and fortitude; products to show you how to Live Absolutely; and some harsh truths about what QNET really is, that will shake your core and strengthen your belief for another 18 years and more. We’ve got fun features and sports pegs and movie suggestions and travel destinations; we just hope that we can create a significant amount of excitement and motivation to last you until our next issue. Without taking any more of your time, Thank you for celebrating QNET’s 18th Anniversary with us! Until next time! In service, Christine Pereira

General Disclaimer: The products featured in this magazine may not be available in all countries. Interested parties should contact QNET Global Support Centre (GSC) or visit the QNET eStore for product availability. QNET provides all content in this magazine as is without warranty of any kind to the extent allowed by applicable law, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of intellectual property. The testimonials presented in this magazine are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are not paid and are not indicative of future performance or success of any other individuals. QNET cannot and does not guarantee any results of individuals utilising material provided by the company on any of its websites or on the QNET eStore. Any content published in this magazine should not be relied on for important personal, financial or business decisions. Readers are advised to seek professional help for appropriate advice. QNET reserves the right to change and/or modify the content and presentation of the magazine without prior notice. Twitter, Facebook, Apple, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Nokia, Pirelli, Blackberry, RIM, and all other associated or related marks are, or may be, trademarks or registered trademarks of their related companies and/or such other related or other entities. Other products and/or company names mentioned herein may also similarly be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. The marks and their use are thereby duly governed by the respective owners and any and all rights in connection with the same are entirely reserved. You are hereby advised and notified that you are under obligation to understand and know the same, and ensure compliance as required. We shall not accept any responsibility or liability arising out of, or in connection with, any breach or misuse of the same, which shall remain your sole obligation to ascertain and comply with. Copyright © QNet Ltd / 2016. All rights reserved.

Editorial Department Editor-IN-CHIEF Sheena Flannery MANAGING EDITOR Christine Pereira Executive Editor Regine Palma Editorial Team Anju Lavina Gil Cadiz Jacopo Contin Vidya Madhavan Contributors Aneesh Medina Amir Asanov Arti Asawa Başak Seren Muyan Bernhard Gaksh Claire Micu Elaine Aisyah Jeannie Tan Martin Soosay Raisa Sawnhey Ramya Chandrasekaran Rita Suttarno Sandra Ellackany Sunny Santokh

Design Department Art Director Puddhi Dheppratum Assistant Art Director Tanakorn Anakvatcharakul Production Manager Sarayoot Teparos GRAPHIC Designers Nahatai Thammanuchit Namon Choteanankul Photo Editors Pravit Nuntanasirivikrom www.anoop.photography

C o f f e e Ta l k

Advocating the QNET Choice When I look back at QNET’s 18 years, I see a kaleidoscope of colourful scenes – people having fun, building relationships, persevering, dreaming and celebrating. A family that was built and bonded not by blood but by trust and care. These are what made us rise and succeed against all the odds, together. These are the armours that protect us from the everyday battles that we face, to change our lives and the lives of others for the better. Our ability to continuously dream and live our dreams is our personal emblem of valour and daily triumphs. For 18 years, QNET has indeed changed lives through its wide range of scientifically proven and life-enhancing products that promote a proactive approach to one’s overall health and wellness. This is backed by a CHOICE to effectively capitalise on a powerful business opportunity that encourages a balanced lifestyle for everyone through achieving economic self-sufficiency, while also allowing more time and freedom for the people and things that really matter in life. Now this may sound cliché, but these are the only words I can find to truly express my gratitude to each and every one of you – these 18 years would not be possible without you and your contributions to this company that we all call a family. You have been part of the strong foundation of a home that shelters the many dreamers who tirelessly continue to take small or big leaps every day to achieve their goals. Be with me as I look forward to our 19th year, and to the many years to come with more milestones, more magical celebrations, new people to inspire and celebrate with, strengthened relationships and everything good. Let us continue to make the right choices, and to help more people make the right choices in life. After all, QNET has been and will always be about CHOICE. Malou Caluza Chief Operating Officer – Network Success QNET


C o f f e e Ta l k

Make Transformation Your Strategy All my years at QNET have taught me that one of the most important things in life is Transformation; creating a constant change for the better, and evolving into the best versions of ourselves is what life is all about. But transformation entails making a decision first – do I wait and let the changes happen to me, make excuses, and put important things off until tomorrow? Or do I start making these changes myself, and make those changes now and today? I am fortunate to have people in my life who help me become a better person, a better human being, and the best version of myself that I can be, physically, mentally, and emotionally. These mentors are none other than our Founders Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Mr Joseph Bismark, among many others within QNET and The V, who push me every day to work harder. They teach me what it takes to be successful. They teach me the true value of consistency, focus, sacrifice, and dedication. Like how each of us needs to grow and transform, so does QNET. And boy, have we transformed. In the last 18 years, we have grown immensely by expanding into new territories, opening new markets, and evolving our product strategy. We have taken large digital leaps, we have taken great strides in making sure we touch as many lives as we can because RYTHM is in our blood, and we will only keep moving forward together and with everyone of you by our side. This year, we have embraced campaigns like QNETPro, which shows the company taking a strong stand on the need for professional marketing within QNET and within the industry as a whole. At the same time, QNETPro is a silent but powerful demonstration that regulatory systems must be improved across the globe to help protect legitimate Direct Selling companies who work only to help improve the lives of those who want to build and control their own future. We have also understood the importance of taking care of ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually, the importance of Absolute Living. The ‘Beat That’ challenge is a fun way to build awareness around the concept of living a holistic and healthy lifestyle and it’s good to see that many of you are in pretty good shape. With these thoughts, I encourage you to make a decision now to live an absolute lifestyle and transform yourself day by day for the better with the help of QNET products, and be the positive influence to those around you to do the same. TREVOR KUNA Chief Marketing Officer QNET


C o f f e e Ta l k

Welcome Home, Warriors! The moment 2016 began, we made sure the whole world knew who we are as a company, as a family. As we introduced ourselves, we bravely faced the doubters, haters, and naysayers and made it a commitment to PROVE THEM WRONG. In V-Malaysia 2016, over 18,000 dreamers came to Evolve. Empower. Enrich. and we turned them into warriors. Such a successful pursuit allowed everyone to finally realise the greatness within them, and to use it to claim success and raise themselves to help mankind. And here you are now, filled with excitement and anticipation as V-UAE 2016 unfolds. For me, this V-Con is extremely important as it presents a great opportunity to stay #TheVSwitchedOn. For five days, you get to experience what it is like to find your dream, and be able to fight for it. In the presence of our very own Founders, Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Mr Joseph Bismark, V Partners, and other key network leaders and influencers, you get to fill your empty cup with passion, motivation, and determination. They too once occupied the same seat as you, and they now carry with them the wisdom that will certainly help you achieve your goals. While they have already claimed financial freedom, here they are, still eager to share what they have gained. This V-Con, they want to reinforce the thought that you have indeed made the best decision of your life in signing up as an IR, and making your way here to Dubai to Evolve. Empower. Enrich. Whether or not this is your first V-Con, allow your experience here to convince yourself that you have the power to make your dreams a reality, and you are in the company of selfless servant-leaders who would want nothing but the best for you. Let go of all your worries and embrace the fact that this is what you are destined for. Just like with any warrior that goes into battle, there are challenges to be faced, and some dues to be paid. But your hunger for success, a better life, and freedom should be enough to carry you through this journey. Everything starts right here, right now at V-Con, and I assure you that I will be with you every step of the way. This is the turning point of your life, and the lives of the people you love. So, hold on because your destiny is about to unfold. Chief Pathman Senathirajah Managing Director The V



By Anju Lavina

QNET brought the Absolute Living Campaign to a trade expo in Yangon as it participated in its first-ever Food, Beauty, Sports and Leisure Expo called ‘Myanmar Functional Food’ where QNET showcased its health and beauty products.

QNET in-house Health & Beauty Specialist Sunny Shaper conducted a product training for over 500 young and enthusiastic IRs in Yangon, Myanmar.

QNET inspired thousands of enthusiastic QNET IRs from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and West Africa through a bunch of inspirational Network Seminar Series (NSS) designed around the theme ‘Prove Them Wrong’.

Quest International University Perak (QIUP), sister company of QNET, was a strategic partner of the two-day 20th Malaysian Education Summit organised by Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI).



Associate V Partner Suresh Perumal gifted Fathmath Ibrahim, the First Lady of Maldives, and Deputy Minister Mohamed Hanim, with a signed copy of ‘In the Sphere of Silence’, the acclaimed book penned by QNET Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran.

At an eye-opening Public Forum themed ‘Transforming the Entrepreneurial Landscape’, QNET Philippines received a prestigious Certificate of Membership from the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP). The certificate was awarded in recognition of QNET’s compliance with the direct selling industry’s regulations and requirements.

QNET hosted its first-ever Product Trainers Summit, initiated by QNET Chief Product Officer Phil Koh and QNET Head of Training Dr Shafi Shaik, and developed to ensure that all QNET trainers have standardised certification and are effective in delivering their messages to help IRs build their networks more efficiently.

QNET in Azerbaijan organised an unforgettable fun day for orphans in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan. QNET set up game sessions for the children living in the Umid Yeri ‘Place of Hope’ orphanage, the first non-governmental organisation (NGO) to set up a children’s shelter and rehabilitation centre for homeless and abandoned street children in Azerbaijan. In a one-of-a-kind event, QNET’s Hong Kong office personally prepared snacks and drinks that were sold to raise funds for Taarana, a cause close to their hearts. These melt-inyour-mouth snacks were delivered by the Directors and the Top Management, a call out to the kind of servant-leadership that is practiced diligently in QNET.

QNET in Turkey donated five HomePure units to Halkalı Yetiştirme Yurdu, an orphanage run by the Society for the Protection of Children. A project of the Turkish Government’s Ministry of Family and Social Policies, this home for rescued children serves 88 children between the ages of 13-18.

QNET’s Thailand office came together to make educational toys for a UNICEF supported project, The Good Space, in aid of children of construction workers who work at the construction sites of Sansiri, Thailand’s leading property developer.


By Rita Suttarno

We can feel your love and care for your business, QNET products, and your QNET family through what you post, like, and share on social media.

And so, we have compiled some of the top things you’ve recently shared online. We must say that what you share often makes us curious, and happy. We feel amazed, laugh out loud, and even cry. Don’t think lightly of what you post on social media – you must know that what you share makes a difference; through this, you could inspire and touch hearts.

“Had an amazing yoga session with our team here in Hong Kong. I’m happy to see our team’s passion and enthusiasm in putting #AbsoluteLiving into action. I hope you are practicing it too.” From our Founder Joseph Bismark’s Official Facebook Page

And the best part, is the comment section, where you engage with our founder. We saw your thirst for learning, and we’re so inspired! One of the best comments that caught our attention was from Subhashini Chilamkuri — “Yes Dato’... Learning from rejection keeps us in the best position... if we do with dedication, determination and will-power, surely we will succeed in life.” Seen on our Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s Official Facebook Page


“A great memory from the IIFA Awards 2016 with Deepika Padukone – one of the most beautiful women on earth! #IIFA2016” From QNET Managing Director JR Mayer’s Official Facebook Page

“Dream on. <3” From V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz’s Official Facebook Page

“Got to hang out with Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt! He thought I was a celebrity, too. ;)” From V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah’s Official Facebook Page

“My QNET Family... I love each and everyone of you... and I will never stop until each and everyone of us achieve what we dream of... to MAX OUT, we go!” From @salahaboelmagd on Instagram

“Success in #QNET, just like in any other business, needs hard work. Understand the business before joining. #qnetpro” From QNET Official’s Twitter

“We are more than a team, we are more than just family, we are a great and happy family.“ From @a_abdelmageed on Instagram “#QNETCITY FTW!” From @ganyave1 on Instagram

Share your LOVE for #QNET. Tag @qnetofficial or hashtag #QNET on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show us your love. Your post might be featured and get shared with QNET family all over the world!


