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Penang – World’s Number One Foodie Destination for 2014 Next Stop… Turkey


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Issue 16


Start Living. Have no regrets.

Hi folks! We’re back again with the latest issue of aspIRe – issue 16. We have some new faces joining the editorial team, but the fun we always have putting together the issue has remained the same. Sure, we goof around (only a little bit, promise) and we have our laughs, but whether with old faces or new, the fact that when time comes for us to roll up our sleeves and get down to business, everybody is willing to do just that. Late nights and even super late nights are never tedious for us, especially when we know our aspIRe is getting ready for the world to see and read real soon.

Assistant Editor Corporate Messages

Sheena Flannery Ploi Phayakvichien Christine Pereira Donna Imson-Lecaroz JR Mayer Pathman Senathirajah

Editorial Staff

Tanaphon Sujirapinyokul Nathan Brown


Ramya Chandrasekaran Vidya Madhavan Gil Cadiz Victoria Ras Rita Suttarno Martin Soosay Thimah Hameed Jeannie Tan Raisa Sawhney Amir Asanov Sandra Ellackany Regine Marie Palma Yudarwita Dahlan Sandra El Lackany

With this issue, we introduce the concept of ‘Start Living’. All we ask of you, dear readers, is to take the challenge and live life the way you want to, live it to the fullest and never be afraid to follow your dreams. We sure did our very best and put in our all for this issue and enjoyed it every single step of the way. No regrets. In service, Ploi Phayakvichien

Art Director Assistant Art Director Production Manager

Puddhi Dheppratum Tanakorn Anakvatcharakul Sarayoot Teparos

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Provides 99.97%

PURE AND ENERGISED AIR! 4-Stage air purification system Energise the air in your room by Provides clean and safe air


Be real, be fair, be Being in QNET is like being in a life-long partnership, a heart-felt friendship that we have, not just with the company, but also with our network. I dare say we are all one big family. And like with all things family, we want only the best for those we love. And that’s why it’s important to play fair. We from QNET are here for you in the long run and we only got to where we are today because we are true to our values and we don’t take shortcuts. Like I always tell my team at QNET, we do for our IRs what we do for family. This is also the message I want to spread to all of you today. Business ethics and social responsibility are the building blocks of QNET. Be true to your prospects and downlines. Do not take the road of least resistance – it will only hurt you in the long run. When you are meeting your prospects and talking about QNET’s amazing products and our opportunity, remember you are part of a world-renowned family, a multinational conglomerate that has over 5 million Independent Representatives in more than 100 countries. Being excited about achievements, but also honest and upfront about challenges, will build trust between you and your prospects and thus increase your success rate. Make sure your prospects know the company, familiarise themselves with our code of ethics and our ethical practices. We have always adhered to the highest standards of ethical marketing and we encourage everyone to do the same – so let’s make sure the world knows and let’s be proud of our belief system. We believe in raising ourselves to help mankind while we pride ourselves in offering the best products and the most rewarding opportunity that is out there. Let’s be of service to our family, to our network and let’s help others start living the QNET life.

JR Mayer

Managing Director


Uncompromised Performance


What’s up, my awesome family!

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BRILLIANTLY CONNECTED BrilTime is your complete communication solution that brilliantly connects you with your business and daily life. Using advanced online technology and user-friendly design, you can do more while saving time and money. BrilTime offers unique packaged services bundled with BrilCloud, an online data storage platform; BrilNet, a conferencing solution; and BrilVoice, a VoIP service that lets you connect with anyone anytime.,


QNET News & Events

QBuzz is the home of news, updates and new content about QNET products, services and the company. Here are some of the big stories we covered on QBuzz recently.

THE Marussia F1 TEAM and QNET Cruise to the Starting Line For the third season running, QNET sponsors the Marussia F1 Team in the Formula 1® World Championship. The first race was in Melbourne, Australia on 16 March 2014 and the last will be in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 23 November. The Marussia F1 Team’s season is underway, having continued with the 2013 driver line-up of Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi; new regulations; and a race car named MR03 with a Scuderia Ferrari Powertrain. According to the FIA, the 2014 season brings some of the biggest changes ever

to Formula 1 ® racing’s technical regulations. Not only has the sport adopted new 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 engines, there are also tweaks to the rules concerning aerodynamics and a far greater emphasis on energy recovery systems. Last season ended on a double-high after the team beat perennial rivals Caterham to tenth in the 2013 constructors’ standings; and then in December, Jules received a prestigious award at the 2013 Autosport Awards in London for ‘Rookie of the Year.’


THANK YOU FOR HELPING BUILD DREAMS IN THE PHILIPPINES From December to April, you donated funds to help rebuild the dreams and lives of those uprooted by the worst storm in the world to ever hit land, Typhoon Haiyan, in November 2013. To support the disaster relief efforts, QNET Independent Representatives and employees came together from around the world and donated more than USD 25,000! We want to say a huge thank you to those staff and networkers that dug deep and gave willingly – Thank you! All funds will be put to valuable use. According to a February story by the BBC, the aid operation is moving from relief to recovery and rebuild.

calculated, already living below the poverty line. More people were made homeless by Typhoon Haiyan – known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda – than by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami,” says Mike Wooldridge, World Affairs correspondent, BBC. “Close to six million workers lost their sources of income, 30,000 boats were destroyed, millions of coconut trees were damaged or flattened and more than 1 million tonnes of crops lost.” At the time of printing, worthy funding recipients were being identified with the aim of helping affected communities rebuild their lives. Once confirmed, project(s) will be announced on

“Fourteen million people were affected altogether – some 40% of them, it is

More Answers in THE Virtual Office Help Centre One of the latest enhancements to your Virtual Office makes QNET’s award-winning customer support even better! Now find our customer support information under the ‘Help Centre’ tab. Find the answer you’re looking for by entering a search term to see all the articles matching your query. Our experienced global support team is constantly updating and expanding the database to provide more answers to all your most common questions about QNET products and services. But don’t worry! If you need more assistance, contacting us directly is still as easy as ever via the new Contact Us form*. The new form replaces the CRF accessed in the Footer. *Available for selected plans.

QNET eStore becomes a One-Stop Shop Your QNET shopping experience is even better with a heap of eStore enhancements that combine the old Qualify and Repeat eStores into one super store! Now click ‘Shop’ in your Virtual Office and immediately see all QNET products, including repeat products that come with Repeat Sales Points (RSP), essential for Rank Advancement. What’s more, when you buy repeat products and qualifying products together, you will pay only one shipping and handling fee, which means you’re saving money!


We are proud to have a very active global community spread across multiple platforms. We’re socially awesome because of YOU! Thanks for all the great things you’ve been tweeting about us!

• Indonesia: @MufizarYusuf Make your beautiful dream a reality. Keep calm and raise the bar higher :) @QNetOfficial

Social Media Highlights Hot in QNET Social By Rita Suttarno

• UK: @gladys_garcia29 Have faith! @QNetOfficial will be with us every step of the way... Supporting us in every way. • Egypt: @frankyninoo Huge experience from this business #QNET thx a lot • Nigeria – Ghana: @IAmLaolu: When your company supports your team #QNET #MUFC Watch out!!! • Egypt: @mohamedelziny89 you have nothing to be worry about love premier #QNET • Qatar: @unstoppable_108 Jan 30 #QNET QNET is always on my mind, from morning until evening.


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Penang World’s number one foodie destination for 2014 By Martin Soosay

Long regarded as the food capital of Malaysia, Penang also entices visitors with its beautiful coasts and scrumptious cuisines. Located up north on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Penang is widely known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient,’ and is one of Asia’s most famous islands. Its natural beauty and exotic heritage have been attracting curious visitors for centuries. Not long after the UNESCO accolade, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world, Lonely Planet, listed Penang as the World’s Number 1 culinary hotspot for 2014. Penang is the only city from Asia in this list of must-visit places for foodies. Penang bagged the top spot, beating other culinary spots like Australia, Spain, Italy and the United States.

According to Lonely Planet’s editor Robin Barton, Penang’s food “reflects the intermingling of the many cultures that arrived after it was set up as a trading port in 1786 – from Malays to Indians, Acehnese to Chinese, Burmese to Thais.” Barton suggested readers try  Penang’s famous street food, namely char kway teow, hokkien mee and asam laksa. Barton highlighted the unique experience of a pasar malam or night market, especially the Jelutong Night Market and Maccalum Night Market where visitors can find a ‘different world of stalls’ serving skewered fish balls, nasi kandar and sweet drinks such as chendol and ice kacang, among others.

TOP: The view from Penang Hill shows the Penang Bridge that connects to the mainland. MIDDLE: The bustling coasts with street hawkers and cruises. BOTTOM: The natural exotic beauty of Penang’s marine drive.


Penang gourmet ranges from street food to fine dining but her myriad of flavours are definitely unique to the island state. With each race offering their own traditional fare, foodies will be spoilt for choice. Although every culture has their signature dishes, they are also influenced by other cooking styles that represent a beautiful blend of tastes and spices. If visitors are given a choice of ten things to do in the Pearl of the Orient, of course eating will be among the top. With so many activities, architectural and gastronomic wonders to enjoy during your visit to Penang, there is much to savour in this food capital. Selamat Datang or Welcome to Penang! Here are some more activities that you can look out for on the island: 1. Catch a Ferry to the Mainland and back Since the 1920s, these ferries transport both passengers and vehicles across to the mainland and back. 2. Trishaw Ride around Georgetown Multicoloured trishaws can be seen all over Georgetown at any time of the day showing passengers the highlights of the city. TOP: Char kway teow (top right) and Hokkien mee – street food suggestions from Lonely Planet’s editor. TOP RIGHT: ‘Little children on a bicycle’ painted by Ernest Zacharevic. MIDDLE: Night view of Penang city. BOTTOM: Trishaw in Georgetown.


3. Take a Train Ride up Penang Hill Quiet and green, Penang Hill offers a brief reprieve from the heat below with its slightly cooler temperature. 4. Dig into Hawker Fare at Gurney Drive Although hawker food can be found throughout the island, the mere mention of Gurney Drive brings visions of mouth-watering food to the initiated. 5. Discover Georgetown’s Heritage Landmarks One of the most charismatic elements of Penang is its blend of Colonial and Oriental heritage buildings. Central Georgetown itself is a treasure trove of lovely Oriental buildings in bright colours and delicate designs. 6. Laze on the Beaches of Batu Ferringhi Although not very far from the  city centre, Batu Ferringhi appears to be a world away with its sandy beaches, blue waters and palm trees. 7. Visit Chowrasta Bazaar A must-visit stop for travellers looking not only for authentic Penang delicacies but also for those attracted to the old world charm of this island. Many of the goodies you will find

here are unique to Penang and still retain the flavours and aromas that made them famous in the first place. 8. Enjoy a Fruit Feast in Balik Pulau Fruit orchards are abundant on the western part of the island. Mid year especially, sees numerous fruit stalls by the road leading to Balik Pulau. Stop by at one of them for a feast of durians, mangosteens and rambutans. 9. Enjoy Seafood Cuisine at Teluk Kumbar Located along the southern shoreline is a string of little restaurants offering delicious seafood cuisine. 10. Hop onto a Round Island Tour See the sights without the hassle or worry of getting lost by signing up for a Round Island Tour. It usually takes you to the main tourist haunts in Georgetown as well as on a ride around the island. Log on to to check out our affiliate properties in Penang. Sources:

Georgetown Penang has many heritage buildings to visit in the old city.

