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BHM @ 150 YEARS The Incredible Journey

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EDITOR’S NOTE Last year, in order to meet you all where you were in the world, Aspire Magazine went exclusively digital for the first time. That issue received outstanding support from you, our readers, and we managed to win a

GOLD trophy at the 2020 MarCom Awards!

At QNET, we believe in constantly pushing forward and aiming higher. So, following our previous success, we want to provide you with an even more engaging experience that goes beyond simply reading words and browsing through pictures. This issue of Aspire is packed with features which you can click through to get even MORE content, including videos and other rich media we have created just for you. Now, start flipping these pages and clicking away! We hope this issue brings you even more joy and inspiration to reach for new heights and keep growing. In Service,

Regine P.

Editor-In-Chief Regine P. Managing Editor Khun H. Art Director Yusri D. Editorial Board Ramya C. Victoria A. Contributors Sarah K. Ivan A. Charlene A. Suganthi S. Rita S. Cassandra T. Loreen O. Keisha U. Jeannie T. Anju L. Pravit N. Nahatai T. Namon C.



5 • Rise Up for Change 7 • Inspire Others to Dream


8 • QNET Wins


10 • Your 2021 Travel Guide 12 • Put Yourself First! 14 • Stay Fit, Healthy, & Hydrated 16 • A Healthy Home is a Happy Home 18 • The Journey of Bernhard H. Mayer® 20 • 2021 Accessory Trends for Him & Her 22 • Redefine Your Energy 24 • Invest in Yourself


26 • #VCC2020: Going Digital & Beyond 28 • Water for Africa 30 • Navigating The Modern Entrepreneurial World 32 • Aspire to Be Your Best Self


34 • How To #DoItRight with QNET 36 • Lessons from the Pandemic 38 • Nurturing Your Network is the Foundation of Success 40 • Achievers’ Club


42 • Going Strong with QNET City 44 • A True QNET Champion




Others to


providing our distributors with unmatched service every step of the way in their direct selling journey. We also recognise that our greatest assets are our people. We are committed to giving you all the support you need to succeed and inspire others to become successful, as well.

The unprecedented pandemic has given the direct selling industry an opportunity to rise as a business model that can withstand recessions. Restrictions have been imposed globally to flatten the curve, leaving people with no other choice except to embrace change and turn a crisis into a golden opportunity for growth. Adapting to radical changes maybe new to others, but to us here at QNET, it is second nature. We were established at the height of a global financial crisis and have weathered many changes – each of which made us stronger and reignited our vision. For over two decades, we have helped thousands of distributors write their own success stories, not only through the benefits of our exclusive lifestyle products, but also through our dynamic compensation plan. The QNET Compensation Plan evolves as we evolve,

Now more than ever, there is an exceptional demand for more income opportunities other than traditional employment and businesses. It just so happens that, in QNET, this is exactly what we do best. Not only do we provide a potential source of income; we also inspire people to dream. Margaret Wheatley, an American author once said, “Give people resources, give them a sense of direction, give them a sense of their own power and just have tremendous faith that they’ll figure it out.” This is what we aspire to provide our global QNET Family. We are dedicated to providing you with all the tools and support that you need to build a winning culture of success and empower others to achieve with you. Reach for your dreams and inspire countless others to do the same!

Malou Caluza Chief Executive Officer



Finest Timepieces of Swiss Origin



xtraordinary times call for extraordinary people. With this business, we have proven that we can conquer anything, and emerge better and stronger. We rise to the occasion to pursue our dreams and raise up other people. For us in direct selling, change is limitless as it is a great opportunity to grow. This is why I am beyond grateful for how much we have grown in the past year, and extremely excited with how farther we can rise to—together. This 2021, know in your heart that you are in this journey for a reason. The decision you made to be with us here today already speaks volumes of your growth in character. You are here not only for your own success, but for the people around you as well. Every time you rise for your dreams, you enable yourself to also help someone in changing their life through this business. We believe that you are made for greater things, so embrace this change and never look back. You are now a step closer to achieving your goals. Let’s make it count. Welcome to the best adventure of your life! Welcome to QNET!