By Jacopo Contin

Leave at home all the problems and stress of your daily life and try to enjoy every single moment of your short holiday.

Ah, holidays… You can almost smell the salty air brought by the ocean breeze while you sit under a palm tree on a white sand beach in Thailand, staring at the horizon. Perhaps you’re more of a mountain person, or love city sightseeing. While there’s always a right place for everyone, we most often lack the time and the means to get there in between our shifts at work. If you’re planning to take some time to disconnect with the routine of daily life, but find yourself short of time or on a tight budget, follow these suggestions that can help you plan a quick weekend getaway.

to another. A good rule would be, if you have to ask yourself whether you should bring something or not, leave it – it’s not that necessary. 2. Choose easy destinations Since teleporting doesn’t exist yet, you’ll need to take into consideration the time you’ll spend travelling to and from the place you’re going to. Spending 12 hours travelling on a 48-hour weekend leaves very little to actually enjoy at the destination. You should allow yourself more time to sleep, eat, do the activities you love, and relax!

1. Pack light First things first: no matter where you’re going, you won’t need that big suitcase with five different pairs of shoes, half of your wardrobe, and that extra sweater just because “you never know”.

Don’t go further than two to four hours away. If it’s a one-day trip, try to choose something no further than two hours; if you have a long weekend of perhaps three or four days, you can make it worth your time by going a bit further and extending your range to four-hour-distance locations.

Bring only the indispensable. You’re only staying for the weekend and you want to be able to travel quickly from one point

Take a look at your local bus and transport systems; they might have interesting offers!


And for accommodation options, check out tripsavr from QNET as you could score big savings through it. 3. Stay convenient… but comfortable! Not having to care about the money you spend is nice, but not all of us can afford to think that way. Pick the things you don’t mind having a tighter budget on, and indulge on the ones for which you care more about. Let’s say you are a 20-year-old travelling solo; you might want to budget your accommodation (usually the biggest expense) to be able to enjoy a bit more of the nightlife or the activities that your chosen destination has to offer. On the other hand, if you’re travelling with family or have children with you, you might want a more comfortable and quiet (usually more expensive) hotel to properly relax. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the purpose of your short getaway: Are you getting some time off from the stress of city life? Or are you looking for adventure and excitement?

4. Most importantly, have a good time! This is truly the most important point of your weekend getaway. Whatever you choose for your trip, it should satisfy your personal needs. Leave at home all the problems and stress of your daily life, and try to enjoy every single moment of your short holiday. Attitude is always a key factor in whatever you do. The bed is uncomfortable? The food at the restaurant comes late? Take a deep breath and let it go… Nothing should faze you during this time. Now go and enjoy your weekend getaway. You deserve it! Don’t forget to check out www.tripsavr.com because you will be amazed at how easy it can be to make this quick weekend getaway possible.


Where Continents Collide

By Başak Seren Muyan

Hagia Sophia

Istanbul is a rare magical city that not only straddles two continents, Asia and Europe, but also blends the echoes of its rich history with today’s modern developments. Days, months or even years are not enough to explore the city’s countless historic symbols, cultural assets, and fantastic stories that inspire movies and attract millions of visitors each year. LIVING HISTORY Walking down the city streets, layers and layers of history unfold before you, a remnant of the various tenures of the Greeks, Romans, Venetians, and the Ottomans. Many of the empires that visited came to take advantage of the infamous Silk Route but ended up staying; such is the power of Istanbul. Galata Bridge To experience Istanbul at its most magical, walk across the Galata Bridge that spans the Golden Horn, and connects the districts of Karaköy and Eminönü. Seagulls accompany you as you make your way to one of the many restaurants located beneath the bridge and add to the splendid view of the sea. The first Galata Bridge was built in 1845 and the modern bridge was completed in 1994, and is significantly featured in Turkish literature, poetry, theatre and many pieces of art. Maiden’s Tower The 12th century Maiden’s Tower is one of Turkey’s foremost ancient and historical icons, and defies the forces of nature by continuing to stand upright in the middle of the Marmara Sea.


a Brid


Grand Bazaa


This tower is also the last historical building left from the Byzantine Era in Üsküdar and was used as a defense tower during the Ottoman Period. You can reach Maiden’s Tower with the boats running from Salacak and Ortaköy. Eating in this historical place and in the middle of the sea is a must-do. Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia, which is among the world’s most important monuments, was the biggest church of the capital in 537, converted in to a mosque in 1453 and then to a museum in 1935. Greek for ‘Holy Wisdom’, the Hagia Sophia is known for its incredible architectural form, its exquisite beauty and its importance in history. Not only is Hagia Sophia a building that has served three different religions – Pagan, Christian Orthodox, and Sunni Islam – its air of mystery has inspired its mention in popular books such as ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels and Demons’, and many movies and documentaries.

Maiden’s Tower

Grand Bazaar Located at the center of Istanbul, Grand Bazaar is one of the biggest and oldest indoor bazaars of the world, and a popular destination for tourists. Hosting an average of 91 million tourists annually, the market holds everything that reminds you of Istanbul – from spices to leather jackets, from local clothing to Turkish delights. The colourful and chaotic grand bazaar is the heart of the old city and a roofed labyrinth with hidden lanes, and main thoroughfares populated with artisans live at work.



CULINARY DELIGHTS Istanbul’s cuisine is as diverse as its rich heritage and is one of the most delicious cuisines worldwide. From juicy kebabs to flavoursome mezes, and mouth-watering desserts, Turkey is a true wonderland for foodies. Turkish Delight Turkish Delight is a dessert full of surprises with different varieties popping up every day. They are also enriched with dried fruits and nuts, but special varieties contain coffee and spices. Some varieties are even chocolate-covered.

Baklava Baklava is one of the most famous desserts of Turkey. It is made with walnuts, pistachios, almonds, or nuts depending on the season and region, and sweetened sugar syrup or honey. This dessert, which is prepared by placing thin layers of dough one on top of another, requires a certain mastery. The dough must be spread so thin that the face of another person must be seen when looked through that film.

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi No one should leave Istanbul without trying a cup of Turkish coffee, which releases a wonderful aroma after the coffee beans are roasted. Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi is the most popular brand of Turkish Coffee and was established in 1871. They were also the first company to serve roasted hand-ground coffee instead of selling raw beans, making them the preferred coffee brand of choice with restaurants and households.

Through QVI Club, you can now put Istanbul on your ‘must-experience’ travel list and start ticking off these things to see and do. What are you waiting for? Start planning your next holiday!

The Forgotten Art


By Jacopo Contin

Breathe in, breathe out – such a rudimentary action. So simple that we don’t even think about it. Our body already knows what to do and actually, we can’t even stop ourselves from doing it. But many of us don’t know the importance of quality breathing, or that it even exists. Just like how we take for granted our beating heart, that it does the job on its own. Holistic health and Absolute Living does not just mean eating right. It also means breathing absolutely and making sure you control the quality of the air you breathe, especially indoors. Truth is, there is so much more to breathing. Let’s break it down and see what we can do to drastically improve our standard of life by simply enhancing the two things we can control: air quality and breathing techniques. AIR QUALITY This might sound obvious, but the first thing you need to improve your breathing is fresh, pure air. These are some key benefits your body will receive just by getting fresher air: Cleaner Lungs Good quality air helps bring more oxygen to the cells and improves the cleansing action of your lungs, releasing more toxins from your body. As a bonus, the higher oxygen intake will increase your energy levels. Greater Brain Clarity That’s right! Inhaling higher

Absolute Living

The best solution to get your dose of clean air would be to go for a nice, long walk in the mountains to enjoy pure, natural air coming straight from the green trees quantities of oxygen will turn you into a genius. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but your brain functions are quicker and better when you have access to optimal levels of clean air. Better Digestion Have you ever been so full after a big lunch that you feel like you just couldn’t breathe? You probably needed more oxygen! That’s also why doctors suggest we go for a short walk right after a meal. It helps break your food down and improves your metabolism. This is crucial, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Happier Mood Breathing clean air also helps release a particular chemical in your brain called serotonin. This is the chemical that helps make you feel happier. It also helps make you feel more refreshed and relaxed. The best solution to get your dose of clean air would be to go for a nice, long walk in the mountains to enjoy pure, natural air coming straight from the green trees. While access to such places, where natural concentrations of clean air is available, is difficult, you can have access to cleaner air at the comfort of your home using the AirPure Air Purifier.

Physical Activity Pick some fun activity to engage your body and try sticking to it. This will increase your stamina, cleanse your body from toxins as well as increase your lung’s capacity. Yoga Practicing yoga is not only great for your body and mind but also for ease of breathing. It’s also a great way to learn how to deal with problems and stress in your life; just breathe and let go. Diaphragm Respiration Try this: put a hand on your upper stomach and pretend to cough. You’ll notice there’s a muscle contracting, that’s called Diaphragm. Now try to use it when you breathe, instead of filling your lungs, gently inhale letting your belly expand while your upper chest should not move. Do this as often as you can and it will greatly improve your overall respiration.

The 4-7-8 Breath: Try this simple technique to calm you down when you can’t sleep, or in situations that you feel you need to quickly relax: • • • • •

Exhale completely through your mouth. Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose counting to four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight. This is one breath. Now inhale again and repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four breaths.

BREATHING TECHNIQUES Apart from taking care of your air quality, there are exercises you could do at home that would help you breathe absolutely, help you fall asleep faster, calm you down if you are nervous, or help you concentrate better. Try following these tips to improve your breathing, thus keeping your mind focussed and your body balanced:

Brought to you by


It’s time for

By Jacopo Contin

For many of us, coffee is an important part of our diet, a way of living, almost. It’s an espresso when you’re on the run and need a boost, a cappuccino when you feel like you have more time to enjoy the flavour, or a café latte to wake you up every morning. You can even say a lot about someone’s personality by how they drink their coffee. Of course, the main reason we drink coffee is because we absolutely love it. But did you know there’s a wonder of green coffee that many of us aren’t exposed to? Green coffee is nothing but unroasted coffee beans; it has all the goodness of regular coffee but is known to have antioxidant properties and best of all, helps you lose weight. Here are some incredible benefits of green coffee: 1. It improves mood and energy levels. Probably the most well-known effect of caffeine – it gives you a real boost. 2. Green coffee can help you burn fat. Along with more energy comes more calorie burning, even when you are resting! 3. It can drastically improve performance. It’s no secret that many athletes drink coffee before their big performances, as it boosts their endurance. Green coffee also helps with cognitive performance as it makes you more alert, and boosts your memory. 4. Coffee in general can help make you happier. It boosts dopamine production in your brain, which elevates the mood – hence the term ‘caffeine lift’! 5. It’s a source of antioxidants. Green coffee is one of the biggest sources of powerful antioxidants, which helps in improving health and reducing the risk of several diseases.

