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Issue 6 & 7 V-Con Double Issue January - June 2010

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Home Sweet Home

Purify and energise your home’s water with HomePure

Money Matters in MLM Taxes, commissions & creating true wealth

Direct Selling Champion

• QNet Executive Chairperson nominated for ‘Best of the Best’ • Company Director appointed DSAS Honorary Treasurer

A True Platform for Performance QNet backs the AFC Champions League & GP2 Asia Racing

“There is nothing easy, especially if you want to achieve something great...�

Alexander Rossi GP2 Driver Team Malaysia


Issue 6 & 7 V-Con Double Issue January - June 2010

14 Welcome to Message From Corporate

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Donna Imson, QNet Executive Chairperson Creating Wealth Wealth As A Mindset JR Mayer, QNet Managing Director Welcome to QNet! Your Journey Continues Pathman Senathirajah, The V Managing Director Obstacle Or Opportunity? It’s Your Choice


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A New Era. A New Home.

News Flash! QNet News and Events


Added Value

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Commissions On Sales Aids Why It’s Not Part Of The Plan

Speak Out Beyond Financial Freedom The Business That Gives You More Than You Expect


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A Caring Company Recognised For Three Consecutive Years

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Interview With A Rising Star Alexander Rossi

Only The Best Of The Best Ms Donna Imson Nominated For ‘Best of the Best’ Industry Award Company Director Appointed To DSAS As Honorary Treasurer Standing Up For Your Rights QuestNet Singapore Joins In The ‘Our Money, Our Rights’ Event On The Road QNet Product Training Around The World Programme In World Vision History Kick-Off With QNet The Official Direct Selling Supporter Of AFC Champions League Scores High In Football Debut

Team Malaysia QI-MeritusMahara Wins The Hearts Of Malaysians, Including The Prime Minister The RYTHM That Resonates Around The World Looking Back On RYTHM Foundation’s Endeavours Reaching Out Helping Children In Some Of The Poorest Regions Of The World Champion Golfer Thongchai Jaidee Unveils His Secret To Success

The Power To Make A Difference

Taxes & You Network Marketing Is A Taxable Business The Secret To A Good Memory Isn’t It Great When Someone Remembers Your Name?




QNet’s Chief Information Officer Ensures The Potential Of IT Adding Value To The Company


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Vegetarianism Series Eat Green & Stay Healthy Healthy Smoothie Time To Detoxify Your System Food

QNet Select QNet Select A Showcase of QNet Favourites

19 V-Con

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Fashion Umayal Collection Visions of Classic Beauty Bernhard H. Mayer® Racing Ahead

Travel Indonesia The Land Of The Unexpected Making Memories Even Better In Real Life!

Your Knowledge Centre

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The Beast Of Beauty The Toxic Ingredients Hidden In Your Skin Care Products Water Filtration Systems Choosing The Right One Want To Be A Successful Athlete? How To Get The Most Out Of Your Athletic Potential



Network Support Group (NSG) Here To Serve You

UN Director and QNet IR Bakary Kante talks about his experiences with QNet, its products and business opportunity, and the book that helped transform his life.

Explore QNet’s new product launches for V-Con!


The Umayal Collection Discover 10 pages of stunning jewellery inspired by nature! Plus, read an interview with Datin Umayal Eswaran, the woman behind the collection.

Why pick Olé? Selected from the world’s best... Grown in Australia Branch-to-bottle processing Natural properties maintained Using only fresh-picked, alive olive leaves Made from pure and natural ingredients Comparisons with Antioxidant “SUPER JUICES” Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) TAC = Hydrophylic ORAC + Lipophylic ORAC (umol TEL/Litre) Noni Juice 17,998 Mangosteen Juice 56,994

Acai & Guarana 59,994

That’s 500 better tha% plance!2.nd ..

Goji Juice 81,000

507,184 0

50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000 350,000 400,000 450,000 500,000

Total Antioxidant Capacity-(TAC) umol TE/Litre

Jodi A. Hammond

Mallika Khuansathavoranit

Desiree Jumchai

Chanatthanan Jonglaekha

Ramya Chandrasekaran

Jesada Siraprapawan

Vidya Madhavan

Gerald P. Nehra

Leanne Chao

Tharinat Phatthararangrong

Puddhi Dheppratum

Mallika Utsanaruchi

Corporate Messages>

Christophe Altaie

Nares Chartchuer

Pornsuk Ulangpan

Pimpattra Chusa-Nga

Donna Imson

JR Mayer

Jeremy Guessoum

Rita Suttarno

Siti Rasiqah

Norhani Ahmad Jaya

Wytchugyn Gymtsoohk

Napadol Boonlue

Sucharn Pongtaikul

Srisumeth Rittipairoj

Felisa Tangsanga

Pathman Senathirajah

Richard E. Zinkiewicz

Ann Choy

Gil Cadiz

Juergen Michel

Olivia Ho

Wirakarn Wangsuekul

Sarayoot Teparos

Phattaraporn Kitkaew

Rebranding Disclaimer: The articles within this issue may contain references to both QuestNet and QNet. This is due to the fact that some of the events occurred before QuestNet’s relaunch as QNet.

General Disclaimer: This magazine has been created to offer a comprehensive view of products offered by QNet. The products featured in this magazine may not be available in all countries. Interested parties should contact their local Network Support Centre (NSC) for product availability.

QNet Has Arrived With the new QNet making its decorated debut at V-Malaysia 2010, we thought that aspIRe magazine should be adequately mega to mark this momentous occasion! Inside, you can be introduced to the new QNet by Managing Director JR Mayer (page 11) and read all about what QNet means to you in our feature article on pages 14-15.

QNet provides all content in this magazine as is without warranty of any kind to the extent allowed by applicable law, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of intellectual property.

To find out all about the new products being launched at V-Con, just head straight to pages 19-23 for a detailed wrap up, and check out pages 40-49 for a very special fashion spread to celebrate the V-Con launch of the Umayal Collection of stunning, nature-inspired jewellery by Datin Umayal Eswaran.

Any content published in this magazine should not be relied on for important personal, financial or business decisions. Readers are advised to seek professional help for appropriate advice.

Also in this issue, find out the true meaning of ‘wealth’ with QNet Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson (page 9), get some finance tips from leading US direct selling attorney Gerald Nehra (pages 24-25), and consider some of the tax implications within the network marketing business on page 31.

QNet reserves the right to change and/or modify the content and presentation of the magazine without prior notice.

Copyright © QNet / 2010. All rights reserved. Copyrights and/or other intellectual property rights on all designs, graphics, logos, images, photos, texts, trade names, trademarks, etc., in this publication are reserved. The reproduction, transmission, or modification of any part of the contents of this publication is strictly prohibited.

This special V-Con double issue of aspIRe magazine is bigger than ever and we hope you enjoy all the news, updates, stories and information within! With two issues jam-packed into this one magazine, we hope you enjoy your V-Malaysia experience with aspIRe by your side. We’d love to hear what you think about the magazine, about your new QNet, and anything else you’d like to share. Please email us at Yours in service, Jodi A. Hammond

Warm-Hearted Love



hat is wealth to you? How do you personally define it? How do you qualify its importance to your life? One very practical way of making your own definition is by formulating a well-thought answer to this question: how long can you survive at your current standard of living if you quit your job today? Your signing up as a QNet Independent Representative is by far one of the wisest decisions that you have ever made in your life. It was a bold step, a leap of faith that brought you to the once-elusive state of financial freedom.

Wealth to me is a mindset. It is an attitude, and creating wealth goes far beyond making money. Your wealth should outstrip your needs and allow you to pursue your passions and your professional mission. More important desires like meaningful work, fruitful relationships, self-improvement and giving back to society now have a bigger influence on your choices in life. In creating wealth, I can think of only three simple but effectual principles: 1. Money is not the goal. Borrowing the words of It’s Not About the Money author Bob Proctor, “Creating wealth has very little to do with focusing on money… what it has to do with is your mind, attitude, and the way you think.”

But should you rest on these laurels? No. The next best direction is to pursue the noble goal of creating wealth! While being an astute money manager brings you closer to wealth creation, you also have to work on the progress of other aspects of wealth. It’s not about the money but your mental disposition towards money. In fact, you’ll realise that making money is relatively easy. Your mental disposition could be far more unyielding.

2. Give and you shall receive. Shifting your focus and energy from getting to giving, putting others’ interest first and continually adding value to their lives – these actions ultimately lead to unexpected returns.

Creating wealth should be done in a two-pronged approach: making enough money and building the mental discipline to make that money work for you, not control you. It always pays to examine your current financial state by asking yourself, “Is my wealth working for me?”

3. Add value to what you give. Giving is not just an act. It is a process. It is a personal philosophy. The heart and mind partners in discerning whom to give, what to give, how to give, what better ways to supplement your gift and how significant the impact of this gift is to the receiver.

Here is a sound perspective on wealth: just because you earn a lot of money doesn’t mean you are wealthy. You are wealthy when your money works for you. To become wealthy, your ultimate job is to acquire money and put it to work so it would make more money for you, enabling you to live the lifestyle of which you’ve always dreamed.

Wealth could be had and could be used in many different ways. But in my book, I look to the kind of wealth that I could achieve, enjoy and readily share with family, friends and total strangers, too! QNet gives me that opportunity. It is the same opportunity that is changing the lives of so many QNet IRs around the world – and it is the same opportunity that can be availed by millions more when they are touched by the life-changing ripples of RYTHM.


Welcome to Your Journey Continues JR Mayer Managing Director QNet Ltd


hey say that a change is as rejuvenating as a holiday… Well, I am more excited right now than I have ever been in anticipation of a holiday.

I am so proud to present to you the new QNet – a new brand, a new company, a new range of products, a new visual identity... it’s a complete transformation. This is more than just a minor change; this is a paradigm shift. You are part of history in the making. And I hope you are as excited to be a part of it as I am. There comes a time in every company’s evolution, when it must take stock of where it stands, how far it has come, and what it needs to do to get to where it wants to be in the future. Because that is when a company can evolve, grow and strive to reach unprecedented heights. Now is that time for us – for you, for me, and for our entire family! Welcome to QNet! We have built a modern, vibrant, dynamic and innovative home for entrepreneurs, held together by the bricks of product and opportunity; backed by products that have been tried, tested and loved for more than a decade; and supported by a business opportunity that has seen millions take control of their future. Welcome to your new home; in it you will find expanding product lines and proactive localised business and services. The new QNet houses tailored services that you have asked for and industry-leading initiatives that help you. You will also see a lot more of the QNet brand in international sporting events and involved in philanthropic activities the world over. However, the very foundation on which this company has been built since 1998 will not change. We are and always will be, driven by the passion to serve and an unflinching commitment to RYTHM. Get ready to be delighted by an enhanced business experience with QNet. We are here to support you in every step of your journey, wherever and whenever you need us. Welcome to QNet. Welcome to the best products in the right business.



Mr Pathman’s debut publication soon to be available in Arabic.

It’s without a doubt that the enigmatic stage presence of Mr Pathman can whip a crowd of Independent Representatives into a frenzy. The V-Malaysia 2009 launch of even a moron with a dream... was testament to that. Hundreds thronged the RYTHM House booth, jostling and shoving, just to get a glimpse of Mr Pathman and get their copy of the book autographed by him. Many who bought the book could not even speak English, but nevertheless, Mr Pathman’s charisma drew them in. Well, we at RYTHM House have heard you loud and clear. We are happy to share that the wisdom of your favourite and much-loved ‘moron’ will soon be available in Arabic. Contact us if you would like to pre-order your copies today.

If you missed out on the English version last year, don’t fret – we still have copies, but they are disappearing fast!



bstacle Or pportunity? It’s Your Choice Pathman Senathirajah Managing Director The V


n 1982, in Melbourne, Australia, a baby boy was born in near-perfect health. His only affliction was a condition called Tetra-amelia, which in layman’s terms means he was born without any arms and legs. His parents were devastated at first, but they eventually resolved to treat their son as a normal human being. At that point, they probably had no idea what a significant effect this would have on their son’s life. As one would imagine, growing up was terrible for this boy. He was discriminated against, ridiculed and bullied. His spirit was nearly defeated, until one day he decided to change his perception of himself. That day marked the beginning of a life that can only be described as phenomenally successful. This boy’s name is Nick Vujicic, and today he is one of the most charismatic inspirational speakers in the world – having spoken to some two million people, including state leaders. When I reflect on the story of Nick’s life, I realise that there are two things we need to know and believe if we are to do with our lives what Nick has done with his thus far. The first is that obstacles exist only in the mind. To the rest of us, Nick is physically different; but in his own mind, he is just like everyone else, and so he believed that he could achieve anything that any ‘normal’ person could achieve. As it turns out, he even outdid most of us. The second lesson that we can derive from Nick Vujicic’s life is that we can influence the people around us – our loved ones, peers, and even strangers – just by the way we regard them. Nick’s parents didn’t treat him like a person with disability; instead, they treated him like a regular boy. As a result, Nick also saw himself as a regular person, and just look at what has become of him! Now, imagine if each and every person in the world resolved to ignore his so-called limitations, and regarded everyone around him as an equal. Before we know it, we would all be fuelling each other’s quest for success – inspiring and being inspired by others to realise, or even exceed, our full potentials. And this, my dear brothers and sisters, is the very essence of being in this business.



Welcome to

A New Era. A New Home. By Jodi A. Hammond


here is talk that one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking companies in the industry has undergone a remarkable transformation.

According to the rumours, what was once a small but ambitious company started back in 1998 has since emerged, 12 years later, as a major player in the international direct selling industry. Thanks to massive growth in its family of distributors, increased sales, and an expanding offering of innovative lifestyle products, for once the talk and rumours are true… The company you know and love as QuestNet has evolved, and standing proudly in its place is the all-new, vibrant and progressive QNet, coming to you at V-Malaysia 2010.

A new Era With so many developments, advancements and achievements in the 12-year history of the company, it is time to give ourselves a new home befitting of the company into which we have evolved. This is a monumental step forward; we are embarking on a new era and we invite you to take this step with us into the future.

“We have evolved, just as you have,” says Managing Director Mr JR Mayer to the QNet family of entrepreneurs. “You represent a tremendous diversity of who we are as a company, who we are as a business, and who we are globally. To meet the diverse needs of our global representatives, we have had to constantly adapt, adjust and accommodate. What you see today is a fresh new entity that has emerged through this period of evolution. “Young, vibrant and dynamic, QNet as you see it today is the embodiment of change and progress. With our range of high quality products and services, exclusively created for QNet by leading industry partners, QNet represents the lifestyle to which many aspire and the opportunity to achieve it.” Welcome to QNet. Think of it as moving into a new home with your close family of millions. QuestNet still has everything you need, but as QNet, you now get even more! QNet has been born out of a natural evolution of phenomenal organic growth and a renewed commitment to service, support and product innovation.

Welcome home.


So, what’s new at QNet? A new name is only the beginning for our modern and progressive company. We will remain at the forefront of the Asian direct selling industry while forging ahead with localised companies and operations in your country and in your language. After 12 years of remarkable growth, we are committed to serving our markets in a local, proactive manner to propel the company onto the main stage of international direct selling. We will be closer than ever to you, our IRs and retail customers, with enhanced on-ground business, product and customer support. We will have global reach but a truly local focus. We will cement our position within the direct selling profession as an industry leader and influencer, further involving the company and our IRs in industry events and associations. We will continue to expand our product portfolio within the lifestyle market, with exclusivity, innovation, quality and wellness being the underlying philosophy of our product development.

We are committed to giving you flexibility in your business, and will ensure you have the tailored support to allow you the option to concentrate on specific QNet products to suit your market, and the diversity and variety to enable successful promotion of the entire product range. We are firm in our product strategy of providing you products with high retail potential, with true relevance and benefit to the customer. We will continuously deliver you a better user experience in all your dealings with QNet and we believe in the importance of developing and maintaining network-corporate relationships to the benefit of you, our IR. We are committed to evolve and improve from the ‘inside out’ and we will never waiver from our commitment to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and to providing the vehicle for others to spread this message of RYTHM. We are loyal to you, our IR and we hope you enjoy your experiences with QNet. As we invite you to forge boldly ahead with us as QNet, we do so with the commitment to serving you.