Chief Pathman Senathirajah




QNET WINS 2020 has been a year full of wins for us! We take pride in the work that we do to support our distributors through their journey to success in QNET. We are so proud that our efforts to create the best content possible for our network are recognised through these awards. These awards are for you, QNET family! Together, let’s win more! Bronze Stevie®

2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards For our innovation and our performance-driven partnership with Manchester City Football Club

Bronze Stevie®

17th Annual International Business Awards For the Best Use of Social Media for Covid-19 Related Information, with our campaign ‘QNET Comes Together For Tomorrow’

9 Gold

7 Annual Globee Awards® th

For our ‘QNET Comes Together For Tomorrow’ campaign and providing key business support information to our distributors during the pandemic

Two Golds

2020 MarCom Awards For ‘QNET and Direct Selling: Revolutionising the Future of Entrepreneurship’ in the category of Informational Video For our fan favourite Aspire magazine in the category of Print Media

Four Trophies, One Honourable Mention 2021 AVA Digital Awards Platinum for our YouTube Marketing Video, ‘Live Your Best Life with QNET’ Gold for our Corporate Image Video, ‘QNET Gives Back to Communities Through RYTHM Foundation’ Gold for our White Board Video, ‘The Difference Between Direct Selling and Pyramid Schemes’ Gold for our QBuzz Blog Honourable Mention for our Covid-19 Digital Response with ‘QNET Comes Together For Tomorrow’



Your 2021 Travel Dubai Guide 2021’s Hottest Destination

Everything you need to know to set this year’s travel mood

The world is slowly reopening with new procedures in place and leading the revival of travel is the City of Gold. Basking in the glow of its tourism spike, Dubai remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

11 ai b u D r Ou inations Dest n, lling soo e v a r t e If you’rp these safety kee ind. tips in m

What’s New QVI Club Destination Guide Everything you need to spread the word about QVI Club

Sea You Soon in Prana Resort Nandana Our QVI Family in Thailand are excited for your next visit!

2020’s Funniest Moments

Follow us for more travel tips and updates!



Put Yourself First! Self-care tips while staying at home Practice healthy habits Brush twice a day, every day Ensure the health of your teeth and your gums with Prospark, our top-of-the-line non-fluoride toothpaste that is also vegan friendly.

Sanitise your hands Biosilver 22 Gel with its SilverSol

technology and its antibacterial and anti-viral properties is perfect for protect you and your family from germs. It is also great for wiping down surfaces to keep your loved ones safe.

13 Maintain a regular skincare routine

Keep your skin healthy

Skincare does not have to be complicated. All you need are the right products.


Everything a man needs for his skin in a 2-step routine

Physio Radiance

Keep your skin looking radiant and healthy with this complete skincare line

Treat your skin to regular spa-like facials Facial treatments are a must in the best skincare routines. Treat yourself to regular “Me Time” with a personal facial spa wherever you are. Physio Radiance Visage+ will ensure your skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated, nourished, and rejuvenated — everything it needs for a healthy glow.



Stay Fit, Healthy, & Hydrated With Coach

Pete & Belite 123 Don’t miss out on our Belite Fitness Programme! Coach Pete shares exercise routines and tips especially for you.

Why Belite 123? 1

Give yourself and your system the boost it needs


Avoid overeating


Detox your body regularly

15 Magnesium

The Mighty Mineral You May Be Missing The H2 in H2Go is made up of a proprietary blend of pure magnesium.

What is magnesium? It is the fourth most abundant mineral in our bodies, and it plays a crucial role in our lives.

What does it do? • Helps with bone health • Lowers the risk of vitamin D deficiency • Makes more than 300 over enzymatic reactions in the body possible • Supports muscle health and eases contractions • Promotes relaxation and aids in restful sleep

How much do you need? The recommended daily intake for magnesium is 420 mg for males and 320 mg for females.

Get your H2GO today!



A HEALTHY HOME IS A HAPPY HOME Household Essentials for a Healthy Life

With many of us having to spend more and more time indoors, it’s important to make sure we create an optimal environment for our health and happiness. The air we breathe, the water we drink – these elements are essential to our well-being. Therefore, their quality makes a big impact on how we think, feel, and ultimately, live. When you stay at home, the likelihood of your house accumulating dirt and dust increases, so take the necessary steps to create a healthy environment. Make cleaning the house a fun family project. Open your windows every now and then for ventilation and fresh air. Even better, invest in a high-quality air purification system to help clear out the pollutants that make their way inside

HomePure Zayn’s 5-stage air purification system:

• Purifies the air in your home by removing up to 99.8% of airborne particulates, allergens, viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi, bad odour • Protects you and your loved ones from e-smog


HomePure Nova has a 9-stage water filtration system that:

Just like with clean air, we also need clean water every day. But what if the quality of your water supply has been compromised? We may not have control over external factors, but we can control the state of water in our own homes. The best way to do this is by investing in a complete water filtration system, an excellent step to living a healthier life.

• Removes viruses and bacteria • Filters out contaminants • Improves the taste of your water • Turns tap water into Pi-Water

Home Pure Prefilter 1-mc Protects your filter cartridge so it can provide up to 5,000 litres of clean, safe drinking water

HomePure NovaSoft Controls the hardness of metropolitan tap water to an optimal level



The Journey of

Bernhard H. Mayer® This year we are celebrating 150 years of the Bernhard H. Mayer ® – a strong legacy that has brought us the finest Swiss made watches and jewellery through the most excellent craftmanship. Let us take a trip to rediscover the amazing milestones in this beloved brand’s history.

First to Second Generation 1871

A young entrepreneur, Bernhard H. Mayer sets up shop in Pforzheim, Germany – a small town that would later be renowned for jewellery and watchmaking. Bernhard picks up a passion for engraving pocket watches, which would eventually become the foundation for the modern Swiss timepieces of Bernhard H. Mayer®.


The Mayers receive their first contract to create commemorative medals for European Royalty and Nobility, and their name becomes synonymous with high precision craftsmanship.


Bernhard H. Mayer becomes a prominent figure in Pforzeim. He becomes the first in the city to purchase and drive and automobile, as inspired by his relative Bertha Benz, wife of automobile inventor Carl Benz.


The Mayer name crosses national borders and becomes an international brand after winning the silver medal at the World‘s Fair in Paris, France.

Early 1900s

Bernhard’s son, Rudolf, expands the family business to minting coins and medallions for various international markets.

19 Third to Fourth Generation 1930s

The third generation of the Mayer family takes over. Bernhard becomes the chief artist, designer, and sculptor, while his brother Eberhard manages the business.

1939 to 1945

The Mayer factory offices are destroyed during World War II and it would take 16 years to rebuild the family business.


The fourth generation Mayer, also named Bernhard, takes over and expands across the Atlantic into the United States of America.

1971 1961

The Mayer brand recovers and the business is stronger than ever.

1962 1936

The House of Mayer manufactures gold and silver medals for the Olympics held in Berlin, Germany.

The Mayers are commissioned to create medallions to commemorate the peace treaty between Charles de Gaulle of France and Konrad Adenauer of Germany.

The Bernhard H. Mayer® family celebrates 100 years of excellent craftsmanship.

1980s and 90s

The Mayer family taps into coin watches and coin jewellery successfully, signifying a new era for the Mayer brand.


Bernhard H. Mayer® enters into a strategic partnership with the QI Group, a journey that continues till date.

2006 1937

The Mayer brand is awarded the Gold medal at the World’s Fair in Paris, France.

Bernhard H. Mayer® moves base to Switzerland, the global mecca of watchmaking.

The Legacy of Bernhard H. Mayer ®



ccessory A TrendsforHim



Striking pendants, watches, and bracelets – Bernhard H. Mayer®’s ever-expanding range of elegantly crafted jewelleries and timepieces are designed to flaunt your personality. Treat yourself and look great on any occasion with our exquisite luxury collection. A sure confidence booster!

Le Classique Chronograph

Le Classique Stainless Steel

21 Double Leaf Diamond Pendant Golden Cove Diamond Pendant

Sun and Earth Diamond Pendant

Unity Diamond Pendant Golden Comets Diamond Pendant Trinity Diamond Gold Pendant Blue Breeze Pendant

Elegance with A Conscience Elevate your jewellery collection with our stunning ethically and sustainably produced pieces. Bliss Hoop Earrings



Redefine Your Energy Electromagnetic Fields, or EMFs, are everywhere and they are growing stronger in a world constantly moving towards the next technological advancement. This invisible field of energy and information impacts our bodies negatively by interfering with our own highly sensitive electrical systems. They weaken our life force, causing low immunity and ill health. It is now time to rebalance your life force and refocus your energies towards better, healthier living.

RECONNECT, REBALANCE, REENERGISE The ultimate wearable tech that will: Balance your biofield

Boost your energy

Protect yourself from e-smog

Improve your sleep quality

Returns you to a natural, coherent state Activates your natural defences

Enhance positivity and creativity Manifest effortlessly

Helps you feel more awake and energised Promotes rest and relaxation

23 Self-care for well-being The energy planes of nature






Your energy system needs to be always balanced and in harmony. While the natural energy planes are independent of each other, they are still able to lose their balance. Should this happen, a disruption will be felt. An incredible way to reharmonise your personal and environmental energy systems regularly is with the help of Amezcua!

The Amezcua Chi Pendant 4

Powered by

Brought to you by

The latest in self-care technology Learn more about how Amezcua products can help you look after yourself.



Invest in Yourself

Top 5

Courses toTake in 2021

Online education has been around for years, as an option for people who wish to continue learning outside the confines of a traditional classroom setting. Now, in the new normal, it has become more valuable than ever to invest in improving your skills and knowledge. Fortunately, learning in the digital age is fun, interactive, and easy to access from anywhere you want. Check out some of our favourite courses from qLearn, which you can enrol in today!

25 Leading and Managing Change

Certified Network Marketer+

This past year showed us just how inevitable change can be – sometimes in a way that is so major, it shakes the whole world. What can we as leaders do to prepare ourselves to ensure we, our careers, and our businesses stay competitive and relevant in these times? How do we drive positive change and manage the process towards reassessing and achieving goals and objectives?

Whether you’re just beginning your direct selling and network marketing journey or already experienced in the field, as long as you have the passion, optimism and enthusiasm, this dynamic and comprehensive course is for you!

Get certified!

Find out more! Find out more!

Boost your business savvy! Business Skills Business Management Risk Management



Round two of VCC surely surpassed the first! With 350,000 attendees (150,000 more than last year!), we showcased exciting product launches, inspirational V Ambassadors from around the world, and showed everyone just how much we live up to the hype. 2021 is our year. Are you ready?

#VCC2021 Going Digital & Beyond

Highlights from our Second V-Convention Connect


“Make QNET your vehicle. Learn how to drive it. Have faith that this vehicle can take you where you want to be.” – Joseph Bismark

“After this VCC, become a lean, mean presentación machine.”

“Anybody who does something amazingly well does it with courage, conviction and clarity of mind.” – Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran

– Pathman Senathirajah

Check out Our Fun Product Presentations!



Water for Africa For years, girls and women in rural Iringa, Tanzania had to walk for 11 kilometres to get their water supply, which more often than not was contaminated. Villagers shared their water source with wild animals, and these young girls often risked either animal attacks or rape along their journey to fetch water. Despite boiling the water people still contracted diseases from it. Unfortunately, they had no other choice but to go back to the same river as it was their only source of water.

The plight of these poor Tanzanians caught the attention of Australian couple Phil and Julie Hepworth who set up the Water for Africa (WFA) project through which they raised funds to build water wells for the community. Each well costs about USD 5,000 and provides water to 3,000 villagers. Since 2015, they have built 45 wells. They soon realised that building the wells alone was not sufficient and was only a short-term fix. The water wells need to be maintained and require repair resulting from wear and tear with use, all of which incur additional expenses.