Have you tried Qafé Green Coffee with Nutriose®? Packed with all the benefits of caffeine for you to enjoy, along with a great taste, Qafé is perfect for you and your health. Visit the eStore to get your coffee rush today!

Absolute Living

Your Body is What Can You Do? A number of things happen to your body as it begins to age. The most evident effects are seen on the outside, but majority of these changes occur on the inside. You ‘feel your age’ as you tire more easily, your joints start to ache, and your tolerance weakens significantly. This is because, like food, our bodies have an expiration date; and as we near this point, our biological functions begin to deteriorate. Some of the top changes you may experience are: 1. Your body absorbs less nutrients. Nutrition deficiencies become more prevalent as you age. This means the normal diet you have gotten used to might no longer suffice in providing the right amount of nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. 2. Your heart loses some of its vitality. Your heart has to work harder to circulate blood throughout your body. Blood vessels tend to narrow down and harden because of fatty a build-up known as plaque. 3. Your bones become brittle. As your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients weakens, so does its ability to absorb calcium, thus causing your bones to become more prone to fractures and other damage. 4. Organs expel waste at a slower pace. Your kidneys and bladder are no longer as efficient in removing waste from the bloodstream, your liver becomes overburdened and sluggish, and your colon grows weak. This leads to frequent digestive problems and toxin build-up, contributing to chronic conditions such as arthritis, poor cognitive functions, blemished skin, and other serious lifestyle-related illnesses. 5. Skin, nails, and hair become dry and brittle. Also partially due to the slow nutrient intake, your body has more trouble producing collagen, which is found in all connective tissues, thus contributing to dull and wrinkly skin strongly

associated with ageing. You may think that all of this is inevitable and completely natural, and while that is the case for most of us, residents in Okinawa, Japan, rarely have to worry about these problems arriving prematurely. Not only are Okinawans famous for having the longest life span in the world, they also have a low rate of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hip fractures and other known ailments common to people of old age. The secret lies in their diet. Okinawan people eat all-natural, mostly fermented food, which are rich in nutrients – unlike the processed food to which most of us have grown accustomed to. Their preference for vegetables, soy and other legumes, and sweet potatoes are not only good in retaining the amount of vitamins and minerals the body needs to stay healthy and strong; this traditional diet is also untainted by chemicals and additives, which pose more risks to you in the long run. The Okinawa diet is made more accessible through Kenta, a natural supplement formulated to promote longevity and healthy ageing. Kenta stimulates your body to produce youth hormones, strengthens your organs, and lowers the chances of developing various age-related ailments.

Brought to you by References:

Besdine, R. (n.d.). Changes in the Body with Ageing. Retrieved from www.merckmanuals.com Coleman, B. (2010, April). What Are the Negative Effects of Ageing? Retrieved from www.mademan.com

By Regine Palma


What You Didn’t Know About Looking Like a Man We get it. You grew up during a different time. A time when the rougher your skin, the manlier you were; when spending less time in front of the mirror meant more time for your boys’ toys. And that’s why you don’t care about all this men’s skincare stuff. But let’s face it: times change. And men who don’t change with their times? Well, they simply get left behind. So if you’ve been living in a time warp for the past 10 years, here are three tips on what it means to look like a man, 21st century style. Beard Away, But Beware! The beard is that one timeless component of manliness, but how that beard should be manicured has changed drastically over the years. Instead of embracing the beastly, caveman-like look, modern beards are an exercise in artistic vision and precise execution. When the one you’re seeking to impress sees that your beard has been painstakingly reared to uniform height and frizziness, she realises that you’re a man who appreciates the better things in life and leaves no stone unturned in achieving it for yourself. Every silver lining has a cloud, and all beards have a downside. Your beard’s dominating nature can block moisture from your face, causing your skin to go dry and age quicker. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria – probably caused by the lunch that decided to hang around on

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your face. Worst of all, a beard causes you to perspire more, which makes it the perfect vehicle to transfer that potentially infectious bacteria all over your manly visage. So how does one ensure the best possible beard? Simple, keep it at an un-primitive length and clean regularly. Rougher Doesn’t Mean Better Here’s something you probably didn’t know: men age slower than women. Yes it’s true, and no, you shouldn’t tell your woman that unless you want to be treated with the cold shoulder. But here’s the upshot of it all, because your skin is so awesome, you have no excuse not to keep it in tip-top shape throughout your adult life. Many guys already are, and they are the ones defining the new age of manliness. To the ladies, skin that ages well signifies a man who makes the most of every day and who never backs down from a challenge. Your face says a lot about who you are, and you want to come across as a man who cherishes the gifts he’s been given. Skincare Doesn’t Make You a Effeminate Your skin is your face. Your face is your first impression. Every guy wants to make a good first impression.

Instead of asking whether you really need skincare, you need to ask yourself what the ideal skincare routine looks like for you. Given that you’re probably not prepared to spend thirty minutes in front of the mirror every day, checking every pore and popping every blackhead, this is where the DEFY face defenders come into play. With just a simple cleanser — DEFY Dirt Fighter, and a serum — DEFY Youth Tonic, you have all the tools you need to give your skin all the attention it needs in just five minutes or less per day. Why is it so simple? Well, it all comes down to superior technology. With the exclusive force of TRI-GENICS, we’ve managed to pack in three powerful anti-wrinkle peptides into DEFY Youth Tonic. Meanwhile, DEFY Dirt Fighter is powered by NVIRO-P, a combination of active ingredients that function as a cleanser, exfoliant and a shaving cream, all-in-one. It means that with just a few minutes of attention each morning, you can defend your handsome face against the ravages of the world all day long. With that, you officially have no more excuses. It is now time to Man Up, Son, and get it done!

Absolute Living


By Jacopo Contin

Save your energy for the adventure! Is there anything better than travelling? If you have ever felt that ecstatic awe, that incredible calmness and mindfulness that comes from looking at a panoramic view from atop a hill or the horizon in the middle of the ocean, or from viewing the sand dunes of a desert or witnessing spectacular sunsets from the coastline, then you should know what I’m talking about. For thousands of years, humankind has been driven towards new lands by a sense of wonder and curiosity, from the early explorers, who jumped on a horse to surmount mountains, to Columbus and the others who set sail to discover new worlds far away. Since then, we have never stopped. We have kept looking for exotic places that remind us that the world is incredibly diverse and stunningly beautiful. At times, exploring the world comes with difficulties. To help you conquer such difficulties, QNET brings you tripsavr, a great tool to help you discover your own perfect holiday! tripsavr is a new, super easy and convenient way to book your next trip, with countless of incredible offers on hotels,

excursions and activities, all just one click away. You can also rent a car at your destination! This is a new way to get everything you need with ease of mind. With tripsavr, you can save up to 50% on travel expenses – no travel restrictions, no blackout dates, and 110% price guarantee. Check out some of the benefits when you book your travels with tripsavr: • • •

The widest selection of travel options. Over 400,000 hotel choices, tours, car rentals, activities... and more! No travel restrictions. Take a trip anytime you want! Lowest price guarantee. Get 110% of the difference back if you can beat our price.

By Jeannie Tan and Christine Pereira

Positivity through A Journey of Success with Platinum Star V Partner Adly Hassan Leaders are the centre of a team’s power structure. They keep the group together, instil passion and move members forward towards their collective goals. Leaders emerge by virtue of personality traits and qualities, and these leaders derive their power and strength from their team. No leader can function alone or without the support of others around. Successful leaders possess distinct characteristics that set them apart from the rest, placing them in a position to influence the behaviour of the team through knowledge, information, and experience, along with their ability to communicate, identify with, and understand the challenges of individuals around them. Skilful use of these traits by a leader is likely to bring success; and their success in most cases adds to the success of the members of their team. In general conversations, you may hear ‘he was born to be a leader’ or ‘she is a natural leader’ which suggests that good leaders are born, and not trained. At QNET, this is not the case.

Always be professional and honest, because what goes around comes around

Our best leaders rise above the rest through unremitting devotion, sacrifice, preparation, and learning from failure. But most of all, it is from the mere love of their team, and the passion of RYTHM. One of QNET’s most-loved leaders is Platinum Star V Partner Adly Hassan. He is well known among the QNET veterans but also the new joiners. We’ve grown as a company with him, and after all these years, he still remains motivated and continues to build strong leaders as he travels the world. Driven by his dreams and determination, he has built strong leadership in countries within the Middle East and Africa region, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop. He shares with us his drive, his reason, and a little bit of his positive habits that are sure to inspire many in the years to come. What motivates you to get out of bed each morning? My dreams and goals. I may only have a few, but they are strong enough to drive me to work hard at them. One of my goals is to ensure that my family, and the future generations to come, will have and enjoy the best life possible. My other goal is to help the many Independent Representatives out there, whom I know are working hard to pursue their dreams through QNET. What personal habit of yours has had the most significant impact on your life? Positive Thinking and Problem Solving have proven to be the two most important personal

Living Proof

habits I have developed through the experience I gained over the years. Being a part of the solution, with a consistent positive outlook, has helped me win over many situations that may have looked impossible to deal with and I urge everyone to do the same. You have built a strong network in the Middle East and Africa region. What bigger dreams do you have for this region? These regions lack proper regulations that could help monitor Direct Selling as an industry and this, many times, hinders our growth and the potential of building stronger leaders and Independent Representatives. My hope is that these laws come into effect, sooner rather than later, so that I can really help those in these regions change more lives for the better. What is the most important lesson you can impart to your downlines about becoming a network marketing professional? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really simple. Always be professional and honest, because what goes around comes around. What are your thoughts on maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health, and their relation to success? Managing physical, mental, and spiritual activities is very crucial to my everyday routine. Aside from balancing all these along with my busy schedule, I have to keep myself positive, excited and motivated so I can radiate and share all these to the people I wish to empower. All these keep me focussed.

Aside from balancing physical, mental, and spiritual health along with my busy schedule, I have to keep myself positive, excited and motivated so I can radiate and share all these to the people I wish to empower


Your only IS you By Christine Pereira

An interview with Diamond Star and Associate V Partner Sharfun Shaikh Every now and then, you come across a woman who openly displays her knowledge, skill, and determination to get to the top. She receives public recognition and honour, and brings up other women around her in the process. She takes her time to sow the seeds of a flourishing future and will stop at nothing to get where she wants to be. We’ve seen one amazing woman like this and we’ve finally had the chance to speak with her. She was a corporate employee who risked everything she had to become a full-time QNET Independent Representative. She is no stranger to hardships, having had little support but herself; and rather than playing the victim, she took control of her life, and worked hard to become the independent woman we know and admire. Today, she stands in front of thousands as a testament that there is nothing that can limit you but yourself. Diamond Star and Associate V Partner Sharfun Shaikh gives us a clear, no-nonsense dose of reality about what it takes to get to the top. Being a leader requires you to break away from norms and go beyond the call of duty; and you’ve done it while setting an example for others around you. What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership? If you look at successful women, you will see that many have come from situations where they had to start their life from scratch. This just goes to show that no matter where you are in life, your background, your ethnicity, your gender, your social status, if you have a goal in mind that you believe in, there is always a way. The only barrier I see for a woman is herself and the limitations she creates. Also, a strong female leader is a progressive woman who not only works for her financial

growth but also seeks to grow mentally and emotionally, and in turn adds value to other people’s lives. One of the biggest tasks of a leader is to make the right decision, not only for themselves but also for the team that’s depending on them. What has been the best decision you’ve made until now? I think there are no good or bad decisions. For me, a decision is just the stand that I take at that particular moment, and can change over the course of achieving a certain goal. Sometimes, you can be extremely calculative with decisions but they can still turn out wrong, and what you need to remember is that you can always change directions to make it work for you and your team. What’s more important is

A strong female leader is a progressive woman who not only works for her financial growth but also seeks to grow mentally and emotionally

Living Proof

When we work without clear goals in place, we don’t enjoy the process, and that’s when it really becomes ‘work’ the path you take after the decision and how you manoeuvre the obstacles you face on the way. Every leader must take the time for self-improvement to help their growth. What are you doing daily to ensure your growth and development continues as a leader? There is no limit to how much you can learn and, I think every leader must actively make it a habit to absorb as much information as possible from around them, especially from mentors and uplines. I make sure that I read the books recommended by my mentors and I watch a lot of videos on VTube+. But the one thing I strongly practise, and advise all networkers around to follow, is that I never miss an opportunity to spend time with my uplines. Whether it’s at a training, a camp, or an informal gathering, there is always so much knowledge and experience that they have that you can learn from to help your growth. Having a huge team of networkers to look after can take up a lot of your time. When you’re overwhelmed with work responsibilities, how do you find a better work-life balance? When we work without clear goals in place, we don’t enjoy the process, and that’s when it really becomes ‘work’. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey of the last seven years at QNET and if I have ever felt overwhelmed with work, it was only because I didn’t have a clear goal. But that took some time to learn and, today, I feel no pressure or stress in my work for me to look for any balance. QNET has added many more dimensions to my life, not only by virtue of financial independence, but also an exposure to a lifestyle that provides me with enough balance automatically. Also, as a team we have a strong culture of recognising effort and performance internally and this adds a lot of fun, energy, and excitement at regular intervals.


By Arti Asawa and Regine Palma

An interview with V Council Members Patrick Phamien and Saly Fofana

There is something to be said about couples growing as individuals and using each of their personal strengths to empower one another, and achieve even more as partners. Before either of them entered QNET, V Council Members Patrick Phamien and Saly Fofana had both been on the cusp of typically promising educational attainments. Saly was in university completing her degree in Law, while Patrick had been brandishing his MBA with a major in Marketing Management since 2005. However, both of them felt there was something lacking in their originally chosen paths. So when they were invited to join QNET – Patrick by a friend, Saly by her brother Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral, whose network both are currently members of – they discovered a whole new passion for running their own business. Years later, they are both well-respected leaders in Africa, known for a powerful partnership that has enabled them to come a long way to enjoy the success they have today. In this interview, V Council Members Patrick and Saly tell us more about what it takes for them to keep rocking it as QNET Africa’s very own ‘Power Couple’ and their big dreams for the African region.

Living Proof

You two have been together for quite some time and are married with children. How do you use the lessons you’ve learned in the business within your family? This business taught us a lot about professionalism and human relationships. That is why every time we have the opportunity, we travel with our children to enable them to develop a broader mind. We communicate a lot with them, like with our downlines, in order to melt their fears and doubts away, and strengthen our bond. We push them to believe in themselves and in their dreams by encouraging their initiatives. Your downlines are a mixture of ages but it is noticeable how many young people are in your network. How important is it to share our business opportunity to the youth and how do you hope to inspire them? We started this business early in our youth, and whenever we make our personal assessment every few years, we continue to find positive outcomes in many aspects – human, material, financial. This is but the beginning. We are in a business of the future, and the youth are the future. When looking at the increasing unemployment figures and thinking of young people who might feel desperately helpless because of this, we see network marketing with QNET as a real opportunity. We were early recipients of this opportunity, which is why we want to share it with all African youth as well. This is the very vision we are communicating every day to our downlines.

When looking at the increasing unemployment figures and thinking of young people who might feel desperately helpless because of this, we see network marketing with QNET as a real opportunity

Our dream is that each African household will have at least one QNET product, and above all, that our continent will raise as many successful networkers as possible V Council Member Saly, what is it like being an equal part of this power coupling? What can other women in the business learn from your story? In the quest for success in this business, my personality has improved a lot. I have become more positive, combative and loving. For me, all these qualities do a lot to reinforce the ties in our being a couple. Today, I’m a fully accomplished woman, for I have the best partner, associate, adviser, and friend who is my husband. V Council Member Patrick, you maintain a solid effort in staying fit. Can you tell us more about this? Simply speaking, I always pay attention to my diet in terms of quantity and quality; for me, the first condition to stay healthy is a balanced diet. To this, I add QNET nutrition products like EDG3 and Berry Xtreme to enhance my immune system. What are your dreams and plans for the future? We are hooked onto the same vision as our Founders Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark – that is Touching A Billion Hearts, but mainly in Africa. Our dream is that each African household will have at least one QNET product, and above all, that our continent will raise as many successful networkers as possible. Our expansion plan is clear since we are already developing all West African markets, and now that we are established in Central Africa, it is extending even faster. This rhythm allows us to infer that, four years from now, in 2020, the entire African continent will lift only one flag: QNET.


Let’s talk

By Christine Pereira

An interview with Diamond Star and V Council Member Shipra Neeraj More and more women today surpass expectations, transforming the conventional meaning of POWER with their intellect, hard work and determination. These women have followed their hearts beyond all social and economic barriers, have dreamed bigger, and are now icons who have the influence to command the world. One of these women is Diamond Star and V Council Member Shipra Neeraj, who let nothing stop her from living her vision. She created her own destiny by pushing herself to be a part of the elite circle of her uplines. What is also note worthy is that she did all this while facing objections from her family, who she then brought to QNET after proving to them how successful she was. We were honoured to have had a few moments to speak with her and get an insight into her thoughts and what her views are about ‘Girl Power’. You’ve been making strong decisions for yourself to get to where you are now. Have you ever regretted any one of them? I can’t seem to remember any decisions I regret or will regret making, solely because I have had my mentors and my uplines guiding me in this journey. But I also strongly believe that every decision can be made right over a period of time, as long as you can acknowledge the error in judgement and use it to build yourself into a better and stronger version of what you are right now. The best decision was, of course, joining QNET as an Independent Representative. Just deciding to do this full time has pushed me to live my potential and give my best to my network.

You’re not only a strong member of your team but also a powerful leader. What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership? I believe women have the same potential as, if not more than, men. But what keeps most women behind is their lack of confidence when making decisions. Even if they believe it would benefit not only them but those around them, they still hold back and consult someone else before they take a stand. This puts them in a weak spot and limits their thinking. A leader has to be bold and strong enough to stick to their decisions to get desired results. Is there someone who inspires you? As a child, I heard stories of a very famous Indian Queen named Rani Lakshmi Bai, a fantastic example of a power woman. Despite all the challenges she faced – one of them was that of simply being a woman at her time – she gave her best in managing her entire kingdom and bringing her people together, all while fighting many battles carrying her little son on her back. She was an inspiration to many who have heard her story, and she was key in my realisation that women do have unlimited strength. What are you doing daily to ensure your growth and development continues as a leader? I have learned from my leaders and mentors to be open to learning and receiving feedback; I have learnt to maintain regular communication with my uplines and downlines; setting the right priorities for myself; scheduling my time while

Living Proof

I believe that every decision can be made right, as long as you acknowledge the error in judgement and use it to build yourself into a better and stronger version of what you are right now staying disciplined; and always remembering to work on the ground. This year at QNET, we introduced the concept of Absolute Living. When did you first realise that it’s important for a busy woman to prioritise her health? At one particular training, Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta asked, “How can you be a slave to your own body?” This is when I understood that it is important to take care of my health and not allow my body to take over my mind and my dreams; an unhealthy body will lead to an unhealthy mind which will never allow me to do things to achieve my dreams. Since then, I have focussed on maintaining a healthy mind and body, which will lead to a wealthy life. When you’re overwhelmed with work responsibilities, how do you find a better work-life balance? I don’t think there is such a thing; there’s just ‘Life’. I believe that whatever I do, I do with my whole heart and I allow myself to live life to its fullest. I enjoy what I do and therefore I don’t feel the need for a so-called balance. A woman manages her spouse, children, parents-in-law, but seldom is she asked how she manages it all. The moment she starts thinking about the word ‘balance’, it just becomes another thing for her to work towards. I am lucky to love what I do both in my personal life and in my career so I just give my best to it all.



The V-Con of Absolute Living By Regine Palma and Anju Lavina V-Con Warriors, give yourselves a giant applause! This year, in Penang, Malaysia, we saw another record-breaking V-Con, where around 18,000 Independent Representatives (IRs) stood in attendance with QNET and The V to Evolve. Empower. Enrich. So many amazing things happened during this historic event, which was truly best experienced in person. But we have something thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s almost as good â&#x20AC;&#x201C; this colourful gallery of fantastic highlights!

F e at u r e


This year, we introduced QNET’s concept of Absolute Living. Here it was established that, through its products and services, QNET empowers you to take control of your life, and shift to a more balanced lifestyle that embraces a more positive and proactive approach to health and wellness. Health experts took to the stage to emphasise just how essential it is to Eat Absolutely with a nutritious diet and the support of LifeQode products, which boost our vitality and longevity at a cellular level. Absolute Living is about our overall health, and this means taking great care of our dashing good looks too! #VCON16 saw the launch of QNET’s brand new men’s skincare solution – DEFY. Formulated especially for men’s skin, DEFY has multifunctional benefits packed into two mega-handy bottles that make skin care so easy, you’d be foolish not to fit it into your daily routine!

F e at u r e

Another facet of Absolute Living is enjoying your life to Feel Absolutely. And what better way is there to do this than to travel the world? With the help of Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta, QNET officially launched tripsavr â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the all-new, super easy and convenient way to book your next trip. tripsavrâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goal is to give you a great travel experience, from the time you search through travel options to getting to your destination to coming back with happy memories.


One of the most delightful surprises during the event was Bollywood superstar and acting legend Anil Kapoor’s unforgettable appearance on the #VCON16 stage. Standing side by side with Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, he spoke to the extremely energised crowd about what a privilege it was for him to be there, not as a character in a movie, but as a human, brother, and friend. His speech touched upon the key pillars of the ‘Prove Them Wrong’ theme that has been the foundation of this year’s V-Con, and how true success should be viewed in 360 degrees.

F e at u r e

Even the awarding ceremonies for outstanding IRs saw plenty of awesome moments. #VCON16 was blessed with so many Gold Star Achievers that we had to hold three recognition sessions for the first time in Achievers’ Club history! A whole new batch of Platinum and Diamond Stars also graced the V-Con stage – soon they’ll be joining other top QNET Achievers on a smashing adventure to watch Manchester City Play Absolutely in the UK!


QNET Attends 17th IIFA Awards in Madrid as Associate Broadcast Sponsor

By Anju Lavina

The highly-anticipated 17th IIFA awards unfolded between 23-26 June 2016, in Madrid, Spain, among glitz, glamour, and larger-than-life entertainment activities that left everyone awe-struck. Organised by Wizcraft International Entertainment, QNET was the associate sponsor of IIFAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Worldwide broadcast. The splendour of the show was witnessed across the globe over the course of several weekends on Colours and Rishtey TV channels in India and Viacom 18 in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. Our very own QNET and The V Superstars were invited to the four-day gala which included the spectacular award ceremony that played out like a Bollywood blockbuster, and showcased the depth and wealth of talent Indian cinema has to offer.

QNET Chief Operating Officer of Business Development, Deputy Group Managing Director Kuna Senathirajah and wife Shoba, QNET Managing Director JR Mayer, Founder Director of Wizcraft International Entertainment AndrĂŠ Timmins, The V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah, V Partner Sathi Senathirajah, QNET Diamond Star and Associate V Partner Dev Wadhwani strike a pose at the IIFA Awards Green Carpet in Madrid.

The V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah and QNET Managing Director JR Mayer with Bollywood Superstar Deepika Padukone.

It also included a music mega-event called IIFA Rocks with a heady melange of dancers and musicians from all over India and Spain. Above and beyond the celebrity sightings and the Bollywood extravaganza that was the IIFA Gala Event, the stage lent space to multi-cultural understanding and co-operation â&#x20AC;&#x201C; be it through an on-stage masterclass on Yoga, or an off-stage IIFA Global Business Forum to which QNET was able to contribute positively. Hundreds of thousands of Bollywood fans and proud QNET Independent Representatives tuned in from around the world to witness the official broadcast of QNETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s message and logo flashing strong across the 145 hours of programming.

QNET Manging Director JR Mayer, QNET Diamond Star and Associate V Partner Dev Wadhwani, The V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah, V Partner Sathi Senathirajah, and QNET Chief Operations Officer of Business Development rearing to go, at the 17th Annual IIFA awards and gala event hosted in Madrid, Spain.

By Ramya Chandrasekaran

F e at u r e

It’s all in the definition The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word scam as ‘a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation’. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as ‘an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people’. In essence, this would mean that if a company is called a scam, such a company has been found to project a false image of legitimacy while fraudulently obtaining money from the public. It would be a company built on lies.

There are multiple reasons for this – inability to scale, poor management, inadequate funding or capital to operate, poor marketing, legal challenges, not having the right team. These reasons also apply to direct selling companies that fold up within a few years. QNET has been in business for 18 years and shows no signs of slowing down. From its humble beginnings in South East Asia nearly two decades ago, it has today grown into a global powerhouse in the direct selling business, empowering entrepreneurs around the world.

It is a well-known fact of life that anything that is built on lies simply cannot last. Sooner or later, the façade comes crumbling down and the lies are exposed. History is witness to the many hundreds and thousands of companies that died a quick death either because they got caught or because the people behind the scam knew their time was running out, and shut down and disappeared before anyone figured out what was truly going on.

Credibility of the Company

reveaung QNET secrets

Here are some questions that you should ask to establish the credibility of a company — Is the company legally registered? Are its founders and management team well-known, well-respected people? Has it been recognised by any industry bodies? Is it a member of a trade association and abides by its rules? Has it received any awards? What kind of partnerships does the company have? How has the company contributed to society?

Let’s examine some of the factors that are taken into consideration to establish the legitimacy of a business, the things that separate the genuine companies from the scam ones. Longevity of the Company Research has shown that 90% of new businesses fail within the first five years.

QNET’s 18-year history speaks for its longevity.

Just as you wouldn’t do business with a person who is not credible, customers wouldn’t do business with a company known for being dodgy or unethical. In order to establish a long-term relationship, credibility of the company is very important. You have to know and understand what kind of company you are dealing with in order to develop trust.


Who is QNET? - QNET is registered as a legal business in more than 20 countries around the world. - The company’s founders are well-known business leaders who have since gone on to successfully build a global conglomerate that includes a fully fledged university in Malaysia, a chain of hotels and resorts in different parts of the world, and a historic Swiss watch brand. - QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. DSAs act as self-regulating bodies for its members and ensure that all members adhere to a strict code of conduct. These DSAs are all members of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA). - QNET has been recognised for various achievements in different parts of the world. - QNET has partnered with leading sports teams such as Manchester City, Marussia F1, and counted Tennis star Martina Hingis as one of its brand ambassadors.


QNET has been an active contributor to the community through a number of charitable projects in different parts of the world.

Size and Growth of the Company Knowing how big and how old the company is, gives you an indication of its growth pattern. Some of the things you should be looking for — How many offices does the company have? How many employees? How many countries do they do business in? How many customers do they have? In the case of a network marketing company, how many distributors do they have? How fast has the company grown? All of this information help you understand how stable the company is. Where is QNET today? - -

QNET has offices and agency representations in 25 countries around the world. The company employs approximately 1,000 employees directly and indirectly.

QNET Independent Representatives and Staff come from countries all over the world.

- QNET’s products are shipped to more than 100 countries globally. - Globally, more than five million customers have purchased products from QNET in the last 18 years. PRODUCTS This is the single most important aspect of what separates a legitimate direct selling company from one that is not. Direct Selling is all about having a large group of distributors promoting and marketing products to the market place and sharing the profits from the sale of those products. It’s important for the company to offer high quality products and services, preferably with a USP that sets it apart from the competition. The recently released global statistics report by WFDSA shows that the top performing product categories in direct sales were as follows:

1. Health and Wellness Products 2. Beauty and Personal Care 3. Household Goods and Durables

F e at u r e

QNET’s vast array of products focus on a holistic approach for better living.

What products does QNET sell? QNET’s top selling products include the LifeQode range of nutritional supplements, exclusive timepieces and jewellery by Bernhard H. Mayer®, the HomePure water filtration system for homes, and the Physio Radiance skincare range. Compensation Plan What sets direct selling companies apart from traditional businesses is their business model. People get into this business in order to supplement their existing income or are working towards long-term financial independence. Hence, it is important to be a part of a company that has a sustainable compensation plan that rewards you for your efforts, gives you performance incentives and will allow you to eventually earn a residual income in a few years. What does QNET offer? QNET has one of the most exciting and robust compensation plans in the industry with very competitive commission rates. Not only do you get to enjoy a high quality product that helps you live a better life, you also get paid for sharing its benefits with others. Training It is said that the best business trainings are found in Network Marketing companies and not in an MBA

programme. It doesn’t matter how well you did in your earlier profession, what your experiences in life were, or how successful you have been elsewhere, if you are not open to constantly learning and growing you won’t get far in Network Marketing. All good Network Marketing companies provide multiple levels of training, starting with a basic training programme for newcomers to educate them about the company, its products and services, the compensation plan and knowledge about the industry. Other levels of training include goal setting, planning, presentation, public speaking, leadership development, and teaching others. How does QNET help your growth? QNET works with its sister company, The V, to provide regular training programmes at all levels to Independent Representatives around the world. From small training events for a group of 20-30 people to large conventions involving thousands from around the world, participants learn from the best in the business not just in their country, but from other countries as well. Do you still think QNET is a scam?

Know Your Facts Highlights from the WFDSA Annual Report 2015 on Global Direct Selling •

How many people are involved? Over 103 million network marketers! o Asia Pacific – 52 Million people o Middle East/Africa – 1.7 million people • What’s Direct Selling’s global sales volume? Together we move over USD 183 Billion. • Which part of the world contributes the most? Countries in Asia Pacific make up 46% of global sales. • What are the top countries? Top three are US, China, Korea.

Interesting Fact! The world’s top 10 countries for network marketing (accounting for 80% of global sales) are the U.S., China, Korea, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, France, Malaysia, and the U.K. Six of these are ‘advanced economies’ and four are ‘developing economies’ according to the International Monetary Fund. Network marketing is thriving in both advanced and developing economies.


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By Elaine Aisyah

The holy month of Ramadan in 2016 was a meaningful month that ended with happy hearts and smiling faces, as QNET went from coast to coast spreading cheer through our Global Ramadan Charity Campaign. Over four weekends in July, QNET carried out ten Ramadan charity events across four regions – an amazing effort that saw us reach out to more than 5,000 individuals in need. Most of these events were focussed on food distribution and Iftar celebrations, with the main aim of spreading the joy of the festivities among the underprivileged. Here are some snapshots from around the world that will show you just how rewarding this initiative was for everyone involved!

Indonesia QNET in Indonesia hosted a heart-warming Iftar session for 200 orphans from Yayasan Darul Aitam and Yayasan Cahaya Alam at the Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta. The children were treated to a marawis (traditional double-sided drums) performance by their peers and a captivating storytelling session performed by Kak Aryo, a renowned storyteller. QNET also donated to the two foundations. Guinea QNET distributed 150 food bags to underprivileged children cared for by SOS Villages D’Enfants, an international non-governmental development organisation. Côte d’Ivoire 300 orphans received essential food packages in Daloa, Orly and Marais cities. It was an honour having our Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral, Africa’s first ever Diamond Star, doing his part for charity too. Niger At Niamey, 200 food bags filled with daily necessities were


To our Independent Representatives and employees, thank you for your big, big love that made all of this possible! We love you!

distributed among orphans and children from poverty stricken backgrounds. Chad 100 food bags were distributed at a destitute centre. Mali Food bags were distributed at SOS Villages D’Enfants, a non-profit that helps provide children with stability in the face of recurring droughts, persistent poverty, and outbursts of violent conflict. Azerbaijan QNET set up a soft lawn in a playground area for 200 orphans at Umid Yeri orphanage in Baku, where they were treated to an entertaining day of magic shows, clowns, balloon games, and arts and crafts. QNET further supported the cause by buying two paintings of young artists from the centre, which will be displayed at QNET’s agency office.

Egypt A huge ‘Maedat Ramadan’ was held where 250 food boxes were distributed among families in need by V Ambassadors and QNET leaders. United Arab Emirates QNET sponsored an Iftar meal for over 2,000 local and international construction workers in Dubai, UAE. The event was organised in cooperation with the master developer of world-class destinations in Dubai, a company that employs one of the largest numbers of construction workers in the Emirates.

Absolute Living with

Themed ‘Disabled but Able’, the Sports Event Backs a Fit and Active Lifestyle By Sandra Ellackany

This being the year of Absolute Living, QNET actively supported Rashid Centre’s Sports Day for children with special needs, held in May at the American University in Dubai (AUD). Hosted under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum, the event was attended by all the children that benefit from the quality education and therapy services provided by Rashid Centre for the Disabled.

Hearts’ campaign which is dedicated to educate, inspire and work with others to create a brighter future for those in need.

QNET has been strongly supporting Rashid Centre’s activities from the start of a Friendship Agreement in 2013, and that bond has only grown stronger. QNET and Rashid Centre’s long-term partnership executes the vision of QNET’s ‘Touching a Billion

The Rashid Centre’s Sports Day helps children understand the benefits of exercise through the pure enjoyment of playing sports and by letting their young active selves explore the outside world. It also teaches them the values of hard work and team effort.

Rashid Centre provides different types of therapy and they challenge their students to overcome their disabilities. Although the children have special needs, the centre looks past their disabilities to give them the confidence to become productive members of society.

QNET strongly supports Rashid Centre’s initiatives in providing opportunities for children with special needs to be active, physically fit, and healthy


One of the attendees, QNET’s Regional General Manager of the Middle East and North Africa Region Khaled Diab said, “QNET strongly supports Rashid Centre’s initiatives in providing opportunities for children with special needs to be active, physically fit, and healthy. This Sports Day, held at the American University in Dubai, gives them a platform to express their boundless energy and their innate talents in sports.” The V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah attended the fun event where he, along with leaders from QNET and The V, helped coach a team for the basketball game, and even played as part of the team. With no surprise, the team won the game and received an award from His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum for QNET’s support in Rashid Centre’s CSR programmes for children!



Empowering Young Girls to take on the World By Vidya Madhavan

Little girls with dreams become women with vision! Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran was all smiles as she interacted with the young participants of the Maharani Learning Lab (MLL), at the programme’s first anniversary celebration in Sungai Siput, Perak, Malaysia. To her, this moment was a realisation of her years of passion and hard work put into inspiring and influencing the underprivileged young women of Malaysia.

The MLL was launched in April 2015, under the patronage of the Vijayaratnam Foundation, with Datin Sri Umayal as the main driving force behind it. Among the many projects initiated by the Foundation, the Maharani Project is one that she holds close to heart simply because of its focus on empowering the lives of young girls, especially those from the rural areas who are getting left behind due to unequal opportunities. “When girls are empowered through

education, it benefits not only them, but also the community and the society they live in,” she explained. “By educating them, you give these girls an informed choice of what they want to do with their lives.” As such, the MLL was conceptualised and developed out of the Foundation’s eagerness to see the continuity of their already-successful Maharani Camps, a series of three-day camps held across nine states in Peninsula Malaysia,

F e at u r e rubber tapper parents, Inthra has participated in all the Maharani Camps and has been a regular attendee of the MLL since its opening in 2015. Today, she is one of the top students in her school, having scored seven A’s in her lower secondary examinations. She credits her success to the coaching received through the Maharani Camps, and acknowledges that the programme has played an important role in motivating and inspiring her to strive for her dreams. “The Maharani Camps have inspired today’s generation of Indian girls to think bigger, dream higher and to be the best that they can. By attending this programme, young women can build their confidence and be motivated to achieve excellence in life. For me, personally, the Maharani’s 10 principles of life has equipped me with the knowledge that I need to be brave in overcoming life’s challenges and obstacle.” says Datin Sri Umayal.

When girls are empowered through education, it benefits not only them, but also the community and the society they live in which has benefited 7,000 adolescent girls so far. Supported by the Malaysian government, the Foundation spearheaded MLL to complement the Maharani Camps by launching its pilot project in Sungai Siput. Through the lab, the girls get to engage in a series of exciting activities over a period of 12 months, which allows them to develop a variety of soft skills, through various personal development modules. In fact, the inspirational lab is currently a sanctuary for almost 257 underprivileged girls who are given the opportunity to participate and bond over activities such as arts and crafts, baking as well as cultural and contemporary dances, in addition to learning essential computer and writing skills. Their academic progress is also tracked with the support of the schools’ counsellors, and over time, with specific subject tutoring and coaching, these girls have significantly improved their grades at school. The success of the Maharani Camps and MLL can perhaps best be encapsulated through the story of 17-year-old Inthra Thanabalan, a form five student of SMK Methodist Sg Siput. Born to

In time, the Vijayaratnam Foundation plans to establish more Maharani Learning Labs to empower even more young women in Malaysia. After all, who runs the world? Women, we’d like to believe!


By Vidya Madhavan and Anju Lavina

By now, we’re sure the hashtag #qnetpro is familiar to you, and you may have even followed the hype on our social media pages. Here’s the story behind it all and why we need you to champion this amazing initiative sooner rather than later!

plaguing our markets, we need all the help we can get to reverse the damages so that your efforts of going out there and doing presentación, presentación, presentación is not in vain.

Why QNETPro?

The long-term benefits of being a QNETPro

You are a part of the global direct selling industry that is worth USD 183.7 billion, one that has seen significant growth on a yearly basis despite the recession.

As brand ambassadors of QNET, everything you do while building your business impacts the way we, as a company, are seen in the eyes of the world. So, do ensure that you abide by QNET’s Code of Ethics at all times. Here are some serious benefits of Professional Network Marketing that we can enjoy together in the long run.

So, how is it that an industry that contributes positively towards the world economy still suffers from an unfair reputation of being unreliable, untrustworthy and unsustainable? Can we change this perception? Truth is, we can – but it’s all up to you! As a company, QNET takes great measures in working transparently and standardising ethical business practices, but with false claims and inaccurate news about the industry

We need you to take the #qnetpro pledge, and join us in creating the change that can give our industry, and company, a brand new face. By continuously educating our Independent Representatives about the importance of Professional Network Marketing, and raising awareness about the positives of the industry, we can turn things around.

Improves Credibility Much of the bad reputation of the Direct Selling industry is a result of unethical and irresponsible business practices by a handful of people. So, by being honest and presenting a true picture of the business, you will automatically draw the right people into your team – people who are not afraid of hard work.

F e at u r e

When people join QNET, they are putting their trust in you. And when they trust you, you get a good reputation alongside the company. Brings Good People Together This company wasn’t built on the precepts of making money. The QNET family’s core values are Care, Service and Integrity, and building your business ethically and transparently paints a positive picture and highlights these honourable values, showing people the benefits of staying with us long-term. Those who join us because they share our values are more likely to strive for greater milestones and inspire their downlines through leadership by example. Ensures Long-Term Gains You may be in Network Marketing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are a Professional Network Marketer. In the beginning, it may seem like a long uphill climb, but remember that persistence and diligence is what will help you become profitable and sustainable in this business. Real pros don’t take shortcuts. QNETPro on the web Search for the hashtag #qnetpro and you’ll find so many exciting pieces of information across our QNET channels!

What’s Coming Soon? Online Professional Network Marketing Course Study the modules made available in your Virtual Office, and complete an assessment. If you get more than the required score, you will be awarded with a special QNETPro certificate that you can proudly display anywhere! Inspire your team and referrals to go the #qnetpro way.

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The mist slowly began to clear. I stood on the edge of the road and marvelled at the vista of the valley hundreds of metres below me. It is only then that I realised that beneath the road was an outcropping and on the edge of that outcropping sat a young monk. He was sitting cross-legged on a sharp ledge that plummeted down to the bottom of a deep ravine. As I watched, he sat there in what appeared to be meditation. This picture has remained etched in my mind for nearly four decades. At any moment, I can close my eyes and think back to that morning nearly 40 years ago and this very vivid memory fills my mind. If I keep my eyes closed long enough, I can even feel the cool, cutting Himalayan breeze upon my face. In my travels as a youth, on one occasion I was part of an unofficial rally of cars driving through the foothills of the Himalayas. Some of the trails that we drove through were precarious and dangerous. We had to stop many times to rest and assess our path. On one rest stop at a campsite high up in the mountains, I woke up to a misty morning and had my coffee at the edge of the road so I could take in the vista below. And thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s when I saw the monk. I wondered if he had been there all night, perched on the precipice of an abyss. I watched in fascination as the sunrays slowly filled the valley with light, and the monk came out of his reverie. He stood up and stretched, all the while still on the edge, making my heart miss a beat. He looked at the rising sun, let out a deep breath and turned around to begin climbing back up the road. As he came up to the road and started walking away, I quickly asked one of our guides to help me translate a question for the monk â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Why were you sitting on that ledge? Why would you risk life and limb by being that close to the edge of an abyss?


The young monk smiled and uttered what appeared to be one sentence in Tibetan, and walked away. My guide translated his answer, a simple one-line answer that is sharply ingrained in my mind until today: Are we all not just two minutes from the abyss anyway?

you can then turn the NOW into something powerful and vibrant. You can turn the NOW into a platform for greater things. This is an excerpt from the latest book penned by Datoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sri Vijay Eswaran â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Two Minutes from the Abyss. Now available in your eStore.

I realised at that moment how true that statement was. It was as true that day, all those years ago, as it is today. Every one of us, at any time, remains just two minutes from the abyss. I thought back to the many times over the years I have had a near miss with a speeding car, a close shave while crossing the road, or a close encounter with a reckless driver on a busy highway. Do we realise how close we all are from the abyss at any given time? Do we even acknowledge it? Do we live our lives in a manner respectful of the understanding that we are all just two minutes from the abyss? Some of the most incredible warrior tribes from around the world like the Native American Lakota tribe, the Gorkhas from the Nepalese lowlands, the Tuareg tribesmen from Morocco, all had a unique practice in common. They all said a variation of the same prayer or war cry in song or in verse, one they repeated every time they got up to greet the day and it went simply like this â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Today is a good day to die! I realised that we must come to terms with the reality that any day could be our last, that any moment we walk this earth, we are but two minutes from the abyss. Until this state of mind actually prevails within us, we are living a lie. For nothing else is true except for the fact that we are all simply two minutes from the abyss. The central tenet of this book can only begin to apply once we have understood this state of mind. It requires a sense of urgency, driven by the thought that life is truly precious and fragile and that the only thing we have is NOW. What I have tried to explain through the eleven chapters of this book is that once you have achieved this state of mind,

Do we live our lives in a manner respectful of the understanding that we are all just two minutes from the abyss?


An Interview with V Council Member Dr Bahia Alaoui By Joseph T Bismark

Keeping your family on desirable levels of health and wellness today can be a challenge. The downside to the advancement of Science and Technology is the myriad of new causes of stress in our daily living, and the drastic change in our food nutrients within the last half century. Food we eat today is in stark contrast to what our grandparents ate. Given this, how do you keep your family healthy? This is how I do it – you might pick up a thing or two from this list. Eating right should be their fundamental education Children eat what they see you eat. I’m a vegetarian, and so is my wife and therefore, so are my kids. I’ve educated my kids early in their lives on the importance of eating real food and respecting life and the environment. They emulate my eating habits. My diet consists of organic salads, fruits and grains cooked naturally. They may indulge in sweet snacks and desserts once in a while but their staple diet consists of nutrient-packed meals. They say no to drinks stuffed with unnatural elements – soft drinks and energy drinks – as they know that those are nothing but poison. Let them discover the joy of exercise An active lifestyle is not something you can impose on your family but I’ve always

The downside to the advancement of Science and Technology is the myriad of new causes of stress in our daily living, and the drastic change in our food nutrients within the last half century


to the fundamental good that you’ve taught them. My kids, as I’ve mentioned, enjoy cheesecakes and ice cream from time to time, but indulgences like these do not form part of their daily habits. Re-education is key. Constantly reminding them of the benefits of good health does not hurt at all. You as a parent should be the steadfast anchor that keeps them from wandering off the right path. Teach them how to create balance

encouraged my kids to be physically active; me being a living example to them. I walk the talk by doing my regular exercises – bodyweight workout, biking, as well as practicing and teaching yoga. I’ve had many light conversations with them, as they were growing up, about the natural high you get from exercising, the different levels of health consciousness, about what kind of food and physical activities are best for which body types, and what kind of danger unnatural, useless and senseless vices like smoking pose to our health and well-being. Allow them to indulge themselves once in a while but keep reminding them Children, as they grow up, may try unhealthy ways but they always go back

Give your family a strong spiritual foundation. Teach them ways to manage stress. Never get tired of spending time with them and having long enlightening conversations about living and loving. Encourage them to engage in activities that alleviate psychological and emotional strain, and help strengthen their mental health. You can never go wrong with getting them into studying and practicing yoga, enrolling them in a mindfulness programme or pepping them up to commit to volunteering regulary in their favourite charity or being a vocal and visible champion of the cause they feel passionate about. Living Absolutely is a habit one creates or picks up, but you can always educate and inspire your family to make the right choice. If you get every member to make that choice then your family becomes a small ecosystem of health, wellness and happiness.

Living Absolutely is a habit one creates or picks up, but you can always educate and inspire your family to make the right choice


By Rita Suttarno

Why Twitter? You might have started a Twitter account out of curiosity, to express your opinions, keep up with the latest news, or perhaps to see what your favourite celebrities are up to. Or maybe to stalk your ex – which, out of experience, we don’t recommend! More than these reasons, Twitter can be quite a powerful tool to build your brand, score some leads, and grow your network marketing business. Build your brand. Decide on a cool and memorable

handle (that’s your Twitter ‘name’), it should offer a preview of who you are, so keep it professional. It’s fine to be a little funny because making people laugh is the best way to get people curious about you, but stay away from handles like @playboy1967. Ahem! Keep it short and sweet. The challenge with twitter is to keep everything within the limit of 140 characters. It is best to keep your tweets within 100 characters in case others need to retweet (RT) you.

Focus. Position yourself as the expert of a certain topic. Start with something you are passionate about – it does not necessarily have to be within the topic of Network Marketing. You can tweet news and information about products you specialise in. For example: tweet about health if you are focussed on marketing LifeQode products or HomePure, or tweet about beauty, make up or fashion if you are focussed on marketing Physio Radiance, Couleurs, or Bernhard H. Mayer ®

LIFESTYLE watches and jewellery. Offer solutions to problems. Follow a good selection of industry influencers, curate and tweet relevant and interesting contents within the topic you are focussed on. Once you are known to be an influencer of a certain topic, you will build a following of those who share the same passion with you. Once the community is built, you can subtly market your products or services to the most relevant target audience. Stay balanced. Don’t hard sell. Keep your tweets mostly about things that add value to your followers, and keep your Network Marketing offerings and promotions within the 10–20 per cent ratio. There is nothing more annoying than continuously being bombarded with sales pitches. Let’s not be that spammer. Be interactive. Do you often talk to yourself in real life? In the bathroom, in front of the mirror perhaps? Twitter can be like that, too, if you keep tweeting to yourself. That’s fine if you’re just looking for a way to express yourself and your opinions; however, business leads are more likely to happen when you are interactive. You can use #hashtags to get discovered. You can mention (tweet to) others and start conversations. Use the Direct Message (DM) feature if you have to keep things private, such as exchanging contact details. Stay true. Keep it real. Don’t overpromise or make false claims such as “Earn USD 1,000 in a month without doing anything!” – even if you are just using it as a click bait to attract attention. If you are marketing

You can use #hashtags to get discovered. You can mention (tweet to) others and start conversations. Use the Direct Message (DM) feature if you have to keep things private, such as exchanging contact details the QNET business opportunity, make sure that your prospects understand exactly what it is, be truthful about what kind of work will be involved, and don’t overinflate the earning potential. Direct them to your QNET LifeSite, use all the materials available to make sure that you get the right leads to join you. The same principle applies when you are marketing QNET products. Don’t overpromise what the products can do. Overpromising will come back and haunt you on the Twitterverse as your retail customers or new downlines will tweet about their negative experience with you. Build a success that lasts, and that requires integrity and trust. Use tools. There are many different tools to help you with twitter. You can experiment and try them out. Many of them are affordable, and some are even free. We love BufferApp, HootSuite and SproutSocial for Twitter scheduling, managing engagement, and performing simple data analysis. From the analytics, you can optimise your twitter strategy and decide when to tweet,

Twitter can be quite a powerful tool to build your brand, score some leads and grow your network marketing business

and what kind of tweets work best and deliver the most results. Haters gonna hate. The Network Marketing industry isn’t without its challenges in the digital world. There will be naysayers; there will be people calling your business a scam. Our recommendation is for you to always take the high road. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t fret over twitter accounts with two followers and an egg as a profile picture. It is the ultimate goal to convert a negative person to be our direct referral. Respond to those who genuinely ask for clarification about the business and products, stay positive and professional at all times. Don’t engage with those who are just there to spread hatred and negativity. And when you get rejected on Twitter, deal with it the same way as you should offline. Move on. Next! Tweeting consistently is key. Don’t tweet once every two hours and then never again for the next three months. Days or weeks of not tweeting can kill your followers’ interest in your page. Not only will they lose enthusiasm for your page, they might actually unfollow you. Tweeting useful, timely and relevant content consistently is what will help you generate a big social media following, which will, in the long run, help your business flourish. Have you followed us on twitter? @qnetofficial @qnetarabic @qnetru @qnetturkiye Say “Hi!”, and if you love us, RT us!



If happiness means maintaining a positive outlook in life, then it follows that you must learn to eliminate negative thoughts as well. Worry is the enemy of peace after all, and overthinking to the point of anxiety only hinders our progress in life. Here are five of the biggest culprits that hamper our joy and success, and why we need to shut them out. 1. What others think or say This is especially important in Network Marketing and is something we tell network marketers right from the start. There will be a lot of naysayers around you, even among your loved ones, telling you that it will be impossible for you to find success in this business. Others will laugh at you for pursuing your goals. Listen to your own intuition instead, and focus your attention on the people who truly know this business and can give you the proper guidance on how to be successful in it.

To Be Happy, Stop Caring About These Five Things By Regine Palma

2. The past Focus on the present and work towards your future, because this is what’s in your control. Focus on doing something NOW, and quit looking back. This means you should stop caring about your past failures, but learn from them, and use those lessons to create a stronger future, today. Just do and do and do right now. 3. Things that are out of your control Sometimes, even after you’ve given your

very best, things just don’t pan out the way you expect. You could encounter sudden changes that derail your course of action. File these moments in your folder of ‘the past’, focus on what’s here right now, come up with a solution, and march forward. 4. Unfounded fears You can only be truly free to take on the world when you overcome your fears, so you should stop being afraid to take risks. Once you’re open to taking calculated risks, and you see your previously feared failure as a welcome lesson, you can expand your opportunities for learning and eventual success. Sure, fear will always be a part of life, but what you do in the face of your fear makes all the difference. 5. Insignificant work We often mistake being busy with being productive. We think that because we have occupied much of our time doing something, this is also contributing to our goals. But this is not always true, and people have a tendency of aimlessly performing tasks for the sake of looking like they’re working very hard. Remember that quality trumps quantity all the time, and being an efficient worker not only means you get to achieve more goals more quickly, it also means you get to enjoy so much more of life on plenty of free time. That’s one of the amazing benefits of being in the network marketing business, remember?


What to

Two Films that Inspired Diamond Star and Associate V Partner Dev Wadhwani By Jacopo Contin

We had the pleasure of chatting with Diamond Star and Associate V Partner Dev Wadhwani about movies, an entertaining and engaging medium for learning and growth. If you’re thinking of what movies to watch this weekend, he recommends these two highly inspiring movies that tell stories of optimism, friendship, love, and leadership.

Shawshank Redemption The main character, Andy Dufresne, is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison for the murders of his wife and her lover, a crime he knows he didn’t commit. While experiencing the brutalities of prison life, he builds a deep bond with Red, who throughout the movie is his most loyal companion, helping him through the hardest times. Shawshank Redemption is a story about values, loyalty and friendship. Someone who’s been dealt a very unfair hand of cards, wrongfully accused and imprisoned for 19 long years for a crime he did not commit, but no matter the circumstances, he believed in what was right and kept fighting for it without ever giving up. Despite being in prison, he found a great and loyal friend in Red, a long-time inmate and cynic whom Andy manages to teach the value of hope to. Networking is quite similar. Keep your promises and stand by each other no matter what the circumstances are and never give up on your dreams. Things might not be going so well for you, but that could change at any moment. Sometimes, it can be a difficult journey, and people can turn against you, but you have to keep your eyes on the goal and keep fighting for what you believe in. You have to keep following your dreams, never give up hope and most importantly; you need to find good people to share your journey with.

Life is Beautiful Guido Orefice, is a gentle Jewish-Italian waiter who, with his charm and humour, wins over a pretty schoolteacher named Dora. They eventually marry and have a son named Giosue. Their happy life is suddenly disrupted when Guido and Giosue are separated from Dora and taken to a concentration camp. Resolved to shield his son from the horrors of the holocaust, Guido convinces Giosue that what they’re doing inside the camp is nothing but a game. This movie to me, is all about leadership. The father is determined to ensure his son’s childhood innocence is maintained, despite all the horrors surrounding them. The circumstances are very harsh on both of them, and it would be easy for Guido to give up and surrender to the fear and dismay of their fate. But he decides to fight for his child and tries to cushion him from the jarring effects of their situation, as only a true leader would. Sometimes life is cruel and horrible, but this shows that, no matter how harsh reality can be, a good leader knows how to keep their focus on the ultimate goal, and also how to not let the stress of the situation be felt by his family, friends or teammates. Protect those around you and keep encouraging them, be ready to make sacrifices and keep your eyes on the higher purpose; this is how a network leader should think and act. The path to a better life is often difficult and full of unexpected bumps, but through sacrifice and goodwill, anything can be achieved.

2016 has been very exciting for QNET in Africa, with a myriad of activities and events taking the continent by storm. One key highlight was The V’s inspirational Networking Seminar Series (NSS) tour themed ‘Prove Them Wrong’. The series was held in Côte d’Ivoire, Niger and Mali. Boasting a record number of Independent Representative attendees, the seminars covered a mélange of topics including the incredible opportunities in network marketing, overcoming challenges while building a network, and engaging in self-improvement. The sessions proved to be a great platform to motivate and develop inspirational leadership among the network. The participants were regaled by the first-hand experiences of V Ambassadors and were moved by their real-life challenges and successes. Another highlight was the Media Roundtable in Egypt, hosted by QNET and led by NSF International’s Managing Director for the Middle East in Abu Dhabi Christian Kurdy. The informative event was attended by key media members from Egypt and included exclusive media interviews with Kurdy, as well as a showcase of QNET’s NSF Certified HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System and HomePure Eaze, both of which have been tested and certified against NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 for the reduction of Taste/Odour, Chlorine, Turbidity, and Volatile Organic Compounds. QNET also hosted two press conferences in Niger and Guinea that showcased QNET and gained extensive press coverage in local media outfits. Both events recorded full attendance and saw a lively and interactive Q&A session between the media members and QNET corporate staff. The press conferences also served as the platform to announce QNET’s entry into West Africa through the opening of its agency office in Niamey, Niger. The announcement was well received by the members of the media who were impressed by the product demonstrations and the potential of QNET’s positive influence on the local community through Direct Selling.

Around The World

Despite their hectic work schedule, the team from Africa carried out an incredible Ramadan charity programme in line with QNET’s Touching A Billion Hearts campaign. The series of weekly Corporate Social Responsibility activities took place during the whole month of Ramadan in Niger, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Chad, and Guinea, and over 1,000 people benefitted from these activities.

The incredible Absolute Living Africa Expo shook the continent with its mind-blowing display of the Absolute Living lifestyle, and included unforgettable product trainings. It also proved to be an incredible opportunity to meet other like-minded networkers. The expo was held in Burkina Faso, Guinea, Niger, Côte d’Ivoire, and Mali all through August 2016.


Opens First Experience Centre in

By Gil H. Cadiz

Staying true to its promise of strengthening its presence in the UAE as part of its aggressive growth strategy in the Middle East, QNET opened its first Experience Centre in Dubai in August 2016 with the official ribbon-cutting auspiciously coinciding with V-UAE 2016 in September. The QNET Experience Centre is a newly renovated office designed with the ultimate customer experience in mind. Not only will the QNET Independent Representatives and retail customers experience first-hand the array of life-changing products and product samples showcased in the centre, they will also get the ultimate shopping experience by being able to purchase and pick up products and receive BV and RSP in their accounts right on the spot. The UAE remains as one of QNET’s top performing markets in the Middle East

and North Africa region, and continues to capitalise on the massive growth potential of the direct selling industry in the region. Our new QNET Experience Centre is located at Unit M01-M02 Nassima Tower Building Trade Centre First Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If you’re around or in the city, do drop by and say, “Hello!”, we work every day of the week, from 10:00 to 21:00.

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Learning And Growing Together With in By Amir Asanov In 2015, QNET entered the buoyant direct selling sector in Moldova by opening an agency office in its capital city of Chisinau, as the first step towards realising its long-term goal of developing the direct selling industry in the country. QNET corporate staff and local Independent Representatives (IRs) attended the unforgettable opening ceremony. The young yet experienced Moldavian networkers were thrilled that their country finally had an agency office, and cheered throughout the ribbon cutting ceremony led by QNET Head of Business Development Batyr Komurzoev, The V Business Development Executive Elena Y., and the agency’s Director Valeria Raileanu. Raileanu declared her commitment by saying, “We are here to learn and grow together with QNET and its IRs, and no matter what the challenge is, we believe that QNET’s unique business approach will be accepted by the Moldavian society and business community. There is still a lot of work to do in educating our citizens about direct selling and representing QNET in the country.” Currently, there is a huge number of potential customers who are educating

themselves on the opportunities provided by the ever-growing direct selling industry, and that makes Moldova an attractive market for QNET. The most popular products among the IRs are the holiday packages of QVI Club, and the online courses of Swiss eLearning Institute. There is also a growing demand for the Swiss-made luxury watches of Bernhard H. Mayer®. This new agency office will act as the main support centre for QNET in Moldova and will also help raise the profile of the QNET business in neighbouring countries. It will serve the needs of the growing regional market, and take good care of the customers by providing consultations about the company and its products, after-sales services, and customer support, Mondays through Fridays. Additionally, the agency will provide training and coaching sessions to IRs to ensure that they are well-trained on the business plan, the products, as well as professional marketing. Come visit the Moldova agency office at MD-2001, Stefan cel Mare și Sfint, building 73/1, office no. 205, Chisinau.

We are here to learn and grow together with QNET and its IRs no matter what the challenge is


Achievers Spotted by Jeannie Tan Rank advancement is no child’s play. It takes hard work, perseverance, and a dedication towards professional marketing. #VCON16 in Penang, Malaysia was the perfect platform to meet many of our Gold Stars who are the epitome of #qnetpro. Through their innovation, proactive leadership, and extraordinary loyalty to QNET, these Gold Stars have made their way to the Achievers’ Club in style. This year, for the first time since the launch of Achievers’ Club, three Gold Star Recognition Sessions had to be conducted. V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz, V Partner TG Kintanar, V Partner Ferdie Tolentino, V Partner Mahendra Kumar, and QNET Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Kuna awarded the fresh batch of Gold Star Achievers at #VCON16.

V Partners TG Kintanar and Ferdie Tolentino, and QNET Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Kuna getting ready for the Gold Stars.

Our last Gold Star on queue gets a photo taken with the whole Achievers’ Club recognition team!

V Partner David Sharma and V Partner Adly Hassan pose with one of the Gold Stars from the third batch of Achievers.

Gold Star photos are now available on the Achievers’ Club microsite in the Virtual Office. Here’s how you can claim them: 1. Login to your Virtual Office. 2. Click on the Achievers’ microsite thumbnail on the right column of the Virtual Office homepage. 3. In the microsite, click on ‘My Star Gallery’. You’ll find the Photo Gallery of the Achievers’ Club events there.

Achievers’ Club

Meet Our New Achievers’ Club Platinum and Diamond Stars There’s nothing more heartening than to witness living proof of hard work and perseverance, especially when they reach incredible milestones against all odds. Our Achievers’ Club is full of such role models and they are our amazing Platinum and Diamond Stars. The crowd got an exclusive peak into what awaits them should they hit the highest Achievers’ Club ranks through a video that showcased the phenomenal QNET Achievers’ special trip to London in 2015. V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah addressed the crowd and said that if these stars could change their lives and achieve such big successes, so can all of them.

V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah preps a crowd for a grand recognition.

Diamond Stars and siblings Associate V Partner Mohannad Qais and V Partner Dr Motaz Aldandashi received their Diamond star pins on stage.

V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz and QNET Managing Director JR Mayer welcome and recognise the crème de la crème of the Achievers’ Club.

Associate V Partner Tobing Hartanto was recognised as our very first Platinum Star from Indonesia.

One of our newest Platinum Stars, Associate V Partner Suraj Ranasinghe receives his pin onstage

Tears of joy and booming cheers served as the red carpet upon which Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral hit the stage as Africa’s first-ever Diamond Star.

Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis beams with pride as he is awarded his Platinum Star status.


Sp o r t s

QNET believes that sports goes beyond just being a source of entertainment. To QNET, sports epitomises everything we strive to emulate in our business and everything that makes us stand out in the direct selling industry – passion, discipline, determination and teamwork. This is why QNET strives to form relationships with sports clubs that mirror our values. The incredible, and exclusive Hong Kong Football Club has added flavour to our sports sponsorship portfolio by making us their Senior Rugby Gold Sponsor, and choosing our very own RYTHM Foundation as partners for their corporate social responsibility programmes. Founded in 1886, and with over 100 years of history under their belt, the Hong Kong Football Club is one of the foremost private members’ clubs in Hong Kong and is considered one of the finest sporting clubs in Asia. While the word ‘Football’ in the Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) name comes from rugby as it was the first sport the club played, today, HKFC is about much more than football. It is about the joy of sport, about family and above all, the power of a group in making a difference. Part of our partnership includes an annual invite to a private HKFC Family Day. Apart from the invigorating on-field rugby feasts, QNET IRs have been treated with an exclusive VIP area from where they can watch all the exhilarating matches. The off-pitch action is often just as thrilling with fun-filled activities planned just for QNET IRs and their families. Highlights of the most recent Family Day were the giant bouncy castle, face painters and an evening of post-match celebrations. The most

delightful part of the evening was when QNET Chief Technology Officer Ivan Woo was asked to present trophies to the HKFC rugby teams present that day. HKFC has a huge passion for giving back to the community and by choosing to do their CSR activities through RYTHM Foundation, they’ve helped take our partnership to a new level. HKFC visited our Myanmar office last year and helped with our CSR efforts at the Mahagandayon Monastery, one of the largest teaching monasteries in Myanmar. HKFC has also pooled their resources and raised over USD 5,000 towards building proper classrooms for the Zaba Aye Monastery at Yangon. The school run by the monastery caters to over 250 students, who unfortunately share a giant classroom with makeshift partitions. With the help of HKFC and

QNET, the Zaba Aye Monastery will be proud owners of sturdy, monsoon-proof classrooms by April 2017. We are confident that our partnership with HKFC will continue to grow and we will collaborate on many more CSR initiatives in the years to come.


Play Absolutely: By Sheena Flannery

A new badge, a new manager, a new kit and a new team. Times are a-changing at Manchester City, and as the Club evolves, QNET is evolving with it, with new exciting events and products being launched. And to celebrate these exciting new developments, our Manchester City heroes have something to say. Pep Guardiola, Coach: “Prove them wrong!” I never experienced the Premier League before, and that’s why I am here. If we are able to win one game, why can’t we win again three days later, and then why can’t we win one week later like we did in the last two games? That is the reason why I am in England. In Barcelona, in Bayern Munich, we were

If we are able to win one game, why can’t we win again three days later, and then why can’t we win one week later like we did in the last two games? able to do that and there are people who say it was because we were in Barcelona, because we were in Bayern Munich, and they say you won’t be able to do that in England – so, okay, let’s do it.

Absolute Living

Winning is a great feeling and is a big achievement because you have been training a lot, and very hard Wilfred Bony, Striker: “Winning is a big achievement.” Winning is a great feeling and is a big achievement because you have been training a lot, and very hard; and when it comes to the point where you win something, you are happy that you don’t remember all those problems you believed in before and all those problems you fought against. You just enjoy that moment. It’s a very special moment.

Fabian Delph, Midfielder: “I managed to overcome it.” I remember rupturing my ACL, and having quite a long lay-off. I was 20-years-old and it was quite a bad injury. At the time, I was a little bit nervous if I could come back and recover but with a lot of work, and dedicating myself to getting back and being stronger, I managed to overcome it. Fernardinho, Defender, Midfielder: “You did a good job and the results have shown.” Winning is a great feeling because you have been working hard the whole week and when you finally reach your target, you feel good, you feel light because you did a good job and the results have shown.


Meet the Team that

By Gil H. Cadiz




When QNET holds an event, this fun bunch makes sure that you are there having a great time! Those nifty QNET-branded merchandise like shirts, caps, and trolley bags you buy at V-Con are made by this team. Those eye-catching Manchester City posters and banners the event halls are decked out with, and the decorations you marvel at our local offices, were all put together by this team. Those various product and incentive promos you enjoy taking part in, are also devised by this very team. They sure know how to keep the excitement in QNET going and they give you nothing but the best QNET experience! Say hello to the QNET Events and Promotions team, all of whom are based in our Bangkok office, fondly dubbed as the creative hub of our company. Let’s get to know them!

‘Job’ Jesada Siraprapawan Manager – Global Events and Promotions Job is celebrating his 14th year in QNET this year. His love for his job stems from his passion for customer experience and bringing that experience to IRs even in the most remote locations of the world. He finds ways that will make the customers love QNET products and services even more, and enjoys meeting and hanging out with his international colleagues with whom he shares the same passion. He loves traveling, and looks forward to exploring more of Central Asia, climbing a volcano in Indonesia, and visiting Papua New Guinea. ‘Nuna’ Pimpattra Chongpornprasert Assistant Manager – Marketing Nuna takes care of the Repeat Purchase Programme (RPP), amongst many other marketing projects. She thinks of QNET as a school of life where, in her seven years, she has learned a lot about her job and people, and is still learning more every day. Her love for lifelong learning is the reason why she travels the world – “to see things I’ve never seen and to learn things I’ve never known.”


‘Bee’ Thipsukon Prachayamuneevong Senior Visual and Merchandise Executive For eight years now, Bee has been directly involved in the creation of QNET merchandise and office decorations. What she loves most about her job is the sense of family around the workplace, no matter how challenging certain assignments can be sometimes. She says, “Our company truly values people on a personal level, which makes the hardest days just as great.” ‘Ann’ Sasipen Kuneepong Project Management Executive Ann takes care of sports sponsorship projects as well as the printing and shipping of QNET business tools and other marketing materials. She has been with QNET for five years and observed that, “Working here is equal parts challenging and rewarding as I get to interact with many different people from all over the globe, learning a lot in the process.” In her free time, she does kickboxing training or travels to explore new places. At home, she enjoys honing her cooking and baking skills.
















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QNET GLOBAL SUPPORT CENTRE (GSC) We support you in 12 languages: Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, Hindi, (Bahasa) Indonesia, Mandarin, (Bahasa) Melayu, Persian, Russian, Tamil and Turkish, and with more being added all the time. QNET GLOBAL SUPPORT CENTRE OPERATING HOURS 12:00 – 06:00 Hong Kong Standard Time Monday – Friday (Including 00:00 – 06:00 Saturdays) *All calls are free-of-charge when made from within the stated country, with the exception of Turkey and India Hotline calls, which are charged at local call rates (international call rates apply for calls made from outside Turkey and India Hotline).

For media enquiries, please contact media@qnet.net.

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