The train ride to Penang Hill on the funicular train.

Watch the sunset by the picturesque beaches.

Escape and explore our beautiful resorts in Turkey. QVI Club and Q-breaks, where exciting travel adventures await you.

Club Aida

Diana Residence

Club Aida

Flamingo Country Residence

Diana Residence


Next Stop… Turkey!

QVI Club’s new XchangeWorld resorts in Turkey By Thimah Hameed

Diana Residence has a great swimming pool with sun loungers and it is just steps away from the beach promenade, where you can enjoy a drink at sunset. The selfcatering accommodation gives you the freedom to sample some of the local cuisine on offer and experience true Turkish hospitality. Flamingo Country Club, Bodrum Flamingo Country Club is a picturesque resort overlooking the Aegean Sea and is conveniently located just 20 minutes from the Bodrum-Milas Airport. The complex offers a wide range of facilities and activities such as golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball and table tennis, or you could choose to swim in one of the many pools available. The Flamingo Country Club is home to a 6-hole golf course and just a shuttle ride away you can find an 18-hole golf course too! Boating and fishing activities are also available in the area. There are a number of private and public beaches nearby which are

Turkey is a mystical land where east meets west and old meets new. The country boasts a rich heritage and bears enigmatic legends of time. There is much to discover and experience in the magnificent country, a cultural melting pot both steeped in history and buzzing with modern life. QVI Club’s latest resort offerings in Turkey will leave you spoilt for choice! Club Aida, Marmaris Situated within easy reach of Marmaris’ shimmering shores, Club Aida’s brand-spanking new apartments have a stylish décor and great facilities. And they all come with a balcony to enjoy the lush pine tree vista or the sky-blue pool. Club Aida also has an outdoor pool with slides and is surrounded by sun loungers to bask in the warmth of the golden sun. On-site facilities include a spa, sauna, health centre, games room, playground and live entertainment. The main restaurant offers al fresco dining while the indoor section is fashioned after a British pub. Fun times! Diana Residence, Fethiye The Diana Residence is merely a five-minute walk from the beach in Calis, where you can spot ‘Caretta Caretta’ sea turtles, and about 3 km from the heart of Fethiye on the coast of Turkey. The superior Diana Residence has modern two-bedroom apartments which can house up to four people. All apartments come with a terrace or balcony with either a sea or land view.

Diana Residence


Royal Heights

Flamingo Country Club

accessible by free shuttle services. Younger visitors will love the outdoor playground which will keep them entertained for hours. All facilities at sister sites, Royal Heights and Turquoise can be used for free and are accessible by complimentary shuttle. Royal Heights, Bodrum Royal Heights is a premium holiday resort comprising self-catering apartments and villas overlooking the Gulf of Gulluk and the Aegean Sea. Conveniently located near the airport, the resort is also a few minutes from the charming traditional fishing village of Bagazici, with its fine selections of restaurants. Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to know that it is just a five-minute drive from the 18-hole (soon to be 36-hole!) golf course at Vita Park Golf Resort. Also within the vicinity is Bodrum Town with bustling shops, harbour and port. All facilities at sister sites, Flamingo Country Club and Turquoise, can be used for free and are accessible by complimentary shuttle services.

Turquoise Homes, Bodrum Bodrum Turquoise Homes is a beautiful complex overlooking Tuzla Bay and is conveniently located 20 minutes from the Airport. Get the best of both worlds when you stay here; the comfort and privacy of your own home and all the services and facilities of a quality hotel. The complex offers a wide range of facilities and activities onsite and at sister resorts, Flamingo Country Club and Royal Heights, which can be accessed for free. These include golf courses, tennis courts, volleyball and table tennis plus a wide variety of pools and waterslides for adults and children. Boating and fishing are also available at a short shuttle ride away. There are a number of private and public beaches nearby which are accessible by free shuttle too. Bitez Residency Hotel, Bodrum (taking bookings from 15 June 2014 onwards) Situated in a scenic Turkish coastal town of Bitez in the Bodrum Peninsular, the Bitez Hotel welcomes you to a unique travel experience made special through a perfect blend of old world elegance, friendly atmosphere and an inspired brand of personalised service. The Bitez Hotel is situated in a region steeped in rich history, culture and natural beauty and has much to offer visitors. Immerse yourself in the vibrancy of this quaint town as you explore heritage sites, have a taste of local cuisine at restaurants and take home a piece of Bitez by getting something special from the souvenir shops.

Turquoise Homes

Can’t wait to pack your bags and head to Turkey? Start making plans for your dream vacation today! Simply contact our Customer Experience Ambassadors on +60 3 7949 8288 or email customercare@qviclub. com for any enquiries about these resorts. For members residing in India, send your enquiries to customercare@ For more information, visit

Club Aida

WEA R YOUR IDENTIT Y An embodiment of your identity, a reflection of your beauty, De Moda by Adiva Divine is inspired by the youth and freshness of the modern lady. De Moda possesses strands of style, from ornate to simple, from cheeky to sweet. Whatever your style, De Moda pieces will drape elegantly on you with that spin of pizazz giving the final perfect touch of charm to any outfit. Discover yourself, discover your style, discover De Moda. For that everyday dazzle, De Moda is a line of quality yet affordable fashion accessories for the young woman.

Expressions by De Moda It’s your time. Be who you want to be. She’s smart, she’s fun, she’s daring but sometimes she’s sensitive, she’s caring and she’s quiet. She’s us. ‘Expressions’ by De Moda understands how to bring out the beauty and charm in the many facets of a woman whose life is a fusion of emotions, dreams and desires. ‘Expressions’ is her best friend, making her feel and look her best. She’s still learning and growing but feels on top of the world, she is tough but sensitive, adventurous but loyal, a go-getter and a sweetheart. She loves and wants to be loved. These are her Expressions.

Evening Princess Set Radiate Elegance and Poise • Evening Princess Necklace • Evening Princess Bracelet

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Sweet Connection Necklace | Innocent Air of Soft Charisma Cosmo Bracelet | Queen of the Urban Jungle Trendy Me Scarf | Streaks of Perfection

START LIVING WITH QNET PRODUCTS Have you ever told yourself you wanted to go somewhere, do something or be someone? Do you want to lose weight? Exercise more often? Live a healthier life? And do you also tell yourself that you’ll do whatever you want to do… tomorrow. Sadly, for a lot of us, it seems that ‘tomorrow’ often never comes. We keep waiting for life to begin, real life… but there always seems to be some unfinished business, something left undone. Isn’t it time then, to get up and get the ball rolling? Be the change you want to see in yourself, whether it’s getting up half an hour earlier every day to exercise, eating more vegetables or even going to bed a little bit earlier – just a

few simple beginnings are what you need to get yourself started so you can actually START LIVING. To start living means you have to push your limits, aim high and work hard to achieve it so that you can be the person you have always wanted to be. In this issue of aspIRe, we would like to introduce a new section called QNET Start Living. This section will be filled with inspiring stories, informational tidbits and knowledge to help you live life to the fullest. In this issue, we have a wide variety of products that will enhance your lives and show you how to start living. Enjoy!


Stop for a minute to start living.


What’s so bad about our current lifestyle? By Christine Pereira

The frenzy of today’s lifestyle may be causing more havoc to our health than we realise. With the fast-paced, high-pressure lives that many of us lead, it’s no wonder that we sometimes feel stressed to the limit and out of control. Our hectic lifestyles can profoundly affect both mind and body. It seems almost senseless how we speed things up by rushing through our daily routines and tasks, eventually creating an epidemic of binge eating and drinking, indigestion and even irritability. This sort of unhealthy lifestyle means more illness and more expenses to treat those illnesses. Poor health also means more time lost at work, less quality recreational time and even a shorter lifespan! Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest obstructions to living a better life and how we can counter that.


Fast life and fast food Let’s face it; fast food is affordable and convenient for those always on the go. However, considering it is high in fat, sodium and sugar, this solution to get meals quickly can have serious negative effects after long-term consumption. It affects energy levels and body weight, and also increases susceptibility to certain diseases. The main issue with fast food is that it does not provide the nutrients the body needs to be healthy. Lack of fresh fruit, vegetables and fibre may result in fatigue and a lack of energy to accomplish everyday things. With high levels of sugar in fast food, the pancreas must produce higher amounts of insulin to prevent a hazardous spike in blood sugar levels.  Also, due to the lack of protein and good carbohydrates, blood sugar levels drop quickly after consuming fast food, leaving us irritable, fatigued and craving for more. That’s not all. One of the major effects of fast food is the increase in acidity levels in our body. If our body’s pH level becomes too acidic (below pH 7.35), proteins in our body are digested, enzymes lose their ability to function, osmosis stops and sometimes even cell death may occur. Low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches and pains can be a consequence of high blood acidity. Extra weight has an added impact on our health. It can raise cholesterol levels and blood pressure, contributing to heart disease. In addition, the body can develop insulin resistance, where one of the risk factors is diabetes, particularly in children. Water off the shelf Bottled water is everywhere; in offices, aeroplanes, stores, homes and restaurants. Contrary to popular belief, just because water comes out of a bottle, doesn’t mean it’s any cleaner or safer than water from the tap. The labels on bottled water may depict beautiful mountain streams, but that doesn’t mean the water inside is pure and pristine. Only some bottled water comes from springs or groundwater

sources. It turns out that approximately 40% of bottled water is sourced from… the tap. Sure, some companies filter or radiate the tap water with ultraviolet light before selling it at several thousand times the cost of metropolitan tap water. But studies by the Natural Resources Defence Council, a non-profit organisation devoted to protecting health and the environment, show that bottled water samples can contain chemicals, heavy metals, nuclear material, bacteria and allergens. The effects of drinking contaminated water can range from no physical impact to severe illness. In drinking water, high levels of microbes such as bacteria and viruses can cause acute ill health. Most people’s bodies can fight off these microbial contaminants and they don’t typically cause permanent harm. Nonetheless, when high enough levels are present, they can make you ill and can be dangerous for people with a weak immune system. Some of the effects of drinking contaminated water can be either immediate or not noticed for many years. These include gastrointestinal and stomach illnesses like nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhoea. Make a small change and start living healthier by drinking REAL water REAL (Refined, Energised, ALkalised) water is clean and safe, contains natural minerals, is energised and helps increase alkaline levels. How is that helpful? Simple, by drinking REAL water, your body is refreshed and hydrated. The body absorbs the natural minerals present in REAL water better than regular water as the molecular structures are smaller. This helps strengthen the body reducing the chances of falling ill. REAL water also energises the body making it more productive throughout the day. But most importantly, REAL water helps reduce the body’s acidity levels caused by bad eating habits as it balances the body’s pH level to make it more alkaline, and by doing so, improves digestion and eliminates toxins accumulated in our body. Drink REAL water for a healthier, more balanced life. What are you waiting for? Get REAL!


The Evolution of Beauty


Experience the True Beauty of Your Skin! Introducing the new Physio Radiance Visage+, a revolutionary facial treatment device that is specifically designed to help you look younger and more radiant. Physio Radiance Visage+ redefines the meaning of anti-ageing by combining three revolutionary facial treatment technologies, Galvanic technology, Radio Frequency and Chromotherapy, in one portable device. Using the device 2-3 times a week together with the complete Physio Radiance set, will give you optimal results.

Physio Radiance Visage+ effectively helps: • Delay the signs of ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. • Lighten age spots. • Enhance skin hydration levels. • Improve skin texture. • Tone facial muscles.


QNET bestsellers By Christine Pereira

InShape Meal Shake Start making your weight management goals a reality with InShape Meal Shakes. Available in chocolate and vegetable soup flavours, InShape Meal Shakes can aid in weight loss and fat mass reduction while containing everything your body needs (some of which you may not get from your normal diet). Simply mix with water or give it a bit of zing by adding low calorie ingredients. These great meal replacements possess the perfect nutritional balance to support weight management and increase metabolism without the yo-yo effect (losing and gaining weight quickly). InShape Meal Shakes taste great and contain no artificial sweeteners or sugar. They are perfectly designed to be your nutritious drink on-the-go. Weight-loss diets have never been yummier!

Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch Wake up to flawless skin. The Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch helps smooth your skin and reduces your fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead and lips without undergoing the risk of invasive treatments such as cosmetic surgery or chemical skin peeling. The Phyiso Radiance Age Defying Patch utilises the benefits of Evening Primrose, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. These active ingredients give you an all-in-one solution for your maturing skin. Apply the patch to the problem area on your face for 6-8 hours or overnight for just two nights a week and be amazed with the difference.

Amezcua E-Guard Protect yourself from e-smog in style with the Amezcua E-Guard that comes in three trendy colours to suit your mood. With chips manufactured in Switzerland, this wellness device supports your body’s natural defenses and energy systems and keeps you balanced and harmonised.


Olé Olive Leaf Extract Olive leaf extract is widely considered the ultimate natural defender of your immune system. It contains 400% greater antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C, and up to 40 times more polyphenolics than extra-virgin olive oil. Olé helps build your immune system and minimise free radical damage to your body’s cells caused by pollutants. It also helps protect your body from free radicals caused by excessive exposure to the sun, poor diet and substances such as alcohol and cigarettes. Daily doses of Olé will assist in the maintenance of good health year round and lessen the damage caused by oxidation. Olé is definitely the right product for you to start living a healthier life.

HomePure Alkaline Jug Start living the balanced way! The HomePure Alkaline Jug alkalises drinking water for an improved quality of life for you and your whole family. The jug improves the quality of drinking water at the molecular level, creating an abundance of negative ions to help you fight against the body’s acidity levels. This is because alkalised water helps supply minerals that promote an improved metabolism for the efficient elimination of body waste and promotes better hydration of the body. The antioxidant effects of alkalised water help prevent ageing and also stabilise and protect cells.

Swiss eLearning Institute – Wealth Management Course Today, it is not enough to simply work hard and make money. You must also put your hard earned money to work so that it sets you on a path towards the wealth and security you desire. Swiss eLearning Institute’s Wealth Management course is a comprehensive financial programme that begins by establishing the three critical concepts of financial planning, debt and savings. The course also examines advanced topics such as investment, tax liabilities and insurance issues. It’s not just your money, it’s your life. Start building your future today.


InShape Meal Shakes Make Weight Management Easy and Delicious By Nathan Brown InShape Meal Shakes are a fantastic low-calorie daily meal replacement that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Each easy-to-prepare shake contains everything your body needs including goodies you may not be getting from your regular diet, such as health-promoting essential fatty acids, vitamins, micro-nutrients and other natural ingredients which aid weight loss and fat mass reduction. Available exclusively from QNET, InShape Meal Shakes come in delicious chocolate and vegetable soup varieties. There are endless ways to add flair to your daily Meal Shake by throwing in extra ingredients to boost and make your meal shake even more irresistibly delicious. Here are two of our favourites: Choco Mint Plus Have fun with your daily dose of antioxidant supplement, Olé Olive Leaf Extract and add a splash of peppermint to your chocolate meal replacement at the same time – genius!

• • • • • • • •

100 ml of low-fat milk 1 sachet of InShape Meal Shake Chocolate Blend 50 ml of cold water 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of Olé Olive Leaf Extract Blend Add ice Blend until smooth

Choco M int Plu s

Gran’s Vege Soup

p Gran’s Vege Sou

While a vege soup meal shake may not sound appealing at first, this InShape meal replacement tastes just like the creamy vegetable soup your grandmother probably used to make – perfect for lunch on the go!

• • • • • •

100 ml of room temperature low-fat milk 1 sachet of InShape Meal Shake Vegetable Soup Blend or mix 150 ml of hot water Pinch of salt and pepper to taste Blend or mix and serve

Find our low-calorie, nutritious meal shakes in the QNET eStore. FOR A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU.

From Flab to Fab

Get back in shape with InShape. Its holistic Weight Management Solutions include a Toning Belt and Gel, healthy Meal Shakes in delicious flavours and even Fitness and Nutrition Courses. A fantastic way to look good and feel good. InShape. For a happier, healthier you. For more information, visit


What you had to say about QNET products… Bernhard H. Mayer® Nauticus Watch – Ahmed Emad El Din, Egypt To be a successful networker, you have got to have good posture; you have to look good and ooze confidence. For me, a watch is the most important accessory to portray confidence and style. When I walk into the room for my presentation wearing my lucky Bernhard H. Mayer® Swiss-made watch and I see a prospect looking at it, I know he is most likely to buy one too.

Swiss eLearning Institute – Nibras Sharaf Aldin, Sudan At first, I just wanted to try out eLearning because I’ve never done it before. I first took the Swiss eLearning Institute Presentation and Communication Skills course and then went on to do other courses from Swiss eLearning Institute. I found the courses very easy to study and the material very interesting. Of course, it is SWISS eLearning so it’s not like studying locally in Sudan. I want everyone to take these courses and not only use these courses in their CVs but also use the knowledge they gain from it in their life.

Amezcua Bio Disc 2 – Mohammed Medhi Aflaki, Turkey My favourite product is the Amezcua Bio Disc 2. My parents, my family and everyone around me uses it. I didn’t use it regularly in the beginning but I noticed something was lacking every time I didn’t use it. So I started to monitor myself and my performance when I use energised water and when I don’t. I saw a big difference in my focus when I was studying or reading books and in how active I felt. I noticed I was more flexible, more responsible and had faster responses when I used energised water. So when you see these things with your own eyes, you just use it.


HomePure Alkaline Stick – Trupti Rele, India I bought the HomePure Alkaline Stick with the main purpose of using it as a prospecting tool and to do that, I had to ensure I learn and know everything about the product. Eventually, I began using it regularly because I noticed the benefits. Today, I am so happy with the Alkaline Stick that I use it every day and I am loving the taste of water because of it! I now cannot drink ordinary water anymore as it just does not quench my thirst. Thank you QNET for making my life better!

QVI Club, Club Privilege Du Mont Tremblant – Mylene and Dave Alconcel, Philippines Thank you QVI Club for hosting us here in the Tour des Voyageurs – Mont-Tremblant, Canada. The resort is very beautiful, the amenities are really good and there are so many things to do. The scenery is excellent and amazing; we had so much fun. Thank you for all your services and patience in helping us book this place. We are really happy with our membership with QVI Club. I would like to recommend QVI Club to all my friends. If you want to go for a vacation anywhere in the world, QVI Club is the way to go! Time after time, QVI Club has proven to provide the best services to all QVI Club members.

Physio Radiance – Popi Mailani, Indonesia Physio Radiance is a wonderful set of products. I’ve been using it for over a year now. I’m not someone who uses just any skincare product. If I have to change my skincare product, I do a lot of research but, more importantly, I have to make sure that it’s safe. So when I found out about Physio Radiance and started using it, I was amazed. When I looked up the ingredients in Physio Radiance, I found negative hydrogen, Fucoidan and Aquaxyl and I knew that I did not need to worry about anything. I now use it every day and I don’t worry about my skin anymore.


Giving you

The QNET Compensation Plan By Jeannie Tan


To just ‘be’ is not enough.

To start living means you have to push your limits, raise the bar higher and get MORE out of life – MORE time, MORE freedom, MORE opportunities, MORE!


QNET believes in giving you MORE. We don’t believe in being the norm, we don’t believe in the comfort zone. QNET encourages you to discover your passion and pursue it. The enhanced QNET Compensation Plan is designed to help you start living your life the way it was meant to be; to help you be whatever you aspire to be. Get MORE out of life – START LIVING! HIGH FIVE! To allow you to START LIVING, we are giving you MORE so you can have MORE. Effective 1 March 2014, all these powerful enhancements were made yours! Too many new, exciting things to memorise? Think 5!




Can’t wait to get

MORE? Visit your Virtual Office for details.



Through QNET, I found the true meaning of life which is making my life more EXTRAORDINARY and UNBELIEVABLE! William Chung – Malaysia

Well, QNET has touched my heart in a way that it has enabled me to rediscover myself through its training and way of business. QNET made me dream again. Younis Sebaggala – Uganda

QNET touched my heart by showing me it can change people’s lives, make them happy, optimistic and inspire them to start dreaming again. Omar Medhat – Egypt


RYTHM. When we’re successful, we don’t forget those people who helped us during the journey and we should give double to those who need our help. QNET is all about give and take. Duplicate the whole world and raise ourselves to help around the world. Jenny Heng – Malaysia

On our journey to change our lives for the better, we hope that we’ve touched some hearts along the way. ‘Touching a Billion Hearts’ is QNET’s promise to make a change in the world by generating a chain of heartfelt actions that will reach a billion people. Yes, we want to touch a billion hearts, and we can’t do it without you. Here are some stories of how QNET has touched hearts. We hope you’re inspired.