29 This is when RYTHM Foundation stepped in and partnered with WFA to establish the Footprint project with the aim of providing a longterm solution and building capacity within the community to make it self-sustaining in the long term. Under this project, WFA identified 50 acres of land and worked with the local community to train villagers in farming avocado and macadamia nuts. Profits from the harvest of this plantation are being channelled to the building, maintenance, and repair of the water wells. Community members are also being trained in maintenance skills. Over the next few years, around 2 million people will benefit from the Footprint project.

With funding from RYTHM Foundation, WFA is now also able to automate the water indication and has also installed a solar power source to make the project even more eco-friendly. With all these measures in place, the locals are now able to take ownership to maintain the water wells and would no longer need funds from foreigners to build new ones. Water for Africa’s Footprint project is one of the many sustainable community projects supported by RYTHM Foundation, in collaboration with registered NGOs and International Foundations, to reach out and assist underserved communities around the world.



Navigating The Modern Entrepreneurial World

31 In-Trend with

Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran The pandemic brought about a surge of change all around us. We saw a dive in the stock market, decades old businesses closed down within weeks, and millions lost their jobs overnight. Companies were no longer focusing on beating their competition. Instead, they redirected their efforts to their own survival, pivoting their business model to stay relevant in a time of great uncertainty. However, those who approached this crisis as an opportunity for change and innovation are coming out of this crisis stronger. Our very own Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran launched the In-Trend video series on YouTube to share his advice and tips on navigating the unchartered path and practising detachment as an importance aspect of entrepreneurship during times of uncertainty. Watch the videos below.



Aspire to Be Your Best Self Train Yourself for the Future All businesses aim to become the next disruptor, not the disrupted. However, the past year has brought about a drastic turn of events for the global economy. The shutdown of major businesses from various industries due to the pandemic seemed endless. But not for us here at QNET and The V. Are you ready to face a crisis? Nobody knows when a crisis will come. And yet, here we are today. We are able to face the biggest challenge of the century because we started our training 22 years ago.

Are You Going to be a Fly or a Bee? Is there goodness in everyone? Definitely. But is there also garbage in everyone? Absolutely. Each one of us has the tremendous capacity to achieve our limitless potential. However, being able to do so requires us to exert a lot of effort, not just in our daily actions, but most importantly, in our mindset. We decide what takes place in our lives. I can. I must. I will. Are you going to accept garbage or goodness?

33 What does it take to become successful? How can great leaders inspire action? The answer to achieving success in this business lies within each and every one of us. We need to learn to be prepared for whatever challenges the future might bring and remember to refuel our passion just like when we first started in the business. We need to constantly practice positivity and learn how to manage our attention, not our time. Learn from these videos by Mr Joseph Bismark.

Refuel Your Passion Passion needs to be revived and refueled on a regular basis. But what do you do when the fire is no longer burning? We are where we are today because of our passion when we started. So, you must remember that your passion fuels your downlines, your network, and our company. How are you refueling it?

Manage Your Attention, Not Your Time The more you plan your day, the less urgent matters will be facing you on a day-to-day basis. Have you ever planned your day by the hour or by the minute, and yet still feel unproductive at the end of the day? People say that you are what you attend to, so what have you been spending your attention on most lately — important matters or urgent concerns?



How To


with QNET

As part of our pledge to give you all the tools you need to become a direct selling success, here is our list of 10 golden rules to #DoItRight in the business. This is a mustfollow guideline of things you should avoid as you commit to building a professional and sustainable product sales business. As you champion these rules, QNET will set you up for success with a promise to give you the best quality products, an unmatchable compensation plan, and an access to learn from the best of the best.

35 10 Golden Rules to #DoItRight This list is a handy guide of what NOT to do so that together we can create a healthy, thriving, and sustainable business that is the best in the direct selling industry. Keep them in mind always as you conduct your business.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Don’t extort or force people into recruitment. Don’t steal or cheat money given to buy products and for recruitment. on’t misrepresent the Compensation Plan, especially by D guaranteeing fixed income. Don’t recruit by offering job opportunities with guaranteed income. Don’t claim we are an ‘investment opportunity’ to represent the business. Don’t overpromise what the product can do. Don’t violate the guidelines for operating home offices. Don’t recruit minors. Don’t talk to the media on behalf of QNET. Don’t control someone else’s Quest Account and Virtual Office without permission.

Consider this a list of red lines you should not cross as a distributor. By following these golden rules, you will ensure that you are not only the best direct seller you can be, but that you are also conducting your business 100% professionally and ethically. With these rules, you become a QNETPRO and a role model every direct seller can look up to!



Lessons from the


By Malou Caluza

It’s hard to imagine a year of greater change, or opportunity, for direct sellers, than 2020. As long as you have adapted to the change and learned valuable lessons from the pandemic from the past year, there has never been a better time for everyone than now. In this article, QNET CEO Malou Caluza talks about the three most important lessons you can learn from the pandemic.



. There is no turning away from digitisation

Video calls, contactless payments, e-learning, and online shopping are now a part of our daily lives. There is no turning back from this. Direct selling businesses have always had a combination of online and offline support systems for their networks but in this past year going 100% online was the only option. Those who educated their distributors and provided them with tools and support to help them build their business online, thrived!


. Focus on your leaders


. Learn to move on from mistakes

People are at the heart of any direct selling business. The lasting relationships direct selling companies build with their leading distributors shapes their growth and evolution. It is during times of crisis that people need to hear from you on a regular basis. Communicate, communicate, communicate. There is no substitute to this. The swift and massive spread of Covid-19 is perhaps one of the hardest-hitting crises the entire modern world has experienced in the last 100 years. Considering the situation, mistakes were inevitable – everyone was trying to wade through unfamiliar waters. The trick is to not let these mistakes get to you. The best course of action is to understand the cause and prevent it from happening again. Learn from mistakes and setbacks quickly and move on because even in the midst of a crisis, the world does not wait for you to recover.



Nurturing Your Network is the Foundation of Success Chief Pathman Senathirajah lays down the reasons why many distributors fail in keeping their network active. Learn all about why nurturing your network instead of trying to build it blindly is the best way forward to networking success.

The Greatest Challenge in Direct Selling “The greatest challenges we face today in the industry, as Dato Sri Vijay highlighted to me a few days ago, is that a person who signs up needs to understand what he or she needs to do. However, the greatest danger is that you sign up somebody, and then you dump five videos on them. You force them to attend a training or watch zoom training by the upline. But there’s not enough to guide them one on one,” says Chief.

39 The Rambutan Syndrome Getting the rambutans down from the tree is difficult. You’d have to throw stones at it in the hopes you’d be successful. Chief compares this to distributors throwing videos at their sign ups in the beginning. You might sign up a few people this way, but unless your prospects are nurtured with intention, they will stay on the tree. “The saddest statistic in direct selling is the number of people who sign up and don’t even get started. That means they give up before starting.

The reason is the person who signs them up, thinks that get job is over the minute they process the signer, and then give him three videos ask him to attend an event. Right? It’s almost like the rambutan syndrome.”

How to Build the Foundation of Success Create a golden rule with yourself about how you will carry all of your direct referrals to success. Set the right expectations, and explain the direct selling industry to them instead of throwing videos at them.

Reaching the Platinum and Diamond ranks in the Achievers’ Club is no easy feat, which is one of the many reasons why those who make it are our role models. Not only do they exemplify determination and diligence, they are the epitome of leadership and hard work. Check out these stories from some of our Platinum and Diamond Stars around the world.

V Council Member Midhulaj SP

V Council Member and Diamond Star Midhulaj is most-known for achieving Platinum despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Before he joined QNET, between paying his bills and sending money back to his family, all his finances were spoken for. Thanks to QNET, he was able to fulfil his duties towards his family and also secure his future dreams.

“I learnt that to be an Achiever, you need to see the QNET opportunity as what it is – an endless sea of possibilities.”

V Council Member Mohanad Adnan Al Jaraki

V Council Member Mohanad’s life before QNET was an endless routine of working to pay bills. Once he found QNET, his biggest dreams for his life came true. It took him just 21 days to earn his first cheque. Seeing his efforts be rewarded with regular cheques, he decided to join full-time and eventually made his way to becoming a Diamond Star.

“An Achiever works constantly on self-development and following the principles of leadership.”

Achievers’ Club Associate V Partner Nidaa Ryweck

Born to an American dad and a Fijian mom, and currently living in the UAE, Associate V Partner and Platinum Star Nidaa Ryweck has lived an adventure that most people would not be able to boast of in their lifetimes. Since she turned 18, she’d been working several jobs, until she moved on to fully focus on building her QNET business.

“I learnt to work on myself from within, to change internally, and that absolutely nothing is impossible.”

V Council Member Baurzhan Uali

Hailing from a small village in Kazakhstan called Sariozek, V Council Member and Platinum Star Baurzhan Uali was a college student before he heard about direct selling. He had an unquenchable thirst to change his life and so when his brother first introduced him to QNET, there was no looking back.

“I want my team to work on the QNET Opportunity with all their hearts, investing their time and energy and, most importantly, their spirit!”

V Council Members Abid Pottayil & Asma Abid

Power couple, V Council Members and Platinum Stars Abid Pottayil and Asma Abid rose from being constantly worried about their future to thriving in the business. He gave up his career as a mechanical engineer, and she took a leap from being unemployed to being full time in QNET. Despite facing rejections, they stayed resilient, and their hard work has paid off for all the world to see.



Going Strong



Since we first launched our partnership in 2014, QNET and Manchester City Football Club (Man City) have worked closely together in championing our shared values of teamwork, resilience, and RYTHM. While 2020 had been tough for everyone, including those of us in direct selling and sports, QNET City proved to be a bastion of strength and camaraderie, ever driven to succeed through hard work, passion, and dedication.

An Award-Winning Partnership QNET and Man City displayed a spectacular teamwork that scored us industry goals, as our partnership brought us a Bronze Stevie at the 2020 Asia-Pacific Awards® for Innovation in Sponsorships.

43 A Must-Have The Cimier QNETCity Collection Bold, stylish, and equipped with high-performing capacity, the QNETCity Collection of watches is designed to reflect everything that is emblematic of our partnership with Manchester City FC.

Show the Love for Mother Earth We’re keeping environmental sustainability at the forefront by ensuring each watch is carefully stored and packaged in modern, eco-friendly boxes.

Watch the most epic Man City milestones






2020 was a spectacular year for V Council Member Chetan Korada, our Star QNET Brand Ambassador, as he recorded a massive win at the MRF Saloon Car Championship, in the first round held in Chennai, India. VC Chetan has become an inspiration to us by being the first ever Asian racer to win a race using prosthetic legs. Being a bi-lateral amputee has never held him back from pursuing his passions and achieving his dreams. He has proved to the world that perseverance will help you achieve success, and that no obstacle is greater than your passion to conquer your dreams. We are honoured and proud of his achievements and we look forward for more to come!


With the world fast evolving from computers to smartphones, the QNET Mobile App is set to become your go-to resource for managing all business-related activities. We have leveled up the mobile app recently to ensure your businesses can be managed with greater ease and a range of functionalities, which are unavailable elsewhere! Designed and built by the users, for the users, the ultimate goal of the app is to allow distributors to run their QNET direct selling business from the palm of their hand, anytime and anywhere.

Mobile App Exclusive Features! • Professional Marketing Exam Module and Certification • Enhanced user experience across all available functionalities • Exclusive and realtime Push Notifications on promos and business updates • Improved online security through One-Time Passwords (OTP)

What’s new? •e -Voucher Redemption You can now redeem exclusive QNET products using your e-Vouchers in the QNET Mobile App! •O rder History View your Order History on-the-go. The improved and simplified display is only available in the QNET Mobile App. •A dded payment options for your business needs.

More exciting features will be added soon so watch out for it! The QNET Mobile App is available in 5 languages. Download it today and take your business to the next level!