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Achievers’ Club Stars Why My Relationship Works Touching People’s Lives


Sibling Synergy



QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson QNET Managing Director JR Mayer The V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah


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QNET’s Ultimate Event of the Year

Grand Opening of the Dubai Office India Goes for Gold Market Watch: Lebanon


Champion Runner Turned QNET IR Cosmas Ndeti

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Hottest Watch Picks for 2013 QNET Top Models Special In Trend with Malou Caluza


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The Natural Way to Flawless Skin Health Is Wealth with Joseph Bismark Books From My Library with Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Digital Media 101 Smell Your Way To A Better Mood To Watch This Weekend with Pathman Senathirajah


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Your Latest Formula 1™ Buzz Meet The Team with Max Chilton All About Sports

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Issue 14 | October 2012 — April 2013

Corporate Messages

Editorial Note Our Baby Got A Makeover!

Working on aspIRe, issue after issue, the editorial team has become quite attached to what we call our ‘baby’. As you may have noticed, it looks quite different for this very special issue… trendier, hipper and more fun. No matter how good things are, there is always room for improvement. And as times change, we also adapt and move forth! After 12 issues, we figured it’s time for complete transformation… a makeover! And what better time to do it than now, in time for QNET’s 15th anniversary?

Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Contributors

Making this issue has definitely been one of the most fun we have had with aspIRe – from brainstorming new ideas to making them a reality. The QNET Top Models contest and photo shoot was definitely one of the highlights. You won’t believe how often each of us would check the QNET (Official) Facebook page to get the latest dibs and scores of the contest. We couldn’t have been more excited when our Top Models flew over to Bangkok for a professional photo shoot and exclusive interviews. And where to start about V-Indonesia 2012! Take a look inside for the highlights of last year’s spectacular V-Con and not to mention, the MANY VIP contributors we have in this issue, showing off their own tastes in fashion, cinema, literature and more. We hope you have as much fun flicking through and reading these pages as we had making them!

Art Director Assistant Art Director

Sheena Flannery Editor-in-Chief

Graphic Designer

Production Manager Digital Production Photographer

Donna Imson JR Mayer Pathman Senathirajah Sheena Flannery Ploi Phayakvichien Clara Tehrani Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Joseph Bismark Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran Pathman Senathirajah Zaheer Merchant Ramya Chandrasekaran Srisumeth Rittipairoj Ankita Sodhia Reba Koleth Hairul Fazillah Gil Cadiz Teshwindar Kaur Christine Pereira Rita Suttarno Victoria Ras Ploi Phayakvichien Clara Tehrani Minali Liyanage Lizzie Philips Puddhi Dheppratum Tanakorn Anakvatcharakul Nahatai Thammanuchit Sukanya Thanamatee Yusri Bin Din Sarayoot Teparos Watchara Hanchava Pravit Nuntanasirivikrom

General Disclaimer:

The products featured in this magazine may not be available in all countries. Interested parties should contact the QNET Global Support Centre (GSC) or visit the QNET eStore for product availability. QNET provides all content in this magazine as is without representation or warranty of any kind, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for all the purposes or fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of intellectual property rights. Any content published in this magazine should not be relied on for any and all personal, financial or business decisions. Any reliance placed on the content is therefore solely at the reader’s risk. Accordingly, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage of any nature arising out of or in connection with the use of any content published in this magazine. Readers are advised to seek the relevant professional advice. QNET reserves the right to change and/or modify the content and presentation of this magazine without prior notice. Twitter, Facebook, Apple, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Nokia, Pirelli, Blackberry, RIM, and all other associated or related marks are, or may be, trademarks or registered trademarks of their related companies and/or such other related entities or other entities. Other products and/or company names mentioned herein may also similarly be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. The marks and their use are therefore duly governed by their respective owners and any and all rights arising out of and/or in connection with the same are entirely reserved. You are hereby advised and notified that you are under an obligation to understand and know the same, and to ensure compliance as required. We shall not accept any responsibility or liability arising out of, or in connection with, any breach or misuse of the same, which shall remain your sole obligation to ascertain and comply with.

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Starting Right In network marketing, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Anyone from any walk of life can do this business as long as they start strong and they start right. Starting right is crucial. It was crucial for me too when I started 20 odd years ago. The one thing I discovered, and one thing I firmly believe until this day, is that there are three crucial elements to starting right: the right reasons, the right relationships and the right routines. Everyone has their own reasons to entering the network marketing business. But without the right reasons, it’s easy to lack the motivation to improve and make ends meet. Ask yourself: ‘What is my WHY?’ In my case, it was very simple. I was a young, desperate, single mother of three, who didn’t have a clue how to provide for my children. But one thing I did know: I could not compromise on giving them good chances for a better life. So I started my career in the network marketing business with full motivation. I had to make this work. Now, I was in but had no idea where to start. And that’s when the second make-it-or-break-it variable comes into play: having (and nurturing) the right relationships. I surrounded myself with positive people whom I knew and trusted. By creating a line of sponsorship you can connect with and a good support system, you’ll have better chances of succeeding. After all, the right people can give you the right advice to get you on the right track. And then, like in any other aspect in life, practice makes perfect. That’s why having the right routine will help you do things right. Follow the system of your team before you try to come up with your own. Go to the meetings. Watch your role models. Talk to people and listen, really listen. Learn. Information builds faith, belief and confidence in yourself. And those are your most important tools. With the right relationships, the right reasons and the right routine, you are on your way to building a successful and thriving business, that will not only change your life, but that of the people around you. So Start Right, Start Fast and Start Now!



Embrace Change I can’t believe it: this year QNET celebrates its 15th anniversary! In 15 years, QNET has grown into a global direct selling leader and it was all possible thanks to your passion, drive and commitment to do better and reach higher. For that, I, on behalf of everyone at QNET, would like to thank each and every one of you. We started as just another business… but we had big dreams. We were resilient and we were always ready to adapt and change. CHANGE. That is the keyword. Without change, there can be no growth. One very recent example on how embracing change has made QNET grow even more was the launch of our new and enhanced hybrid compensation plan. Because the compensation plan is such a fundamental aspect of our business, altering it would prove to be a colossal task. But it was also a very necessary one. After all, you are at the core of our business, our growth is your growth, and we needed to make the path to success an easier and more compelling one for you. And, in the end, the hard work paid off and, throughout 2012, the new compensation plan has shown to be a total success. I could share many other success stories, where change played such an important part. But yours is the best example I could think of. The reason why you’re reading this message now is because you weren’t afraid to embrace change when the opportunity arose. You chose to be an IR. And right from the moment you made that decision, you became an entrepreneur, embracing personal and professional changes. Managing your own business every day can be hard work. But you have done it with such dedication, energy, ambition and passion, that the success stories that reach us every day inspire us to keep working hard and doing our best. This year, let’s do even better. Let’s set new, higher goals, for ourselves and our team. Let’s work together to make every day a success and every year an achievement. Remember our motto for this year: let’s raise the bar higher!

JR MAYER Managing Director QNET Ltd

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Passion Is (Our) Fashion Fashion is about popular trends and styles. But I say, let the trend in the network marketing world be Passion. After all, Passion is always in. I witnessed the fire, energy and commitment of QNET IRs at the last V-Con in Indonesia. Those five days were an unbelievable display of the beauty of Passion – and how it really makes QNET IRs shine inside out. If fashion is about beauty, V-Indonesia 2012 was a breath-taking fashion show. And for this year’s event, I expect no less. As our network grows, the Passion and enthusiasm of IRs seems to grow with it. Everyday, new and compelling success stories reach us, stories led by Passion. So my message to you is this: Let your Passion drive you to success. Success depends on hard work. But if you work with Passion, working hard becomes a pleasure. When I love what I’m doing, I enjoy getting my hands dirty, fighting the battles, breaking a sweat… I even enjoy having a hard time. Those who love what they do never have to work a single day in their lives! And isn’t triumph so much sweeter when you know you’ve worked hard for it? When others see how you’ve succeeded by putting all your efforts into something you’re passionate about, they too will be inspired to believe in and follow their Passion. So be a leader: aspire to be the best and you will have fun with your business. And when people see you having fun with your success, they will want to join in the fun too. So have fun with us! Believe in your Passion just like we do.

Pathman Senathirajah Pathman Senathirajah Managing Director The V



QNET Shines at ANMP Convention in Texas, USA



QNET News & Events

Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Receives Royal Honour On 2 February 2013, our V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran was conferred the royal honour SSAP which carries the title ‘Dato’ Sri’ by His Royal Highness Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang on the occasion of His Royal Highness’ 82nd Birthday. Dato’ Sri received this honour in recognition of his contribution to the development of the State of Pahang. The investiture ceremony took place at the Abu Bakar Palace, Pekan in the state of Pahang in Malaysia. Join QNET in congratulating Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran on his new title and incredible achievement.

In the beginning of March, the best of the best network marketing professionals from companies all around the world came together for the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) 2013 International Convention. The three-day event was packed with relevant speakers, shared experiences, insightful speeches and positive motivation. QNET was present and well-represented by our very own QNET Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson as one of the most esteemed speakers at the convention held in Dallas, Texas, USA. Taking a personal approach, Ms Donna Imson shared her very own story of success with the audience. From humble beginnings to becoming the Executive Chairperson of QNET, which today has over 5 million IRs and a physical presence in over 160 countries, Ms Donna left the audience in total awe and admiration! The ANMP is an organisation that focusses on uniting network marketing professionals globally, sharing kowledge and resources to help individuals learn more about the networking industry.

Marussia Welcomes New F1 Driver Jules Bianchi! Coming from a family with a rich racing background, the 23-yearold Frenchman is thrilled to have been appointed Marussia F1 Team’s official #2 driver. Bianchi brings more than just a fresh face to the scene: despite his young age, Jules has had many credible achievements throughout his racing career, having been a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy and a reserve driver for the F1 teams Ferrari and Force India. Jules and Max look forward to the 2013 season with the Marussia F1 Team and we do too! For the full article, go to QNET VFan’s page Stay tuned to all new F1 and team buzz at the QNET VFan Facebook, Twitter and be sure to check out the new


QI Tower in Malaysia Wins The Prestigious Green Mark Award QI Tower in Malaysia becomes the first high-rise office building in Malaysia to win the prestigious Green Mark award, given by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore in recognition of the building’s best practices in environmental design and performance.

FanHQ Competition Winners Two lucky IRs were given the full VIP treatment at the 2013 F1 Malaysia Grand Prix. Having won the grand 2012 QNET FanHQ Competition, their prize was an ultimate race weekend at the 2013 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, inclusive of hotels, flights, merchandise and other goodies. Yaseen Bitar, Naguib Rizk, and their two guests were whisked around the Sepang International Circuit in KL, where they got up-close-and-personal with all the F1 action in the Garage and the Pitlane, meeting the drivers and the Marussia F1 Team engineers. Watch the FanHQ page to find out how to win YOUR own ultimate race weekend! And check out more cool photos and updates from the races on the VFan’s Facebook page and Twitter pages.

Hong Kong Football Club BBQ A Success On Saturday, 7 February 2013, QNET hosted a BQQ at the Hong Kong Football Club inviting IRs from QNET Hong Kong for an evening of mingling, fun and RUGBY. An easy, breezy affair where the QNET corporate staff and IRs from various teams socialised, sharing experiences and discussing topics of interest. After the delicious BBQ, everyone proceeded to the stands for the exciting rugby match between QNET-sponsored Newedge Club and Standard Life SCAA. Everyone cheered loudly for our team, who won the match, making the evening even more spectacular! Overall, the evening was a success and everyone had lots of fun.

The BCA Green Mark is awarded to buildings that are environmentally friendly based on criteria such as energy and water efficiency, building management, indoor environmental quality and innovation. “We are very pleased that QI Tower has stood out with its exemplary green achievement. Our support for environmental sustainability not only reaps cost savings but also benefits our staff housed in the building. We decided to go green from the moment we purchased this building in 2009, ignited by the Green Building concept in Malaysia. This was followed by our certification process in late 2010, culminating with this accreditation,” V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran said to YAHOO! News.


Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Featured in Forbes Asia’s ‘Malaysia’s 50 Richest’ List Popular international business magazine Forbes Asia features V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran in ‘Malaysia’s 50 Richest’ list. Ranked at #25, our very own Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran makes his debut in a remarkable collection of Malaysia’s most successful men and women, truly exemplifying what passion, hard work, and ambition can achieve. Join the QNET community in congratulating and applauding Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran on adding yet another incredible accolade to his impressive list of achievements.

QNET Fast Start Business Tool is now FREE! This is your chance to earn while you learn. How, you ask? The QNET Fast Start Business Tool is now available for download in your VO... for FREE! * So, what will the QNET Fast Start Business Tool do for you? It will help you: • Learn faster through ‘The QNET Eight Essential Activities for Success!’ • Act faster with the ‘30-Day Fast Start Activity Guide’ where you can record all your steps and keep track of your progress. • Grow your business faster by following the comprehensive 4-week plan with a step-by-step guide. And there’s more. The QNET Fast Start Business Tool comes with a series of tailored email communications sent to you according to the progress you make, up until you receive your first commission. With QNET Fast Start, you increase your chances of earning your first commission cheque in 30 days and getting recognised as a fast starter. Go to your VO and download your FREE QNET Fast Start Business Tool in your own language*… NOW! *The QNET FAST START Business Tool is available in English, French, Arabic and Russian

Marussia F1 Team Visits Taarana School in Malaysia Back in March, when the Formula 1™ season travelled to Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysia Grand Prix, the Marussia F1 Team took some time off their busy racing schedules to visit the kids and staff of the Taarana School in Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur. The day started early with Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi meeting their excited little fans and treating them to a morning of fun and sports. Max and Jules were invited to take a

tour of the school’s classrooms, before being challenged to a remote control car race with some of the kids. At Taarana, a Vijayaratnam Foundation school for children with learning difficulties, everyone was over the moon, excited and happy to meet with their favourite Formula 1™ Team drivers and members. The event was a huge success, and the Marussia F1 Team was thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the Malaysian community in their own way.

FanHQ is Back in the Race It is with great pride that we announce the newly revamped FanHQ website. With a new and more fun Home Page to a brand new 2013 FanHQ Quiz for your entertainment, the site is now available to everyone who wants to take a look so make sure you share it with your friends and family. But we won’t reveal all the details here… go check it out for yourself at


QNET Bangkok Helps Make the World Greener

Going green is as important today as ever before and the staff of QNET Bangkok embraces the cause once again. On Saturday, 8 March 2013, the QNET Bangkok staff gathered to go ‘MAD’ or ‘Make A Difference’ by planting mangrove trees at Bang Poo Seaside Resort, Samutprakarn province (a part of the Royal Thai Army’s rehabilitation and relaxation centre, founded for mangrove forest conservation). The QNET Bangkok team was warmly greeted by the army personnel, who helped explain the endangered situation of mangrove’s coastal zone – greatly affected by erosion, deforestation and extreme weather. The team had fun learning about different types of mangrove plants and animals, and how to properly plant mangrove trees. Murali’s QNET Dubai Office Visit Inspires UAE IRs Renowned Cricket legend and QNET Product Ambassador Muttiah ‘Murali’ Muralidaran brought happiness and excitement to the UAE network leaders when he visited the recently opened QNET Dubai Office on 26 February 2013 for a special meet and greet session.

Then, they all headed to the mangrove forest area to start planting. Everybody followed the staffs’ instructions strictly. After that, the tired (and proud!) team took a group photo to share the initiative with the rest of the QNET family. The day ended with a delicious and well-deserved vegetarian lunch for all!

The QNET leaders got up-close-and-personal with Murali as he spoke to them about his journey from an unassuming middle class boy to a celebrated sporting hero. His timeless life story and the answers he gave to questions thrown at him provided his audience powerful insights on hard work, perseverance, team work, success and humility and how these values are equally essential to the network marketing profession. After the Q&A session, Murali signed autographs and posed for photos with the different networking groups who were nothing short of thrilled to welcome him to Dubai and listen to his story. QNET’s UAE Sponsor Mr Tariq was also present in the event to be formally introduced to and exchange pleasantries with the world-famous Sri Lankan bowler.

QNET Malaysia Chinese New Year Open House was a Blast QNET Malaysia kicked off the year of the snake with a big bang! On Saturday, 23 February 2013, QNET Malaysia opened its doors to welcome IRs for their QNET Chinese New Year Open House event. QNET’s very esteemed V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, along with QNET Managing Director JR Mayer and many other VIP guests, graced the event brewing with unbelievable energy that immediately caught on with the 400 attendees. Dato’ Sri joined the Yee Sang ritual with QNET Management and IRs to get the event started. All attendees were then surprised by a traditional lion dance performance and ang pows (red envelops) given out by the God of Prosperity. These ang pows were incredible… packed with free products and discount vouchers!


QNET’s Ultimate Event of the Year By Srisumeth Rittipairoj Held at Indonesia’s Sentul International Convention Center under the theme Make A Difference, QNET’s V-Indonesia 2012, a world-class training event and product exhibition, was the biggest and best convention to be held for its Independent Representatives (IRs) thus far. This spectacular affair also marked a very special milestone in the history of QNET’s past, as the company reached 14 years of operations. From 5-9 September 2012, nearly 10,000 QNET IRs travelled from all corners of the globe to be treated to an incredible array of professional programmes: from experienced international speakers to special business and product training sessions; from amazing product booths to unforgettable stage recognition of personal and team achievements, V-Indonesia 2012 had it all. The five-day event was brimming with inspiration, truly representing the infinite possibilities of the QNET business opportunity. Proving to be a brilliant success, this event allowed all attending QNET IRs to gain very special parting gifts of refuelled energy, new inspiration and complete stimulation of all senses. Guests left feeling fully equipped to unleash the power within and go forth into the world of network marketing!

Sentul International Convention Center (SICC): the Home of V-Indonesia 2012 Planning and executing a V-Convention is no small feat and, in order to create an event of such magnitude and proportions, QNET scoured the globe for a venue that could match the company’s own energy. After all, the QNET family has a huge pair of boots to fill with regard to character and personality. The Sentul International Convention Center (SICC) is a stylish, versatile and strategically located structure in Sentul, near Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia. The sprawling, 6.4-hectare area is beautifully framed by mountainous landscapes, including luxurious and spacious meeting rooms, VIP areas and an exhibition hall. One of the largest stadiums in the whole of Indonesia, the SICC boasts a main auditorium that can accommodate over 10,000 people, with theatre-style seating and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment that promises extraordinary acoustics in an extremely comfortable and spectacular viewing environment. The SICC is also famous for hosting other popular world-class performances, including teen singing sensation Justin Bieber’s My World Tour and Australian superstar Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite World Tour, both held in mid-2011.


A Universal Community with One Dream On 5 September 2012, the entrance of the Sentul International Convention Center was full of colour, excitement and energy as QNET and The V staff welcomed their first guests to V-Indonesia 2012. It is QNET V-Convention tradition that all IRs dress in their country’s traditional costume… and so they did! People came in full representation of their own culture, proudly dressed in their own traditional wear, waving their respective national flags, dancing, singing and cheering their own teams’ name in a burst of fervour. The QNET Pavilion’s officiating ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Director for PT QN International Indonesia Ms Ina H. Rachman, joined by QNET and The V executives and staff, including VIP guests.

Spotlight One of this year’s highlights was surely V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran addressing the crowd and giving participants his useful advice, providing his own personalised insight on achieving time and financial freedom. He also held a Q&A session and invited IRs to share their experiences of V-Indonesia 2012 thus far as well as their thoughts on how to make the most out of the QNET business opportunity.


The Largest QNET Product Exhibition Ever Showcasing all the existing and newly-launched products available in the QNET eStore, as well as QNET’s sport sponsorship, the QNET website’s technological innovation, QNET’s new digital platform of our aspIRe magazine, business promotional channels and social media tools for IRs, the V-Indonesia 2012 QNET Pavilion presented its new ‘toys’ in style. Marked as QNET’s largest product exhibition to date, the exhibition area made up an enormous 2,500 square metres, with each booth designed especially to display each product’s unique concept. Product samples were also available, allowing IRs to get a real feel for the products first hand. Moreover, our well-prepared staff was stationed at each booth to give visiting IRs all the information they needed. To honour the achievement of the QNET Platinum and Diamond Stars, a special lounge area was dedicated to the

Achievers’ Club, allowing fellow stars to meet and mingle with complimentary drinks and light snacks. The Swiss eLearning Institute booth was brimming with excitement as it hosted an award presentation ceremony for those who had completed their Swiss eLearning Institute courses before August 2012, as well as presenting its courses for those who were interested in furthering their skills and knowledge in business. This memorable recognition was honoured by RYTHM Foundation Trustee Mr Bernhard H. Mayer. The sparkling Marussia F1 Team MR01 show car brought glitz and glamour to the Formula 1™ FanHQ booth, positioned as a centrepiece attraction, allowing all F1 fans to take photos alongside the magnificent racing machine.


Launching New Products and Sharing Exciting Tools QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer shared his insight about the potential of network marketing and the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry, and how they have both thrived and survived despite the world’s economic crisis. With unemployment rates increasing around the globe, network marketing has become an ever more attractive business opportunity for millions of people. In fact, the MLM industry in 2011 generated USD 153 billion as more people joined the field. QNET is one of the world’s fastest-growing MLM companies to exist, making it a very good choice for prospective networkers.

Presented by QNET CEO Mr Dave Osh, two new revolutionary products were unveiled to the world – InShape weight management solutions and the AirPure air purifier – adding to an already richly established product portfolio. “We recognised that people were seeking products to help them live better and healthier lives. That is why QNET has added AirPure and the InShape range to our product offerings, with which we aim to revolutionise healthy living. Taking a holistic approach to health, we also offer health and wellness courses aimed at empowering customers with stepping stones to reach their health goals.” said Mr Osh.

To help QNET IRs expand their business effectively, Head of Marketing, Mr Trevor Kuna, introduced the benefits of the QNET LifeSite, the ultimate marketing tool for professional IRs, allowing them to their personal website, their email campaigns, their prospect tool centre and much more. The QNET LifeSite is currently available in English, Arabic, Russian, French and Turkish, with more languages to be added very soon. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check it out at


The PITCH: Your Chance to Make a Difference

QNET Senior Product Marketing Manager Mr Bernhard Gaksch addressed the stage by speaking about the beauty of education and learning. With a years of experience in the education sector, Mr Gaksch presented QNET’s very own set of online educational programmes, the Swiss eLearning Institute courses, and gave his own advice on how IRs could use them as a means to boost their own businesses and personal knowledge. The benefits of Amezcua’s new ‘Trio of the Year’: the Amezcua Chi Pendant 2, the Amezcua Bio Light and the Amezcua Energy Shell 2, were presented through an incredible interactive demonstration. An experiment was conducted in front of the thousands of IRs present in the stadium, who were asked to create the longest human chain ever recorded. Guests were left in amazement, bedazzled by the true power of the Amezcua products, proven to balance and increase harmony and energy levels.

Specially organised by QNET and the RYTHM Foundation, The PITCH – a platform provided so IRs can collaborate with QNET, enabling them to pitch ideas on how they could make a difference in their own communities – was also officially launched at V-Indonesia 2012. Selected projects will be implemented by the RYTHM Foundation and sponsored by QNET through the QNET Pays Forward initiative, paying out as much as USD 10,000 per project.

Sports Stars at V-Indonesia 2012

To the surprise of the crowd, cricket legend and QNET Brand Ambassador Muttiah ‘Murali’ Muralidaran and former Sri Lankan cricket team coach Tom Moody were also on stage to talk about sports and how it can help the individual be more confident and focussed on their goals, no matter which type of sport it is. Murali also visited QNET’s Veloci-Ti booth for an autograph and special photo session with all his fans. This year, the event was also graced by the wonderful Hadia Hosny, a professional badminton player who represented Egypt at the London 2012 Olympics – a QNET IR herself! She walked around the amazing QNET Pavilion taking a closer look at the QNET products and enjoyed spending time at the Adiva Divine booth, trying on a number of jewellery pieces.


Memories of Outstanding Achievement Awards V-Indonesia 2012 was indeed full of amazing moments. But perhaps the most special one was V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran receiving the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award by the Board of Editors at OBTAINER WORLDWIDE for his outstanding success, hard work and vision. He was awarded this prestigious achievement on 8 September 2012, live on stage, in front of all his devoted and loving fans! Congratulations were also given to The V Managing Director Mr Pathman Senathirajah who was also awarded OBTAINER WORLDWIDE’s ‘Best Trainer in the World’ award, an achievement that Mr Senathirajah has won for three consecutive years.

Exclusive Book Signing Sessions


V-Indonesia 2012 gave all QNET bookworms a fantastic opportunity to meet their favourite authors, take photos with them and have their favourite books signed. Hundreds of people lined up in the QNET product exhibition area for QI Group Managing Director and the V Founding Partner Mr Joseph Bismark’s book signing session for his newly published book @thedailygem. The book is a compilation of Mr Bismark’s tweets over the last year, giving fans a chance to get a first-hand perspective of Mr Bismark’s thoughts. “Encompassing every aspect of your wellbeing: @thedailygem touches on life, challenges, work, love, change and spiritual life in bite-sized readings that aim to spur you on to be the best you can be,” explains Mr Bismark when asked about his latest book. The V Managing Director Mr Pathman Senathirajah also successfully launched a fun and quirky comic book for all ages called The Adventures of Pippo, the Unbelievable to add to his growing list of literary works. The book narrates the life of the Johnsons and their journey towards financial freedom. IRs were also able to enjoy a special session with QNET’s Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson, VP TG Kintanar and VP Adly Hassan Hamed who were also signing the latest copy of their book Our Success Stories, a compilation of stories from ten V Partners.

Business and Marketing Guru Dr Charles King Gives on QNET V-Indonesia 2012 attendees were lucky to spend time with Business and Marketing guru Dr Charles King as he graced the stage as the event’s keynote speaker. Having travelled all the way from the USA, he shared his rich knowledge of the network marketing industry and profession, also explaining QNET’s present positioning from a global perspective. Dr King ended his presentation declaring that “QNET is one of the finest network marketing companies I have ever worked with.”

Dr Charles King holds a PhD from Harvard University and is currently a professor of Business and Marketing at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He is involved in extensive research on network marketing and has designed a curriculum for the very first network marketing course taught at University level; Dr King is a pioneer of the network marketing field as an academic discipline.


14 Years and Growing QNET kicked off its 14th anniversary celebrations at V-Indonesia 2012 in true style with the firstever QNET Achievers’ Club awards ceremony held on stage. QNET Platinum and Diamond Stars were the first on stage as a specially prepared video praising their names and teams details was screen, for the delight of very excited audience. QNET Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson and QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer were visibly proud of each and every one of the stars and their teams. Following the award ceremony, the crowd was treated to amazing performances by Indonesian superstar Agnes Monica and the Ukrainebased musician group, Atmasfera. The highlight of the day was definitely the unique cakecutting ceremony featuring a life-size traditional Indonesian nasi tumpeng, a cone-shaped rice structure, cut by the officiating VIPs.

Sharing is Caring! Leaders Share Their Success Stories Flourishing leaders shared their memorable success stories with the V-Convention crowd, demonstrating the indiscriminating beauty of the network marketing business. V Partner Adly Hassan Hamed spoke about how challenges are always just around the corner and how they should not stop people from dreaming and believing in their own success. “You are the magic formula when you start changing everything. I also faced challenges before getting to the top. But I used these challenges to fuel myself to do better. Nothing on this planet can stop me from getting further,” V Partner Adly said. AVP K. Padma advised that if you really want to achieve something, and put your heart into it, nothing is impossible. “My goal is only one thing, financial freedom. Focus is my strength,” she added. V Partner TG Kintanar took the stage to show that he was living proof that the network marketing business does not only give you financial freedom but also gives you the liberty of time. V Partner TG shared how network marketing has allowed him to enjoy life with his family. Through network marketing, he is able to provide for his family, catering to all their needs. Although the most valuable asset that he has gained in his life is the quality time he now gets to spend with his loved ones.


First Time Ever Achievers’ Club Launched at V-Con QNET is very proud of all the incredible milestones achieved by all the remarkable IRs who have shown their commitment to making their dreams come true during the QNET 90-Day Go Platinum Challenge. At V-Indonesia 2012, QNET Chief Marketing Officer Ms Malou Caluza and the QNET Global Support Centre hosted the VIP Achievers’ Club lounge for the first time ever to recognise this extraordinary achievement where Platinum and Diamond Stars could enjoy special amenities: QNET marketing materials and magazines, snacks and beverages and special services supporting the purchase of QNET products and merchandises. QNET Group Managing Director Mr Joseph Bismark, QNET Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson, QNET and The V’s VIPs came by to visit and spend time at the lounge, congratulating all the Achievers for their success. The cherry on top of the cake was the first-ever QNET Achievers’ Club awards ceremony. The famous Stand Up for the Champions song playing in the background and with the excited cries of an audience full of fans, the new stars shone on stage next to QNET Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson and QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer as true celebrities in our world.


Achievers’ Club Stars By Ramya Chandrasekaran

Interview with Aarati Dighe-Dhawan Aarati Dighe-Dhawan, from India, made history in QNET by being one of the first two women in the world to reach the QNET Diamond Star rank. The Achievers’ Club was turning into a boys club when this remarkable woman stepped in to show how it’s done… with grace, elegance and in high heels!

We managed to grab Aarati for an up-close-and-personal chat, unveiling the secrets of the diva within! You are a female pioneer in the male-dominated Achievers’ Club. Will you be consciously looking to lead more women to follow your footsteps? I have consciously invested time in building the women in my team. Women are natural networkers. In general, we are good at multi-tasking, we invest in building relationships and have excellent planning skills. I find that these skills come naturally to most women.


The only thing we lack sometimes is belief in ourselves. I conduct special sessions for the female networkers within my team, to help with this and give them direction. In our primary markets like the UAE and India, we even have weekly trainings, presentations and leadership programmes specially designed and ran by women for women. I always tell my male core leaders, “If you develop just one strong woman leader on your left and another one on your right, maxing out is inevitable!” Your journey hasn’t been easy. In the seven years it has taken for you to reach this level, has there been any moments when you wanted to give up? This business requires great patience and perseverance. I wanted to quit several times, especially in my first year when my family wasn’t supportive and I was constantly facing rejections. I didn’t believe in my ability to make it as an entrepreneur. I was being forced out of my comfort zone all the time. But each time I came close to giving up, my uplines and mentors stepped in and wouldn’t let me quit. They were my lifeline. They taught me that it was important to live each day with the belief that the next day would bring something better. I remember in the early days I met AVP Padma, who wrote me this message in a book – “Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you!” I lived by that philosophy each time I experienced a low phase. Your husband is also very active in the business and, when the two of you are together, it is clear he is your number one fan. Has this been an important factor of your success? I attribute a large part of my success to him. We met because of QNET and have been happily married for 3 years. He has been very supportive of my erratic life as a networker. Interestingly, I am senior to him in this business and I am lucky that he respects my broader experience and admires me for it. That doesn’t mean he’s easy on me: we constantly discuss how we

“If you develop just one strong woman leader on your left and another one on your right, maxing out is inevitable!” can better ourselves as networkers… even during our romantic dinners and exotic vacations! QNET will always be our first love and building this business together is like bringing up our own children. Together, we are passionately working towards a common dream. It’s not about his success or my success anymore; it’s always about OUR SUCCESS. One of the challenges many women in this business face is the lack of support or pressure from their families. What is your advice to them? I started networking as a single, 19-year-old girl. My parents were not happy with my decision to take up network marketing as a profession. I had excellent academic credentials and bright prospects in the corporate world and they felt I was wasting my potential in an industry that hadn’t truly proved itself yet. Despite their objections, I went ahead, but made sure to consciously involve them in everything I was doing. I would discuss all my activities and trainings, my progress, goals and vision with them. I introduced them to my uplines and my team, so that they could see that I was working with the right people. I even took my mom to VP Donna Imson’s I’m Alive! training, Dato’ Sri Vijay’s book launch event in Mumbai, and Chief’s Rule 3 Event in India. Today, any QNET event is a family event, whether it is a Solitaire Event, an NSS or V-Con, my entire family, including cousins, play an active role. They are all building the business with me, and my mom is one of my most solid pillars of strength. As a wife and daughter-in-law who runs a home, I manage my commitments well by planning and communicating.

Networking is not just a business, it’s a lifestyle. So keeping your family involved is the key! What is the most important lesson you have discovered about yourself in your 7 years with QNET? I have discovered that nothing is impossible if you are continuously working on yourself. In the last 7 years, I have been working on my relationships, my attitude, my team playing capabilities, my clarity of vision and my belief system. The financial gain has only been a by-product. Today, I am an upgraded version of myself – physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. Life with QNET is about the journey and not the destination anymore! Which QNET product can you not live without and why? I simply can’t do without Physio Radiance. Life as a networker is hectic and the constant travel doesn’t leave me much time for any kind of beauty regimen. The Physio Radiance range (Comfort Emulsion Cleanser, Remineralising Toner Lotion, Extreme Anti-Oxidant Serum and Day & Night Fluid) is my skin’s best friend – and I take it everywhere I go. It obviously works because my husband says I am looking prettier day by day! Since this is a fashion issue, we would like to know, what is your personal style? My personal style is crisp yet comfortable; I prefer to leave my hair loose, a good pair of sunglasses, my favourite Louis Vuitton bag, neat tan shoes and my Cimier Birdie Lime watch. And obviously, my best accessory: my SMILE!


explanation of the business was very professional and he was able to answer all my questions. When he said “This is a serious business, so we should do a projection” I really started paying attention. _______

*For those unfamiliar with the term, “Haram is an Arabic term meaning sinful. In Islam it is used to refer to any act that displeases or angers Allah.”

Did you sign up there and then? A few days later… My friend suggested I attend a Business Presentation to find out more. VC Osama, who had been an engineer with Petronas for 20 years, was presenting. It was every engineering student’s dream to work for Petronas! We thought: if he is doing this business, surely there is something to it. First thing I did was to call my mother and tell her I was starting a business and I wanted her and our other relatives to be involved. By the end of my first day I had signed up 12 people! Then, Shaadi and I diligently saved up from our CD business and 6 weeks later, had enough to buy the products.

Interview with Ahmed Hamza

Ahmed Hamza needs no introduction. Of all the members of the Achievers’ Club Diamonds, he has been with QNET the longest: 12 years and counting! With a cheery disposition and a ready smile for everyone, he is hard to miss. In this issue of aspIRe, he tells us about his humble beginnings in war-torn Sudan, his tentative first steps into QNET and much more. Would you believe he couldn’t speak a word of English before QNET? Get ready to be inspired by Ahmed’s unique story. Ahmed, Sudan is known for its oil and civil wars, not network marketing! Did QNET find you or did you find QNET? Well, a bit of both actually! I was an engineering student at Sudan University back in 2001 when I first heard about network marketing, but the way my colleague explained the business was so poor I thought it was Haram*, just another get-rich-quick scheme. I was so wary I started warning others about this haram business…

I was in the 4th year of University and knew I didn’t want to work for anyone else upon graduating. So, along with my friend Shaadi (you might know him today as VC Shaadi) I started selling CDs with copied movies, music and software programs to students in various universities, to make money. One day, while doing business in another University, an old friend ran into me. The first thing he asked me was “Have you heard of GoldQuest?” Because he was an old friend, I decided to hear him out. This time though, the

That smoothly? So there were no setbacks? I only saw one setback to embracing this opportunity: I was absolutely incapable of speaking in public. I had always been very, very shy. Even approaching people I didn’t know seemed terrifying. I knew I could not do it, so I asked for Osama’s help in explaining the business to the first 4 people I brought in – my plan was to get them in and let them do the talking for me from then onwards…

That day we knew we had made the right decision to become a part of this company (...) and our bond of loyalty with the company was sealed forever.


Ironically, the 4 guys that I had in mind rejected the business! I was dejected. Until one day, when I was talking to one of the prospects on the phone, this friend overheard my conversation and wanted to know more. Within a few minutes he said he would sign up. This guy is today AVP Motaz Yemani! That gave me confidence. In the first month, Shaadi, Motaz and I managed to convince 37 people to purchase the products. In two and a half months, I made $2400 in commissions! I was a student with a daily allowance of $2 and now I was making all this money. It was crazy. What would you say was the defining moment in your QNET journey? When exam season came up, I had to stop doing the business, and so did my downlines, because we were all students in the university. This resulted in our cheques stopping. Around this time, we went for a presentation by VP Adly Hassan. At this presentation, one guy pointed out that we had stopped making money. I explained that we would resume once exams were done. Adly overheard this conversation and said, “How can your cheques simply stop like that? This business is not simply about signing people up. It is about teaching people how to do the business and duplicating yourself so that they can go out there and do what you are doing.”

Adly made us watch Chief Pathman’s Eight Building Blocks DVD and translated the entire video into Arabic since I didn’t know English at the time. That’s the first time I heard about the concept of duplication. I immediately realised how powerful it was and dedicated the next 4 months to training my over 100 downlines. How did Pathfinders as a team come about? In 2003, V-Con took place in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and Adly and Osama encouraged us to go for it. It was a life changing experience for me. Six of us represented Sudan at this V-Con and no one seemed to know where Sudan was! On the closing day, Dato’ Sri Vijay said “We have to live a life that makes a difference. We have to touch more hearts, touch more souls to encourage them to get freedom, financial freedom.” I was now determined to put Sudan, and our team, on the QNET map. We had seen a big Malaysian team of networkers calling themselves GenGold. We decided we too should have a team name that would unite people and make them work towards a common goal. Someone suggested Pathfinders and we all loved it. We discussed it with Adly and he encouraged us and also merged his team with ours, giving birth to Pathfinders. Today, Pathfinders have a presence in 70 countries!

You have been with QNET for a very long time now. Longer than many others who made it to the Diamond rank. You must have some interesting stories to share... In 2004, when it was announced V-Con would take place in Dubai, Pathfinders were able to register 40 people. But only 10 of them were able to get a UAE visa, the other 30 of us got rejected. We were a very determined yet naïve group of young people so we thought we’d board the plane using fake visas and, once on board, we’d destroy them. As soon as we landed in Dubai, we got stopped in immigration and detained at the airport for 4 days. V-Con had already started and 30 of us were still stuck in the airport while the others tried to find a way to get us into the country. Eventually, Osama found out 5-star hotels can process visas but it would cost us $600 a head as we each had to book a room. By this time, including airfare, registration and other expenses, this trip had already amounted to more than $600 a person and we simply could not afford it. Someone told Dato’ Sri Vijay about the 30 Sudanese IRs who had been stuck in the airport for 4 days. He immediately told Osama “We will pay. Make the arrangements.” even though V-Con had ended already. When we heard this in the airport, all 30 of us broke down and cried right there. The company had no obligation to us. We had been foolish enough to try a stunt that had no hope of succeeding and yet the company was there to support us. That day we knew we had made the right decision to become a part of this company. In fact, that was the day our bond of loyalty with the company was sealed forever. Five of them from that ‘airport group’ are today V Council Members. What is your favourite product and why? The Amezcua Bio Disc. We have 6 Bio Discs in our home and every bathroom is fitted with the Amezcua shower shell. We never drink regular water anymore. If someone gives my little ones something to drink, they turn to me and ask “Baba, where is ba-disc?”


Interview With Dev Wadhawani If you see a guy in a QNET T-Shirt and a pair of faded, weathered shorts in the First Class lounge of Emirates Airlines, chances are that he will respond to the name Dev Wadhwani.

From a middle-class boy from the suburbs of Bombay to a Diamond Star in QNET via the hallowed corridors of Wall Street and the glittering lights of Hong Kong as a hot-shot investment banker, his journey could not have been more of a roller coaster ride! We caught up with self-confessed numbers geek and got him to debunk the myths surrounding his persona. Be warned, we are about to present to you, Dev Wadhwani, unplugged. Dev, how does an investment banker end up in the network marketing business? Network marketing chose me! A very close friend signed me up. I just bought a product. After using it, I started believing in the company. The price point seemed pretty attractive and the possibility of earning money promoting something I believed in made a lot of sense to me. Most successful leaders in QNET today have come up the hard way. But in your case, it seems to have been different‌ People have this perception that I was born with a golden spoon! Nothing could be further from the truth. I grew up in a

middle-class Indian family and frankly, we were broke through most of my childhood. My father was an airline purser but suffered from repeated bouts of ill health brought about by a skin condition, which meant there were hefty medical bills to pay all the time. It didn’t help that he had to go on sick leave without pay, each time his skin condition flared up. Unfortunately, I inherited the same condition (a severe form of eczema) that left all exposed parts of my skin with ugly rashes and breakouts. Going to school was a nightmare -kids that age can be rather cruel and I used to be called a leper! No one wanted to be friends with me. The condition eventually subsided when I was 11, but my self-confidence was at an all time low - and to compound the problem, I developed a terrible stammer. Finally, when I was 16, my parents separated. That same week, my younger sister died in a car crash. It ripped my family apart and was quite possibly the lowest point of my life. How did you overcome such a challenging phase in your life? Because of my circumstances, I had a lot of pent up aggression. I decided to channel it into sports. I started playing badminton and tennis and eventually got good at it, which helped me gain self-confidence. It was only when


transforming me into a better person. I am now a happier person. I have let go of a lot of mental baggage and focus on progressing. My relative success in the business is a by-product of the change that I was able to go through because of that. Tell us about the challenges you faced since you have been with QNET and what that has taught you. Apart from the personal transformation, I truly came into my own in the business due to the challenges the company faced in India in 2008. A lot of people in my network dropped out at that time. But that was also the time I got to see that the company cared and will always do right by us I was around 18 that I finally got over my stammer. If you meet any of my classmates from high school today and tell them Dev Wadhwani is a public speaker, they’ll laugh themselves silly! At around this time, I struck my path: I was good with numbers and got into banking. I struggled at low paying jobs because I didn’t have an MBA. My mother took out loans to eventually send me to the US to get an MBA. Even then, it was not smooth sailing. I had to drop out due to lack of funds - I remember one Christmas I had $7 in my pocket and survived on it till the New Year. Once I dropped out, I joined a private equity firm and started doing quite well. One year I got a $40,000 bonus, which I invested and turned into $7 million! That’s when my life changed. I went back to school and got my MBA. Since then, I have dabbled in every facet of banking. There have been some good years and some bad years. But being broke doesn’t intimidate me any more. I know I can pick myself and do it all over again if I have to.

I remember V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark saying ‘A storm doesn’t last forever’. At that time, it sounded philosophical. Now, I realise how true it is. I built my strongest team during that time. We kept paddling against the current until eventually, the tides changed. And today, I am proud to say that we have one of the largest teams in QNET.

Network marketing changed me. I am now a happier person. What is the one important thing that you have discovered about yourself in these 8 years with QNET? I break my life up into phases of ‘living’ and ‘existing’. I went from $7 to $7 million; from merely existing as an impoverished student to living the high life in my early 20s. I worked hard and partied hard. I was living the dream. If I could become a millionaire at that age, I told myself there was no reason I could not be a billionaire. It was my dream.

That’s quite a story! How different was it to mentally adjust to networking from banking?

But then, after a few set backs, I became cautious and went back to existing again.

It’s hard to believe that I’ll complete 8 years with QNET in August 2013, because I am not a natural networker. It has been a real test of my character. I came from an industry where the work I did was so complex that sometimes even my boss didn’t understand what I was doing and left me alone. Network marketing changed me. For the first time in my life I was forced to deal with people and not numbers. And I think deep down in my soul, I just loved it.

When I found QNET, the concept of passive income helped me dream again. The fact that every Tuesday, I got to open the VO and see the kind of money I am making gives me the latitude to start living again. Networking has given me the ability to take bold business decisions again, after having failed in the past. I am now investing in ventures I’m passionate about. And I now take my billionaire dream very seriously!

What was the major catalyst for that transformation?

And finally, your mother is a very active networker. How did you get her into it?

Out of all the programmes that I have attended since my time with QNET, ISB has had the most powerful impact on me. It literally flipped a switch in me. I haven’t missed an ISB Bootcamp since my first one and recently attended my 7th. It’s something I truly believe in. ISB played a major role in

I didn’t! She got herself into it. She just saw me present plan after plan at the dining table at home and fell in love with the plan. She muscled her way into the business without me even trying. I take no credit for it. She is absolutely self-made!


Interview with Mohamed El Gindy The inaugural achievers club of QNET was so overrun with Diamond and Platinum stars from Egypt that it was hard to miss the Egyptian flag flying high everywhere you looked. The benchmark was set by the newly minted V-Council member Khaled Obbeya from Egypt who broke all records by becoming not just the first Platinum in the QNET world, but also the first Diamond. But do you know whom Khaled refers to as his ‘Rock’ of Egypt?

Mohamed El Gindy, or just Gindy, as he’s more popularly known, shared with aspIRe a closer, more personal view on his life, his path to reaching the Diamond level at QNET’s Achievers’ Club and the role QNET played in his life during Egypt’s recent turbulent times. Egypt has seen some extraordinary changes in recent times; have these changes influenced you into joining network marketing? I was introduced to QNET’s network marketing business in 2009 and fell in love with it because the concept is simple, yet powerful. Due to the unstable economy in Egypt, people are always looking for ways to supplement their income and QNET provides the perfect opportunity for us to pursue the future we have always dreamed of. What I


like even more is that I get to help others have a better life through this business. I am very proud to say that 3 years after I started this business, network marketing is today, the No. 1 business in Egypt. It is obvious that your network is primarily made of young people. Is that a conscious decision (to focus on only the youth)? I strongly believe this business is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or education and that’s what makes it fascinating. What matters is the attitude and willingness to succeed. However, I must acknowledge that youth are a dominant part of my network, reflecting Egypt’s demographics – approximately 40% of the population is less than 35 years old. It’s my belief that with the right investment in network marketing, the youth in my country have the potential to positively shape the country’s future. What is the most important lesson you have learnt as a QNET IR? There is no such thing as ‘Impossible’. Stay focussed on your dream, work towards it and you will achieve it. