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Top Lessons from Chief Pathman on Direct Selling During Covid-19


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A Bronze Win for QNET at the 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards


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EDITOR’S NOTE We’re having our first-ever V-Convention Connect this year and it’s also the first time Aspire Magazine is going completely digital! In this issue, we tackle the “new normal” that we’ve been thrust into in 2020 and how this affects the different aspects of our lives moving forward. Whether it’s business or leisure, we know by now that things would not be the same as they were before. While that may seem daunting at first, it also emphasises the importance of people being there for each other, and we hope reading the stories we’ve prepared help bring you some more positive vibes. We also look back at some of the amazing events that have transpired r ight before the lockdowns hit, such as the sports clinics we ran with Manchester City FC and our ever-spectacular V-Conventions – to remind us of what we can achieve together. Like our Founders and Leaders have said, we have been through a lot as a company and have continuously proven our unbreakable and unstoppable spirit. That is why this issue follows the theme STRONGER THAN EVER. Because if there’s anything we at QNET are good that, it is defying the odds to face every challenge head-on, so that we may emerge even greater victors than we were before. So, please enjoy this issue and let’s celebrate this historical QNET moment! Oh, and HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY, QNET! In Service, Regine

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EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Editor-In-Chief Regine P. Managing Editor Khun H. Editorial Board Ramya C. Victoria A. Contributors Ivan A. Sarah K. Charlene A. Suganthi S. Rita S. Cassandra T. Martin S. Loreneen Keisha U. Jeannie T. Thamon D.





STRONGER THAN EVER Direct selling continues to prove itself as a viable business opportunity and ideal option for independent work. One could even say it is one of the only business models that is “recession-proof”, providing people from all walks of life an alternative to traditional employment by facilitating micro-entrepreneurship. Particularly during unprecedented times, such as this pandemic, it gives everyone an equal opportunity to sustain themselves financially, while simultaneously promoting personal development and growth. This is an industry that transforms lives and shows, time and time again, that sustainability is the only path that allows for true success. When you join QNET, you enter a commitment – a promise to build a professional and sustainable product sales business and we, in turn, pledge to provide you unmatched service every step of the way in your direct selling journey. We do this by providing you, not just with top-quality products and a proven, solid Compensation Plan, but also a community of likeminded, dedicated people who empower each other. Only together can we truly create the wave of change we aim for. QNET turns 22 years old this year – an incredible milestone in our journey as a sustainable, resilient direct selling company. Our Family is truly stronger than we’ve ever been and that is thanks to the remarkable people we have on board. I feel blessed and truly inspired to continue our great work. Together, we transform our community into a global movement of empowered entrepreneurs. Together, we can be the best version of ourselves, to ultimately, as our corporate icon Gandhi said, be the change we wish to see in the world.

Malou T. Caluza

Chief Executive Officer





If there is one thing this year has brought into stark focus, it is our strength in adapting to change. We entered a new decade with high hopes, and we have been given a great opportunity to transform ourselves. Now, more than ever, our strength as an e-commerce powerhouse that is well poised to thrive when traditional retail companies are going out of business, has become obvious. If there is one great thing that QNET is committed to delivering more of in this prime age of change, it is world-class quality products, made accessible to anyone who wishes to take charge of their life. In line with our Founders’ vision for a thriving, sustainable future for the company, the business, and the network, we are driven by our commitment to empowering entrepreneurs with the best products in the right business. As networkers, we know that the key to success is consistency. While we navigate these changing times, our focus and priority remain on changing people’s lives. With the very first V-Convention Connect, we have embraced innovation and broken barriers in bringing together people from around the world into a virtual space where we embrace and celebrate the mission of RYTHM. Let go of any doubts or apprehensions that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential. Don’t allow your inhibitions to stunt your growth and progress. I say, NO MORE FEAR. The future is here, and it is ours to claim. Let’s go!

Chief Pathman Senathirajah



A Roundup of

Manchester City Wins Carabao Cup 2020 Congratulations, QNETCity! Manchester City have won the Carabao Cub 2020! Manchester City Football Club (Man City) emerged victorious in the muchanticipated Carabao Cup match against Aston Villa on 1 March at Wembley Stadium, with roaring cheers from the crowd as we witnessed Sergio Aguero and Rodri score their goals. As Manchester City’s Official Direct Selling Partner, all of us at QNET could not be prouder.

QNET In Malaysia Practices RYTHM Through Blood Donation Drive QNET in Malaysia channelled the RYTHM call to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind by participating in a Blood Donation Drive over the weekend. The drive was themed “Save Lives – Donate Now” and was organised in collaboration with the National Blood Centre in Malaysia. The drive was a massive success and attracted over 260 donors who steadily poured in throughout the day.

QNET Wins Bronze at the 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards QNET took home the prestigious Bronze Stevie® Award at the 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, in recognition of our innovation and our performance-driven partnership with Manchester City Football Club. The award means that we are now part of the elite Stevie® Awards Winners’ Circle, sharing the space with other business stalwarts such as IBM, Cisco Systems, PCCW Solutions, JCDecaux, Flipkart, and L’Oréal.

13 Presenting Bernhard H. Mayer® Pearl Icons via Zoom Conference Irina Polyakova, Head of Marketing and PR in Russia and the CIS, spoke to journalists and bloggers about the amazing Akoya pearls, which are featured in QNET’s new jewellery collection – the elegant Luna Necklace, the exquisite Moon Glory earrings and pendant, and the alluring Greta Bracelet.

QNET In Kazakhstan Donates Air and Water Filters to City Hospital QNET in Kazakhstan channelled its inner call to RYTHM by addressing the difficulties that have arisen in their community due to Covid-19. QNET donated air and water filters to the Children’s Infectious Diseases Department of the Nur-Sultan Multidisciplinary City Hospital #3. Director of the International Consulting Bureau Albina Zhasybekova, the official representative of QNET in Kazakhstan, handed over the HomePure Nova and Zayn to hospital representatives.

QNET’s Parent Company Wins at HR Asia Awards 2020

QNET Russia Honours Mothers on International Women’s Day In celebration of International Women’s Day last March, QNET in Russia organised a charity event at a non-profit called Little Mother. The event saw much laughter, cheering, and joy among the young women who were being treated during this special occasion. Little Mother is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that serves as a special home for young mothers under the age of 23, who find themselves in difficult situations. Because of its work, the NGO has helped prevent child abandonment and child mortality.

Each year, HR Asia, Asia’s leading publication for HR professionals, hosts the Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards. The event handpicks exemplary corporations whose practices stand out from the rest. And, for the sixth year in a row, QNET’s Parent Company, QI Group Hong Kong, has been awarded one of the Best Companies to Work For! The Gold Award is ours yet again and we couldn’t be prouder!



WHAT’S HOT AROUND #QNET in this “new normal”? You, the fantastic members of our QNET family have the amazing ability to adapt to the most challenging situations. Where others in more traditional industries struggled to survive the lockdown, you guys showed everyone what it means to adapt, adjust and accommodate! In this “new normal”, not only do you have to do your business online, you must also sell, educate, train, inspire and touch hearts over the internet – and you did exactly that, with flying colours. Check out these inspiring “new normal” stories we found on Instagram…

Men and Women at work..SUNDAY CHITCHAT CALL is so much fun. lockdown is just another beautiful phase of our lives that we’ll remember forever and tell stories about!!!! @adityasbhalla

Serve without respite Love unconditionally Give unseasonably Unbelievable session by none other than Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran... so much to learn and so much to change @shipraneeraj

We are in a crisis. Let us accept it. Governments are fighting hard to manage the situation. We can learn both from good and bad leaders. Only at current situation the good and the bad is magnified and we can help by sitting home. None of us should come out of this crisis the same as we walked into it, we should come out stronger, wiser, skilful and more human @kalai_northstar

15 Jean Paul Sartre said: “In life we don't do what we want but we are responsible for what we are. " Write: “I am responsible.” (Jean Paul Sartre a dit: « Dans la vie on ne fait pas ce que l’on veut mais on est responsable de ce que l’on est. » Écris: ‘’Je suis responsable ‘’)


Three keys to success : Simplicity, Patience, and Compassion . Always bring new hope new light new courage #TheZoneConnect #InTheZone @karlanelwan Getting trained through Webinar , that too at the comfort of home , making the best out of of e - commerce business! @celebratelife_sanu LEARN FROM THE BEST CONNECTING WITH GREAT MINDS FROM 30 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!!... #workathome #stayathome #stayathomechallenge #incomefromhome #earnfromhome #dubai #abudhabi #onlinecoaching @narjisryweck

For your safety and that of your loved ones and the safety of your community, you must be at home, but how do you work from home, if you have the desire to work from home, get in touch with me. Corona caused a lot of losses in the global economy, but there is an alternative plan so that your financial income is not affected.


When loved ones support and share your dreams, you can grow together. #vconnect @svetlanazharkova85

Welcome to the HomePure family, Zayn! HomePure is now an even stronger partner for you in taking care of your family and home

Homepure @homepureofficial





It’s been a tough year for avid travellers with the Covid-19 pandemic bringing all travel plans to a halt. However, with the decreasing number of cases, it’s time to feed your wanderlust once again – it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing!

One thing is for certain, though: Travelling won’t be the same. New health and safety protocols will be in place and travellers will have to learn to adapt to them. That aside, where can you go with all the restrictions in place? INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL Depending on where you’re from, you may have a few borders open to you but even then, options will still be limited. Experts are predicting that the fourth quarter of 2020 will see more domestic and regional travel as things slowly return to normal. We are constantly updating our Travel Blog for the latest news and tips, so do keep checking it out!

DOMESTIC TRAVEL Many of us focus on travelling abroad, caught up with online trends as we are. So much so that we tend to overlook our domestic wonders. When was the last time you explored within your borders? Whenever that was, this is the perfect time to catch up on everything that you’ve missed.


So, it appears that we will start travelling again, whether domestically or internationally. But don’t forget that it pays to be prepared. Here are some must-haves for your packing list:

1. TRAVEL INSURANCE Ensure that you are protected against the unexpected such as weather emergencies, medical situations, and even, cancelled flights. If you’re planning an expensive trip, consider purchasing a travel insurance policy at least 15 days before your travel date. The longer you wait to purchase a policy, the more limited your options, so try to start looking for one early on.



2. FACE MASKS From daily disposable masks and N-95 masks, to reusable cloth masks and sturdy face shields, masks have become an essential item in our lives. Airports, planes, and most tourist attractions now require that you wear one before entering the premises so be sure to carry enough masks for your entire trip.

3. HAND SANITISER It’s always smart to carry a hand sanitiser. Germs linger on surfaces such as railings, tables, and more, so avoid touching your face after placing your hand on such surfaces. Make sure that your sanitiser has at least 70% alcohol content for it to be effective against viruses and bacteria. In addition to that, carry antibacterial wipes to wipe down sitting areas and shared equipment. 4. HAND GLOVES If you’re planning on doing a lot of shopping during your holiday or if sanitising makes your hands dry, take a pack of gloves with you. Like masks, there are a variety of glove options available now – nitrile, plastic, latex, it doesn’t matter which as long as your hands are protected. Hand gloves are also useful at the airport where trolleys often change hands between passengers. So, take a pack with you to be on the safe side.

21 5. PORTABLE CHARGER AND SELFIE STICK Gone are the times when you could freely ask to borrow a charger or make a quick phone call on someone else’s phone. Back yourself up with a portable charger and save yourself the pain of searching for a place to plug in your charger. Furthermore, with social distancing in effect all over the globe, locals and other travellers may not be as willing to converse or take your photos. Respect the current situation and bring a selfie stick so that you don’t miss out on amazing Insta-worthy photos! P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #qvi when sharing your pictures online!

6. MEDICINE BAG When packing, don’t forget to include a small pouch of vitamins and basic medication. This is good practice, even during normal travel circumstances, as the medication could have a different name at your destination. Save yourself the trouble of hand gestures and Google-translated conversations when asking for simple flu medication. Other items to include are Vitamin C – to prep your immune system during your stay, nausea medication, painkillers, and antidiarrheal medications.

JOIN OUR CONTEST AND TREAT YOURSELF! Side note: If you find yourself experiencing any symptoms associated with the virus, avoid crowded areas, notify the relevant authorities, and make your way to a hospital. It’s best to be cautious and remember that there’s more at stake than only enjoying a holiday.





Stand a chance to win USD 100* by sharing a creative video of your stay using any QVI products on your FB or IG page! We will be choosing a winner every month in 2020, starting in January.


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Upload the video to your page and make sure that your profile is public.

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* Terms & Conditions:  Video quality to be similar to or better than the video shown here.  Videos of stays at Prana Resort Nandana will not be considered/accepted.  Videos of stays using only QVI products (Tripsavr, Club, Breaks) are accepted.  If winner does not have a Tripsavr account for the Travel Credits to be credited into, they will be awarded USD 100 worth of accommodation.



HOMEPURE PRODUCTS TO HELP YOU COPE WITH CLIMATE CHANGE As we move towards more sustainable and ecologically friendly lifestyles, it’s only right to think of all the ways in which we can reduce our impact (read: negative!) on the environment. With climate change an obvious threat, we need to start making conscious choices about the products we buy and the lifestyle we choose to lead. QNET can help you in this journey with two of our most popular products that were designed for the earth-minded, healthy living, conscious consumer. HOW IS GLOBAL WARMING AFFECTING OUR WATER? As climate change shifts weather patterns across the globe, it alters the normal balance of water bodies and their ecosystems, especially the world’s freshwater resources. As rivers dry up around the world and rising sea levels threaten to infiltrate freshwater sources, especially in coastal regions, we are having to rely on dams or dig deeper to find fresh sources of water.

Many of our water reservoirs and ground water sources are already affected as a result of increasing environmental pollution arising from improper disposal of waste, oil leakage, and plastic pollution among other things. Did you know that currently, there are over 2,100 known toxins that may be contaminating our tap water — some toxic enough to lead to serious illnesses?

23 THE HOMEPURE NOVA SOLUTION For the green consumer, who is concerned about not just the health of the planet but also the health and safety of your family, QNET has the perfect solution. The HomePure Nova gives you clean, safe drinking water, while helping you eliminate your reliance on plastic water bottles. With HomePure Nova, your tap water goes through nine stages of filtration. Its 35+ Ultratech Filter Technology removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses while microorganisms 300% smaller than the width of a human hair are destroyed. HomePure Nova has a lifespan of up to 5,000 litres. The best part — it operates without electricity reducing your carbon footprint significantly! HomePure Nova is also certified by NSF International, a global, independent health and safety organisation, for NSF/ANSI 42 reducing chlorine, taste, and odour; NSF/ ANSI 53 — reducing health-related contaminants like particulates, and turbidity. NSF 401 – reducing emerging contaminants like some prescription/OTC drugs, flame retardants, detergents, new types of pesticides and herbicides; It has also been tested by Korea Conformity Laboratories for lead reduction and general purification ability and is the world’s first-ever ultrafiltration water filter certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) for the reduction of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and cysts (NSF/ANSI P231 and P244). When you bring home a HomePure Nova, you can be sleep easy knowing you and your family are drinking the best quality water available and you are doing it without contributing to climate change and environmental pollution.



THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN POOR AIR QUALITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE Conservationists and scientists believe that climate change and air quality are two sides of the same coin. Air pollution is a leading cause of global warming today. Our homes and office buildings which provide a barrier between us and the outdoors are also in some ways contributing to the problem because of the type of materials used in construction, the ventilation systems and the energy consumption. Most of our infrastructure today was designed and constructed to withstand the environmental conditions at the times they were built. Climate change may worsen existing indoor environmental problems and indoor air quality, and it may also introduce new problems as the frequency or severity of adverse outdoor conditions change. Just because we remain indoors doesn’t mean we are safe from the visible pollution we see outside. Poor indoor air quality adversely affects our cognitive abilities and physical health.


HOMEPURE ZAYN TO THE RESCUE Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in South Korea, the HomePure Zayn air purifier is designed to protect you from the adverse effects of indoor air pollution. To ensure you get nothing but the best, QNET’s HomePure Zayn is tested and certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). It combines the power of the HPP+ Electrostatic technology, Ultraviolet (UV) Light technology, and Ultra Plasma Ion Filter technology. Through its sleek and powerful 5-stage purification process, the HomePure Zayn purifies and sterilises indoor air by removing 99.8% of airborne particulates, allergens, and other pollutants. To add to this is its amazingly user-friendly design as well as its builtin air quality sensor. Even better, the incorporation of the Amezcua Card helps to harmonise the air while neutralising the e-smog generated by the electromagnetic devices around you! Being a sustainable and eco-conscious consumer means taking the time to think before consuming and buying products that will help prepare you for the effects of climate change. It also means investing in products that are in line with your sustainability and absolute living goals. So, what are you waiting for? Protect yourself and your family by getting a HomePure Nova and HomePure Zayn today!




As we age, so does our skin. You may find that the basic three-step process of cleansing, toning, and moisturising from our teenage years just doesn’t cut it anymore. However, who has the time to set aside for a lengthy beauty regime twice a day?! While essential, it is not easy to maintain your skin’s health. After countless hours of research and studies, we have come up with six vital skin care steps to make a difference in your appearance and boost your self-confidence. Our complete skincare range keeps things simple by providing you with six products to use during the day and the night.

27 1. CLEANSE OUT THE TENSE. Start your day right by

ensuring that your face is clear of any oil build-up from the night before. You can achieve this by choosing not only the right facial wash that provides gentle yet deep cleansing.


As we are exposed to dirt and grime throughout the day, it makes sense that we take extra care when cleaning our skin before going to bed. Make sure to clean your skin of makeup before giving it another cleanse to remove any residue from the day. Physio Radiance Gentle Foaming Cleanser is an ultra-mild cleanser for your face with a soft, mousse-like texture. It is mild enough that it can be used twice after a long day – once to remove your makeup and then once again to cleanse your face thoroughly.


Skin correction doesn’t only happen at night. A good skincare product will help to improve your skin even throughout your busy day. We have found that essences, concentrated formulas, work best for this. They contain antioxidant properties that help soothe any of your skin’s inflammatory responses while keeping it hydrated. Be on the lookout for one that is rich in nourishing active ingredients that will also prime your skin for other treatments and product applications. Physio Radiance Boosting Essence is a hydrating antioxidant lotion that is rich in nourishing active ingredients. It helps to improve skin elasticity.


Serums, though intimidating at first, are essential step that can help to delivering active ingredients you may not know your skin needs. Lighter than moisturisers, they come in a variety of formulas for every skin type. Regular use has been proven to help you achieve a firmer, smoother, brighter, and even skin tone. Physio Radiance Firming & Lifting Double Serum helps alleviate hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone developed to act against wrinkles caused by dehydration and skin imperfections.




The skin around our eyes is more delicate and inclined to dryness and wrinkles while the skin under your eyes is more susceptible to the collection of fluids which cause puffiness and dark circles. You should also apply eye cream in the morning and in the evening. Physio Radiance Repair Eye Cream is ultralight and fast absorbing, the perfect everyday aide to younger, more radiant skin.


It’s no longer enough to ensure the hydration of our skin. It needs to be able to bring out the brightness in your skin and elasticity on top of being moisturised throughout the day. For these particular needs, look for a lightweight day cream that works well with your skin type. Physio Radiance Restoring Day Cream is the perfect solution for nourishing the skin, making sure it is radiant, moisturised and hydrated.

6. BRING BACK YOUR YOUTH OVERNIGHT. Our skin works overtime to return to its optimal form during the night as the majority of cell regeneration occurs during deep sleep. During this time, ensure that you have a rich and soft cream which will nourish and moisturise your skin.

Physio Radiance Regenerating Night Cream is infused with powerful anti-ageing ingredients that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as give your skin a fantastic glow.

Perfect skin doesn’t happen overnight, which is why it is important to have a daily routine perfected by experience and knowledge. Radiant skin requires attentive care, but we all know that it is worth every effort no matter how small it may seem.





A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE The Bernhard H. Mayer® brand is known for its high precision craftsmanship and a rich history that goes back to 1871. The exquisite timepieces crafted today uphold the timeless tradition of excellence once admired by European nobility and royalty. We take a closer look at the brand’s history and how it has managed to consistently uphold its high standards of excellence in this day and age. What sets Bernhard H. Mayer® apart? Every timepiece is handmade by master craftsmen, a tradition that goes back to the beginning. It is an homage to not only the tradition of watchmaking, but also to the latest in horological technology. Each watch boasts of excellence in design and craftsmanship, and is built to last a lifetime, making it a perfect family heirloom.

What has been the journey of the Bernhard H. Mayer Brand? In 1871, when the town of Pforzheim (also known as Goldstadt or City of Gold) was just coming up as a new industrial centre in Germany, the Mayer family found an ideal environment to set up business and began manufacturing and selling dies (tools for minting coins). The business then expanded into minting, and soon they were producing valued coins, medals, and parts for the watch industry. Their reputation grew quickly. And the rest, as they say, is history.

• 1880-1890 — Bernhard H. Mayer® received the first honourable contract to create medals for Royal Houses, central banks, and governments of Greece and South American countries. • Leaving a lasting legacy - Bernhard H Mayer, Founder (circa late 1800s)

1900s — The first Bernhard H Mayer took on the hobby of engraving watch covers for pocket watches, at a time when these accessories were a significant fashion statement among enthusiasts.


1936 — The Mayer family company was chosen to be the exclusive manufacturer of gold medals for the 1936 Summer and Winter Olympics hosted by Germany, the same year Jesse Owens famously became the first American to win four track and field gold medals at a single Olympics.

Late 1990s – At the turn of the century, in a nod to its numismatics history and beginning a new era of business, the Mayer Family started producing gold coins for a limited-edition collection of luxury coin watches, a concept pioneered by the legendary Swiss watchmaker, Corum.

2000 – Bernhard H. Mayer® entered a strategic partnership with a dynamic young direct selling company (QNET), a journey that continues to date.

2006 – Bernhard H. Mayer® watches began production in a new facility in Switzerland, the global epicentre of luxury watchmaking.

“What inspires me the most is the idea of giving our customers a product that fills them with pride. We want to create watches and jewellery that excite and satisfy. Creating an object that is so beautiful and perfect that it fills the heart of the owner with joy and happiness for years – that is the source of my inspiration. It is perfectly in line with the Bernhard H. Mayer family spirit.” – Bernhard H. Mayer (4th Generation)





by Cassandra T. & Regine P.

It is easy to overlook an important aspect of our self when we get caught in the whirlwind of everyday life — our wellbeing. If you could automate your wellbeing, wouldn’t that be amazing! With the Amezcua Bio Disc 3, you have a shot at doing just that. This palm-sized glass disc has many uses – some of which you may not even be aware of. But first, how does the Bio Disc 3 work? Everything, including your body, is made up of energy. And when two different fields of energy interact with each other, change takes place in both. Furthermore, studies have shown that proportionate geometric shapes help maintain optimum cell function by converting potentially harmful frequencies into beneficial energies. These combined principles of Quantum Energy and Geometry are what enable the Amezcua Bio Disc 3 to help you to stay healthy and live a balanced life. Let’s take a look at how you can enjoy these benefits in everyday life.

33 KEEP YOUR PLANTS GREEN & HEALTHY House plants are a great way to brighten up a room. Not only do they bring greenery indoors, they help improve air quality, reduce stress levels and boost your mood. However, without the right conditions and care, house plants cannot survive for long. Help your plants stay healthy with Amezcua-enhanced water. The Amezcua Bio Disc 3 can help plants have a better nutrient uptake, from both the water and the soil. All you have to do is leave a jug of water on the Amezcua Bio Disc 3 for about 20 minutes before watering your plants with it. Another way is to run water over the Amezcua Bio Disc 3 as you water your plants. Try this out and watch your indoor space transform. INCREASE THE SHELF LIFE OF FRUITS & VEGETABLES Storing fresh produce in the refrigerator does not guarantee that the quality of nutrients in them will stay intact until consumption. Sometimes, we may end up having to throw them out if we don’t eat them within 2-3 days. If you place the Amezcua Bio Disc 3 with your produce in the fridge, you will notice that the shelf life of your fruits and veggies will increase. You can also wash your fruits and vegetables with Bio Disc enhanced water to keep them fresh and improve their taste!

IMPROVE THE POTENCY OF YOUR DRINKING WATER Doctors recommend that we drink at least three to four litres of water a day. But what’s more important is to drink water that gives you optimum benefits such as maximising your physical performance and energy levels as well as boosting your metabolic rate. The Amezcua Bio Disc 3 re-structures water molecules into a life-giving state, thus enhancing their effecrtiveness in your body. This means you get more health benefits from water out of every sip while quenching your thirst. All you have to do is place your glass or bottle of water on top of the Amezcua Bio Disc 3 to revitalise it before drinking. KEEP YOUR MAKEUP & SKIN FRESH FROM AM TO PM Do you ever experience days when your skin moisturiser or foundation just “doesn’t sit right”? Or it isn’t being absorbed into your skin as effectively as it should? Aside from exfoliating and using cleansers to remove dirt and oil from your skin, simply placing your skincare products and cosmetics on the Amezcua Bio Disc 3 can improve their application and efficacy. These are just some of the ways the Amezcua Bio Disc 3 can help us develop a more holistic and healthier lifestyle. Try them out yourself and experience the Evolution of Wellness in your daily life.



Habits for a Healthier, Slimmer You Take a minute and think: What is the most common New Year’s resolution? Okay, maybe you won’t need a minute because you’ve probably made that resolution yourself at least once in your life. What are we talking about? The resolution to lose weight and lead a healthier life, of course! Easier said than done, right? But like anything you set your mind and heart on, success in losing weight is largely dependent on this not-so-hidden secret: consistency. Working on healthy habits does not only guarantee shedding a few pounds, but also achieving and sustaining your ideal weight.


Here are four habits that, if done consistently, will definitely bring about a slimmer and healthier you! 1. PRACTICE QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Losing weight fast is possible, but it is deemed unhealthy most of the time. A sudden change in your food intake will help you shed a few pounds, but only temporarily – you’re most likely losing your water weight and potentially setting yourself up for a bout of binge eating. What comes highly recommended, and is ultimately better for your health, is to manage your weight slowly but surely, because losing one to two kilos each week over the span of six months is better than five kilos in two weeks, because it will be easier to handle and, more importantly, to maintain. By going about it gradually, you are giving your body ample time to adjust to the changes. This practice also applies to the quality of your food. Foods richer in nutrients are more likely to leave you satisfied compared to unhealthy options which, as good as they taste, bring no nutritional value to your body. 2. TRACK YOUR DIET. When it comes to healthy dieting, you don’t need to do a complete 180. Sustainable weight loss is best supported by making small changes in your habits over time, so yes, you certainly can take it a day at a time. Want a steaming bowl of white rice? Go for the fibre-rich brown or the lower-in-calorie cauliflower rice. In the mood for chips? Grab the wholegrain alternative. Have your popcorn but without the usual butter and other flavourings. The key is swapping the food items in your diet that are the least healthy with healthier alternatives.

One to two kilos each week in the span of six months is better than five kilos in two weeks, because it’s easier to handle and, more importantly, to maintain.



3. MANAGE YOUR STRESS. Stress eating is a real thing, and there’s a science behind that: Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, whets a person’s appetite for sugary, fatty foods. They are a quick dopamine fix. This is why French fries, ice cream, sweets, and pizza, among others are known as comfort food – they serve as the primary emotional coping mechanism of the stressed, upset, lonely, angry, and exhausted. Overeating never does anything but leave you stuck in an unhealthy, never-ending cycle. And this would definitely not help your weight-loss journey. Instead, divert your attention to another activity that will help you manage your stress. Try new hobbies, engage in sports (they make your body release endorphins, which in turn will make you feel great!), listen to music, or hang out with friends. Finding an emotional outlet beyond the kitchen might be difficult at first, but it is not impossible.

Try new hobbies, engage in sports (they make your body release endorphins, which make you feel great!), listen to music, or hang out with friends.

37 4. DRINK MORE LIQUIDS. Hydration is a vital factor in weight loss. It helps to remove waste from your body naturally and increases your metabolism. If you work out, water with electrolytes is vital to avoid muscle cramps and fatigue. Besides water, there are also other liquids that can improve your body’s metabolism. Teas made of natural herbs will help your body feel light and fresh. For example, Belite 1 is an intriguing blend of green tea leaves, chrysanthemum flowers, and Kaffir lime leaves, formulated to help you kickstart your day on a high note. Belite 2 on the other hand is a fusion of African mango (IGOB 131TM), Yeast Peptide (DNF-10), and mixed berries. This fruity mix was developed to curb your appetite, improve your cardiovascular health, and reduce your body’s cholesterol and inflammation.

There are also herbs that work to eliminate toxins from your body. Take Belite 3 for example. Its mixture of peppermint leaves, cinnamon bark, and senna leaves work together to improve your bowel movement and stabilise your glucose levels. Remember that when trying to manage your weight, it is important to determine your pace and to just to keep at it! Focus on forming the right habits not just to improve the way you look, but to improve the way you live.



Change is the only constant in life and our ability to adapt to it will determine our success. That’s why it is so important that we learn to embrace it. As the Japanese say, “THE BAMBOO THAT BENDS IS STRONGER THAN THE OAK THAT RESISTS.” The inevitability of change, not just in our personal lives, but also in business, calls for every one of us to keep pushing forward. To keep getting better at what we do, and who we are. Continuous self-development is essential when dealing with change, particularly in a disruptive business environment. The recent pandemic has shown that sometimes circumstances beyond our control can force change upon us when we least expect it. If anything, it has shown us how important it is to always be prepared so that we can adapt quickly.


SO, HOW SHOULD YOU GET STARTED? HERE ARE FIVE SELF-DEVELOPMENT TIPS FOR A BETTER YOU: 1. WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR FUTURE SELF. A refreshing take on writing resolutions, a letter to yourself in the future is the best opportunity to highlight something that some tend to overlook — long-term goals. Share your dreams and goals, even your five- or ten-year plan. Discuss the ideal skills and qualities you’d like to have, and end with a promise to set yourself on the right track and focus on the direction you need to take. 2. BUILD YOUR STRENGTHS There’s a reason why the old saying, “Practice makes perfect,” never grows old. When you become a master of what you do, it gives you an edge. What’s even better is if you upskill and build on your strengths by learning something new that adds value. That puts you in a truly unique position. 3. CONQUER YOUR FEAR. Easier said than done, but not impossible. After all, everyone has their fears that they should face and overcome. To overcome your fear, you would need to first identify and state it. Only then will you be able to work on mastering it. Like our Founder, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran says, “If you’re scared of something, then that’s ten times more reason for you to do it!” Lift your head high, encourage yourself to move forward, and... 4. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Learning happens best when you are pushed into a position that forces you to look at things from another perspective. So, take the plunge no matter how uncomfortable it is, and you may discover that what you initially feared isn’t as bad as you thought. Pursue skills you never thought you’d be able to have and surprise the people around you. Even more importantly, surprise yourself! 5. GET INSPIRED EVERY DAY. More than the leaps and bounds, it’s those daily baby steps that will contribute greatly to your self-improvement. Find the inspiration you need to go through life and take it one day at a time by creating a safe space where you will be able to concentrate and analyse yourself. Then, find your inspiration by making a self-promise, visualising a goal for yourself, or anything else that would boost your enthusiasm and zest for life and work.

Relax. Unwind. Earn. An online booking platform that lets you choose from over 1,000,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, not to mention, from thousands of car rentals and activities.


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by Sarah K.

Direct selling has crafted a healthy entrepreneurial path for millions around the globe. As a pioneering e-commerce-based player in the industry, QNET is poised to make your dreams come true while helping you make RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind — part of your journey. What most people don’t know is that direct selling has a significant impact in the global economy. The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) recently announced the global direct sales revenues of USD 180.5 billion for the year 2019, generated by a global sales force of 119.9 million Independent Representatives. In just over 20 years, QNET has successfully built a strong customer base in more than 100 countries worldwide, providing great products and services and a unique business opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to make a positive difference in their lives, and the lives of those around them. Direct selling entrepreneurs understand that it is always the best time to be involved in direct sales. When the economy is doing well, people have the resources to buy new and unique products thus, giving sales a boost. When the economy is unsteady, more people are be open to the opportunity that direct selling provides as a form of non-traditional business to generate income.

When it comes to products, the WFDSA’s annual report shows that among the top categories are Personal Care, Home & Living, and Wellness, which are also part of QNET’s diverse, best-selling product lines. QNET offers a vast product range that effortlessly fits into your lives, making each of them a vital part of your daily routine. With offices worldwide, QNET is no stranger to diversity. We understand your needs and provide you with localised tools and the training support you need to build your business. But what sets QNET apart is our core philosophy, that is the driving force of our business — RYTHM. Our aim is to help you realise your potential so that you can make a difference in the lives of those around you. So whether you’re a direct selling neophyte or a veteran looking for your next gig, QNET has something for everyone.


QNET was named the winner of the Bronze Stevie in the Innovation in Sponsorships category and will be celebrated during a virtual awards ceremony in September. QNET CEO Malou Caluza said, “For us, this award represents a recognition of the hard work put in by both teams to stay on top of their games. QNET is very proud of our ongoing relationship with Manchester City Football Club. Our aim through this sponsorship is not just to take our brand global, but to also make an impact in the communities where we do business. And this sponsorship has allowed us to do just that.”

QNET has won big at the 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, bagging a prestigious Bronze Stevie® Award for our QNETManchester City Football Club partnership. We have won a bronze award at the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards in recognition of our innovation and our performance-driven partnership, beating out more than 1,000 nominees hailing from the AsiaPacific region. The award means that we are now part of the elite Stevie® Awards Winners’ Circle, sharing the space with other business stalwarts such as IBM, Cisco Systems, PCCW Solutions, JCDecaux, Flipkart, and L’Oréal. Nicknamed the Stevies, which is derived from the Greek word for “crowned”, Stevie Awards are widely considered to be the world’s premier business awards, conferring recognition for achievement in programmes such as The International Business Awards ® for 18 years. The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are the only business awards programme to recognise innovation in the workplace in all 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific region.

For Stephan Cieplik, VP & Director of Partnerships APAC, City Football Group, “QNET is one of Manchester City’s longest-standing partners and our relationship with them has strengthened year on year. Through this partnership, QNET has produced many exciting activations that have benefited both City fans and QNET’s global sales network, as well as a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, and it’s fantastic to see that this great work has been recognised with this award.” According to Stevie Awards president Maggie Gallagher, this year’s winning nominations show the resiliency and innovation of organisations in the region, many of which continue to succeed despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Although we are disappointed that we cannot stage the inperson awards banquet we had planned this year, we look forward to celebrating many of this year’s winners during our virtual awards ceremony on 22 September,” she said. The Bronze Stevie® Award is a testament to our dedication to our partnerships and distributors, and most importantly to our values of teamwork, commitment, focus and loyalty. To be recognised for our partnership with Manchester City Football Club, whom we lovingly call QNETCity, is an honour. We are proud of our partnership and look forward to continuing to make a difference through our many RYTHM-inspired projects.



V-CONVENTION AN UNWAVERING CONNECTION We have had an unbelievable year in 2019, where we welcomed some 20,000 vibrant members of the QNET Family from across the globe at our magnificent, life-changing V-Conventions in Malaysia and all the way in Turkey. Let’s relive some of the amazing V-Convention 2019 memories!


April Attendees were treated to an up-close experience of seeing their mentors live and witnessing amazing product presentations. The Achievers’ Club recognition ceremonies for our Sapphire, Platinum, Diamond, and Blue Diamond Stars were definitely memorable highlights.

September On our second V-Convention in 2019, we also celebrated QNET’s 21st Anniversary, and the 150th birth anniversary of our corporate icon, Mahatma Gandhi. Participants were witness to many amazing moments, including the extension of QNET’s partnership with Manchester City FC. We also welcomed three new powerhouse V Partners – VP Mohannad Qais, VP Sachin Gupta, and VP Kavita Sugandh!



December In the beautiful city of Istanbul, we welcomed over 1,500 distributors from all over Central Asia for the three-day convention. There we all witnessed a showcase of QNET’s fantastic regional products that reflect exceptional taste and culture.

This year, with the pandemic affecting travel worldwide, we won’t be able to meet our QNET family at the annual V-Conventions. We know how important events like these are for your business growth, so we’ve adapted to the new normal by bringing you our first ever V-Convention Connect. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed bringing this unique experience to you. . Remember to stay safe where you are and know that we are as excited as you are to meet again when we can!




Mobile apps have fundamentally transformed nearly every aspect of our lives. Ordering food, groceries, banking, communication…for pretty much anything you want to do in your daily life….there’s an app for that! So how can you not have an app to help you manage your QNET business? In 2020, the year that will go down in history as the one that forced businesses to embrace digital, QNET’s mobile app is better than ever, helping you run your entire business from the palm of your hand. The QNET Mobile App is your partner in success – the ultimate hub of your QNET business with secure access to your Virtual Office (VO), dashboard, e-Store and more! Packed with useful features that make managing your business a snap.


EASY ACCESS. SIMPLE USE. SMART BUSINESS. Available for both iOS and Android, the key features include: • Push Notifications so you’ll never miss important updates, info on current promos, and reminders. • Rank Dashboard so you can see your progress and access detailed information about rank advancement and maintenance requirements. • Prospect Registration to help you effectively sign-up prospects in just a few steps. • Product Category Carousel so you can browse through the QNET products by category. • Secure Mobile Login to ensure your privacy and exclusive access using fingerprint* log-in and One-TimePasswords (OTP) • And Live Chat to swiftly contact our Global Support team! In short, the QNET Mobile App brings all the most important aspects of staying on top of your business into one convenient digital hub. The app is currently available in English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, French and Russian, with more languages on the way. If you are a QNET India Distributor, be sure to download the QNET India Mobile App. So, what are you waiting for? Download the QNET Mobile App now and start your journey to success TODAY!

* For selected mobile devices.

World Plan

India Plan

Infused with 24 karat gold and pure platinum decorations




Thiruppathi Perumal was 25 years old when he was awarded the Sadguru Gnanananda Fellowship, which was funded by RYTHM Foundation to carry out sustainable livelihood projects in Kolli Hills area, near Salem, South India, in 2017. By Suganthi S.

How social entrepreneur, Thirupathi Perumal, changed the economic and social fabric of tribal farmers

The son of a farmer, Thiruppathi’s main project involved working with farmers in Kolli Hills to enhance their produce and profit margin. The idea to work with the farmers and tribal communities in Kolli Hills came after he spent 10 days camping at the hill station with his course mates in 2010. During the stay, they learned about the struggles faced by the communities with basic amenities, and the lack of access to healthcare and education. After he returned to Chennai, Thiruppathi could not stop thinking about the people he met in Kolli



Hills. He went back a few times to carry out more studies from 2013 to 2015. Then he started the Abhinavgram Society together with like-minded students and friends who wanted to help the farmers. His journey since then had been a rocky one, including being threatened by goons hired by middlemen who warned him to stop his work. “When I went to Kolli Hills and saw the poor tribal farmers who were cheated out of their profit by unscrupulous middlemen, I wanted to do something for them. In the process, I think I might have angered some people,” he said with a smile. “During the early days of the programme, I lived alone in a rented house in Kolli Hills to carry out the studies and help the farmers. The goons would knock on the doors in the wee hours and even broke the door locks to scare me. They also came in groups and advised me to go back to my hometown and let things be the way they were. I was scared, but I could not pack up and leave as the farmers’ future depended on my work. So, I stayed on with the support of the locals especially the farmers who began to see higher profit margins from their products.” Thiruppathi established clusters of about 15 to 25 farmers each, then they opened personal bank accounts. So, for the first time in their lives, the farmers received cheques for the products which helped provide a paper trail for their produce and

profits. They also opened bank accounts for each cluster so that they could apply for government grants and schemes. In the first year, the farmers saw a profit of Rs 78 per kilogramme of coffee and Rs 120 per kilogramme of pepper. Before this, there was no proper weighing of their produce and they were paid according to what the middlemen decided. In the first year, they completed two rounds of sales, where they sold more than 20 tonnes of coffee and two tonnes of pepper through direct marketing at a fair price. When the farmers saw the profit margin, they agreed to give a credit of up to seven days for their products. That allowed them more time to market their products to other parties, which opened more channels. Today, a multinational conglomerate company buys and sells the Kolli Hills coffee to Canada and Middle Eastern countries.

51 methods, the farmers’ output has increased almost three-fold. Thiruppathi has come a long way from the initial three villages to 28 villages now. “By April 2020, we are confident the number will rise to at least 50 tribal villages.” His future plans include engaging with those who support fair pricing. He and his organisation are also looking to introduce new crops such as nutmeg and cocoa for additional income for the farmers and expose them with machinery support and technology investment for bigger sale quantity. Currently, their other projects involve educating women from tribal communities in clean birth practices and providing them with training to make ornaments, pickles, and masala, as a means of income.

Besides marketing their products, Thiruppathi also got in touch with the Spices Board of India and facilitated training and awareness for the farmers on how to prevent crop wastage. He also engaged with the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University in Coimbatore to carry out soil testing, engage in organic test and produce organic certification. The farmers were exposed to methods of organic farming (also known as jeeva amirtham) and better field farming as practiced in their neighbouring state, Kerala. “Farmers are the most important component of the society that we live in today and it is our responsibility to ensure they get a fair price for their produce. I am not against middlemen, but they must act fairly,” he said. From the 11,000 kilogrammes of coffee given to them in 2017, they are now getting 30,000 kilogrammes. With the training and better farming

Thiruppathi is among the three social entrepreneurs sponsored by RYTHM Foundation under the Sadguru Gnanananda Fellowship, a project of Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhani Trust (MSDS). The fellowship is offered to young citizens who are socially conscious and work with people in rural areas or marginalised groups. Through the fellowship, the recipients are given Rs 10,000 monthly for three years, to help them build their respective projects that will benefit the communities and turn them into a sustainable source of income.



Zainab (not her real name) is a Syrian refugee who lives with her four young children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While the family sought shelter in this country, her husband worked overseas and sends them money for their expenses and needs. When the Malaysian government ordered a lockdown due to Covid-19, Zainab was unable to reach her husband and the family was forced to survive with whatever little food that they had left in the house and with some aid from their kind neighbours. “I didn’t know what to do or how was I going to feed my children. It was during this time that I was told that RYTHM Foundation through the Malaysian Social Research Institute will be providing refugees like us with some food and grocery items to help us through this difficult time,” she said. Just like Zainab, many vulnerable and marginalised communities all over the world were left without access to a regular income, food supplies, or a support system, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

QNET, together with RYTHM Foundation partnered with government organisations and local NGOs in various countries to help such communities in need. QNET employees, and our customers in many countries, came together under challenging circumstances to organise and distribute non-perishable food items, hand sanitisers, gloves, face masks and shields and other necessities to needy communities while observing social distancing.


53 In the MENA region, the relief efforts were conducted in UAE, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. In Sub-Saharan Africa, aid was extended in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, and Tanzania. In Central Asia, support was provided in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. In India, RYTHM Foundation in partnership with QLifestyle, contributed free masks to tribal farmers in Kolli Hills and surgical gloves to health care officials at the government Primary Health Centre Sollakadu, Kolli Hills in Tamilnadu.

The QI University (QIU) in Perak, Malaysia, the education venture of the QI Group, also contributed to Covid-19 relief efforts. QIU’s Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Prof Dr Sim Yee Wai, a member of face shield 3D printing community called TeaMa, produced 3D printed face shields for healthcare front-liners in the state. The University’s Quest Medical Society held a special webinar to provide mental health support to the University’s staff and students who were isolated indoors during the lockdown period. Some of the QIU doctors have also volunteered to serve at the Quarantine Centre in the state. We are very proud of our IRs around the world who despite the challenging circumstances continued to live the spirit of RYTHM by helping their local communities through donations, volunteering, and community service.



Our Founder Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran was interviewed by one of America’s largest newspapers, USA Today, about the impact of mental exhaustion and how to bounce back from burnout. Here are excerpts from the piece published on 10 December 2019.


How to bounce back when you’re mentally exhausted When it comes to fighting back against the skyrocketing rate of burnout among people from all walks of life, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran believes silence is golden. In his book In the Sphere of Silence, he makes the case for applying the ancient art of quiet to the hectic buzz of modern life. The Sphere of Silence is a daily practice that involves retreating into absolute silence for an hour a day, following a three-step process designed to help you make the most of your day and, eventually, your life. Sixty minutes in the Sphere of Silence every day enables you to slow down and take stock of where you are now and where you are headed. Here is Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran about the theory behind the power of the Sphere of Silence, the three paths of reflection – duty, knowledge and devotion – and why staying silent might just be the cure for stressing out. How would you describe the Sphere of Silence method to someone hearing it for the first time? I would call it yoga for the mind. We live in a world that puts so much credence into our appearance. People work on their bodies by going to the gym, working out, eating healthy, etc. But how many people work on their minds? Our mind is our most powerful weapon and the hardest to master. Regular practice of the Sphere of Silence allows us to control the mind, which can help you overcome and achieve things you never believed yourself capable of. What are the biggest benefits — for mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being — of the Sphere of Silence? We are a culture surrounded by noise. Sounds blare at us from every corner and noise has become our constant companion. I find that practising the Sphere of Silence is the ultimate weapon against the assault on our senses. With technology enabling rapid forms of communication, people are constantly distracted. This impacts everything from decision-making to cognitive ability.



Speed and technology cannot replace the wisdom that comes from introspection. Regular practice of the Sphere of Silence can help us learn how to be still and examine what is within ourselves. Through this simple practice, we acquire an intense insight into everything we do. It marks the beginning of a compelling journey towards our innermost selves. Why does taking an hour a day to practice silence yield these benefits? Is there any science to help explain why this is so beneficial? There is plenty of research to show the harmful impact of noise in our lives. The World Health Organization and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre published a report in 2011 stating that a steady exposure to noise pollution may lead to higher blood pressure and fatal heart attacks. Physician Luciano Bernardi studied the physiological effects of noise and music in 2006 and discovered that the subjects of his study experienced a powerful effect when exposed to random stretches of silence in between the noise and music. The two-minute pauses were far more relaxing for the brain than the relaxing music or the longer silence that was in place before the experiment started. Yale neuroscientist Judson Brewer studied the effects of meditation and mindfulness and discovered that parts of the brain deactivate during the quiet period — areas that have been implicated in disorders such as anxiety, attention-deficit, hyperactivity, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The two-minute pauses were far more relaxing for the brain than the relaxing music or the longer silence that was in place before the experiment started. My personal experience, the collective wisdom of many great historical figures, and all this research can be summarised simply in one line: Your brain benefits from a timeout. How does the Sphere of Silence differ from meditation? If someone already has a meditation practice, should the Sphere of Silence replace that? The Sphere of Silence teaches you mindfulness. It helps you become aware of and pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Your thoughts become words, which progress to deed, which become habit, then character, and finally, destiny. Being mindful is the first step towards being able to meditate and the practice of Sphere of Silence can support and enrich your meditation.

57 You break the 60-minute practice down into three sections. Can you explain why? We live in a world where people get so busy with being busy, they forget the importance of balance. As an entrepreneur, I know I have been guilty of it. But having balance in life is a key ingredient to achieving success. When you take a moment to step back from the chaos and retreat into silence, something magical happens. It helps you see the big picture and allows you to appreciate how far you have come and assess where you are going. We all want rich and meaningful lives, and for most people, this means finding a balance between their work and their family and relationships. With this as the premise, I divided the hour into specific aspects that can help you with goal setting, self-reflection and analysis, enriching your mind, and reflecting on your faith. Path of Duty (30 Minutes) — Use the first 10 minutes to set goals for the day, the next 10 minutes to assess progress made on the goals set the day before, and the final 10 minutes to chalk out new goals for the future. It is important to acknowledge and note down why certain goals were not met during the assessment. Tomorrow’s events develop from what you intend today. One cannot structure today without knowing why or how yesterday happened. Hence, understanding yesterday is the key to tomorrow. Path of Knowledge (20 Minutes) — Use the first 10 minutes to read a non-fiction book, one that can help you enrich your knowledge. In the following 10 minutes, write a summary of what you just read. This process helps you absorb and understand the text and build short-term memory, which makes you sharper and more focussed. Path of Devotion (10 Minutes) — The final 10 minutes are key to the grounding process. Use this time to commune with a higher power if you believe in God or the universe. This is purely personal, and the practice does not try to define or dictate how the process works.



What was your process like in developing the Sphere of Silence and how has it evolved over the years? Let me begin by saying that I claim no originality to this practice. When I was a child, my grandfather lived with us. Every morning, he would wake up at dawn and sit in complete silence for an hour, even as the rest of the household stirred awake and the various morning rituals unfolded around him. He referred to it as the “mouna vratham,� a ritual of meditative silence long practised in Indian Hindu tradition. He believed that abstaining from speaking for a set period each

day brought him inner peace and made him a better listener. Over the years, I discovered that a ritual practice of silence is not unique to any religion or culture. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have all advocated the practice of silence in one form or another. Gandhi is supposed to have practised a Day of Silence each week. Even Nelson Mandela is believed to have observed an hour of quiet each day. The three paths of this practice are a result of my experiences at three distinct times in my life. My grandfather inspired the Path of Devotion, the third path of Sphere of Silence.

The Path of Knowledge was inspired by my time at the Ramakrishna Mission in Singapore, a prominent global welfare and spiritual organisation that is involved in charitable activities around the world. I was accepted at the mission as an apprentice while attending what we call preuniversity in Asia. It became a place of spiritual learning and scholarship and my first experience with institutionalised silence. As part of my duties, I read a set of books and summarise them for the library’s catalogue. If I had questions, I had to note them down and bring it up for discussion during mealtimes with the elders. This is where I developed the habit of reading in

59 complete silence and taking down notes as I read. After completing my university education in London, I took a gap year to travel through Europe and spent some time in Italy, where I stayed at a Franciscan friary. During Lent, the brothers were observing 40 days of silence. I learned that silence is not just for prayer. It also allowed them to channel their energies into whatever tasks they were doing. I watched as they moved through the friary with a sense of joy and an unshakable stillness. When you are silent, you get a lot more done! Whatever task you are working on becomes much more refined. This inspired the process for the Path of Duty.

silence was a powerful tool to deal with anger. It allows you to harness your calm in a heated moment and gives you the power to mindfully choose to stay out of negativity. Over the years, hundreds of people have shared with me how the consistent practice of Sphere of Silence has helped them transform mentally and even physically. When you learn to process and manage your stress and anger, it has a lasting impact on your physical well-being. Silence works as a balm for your soul. It is not just the absence of sound; it is a state of being. You can be amidst cacophony and yet be in your own Sphere of Silence.

How quickly did you notice changes in your own stress levels when you started practising the Sphere of Silence?

What would you say to someone who feels burned out but doesn’t think they have the time to implement the Sphere of Silence?

There is a popular belief based on Dr Maxwell Maltz’s research that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit. Some of the earliest changes I noticed within myself came around that 21-day mark. I realised that practising

It’s alarming that “I’m so tired” has become the new status symbol — as if it somehow proves how busy and important a person is. Burnout is very real. It has a long-lasting impact on your physical and mental health. The FOMO culture has become so pervasive many people don’t know how to enjoy their own company and appreciate the stillness within.

Some Sphere of Silence is better than no Sphere of Silence. Think about it this way: Practise the Sphere of Silence for one hour a day in order to take control of the remaining 23 hours.

What good are you to anyone else or even to yourself if you have a physical or mental breakdown? Practising the Sphere of Silence is an investment in yourself. I won’t lie; it is hard work and resistance is normal. You can start with 15 or 20 minutes and slowly build up to the hour. Some Sphere of Silence is better than no Sphere of Silence. Think about it this way: Practise the Sphere of Silence for one hour a day in order to take control of the remaining 23 hours. This is a shortcut to your long-term well-being and success.



by Joseph T. Bismark



Our business is built upon great servant leadership. That is the beauty of the industry we’re in — your success is linked to another person’s success. This is what has kept me going for the past twenty-two years, believing in the power of people’s dreams, and pushing them to be their best self. But it wasn’t always easy. Unlike a Mathematics problem that you can fundamentally solve using standard equations, success doesn’t have just one formula. It is a combination of the right ideas, actionable steps, situational assessment, and more. As direct sellers, some think it’s simply all about hard work, building the network, finding two every week, or making presentations daily. People often forget the one important factor in all these different supposed formulas for success: Yourself. And what’s the only difference between you and the person standing next to you? Grit. Defined as the combination of passion and perseverance, grit is one’s motivation to achieve the goals you’ve set through persistent effort. Beyond what talent, skill, and intelligence contribute to your journey to success, it is the ability to persevere that drives you forward.



Entrepreneur, philanthropist, cancer survivor, and founder of TH!NK DIFFERENT Foundation, Scott Petinga, explains what G.R.I.T. stands for, in his book No One Ever Drowned in Sweat: “G.R.I.T. stands for Guts, Resilience, Initiative, and Tenacity and these traits are the driving force that makes things happen.” Building grit begins with guts — the courage to overcome adversity. Whenever life surprises you with a setback or throws challenges your way, how do you respond? Get out of your comfort zone and throw away your security blankets. Be brave and stay focussed.


There will be many hardships as you try to accomplish your goals. But gritty people have resilience — the ability to bounce back from adversity. You need to be able to pick yourself up and get back on your feet no matter how many failures you face. Most people fail to achieve their goals in life because they were too afraid to take that first step. Initiative is that entrepreneurial spirit of becoming a self-starter. This is the trait that inspires us to act on our dreams and goals. But just how hard are you willing to fight for your dream? This is ultimately determined by your tenacity. This is another important factor of grit: maintaining effort and determination, or one’s relentless ability to stay focussed no matter what. The emerging science of grit teaches us a lot about how people navigate their different journeys towards success, or lack thereof. Having grit means believing that failures can be overcome. It’s about facing challenges head on, ready to conquer whatever stands between you and your dream. While it’s important to stick to your declaration, there must be more emphasis about fixing your commitment and direction. How far are you willing to go? Grit is all about having a growth mindset. Your mindset determines your actions. A person with a growth mindset thrives on challenge and does not see failure as evidence of unintelligence. Rather, they see failure as a springboard for growth. They persist, put in the effort, and learn from criticism. Cultivating grit also means having the passion for learning. Seek experiences that will stretch your resolve. Learn the value of challenging yourself and the importance of effort. If you really want to make a difference in the world, you must learn how to fight for success. Don’t settle for average. Be the best of the best.

As uplines, our duty is to release our downlines from the imprisonment of their mind. They need to remember that it’s never anyone outside of themselves that’s stopping them from succeeding. Remind them that while having skills is important, having the right attitude, having the right mindset, and cultivating grit can take them further. Develop the stamina to push yourself every day and let G.R.I.T. grow in you. This is what has gotten us through the past 22 years and this is what will take us to 22 more.





of Our Direct Sellers and How to Overcome Them

65 4. Anxiety About Approaching Prospects

We asked our beloved IRs on Instagram about their most common and haunting fears, especially when it comes to direct selling. Here’s their list, along with solutions to help you overcome them. 1. Fear of Rejection Feeling rejected stings and lingers a long time, but rejection isn’t a reflection on you. It doesn’t mean that you or your efforts aren’t good enough – you could make the best business presentation ever and still get a ‘no’ for an answer. Don’t approach each prospect thinking you’ll get rejected. Instead, focus on your passion for QNET, and take each rejection as an opportunity to improve and be stronger. Some will say yes, some will say no, and when someone says no, you say, ‘Next!’

Approaching strangers is always a daunting task even if you are at the top of your game. Think of prospecting as the act of sharing something you deeply love with another person who could benefit from it the way you have benefitted. Set achievable goals and don’t expect overnight results. Have realistic expectations and understand that prospecting takes time, just like reaping a crop after you’ve planted the seeds and nurtured them. Remember that most people would not have the guts to do what you are doing, and that itself makes you special. 5. Dread About Negativity Around QNET As a legitimate direct selling company and member of various local Direct Selling Associations around the world, we are aware that every successful enterprise will have some negativity posted online. Instead of being fearful of people’s reactions, educate yourself on the latest and most accurate information about QNET, share them with others, and always get your upline to help you with whatever questions you have.

2. Haunted by Self-Doubt

6. Scared About QNET Being Called a Scam

The voice of self-doubt is always around and can be quite strong. When your self-doubt holds you back from taking opportunities or even trying, you must take time to be mindful and nip that negativity at the bud. Make a list of everything you have overcome and achieved as a reminder that you can do it! If that doesn’t work, spend time with people who love you and will believe in you no matter what.

If you’ve taken a leap of faith with QNET and decided to stick it out with us, then you know for a fact that QNET is a legitimate company. There’s a reason you are part of this direct selling journey and a reason you want to spread the good news. The next time someone uses the word ‘scam’, arm yourself with this information, so you have the right tools to deal with any baseless accusations that are thrown your way.

3. Urge to Quit You might have wanted to quit many times, especially when the going got tough. Hang in there, because even the biggest storms have to pass. The next time the urge to quit hits you, press pause and reflect. Think about why you got started in direct selling in the first place. Think about the dream you wanted to achieve, then think again: Do you really want to quit? Or do you want to take one more step and see how it goes? When in doubt, always take one more step than you feel like taking. Success is always just another step away.

These fears are more common than you realise. There are millions of distributors around the world who feel the same anxieties yet continue to persevere. Take comfort in that, and don’t give up. Remember: You are not alone.




Even if your life is too hectic to include a healthy bit of reading, these podcasts for entrepreneurs (this means YOU, our beloved distributors!) are perfect to listen to on the go. Whether you are driving to an important business presentation, getting in your daily exercise, or sitting down for your lunch, podcasts are a fantastic way to learn as you get on with your life. And just so you don’t get lost in the multitude of podcasts available to you, we’ve handpicked our top six favourites that will help you gain insights into leadership, branding, personal growth, innovation and productivity – all from successful entrepreneurs and direct sellers worldwide.

UNEMPLOYABLE This is for all our distributors who have made the decision to spurn traditional employment in favour of entrepreneurship. Hosted by Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, the podcast has guests that include rock icons, authors, social media gurus who give their advice and insights into the scary world of self-employment. THE SCHOOL OF GREATNESS Hosted by Lewis Howes, a New York Times bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur and former pro athlete, The School of Greatness covers topics such as entrepreneurship, relationships, business, inspiration and so much more. Listen to this podcast if you want to not only be successful but also live a fulfilling, healthy, and balanced lifestyle at the same time.

67 LEADERSHIP BIZ CAFE Listening to this amazing podcast for entrepreneurs is like sitting down for a cup of chai with your favourite mentor. It focusses on how to be the best leader you can be and what skills you need to get to that space. Hosted by Tanveer Nasser, you get to listen in on personal conversations with today’s best leadership thinkers and influencers. EVENTUAL MILLIONAIRE Don’t let the name put you off from listening to this podcast. Hosted by Jaime Masters, this podcast has as many as 350 interviews with real-life millionaires and billionaires. Sharing their stories for listeners who have the same goals, the show is full of insights overcoming obstacles, how to nurture the right mindset, and how to travel the bumpy road to success by making the right decisions. YOUPRENEUR FM Chris Ducker, an expert at creating personal brands, hosts this weekly podcast along with many guests from the field of business and marketing. He asks the questions we all have on our minds and gets exactly the kind of advice that would be useful when it comes to building our own brand from scratch and watching it grow, all in the quickest time possible. SHE DID IT HER WAY From the viewpoint of a woman in the field of entrepreneurship, She Did It Her Way is a great podcast for leaders and is hosted by Amanda Boleyn. It was created to help female entrepreneurs navigate the world of entrepreneurship, with helpful advice on how to grow and succeed in their business ventures. It was named one of the “12 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs” by Forbes Magazine, and for good reason.

If listening to podcasts are already part of your routine, add a few of these top podcasts for entrepreneurs to your list. If not, now is a good time as any to build on your current leadership and business skills. Think of it as a new source of knowledge and motivation to help you reach your goals!



Sustainability goes beyond segregating your waste and being into recycling. It’s not just about saying ‘no’ to single-use plastic or investing in metal straws. It’s more than just “a cool thing to do” these days. However, implementing even just a few of these steps in your life will go a long way in proving that you don’t need to be a Greta Thunberg, a Leonardo DiCaprio, or even an Elon Musk to make a real, sustainable difference in this world.

HERE ARE SOME POINTERS TO GET YOU LIVING WASTE-FREE THIS YEAR: 1. Ditch plastic packaging wherever possible. Switch to glass and stainless-steel containers instead.

6. Find a composter near you if composting at home is not an option. Put your food waste in a compostable trash bag and drop it off at a local composting centre (or get it collected).

2. Go from using disposable paper packaging to more reusable versions like cloth napkins and towels.

7. Avoid single-use plastic bags and #banthebag from your lives. Start using bags made from canvas, cloth or even recycled plastic.

3. Say no to toxic Styrofoam. Carry around reusable cutlery and containers. If you must use single-use options, go for compostable paper plates, bowls and cups.

8. Stop buying single-serving products. Buy in bulk or bigger portions and then divide them into smaller eco-friendly containers you can refill whenever you need.

4. Minimise food waste by repurposing food scraps into jams and sauces. Meal plan so you’re not buying more food than you need, which will eventually end up in a dustbin. 5. Set up a compost system in your garden. Learn the art of composting and use your food waste as nourishment for your garden as well.


9. Shop at local stores where they sell bulk loose provisions such as rice, pasta, lentils, and grains. Carry glass and steel containers with you and refill instead of buying single serves wrapped in plastic.

12. Invest in a water purifier (hint: HomePure Nova). Filtering your water at home not only saves you money but reduces the amount of plastic waste you’d create when you order plastic water bottles.

10. Go back to basics and bring in a packed lunch and your own utensils. Take-away packages generate over 100 pounds of trash per person per year. Imagine how much lesser waste you’ll generate by just bringing your own food. Eating a home-cooked meal will also help you stay healthier in 2020. So, it’s a win-win!

13. Teach yourself repairing skills and fix your gadgets at home instead of throwing them out. If that’s not possible, befriend a local repair shop and get their help. See if you can organise a repair café once a month, call a technician and get your neighbourhood to bring in their electronics to be fixed for a small fee.

11. Buy a metal or glass water bottle that you can refill instead of going for plastic water bottles.

14. Switch to zero-waste toiletries. Go back to bar soaps, try out the new shampoo bars that give you the juice of seven shampoo bottles, and pick that bamboo toothbrush.

It’ll take you time to build an entirely waste-free lifestyle, but by pledging to live a zero-waste 2020, you’re taking the first big step towards it. By adopting this lifestyle and mentality, you will save money by reducing unnecessary purchases to, ultimately, reduce your own ecological footprint, and leave the world a better place for the next generation.




Social media is perhaps the most powerful digital tool we have today. It’s how people build their personal brands and share their message with the world. It is, in other words, a readymade self-broadcasting software. If used correctly and purposefully, and if you take the time to build your following and connect with them, you could make a tremendous positive impact. To any entrepreneur and all businesses, a good reputation is more valuable than any transaction. Direct selling offers everyone the opportunity to build a business anywhere in the world, and social media is the best tool we have to communicate our values as a community. At QNET, we believe in empowering others; we think for the long term; we build a business for the future. That’s why, as members of the QNET Family, our behaviour online (and offline) must reflect our values, so that we can live truthfully and conduct our business professionally.

HERE ARE A FEW TIPS ON HOW A QNETPRO UTILISES SOCIAL MEDIA: 1. EDUCATE AND INSPIRE. Do: Share useful tips, inspiring stories, or even silly jokes. People love to laugh, to smile, to get excited and to learn something new. Don’t: Spam your audience with posts hard selling them products. Instead, share your experiences, what you love about the products and the business. People naturally gravitate to those who are authentic. 2. PROVIDE VALUE. Do: Reach out to your community by sharing relevant updates or any interesting news or information that resonate with them. After all, a QNETPRO is proactive and not just reactive! Don’t: Hold back from giving helpful feedback when it’s called for. Always be ready to help others; a text or a positive comment can go a long way!

71 3. ENCOURAGE YOUR PEERS Do: Comment, like and encourage your peers to do well, even if they’re your competition! We’re all playing to win, just on different games. Don’t: Overpromise your audience with riches and glamour. Focus instead on the hard work it takes and encourage others to enjoy the process and be grateful for lessons learned. 4. GIVE RESPECT AND SHOW EMPATHY Do: Start by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. If someone criticises direct selling, calmly tell them that you respect their differing opinion and share why it’s been good for you! Don’t: Waste time putting others down, cause hate just ain’t cool. Be gracious instead and always be the bigger person. 5. BE POSITIVE! Do: Share articles or videos you think illustrate what you believe in. This also shows what you want to see in the world. Don’t: Post negative news, complaints or criticism. In moments when you do, try to end it on a positive note! 6. HAVE A PERSONAL VOICE Do : Share your experiences with your products, your lifestyle, skills you’ve learnt, and the people you’ve met. Add your opinion whenever you share something online. Don’t: Simply copy-paste or screenshot a quote, post it and run. Give your input and share your thoughts! 7. ENGAGE AND CONNECT Do: Build relationships and trust before getting down to business. Try to genuinely connect with people; you’ll be surprised at how many want to connect with you, too! Don’t: Ignore comments and messages; have fun with your platform, use it to touch hearts and empower lives.





NAVIGATING THE NEW NORMAL Top Lessons from Chief Pathman on Direct Selling During Covid-19

Chief Pathman is the perfect go-to person for advice on direct selling during Covid-19 lockdown. Here are some important lessons on direct selling, building a team, and reaching your goals during a pandemic. 1. DON’T LET THIS UNPRECEDENTED SITUATION BECOME YOUR NEW COMFORT ZONE When we were confronted with a new situation with the pandemic, we were excited and achieved a lot because it was something new to overcome. However, it’s important not to get too comfortable with the situation. Instead, we should keep challenging ourselves. “Nothing should change in your passion, your commitment, and your duties.” Chief advises us to maintain the same level of excitement as we move forward. 2. DEVELOP THE RIGHT DIRECT-SELLING ATTITUDE Chief insists that instead of viewing this period as a holiday or a break, we should remember that NOW is the best time to thrive in direct selling. He says that we need to remember that this is our livelihood, and there is no excuse for not taking our business to the next level during this time. “We need to make a conscious decision to keep going.”


3. DON’T BE A FLOATER If you’re tempted to relax during this time, to not make any big decisions, and to wait to see what happens, you’re missing out on your potential. Chief calls these kinds of people “Floaters” and pushes us to not develop this mentality. He says we need to embrace this new reality, and not wait for life to go back to “normal” to achieve our goals. “The danger of your business slowing down, and of not pushing yourself right now, is that you lose momentum. And when you lose it, it’s very difficult to get it back.” 4. EMBRACE THE TRUTH Chief urges us to embrace the truth about the coronavirus pandemic, which is that we don’t know how things will turn out. He urges to accept this unknown as the new reality, but to never let it stop our momentum. We are the CEOs of our tracking centres, making us business owners and not just employees. The business must keep running; Presentacions need to keep happening; sales must keep coming in; sales points must go up, as must commissions. Nothing must slow down. 5. AUDIT YOUR ORGANISATION Taking an audit is simply taking stock of the status of your organisation. It is an evaluation of where you are right now and using that information to decide what steps you need to take in order to reach your destination – which is to reach your maximum success. Don’t settle for anything less. 6. FOCUS ON THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CONSISTENT Identify the potential leaders within your network, and make sure they are doing Présentacion. If they can commit to doing Presentacion and to reaching out to you once a week with a progress report, that is a reflection on your leadership skills. Don’t just lead by example, build leaders within your own team so you can support each other and build each other up.



An Interview with Associate V Partner Ibn Abbas

75 As you know, QNET organises an annual Achievers’ Club incentive trip. How did it feel the first time you went on this trip? Wow, what a feeling! I remember that time, we went to London. Being part of that team, and spending time with the Founders, was such an incredible experience. Going to the Etihad Stadium to watch the football match together with the rest of the Achievers, and seeing the QNET logo live on the stadium – wow, I was just beaming with pride.

Today we know him as Associate V Partner Ibn Abbas, but there was a time when he was just another distributor driven by a deep desire to succeed. Now a member of the esteemed Achievers’ Club, he sits with us to discuss what being an Achiever is all about. How did it feel when you were called on stage as an Achiever? It was an awesome feeling. It feels good to be recognised especially when I know I’ve put in so much work to get to where I am today. Yet, I felt a huge responsibility to maintain, because achieving once is not the main goal, the main goal is to maintain as an Achiever. What advice would you give your team to become an Achiever like you? I always advise my team and other distributors around the world to work hard to achieve something great. Since the company gives us this opportunity to rise in rank, why not aim for the best? Other than a higher income, what is becoming an Achiever all about? In QNET, we join as followers to eventually become leaders. To me, an Achiever is a leader. So, more than just earning a higher income, becoming an Achiever is all about leadership.

You’ve done many great things to be where you are now; what is the key to your success? Well, it’s very simple: I never give up. No matter how hard it is. When we first started out, I must admit it was not easy. And you know, many people tend to give up when they face difficulties. I didn’t and instead, I persevered. Day after day, I worked hard on this business because I truly believed that I would one day harvest the fruits of my hard work. So, the key is never giving up and always believing in yourself. What’s your next goal now? What’s the next big thing you want to achieve? When we started [this business], I followed our Founders’ credo: Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. I’m in a state today where I have raised myself, so the next goal, the next mission, is to help mankind. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. And do you have any specific plans for how you’ll do this? By fulfilling the vision set forth by our Founders. Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark have given us this opportunity; they have driven us towards this vision for 21 years. So, today, the mission is to take this for another 21 years. Helping mankind means travelling from country to country, touching lives and helping others to achieve the success we have achieved.



An Interview with V Council Omar Medhat

77 something worthwhile, and after that, your team will want to get recognised as well. And by the way, once you get recognised, your income will increase as well because it makes you want to do more! You’ll want to work more and your downlines will follow, so this is essential for your team performance. QNET organises an Achievers’ Club incentive trip every year; please describe your first Achievers’ trip.

What defines success? People only see success when it’s already achieved, but what about the road to get there? Is simply having more disposable income enough? V Council Omar Medhat, a true leader, a man who puts his team members before himself, sits with us to answer these questions. How did you feel the first time you were called on stage as an Achiever? I was called on stage as an Achiever for the first time in 2012. I could never forget this moment; when you have a dream and then they call you up, telling you that you’ve achieved one of your dreams, it truly is one of the best moments of your life! It was so exciting not only for me, but for my whole team as well. I still remember this V-Convention; there were about 400-500 members of our team there, and to go onto the stage for the first time as a Platinum Star, that was a very big deal for us.

My first one was in London, in 2013 or 2014, and it was amazing! Previously, before entering the [direct selling] business, I was a football player. I used to watch all the games because it was my favourite sport, and for me to finally attend a Premier League match was a dream come true. A lot of people just want to go to these matches because on TV it’s one thing, but being there, seeing it live at the stadium, is something else. And on top of attending the match, we were there with the giants – the [QNET] Founders and V Partners! We had a tour, a cruise and a dinner, and a lot of meetings. It was fantastic! Being an Achiever is a word for being very successful. What are the keys to success in our industry? The advice I would give is: First, you have to set a goal and then work on a plan to achieve this goal. Just focus on that goal and keep working – hard work, hard work, hard work, and never give up until you achieve it. I don’t want to repeat myself, but that really is all you have to do!

What advice do you give your team to become an Achiever?

Since you’ve reached Achiever status, what’s your next goal?

The most important thing for me is focus. You have to focus and have a plan to achieve your goal. There are many other traits as well, like determination and perseverance, but I think focus is what you need the most.

Well, it’s not just about being an Achiever – you have to sustain it. You have to stay an Achiever. From Platinum, you go to Diamond, and after that is Blue Diamond. You have to always aim for higher ranks because ultimately, it’s not just for you – it’s for your team as well.

Aside from earning a higher income, what are the other reasons one should strive to become an Achiever? Aside from income, recognition is very important in this industry. When you get recognised, you feel that you’ve truly done





An Interview with V Council Saly Fofana


How do you motivate your team members to become Achievers?

I ask my team, who among them is interested in one day becoming Achievers. To support them, I focus the motivation around three points:

Ever find yourself in a dilemma – a situation where you’re just not sure which one is the right choice? We all have, and for V Council Saly Fofana, that situation was when she was faced with the choice of joining QNET. While on the verge of finishing her law degree, she felt that something was missing. She didn’t feel as excited, nor as convinced as she once was with taking that path. Her brother, who we know today as Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral, introduced her to a company called QNET and offered her the chance to join his sales team and, more importantly, to build her own.


After giving it a serious thought, she decided to take a leap of faith and become a full-time direct seller. Her discovery? That she has a passion for entrepreneurship she never knew she had. Today, V Council Saly is one of the prominent leaders in her native Ivory Coast – in fact, in all of Africa – and a valued member of the Achievers’ Club! Working tirelessly towards her dream of every household in the continent having at least one QNET product, she sits with us to share her insight on what it means to become an Achiever. According to you, what are the traits of an Achiever? An Achiever is someone who sets ever-higher goals and achieves them. He or she always goes beyond their limits to reach the next level in life, in all aspects – personally, professionally, and financially. If you could share one important tip with others to qualify for the Achievers’ Club, what would it be? For those who want to join the Achiever’s Club, the advice I would give is to lead through your actions. Set the example for your downlines and help them achieve their goals. A leader is only as good as his or her team!

• Total belief – belief in themselves, belief that they are Achievers and will one day join the club. • Focus on their objectives – you cannot achieve your goals if they are not set clearly. • Control of the volume of activities, such as presentations, follow-ups, and purchases – once they have set and achieved their targets, they have to increase them. What is your favourite memory of the Achievers’ Club incentive trip? That would be the exchanges with our mentors, Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. These are privileged and unique moments with the greatest figures of our business. Only during these trips is it possible to be so close to them! We talked about the network and about life in general. To benefit from their advice and exchange perspectives with them is an experience like no other – you learn so much about life and, ultimately, about yourself. Aside from the higher income, what are the reasons one should aim to be a part of the Achievers’ Club? The network has always believed in leading by example. Through the Achievers’ Club, QNET offers the chance to join a programme that values excellence. Therefore, any new member of the network and those who want to take this opportunity seriously, must have this Club as their goal when they register. As industry professionals, we must seek to be the benchmark of our organisations; we must push ourselves to reach the top; we must aim for excellence. And there you have it! Having gone through many challenges in her life, V Council Saly Fofana has grown to become a valuable partner, an exemplary associate, and a caring mentor. One who aims for the best and gives nothing less than her best. We all go through moments where life faces us with a tough decision. V Council Saly made hers, and it turned out to be the right one. Time to make yours.



IF YOU ACHIEVE, YOUR TEAM ACHIEVES An Interview with Associate V Partner Shipra Neeraj


You should want to become an Achiever, firstly, for yourself. Second, it’s about helping your team see the bigger picture. To motivate them to do more, get better and in the process change their lives.

Is success only measured by income? What drives you to become a real Achiever? Associate V Partner Shipra Neeraj shares her experience as a member of the elite Achievers Club at QNET. How did you feel the first time you were called on stage as an Achiever? I was really happy to be getting such a public recognition for all my hard work. But, to be very honest, as I went up that stage, I realised that I didn’t want to be standing there alone. I wanted my team there with me. And that was the day I set a goal by visualising my whole team standing on stage by my side, as Achievers. Success in this business is never individual. I cannot succeed without my team. What should one do to become an Achiever? The only way get there is by working hard. Track your numbers, be on the ground meeting your people, and work every day for it. No breaks. Focus on meeting people every day and showing the plan again and again. That’s the only way to get up on that stage. Aside from earning a higher income, what are the reasons someone should strive to become an Achiever? It’s the only way to grow in the [direct selling] business. When you become an Achiever, you become an example to your whole team. They all look up to you. If you lead by example, your team will want to follow you. An Achiever isn’t just someone who make a high income – it’s someone who makes sure their whole team aims high and achieves that goal. That is where you need to be.

When you make it to the Achievers’ Club, you are rubbing shoulders with people you have always looked up to, those you wanted to take photos with. When you go up that stage and stand there with them it’s a beautiful feeling. That’ why you need to become an Achiever. What was your experience at the Achievers’ Club incentive trip? The trip was fun! It inspired me to aim to one day bring more people with me on such a trip. I remember, the first time I went, I was amazed with the people I had around me. From Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran, to Mr Joseph Bismark, to Chief [Pathman] – everybody, the “who’s who” of the company, was on that trip. It motivates you; it gives you an insight into what is possible for you to achieve in this business. You get to meet these people, think big, and aspire for more. It’s not only a reward for all the hard work, it’s an opportunity to think about the type of future you want. That’s what it’s all about. What is the key to your success? The key to my success is a combination of my team, my hard work, and bbeing a part of the on-the-ground meetings and interacting with people. There’s no other way to success, I would say. Just be consistent and keep working. That’s it.



BELIEVE IN YOUR SUCCESS An Interview with Associate V Partner Dauren Issabayev


Aside from earning a higher income, what else makes one want to become an Achiever? Becoming a member of the Achievers’ Club is not just about the money which is a natural part of being successful. It’s about proving to yourself and the people around you that you’re capable of setting a goal and achieving it. It feels like a champion’s thrill – to be the leader, to prove something to yourself and become an example for someone. How did you feel when you went on the Achievers’ Club incentive trip? When you enter the direct selling business, you realise that success can never be achieved alone. Associate V Partner Dauren Issabayev sits with us to discuss the importance of setting goals and working together as a team. Why do you think someone starting out their QNET direct selling business should aim to become an Achiever?

Joining other QNET members from different countries on the Achievers’ Club Incentive Trip made me realise that many people strive for success, but very few achieve it. Their secret is that they set goals; they say to themselves, “I can do it.” So, becoming a member of this club is is about proving to yourself and the people around you who you really are. That’s very important.

The direct selling business encourages you to become a team leader. Becoming a member of the Achievers’ Club is extremely important, because when you’re successful, you get recognition and that inspires your team members to do the same. When you enter this business, you should be a role model – not just another QNET distributor.

What is the key to your success?

What should one do to become an Achiever? How did you yourself do it?

What message would you give those in your team who aspire to be successful like you?

I understood the importance of rank advancement. To advance in rank, you need to pay attention to the genealogy and make all your downlines work as a team. Successful downlines automatically help you generate more sales volume as a team.

You have the potential to be better than me or the other [QNET] Achievers. Never question yourself and believe in your success. No matter what others may think of you, you should be positive and keep moving forward. We only have one life. We should live the life we’ve chosen and prove to ourselves that we can do it – in life, nothing is sweeter than success.

Many people make the mistake of concentrating on their personal achievements, while it should be teamwork – the more Sapphires, Golds, Platinums, and Diamonds there are in your team, the faster and more profitable your business grows. So, focus on achieving as a team, and one day, you will become a member of the Achievers’ Club.

The key to my success is setting the right goals, keeping my dream alive and fighting for it. While my heart keeps beating and there’s blood running through my veins, I’ll never stop – I’ll bring out the best leaders [in direct selling].

Be successful. Be an example to follow because you can do it. I believe in you!









It was a dream come true for many young players, meeting coaches from worldrenowned English Premier League football team, and being personally trained by them. On 18-19 January 2020, QNET, in partnership with Manchester City Football Club (Man City), delivered a series of world-class football clinics to support QNET-owned football club in Malaysia, PJ City FC, as they built a new squad of academy players, especially for their Under-19 team. Through this collaboration, QNET and Man City coaches unearthed new talent between the ages of 16 and 18 from all over the country. Coaches from the Manchester City Academy conducted the clinics. The coaching clinic was done to motivate and inspire young football players by giving them comprehensive training in a fun and relaxed environment. A total of 60 players participated in the clinic and 30 players were eventually selected to play for the PJ City FC Under-19 team in the Youth Cup tournament. “This coaching clinic should ignite the teenaged players’ passion to be a professional football players, and provide them with the foundation to pursue their dreams of one day playing in the main Super League for PJ City FC and eventually for the Malaysian national team,” said QNET CEO Malou Caluza.


“Having recently extended our partnership for another five years, we hope to take our partnership with Manchester City to the next level by hosting many such coaching clinics globally. QNET wants every player attending these clinics to be able to use the lessons they learnt, especially about teamwork and living a healthy and active life.” The coaches delivered football training in the ‘City’ style, which included passing, dribbling, heading, and running. Apart from the technical aspects, they also shared tips on how to improve teamwork, as well as how to maintain their psychological state and morale during the game. For the young players, it was a precious experience. They have all vowed to ensure they make use of every skill that they learn from these valuable QNETCity coaching clinics.





QNET and City Football Language School welcomed the summer with a unique two-week programme that helped 20 handpicked children from underprivileged backgrounds. Through ManCity’s City Football Language School, select children from around the world were flown to Manchester City, where they participated in the summer of a lifetime in July and August 2019. The children, aged 12-17, were from Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. THE QNET-MANCITY PARTNERSHIP QNET’s partnership with four-time Premier League Champions Manchester City Football Club continued to thrive with this latest project. The activities we worked on together during the trip did exactly what we’d hoped to achieve and created a life-changing opportunity for children from countries where QNET is present.

89 WHAT IS THE CITY FOOTBALL LANGUAGE SCHOOL? Designed with young fans in mind, the City Football Language School is a twoweek football camp like no other. Hosted in MCFC’s training grounds, the City Football Academy, the young players were treated to training sessions led by expert coaches, and English Language lessons curated by the British Study Centre’s language teachers. During the two-week language school, our children developed key communication skills in authentic football contexts at the City Football Academy. The course itself is delivered on-site at the City Football Academy, Manchester City’s world-class training facility where the Club’s First Team, Women’s Team, Elite Development Squad and Academy train on a daily basis. THE COURSE Upon arrival in Manchester, the kids were met by a representative of the British Study Centre. They then travelled to their residence for the next two weeks, with high-class facilities and the opportunity to talk to their family to inform them of their arrival. The course itself was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our children to discover the world of professional football in an authentic training environment. The programme included recreating real-life football scenarios through a range of training and language sessions designed to show them life as a player, manager, analyst and journalist! With 30 hours of football and 30 hours of English language lessons, the twoweek experience also included daily social activities in the evening, a tour of the Etihad Stadium, a visit to the National Football Museum, and a full-day excursion to an exciting location. Apart from this, the children also received the official football kit created by the City Language School, complete with ManCity branding.



A TESTIMONY “I was born in a small alley to an underprivileged family. My surroundings taught me that in our journey through life, we have many choices. If we choose to succeed, we will succeed. But if we give up, we will fail.” “Since childhood, I have dreamt of being a football player. I try to hone my skills without limitations. I play regularly in order to improve my skills, even if I was teased for being underprivileged. But I persevered. I passed the junior team selections at a famous football club — representing my city to play with other teams from other cities.” “And then, one day, I was chosen by QNET to go play football in England — in the Etihad Stadium with Manchester City! I learnt many techniques, I made friends and competed with other children like me from all over the world. I learnt English with my friends from Italy, Turkey, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and many more. For me, that was a valuable and unforgettable experience because not everyone has the same opportunity.” “This opportunity given to me by QNET has made me even more sure that if we really fight for our dreams, the opportunities will come our way for sure, and success will be ours!” – Rendi, 16, Indonesia

The QNET-RYTHM Connection Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM) has long been our clarion call and the foundation with which we work on all our projects. This QNET project was no different. Both football and direct selling share common values of hard work and teamwork, and through this special camp, we helped imbibe in the children life skills that will help them succeed in the real world. Engaging with the children in a non-classroom, hands-on environment was the perfect opportunity to make the lessons last them the rest of their lives.


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