“This is a monumental step forward; we are embarking on a new era and we invite you to take this step with us into the future.” QNet Speaks Your Language! Your QNet website and eStore is available in 11 languages! And stay tuned as your QNet Virtual Office is relaunched in your language! English: Russian: Arabic: Farsi: Bahasa Indonesia: French: Turkish: Traditional Chinese: Thai: Portuguese: Spanish:

ocial! S s t e G t e N Q Want to and gossip? Net news Want all the Q ccess stories? oughts and su share your th cial media eck out our so Be sure to ch QNet Blog! uding the NEW channels, incl /blog /facebook et www.qnet.n /twitter et www.qnet.n /youtube et www.qnet.n /flickr et www.qnet.n





News & Events

By Wirakarn Wangsuekul

Pathfinders’ Conference in Egypt


ast December, QuestNet (now known as QNet) took part in an amazing Pathfinders’ Conference (P-Con) at Hotel Movenpick, in the heart of Cairo Media City, Egypt.

The four-day event attracted approximately 1,600 participants and leaders from Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Morocco and United Arab Emirates. Under the slogan ‘One Team, One Vision, One Voice’, it was a training-centric event that aimed to re-ignite the enthusiasm and teamwork from all the leaders. QNet Head of Product Training Juergen Michel was also there to provide his informative and knowledgeable product presentations, much to the excitement, interest and benefit of the leaders.

QNet Pays Forward Cheerfulness to Little Hearts in Egypt During the Pathfinders’ Conference in Cairo Media City, Egypt, QNet took the opportunity to visit The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, the first state-of-the-art hospital for children with cancer in Egypt and Africa, and one of the largest pediatric cancer facilities in the world. The foundation has been providing free cancer treatment and medical support to thousands of children from across the region since its official opening on 7 July 2007. Through the QNet Pays Forward programme, QNet showed full support for 57357’s noble cause by contributing a donation of USD 15,000, in hope of giving each child with cancer a new chance at life. The QNet family also pledged to support this worthy cause through volunteerism and a string of other fundraising activities, which are expected to be put in place this year. For more RYTHM Foundation and QNet Pays Forward activities, please see pages 62-67.



Raising the Bar of Asian Football In a concentrated effort to enhance the Asian region’s standing within football’s international arena, QuestNet (now known as QNet) collaborates with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in support of Asian football and has since become the ‘Official Direct Selling Sponsor’ until 2012. With such commitment and passion for the sport, we have an exciting competition for football fans everywhere: the Goal of the Month Contest, where you can vote for what you consider to be that month’s best goal for a chance to win amazing prizes, such as Bernhard H. Mayer® watches, Veloci-Ti pendants, or the official ACL Match Ball for Season 2010. Come finals time, you can also stand a chance to win the grand prize of a luxurious 5-day, 4-night stay at Prana Resorts & Spa in Koh Samui, Thailand! February’s amazing Goal of the Month was scored by Yasser Al Qahtani from Al Hilal (KSA) during the 3-0 victory of his team over Al Sadd (QAT). Contest winners included 1st prize winner Ms Nagammal Perisswamy; 2nd prize winner Mr Vijaya Kumar Nallandy; and 3rd prize winner Ms Mariellen Cruz. March’s Goal of the Month was scored by Juninho, the central defender from Suwon Samsung Bluewings (KOR). For March, the 1st prize winner was Mr Murugantham Vasu; the 2nd prize winner was Mr Wai Kit Ben Naim; and the 3rd prize winner was Mr Saib W. Mahmod. Go to for your chance to be a winner! The AFC Champions League (ACL) promises to be a mega football festival that will not only bring forth national pride, but also exciting football to millions of fans across the world. For more regarding the ACL, see pages 56-57.

Bigger Than Ever! Friday, 12 February 2010 was an exciting day for all IRs who qualified for the 2009 Top Performers’ Bonus Pool, which was the biggest ever in terms of the amount of money and prizes available as part of the incentive, but also in terms of the number of IRs who qualified, and the value of each share! Not only was the 2009 Top Performers’ Bonus Pool announced on that day, but the Raffle Draw was also drawn in Singapore by QNet Managing Director Mr JR Mayer, and The V Managing Director Mr Pathman Senathirajah. The 2009 Top Performers’ Bonus Pool Raffle Draw was not only the chance to win big prizes but also a sincere ‘thank you’ from QNet to you for the professional standards of networking that you employ and demonstrate to your team every day. The way in which you retail, recruit, manage, lead and retain your network professionally and through leading by example is the foundation of both your success and the success of your Downlines. Without you driving the momentum of the network and continually raising yourselves and others to greater heights, QNet would not be where it is today. Congratulations to all the Qualifiers and Raffle Draw winners!

Technical Support For email:

In-Voice Technical Support Goes 24/7 Need help with your In-Voice account or have questions about gadgets? Enjoy a high standard of after-sales service with In-Voice experts who are here for you 24/7! Simply call us at +44 120 747 2000.* No access for international phone calls? Don’t worry! Our technical experts can also be reached through email and SMS.

Via SMS: Create an SMS in this format: HELP[space]In-Voice Account Number[space]Reported Issue (for example, HELP 1234567 need help setting up netphone) Send the SMS to: +447 8000 3242 or +6391 78378 767  (+6391 QUEST SMS). *This is an In-Voice Internet call number. If you are calling through In-Voice Internet call service, such as Softphone, Netphone, or MIGs, the call is free of charge.



QIMM Celebrates Another GP2 Asia Victory – An Important Milestone for the Asian Team The only Asian team in the 2010 GP2 Asia Series, Team Malaysia QI-MeritusMahara. com celebrated a huge success, as Italian team member Luca Filippi took pole position in both qualifying and the first race on Friday, 12 March and Saturday, 13 March 2010 respectively. Such an achievement was a first in the team’s history. As the 2010 GP2 Asia Series wound down to the final race of the season the following day at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), the team itself secured 4th place overall in the Series, achieving another important milestone with this victory! For more on QIMM, see pages 58-61.

QNet Visits BASELWORLD 2010 QNet always prides itself with its line of premium and luxury products, one of which is its renowned timepieces. Recently, QNet’s Product Manager for its Luxury Product Division, Ms Suvimon Nopsuwan, had the chance to fly to Switzerland to visit BASELWORLD 2010 – the World Watch and Jewellery Show – where almost 2,000 companies in the jewellery, watch, and precious-stone industries took part in an exhibition to showcase their latest products and seek out the latest in industry trends. At the exhibition, attendees were also honoured with the presence of QNet Managing Director Mr JR Mayer, QI Director for International Operations Mr Richard Zinkiewicz, and QI Regional Director of the United Kingdom, Europe and North America Ms Judith Reyes. Together they toured the premises, surveying the upcoming season’s watch and jewellery collections and noting the latest innovations from all over the industry. Indeed, there were also new collections and innovations from the company itself that will be launched at V-Malaysia 2010.

Agency Office Opens in Tanzania Amidst Great Fanfare Wednesday, 14 April 2010, was an historic day with the establishment of our first Agency office in Tanzania. The grand opening took place in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar Es Salaam, and was graced by many distinguished guests and VIPs, including the Guest of Honor, Former Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania HE Hon. Frederick Sumaye; Executive Chairman of the IPP Group of Companies, Mr Reginald Mengi; and QNet’s Regional Director for Africa, Mr Krishna Kumar. More than 100 IRs were also present to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony. It is our hope that with the opening of this Agency Office, our IRs in Tanzania and neighbouring regions can better receive support services, business presentations, and product training sessions, enriching them with a better understanding of the QNet opportunity and helping them to further advance their business.


By Srisumeth Rittipairoj


utriSky® is a juice premix containing Swietenia Macrophylla, a fruit with a high concentration of flavonoids and saponins. These two exceptional groups of nutrients blend together with a synergistic effect to enhance stamina and vitality by improving blood circulation, while also invigorating and fortifying the body.

Key Benefits of Saponins

• Improves your vitality. • Enhances your immune system. • Strengthens the function of your heart.

Key Benefits of Flavonoids

• Improves blood circulation and stamina. • Provides protection against oxidative and free-radical damage. • Lowers fat build-up in the blood stream.

Swietenia Macrophylla is the fruit of an evergreen tree belonging to the Melia family, and grows in tropical countries

such as the Solomon Islands, where the climate is ideal and free from environmental pollution. Hence, Swietenia Macrophylla that is grown in such climate conditions is of a higher quality and contains higher active ingredients than those grown in other locations. Swietenia Macrophylla also offers a valuable blend of natural proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, enzymes, dietary fibres, fats, minerals, and various essential nutrients that can be readily assimilated by the human body. NutriSky® has been produced with the utmost care and attention to the smallest details, from the initial selection of raw materials, to the research and development of the product. State-of-the-art equipment ensures hygiene and quality control at every point in the manufacturing process. NutriSky® is a world-class vitality product that is recognised by international standards.


in water, reduce household yearly costs, and eliminate the causes for waste and pollution associated with the packaging and transport of bottled water.

By Desiree Jumchai


s there such a thing as ‘clean water’? If we consider rain water as the world’s most natural and readily available source of water, imagine what happens to this pure water when it falls from the clouds. Toxic impurities coming from industries and the environment pollute the rainwater. When it reaches the ground, it is further exposed to a myriad of organic contaminants existing naturally in soil and bedrock such as bacteria, disease-carrying microorganisms, rotten plants, and animal droppings, as well as man-made inorganic substances like lead, mercury, herbicides, pesticides and carcinogens. We have arguably, and depending where we are, reached the point where all sources of our drinking water contain some level of contamination. Fortunately, water purification technology now prevalently exists as a practical and effective way to proactively monitor and ensure the quality and safety of our drinking water. A good water filtration system installed in your home may dramatically lower (if not remove) levels of toxic byproducts

QNet is pleased to introduce HomePure, a household water filtration system where you enjoy not only the special advantages of water purification, but also maintain good hygiene and wellness with a simple, single management of various filtration stages. HomePure incorporates a mechanical seven-filter media Ultrafiltration (UF) system, meaning seven filter stages are combined into one single filter cartridge. The well-selected filter media and its specifications allow for a clean and safe filter performance. With the HomePure system, water is not only safe and clean to drink but also tastes good, is odourless, and most importantly, is naturally balanced because the system allows natural trace minerals to pass through filtration, whilst ensuring contaminants are filtered out. Manufactured in Korea with world-class quality components and parts, HomePure uses a combination of advanced German engineering and Japanese technology.


Activate Your Skin Cells By Chanatthanan Jonglaekha


Net is pleased to introduce Physio Radiance – the revolutionary skin care solution that helps activate your skin cells to work naturally at their best, assisting in restoring your skin’s youthfulness and radiance. Absolutely paraben- and preservative-free, Physio Radiance is the only high-end, hypoallergenic, unisex skin care range that helps your skin self-regulate, self-regenerate, and self-repair at a cellular level. By utilising the smallest antioxidant which works on all three skin scales, its patented technology gives back the original characteristics of youthful skin cells that have been lost due to aging. While most skin care products in the market contain a list of potentially dangerous chemicals such as parabens, mineral oil, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), polyethylenglycols and tricosan, Physio Radiance is distinctive in that it blacklists more than 80 harmful ingredients that are known to be allergens or toxic! With intensive testing and research, a selection of active and safe ingredients has been incorporated into the complex, including: • Negative Hydrogen (H ) – The ultimate skin antioxidant • Fucoïdan – for skin firmness • Calcium – an excellent cell cohesion activator • Aquaxyl – moisturising booster • Matrixyl 3000 – collagen and elastin enhancer When negative hydrogen comes into contact with water, it becomes neutralised and thus negates its own effectiveness. The fact is that all skin care products contain water – but Physio Radiance has come up with a solution that enables the negative hydrogen to retain its effectiveness. Researched specifically for Physio Radiance, our innovative Microencapsulation Technology was scientifically invented to protect the negative hydrogen in small hydrophobic balls. When the pump is pressed, these hydrophobic balls are crushed. This means the negative hydrogen is released at the last moment right before application to the skin – and of course without degradation or neutralisation. This is the key to the effectiveness and long-lasting results of Physio Radiance. Ideal for males and females with any of the different skin types, the exclusive set of Physio Radiance products includes the Comfort Emulsion Cleanser, Remineralising Toner Lotion, Extreme Anti-Oxidant Serum and Radiance Enhancer Day & Night Fluid. For best results, use all four products in your daily regimen. You will be amazed with the visible results on your skin after only just four weeks of treatment.




By Rita Suttarno


ere are some of the latest offerings from In-Voice!

In-Voice NetPhone Download and install NetPhone software on your computer for Internet calls from anywhere in the world. Its simple interface makes it easier to use, now and in the future. The advanced features*, such as SMS, fax, video conference, and chat, virtually converts your computer into a second office.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 What better way to keep connected and stay up-to-date with your business communications than through the BlackBerry Bold 9700? Well-built and visually impressive, this sleek, sophisticated phone exudes elegance in its functionality. The full keyboard and its new, easy-to-use trackpad make navigation between emails, documents and other communications a breeze. The large high-resolution display, 3.2 megapixel camera, video recording function, and Internet capabilities all make this the perfect combination of tool-and-toy; not just for work, it’s also for play. * Available soon.


By Srisumeth Rittipairoj

To lead a healthy life, we need to drink right, eat well, and stay active. The best way to achieve this is in a balanced and harmonised manner to ensure that our drinking and eating habits, and the way in which we move, are all serving our bodies at the optimum level. If you — like most of us — are concerned about your well-being and are looking for an effective, safe and convenient solution to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle, the Amezcua Lifestyle Set is your soon-to-be best friend! The Amezcua Lifestyle Set contains three Energy Discs – Amezcua Energy Disc DRINK, Amezcua Energy Disc EAT, and Amezcua Energy Disc MOVE – each created with specific energy frequencies that are exclusive to the particular application of each individual disc. Much like the rest of the Amezcua product line, the positive energy of the Amezcua Lifestyle Set helps you balance and harmonise your energy levels to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the day may hold.

Amezcua Energy Disc DRINK Place your drink on the Amezcua Energy Disc DRINK as if you would with a coaster, and specific energy frequencies that are designed for beverages are transferred to your drink – almost like the Amezcua Bio Disc but with targeted energy frequencies that are specific to liquids – to ensure you get the most out of what you DRINK!

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Amezcua Energy Disc MOVE Carry the Amezcua Energy Disc MOVE in your pocket to improve your harmony and energy levels, while also effectively protecting yourself from electromagnetic fields (e-smog). The effect is similar to the Amezcua Chi Pendant but comes in a more durable, smaller disc with a wider range of carry options. You will have energy whenever you MOVE!




Commissions On Sales Aids Why It’s Not Part Of The Plan By Gerald P. Nehra


Net, and a significant majority of direct selling companies of which I am aware, pay commissions and bonuses based on business sales volume of the many products and services being offered to the consuming public. No commissions on sales aids are paid by these companies. A sales aid is defined as a product or service that is only of interest to, and only purchased by, the independent contractor representative, and is purchased only because the person is an independent contractor representative, and is not offered to or purchased by the general public. Let us explore why this is so.

FOCUS In an analysis of the laws of 45 of the 50 United States that prohibit the operation of pyramids and endless chains, the word ‘primarily’ shows up in 17 of those laws. The context is always the same. The venture must ‘primarily’ be about selling products and services to consumers, rather than bringing in more income-opportunity seekers. The laws that do not contain the word ‘primarily’ also convey the same meaning. First, the design of the programme must address the hurdle of the cost of entry, since there can be, at most, a requirement to purchase a non-commissionable sales or starter kit, or a payment for sign-up or administration fee. Regulators, not only in the USA but all over the world, look at what the business is ‘primarily’ in existence for. The business MUST be about selling products and services to consumers. It CANNOT be to reward people for recruiting more independent contractor representatives, nor can it be to reward people if the recruited people buy training and sales aids. The conventional wisdom followed by the vast majority of companies is to pay no commissions on sales aids. What follows is the reason ‘why’: although no specific law anywhere of which I am aware prohibits paying commissions on sales aids, if the company gives independent contractor representatives such a financial incentive to recruit more representatives and that incentive is greater than the incentive to sell products and services to consumers, that is exactly what those representatives will do. I do not mean to declare that any company, anywhere, that pays a commission on a sales aid is doing something wrong. The few companies paying some form of commissions on sales aids, and who in my view are not at risk, are paying a very small portion of their total business. I believe 15 per cent or less is very small and defensible, as long as there are no other legal or regulatory issues. Also, the

commissionable sales aids are always optional, and never a requirement of participation in the income opportunity. Companies that I believe are taking risks in this area are those that have a large percentage of their commissions going for the purchase of sales aids by their independent contractor representatives. This gives regulators a presumption that the company is really in the business of income opportunity, rather than the business of selling products and services to consumers. Why is this unacceptable? Because in most parts of the world, the sale of income opportunities (containing a multilevel form of compensation) is deemed pyramidal and illegal. My personal recommendation has always been to not pay commissions at all on sales aids. The QNet programme is designed this way, and this design feature will serve the company well around the world. The answer to this particular question is similar to the answer to so many questions about the structure and implementation of a legal direct selling company with a multilevel form of compensation. If the company is ‘primarily’ about selling products and services to consumers, rather than recruiting more income-opportunity seekers, the company can most likely withstand legal scrutiny in virtually all jurisdictions worldwide.


HONEY GEM NECKLACE Warm and Alluring Beauty

Rose gold-plated trimmed with topaz Swarovski crystal


A Caring Company Recognised For Three Consecutive Years By Gil Cadiz


uestNet Services (HK) Ltd, for the third time in a row, was recently recognised by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service as a Caring Company for 2009/2010. The award is given to private companies operating in Hong Kong that demonstrate good corporate citizenship as exemplified by their continued efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). QuestNet (now known as QNet) passed three adjudication scopes under the 2009/2010 scheme: ‘Caring for the Community’ pertains to partnering with local social service organisations in community-involvement projects, which focusses on volunteering, giving, mentoring and employing people from vulnerable groups. ‘Caring for Employees’ refers to companies recognising their staff as important assets and offering resources to improve staff’s physical and mental health so they can maintain a work-life balance. ‘Caring for the Environment’ consists of working with local social service organisations and/or relevant government departments to help in waste reduction, energy conservation, and air quality preservation, whilst establishing mechanisms to ensure that production processes have minimal to zero negative impact on the environment. “We are extremely proud to be recognised as a Caring Company for three consecutive years,” said Ms Malou Caluza, Chief Network Services for QNet. “Many prestigious multinational companies have been so awarded, and we are pleased to be considered part of this elite group.

We’re delighted to have been recognised for three scopes of the award – caring for the community, for employees, and for the environment – and plan on keeping our commitment to bringing best practices into everything we do. QNet has always, from the very start of its inception, been dedicated to making the world better and giving back to the community. The philosophy that our company adheres to is the concept of RYTHM, an acronym for ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’, which basically encourages people to be the change they want to see in the world, viewing things from a compassionate viewpoint, and helping those less fortunate than themselves. “This cultural perspective is shared by all company executives and trickles down to all our staff and even to our Independent Representatives,” she continued. “Indeed, one charitable event that occurred recently – the donation of a 24-seater bus to the Regional Special Boarding School for Hearing Impaired Children in Taldykorgan, in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan – came about because a QNet IR there came to us with the children’s plight.” The Caring Company scheme was started by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2002, a time when the Hong Kong community was facing numerous challenges, most notably the Asian financial crisis and the SARS outbreak. The scheme began with a simple aim to foster collaboration, but has grown to become a powerful platform engaging over 1,700 corporations and

300 NGOs, working together for the benefit of the community. Its mission is to build a cohesive society by promoting strategic partnerships among business and social service partners and inspire corporate social responsibility through caring for the community, the employees, and the environment. Companies that have been awarded as a Caring Company are encouraged to use the Caring Company logo in their promotional activities and materials to inform and assure their customers, employees and the public that they are good corporate citizens. The value of a Caring Company are well-recognised by the public. According to a survey conducted by the Public Opinion Programme at the University of Hong Kong in August 2009 through random telephone interviews with 1,000 Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above, 62 per cent of the respondents indicated they had heard of CSR; more than half indicated that, as customers or job hunters, they would give consideration to whether or not a company fulfils its social responsibility; and 74 per cent said they had a more favourable opinion of companies awarded the Caring Company logo. “Being recognised by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for all our dedicated effort is a badge of honour we are proud to have,” Ms Caluza said. “The executives and staff alike are excited that we’ve been honoured three times in a row. We plan to aim for many more consecutive years!”





he Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) has nominated QNet Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson for the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ Network Marketing Industry Award, for being a significant contributor to the MLMIA’s mission of strengthening Multilevel Marketing around the world. The MLMIA ‘Best of the Best’ Award is an international recognition that honours Direct Sales/Network Marketing/ Multilevel Marketing individuals who have demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial achievements. Ms Donna Imson, aside from being the Executive Chairperson of QNet, is also the Director for Network Affairs of the QI Group of Companies, a V-Partner and a trustee of QI’s CSR arm, RYTHM Foundation. She has been at the forefront of the company since its inception in September 1998 and is one of the pioneers credited with having established the framework of the distinctive training style and system of The V—the marketing and training arm of QNet. Ms Imson’s impressive credentials in Training and Development have made her one of the most sought-after speakers in QNet and The V events. Recently, she was invited to be the keynote speaker of the 2009 Elite Network Marketing Conference in Singapore, which gathered world-renowned speakers and leaders of the Direct Selling industry and in which her keynote address entitled ‘The Power of Change’, received a rapturous standing ovation.

Of The

Ms Imson is a staunch champion of women empowerment. In her effort to raise the stature, image and standard of professionalism of women in the Network Marketing profession, Ms Imson has created a uniquely targeted women’s conference aptly titled ‘I’M ALIVE!’. She was the keynote speaker of ‘I’M ALIVE!’ conferences held in Tanzania and Uganda mid of last year. Ms Imson also has strong advocacies for wellness, environmental care and protection, education, poverty alleviation and disaster relief. Most recent of her altruistic works were the drives for Typhoon Ondoy Emergency Fund for the benefit of the victims of massive flooding in the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam and the Disaster Relief Fund, the recipients of which were the earthquake victims in Padang, Indonesia and the flood victims in India. This nomination places Ms Imson as an elite contributor to the Multilevel Marketing profession and acknowledges QNet as one of the highly regarded MLM companies around the world, to date. The MLMIA is a non-profit, worldwide, professional trade association established in 1985 by industry professionals.

Congratulations to Ms Donna Imson!

Only The

Ms Donna Imson Nominated For ‘Best Of The Best’ Industry Award

Ms Donna receiv es a standing ov address at the ation for her ke 2009 Elite Netw yn ork Marketing Co ote nference.

By Gil Cadiz charity entrepreneur, and Businesswoman, l lends her persona a nn Do Ms re: figu ute QNet-donated trib dis to rt po sup doy tims of Typhoon On supplies to the vic es. pin ilip Ph in the

Ms Donna is one of the most popular speakers at QNet and The V even ts.


Company Director Appointed to

DSAS as Honorary Treasurer By Mallika Khuansathavoranit


fter QuestNet Singapore’s recent inception as a member of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS) – a testament to the company’s high standards in Singapore – we are extremely pleased to announce that Mr Zaheer Merchant, Director for Corporate Affairs, has been appointed to the DSAS Board as Honorary Treasurer. “I am honoured to have been given this appointment, and I express my sincere thanks to the DSAS for allowing me this opportunity to have a key role on the Board,” Mr Zaheer Merchant said. “Not only did we achieve an important milestone in our acceptance into the DSAS, but also that my appointment as Honorary Treasurer reaffirms the company’s aspiration to become a leading player in the industry. “Commitment to our Independent Representatives as well as to our staff has allowed us to create a corporate culture based on trust, service and dedication. We hope as they grow and achieve their personal and professional goals, always in the right spirit, we do too,” he continued. We take the opportunity to congratulate Mr Merchant on his appointment!

About the DSAS The DSAS is a trade association and was founded by a small number of legitimate and reputable direct selling companies. DSAS was gazetted on 8 October 1976. It was formed specifically to represent the interest of legitimate direct selling companies operating in Singapore. It serves as a platform for member companies to meet regularly and to discuss matters of mutual interest as well as to interact with other similar organisations in other countries. DSAS is also an

affiliate of the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDSA). The DSAS is the official Singapore branch of the DSA ( The process of getting accepted into the DSA is a very long and stringent one as many criteria are assessed. Acceptance into the DSA, especially in a country as stringent as Singapore, is testimony of our achievement and the continuance towards achieving more goals of excellence within the industry.




Standing Up For Your Rights QuestNet Singapore Joins In The ‘Our Money, Our Rights’ Event By Wirakarn Wangsuekul


uestNet Singapore (the representative office of QNet in Singapore) successfully participated in the ‘Our Money, Our Rights’ carnival, hosted by The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) in collaboration with MoneySENSE at Toa Payoh HDB Hub Mall, Singapore, on 13 and 14 March 2010. The event was organised to educate consumers on general financial issues as well as to celebrate World Consumer Rights Day, which falls on 15 March annually. QuestNet was awarded the CaseTrust (Storefront) accreditation for Good Business Practice in 2004. CaseTrust, developed under the leadership of CASE, is an official recognition for the service sectors that promote fair and ethical

business practices. CASE also ensures consumers that its members have fine sales and after-sales service, well-trained staff, well-maintained facilities, and good business integrity. As QuestNet bears the CaseTrust logo, consumers can be assured they will be served with good, if not the best, service. The Guest of Honour at the event was Singapore’s Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and the Second Minister for Finance and Transport, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, who graced the first day of the event with an opening speech. During the two-day event, the ‘Our Money, Our Rights’ carnival welcomed almost 70,000 visitors. Various activities were conducted in order to teach consumers how to manage their budgets, including supermarket races, financial skits, and

cooking demonstrations. The participants also enjoyed game booths with attractive prizes. Following the carnival, on 10 April 2010, a subsequent half-day seminar was held to educate consumers on mortgage loans and family financial planning. It was first in a series of seminars planned by CASE and MoneySENSE to enhance consumers’ awareness of the importance of prudent financial planning. The participation of QuestNet Singapore in this carnival reflected our commitment to follow the local compliants in seeking to protect the interests and rights of our IRs and retail consumers. QNet would like to thank QuestNet Singapore and the Network Support Group (NSG) for their effort and support. Without them, this event would not have been so successful.

Taxes & You

Network Marketing Is A Taxable Business By Richard E. Zinkiewicz Director of International Operations QI Group


egitimate direct selling organisations offer potentially profitable opportunities for motivated individuals who have the aspiration of going into business for themselves. Like any other business opportunity, the operation of a network marketing business will most likely have tax implications on its distributors (Independent Representatives, or ‘IRs’). Different countries have different tax rules that may apply to income earned by IRs from their business. In most countries, IRs are considered as operating in their own independent capacity and not as employees or agents of the direct selling organisations for which they generate sales. As such, it is strongly recommended that IRs consult their personal tax adviser in their home country in order to thoroughly understand the tax treatment of their income from their business and activities. In many countries, a failure to declare or report taxable income is a criminal offence that may lead to penalties and/or imprisonment. IRs should always promote network marketing as a ‘business’ and never as a ‘tax shelter’, as doing the latter may induce prospective IRs to incur unnecessary expenses in the false belief that they are developing tax benefits, rather than a business. Generally speaking, depending on the home country, the question of whether an IR is subject to tax may rely on whether the business is run as a hobby or as an actual business. In some jurisdictions (such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia), income arising from a hobby may be considered as non-taxable income. On the other hand, if income

is considered to be taxable business income, an IR should seek further consultation to determine what kind of expenses may be claimed as deductibles against taxable income. This does not remove the need to pay tax, but it does offer the IR certain rebates (where allowed or granted) for the taxes payable. The circumstances on whether the IR is carrying out a business depend on what are commonly known as ‘badges of trade’ and include factors such as frequency of transactions, intention, etc. In terms of income derived from carrying out a hobby, it must be considered ad hoc or one-off and not carried out in the ordinary course of business and normally difficult to prove. It is also possible that in some countries, before a commission payment can be made to an IR, the local tax authorities may require the direct selling organisation to deduct and withhold a certain amount of tax from the commission payment. This is commonly called a ‘withholding tax’. If a withholding tax is applicable, the organisation may have no choice but to comply with the local tax requirement. In that case, the IR would receive less than what they would have received otherwise. Some jurisdictions also require a tax deducted at source (TDS) to be applied, in which case the TDS will normally be credited to the IR’s tax account and the tax credit is available for set-off against the tax payable, if any or refunded to the IR in the event there is no tax payable. Even where a direct selling organisation may be based in a jurisdiction (such as Hong Kong) where there is no withholding tax imposed on commission payments, a withholding tax may be imposed by

authorities in another jurisdiction where the sales are made by either the IR or their Downlines. In such a case, the IR would also receive less than what they would have received otherwise. IRs can benefit from minimising their tax exposure by maintaining all direct, indirect and incidental expenses relating to their business by setting off the business related expenses against their income. Proper documentation such as logs for travel, telephones and other related expenses must be maintained to justify the claim to the tax authorities when the need arises. In all cases, IRs should always follow ethical practices in promoting and doing the business of network, and follow the company’s Policies & Procedures, which will provide for such issues. (Editorial Note: This article is intended as a general guide only as to the tax obligations imposed on IRs. IRs are advised and recommended to ensure they consult their relevant tax advisors or professional firms to assist and advise them on the tax obligations that they face in each and any jurisdiction necessary. The writer does not purport to advise, nor does the article constitute tax or other advice. Any reliance in such connection on the article is disclaimed accordingly as being the obligation of the IR to ensure.)

Richard E Zinkiewicz is the Director for International Operations on the Board of the QI Group of Companies, a multinational conglomerate with subsidiaries in more than 30 countries worldwide. He is responsible for overseeing the international development and business operations of the Group’s key subsidiaries, particularly QNet, which is the direct selling subsidiary. Working closely with the Operations, Business and Product Development and PR & Communications team, he overlooks the Group’s expansion into its various international markets, while helping each subsidiary develop customised solutions and strategies that will ensure its smooth operations within the Group. Prior to this role, he held the position of Group Director for Finance & Administration. He is also a Trustee for the RYTHM Foundation (RF), which is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group, through which he is deeply involved in various philanthropic activities worldwide, living out his dream of contributing towards a better world.



The Power To Make A Difference

Helping Others Help Themselves By Ramya Chandrasekaran, Vidya Madhavan & Srisumeth Rittipairoj


irector of the Division of Environmental Conventions (DEC) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Mr Bakary Kante, has lived his life doing what he wants to do. However, he is always thinking of ways to help people in his country have a better life. Since he joined QNet as an IR in May 2009, he has realised that this business can help him to help others. The chance to actually fulfil his dream came about when he was introduced to QNet by VC Asha Krishnan from Nairobi. “I first met Asha in Dubai more than a year ago. As a UN diplomat, I have to be very careful about my links and network. It is not easy for me to start any business. It took Asha about one year to persistently follow up with me until I signed up,” says Mr Kante. “The most important reason that brings me to QNet is its mission ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’. I believe I am a very blessed and lucky person and there are lots of people in my country who are not as lucky as I am. I want to help these people, but I don’t have enough resources to meet their tremendous needs. I never imagined there could be a way that I could teach a lot of people to change other people’s lives and at the same time change their own, both financially and by living a healthy life. QNet is a wonderful tool. “Many people say that they joined QNet because of me. I think that it is an initial stage to help build their trust and belief. However, when they become a part of the company, they start to understand what QNet provides them. Later, they come back to thank me for introducing them to this great opportunity. This makes me very happy.”

et around the spread the word of QN IR Mr Bakary Kante has y Eswaran’s In The Vija o’ Dat n rso irpe UN Director and QNet QI Group Executive Cha world, even presenting ack Obama. k to US President, Bar Sphere of Silence boo


UN Director and QNet IR Mr Bakary Kante meets with The V Managing Director Mr Pathman Senathirajah.

Good teamwork, great products “I’m not a business-oriented person. I’m really amazed at how so many millions of IRs can put in place the overall concept of QNet and make it work without any mistakes! The people behind QNet are unbelievable, effective, and efficient. QNet has an amazing team. There are at least two fantastic people who complement each other: Dato’ Vijay Eswaran and Pathman Senathirajah. Dato’ Vijay is one of the most amazing thinkers I have ever met in my life. I have lots of respect and admiration for this man. Dato’ Vijay profoundly influences people’s intellect by making them think and question themselves, while Pathman works to transform the behaviour and social attitude of individuals. These two are a combination of a wonderful winning team. I can’t find anything as powerful as the word UNBELIEVABLE. “QNet’s wellness products are also amazing. In countries where people are so poor and don’t have a strong health care system, the wellness products can really help people to improve their well-being. Everyone who introduces these products to others has received appreciation messages every single day. That makes them so happy and proud to help others change their life in terms of fulfilling their needs and giving them good health and well-being. “I travel a lot and I have a very busy schedule. All I need is to increase my energy level to encounter these exhaustive days. The Amezcua Bio Disc and Amezcua Chi Pendant help me a lot. They are my favourite products. I talk about them everywhere I go, from Grenada to Trinidad & Tobago. Now, many of my friends and my colleagues in the UN experience the benefits of these products and they buy them to have their own.”

Practising vegetarianism As an expert in environmental sciences, Mr Kante believes in the connection between vegetarianism and the impact it has on preserving the balance in nature. He says that it is a good start

p office in KL, Bakary Kante visits the QI Grou UN Director and QNet IR Mr irs Mr Zaheer Merchant; QI Affa e orat Corp for ctor Dire Malaysia. (L-R) QI ajah; QNet IR Leader agement Mr Kuna Senathir ; Mr Kante; Director for Investment Man irperson Dato’ Vijay Eswaran Cha utive Exec p Grou QI Director g agin Asha Krishnan; Man t QNe ar; Africa Mr Krishna Kum QNet Regional Director for Senathirajah. man Path Mr MD, V The Mr JR Mayer; and

if companies begin to practise vegetarianism and be a good example for their employees and others. “You can certainly find that vegetarianism is the best way to protect the environment. I hope the whole world can be vegetarian and then biodiversity will be protected. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) has discovered that 60 per cent of ecosystem surfaces are in jeopardy and in decline. Some of these ecosystems are linked to human consumptions and it definitely has an impact. It is an amazing idea that QNet is promoting this philosophy. Now everyone is interested in the climate change, but for me, the most important area is biodiversity. Our life on this planet is made possible due to the biodiversity.”

In The Sphere Of Silence “Asha is the one who started talking to me about the In The Sphere Of Silence book. She said it was wonderful, so I looked it up on the Internet. Later, she surprised me by giving me this book on my birthday. I started reading it right away and I could not stop until I finished reading the whole book. I talked to my kids about how amazing it was until they bought the book from the Internet as well. After they finished reading it, we started talking about it and practising the ‘sphere of silence’ together. Besides my family, I keep telling everyone about the book, including my colleagues and my seniors in the UN. All my friends say that this is an unbelievable and amazing book.”




Beyond F Financial Freedom

or more than a decade, QNet has presented a well-proven business opportunity for millions of people worldwide to start and run their own business by providing a wide selection of quality products and world-class services. The rewarding experience gained from the business is not just financial freedom, but something that exceeds your expectations.

The Business That Gives You More Than You Expect By Chanatthanan Jonglaekha

My Journey to Financial Freedom Hemlata Sippy

“At the beginning of my journey, I had difficulty in handling both my personal and business matters. I almost ruined

my married life for the sake of this wonderful business. At that time, my family forced me to choose between ‘married life’ and ‘financial freedom’. With the full support of my dear Uplines, I got the courage to achieve in this fantastic business, whilst maintaining happiness in my married life. Now my life is beautiful as I have the strongest support from my husband, who helped me expand my network around the globe. It was he who encouraged me to work full time in this business and leave my job. “Today, we are working together as a great team under the name ‘FAITH’. We continually get powerful support and guidance from our dear mentor, Mr Michael Ferreira. I am here to change myself and ‘Raise Myself To Help Mankind’ and my fellow partners.”

“I am thankful to my girlfriend who introduced me to QNet. It is a very exciting and motivating business that challenges your potential and makes a real difference in people’s lives.

Hemlata Sippy reveals how she can achieve financial freedom from the QNet business whilst maintaining happiness in her married life.

I’ve Found My Dream Watch Burak Eymir


“I have been in this wonderful and life-changing business for four years now. I am very fortunate to be a part of QNet. Not only did this business give me a chance to understand myself better, but it also helped change the mindset of some 3,000 family members worldwide who are working with me to achieve financial freedom. So far, I have expanded my network in India, UAE, Indonesia, Japan, China, Malaysia, and recently in Vietnam.

In this issue, our Independent Representatives share with us their impressive stories about the QNet opportunity, as well as their favourite products.

“I am a big fan of the Bernhard H. Mayer® Chrono Compressor watch – The V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah’s pick. When I first saw the real product, I could not believe my eyes. It is a very


Burak Eymir is the very proud owner of the Bernhard H. Mayer® Chrono Compressor watch.

precious and rare timepiece! I am really impressed with its attractive and powerful design, as well as its high quality. The other QNet products are also terrific. I can proudly present QNet products to my prospects and I know that they will love these amazing products as much as I do.”


The Ideal Natural Products for Today’s Hectic World Dhanesh Gopalakrishnan India

Dhanesh Gopalakrishnan is amazed by the positive effects of the Amezcua wellness products.

“I started this wonderful journey in 2009. The Amezcua Chi Pendant was my first purchase. The way the Amezcua Chi Pendant works is absolutely amazing, particularly in today’s hectic lifestyle where we are exposed to all kinds of pollution. I used to be allergic to smoke and dust, which gave me a chronic cold and running nose. However, after wearing the Amezcua Chi Pendant for a month, my immune system became stronger. I began to feel more energised and now I have less

trouble with colds and allergies. I later purchased the Amezcua Bio Disc for my family and they really love it. The breakthrough technology of the Amezcua wellness products is proven to bring a positive effect on its user’s health and well-being. It is something that can be explained scientifically; however, you should also experience the tremendous benefits yourself and share your testimonial with your family and friends. I recommend you to regularly check your Virtual Office so that you can get updates on the special promotions of QNet products. Don’t miss your chance to grab one for yourself.”

An Exciting and Challenging Journey Susanto Ridwan Indonesia

“I joined the QNet business in June 2006. I was invited by my friend to attend a meeting organised by QNet. To be honest, I used to be very negative about the network marketing business, as I thought that those who were working in this business were unemployed and had a lot of free time. My perspective towards network marketing completely changed after I learned about the QNet business concept, which gave me with a clearer picture of how this business could provide me with a substantial income and make a huge difference in my life. I immediately signed up for the business after the presentation. Susanto experienced many changes in his life during his three years with QNet.

Afnan Hidayat Indonesia

“After drinking water enhanced by the Amezcua Bio Disc for a few weeks, our family has experieneed a positive change in our health and well-being. It acted as a natural bodyguard that kept us away from ailments whilst boosting our energy. The Amezcua Bio Disc is one of the most amazing QNet products I have ever tried and used.”

“At the beginning of my journey, I faced many challenges and difficulties. I received many rejections from my prospects,

Jivnath Pangeni Uganda

“After working as a hotel manager for 18 years, I realised that there was no change in my life. My life was still in despair – no financial freedom and no security in life. However, everything changed with QNet. After joining the business for three years, I now own a house, a car and a restaurant. I could feel the growing happiness in my family life. I believe this is just the beginning of my journey. I want to reach my hands to help and support my friends and relatives through this wonderful opportunity.”

particularly my relatives who were against this business. Their responses became the biggest motivation for me to prove that I could succeed. I involved myself even further by working in the support system of SOS World founded by my mentors, VC Ferdinata Doddy and Lisa Nasution. I had a chance to participate in the ‘Save Our Soul’ training camp in Brastagi, North Sumatra, for three days and two nights. Since then, I have become more confident and have developed a better personality. This training is really EXTRAORDINARY! In my three years with QNet, I have experienced many changes in my life, particularly in the financial aspect. Thanks to QNet and my proud leading team. QNet and SOS World are No.1!”

Martin Adi Nugroho Indonesia

“For those IRs who have just joined the business like me and have little experience in network marketing, I recommend you to acquire knowledge from your Uplines as much as you can. Do not give up on this business even if you have to do a presentation to your prospects over 100 times. Believe me, this business is incredible!”





he role of the Chief Information Officer is really about being an effective executive and a sound investment manager for process and technology choices made for the company. With his vast technical knowledge, QNet’s Chief Information Officer Mr Malick Aboobakar is busy identifying, selecting, implementing and supporting process- and technology-based solutions, managing people and providing services to QNet’s IRs and customers. His primary goal is to make sure his portfolio is full of solutions that support the strategic goals of the company.

Secret of Success According to Malick, his success comes purely from hard work, long hours of planning, and the creation of pilot projects before rolling out an actual solution. “I believe in taking baby steps. This way, success and failure can be better managed and measured. I guess this is the success formula for me. “The future in my mind is based on pockets of two- to three-year plans. For me, it is not practical to have long term plans for five or ten years, since technology is evolving very fast. Most importantly, it’s also a matter of making sure that what’s out there also works with what we already have, and whether it’s commercially practical for us. The first phase of my plan was started in late 2008 and is to be concluded this year. We’ve also got plans in place for the next couple of years.”

The Inspiration “Working for QNet is a fascinating experience. I have learned a lot here and am still learning more every day. We work to improve what we hear from our IRs and customers. This gives us added incentive to be on our toes and do more for them. We also adapt ourselves to cater to their needs accordingly. Knowing history is one thing, but being part of this process of change is exciting and a whole new experience, and I am greatly enjoying it. “I believe in God and I believe in a Master Plan, where we all play a certain role. I also believe in Karma. The other most important belief I have is that anything is possible – if you are passionate about something and decide to spend time putting together a plan and finding a solution, you can achieve or do whatever you want.”

Effective Teamwork “I have worked with Information Technology for 18 years, and my years with QNet are the most exciting and fascinating part of my life. The IT Department consists of four separate teams – Solutions, Infrastructure & Operations, Project Management Office and Security & Compliance. Each team has unique skills and competencies but when we work together, you get the best of the breed. The Solutions team develops all the applications our IRs and internal customers interact with. The Infrastructure & Operations team sets up and manages all the IT systems. The Project Management

team works on various projects with both in-house and external resources. Lastly, the Security & Compliance team inspects final processes for various systems to make sure they are best practices as well as ISO compliant.”

QNet Keeps Up With the Big Trends in Information Technology

Bringing Global Solutions to Local Levels

Cloud Computing is defined by Wikipedia as Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like a public utility. Participants of ‘Atmosphere’ explored what this new development would mean for their respective organisations and how they could re-invent their IT vision and strategy to take full advantage of the power of the cloud.

“We reinvent the company’s process every five years. I believe the next few years are going to be even more exciting due to the fact that we have an enhanced QNet Virtual Office and eStore. We are now working on various localisation projects to reach IRs in every corner of the world. Our e-commerce platform will be ISO-certified later this year. A new mobile platform will also be rolled out for our IRs, with many more exciting services in the pipeline. This means IRs can access our e-commerce platform via multiple channels and in the most secure ways possible. “The QNet website is constantly improving every year with regards to the IR experience, such as with enhancements to the user interface, site access, speed, security, data presentation, and business tools. We want to give only the best to our IRs.”

Getting personal Married to a lovely devoted wife, Malick is a father to two sons aged 17 and 14. Always keeping a busy schedule as QNet’s Chief Information Officer in Hong Kong, he keeps his entire weekend for his family. “I have a very supportive family who understands my work, my responsibility, my travel requirements and my long hours at the office. “My favourite hobby is experimenting with new gadgets. I love listening to music and watching sci-fi or fantasy movies. In addition, I’ve followed the English Premier League and been one of the supportive Liverpool Fan Club since 1974. I used to play football until an ankle ligament injury in 2000 made it difficult to do so. “I have a degree in Physics and started my career as a systems and network designer. My main hobby during my high school and college was electronics and modifying motor cars. I always believed I could turn my hobby into a career. However, I never thought my focus would change to computers.”

Mr Malick Aboobakar attended the Google Conference titled ‘Atmosphere’ held at the Google Campus in Mountain View, California on 12 April 2010. The event brought together more than 350 CIOs and visionary leaders in the technology industry and from all over the world for stimulating discussions on the growing role of Cloud Computing.

Mr Aboobakar’s participation in ‘Atmosphere’ was one significant achievement relevant to maintaining QNet’s reputation as being an early adopter of technology. Under his IT helmsmanship, QNet and the entire QI Group of Companies are assured of knowledge and access to the latest cutting-edge technologies. “In our 2010 KPI, Cloud Computing was supposed to be a plan for the future but after the conference, it became clear that we can start the process this year. We can adopt it sooner than we anticipated,” Mr Aboobakar said. “Cloud Computing will be the single most important trend of the top five trends we intend to adopt for the QI Group of Companies for 2011 onward. Four of the five trends we plan to adopt have a dependency on the Cloud. This will be our future, just like how e-commerce became the backbone/enabler of our QNet Platform.”


A brief chat with Sinamar Reyes, Global IT Solutions Manager Filipino native Sinamar Reyes began his career migrating from being a physics and chemistry college instructor to working in QNet’s IT Department in 1999. Now, as a Global IT Solutions Manager who works under Chief Information Officer Mr Malick Aboobakar, his major role is managing, developing, and sourcing solutions in four areas, including business applications (eStore, Virtual Office, Quest Account, Websites, Mobile Applications, MLM Engine), office applications (CRM, Logistics, Intranet, Human Resources), systems integration, and maintaining and securing data to build business intelligence. “I was introduced to Malick when he first joined us in 2008,” Mr Reyes said. “The first impression I had of him was that he is a knowledgeable and determined man. Even though he is quiet, he has a good sense of humour and gets along with the team very well. He has also been very supportive and gives me a lot of independence to make decisions. Sometimes, we have differing opinions but he listens to my ideas and we try to reach a compromise. For me, he is an approachable and people-oriented boss.”



The Secret To A Good Memory Isn’t It Great When Someone Remembers Your Name? By Desiree Jumchai


t is such a simple task, yet for the vast majority of people, it is the single most important skill that fails them. The ability to remember significant information at the right time during a conversation, meeting or presentation can create a great impression. It is also true that some people just find it difficult to remember names, sequences, and figures. But the good news is that anyone can learn to improve and train his or her memory to its fullest potential. Just think how nice it would be to be able to recall little nuggets of information from every professional or personal encounter. You can train your brain to be more effective in memorisation by treating it as one of the most powerful tools in your body. Exercise your brain by stimulating it with new information, hobbies, and education. Other ways you can work out your brain is by avoiding meaningless television and instead, try reading a book or playing different board games or puzzles – the types that push you to think. Break away from normal routines and do something that adds a little spice into your brain’s life. These are just a few ways to help improve your recall skills and knowledge base. Here are a few more essential tips to enhance your memory:

• Pay close attention to details when someone is speaking to you. Learn to absorb details in conversations even if you do not think they are important. You’d be surprised how you can remember things even from the most boring conversations. • Make sure that you understand what you are learning. If you cannot figure out what something means, go over the information again, or better yet, ask someone, until it is thoroughly understood. • The second after you leave a meeting, you may want to translate your memory onto paper. Remember to take in everything that you have memorised and write it down. This way you can continually study the information at a later date. • Once you know your learning style, try to absorb new information in the same style. This method will help train your brain to process information quicker and even help cut down on study time. • When you come across new complex details, get into the habit of repeating them back aloud in your own words. The more you practise, the more your brain will recognise – giving your brain an excellent workout.

Implementing these tips will improve your memory and in the long run, help you achieve your goals and certainly leave a memorable impression on others.

Kazakhstan was one of the Central Asian countries to receive Juergen’s Product Training.

Product Training at Prana Resorts & Spa, Thailand.

Juergen with IRs in Lampang, Thailand.

On The Road QNet Product Training Around The World By Juergen Michel


omeone once asked me: “Hi Juergen, are you still on a training roadshow somewhere in the world?”

I replied: “I’m always somewhere around the world! Tell me, where do you need me? I’ll be there!”

Juergen with

s in Turkey.

satisfied IR

Each year is always better than the year that just passed. I’d say 2009 and so far this year has been amazing! I have gone from Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, the Republic of Mauritius, the Middle East, and all the way to Africa. No matter how far, our IRs from these regions all have one and the same need: Product Training. My team and I have brought these trainings to Sri Lanka, Australia, Oman, Brazil and Central Asia. As of press time, I just came back from Africa and will be heading to Turkey next! The QNet Product Training team is growing and this year, there will be a Product Trainer in your part of the world providing you with all the Product Training you need.

more...” “Put your hand up if you want to know - Dinesh in Surabaya, Indonesia.

The best is yet to come!

Sydney, y trained IRs in Australia.

Mariel and newl

Mariel shares some pro duct samples in Brisbane, Australia.

Some of the

ut word abo reads the ia. Dinesh sp da Aceh, Indones Ban in s ct u d pro

happy IRs in


Lampung, In


atin Umayal Eswaran is a life-long philanthropist who sees the world through compassionate eyes. As an Executive Member of RYTHM Foundation – which adheres to the precept ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’ (or RYTHM), based on the idea of being the change you want to see in the world – she has dedicated herself to helping others, traveling around the world to assist with numerous charitable endeavours. It was during these travels that Datin Umayal was inspired to put together a jewellery collection that reflects nature in all its splendour, culminating in the creation of the Umayal Collection. Each piece, handmade by skilled craftsmen, is not only an elegant piece of fine jewellery but also an emblem of beauty celebrating nature. Here, we sit down with Datin Umayal to discover her inspiration and thoughts behind the Umayal Collection, as well as her vision for the collection of fine jewellery.

What was the inspiration behind this collection? Simply put, Mother Nature herself. Nothing can compare with the beauty of nature. Whether from the forests or the seas, every plant, flower, or animal is a perfect creation. Nature has inspired artists for thousands of years and I am happy to say that this collection draws from elements of nature as simple as trees and sea coral.

What sort of statement does your jewellery make?

A Natural Style An Interview with Datin Umayal Eswaran By Mallika Khuansathavoranit

The jewellery is elegant, yet simple. It is unique because the designs are drawn from different elements in nature and are a celebration of the beauty inherent in nature. Each piece is handmade by master craftsmen who fashion silver and gemstones into stunning pieces, some of which look like vintage pieces, whilst others have a modern appeal. A woman who wears one of these pieces makes the statement that she values individuality and uncommon style.

Do you feel that the jewellery collection reflects your own personal style? If so, how? Yes. I would wear any of the pieces featured in the collection because each one reflects a different aspect of my personal style. Some of the pieces are sophisticated, some whimsical; others are modern, yet you also have vintage-style pieces. These are all facets of the confident, modern woman who has roots in a strong cultural heritage. These jewellery pieces summarise the women of my generation.


Who do you envision as the type of person who would most enjoy wearing your jewellery? I see someone who is not afraid to be different – someone who likes a bit of the dramatic in her life, and is independent. These designs will appeal to women of all ages and from all walks of life, especially women who want to differentiate themselves by the accessories they wear. It’s for the woman who appreciates the elegant things in life, but also wants what’s unusual.

What is your vision for this collection? Nature is something that is close to my heart. I see this collection continuing to draw inspiration from the trees, the plants, the sea, and the seasons. All the pieces will be handcrafted with aesthetic and practical appeal for the modern woman. I want women to wear this collection with panache, confident of the fact that it complements their inner beauty and spirit. In addition, I want this collection to be a reminder of our need to preserve the environment.

You have a high profile as being involved in the community and committed to the philosophy of RYTHM. Can you tell us more about this? RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind – is a philosophy dear to my heart. When you turn around and reach out a hand to help others, you create a wave of positive change that has a long-lasting ripple effect on them and those close to them. It isn’t only that you are helping them right at that moment; what you are also doing is evoking hope within them. To make a difference in the world is to create change within yourself and your immediate community, to enrich people’s lives and leave the world a better place than it was. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others, and raising them up so that they, too, may turn around and help those who need it, thus creating a wave of positive change that becomes an everlasting legacy — a legacy of RYTHM. I hope that all our IRs will be inspired to help support this collection, as a portion of the earnings from the sale of the Umayal Collection will be donated to RYTHM Foundation. This indeed embodies the philosophy of RYTHM, which drives everything that we do.


Chrono Compressor

Powerful design dynamics, intuitive of Bernhard H. Mayer速 timepieces, combined with the accelerative attitude of motorsports comprise the Chrono Compressor watch. Precision chronograph capabilities have been captured within this masterpiece of timekeeping. The watch lends itself to the active sportsman while remaining stylish enough to be sported on the wrist of any self-respecting social high-flyer. The dominating black dial is peppered with white, making it reminiscent of the iconic chequered race flag and allowing for the large, luminous hands to be complemented by the prevailing date digits. Chronograph | Big date window | Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Stainless steel | Genuine leather strap | Push-button clasp | Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement | Diameter 40 mm

Transforming Lives

RYTHM House’s continuing quest to inspire and empower people Who reads actual books these days? You know the kind, where you flip pages and smell the ink? In an era where e-books are all the rage, traditional paper-bound bookstores are feeling the pinch and even large publishing houses are trimming costs. Why then do independent publishing houses like RYTHM House fight against all odds to stay in the game? It is a question of passion and commitment. Founded in 2006, its mission is simple: to publish books that are insightful and that educate people about life. Its debut publication In the Sphere of Silence, authored by Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, was a resounding success. From Berlin to New York, this life-changing book based on Dato’s personal philosophy of selfdiscovery has transformed the lives of many who have read it and practised it daily with the help of the accompanying journal. Guided by the simple ethos of ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’, RYTHM House is committed to the sole purpose of empowering its readers. Every manuscript that is chosen to go to print has passed a rigorous selection process. While conventional publishers question the ‘bestseller’ factor of the potential book, at RYTHM House, the crucial factor is the ‘message’ of the book. Is it impactful? Does it educate, empower or inspire?

account of his life-challenging journey to become the successful entrepreneur he is today struck a chord in thousands of QNet Independent Representatives who were present at the launch. Mr Pathman’s story gave them hope that anyone, even a self-proclaimed ‘moron’, can achieve his or her dreams. Although nurturing the network with tomes of hope, guidance and inspiration is the raison d’être of RYTHM House, it is slowly breaking new ground by garnering public appeal through publications like In the Thinking Zone by Dato’ Vijay Eswaran. Launched at V-Malaysia 2008 in Penang, this timeless classic was sold out by pre-orders even before its official launch. Now, this year, it is all set for a public launch with one of Malaysia’s biggest chain stores, MPH Bookstore Sdn Bhd. While traditionally printed and bound books are the mainstays of RYTHM House Publishing, our flagship publication, In the Sphere of Silence, has since ventured into the digital era. It is now available as an iTunes application that can be downloaded to iPhones and iPods. Although RYTHM House is certainly moving in tandem with technology, it still holds true to its passion to publish books of value that offer something of worth to the reader.

At V-Malaysia 2009, Mr Pathman Senathirajah created ripples at the launch of his first book even a moron with a dream... This touching and hard-hitting

Ponder on this quote:

Pick up a RYTHM House publication today.

“This book can be dangerous. It could change your life.”

y. opportunit elite. y b d te a e r c best... ted by the a Goals are e r c e r choose the et? a to ls a u o o g y g r test y ntest fo Amazin Month Con have a co e t e th N f Q o t l a a We ur Go voted in o u o y e v a H

Go now to: for a chance to win amazing prizes!

Kick-Off With QNet

The Official Direct Selling Supporter Of AFC Champions League Scores High In Football Debut By Christophe Altaie is Did You Know? g elite sports, QNet utor’ tradition of supportin trib Continuing our proud announce that we are an ‘Official Discoin extremely pleased torld Cup South African commemorativer very own of the 2010 FIFA Wo in celebrating the World Cup with youCheck your programme! Join usecial event, in a set of gold and silver. memento of this sp set today while stocks last! eStore* to get your tan, Turkmenistan, , Uzbekis Taiwan, Kazakhstan st Asia, Hong Kong, ept South Africa). *Available in Southea African countries (exc and , UAE , rain Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bah


wijawa (IN SAFFC (SIN) and Sri the battle between 30 January 2010. QNet IRs enjoying on , ore gap Sin Stadium, in the Jalan Besar

ie; er, Mr Christophe Alta (L-R) QI Project Manag ips, rsh nso Spo of e arg QNet Director-in-Ch ; and QI Director for Mr Joachim Steffen Zaheer Merchant Corporate Affairs, Mr h (SIN) in the clash wit supporting SAFFC an Besar Jal the in A) (TH Muangthong Utd 0. , on 06 February 201 Stadium, Singapore

R) and Pohang Steelers (KO disputing yers Al lttihad (KSA) pla Prince Abdullah a loose ball in the Jeddah, during Al Faisal Stadium, -Out Stage. the 2009 ACL Knock


e’ve chalked up some impressive statistics since the start of our four-year sponsorship of the prestigious Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) Champions League (ACL). During the 2009 Quarter Finals, QNet (formerly known as QuestNet) brought together an average of 810 existing and potential IRs per game during key knock-out games in Saudi Arabia and Qatar; distributed more than 5,000 QuestNet-ACL handy flags and T-shirts to fans in stadia; and exposed the QuestNet brand to 186,466 spectators attending the games as well as to 24,929,485 pairs of eyeballs during the Knock-Out Stage televised broadcast. Such is the power of the most popular sport in the world! But behind the impressive figures, what matters most is the impact that QNet makes in people’s lives through its association with the ACL. First of all, such high-level sponsorship allows QNet to join an elite contingent of recognised international brands such as Emirates Airlines, ING, and Nike, which mutually benefit from the popularity and success of the League. Hence, it brings our brand to new heights in terms of exposure to media, football fans and ultimately, prospects for QNet IRs. The credibility aspect generated offers a new powerful tool for dynamic networkers to present the company behind the powerful business model.

“These are exciting times for club football as we continue to raise the level of professionalism within our game here in Asia. With the 2009 season setting records for both attendees and viewers, we are glad to have a partner like QuestNet who will further engage the football fans in this competition.” QNet will be sponsoring several contests and promotional events to delight diehard fans. One of the major contests, which was launched during the first week of March, is the interactive QNet ACL ‘Goal of the Month’ voting competition, accessible at Football enthusiasts vote for what they consider to be the best goal for the month, with a chance to win fabulous prizes, thanks to QNet.



Beyond the brand exposure, QNet is also actively utilising the sponsorship to do its part in supporting football on a regional level, both for the fans and for the football players. Like in other parts of the world, legions of club-fanatic fans religiously watch the game ‘live’ through television, on-line streaming and other media, or even follow their favourite team on the road to push them for the win. This spectator dedication is reflected in the players themselves, as over the years, football in Asia has improved by leaps and bounds. The performance of Asian nations in international arenas such as the World Cup is a testament to the tremendous progress of the game in this region. QNet is proud to support the AFC’s efforts to ensure Asian football continues to compete with the best in the world. At the opening of the 2010 ACL Season’s Group Stage in February, the AFC President himself acknowledged QNet’s support with much appreciation. “It gives me great pleasure to welcome QuestNet as a new partner of the AFC Champions League and into the fold of the Asian football family,” AFC President Mr Mohamed Bin Hammam said. 15 lucky IRs enjoy an exclusive photo shoot with the Umm Salal (QAT) team in Doha, Qatar, on 22 September 2009.

Last but not least, during select ACL games, QNet will be offering an unforgettable experience to young children from modest backgrounds by not only bringing them to great international-level games, but by making the children part of the games! QNet is providing the opportunity for these kids to parade the match ground with their football heroes as ‘QNet Young Escorts’, accompanying the players onto the field prior to match kick-off. Such initiatives are at the core of QNet’s mission, which has since its beginning been to change lives around the world through its philosophy of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind).



- and long-term goals?

So what are your short hara’s new driver, Dhabi event and all eam Malaysia QI-Meritus Ma short-term goal is on the Abu star’ five My ing ‘ris a as to rred refe s I’m new to the team and the Alexander Rossi, wa a Series of the GP2 Asia Calendar. Asi 2 GP the in e rac ond et. Of course, my long-term days before the sec mpionship would be my targ new to cha ugh Tho bi. Dha Abu uit been my dream since the kicked off at Yas Marina Circ l is Formula One, which has QNet goa an, paw pra to Sira a sad (Je I w, I see myself getting closer the team as of this intervie I started racing. Each day chap day ng you the t tha tell ily eas ld Promotions Manager) cou BMW achieving it. Rossi is the 2008 Formula Mr d. fiel the in ert exp is an as 8 Formula BMW Americ like you World Champion and the 200 to see such a young man ing az 9 am 200 It’s the at ce pla rth fou in e. Do you have any Champion. He also came striving to join Formula On ampionship. Though he Ch r ste Ma la mu For al tion Interna with us? I crets of success to share se rview with a relaxed mood, inte the for me our lives et me to e cam e dedicated eight years of ment Well, my parents and I hav ing and dedicated commit rac for n sio of pas lot a his te l qui fee ld cou risms. , we have given up for this goal, and trust me ugh clearly from his manne thro e cam ely it as rem , ext am n dre bee to his le. My family has things to make this possib g to pin hel for rs nk all my sponso industry? supportive, and I have to tha the in en be u yo ve ha g How lon make this all possible. years, and involved in the I have been racing for eight . industry since the age of ten that drives you every day.


How did you start?

to ld, my father always took me Ever since I was a young chi t ugh bro s wa I ing eth ing was som see races in California. Rac ght bou dad My . of my childhood up with, and it’s a big part d my ten years old. When I receive s wa I en me a small car wh ally. ion nat and ally locally, region own go cart, I started racing b clim my rted sta n the e car, which At thirteen, I got my first rac . ited exc te qui I’m and at GP2 Asia on the race ladder. Now I am

So it’s your dream u felt down and Were there times when yo er? wanted to give up altogeth numerous d and felt like giving up I have, in fact, been very tire they of your friends doing things times in the past. Seeing all gh, tou s wa nt me mo mood at the like or whatever suits their ays alw I’ve , ver we Ho to the gym. especially when I had to go p sto to use exc no is e, and there wanted to be in Formula On goal. trying hard to achieve that

i s s o R r e d Alexan r

Interview With A Rising Sta By Jesada Siraprapawan

Alexander Rossi (second from left), QIMM driver and one of the rising stars in the GP2 Asia Series, being interviewed by the QNet Sponsorship Team.



do suggest our IRs What would you would challenges and when they face have like to give up? in life will always

nt to do Everything you wa pecially if you nothing easy, es is e er Th s. ge en chall e will be hard ething great. Ther m so ve hie ac to want y. Yet if you tears along the wa work, blood and it. Do it every on have to focus u yo it, nt wa y reall and things will part of your life, es m co be it til un day be easier.


i: a hero for ch

Alexander Ross

xander Rossi.

QIMM driver Ale

self up k to boost your What is your tric are gs ment when thin from disappoint ? ing to your plan not going accord I just try not to focus on the

r se; There’s no trick pe will share with ings. However, I th of e sid e tiv ga ne ct on me. In at had a big impa th g hin et m so u yo the BWM racing bad weekend at ry ve a d e ha I , 08 20 r came to see m . The series owne ica er Am in w s ro rie or se til noon tom I will give you un and said, “Alex, u have to move en urself and th yo yo r fo rry so el fe to in myself or I’m disappointed er ev en wh So .” on elf 14-15 hours to I always give mys , lem ob pr a ve ha d forget about it. I just move on an en th d an d ba el fe


race out the coming ab d te ci ex u yo e Are y first time with th ely excited! It’s m

I’m extrem y first time to win. It’s also m team and I want rn a lot 2 and I have to lea competing at GP ils. However, it’s ta e and other de gin en e th ing rd rega . great fun to drive

you do out other things Tell us more ab besides racing. h else. I’m interested in

muc Actually, I don’t do king an online biking. I’m also ta d an tennis, running e to study while , which allows m university course and there are dule is pretty full I travel. My sche get something s when I need to always late night done.

QNet at we have 500 th ow kn u yo o D e you ers coming to se IRs and custom to ng hi you have anyt at the race? Do ? share with them r their support. It’s ank everybody fo I would like to th rope and the be in America, Eu quite incredible to tional company. th such an interna UAE, working wi you all proud. better and make I hope I will drive coming over QNet and the team Many thanks to drive to success too. I know we’ll here for the race together!

r Rossi Arthledaxte:a25nSedpte ember 1991 Bi iver Team QIMM Dr


Notable Achi

sMahara ysia QI-Meritu ia – Team Mala • 2010 GP2 As erall ov came in 4th Master tional Formula and Rookie • 2009 Interna / ISR Racing – 4th overall hip ns Champio ampion Champion erall BMW World Ch pionship – ov • 2008 Formula Americas Cham W BM ula rm • 2008 Fo mpaign rd all in rookie ca champion USA – 3 over hip – youngest winner W BM ula rm • 2007 Fo Champions National rber National nship – Karting • 2006 Skip Ba tional Champio Na d an Gr F • 2005 IK Champion


ing the ‘No.1’ sig

nt and the team giv

QNet manageme

a i s y a l a Team M Mahara s u t i r e M QI f O s t r a e H e h Wins T g n i d u l c n I , Malaysians r e t s i n i M e The Prim ad Jaya

By Norhani Ahm

pressed 2010 season im recent GP2 Asia e th in scored a , ar pi ah lip eritusM n Luca Fi first driver, Italia am Malaysia QI-M Te Its of k. t za en ship. Ra l on em pi du ev achi ctor’s Cham Najib Tun Ab he outstanding ister Dato’ Seri th in the Constru in ur M fo e ed im Pr ish s. g fin am in ud an te e team Malaysians, incl ve other Europe pionship and th ting against twel pe the Driver’s Cham m in n co io as sit w po am nd the te seco ent, considering great achievem ere organised to This is indeed a s of activities w rie se a tanding n, ai hr from Ba nounce its outs ahara came back ya to officially an Ja sM g itu lin er time, ta at I-M Pe th Q n g l. Durin Malaysia at the Hilto r at Amcorp Mal As soon as Team ca ess conference pr ng a ni m in Prix w fro e nd g th ra tin G Malaysian ccess. Star to showcase celebrate its su schedule at the e team went on ic th ct e with e, he m nc r ho ei rie th at pe m le e off fro the peop eir racing ex dok also took tim achievement to Mall to share th an rp Ch co n ru Am in Ka h d ot a bo o Senna an QI-MeritusMahar F1 drivers Brun at the Malaysian by Oscar Tunjo. op dr an to bi m P) lo G an and Co (Malaysian hw Ik q Afi n y sia ay ivers Mal aran. Dato’ Vija ® Meritus BMW dr Dato’ Vijay Esw , an rm Chrono ai Ch er ay ive rnhard H. M roup Execut ong with the Be e office of QI G al th e, to it nc le vis Si a of id e Sphere n also pa Bruno and Karu elling book, In th them his best-s to d te en . es ch pr wat graciously Net racing-style the Meritus special edition Q sia’s Premier to ay al M of it Compressor, a vis e l Razak e surpris ri Najib Tun Abdu was thrilled by th pport, Dato’ Se Net once again su Q d l, an al M ce rp en co es r his pr es at Am uit. Honoured fo After the activiti ternational Circ In ng pa Se e th BMW pit at



presenting a Dato’ Vijay Eswaran clestone. token to Bernie Ec

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g thirajah welcomin Mr Pathman Sena Malaysia, of ter nis Mi me the Deputy Pri ddin Yassin. Tan Sri Haji Muhyi

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The RYTHM That Resonates Around The World



n this day and age, corporations are increasingly conscience-focussed. The demand for ethical business processes and actions is high and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) now forms part of company ethos, deliberately considered in corporate decision-making and in honouring the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit. In the field of corporate altruism, RYTHM Foundation is the CSR arm of the QI Group. The foundation epitomises the very core of the Group’s philosophy: ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’. QI, QNet, The V and RYTHM International are the major supporters and programme initiators of all CSR initiatives in the QI Group that are enabled by the Foundation. RYTHM Foundation’s aim in supporting projects is to reach out and touch as many lives as possible by sponsoring worthy causes around the world. Being the official entity to carry out the values and mission of the QI Group, the Foundation’s projects are mostly in line with its four major advocacies: Promotion of Health and Well-Being, Education for All and Youth Development, Emancipation and Vocation of Women, and Sports Encouragement and Cultural Heritage. The year 2009 and the first half of 2010 has been a remarkably productive period for RYTHM Foundation. Here are some of the highlight stories...

By Gil Cadiz & Ann Choy

Bus Sponsorship for School for Deaf and Mute Children in Kazakhstan

The Most Extensive Sponsorship Programme in World Vision History QNet, through its QNet Pays Forward initiative, donated USD 110,000 to World Vision International for the benefit of 11 children living in poverty-stricken conditions in each of the programme’s 11 targeted countries, improving the lives of a total of 121 children. World Vision and RYTHM Foundation will oversee the sponsorship programme, which will run for two years.

QNet Pays Forward is a catalyst to uniting QNet and its Independent Representatives in living out the principles of RYTHM. This was exemplified in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan, where a QNet team led by RYTHM Foundation Trustee Mr Bernhard H. Mayer handed over a bus that would take the children of the Regional Special Boarding School for Deaf and Mute Children out on educational field trips.

Walking for Life in Hong Kong A group of RYTHM Foundation and QNet staff with their families and friends in tow took part in the annual healthcare charity fundraising event in Hong Kong called Island Scout Trailwalk and Walk for Life 2010. The group raised funds to support the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society.

RF trustees Mr Richar d Zinkiewicz (2nd from left) and Ms Donna Imson th (5 from left) as well as QNet Managing DIrector Mr JR Mayer (far right) ma ke a donation to World Vis ion.


Communication Equipment for Haitian Rebuilding Efforts


Disaster Relief Funds for India and Indonesia

RYTHM Foundation collaborated with ICO Global Communications, DBSB North America, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) in providing satellite-based Internet connectivity for relief agencies working in Haiti on projects that will rehabilitate the earthquake-wrecked country. RYTHM Foundation donated USD 21,000 to procure fifteen laptops with extended battery life and installed with Windows XP or Linux, AC and DC converters, and wheeled metal cases for safe storage and transportation.

Typhoon Ketsana Relief and Rehabilitation in the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos Typhoon Ketsana (Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines) brought severe flooding in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, resulting in the loss of many lives and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. The same typhoon swept through Vietnam, Laos and its neighbouring countries. RYTHM Foundation, through QNet Pays Forward, partnered with World Vision to utilise donations collected from QI Group employees and QNet IRs for relief and rehabilitation efforts in these countries. The Typhoon Ondoy Fund (USD 63,000) has helped a total of 1,528 families in Metro Manila, while a donation of USD 35,000 was equally split between Vietnam and Laos to fund relief assistance and long-term recovery projects in son Im a nn Do s M ief goods the most affected areas. rel ing ut trib dis ted by to those affec na Typhoon Ketsa (Ondoy).

Families soug ht refuge in tem po makeshift ca rary m Laos. (Photo ps in credit: World Visio n)

World Vision accepted RYTHM Foundation’s donation of USD 40,000 to help survivors of the massive flooding in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India and the earthquake in West Sumatra in Indonesia. The amount, which was put together through QNet Pays Forward, was equally split between the two countries. The Indonesia fund was used to distribute survival packs and part of the fund was pooled with donations from other big corporations to build a new mobile library called ‘Mobil Sahabat Anak’ (Children’s Car Friend). The India fund was utilised for the immediate distribution of family kits, composed of both food and non-food items, and the installation of water purification units in affected villages.

Distribution of learning kits and relief items to help students and families resume their normal lives. (Photo credit : World Vision)

Donation to the UN World Food Programme Through QNet-sponsored Team Amman Express RF, through QNet Pays Forward, donated USD 6,485 to the UN World Food Programme. The unique amount represents a dollar for every kilometre covered by the QNet-sponsored team Amman Express, which finished at an excellent 4th position from among the 80 teams who participated in Rallye Allgäu-Orient, an adventure on wheels spanning 14 countries. The Rallye Allgäu-Orient aims to support the UN World Food Programme’s efforts in the region.



QNet Indonesia Helps Survivors of Situ Gintung Flood QNet Indonesia Corporate Communications Manager Wita Dahlan, together with Network Support Officers Alin and Arif, represented RYTHM Foundation in handing over foam mattresses to the survivors of the Situ Gintung flood in South Jakarta through the main relief centre at the University of Muhammadiyah.

Steadfast Support for the Rainbow Project to Help Children with Autism in Hong Kong

r Richard RF trustee M g itin Zinkiewicz vis of the the Children ct in HK. Rainbow Proje

It is a great challenge to raise children with autism. RYTHM Foundation supports this cause and through QNet Pays Forward donated USD 12,990 in 2009 to the

Rainbow Project, a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong that aims to provide special educational facilities for children with autism and to promote awareness of autism in the Hong Kong community. On 12 November 2009, a total of 17 QNet staff participated in the Rainbow Trek 2009 to raise funds for the Rainbow Project.

Building Opportunities for Disadvantaged Youth in Sri Lanka RYTHM Foundation donated USD 50,000 to the Foundation of Goodness (FoG), a Sri Lankan non-governmental organisation (NGO) working to re-erect the physical, structural, emotional and spiritual damages in the tsunami-hit village of Seenigama. The Foundation became a sustainability sponsor of the Village Heartbeat Project, a proven working model which empowers rural children and youth through productive activities in pre-school, english teaching, computer training, a children’s goodness club, women’s enterprise classes, skills development, and library facilities in and around five villages.

Grooming Future Golf Stars in Thailand RYTHM Foundation, through QNet Pays Forward, donated USD 8,500 to the Thongchai Jaidee Charity for the benefit of Pan Din Hai Pen Dao (Turn the ‘Clay’ to the ‘Star’), a foundation in lopburi province in Thailand which was established by the Thai golf professional Thongchai Jaidee, to give hope to children who would not normally be given the opportunity of learning and excelling in a sport such as golf.

QNet Produ ct Marketing M Jeremy G anager, ue from left) pr ssoum (2 nd esenting a cheque to star Thongc Thai golf hai Jaidee (3 rd from le ft).


Donation to UNICEF Bihar to Support Water & Sanitation Programme in Flood Affected Districts In 2008, the districts of Supaul, Saharsa, Araria, Madhepura and Purnia in North Bihar, India were ravaged by massive flooding. The floods displaced 4.57 million people and damaged or totally destroyed essential infrastructure like roads, bridges, water supply systems and schools. RYTHM Foundation Trustee Mr Bernhard H. Mayer, in a simple ceremony, officially presented a USD 30,000 donation to Patna UNICEF Field Office Chief Mr Bijaya Rajbhandari to support various flood-related emergency programmes in the affected districts.

Community Empowerment Programme in Nepal RYTHM Foundation, since 2005, has officially been supporting a community empowerment programme in Nepal by working with the Better Nepal Foundation as a local partner. Ultimate goal of the Better Nepal Foundation projects is to lead locals to prosperity and to eradicate the grip of poverty within the community.

RYTHM Foundation in 2010 and Beyond...

Building a Brighter Future for Disadvantaged Children in Thailand The QNet Pays Forward initiative gave substantial donations to two schools for disadvantaged and disabled children in Thailand. QNet employees, in support of RYTHM Foundation’s advocacy to provide equal opportunities for disadvantaged children, donated to Baan Pang Da School and the Home for the Blind with Multiple Disabilities (one of the projects of the Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand), under the royal patronage of His Majesty the King.

with Mr JR Mayer iting QNet staff vis the children.

RYTHM Foundation will continue to work with international and local NGOs and other institutions to promote and foster education, youth development, health and well-being. The Foundation will also focus its work on women empowerment in the developing countries/regions, sports encouragement and the preservation of cultural heritage. The Foundation will continuously strive to provide a healthy environment for underprivileged children and women around the world. Join us in making a difference! Let us all be RYTHM Ambassadors! Let us all be one with this beautiful RYTHM that resonates around the world!

Visit us at or look us up on Facebook!



Reaching Out


Helping Children In Some Of The Poorest Regions Of The World By Srisumeth Rittipairoj & Jodi A. Hammond


n the previous issue of aspIRe magazine, we announced the most extensive sponsorship programme in the history of World Vision International that is being spearheaded by QNet and RYTHM Foundation, under the QNet Pays Forward initiative. The sponsorship programme will ensure that the lives of 121 impoverished children in 11 countries are enriched with educational opportunities, health care, and support systems.


Approximately one-third of India’s population lives on less than USD 1 a day. About one-third of villagers are illiterate due to poverty, inadequate school facilities and insufficient teacher levels. Most villages have limited access to the rest of the country due to the lack of roads and communication infrastructure. HIV/AIDS is a serious health problem, causing the loss of breadwinners—meaning many children are forced to become the head of the family to look after younger siblings.

The manner in which the donations are utilised is on a case-by-case basis, to guarantee the sponsorship is tailored to best meet the individual needs of each child. To date, 99 children have already been identified and selected as beneficiaries of the project. The regions that are being targeted have been selected based on their socio-economic and environmental circumstances, and the availability of opportunities for children.

Sri Lanka

Poverty, unemployment, and the need for infrastructure reconstruction all hinder economic growth. Child malnutrition rate is high. Though free primary education is offered, nearly half of primary school aged children drop out due to poverty. Child labour is very common in the area. Many villagers earn less than USD 2 a day and nearly one-third of the population is unemployed.


Significant investments in children and women in recent years have led to developmental successes in Uganda, notably in primary education and in the fight against HIV/AIDS. However, approximately 20,000 babies are infected by HIV annually through mother-to-child transmission. Nearly half of the estimated two million orphans are orphaned due to AIDS, with the total expected to rise to 3.5 million by 2010.



Most of the sponsored children in Tajikistan are from incomplete families whose parents are either dead or divorced. Many also have no education and have been placed in the Temporary Isolation Centre. The whole country suffers from extreme cold weather and power cuts. The majority of rural areas do not have electricity at all. Many girls aged below 18 have undergone sexual/physical abuse and exploitation.



Many families are mainly dependent on agriculture for their livelihood and have to suffer from low food productivity problems caused by landscape and frequent natural disasters. Poor transportation, inadequate health services, dilapidated school buildings, and inadequate school facilities all cause a high dropout rate of primary school students.


Many Filipinos live in rural fishing and farming communities. Food production is minimal and usually just enough to keep the children fed. Though primary education is free as well as compulsory, the quality of education is poor in these areas. Due to economic hardship, many children lack opportunities for quality education. Eleven of the sponsored children are from poor families where the earnings from the parents are hardly enough to support the family.


Food insecurity, inaccessibility to clean water, sanitation facilities and community infrastructure are some of the major setbacks faced by some of the communities. One-seventh of children die before age five, many from preventable diseases such as polio, diphtheria, and malaria.


Widespread poverty in rural areas is an acute problem. Farmers work on limited farmland with very low income, and crops are often damaged by seasonal floods and droughts. Poor health and sanitary conditions are caused by a shortage of clean water. Many serious problems amongst children and caused by poverty include child labour, prostitution, and drug addiction.


All of the 11 sponsored children in Malaysia come from the Orang Asli community, in which over 70% are poor. Income generated within the community comes from harvesting palm oil, rubber tapping, and collecting product from the orchards and the nearby forests.


Ethiopia’s poverty is paramount and widespread and is often linked to the degradation of the environment and natural resources. The majority of the population lives on less than USD 2 a day, and recurrent droughts have resulted in numerous food crises over many years. Only one-third of children enrol in secondary schools as many of them need to work on the fields to raise income for their families. Most villagers do not have access to potable water and many travel for more than two hours to drink from unprotected sources.


Indonesia is densely populated with very poor living conditions. People suffer from high unemployment and rural poverty with over half of its population living on less than USD 2 a day. The dropout rate from primary education is high due to the lack of awareness of the importance of education. People have limited access to health services, resulting to malnutrition, malaria and diarrhea being prevalent across the country.


Thongchai continues to establish himself as one of Asia’s greatest golfers Thanks to Veloci-Ti


hailand’s leading golfer and Asian Top 3 golfer, Thongchai Jaidee, proved that at 40, he is still a force in the game, carding a six-under par 66 for a one-stroke lead at the halfway stage of the 2.5-million-dollar Dubai Desert Classic at the beginning of February 2010. He put his improvement in form over the last year down to a strict fitness regime that has seen him overcome severe back problems that laid him low two years ago. A renewed concentration on his putting has also contributed to his stunning run of victories and global achievements. “It was very hard with my back, a break of eight weeks and we did a lot of stretching and then a lot of strengthening,” says Thongchai. “And then last year, after half a year, my back was getting better and then I played quite well for the past six months until the end of the year and started again these last three weeks. “I played very consistently today compared to yesterday, and I was very solid hitting 15 greens in regulation and missing just five fairways. So I felt very confident. I am trying every year to improve my form and technique. Over the past, I have also worked hard on my putting and that aspect of my game is also getting better and better, contributing to my success.” Thongchai has four career wins on the European Tour, including the Indonesia Open and the Ballantine’s Championship in 2009. In Dubai this year, he finished third at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic, enough to keep him in the top 50 on the Official World Golf Rankings. “I achieve success in my life because of golf, and my Veloci-Ti pendant is a big part of my success.”




Vegetarianism Series Eat Green & Stay Healthy By Felisa Tangsanga


hese days, many people have chosen to adopt the vegetarian lifestyle – some for health and ethical concerns, while others perhaps for environmental or economic reasons. Becoming a vegetarian is a personal decision and can very positively impact a person’s body, mind and overall well-being. Here, we take a look at some interesting details on the health benefits a person can receive by switching to a vegetarian diet.

Overall Health Benefits Countless studies have been done to compare the overall health of vegetarians to meat-eaters. These studies have repeatedly shown that adopting a vegetarian diet – filled with fruits, vegetables and fibre – lowers the risk of coronary artery disease, gallstones, cancer (particularly lung and colon cancer), kidney stones, colon disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. One of the most popular reasons people switch to a vegetarian diet is a longer life expectancy. Vegetarians, on average, live longer than those who consume meat on a regular basis. This is probably a result of vegetarians being much healthier than carnivores in general. In fact, it is not uncommon for doctors to prescribe a vegetarian diet to patients suffering from any of the following: obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, allergies, asthma, environmental illness, hypertension, gout, gallstones, hemorrhoids, kidney stones, ulcers, colitis, premenstrual syndrome, anxiety and depression. One can decrease his/her level of cholesterol just by avoiding meat. A lower cholesterol level reduces the chances of suffering from a heart attack. Vegetarian diets can be naturally low in fat and sodium, which also helps to reduce blood pressure as well as improve circulation. With a vegetarian diet, one can also enjoy the privilege of weight loss. Cutting one’s meat intake, especially from fast food, can lead to a noticeable decrease in body weight. In fact, maintaining a non-meat diet and avoiding fast food completely can help in losing weight and preventing obesity. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins, which is ideal for healthier skin no matter what the season. In addition, as vegetables are high in fibre, eating a vegetarian diet helps improve the process of digestion and elimination.

A vegetarian diet can provide higher levels of energy, as the body spends less time digesting animal protein. This natural energy boost can help keep one feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Go Veggie With a Delicious and Healthy Meal! Switching to a vegetarian diet is a big step, and it’s not to be done lightly. Anyone who is considering becoming a vegetarian might want to ease into the diet, so as to make sure that s/he comes up with enough meat-free meals that are both healthy and desirable. There’s nothing that will put one off a new diet more than becoming disillusioned or bored with the food. The key is to get sufficient nutrients and calories from a variety of foods and to enjoy the healthy and delicious diet along the way. Worries of becoming vitamin- or nutrient-deficient can be easily solved by consulting a doctor for blood tests and altering the diet with whole foods first, rather than resorting to supplements. The body can more readily use nutrients that come from foods directly rather than in pill form. A visit to a nutritionist may also be helpful to inquire about what to eat to improve one’s health as a vegetarian, and to make sure that one is getting sufficient amounts of all required nutrients. A person must proceed carefully and wisely, utilising a slow transition from being an omnivore to becoming a vegetarian. One must make sure to eat a variety of foods, experiment with ingredients and have fun exploring new and different ways to eat. Transitioning the right way to vegetarianism will help prevent any issues that may crop up, such as deficiency in nutrients due to not eating enough of certain types of foods, and enable one to enjoy the numerous health benefits that such a diet can bring!



Time To Detoxify Your System By Srisumeth Rittipairoj


smoothie can be one of the most nutritious and delicious meals on Earth! Fruit smoothies are healthy and loaded with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre that do wonders for your health and help build up your body’s defenses against various diseases. When fruits are blended, the plant fibres are broken down just like when you chew them; the blender literally does most of the ‘chewing’ for you. Chewing food more thoroughly means that you’ll absorb more of the nutrients. What’s more, by adding one sachet of FibreFit, you get all the needed, natural benefits of soluble fibre!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Makes 3 Servings

Ingredients • 300 ml low-fat milk (1%) • 250 g hulled strawberries • 1 peeled and roughly chopped banana • 15 ml honey • 150 ml natural yogurt • 1 sachet of FibreFit

Instructions 1. Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. 2. Adjust the sweetness according to your taste. 3. Pour into serving glasses and serve.

Nutritional Information (one serving) Calories: 137 | Calories from fat: 18 | Total fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 7mg | Sodium: 54mg | Total carbohydrate: 32.2g | Dietary fibre: 7.7g | Protein: 5.1g

There is nothing like a delicious breakfast smoothie to help give your body a real boost in the morning. Not only is this an easy recipe to follow, but the combination of strawberries and banana creates an excellent low-fat smoothie when you don’t have a lot of time to eat a full breakfast.

Did you know? • Strawberries contain a range of nutrients, with Vitamin C at the top of the list. Strawberries also provide an excellent source of Vitamin K and manganese, as well as folic acid, potassium, riboflavin, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, copper, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to these beneficial nutrients, strawberries also contain significant levels of phytonutrients and antioxidants, which help fight free radicals that damage our cells. • A single banana contains an astounding 400 mg of potassium – one of the most important nutrients to keep your heart and nervous system healthy. Scientific studies from the American Heart Association, the University of Maryland Medical Center, and Colorado State University have all shown that diets

that are low in potassium often result in high blood pressure and an increased risk of stroke. The daily recommended amount of potassium can be easily obtained by eating one or two bananas each day. • Besides being high in soluble fibre, FibreFit is high in calcium, which helps to support the development of strong bones and teeth. FibreFit is made from Gum Acacia, a natural plant source that is rich in prebiotics. Prebiotics are responsible for stimulating the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria within the intestinal flora. This is crucial for overall pH balance and for maintaining a healthy digestive system.




A Showcase of QNet Favourites


Your Fountain of Life

QNet’s health philosophy is embedded in the HomePure 7-in-1 high-quality water filter. HomePure incorporates a mechanical seven-filter media Ultrafiltration (UF) system, meaning seven filter stages are combined into one single filter cartridge, allowing you to not only enjoy the special advantages of water purification, but maintain good hygiene and wellness with a simple, single management of filtration stages. HomePure water is energised, tastes good, is odourless, and most importantly, is naturally balanced because the system allows natural trace minerals to pass through filtration, whilst ensuring contaminants are filtered out. Made with world-class quality components and parts, HomePure uses a combination of advanced German engineering plus Japanese technology.

In-Voice Powered Nokia E52 SELECT

Your Office on the Move

Sophisticated and super-slim, metallic and lightweight, the Nokia E52 boasts longer air and standby time, noise cancellation feature, advanced calendar and contact functionalities, business email at your fingertips, as well as support for viewing and editing documents, workbooks and presentations received as email attachments. Through these features, Nokia E52 takes your mobile office to a whole new level of convenience and mobility. The 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera has a built-in flash for better snapshots, while the larger display screen makes video viewing and web browsing more fun! Moreover, the In-Voice Pro programme is included to make your business and personal communication even easier.



Behind this gregarious wading bird’s name is a ladies’ watch that exudes the sociable and outgoing nature of the flamingo. Characterised by an extremely attractive large oval face and large Arabic numeral markers for 3 and 9 o’clock, the Flamingo’s polished stainless steel case is a striking complement to its silver dial and black croco-print leather strap. Be ready to mingle and shine in the crowd with this exceptional timepiece. Stainless steel bezel with zirconias | Stainless steel | Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Black or white croco-print leather strap | Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement | Diameter 37 mm


The newest pride in the Bernhard H. Mayer® Energy Series, the Force Ultimate watch has inherited the same powerful wellness functions as its predecessor, the Force watch, but with a new modern touch of appearance. Featuring a contemporary design characterised by a black square-patterned dial face, this handsome gentleman’s timepiece accentuates style with its large stainless steel case matched with your choice of black croco-print leather strap or stainless steel bracelet. The Force Ultimate watch has a built-in energy crystal that possesses positive energy waveforms that are proven to improve and harmonise your energy levels. The energy crystal helps your body return to its most natural and interference-free state to improve your overall well-being. Brushed and polished stainless steel | Stainless steel caseback with energised glass | Scratchproof sapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Black croco-print leather strap or stainless steel bracelet | Diameter 41 mm | Swiss Made




A New QVI Club Home Resort SELECT

The Centurion All-Suite Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

The Centurion All-Suite Hotel in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa is QVI Club’s latest addition to its Home Resorts list. Located in Sea Point, The Centurion Hotel is a self-catering holiday accommodation situated close to amenities, shops, restaurants, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the beachfront, and the Promenade, all of which makes this an ideal place to stay. You have a choice of 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartments, with each spacious suite beautifully appointed with its own lounge and kitchen. QVI Club vacation club members can now make full use of their holiday weeks at this new property. Alternatively, you can also purchase the latest holiday packages, Sawubona Cape Town or Yamkela to Cape Town, to experience for yourself the beauty of South Africa with QVI Club!


Add FibreFit to Your Diet

With a fast-paced modern lifestyle, eating on the go or consuming fast food has become the norm, meaning that you most likely don’t get enough fibre or other valuable nutrients. FibreFit can be your best answer to easily introducing soluble fibre into your diet. Simply by adding it to the food you already eat, you can be sure of receiving your recommended daily intake of soluble fibre. Instead of eating ten bowls of oatmeal, simply take three sachets of FibreFit! FibreFit is 100% natural, organic soluble dietary fibre that has no added sugar, artificial sweetener, colours, flavours or any additive. Besides being high in soluble fibre, FibreFit is high in calcium as well, supporting the development of strong bones and teeth. FibreFit is Halal certified and suitable for people of all ages.



Himalayan Crystal World Pendant Whimsical Refinement to Complement Your Style

Crafted from sterling silver, the Himalayan Crystal World Pendant taps into the harmonising power of refined Himalayan Crystals, helping to create a balanced energy force for the wearer. With its endearing, whimsical design, the pendant features a delicate ball that rotates along a diagonal axis, encompassed within two silver spheres. This brilliant balance of design and energy creates a captivating jewellery piece and ensures the Himalayan Crystal World Pendant is a unique and eye-catching accompaniment to individual style. Himalayan Crystal, Sterling silver 925/- with 7 micron rhodium plating


Himalayan Crystal Pendulum Pendant

A Dramatic, Customisable Jewellery Piece for Energy Harmonisation

Experience the wondrous balancing energy of ancient Himalayan Crystals with the Himalayan Crystal Pendulum Pendant. Set on a long silver chain with a delicate adjustable clasp, this intriguing pendulum pendant is made of rhodium-plated sterling silver, with the cone-shaped pendant housing a refined Himalayan Crystal with 200 million years of natural energy captured inside. A circular band of sparkling zirconias gives the piece an opulent aesthetic. The Himalayan Crystals bring about a harmonised balance of energy, enhancing the wearer’s body equilibrium and optimising well-being. The Himalayan Crystal Pendulum Pendant also features an adjustable clasp, which allows creative freedom in wearing the pendant – it could be utilised as a loose necklace, a doublestranded choker, or even looped about the wrist in a multi-layered silver bracelet, with the pendant becoming a delicate charm. Himalayan Crystal, Sterling silver 925/- with 7 micron rhodium plating, zirconias


The Land Of The Unexpected By Siti Rasiqah


here is more to Indonesia than just the popular tourist destination of Bali. The next time you want to holiday in this archipelago, consider the often overlooked cities of Jakarta and Bandung instead. They could become your next favourite destinations!

Jakarta At first impression, Jakarta may seem to be just a smoggy mess of gridlocked traffic and buildings. Although it is Indonesia’s forefront of business and politics, Jakarta has not always been portrayed as the most traveller-friendly destination and most tourists merely use it as a transit point to other cities. But if you delve deeper, you will uncover unexpected gems in this sprawling capital.

nal Museum.

Indonesia Natio

Firstly, Jakarta boasts of at least a dozen museums, some of which are unparalleled in Asia. The most important and largest museum is the National Museum, also known locally as Museum Gajah or Elephant House after the bronze elephant statue in front of the museum, a gift by the Thai king in the 19th Century. The displays range from a collection of prehistoric pieces, such as the skull of ancient Java Man, to relics and treasures from practically every corner of Indonesia. The assortment of stone Buddhist and Hindu sculptures is particularly impressive, with many of the statues dotting the museum grounds. There are also collections of textiles and ceramics

that provide an interesting insight into the social history of the archipelago, as does the extensive collection of Indonesian and foreign coins, including early gold and silver coinage from the 8th Century. The Wayang Museum is another worthy visit. It is dedicated to the traditional Indonesian art form of wayang hand puppetry, used in theatrical productions. Made of wood or leather, the puppets are handcrafted and artistically decorated, and are an important part of the country’s flourishing art scene. The museum has an assortment of the colourful characters from all over Indonesia. There is even a collection of foreign puppets, predominantly from Malaysia or Thailand. Regular performances of puppet theatre are the highlights of a visit to the museum. Another of Jakarta’s popular attractions, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, is best known for its outdoor museum of a

miniature Indonesia, exhibiting 27 traditional houses representing the country’s 27 provinces and their major characteristics. Visitors are able to wander inside the houses, which are set around a lake, and can look at traditional handicraft and clothes from the country’s fascinating and diversified culture. As an extra novelty, cable cars whisk you over to the park for a bird’s eye view of the houses. Other highlights of the enormous 120-hectare park include orchid gardens, a museum of Irian Jayan exhibits, and an Imax theatre featuring widescreen films about Indonesia. For many, though, the highlight of a stay in Jakarta is a trip to its many atmospheric markets selling handicrafts and antiques from all over Indonesia or eating out in some of its surprisingly stylish restaurants.

Bandung Another city that is well known for its gastronomical delights is Bandung, two hours away from Jakarta. It is a popular weekend escape for Jakartans, who flock here for its cuisine and to get away from the bustle and heat of the city. Located 768 metres above sea level, Bandung’s climate is mild and pleasant. Other attractions of Bandung are its proximity to sights, high volcanic peaks, hot springs, and enormous tea plantations that are all easy day trips from the city.

Taman Mini Indonesia


A landmark of Bandung is the still-active volcano, Mount Tangkuban Perahu – you can see it from almost anywhere in the city. It is not a complete experience until you see its craters. The main crater (Kawah Ratu) is the first thing



Where to Stay Stay at QVI Club’s new properties in its Limited Collection Resorts: the Aston Rasuna in Jakarta and Galeri Ciumbuleuit Hotel in Bandung.

n Perahu Volcano.

The main crater of Tangkuba

to welcome you when you reach the mountain, but don’t just stop there. The best, and yet often overlooked, part of Tangkuban Perahu is the Kawah Domas. A 30-minute walk down from the main crater brings you up close to the serious volcanic activities – bubbling mud, boiling hot water and hissing sulphur vapour! After a tiring hike to the craters, rest your weary feet at Sari Ater, a hot water spring complex where you can dip into the pool and indulge in some good Sundanese fare.

Gedung Sa

te Northern


bajigur drink while watching the city view from the top floor. Another noteworthy building is the Villa Isola, built in 1932 for Italian millionaire D.W. Berretty. It lies in the northern part of Bandung, overlooking the city to the south and Tangkuban Perahu to the north. Villa Isola and its two gardens have a magnificent design combining the unique landscape with Indo-European

Aston Rasuna offers a comfortable stay at its three-bedroom unit, fully furnished with refreshingly modern interiors. Complement that with the facilities of an international hotel and the comfort and personal service of a residence, it is your perfect choice while holidaying in Jakarta. Strategically located in the north of Bandung, luxury and comfort await you at the Galeri Ciumbuleuit Hotel. After a full day of activities, pamper yourself in the casual and relaxing atmosphere of your room.

Sari Ater Hot Spring Res


Other than the highlands, Bandung has an interesting art-deco architecture, built mostly in the late 18th and 19th Centuries. However, modernisation has since paved way for suspension bridges, malls and commercial areas, instead of preserving old historical buildings. A few of the architectural jewels of Bandung are still intact, such as the Gedung Sate, built in 1921 and used as the head of the Dutch Indies Government Companies. Interestingly, this building mixes different architectural styles: Spanish Moorish style for the windows, Italian renaissance for the overall building, and a mix of Balinese pura and Thai pagoda for the roof. The building is open to the public and at the end of the journey inside, you can sip a nice hot

Villa Isola.

architecture. This monumental art was later used for a hotel and now serves as the UPI’s (University of Education Indonesia) headmastership building. With its cool climate and a handful of attractions, Bandung is definitely worth a few days of your time.

For more information on these resorts, visit



Making Memories Even Better In Real Life! By Chanatthanan Jonglaekha


re you looking for a private hideaway beach resort for your next vacation? Who knows, you may finally find your ideal destination from this page!

same as the gorgeous images from the QVI Club brochure and the fascinating presentation by our Product Trainer Juergen Michel. However, the real thing was much more amazing!

Armiyanov Kuanysh, our IR from Kazakhstan, shares with us his memorable vacation experience at Prana Resorts & Spa. Following the QNet Central Asia Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand last November, Armiyanov took the opportunity to fly down to visit Prana Resorts & Spa on Thailand’s Koh Samui with his girlfriend. Believe it or not, they were the first Kazakhstan IRs to visit the popular resort!

“Aside from the picturesque view of the resort, the calm and quiet atmosphere is an ideal place for those who want to unwind and truly enjoy their holiday. The accommodation at Prana Resorts & Spa is unique. Not only is it clean and providing a magnificent view of the crystal water and white sandy beach, you also feel fully refreshed and harmonised after taking a shower with enhanced water from the Amezcua Energy Shell.

Love at First Sight! “When my girlfriend Assel Skakova (who is also my Upline) and I first stepped into Prana Resorts & Spa, we instantly fell in love with its stunning natural beauty. What I saw before me was exactly the

“We enjoyed spending time both in the swimming pool and on the beach. The traditional Thai massage and vegetarian food at Amala restaurant were also terrific! Although it was raining every day during our stay (only for about 20 minutes a day), it did not upset us at

all, as we love nature and were charmed by the smell of the Earth after raining. And it didn’t stop us from making the most of the resort! “One of the most impressive aspects of our stay at Prana Resorts & Spa was that we were very well treated by all the staff. They were all so very nice and helpful. On our last day, we did not want to leave the resort. This is the most wonderful vacation Assel and I have ever experienced in our lives. “When we went back to Kazakhstan, we shared our amazing journey with our customers and other people who now have plans to visit there. Prana Resorts & Spa is unbelievable! Thank you QVI Club and QNet for giving me a great opportunity to be there! We are planning to come back to Prana Resorts & Spa again next year with our parents. They will definitely fall in love with it as much as we have.”


“On our last day, we did not want to leave the resort. This is the most wonderful vacation Assel and I have ever experienced in our lives!”ำ�

Armiyanov and his girlfriend/Upline Skakova Assel have the most memorable time at Prana Resorts & Spa.

“Thanks QVI Club for giving me a chance to be here,” says Armiyanov.

Armiyanov feels relaxed after experiencing a beachside traditional Thai massage.


In-Voice Powered Nokia E52

A Whole New Level of Mobile Office Capabilities • Advance calendar and contact functionalities • Business email at your fingertips • In-Voice Pro programme included Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, Pop-Port, Eseries, E52, and all other associated or related marks are or may be trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation and/or such other related or other entities. Pirelli and all other associated or related marks are or may be trademarks or registered trademarks of Pirelli & C. S.p.A and/or such other related or other entities. The marks and their use are thereby duly governed by the respective owners and any and all rights in connection with the same are entirely reserved. You are hereby advised and notified that you are under obligation to understand and know the same, and ensure compliance as required. We shall not accept any responsibility or liability arising out of, or in connection with, any breach or misuse of the same, which shall remain your sole obligation to ascertain and comply with.


The Beast Of Beauty

The Toxic Ingredients Hidden In Your Skin Care Products By Chanatthanan Jonglaekha Have you ever carefully read the ingredients listed on the labels of your skin care products before buying them? Do you really know what those ingredients are? What you may not realise is that most skin care products contain toxic or harmful ingredients which can negatively affect not only your skin, but also your long-term health! Here is a partial list of potentially dangerous ingredients found in most skin care products: Parabens Mineral Oil, Paraffin, and Petrolatum Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) Benzyl Alcohol Polyethylenglycols (PEG) Triclosan

Let’s get to know the dangers in each of them! Parabens are widely used as a preservative in cosmetics, deodorants and skin care products to prolong their shelf life. These chemical ingredients are known to be highly toxic and can cause many allergic reactions, skin rashes, or even cancer in both the male and female reproductive systems.

Mineral Oil, Paraffin, and Petrolatum come from crude oil (petroleum) and are found as a main ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products. These ingredients coat the skin like plastic wrap, clogging pores and preventing the skin from eliminating toxins, which may result in acne and other skin disorders.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) is a detergent and surfactant found used in many personal care products, such as soaps, shampoos and toothpaste, for their cleansing and emulsifying properties. This inexpensive ingredient is not recommended for those with sensitive skin. It also causes eye irritation, dandruff, skin rashes and other allergic reactions.

Benzyl Alcohol is commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products. This chemical ingredient causes skin sensitivity and irritation and strips away the skin’s natural acid mantle, making you more vulnerable to bacteria, moulds and viruses. It can cause brown spots and premature aging of skin.

Polyethylenglycols (PEG) is a petroleum product used in commercial cleaners and sprays to break up grease. This chemical can cause premature aging and can potentially cause cancer when used in personal care products.

Triclosan, an anti-bacterial agent that can affect thyroid hormone-associated gene expression and can cause cancer in humans, is widely used in household and skincare products. Triclosan is stored away in body fat and can accumulate to toxic levels in the liver, kidneys and lungs. Exclusively available from QNet, Physio Radiance is the only high-end, hypoallergenic, unisex skin care range that helps your skin self-regulate, self-regenerate, and self-repair at a cellular level. By utilising the smallest antioxidant which works on all three skin scales, Physio Radiance’s patented technology gives back the original characteristics of youthful skin cells that have been lost due to aging. Ideal for males and females with any of the different skin types, Physio Radiance is distinctive in that it is free of potentially dangerous and toxic chemicals which are found in most skin care products. For more information on Physio Radiance, see aspIRe’s special V-Con Product Launch feature on page 21.





Filtration Systems Choosing The Right One By Desiree Jumchai


good filtration system installed in your home is one important way to proactively monitor and ensure the quality and safety of your drinking water. Although water purification technology for households now prevalently exists, many people are unaware of the working principle behind the various filtration systems. The first thing to keep in mind is that a purifying method cannot find its application in a single filtration stage. Only a good complete system can produce high-quality, safe drinking water. Let’s take a look at your options. The Different Types of Water Filtration Systems • Reverse Osmosis (RO) can be considered as a water treatment process that removes contaminants by using pressure. Molecules from a concentrated solution are forced through a semi-permeable membrane into a dilute solution. Force is needed because in the natural environment, the

normal process is always from the diluted to the concentrated solution without force. This process is called osmosis. An RO membrane has an average pore size of 0.0001 to 0.001 micron. • Ultraviolet (UV) purification cannot be considered a mechanical filtration process. Disinfection and sterilisation take place when water flows around a UV light source. • Ultrafiltration (UF) is a cross-flow mechanical filtration process, which uses a membrane to separate contaminants from the water. Ultrafiltration falls between RO and Microfiltration in terms of the pore size and the particles that can be removed. The pore size of UF membranes vary between 0.001 to 0.3 micron. It is widely held that Ultrafiltration (UF) systems are perfect for Point-of-Use (POU) applications in households using pretreated water from the water authorities, with many advantages compared to RO or UF systems.

Water Filtration System Comparison

Ultrafiltration (UF)

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Reduction of bacteria Maximum reduction Maximum reduction NO Possibility of recontamination

YES (tank)

Mechanical filtration YES YES Fouling of the membrane NO YES Unpredictable because water is produced and Predictable because of stored in a tank – membrane pressure loss when filter Lifetime can be broken already is clogged without signs Demineralisation Need for a pump Need for a tank Need for electricity Waste of water Huge space required Plumbing required High maintenance Pressure loss Reliability of the system Recommended application

NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES Low High High Middle Point-of-Use (kitchen) Point-of-Use for untreated for pretreated drinking water water; Waste water treatment

Ultraviolet (UV) Bacteria can hide behind sediments or may only be paralysed YES

(in the water around the UV lamp)

NO NO Unpredictable lifetime, UV lamp is still shining but it is not UV light NO NO NO YES NO NO NO YES Low Low Industrial usage

QNet is pleased to introduce its high quality water filtration system, HomePure, which incorporates a mechanical seven-filter media Ultrafiltration (UF) system. The well-selected filter media and its specifications allow for a clean and safe filter performance that ensures not only the special advantages of water purification, but also good hygiene and wellness. See more of HomePure in aspIRe’s special V-Con Product Launch feature on page 20, and in aspIRe’s QNet Select section on page 72.


Want To Be A Successful Athlete? How To Get The Most Ou t Of How To Get The Most Ou t Of Your Your Athletic Athletic Potential Potential By Srisumeth Rittipairoj


ave you ever dreamt of standing triumphantly atop a podium and having a winning medal placed around your neck? Ever wondered about your optimal athletic potential? In competition, the difference between victory and defeat is often very small. If you participate in athletic or sports activities, then your priority is maximising the talent you have. Many athletes go through their sporting careers without ever reaching their full potential. Many realise that being a successful athlete requires more than just practising the necessary skills for their sport. There are certain characteristics that all successful athletes have – the ability to evaluate information and make the right decision quickly, excellent balance and control of their bodies, good timing, the ability to execute quick, precise movements, and excellent peripheral vision. Achieving these capabilities may create mental stress and may also impair the body’s immune function. Expectations can contribute to a drop in performance and lead to an increased risk of acquiring infections.

How to be successful How is success defined? Success is the ability of the athlete to achieve a high level of performance every time s/he is in a competitive situation. It is the ability to consistently produce his/her best performance day after day and to continually improve. It is also the ability to maintain a high level of performance when faced with various challenges, whether from within or from an external source. Being successful means being able to consistently perform each required skill at a level that is demanded of the athlete when in battle. Success is achieving goals and then formulating longer-term goals to be reached. Success is often defined by an athlete’s results over the course of his/her career. Success in sports should not be defined by monetary gain. The key to success is consistency, as well as being able to enjoy what you are doing in your sport. Set goals and know where you want to go within your sport. These goals need to be specific to your sport and realistic. Set goals for short, intermediate and long-term periods of time. Each time you achieve one of these goals, you can consider yourself successful.

Self-discipline is a key component to being successful. It means having the discipline to do whatever you have to do and making whatever sacrifices necessary to perform at your best during the competition. Enjoy what you are doing. If you don’t, then you need to evaluate and assess your reasons for being involved in the sport. Playing, training and competing should be fun, even when faced with difficult challenges. Understand the importance of rest and recovery. An athlete needs to take periodic breaks from his/her sport. You should understand your body’s limitations and listen to what your body is telling you and accept these messages. This will help you regain strength quickly. Moreover, having a healthy, clear, calm and focussed mind also promotes your happiness, best performance and overall health. It improves your confidence, self-esteem, and mental and physical strength. It allows you to rise to challenges that are not just physical as you learn the best coping mechanisms for stress. As a competitive athlete, this is essential to performance. As a regular exerciser, it is essential for life.

Being an athlete, the considerations of well-being, proper diet and doing whatever one can to maintain a peak physical condition are all high on the list of priorities. The life of a sportsperson is about striking a balance and maintaining maximum energy. Veloci-Ti is the range of energised titanium performance pendants that have been created with the active sportsperson in mind. Veloci-Ti pendants are energised through Informational Energy Imprinting (IEI) Technology. The result is balanced and amplified energy levels and increased physical performance, endurance, and agility. These positive effects may help improve various functions of the body to be better equipped to handle the stresses of sports.


More Soluble Fibre Than 10 Bowls of Oatmeal

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The Gem Collection

A Compilation of Wisdom by Joseph T. Bismark

Mr Joseph Bismark is a much-loved leader in QNet and the QI Group. As co-founding director, Mr Bismark has inspired a loyal following not only through his personality and charisma, but also through his ability to help networkers and corporate staff alike to strengthen their mental fortitude and gain a more positive outlook towards life. Through a weekly mass email, Mr Bismark shares with them wisdom and experiences that he has gained from his mentors. They are crucial lessons that not only enhance self-development but interpersonal relationships too. The impact of those emails was so great that the Gems of Wisdom blog ( was launched in June 2008 so it could reach a wider audience. Realising the appeal of the stories, Mr Bismark knew the next logical step was to publish a book based on the blog with the hope of impacting many more lives.

With stories from his childhood, such as “Learning from the Sparrow” which teaches us that fear should not stop us from achieving the goals we have set, to choosing to focus on the goodness of people instead of the bad in “To Bee or Not to Bee”, The Gem Collection – A Compilation of Wisdom is a treasure trove of the simple wisdom of living life in a positive way that many of us, young or old, can benefit from.

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