QNET is more than just a tool to make money; it is a way to change lives. I am deeply touched by my leader Mr Saidamir Ashurov and his love towards QNET and The V. From him, I learnt to lead by example, think and talk only about the things I want to achieve, challenge the belief and negative ideas that trap myself and expect the best in every situation. Doniyor Aminov – Russia

I am grateful for this business. It brings me success and independence. I had no income before and had to depend on my husband, but now I can buy cars, apartments, travel to different places and enjoy a beautiful life with my own money. I want to help everyone around me reach their dreams too. Gulnur Zurgambayeva – Kazakhstan


QNET touched my heart and helped me grow. I really felt that touch deeply when I was in need. QNET saved my life and my family’s life. As our mentor Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran said, “Do this business when you don’t need it, because you will never know when you will need it.” Thank God I had the opportunity and I took it. I now understand more about the meaning of touching a billion hearts because I have been touched, and I will keep helping the hands that will touch more hearts. Mustafa Ince – QNET Promosyon Turkey

QNET gives me the assurance that a bright future is achievable. QNET shows me examples of people who came from humble backgrounds, fought and worked hard to achieve success. QNET touches my heart as it teaches me to be a strong woman. Esti Hariyani – Indonesia

What’s amazing for me is to see how QNET changes the life of my downlines through me! It touches my heart when I see my downlines ‘MAD’ (Making A Difference), full of energy and so happy when dollars are knocking on the door of their Q Accounts. Windmanegue Roger Sawadogo – Burkina Faso

With QNET, I learnt a lot about personal development and life. With QNET, I can share how one’s life can be changed. I learnt how to ‘serve above self’. Thanks to QNET, my family is well taken care of financially, and today I can share my great life with anyone. Had I not discovered QNET in 2008, I’d still be a labourer in a village; a nobody who could do nothing much for myself or others. Hermansyah Zidan – Indonesia

With QNET, I can free myself from poverty, reach my ever-growing dreams and, most importantly, personally develop myself to become a better person. Moreover, through QNET, I can help others to make their lives better. Eka Purwita – Indonesia

It was the reason to know the meaning of LIVE YOUR LIFE and ACHIEVING DREAMS, and the most important thing is that it helped me find my life partner. Mohanad Kibaa – Egypt

The magic in QNET is that it gave me the chance to discover myself, my talents and my true values. It is a real challenge against my fears and limitations that I had before discovering myself. Redouane Hafid – Algeria


WHERE HOPE GLIMMERS By Vidya Madhavan and Martin Soosay A few years ago when Vijayaratnam Foundation established Taarana, a school for children with special learning needs in Malaysia, the school’s main aim was to reach out and provide quality education at an affordable price. Running a school such as this is no easy feat, as it requires highly specialised training facilities and teachers specifically qualified in this niche area. This posed a huge challenge for the Foundation, especially in a country like Malaysia, where special education is still in its developing stages. However, with funding and support by the QI Group and stewarded by high-calibre management, the school has indeed come a long way since its inception in 2011. There are currently 56 students under Taarana’s care, and the school has seen commendable progress with each and every one of them.

What started off as a passion project for Vijayaratnam Foundation has today opened up doors of opportunity for young children between the ages of three and 15 who face challenges with delayed development in academic, social and adaptive skills, also known as Mild Intellectual Disability (MID). Through a standardised curriculum for Special Education that adheres to professional practice guidelines, Taarana hopes to help these children take steady steps to find their place in society. In the month of February this year, Taarana received a delegation from the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre in Dubai in their first ever international cultural exchange programme. The week-long visit by the UAE delegation to Malaysia was sponsored by QNET.


The ‘Rashid Stars’, put up a special musical performance together with the children of Taarana, which was indeed energetic, heart-warming and a first of its kind entirely by young people with special needs. The troupe of young performers from Dubai also had sessions with Taarana children on traditional Malaysian dances, a Dikir Barat presentation and an art and colouring session. This was followed by Rashid Centre’s students performing their traditional UAE dance numbers. Rashid Centre’s stint at Taarana indeed provided the much needed inspiration and motivation for the children of Taarana to become ‘Taarana Stars’ of the future. It was a quality experience for the children and the young people who came together in the spirit of international friendship. “We hope our friendship with Rashid Centre will help raise awareness on the potential of children with special needs. This initiative will undoubtedly provide the children with an opportunity to experience a new culture, new place and meet with new people,” said Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, the Chairperson of Vijayaratnam Foundation.

The QNET-Rashid Centre collaboration is a special student exchange programme that is in line with QNET’s ‘Touching a Billion Hearts’ campaign – dedicated to educating, inspiring and working with others to create a brighter future for those in need. QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson-Lecaroz said, “QNET has always had a softspot for children with special needs. We want to support them and help nurture their natural talents and creativity. We brought the Rashid Stars to have a one-of-a-kind discovery of Malaysia, especially so they could interact with their counterparts at Taarana. Previously, Taarana received visits from leading sports personalities such as Manchester City Football Club Captain Vincent Kompany in July 2012 as well as the young drivers of the Marussia F1 Team Jules Biancci and Max Chilton in March 2013. “I am amazed at the dedication of the teachers here and congratulate Vijayaratnam Foundation for having opened the school, which I understand is one of the first of its kind in Malaysia,” noted Kompany after conducting a football clinic for the Taarana children.

Did You Know? •

Upon completion of the lower academics programme, Taarana students will undergo a transition programme that will automatically streamline them into an upper-academics or pre-vocational programme.

• Students who graduate f ro m u p p e r- p r i m a r y programme may pursue the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGSCE) from the University of Cambridge – this programme engages students in learning experiences that are practical and relevant to their lives, while helping them develop critical and creative thinking skills. • The IGCSE is accepted in p re s t i g i o u s e d u c a t i o n a l institutions around the world. • After pre-vocational studies, students have the opportunity to be inducted into the working world – they are trained in carpentry, cooking, filing, music and other areas that help them unearth their talents and set the foundation for their budding careers. • Taarana provides certification upon completion of its Academic programme and this certification helps students further their studies at other mainstream schools, through home schooling or at university. •

Taarana provides certification upon completion of its pre-vocational programme and this enables graduates to join other vocational centres or to look for a job.


Books From My Library By Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran The Heart of a Leader Ken Blanchard The name Ken Blanchard is etched into the hall of fame of great motivational speakers and management gurus of all time. His reputation obviously precedes him. His book One Minute Manager is a classic in the annals of management practice. But what makes Ken one of my favourite authors is the warmth and kindness that is so clearly evident in everything he writes. When I was a young man just starting out in business, Ken was one of the iconic leaders that I looked up to and tried to emulate. Thus, it was particularly flattering for me that Ken penned a few lines in appreciation of my first book, In the Sphere of Silence. Having graduated from an Ivy League American university – Cornell – he could have stepped into corporate America and climbed the career ladder but instead, he chose to avoid the rat race. Ken has always chosen to buck the system and above all else, he has taught me to believe in myself. Of all his books, it is The Heart of a Leader that I find particularly astute.

In some ways, I chose to emulate the approach he uses in this book for my own book, In the Sphere of Silence. This book is interspersed with quotes drawn from writers, thinkers and philosophers from around the world and across history, and is peppered with his personal wisdom. One of the thoughts from the book that became a cornerstone of my own existence is: “People with humility don’t think less of themselves, they just think of themselves less.” When you think about the various applications of this simple sentence in your life, it teaches you that humility comes together with self-respect. That one can be humble, yet confident. I love his wisdom that can be so practical and yet strike deep with an almost cynical candour. For instance, another interesting thing he says in this book – “Nice guys may appear to finish last but usually they are running in a different race.” For any leader or aspiring leader, this is a must-read book. It is practical and pragmatic, but more so, it has an impact that no one can walk away from.


The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. Edited by Clayborne Carson One of the all-time inspiring leaders that I continue to refer to in every speech I have given and will give, in the same breath as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Mandela, is none other than Martin Luther King Jr. MLK, as he was popularly referred to, was a comet that flashed across the pages of history all too briefly, but leaving nevertheless an impact on the retina of the soul. Somewhat like a vision, or a bright light that continues on even after you close your eyes. Even now, I hear in my head the strong vibrant, powerful voice, so strident, as he hailed out on that warm summer day – “I have a dream.” A line that still thunders across the passage of time and changed forever the history of man. He did not, at that moment, just call out for the emancipation of the black people but in the same breath, called out for compassion from all those who were not. He made each person look inwards in a soul-searching venture to question one’s own judgement of what was right. Such power, such honesty, such charisma can only come from a man touched by the divine hand. Amongst the many books written about MLK, I find his autobiography, edited by Clayborne Carson, as one of the most exceptionally fruitful illuminations of MLK’s courage. The book is a remarkable account of a man so eloquent and full of wisdom that you cannot help but be moved. Here is an excerpt from an early chapter when a 14-year-old MLK pens his thoughts for an oratory contest in high school, which he went on to win. “We cannot have an enlightened democracy with one great group living in ignorance… We cannot be  truly Christian people so long  as  we flout  the central teachings  of  Jesus:  brotherly love... Today thirteen million black sons and daughters of our forefathers continue the fight for the translation of the American constitution from writing on the printed page to actuality.” Such depth, such immaculate wisdom from a 14-year-old mind! This autobiography is filled with many great thoughts such as this. Another part that moved me deeply are lines from a letter, young MLK wrote to his father: “…tell everybody  I  said hello  and I  am still thinking  of the  church  and  reading my bible. And I  am not  doing anything that I would not be doing in front of you.” These lines speak volumes about MLK as a man. Another great insight comes from his days in the seminary where he writes of his vision of God.

“Every day I would sit on the edge of the campus by the side of the river and watch the beauties of nature. My friend, in this experience, I saw God. I saw him in birds of the air, the leaves of the tree, the movement of the rippling waves... Sometimes I go out at night and look up at the stars as they bedeck the heavens like shining silver pins sticking in a magnificent blue pincushion. There is God.” One cannot but read this book and walk away in a kind of deep meditative awe of the man I love to call ‘Gandhi of the American continent’. Pick up the book and let it speak for itself.


The Essence of Meditation By Joseph Bismark

Each of us is a sponge of sensory enjoyment. Our common thoughts are centred on the animal propensities of eating, sleeping, mating and defense. But, what makes us fundamentally different from animals is a fifth faculty: intelligence. We have the ability to ask questions about the truth of our existence. We ask questions like “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose in life?”, “Why am I suffering?” and “How can I get out of this suffering?” This intelligence is what enables us to meditate – to contemplate on the needs of the soul. The soul is perfect by nature but we all live in a temporary body that is basically flawed and so we tend to look for perfection. We can achieve this perfection through the practise of meditation. Meditation is synonymous with prayer. It connects the soul to the spiritual world, the realm of the Supreme Person. Through this disciplined practice, we get to the point where we constantly think of the Supreme Person. We find ourselves perpetually immersed in that frame of consciousness. Mantra comes from the Sanskrit word Mana (mind) and the suffix -tra (instrument of thought). Mantras are spiritual sound vibrations. The basic meditation mantra Omkara is the sound representation of the Supreme Person. It is transcendental. It liberates mankind and all living entities from

material sound vibrations. It purifies the soul of sinful, karmic activities that bind the soul in the repeated cycle of birth, disease, old age and death.

I’m an eternal servant of the Supreme Person. I am not God. My eternal dharma (duty) is loving, devotional service to the Supreme Person.”

Meditation is also a process to develop real love – love for the Supreme Person that translates into love for humanity and all living beings. Love is the very essence of the soul, just like the wetness of water and the heat of fire. Love is inseparable from the soul. When love comes in contact with the modes of nature – ignorance, passion and goodness, it turns into lust. It becomes contaminated with worldly desires. It becomes the perversion of love. Material gratification does not satisfy love. When the soul is hungry and thirsty, we feed it by going inside ourselves and meditating.

Many of you have seen me carry around my Japa beads. Over the years, I have received numerous curious questions that I have only been very happy to answer. To those of you who have been asking me questions on the process of meditation, I have created a page on SoundCloud where I have uploaded some recordings of myself chanting mantras and bhajans. In the near future, I plan to also upload new tracks of my family and friends chanting. Thank you for letting me share with you what I’ve learnt from my Guru during my early life in the Ashram. I hope you all enjoy and take these Holy Names with you and chant always… Haribol!

The side benefit of meditation is to experience peace and tranquillity and to achieve the states of Atmarama (self-satisfaction) and Dhira (being sober). Being sober means not easily intoxicated or agitated. When we are spiritually sober, we are able to control the demands of our mind and the urges of our tongue, belly and genitals. It’s only when we’re sober that we become truly happy. Meditation cleanses our hearts and makes us see the absolute truth more clearly. The ultimate goal of meditation is self-realisation. It means understanding that ‘I am a spirit soul in essence and



for me because it means the design was interesting enough while the brand was invisible enough. What are your thoughts on make-up and accessorising? Simple, fuss-free. Make-up for me is for cover up and enhancement. On regular days, I use a MAC concealer, Yves Saint Laurent highlighter, Bobbi Brown finishing powder, gel eyeliner, blush, Benefit Gimme Brow and Ohm lip tint. For special occasions, I just a d d m y B o b b i B ro w n l i q u i d foundation to the above. I avoid jewellery. If at all, I would wear bangles.

Donna Imson-LECAROZ Reinvents

the Art of Power Dressing By Gil Cadiz Ask an artist to sketch an image of a powerful woman in business and you’ll get a caricature of someone looking competent and authoritative with coiffured hair, dressed in a prim suit with a stone studded brooch pinned to her chest and standing tall in pumps. QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson-Lecaroz is somehow different. Ms Imson-Lecaroz, network marketing heroine and globetrotting inspirational speaker, likes sporting a fresh, uncomplicated and off-the-hook style. On ordinary days, she’s in jeans and a crisp shirt or blouse. In the office, she wears classic cut knee-length dresses, very few pieces of jewellery and dainty flats. When speaking at events, she wears minimal make-up but can rock those stilettos like a boss. Her style exudes warmth, easiness and cordiality. In our book, she reinvents the art of power dressing. Wrapping our head around her sense of style entails breaking it down and so here are her answers to the fashion questions you’ve always wanted to ask her.

How do you describe the clothes you wear? I like to wear dresses in general because they create a feminine, slimming, elongating silhouette that compensates for my body type. I prefer classic, classy, clean lines because they’re timeless and can be used for years! Colour-wise, it’s mostly gray, black and white, for ease of wardrobe and accessory pairing when travelling.

When shopping for shoes, what do you look for? Both style and comfort. I like colour and detail in my shoes because to me, my shoes are my most important accessory. I can be wearing a nice outfit but if something’s not right with my shoes, then I won’t feel as good with my get-up.

What kind of bags do you own? Being my second accessory, I prefer interesting colours and designs over the logo-loud options. If someone asks me for my bag’s brand, then that would be mission accomplished

What are your favourite fashion brands? I avoid shopping so I stick to a few brands where I know I can find what I need fast! These brands include H&M, Zara and Mango. A favoured brand for dresses is Ted Baker.

What are the staple contents of your bag? I keep it light. No wallet, make-up case, sewing kit, medicine kit or whatever else other women have in their purses.

You turned 47 last December; can you let us in on your secret to maintaining your slim figure and preserving those youthful looks? More than any regimen, it’s a love of myself that leads to a continuing desire to care for my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. Plus the idea of having to shop and build another wardrobe is motivation enough for me to keep fitting into the current one.

In one word, describe your sense of style? Donna. I wear what I want to wear, what makes me feel good and look good.


What To Watch This Weekend with Sathi Senathirajah!

By Victoria Ras We’re back with your favourite article in aspIRe – who’s watching what. This time, V Partner Sathi Senathirajah is here to tell all about his three favourite movies. For the movie-buffs out there, don’t miss these awesome titles personally recommended by VP Sathi. Enjoy!

Rounders (1998) A film by John Dahl

The Last Castle (2001) A film by Gabriele Muccino

The Color of Money (1986) A film by Martin Scorsese

As an admirer of the art of poker, VP Sathi names the 1998 film Rounders as one of his all-time favourites. Casted with the likes of Matt Damon and Edward Norton, this dramatic screenplay follows the journey of two friends who are faced with mounting debts and consequently are entangled in the underground world of high-stakes poker. Unmoved by threats and deception, our central character doesn’t give in to cheap cheats for the sake of quick gains but instead works on his game and goes on to prove himself in more ways than one. This movie is surely one that everybody should catch when taking time off from ‘Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!’

An action-packed and intense film, The Last Castle also comes out on top of the pile of VP Sathi’s favourite flicks. With the powerhouse cast of Robert Redford, James Gandolfini and Mark Ruffalo, amongst others, this movie follows the efforts of a highly decorated U.S. Army Lieutenant General charged with insubordination to overthrow the commandant at prison over the general mistreatment of inmates. Fast-paced and with a topsy-turvy plot, this movie is one that you should watch when focussed and pumped up after a full day of product sales!

Starring the then teenage-heartthrob, Tom Cruise, this movie zooms in on the life of a has-been pool player and an up-and-coming pool protégé. A man who once was the best player around now decides to take a potential-filled youngster under his wing to show him the ropes of the game. Without realising it, he begins to fall in love with the game all over again. Definitely a must-see when you need a break from a hard days work. Did you know? VP Sathi himself is an immensely skilled pool player and there is a lot you could learn from him if you ever have the chance to play with him!

Digital Diva The power of visual storytelling By Ramya Chandrasekaran

Remember the days when you went on a vacation armed with a little digital camera and took hundreds of pictures? Upon your return you had to connect it to your laptop, download all the images and select the best ones to share with your family and friends. That’s so 2009! That’s why I love Instagram! Not just because I can make my average smartphone pics look semi-professional and super cool, but also because it allows me to tell a story through pictures, in real time. I travel a lot for work and have the opportunity to visit many new cities and countries. As I explore the streets, the nooks and crannies, sometimes all I am armed with is my smartphone to capture the sights, sounds and experiences of life in a strange new place. The old lady in Vietnam carrying traditional rice pots on a bamboo stick, a little kid in Turkey dancing on the street outside the Blue Mosque, Mickey and Minnie mouse on a smoke break at Times Square in New York City… I’ve had fun capturing many of these images and adding a little note of my own to each and sharing them on Instagram with my friends and followers. The initial response took me by surprise! Strangers and friends commented on my pictures adding their own perspective or experiences in these places, some with useful travel tips, recommendations for little known sights off the beaten tourist path, and many just thanking me

for giving them a glimpse of life in a distant land. With each new post, I learnt to get better. I created little stories, added hashtags to make it easier for people to find information on a place/subject/event, tried to see the pictures through the eyes of my followers and learnt to post images that people would find interesting. Soon, I was part of a vibrant online community, many of whom I had never met, exchanging ideas, anecdotes and tips, building relationships across borders and learning more about the wide, vast world in which we are just tiny beings. So what do my travel pictures have to do with your QNET business? The power of the visual medium is immense. A picture certainly paints a thousand words. If I can build relationships with strangers with my vacation pictures through my phone, imagine what you can do with this powerful visual medium to enhance and grow your business! Here are some tips on how you can turn your Instagram into an instant QNET business tool: Your Favourite Products – There are tons of clever, unique ways to show your love for your favourite QNET product and express your personality with it. If you are a fan of Olé Olive Leaf Extract, post a photo of how you mix Olé with your daily breakfast or combine it with another product like

the InShape Meal Shake for a minty flavoured drink. Explain the health benefits you get out of it and remember to use the appropriate hashtags. For example, #olé #qnet #inshape #immunity #breakfast

Or if you like the beautiful jewellery from Adiva Divine, show how you use it to dress up an outfit. Pose with a cute puppy for added visual stimulus! Hashtag #qnet #adivadivine #fashionista #jewellery

up for QVI Club memberships, Q-breaks, or design their own holidays with QVI Points from QNET. Personalise it by adding your recommended destination, hotels and travel tips. Hashtag recommendations – #qnet #qvi #holidayswithqnet #country

Aspirational Lifestyle – Did your QNET business enable you to finally buy your dream home, dream car, dream phone? Let the world know! Don’t just share a standard image of whatever it is you bought, make it fun. Take a selfie with your new home in the background. Drape yourself on the bonnet of your new car and get a friend to take a picture. Let your followers know how the QNET business helped you achieve this goal and how you can help them get there too. Hashtag recommendations – #qnet #success #nameofcar (example #bmw) #livingthehighlife #livinginstyle #dreamhome Go Video – Go beyond pictures. Instagram allows you to post 15-second clips. Capture the inspiring moment when your leader is touching hearts on stage, or how you pour water over your Amezcua Bio Disc 2 for energised water, or when your travel buddy is jumping into a swimming pool during your QVI Club powered holiday, and share the 15-second snippets with the world.

The Power of a #hashtag – They provide an easy way for you to track content and bring fans together around a common purpose or interest. To get the most out of your hashtag, make it unique and easy to remember. If you’re not sure if your hashtag is unique, search Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to see if it’s already being used. 

Engage – Don’t just shout! One of the reasons some people don’t do well with Instagram is because they just post. But Instagram, like all social networks, is a community. So follow back the people that engage with you, as well as influencers in your space. Interact with their photos and videos as well.

For example, if you are at the V-Con in Malaysia, here is your hashtag for posting memorable images from this unbelievable event – #VCON14

With Instagram, you only have a few seconds to tell a story. It’s a game changer. Everything you say must be short and punchy, intelligent, focussed and relevant. Take advantage of this amazing visual platform and make it work for you.

Vacation Photos – If you have utilised your QVI Club membership for a fun vacation with family or friends, post a memorable picture (sky diving, swimming with the sharks, desert safari…) with a note to let your followers know that they have a great opportunity to go on a similar holiday by signing

Now, if you aren’t already on Instagram, download the app, install it, take a selfie and hashtag #qnetselfie to share it with your QNET family all over the world. See you there! @ramyac78


QNET Bloggers on Personal Growth and Holidays

The QNET Blogger Programme was started in August of 2012. To date, we have promoted over 120 blog posts on the QNET Blog and social media – all written by the 20 QNET Bloggers who are all IRs. Featured here are two of our favourite posts from Bloggers Israa and Ranvir.

By Gil Cadiz

Israa Garatli, Saudi Arabia All I am after is a life full of laughter. Why Network Marketing and Why QNET (Posted on 30 November 2012) I chose Network Marketing because I haven’t got a clue of how to start or run a business on my own. I chose QNET because I knew it was not just about the money. When I first joined, my entire family was against me, especially my father. He claimed that I wasted my money. All I told him was, “Give me six months and we’ll see.” Coming from a technical background, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and having my first job in the IT world at the age of 17, I knew nothing about business. I did not even have enough capital to start one. When QNET was introduced to me, I thought, ‘why not?’ It seemed affordable and there were no risks! I immediately set my first goal, which was to get back the price I paid for my first product in a short period of time. I was able to do that within two weeks of joining. My second goal was to earn back the money I spent for my mother’s and sister’s products. Needless to say, I was able to earn that back within a couple of weeks as well. My expectations were being met and I immediately knew this was the right path to success.

Moving forward, I was able to see the changes that QNET was responsible for and how the opportunity and its products changed people’s lives: financially, emotionally, professionally, personally, psychologically. My confidence level went from being afraid of my own shadow to being able to get on a stage and speak in front of hundreds of people. Not only does this wonderful business enable people to become entrepreneurs and earn, it also helps one grow as a person by providing all the necessary tools that each unique individual needs to be successful. I did my best to attend all events conducted by The V to gain knowledge and to spread the wealth. I thought I knew why I had joined this industry until I heard Chief Pathman speak at the Unstoppable Convention 2012. His words still ring inside my head every time I am on the verge of enjoying the ease of my comfort zone. He said something along the lines of, “You work for a corporation for 25, 30 or 40 years and end up with a watch for a gift when you retire. Why not build a business where you can afford to buy the watch and many other things at an early age?” That was when I realised that this was the reason I decided to be a part of this rewarding world. I do not have to wait for a company to reward me with a watch after serving more than half of my life to make someone else richer and simply live from paycheck to paycheck. QNET lays a gratifying pathway to get people out of the rat race. ‘Go to work, go home, go to work, go home, go to work, go home’ is not something I want to live by until I am 60 years old. I want to enjoy my life, travel the world, buy anything I want and witness others do the same. Happy Networking!


Ranvir Singh, India A Sojourn in Goa with QVI Club We had tried and failed to plan a vacation by ourselves for a long time, until one day QVI Club Membership happened. It was such an exciting moment, the planning began pronto. There were many target areas on our vacation radar; however, Goa topped the list. But then we had to do something we did not like… wait. Yes, wait for some sort of vacation break from school, both for my wife and son. And there came the Dusshera holidays – a perfect time to visit Goa as it is only the start of the tourist season. It would help us escape the mad rush of the peak season and have peace on the beach and other places of tourist interest. All those who came to know of our plan asked us jealously, “What will you do for seven days in Goa?” We simply replied, “We’ll tell you when we return.” We were keen to stay in North Goa; however, options for North Goa looked exhausted. Only South Goa Resorts were available during the specific period of our planned vacation and we had no scope of changing our vacation dates. Never the one to give up, I contacted QVI Club and requested them to arrange for our stay at the desired resort in North Goa. Lo and behold, with their assistance, we were able to confirm a reservation at Pheonix Park Inn Resort near Candolim Beach in North Goa. This holiday, from the booking stage till our return home, along with our stay at the Phoenix Park Inn Resort, is one which our whole family will remember for years to come. Having completed my reservation formalities well in advance with the resort through QVI Club, I called them again a week before our scheduled date of departure to reconfirm. A very pleasant female voice confirmed the details most courteously.

So, we landed there as scheduled and had no problems checking in without any waste of time. The resort was in a very convenient location of North Goa and walking distance from Candolim Beach. It provided easy access to all the popular and most frequented – and not so frequented – beaches of Goa. The few but popular beaches of South Goa could also be visited with a little advance planning. The accommodation was inviting and adequately furnished and equipped. After a hectic outing for the day, it provided a very homely atmosphere to cool down and chill out. The markets for everyday items were all in close proximity and the number of eating joints around was just amazing; we did not waste the opportunity to try and relish the extremely popular seafood prepared in true Goan style. With beautiful surroundings and amenities, the resort can pride itself for providing its guests with the facilities to relax and forget their worries. It was very encouraging to see smiling and happy faces all around and, not surprisingly, many happened to be foreigners. Throughout our stay, we indulged in the activities and water sports available. It was the start of the tourist season and there was colour and vibrancy all around; the general mood was of celebration, something which added value to our stay. We went to spice gardens, feasted on Goan and seafood each day, moved from beach to beach, traversed from North to South Goa and on some days, relaxed at the resort. Summing it up... we just CHILLED OUT! It was a very memorable trip, coupled with an extremely comfortable stay at the resort for our whole family, we felt bad that the week passed by so quickly. Most of all, it was complete value for money. It was in this very first outing of ours, courtesy of our QVI Club Membership, that we realised the membership’s true potential and value. Even in economic terms, the deal is a steal. Our whole family is now eagerly looking forward to similar and no doubt enhanced vacation experiences in the years to follow. Impatiently waiting...

Note: Compiled from the blog posts, Sojourn in Goa...

Note: Compiled from the blog posts, Sojourn in Goa...Through QVI Vacations (14 December 2012) and Memorable Stay at Phoenix Park Inn, Goa... Through QVI Club (15 January 2013)Through QVI Vacations (14 December 2012) and Memorable

Stay at Phoenix Park Inn, Goa... Through QVI Club (15 January 2013)


Where Winners Unite By Jeannie Tan

QNET can sense achievement and leadership even in its earliest phases. We believe that every person deserves to be rewarded and recognised for their efforts. These thoughts gave birth to the QNET Achievers’ Club – an exclusive and elite club designed to reward, recognise, motivate and inspire our hardworking and dedicated Independent Representatives to reach for the stars and celebrate their achievements in style. QNET celebrates success with AIRE:

We honour milestones with AWARDS • Rank pins for Gold, Platinum and Diamond Stars • Rank eCertificates

We reward accomplishments with INCENTIVES • Cash incentives* • Free QNET Life Site subscriptions* • Exclusive travel incentives* We acknowledge hard work with RECOGNITIONS • Portrait display in the ‘Wall of Fame’ and in the QNET Achievers’ Club Site* • Success story featured in the Achievers’ Buzz* • Regional events stage recognition* • V-Con stage recognition

We celebrate achievements with EVENTS • International, regional, and local events

Aim big! Which Star rank are you now?

Diamond Star

Platinum Star

Shine bright like a star. Come join the club! *Subject to respective Terms and Conditions.

Gold Star

Silver Star

Bronze Star

Is Your Medicine Killing You? By Tanaphon Sujirapinyokul


The popular use of modern medicine has changed the way we live forever. So much so that we often think we are on our way to invincibility. But are we really invincible? Or is this perception becoming our very own kryptonite? The discovery and commercialisation of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming back in 1928 is responsible for saving millions, and possibly many more millions, of lives. We see this amazing development as mankind’s greatest triumph over Mother Nature. It is true that antibiotics allow us to live longer and to go on to do many wonderful things in life. However, with the continuous use of antibiotics, disease-causing bacteria are becoming immune. Like Charles Darwin’s theory of the ‘Survival of the Fittest’, bacteria are just as fit as us. They are highly adaptable, and are mutating to the point where antibiotics become less effective. A report by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that as many as 2 million people a year fall ill from drug-resistant organisms, and almost 23,000 of them die. Antibiotic resistance is threatening to put us back into to the pre-antibiotic era where something as simple as a paper cut could kill.

So what can you do? The solution lies within the very same natural environment from which bacteria originated. Medicinal plants have been found to be effective in the treatment and management of various health problems. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of the world population relies heavily on the use of traditional medicine. Today, most medicinal agents originate from nature, which is c o ns id e re d a r i c h s o u rc e fo r producing new treatments. Swietenia macrophylla or Big-Leaf Mahogany, is one such plant that can be used to create a powerful antibiotic.


The sky fruit seeds come with many amazing benefits. They are fully packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals which contribute to ageing and diseases such as cold and flu. The plant’s extract is filled with flavonoids and saponins. These chemical molecules have been found to have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities that can help treat ulcers, fungal infections, malaria and diarrhea. The plant is widely used around the world especially in countries where it grows abundantly. The fruit of Swietenia macrophylla is commonly known as ‘sky fruit’ because of its shape that points toward the sky. Sky fruit helps improve blood circulation and skin conditions as well as many other pharmacological uses. The sky fruit seeds come with many amazing benefits. They are fully packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals which contribute to ageing and diseases such as cold and flu. They also help to lower cholesterol while boosting the immune system.

The fruit’s seeds are also great for people with diabetes as they help lower blood sugar levels. Moreover, they help to increase blood circulation, lower blood pressure and help prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke. Recent studies in the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences reveal that sky fruit seeds may also help prevent gastric ulcers and colon cancer due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies show that the seeds can be used to treat Hepatitis C and are even great for boosting libido and vitality! Sometimes, pharmaceutical drugs are not always the answer. Staying healthy and boosting your immune system with a holistic and natural solution will help keep you healthy without developing dangerous drug-resistant illnesses.


Creative Ways to Network By Regine Marie Palma


etwork marketing is first and foremost all about, well, networking. Being able to successfully sign up a referral is one of the foundations of any network marketing business after all. The goal is always to connect with people and expand your business further. So, as a networker, you attend networking events and business functions in order to get referrals to partake in your business opportunity. There comes a time, though, where you might feel that you’ve already exhausted your available resources and find yourself in a bit of a dead end. Well, don’t think of it that way, because there are actually plenty of other ways for you to continue expanding your network… All while having a little bit of fun! Here are a few: 1. Engage in a new social activity. You may have a new activity you’ve been wanting to try out, or a new skill you’ve been meaning to learn for a

What’s great about relaxed, social settings is that people here are usually more open to conversations, which makes these activities perfect for making new connections. while. So why not give it a go? Reinvent the ‘meet-and-mingle’ and pick an activity where you can meet fellow professionals, also taking their time to unwind. What’s great about relaxed, social settings is that people here are usually more open to conversations, which makes these activities perfect for making new connections.

2. Volunteer for a cause. Give some of your time to where your heart is, and become more involved with your community in the process. Sign up for a charity event or help out at the local shelter. Put in a few hours for it after you’re done with work for the day or during the weekend alongside other people in your neighbourhood.

You might also be interested in hosting your own event. This is a good opportunity to create your network from scratch, it puts your name on the map with people.

This is a great way to meet like-minded individuals in your community, and people who share a passion for the same cause generally find it easier to connect and build better relationships.



What’s also great about volunteer work is that it enables you to observe and have a good grasp of the teamwork skills of those around you as you participate with them in your chosen project. You also get to do some good in the world. And that’s always a wonderful thing in itself. 3. Be ‘in’ with the in-crowd. Beyond meeting new people, connect with people who are well-experienced in the business. Find out the places this crowd frequents and get into these hotspots in your city, or join reputable network marketing events. You’ll be placing yourself next to other people in your field and be able to increase your chances of networking success. At the very least, this would allow you to pick up new ideas on how to connect with more people so that, with enough effort, you’d be able to apply these ideas and land yourself some excellent connections as well as some very able referrals. Furthermore, this becomes a way for you to share your own knowledge and skills, and present yourself as a good resource to others. You’ll be on their list of people to contact first when an opportunity presents itself.

4. Collaborate with another networker. The network marketing business never has to function in a ‘me-vs-you’ environment. When you’re in a rut with how to seal in a particular deal, a quick

phone-a-friend with a fellow networker might just bring you the assistance you need. Since the network marketing industry is composed of very diverse individuals, a fresh set of eyes or a different means to handle tough challenges might just do the trick. With a clear delineation and understanding of whose client you are ultimately dealing with, we can all become providers of better knowledge for others to succeed. 5. Reconnect with your past. High school and college reunions are said to be the hidden gems of the networking world because it brings you together with people whom you already have past connections with, making it easier for you to connect again. So, after reminiscing about the good old days with your former classmates, ask everyone about their careers and talk about yours. Your old buddy in Algebra class might just become your next referral.

My Rights and Obligations As a QNET Independent Representative, I will... 1. M arket and promote QNET products non-exclusively 2. Refer customers and/or new representatives to the company 3. Purchase QNET products at discounted prices 4. K now company information and attend company functions 5. Not represent QNET as its agent or employee 6. Personally promote sales by introducing new customers and servicing my existing ones 7. Train and assist my downlines

8.  Not resort to cross-lining 9.  Adhere to the 60-Day Non-Compete Clause 10. Not refer prospects to other net work marketing programmes 11. M aintain the net work integrity of the company 12. C omply with all laws, statutes, regulations and ordinances concerning the business 13. Pay local, state, provincial and federal taxes on my income as an IR 14. Remain loyal to QNET Source: QNET Policies & Procedures

My Commitment to Success “Good Business ethics starts with ME, the Leader. As a QNET Independent Representative, I will…

 Be honest and fair in my dealings with QNET;  Enhance my reputation and QNET’s positive reputation in all my professional activities;  Present the Compensation Plan accurately and honestly, clearly portraying the level of effort required to achieve success;  Present realistic income possibilities only, and solely in relation to the appropriate effort involved;  Present information of the business as stated in the Company’s official literature and from my own personal experiences;

 Carry out to my best effort all duties expected of an IR and Referrer, including training and supporting the downlines in my organisation;

 Always encourage prospect(s) developed by their initial referrers to be referred by them as well;  Be clear that QNET is a net work marketing opportunity in which my income is related to my marketing and leadership skills as well as my own personal efforts;  Treat all prospects, downlines and associates with respect, goodwill and professional courtesy;  Not entice downlines from outside my Line of Referralship to sign under my organisation;

 Abide by all Policies & Procedures that are applicable to the operation of my business;

 Not misrepresent the QNET business in any way;

 Strive to ensure that my downlines are satisfied with my service and leadership;

 Not use any advertising that I know may be false or misleading;

 Answer the questions and queries of prospects and downlines fairly and honestly;  Refer only those people that I have developed as my own downlines and/or business prospects;

 Be fair and just to my downlines and associates, and not engage in practices that may reflect unfavourably on myself, my organisation, the Company, and/or the industry;  Conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standard of integrity, frankness and responsibility;  Use the information contained in all QNET websites for my personal, non-commercial use only;  Not create any unapproved or illegal websites, which may tarnish the image of QNET and its related companies. Source: QNET Code of Ethics

This is my pledge and commitment to myself, my network and my company.”

66 QNET Around the World

A Peek into the Life of Hendri Faizal By Yudarwita Dahlan

As a top leader, what do you think is your greatest responsibility to your team? My greatest responsibility is making sure that they are successful and in order to do that, I should be a role model they can follow and be proud of. Who or what is your inspiration to push yourself to achieve? My greatest inspiration to achieve my goals is my family – my wife and my children. They are my everyday motivation. We hear you have a fascinating story about how you pushed yourself to succeed in QNET, tell us about it. When I first heard about QNET, I gave the decision to join the business a lot of thought. I could not afford it at that time. But then I thought to myself, if I did not dare to do something now, my life would never change and I was so tired of being poor. So, I took it upon myself to find ways to join QNET. One day I made it, I joined and I was happy I was doing something to change my life.

Every now and then we hear stories of the rise of great leaders and how, through their great leadership, they inspire others to pursue their dreams. They learn from daily challenges and refuse to let life’s troubles bring them down. They know how to accept help when they need it and they always have a positive word to say no matter what the situation. We had the privilege to speak with one such leader, Hendri Faizal from Indonesia. He’s had ups and downs, good times and bad, but none of those things stopped him from taking a stand as a leader and taking his team higher. Tell us about yourself at this very moment in your life and what you love about it the most? I currently live in Central Lampung, Indonesia with my wife and children. Nowadays, every morning I wake up feeling indescribable happiness and I cannot help but thank Allah for the fortune he has blessed me with through QNET.

But things took a terrible turn… Not before long, most of my uplines began to disappear. I started losing my grip, I had no one to help me or guide me. They just died out and I was losing hope. But deep within me I refused to give up. It was then that I began my search for leadership, my search for my higher uplines. I did not let myself tire and at the end of my search, I met uplines who were far, far above me in the tree – M. Ustadi and Hermansyah Zidan. They welcomed me and taught me a lot. With my persistence and the hard work of these two uplines, I was later introduced to the top leader for the Sumatra area, Kristian Alimafa. With the three of them as my mentors, my business rapidly grew three years after I joined QNET. You faced some legal issues that came your way in the beginning, do you want to share something about it and how you overcame it? Well yes, I did face some legal issues during my early years with QNET when I had not begun making any money yet. It all began when a caterer who used to serve at our business meetings created some trouble and that overflowed to people who did not fully understand the QNET business. I was so distressed and confused by the whole thing especially because I knew I did nothing wrong. That is when I found out that my top uplines, who I mentioned earlier, were ever willing to help me deal with

QNET Around the World 67

this issue. Not only did they help me financially but also psychologically and they helped me without even knowing me personally. It was then that I realised that business with QNET is not just about money, there is a strong brotherhood, a strong bond of faith amongst the network. This incident further opened my eyes and strengthened my belief in QNET, it made me believe I was in the right place with the right people. Are there any recurring challenges you face when working on the ground and what do you do to address it? Oh yes, plenty! (laughs) Especially because, even today, so many people just do not understand how direct selling works. But if you don’t want it to trouble you, you need to first be convinced yourself. You need to also focus on your goals, show commitment and loyalty and always remember to guard the integrity of the company and yourself. That’s what I do to prove to society that this business is not just real and legitimate but also wonderful. On that note, how would you describe the direct selling industry? Direct selling helps many people find a career as it does not need any specific education. I am living proof of it because I only graduated from elementary school. I came from an under-privileged family, became an orphan at barely 8 months when my mother passed away and my father disappeared soon after. But it did not matter where I came from or that I did not have any skills, direct selling gave me a reason to dream. As a company, we are working towards ‘Touching a Billion Hearts’, do you have anything to say about our big new goal? I could not be more proud to be associated with a company that aims to touch hearts and not just make money. I am in full support of this goal and urge everyone to join in.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are honoured and hope that many can learn from your perseverance. Before we end this interview, do you have a message for aspIRe readers all over the world? Thanks for listening and yes, every individual has a hidden potential. So let’s arise, awake and develop that potential to help millions of people. My principle is simple, work hard and work right.

StayBalanced! Alkalised water for you and your family.

• Antioxidant properties help prevent ageing • Hydrates the body 3 times faster than regular water • Improves the quality of water at a molecular level • Supplies minerals that boost metabolism • Stabilises and protects cells, increasing the body’s defence from bad bacteria

* BPA free certified by SGS * Approved by the NSF and certified by the FDA

Russia Focus QNET Opens Agency Office in Moscow, Russia By Amir Asanov

In January 2014, the QNET empire grew another notch with the opening of a new agency office in Moscow. The new office, which is now QNET’s 28th, facilitates the work of our Independent Representatives (IRs) in Russia, making it considerably easier to market our fantastic products to customers. QNET began selling its products in Russia over the Internet in 2010. Since then, we have learnt a lot about Russia’s direct selling market. By the end of last year, our network in Russia had grown to 13,000-networkers strong and is still growing rapidly. This rapid growth is a testament to Russians’ appetite for our products and opportunity. The new office actively assists Independent Representatives in developing their business and personal potential. Now, IRs can receive immediate local assistance for concerns like:

• • • • • • •

After-sales service A contact point for network issues Customer support Local market research Public relations Network education, particularly in ethical marketing QNET representation

“We are very happy to start a new chapter for QNET in Russia and make QNET a leader of direct sales here. I feel that Russia has great potential and our agency will monitor the market and promote ethical practice to make it even better,” said Deputy Director of Agency Mr Alexey. The new office is located in the brand new Pollars Business Center near Paveletskaya Metro Station on Derbenevskaya waterfront. The opening of the office was attended by a large crowd and executives travelled from Malaysia for both the opening and to train the six new staff who will be based in the office; a positive sign of prosperous times to come for the network in Moscow and Russia. Russia Agency Details: OOO Sky Agency Business Centre Pollars Derbenevskaya nab. 11, korp. A1, ofis B603, 115114, Moscow Tel: +7 495 645 8725

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Take a look around the world By Sandra El Lackany and Christine Pereira

So much has happened over the past year, new QNET offices, new recognitions and new ways to touch a billion hearts. Let’s take a tour around the world and see what happened where… QNET Supports CASE and DSAS Collaboration, Singapore July 2013 – QNET expressed its support for the establishment of an accreditation project between the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and the Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS). The collaboration project ‘CaseTrust – DSAS Joint Accreditation Scheme’ marks an important milestone for DSAS as it stands strong towards its commitment for ethical and proper practices in the direct selling industry. An MOU pledging the support was signed in Singapore by QNET Singapore Director of Corporate Affairs Zaheer Merchant and Chairman of DSAS Leo Boon Wang. Wang hopes that the accreditation scheme will hold its members to higher standards, translating to better service for consumers. He also believes that this scheme will raise the professionalism

not just of DSAS member companies, but of the entire direct selling industry. Expressing his fullest support for this new initiative, Merchant said QNET wishes to congratulate CASE and DSAS for their efforts in rolling out the joint accreditation scheme, “With this scheme in place, consumers can now look forward to greater transparency and a customer-friendly policy when they transact with CaseTrust-accredited direct selling companies,” he said. Meanwhile, President of CASE and Member of Parliament for Mountbatten Lim Biow Chuan said the collaboration with DSAS marks a new episode for CASE to work more closely with DSAS. Those accredited under this scheme can display the CaseTrust logo. Chuan also pointed out that these companies’ commitment to CaseTrust sends a strong signal that they will be fair to consumers. “The consumers who do business with DSAS member companies with the CaseTrust logo will know that these companies will be committed to consumer-friendly policies,” adds Chuan.

Both CASE and DSAS hope to officially launch the scheme soon. QNET Donates HomePure to a Labour Housing Area, UAE September 2013 – The Middle East regional office of QNET has donated five of its HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration Systems to a labour housing area in Al Quoz, as part of a global donations programme to commemorate the company’s 15th anniversary. Regional General Manager of QNET Khaled Diab, based in Dubai, said that the HomePure water filtration systems, one of QNET’s most renowned and

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markets for QNET! I am honoured to be here and I just want to remind all of you to keep to your commitment of raising the bar higher every day! There is so much out there to achieve – we just gotta claim it!” said Senathirajah. QNET’s London stopover followed similar events in Stockholm and Frankfurt.

successful products, would be installed in an accommodation block and would serve about 2,000 residents. “QNET has changed the lives of millions over the last decade and a half, and now, as we celebrate 15 highly successful years in business, we want to take our programme of giving back to the community to a new level. We have subsequently set ourselves the target to touch a billion hearts in various ways over the next two years,” he said. The units were presented, in conjunction with the Adopt-a-Camp charity association, by Khaled Diab along with QNET Middle East team members and IR leaders in the UAE.

European Networks Reaching for Success, United Kingdom November 2013 – Leaders and executives from QNET and The V, QNET’s training and marketing partner, met with hundreds from the UK network in London. QNET Managing Director JR Mayer and V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah arrived in appropriate British style in the back of a Rolls-Royce Phantom. “It was nothing short of an electrifying night spent talking with our IRs and leaders in the UK who are now poised to make the country one of the biggest

Two ReVCons in Africa, Morocco and Burkina Faso November 2013 – QNET held two regional conferences for its Independent Representatives (IRs) in Morocco and Burkina Faso. Dubbed ‘ReVCon Morocco’ and ‘ReVCon Burkina Faso’, the two events were reflective of the Company’s appreciation of the effort collectively exerted by IRs in Africa and its growing trust in the two promising markets. V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah said that QNET is paying close attention to the African continent especially in light of the big successes that the company has achieved in many of its countries. Based on the sales figures since January 2013, the MENA region contributes approximately 48% of sales worldwide.

72 QNET Around the World

QNET organises events such as ReVCon primarily to help provide IRs in the region with a common platform to learn from professionals in the industry, to empower them with information about QNET’s products and services, and to meet with the company officials and partners from all over the world. QNET also uses these events to recognise and felicitate all those who have been successful with the QNET business in the region. QNET East Africa, Rwanda December 2013 – QNET launched its eCommerce platform in Rwanda and announced plans for business expansion in East Africa with Rwanda hosting a new regional office. “QNET chose to establish its first African office in Rwanda because the country offers a business-friendly environment, sound infrastructure and reliable IT infrastructure,” said QNET’s Project Manager Lordever Digan. “I have been very impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of the people here, and I can see a bright future for QNET in Rwanda and East Africa,” he added. In addition to managing the company’s proprietary eCommerce platform, QNET East Africa will act as a customer service centre, an import and distribution hub as well as provide marketing support and professional training for IRs. QNET senior executives have been in close contact during the past year with Rwandan government officials, as the company prepared to establish an official corporate entity in East Africa. “On behalf of QNET, I want to thank the Rwanda Development Board, which was extremely helpful and informative during the incorporation process,” said QNET Senior Legal Officer Timothy Harney. “We’ve also consulted with officers from the Ministry of Health and revenue authorities to assure that QNET East Africa’s operations comply with all Rwandan regulations,” he said. Rwanda continues to attract major foreign companies due to the country’s conducive investment environment.

Benchmark Visit from Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, Hong Kong January 2014 – Abu Dhabi Department of Transport came for a benchmarking visit to QNET’s Hong Kong office in January 2014. QNET was referred to the Department of Transport by Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC) for its strong Customer Relationship skills. This speaks volumes for the passion, endurance and hard work as a team in QNET. This is a true reflection of partnership and professionalism shown by the Global Support Centre (GSC) employees delivering a proven award-winning service, day after day. During the two-day benchmarking

visit, they shared and harvested ideas as well as learnt from QNET’s team of experts in order to understand the key challenges faced by organisations when implementing a customer service framework and how to overcome them. They heard QNET Chief Marketing Officer Malou Caluza and MENA Regional General Manager Khaled Diab present on Organisation Efficiency and Handling Complaints and Suggestions. It is safe to say that they were completely impressed by QNET’s GSC and how they manage to do so with 23 languages in service and with a 24/7 presence. Caluza was awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation for sharing QNET’s

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Best Practices and since the Benchmark Visit, relationships with the MENA market and QNET’s presence in the UAE has improved. QNET now a Member of DCOM, Philippines February 2014 – The Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines (DCOM) is a private nonprofit organisation founded by key players in the Philippines eCommerce industry. The organisation promotes and advocates digital commerce in the country by establishing standards and best practices for a friendly and secure digital commerce industry, teaching Filipino merchants how to properly leverage on digital commerce,

making the Philippines’ digital commerce industry attractive for trade and investment, and partnering with government in shaping sound policies. QNET Philippines was inducted into the organisation as a new member, represented by its Chairman General Dioscoro L Yoro Jr. who took the membership oath along with the representatives of the other new member companies. DCOM is supported by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). During last year’s induction of officers and founding members, DTI Secretary Gregorio Domingo expressed the government’s support for the organisation’s goals. He also highlighted the importance of

eCommerce in pushing for the growth of the retail industry in the country. Remember to keep your eyes on our blog at for more updates on what QNET is up to worldwide. See you around!


Ask Jules To all our readers, here is a special interview that aspIRe magazine conducted with AUTOSPORT 2013 Rookie Driver of the Year, Jules Bianchi. How was your 2013 season? My rookie season started really positively. It was good for me, really interesting and I gained a lot of experience. What was your season highlight and biggest disappointment? The highlight was Malaysia because it was my best result, the race went really well. The United States was also great because it was good for me as well as the whole team. The most disappointing race was Suzuka because I love this track but I crashed twice and I could not finish. What’s your favourite F1 circuit? I really enjoyed the Suzuka circuit, the corners are really special and I could feel the power and speed of the car – it’s very nice. How does teamwork contribute to your success? The team is super important to me because in racing, you require teamwork to succeed. My team is really nice and so easy to work with. How do you see the 2014 season panning out? The first race was tough but in the end it was positive because we were able to finish the race. So now we just have to keep on pushing and see what we can do. Formula 1 has introduced a whole new set of rules this season, including making physical adjustments to the cars. What’s your take on the developments? (Fan question from Marvin Jurugo via Facebook) Driving wise, it is a bit different because there is a lot less down force which means less grip so this makes it more difficult.

Who’s your biggest competition this year? It’s probably my team mate, Max, because he has the same car so he’s always the one I have to compare myself with. We know we have the same car so it’s about what we can do with it. We do compare ourselves with the other drivers on the grid. What is your message to your QNET fan base around the world? (Fan question from Jeannie Tan via Instagram) Please keep watching us, keep supporting us. What would you be doing if you weren’t a race car driver? I don’t really know because I have only thought about racing since I was young. I’m a racer!

THE YEAR THAT WAS Here’s a recap of what happened with QNET and the Marussia F1 Team last year:

QNET superstars cheering the Marussia F1 Team at the Malaysia Grand Prix in March 2014.

Top Left: The Marussia F1 Team touch hearts for QNET in Dubai by inspiring the kids at Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre in October 2013. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smiles on their beautiful faces. Top Right: QNET Managing Director JR Mayer and V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah joined QNET’s EU Regional Director Joachim Steffen on tour with the Marussia F1 Team Car in Moscow, Russia. Bottom: VFan mascot entertains IRs at the Marussia F1 Team show car display at V-Malaysia 2013.


QNET Gets Behind Barclays PremiEr League

QNET struck another sporting milestone on its 15th Anniversary by featuring as a major advertising partner in the global sensation that is the Barclays Premier League. In 2013, QNET beamed out to millions of people from behind the sideline in the Arsenal against Swansea City match in August and Manchester United against Swansea City in September. As a major advertiser, QNET was flashed down the length of the pitch using high-tech video hoardings throughout each 90-minute match.The Barclays Premier League is one of the

most widely broadcast and followed sporting events in the world. “It was thrilling to see the spectacle and atmosphere of English footy injected into the QNET network. It was certainly one of the highlights of a truly fantastic year,” says QNET Managing Director JR Mayer. QNET networkers everywhere watched the matches and shared photos on social media as they followed the games and cheered on their favourite players and teams. There was added excitement in the lead up to the 28 September match between

Arsenal and Swansea as networkers guessed who might win on Facebook and went into the lucky draw to win a Bernhard H. Mayer® Chronomax or Bernhard H. Mayer® Spitfire. Over a thousand networkers participated and the lucky winners were Uddhav Welinkar of India and Ahmed Nasr of Egypt, well done chaps! The QNET crew is working hard to bring you some exciting new sporting fixtures in the year ahead, stay tuned. Make sure you don’t miss the latest QNET sports updates by visiting


World Famous in Burkina Faso Thanks to a proud QNET sporting sponsorship, the network is expanding rapidly in one small remote country in the heart of Africa – Burkina Faso. In November last year, for the second year in a row, QNET sponsored the country’s pre-eminent sporting fixture, the famous Tour du Faso. 63 cyclists from three Burkina Faso teams and one each from Algeria, Cameroon, Mali, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Germany and the Netherlands took part. Taking the coveted yellow-jersey as the overall winner was Adoul Aziz Nikiéma of Burkina Faso with cyclists from Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Germany also winning individual stages. The ten-day Tour du Faso, with roots back to the famous Tour de France, is one of Burkina Faso’s top social and sporting fixtures of the year and covers a whopping 1,300+ km of terrain in challenging 40°C heat. QNET featured prominently along the route which travels through several towns and cities. While at the end of each race during the prize giving, race winners donned QNET jerseys in front of media and the crowd. QNET Director of Sports Sponsorship Mr Joachim Steffen said he was extremely pleased that QNET could support Fédération Burkinabè de Cyclisme for a second year. “As a global company, we support sporting events all over the world because we believe they bring diverse people and communities together. We were thrilled to be associated with both the 2012 and 2013 Tour,” he said. The size of Burkina Faso’s economy places it in the bottom handful of countries globally. Yet, as a leading direct selling company, QNET offers residents the opportunity to raise themselves into sustainable employment. QNET is a committed economic player in not only Burkina Faso but the whole region. In August last year, QNET opened a new regional hub in Rwanda to serve the whole East and Central African region.

24/7 QNET GLOBAL SUPPORT CENTRE (GSC) 24 hours a day, 7days a week, in 23 languages: Azeri, Arabic, Cantonese, Chechen, English, French, German, Hausa, Hindi, (Bahasa) Indonesia, Ingush, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Malayalam, Mandarin, (Bahasa) Melayu, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Tamil, Tatar, and Turkish with more being added all the time.

INTERNATIONAL +603 7949 8288 (All languages) TOLL-FREE NUMBERS Hong Kong India

: 800 933 691 : 000 800 600 1144 : 000 800 100 7022 Indonesia : 001 803 601 923 Malaysia : 1 800 880 983 Philippines : 1 800 1 601 0053 Saudi Arabia : 800 860 1806 Singapore : 800 601 1425 Sweden : 020 795 050 Taiwan : 00801 601 347 Thailand : 1 800 060 102 Turkey* : +90 212 414 1780 UAE : 800 0600 212 USA : 1 866 578 6077 * All calls are free-of-charge when made from within the stated country, with the exception of Turkey, which is charged at local call rates (international call rates apply for calls made from outside Turkey).

For media enquiries please contact

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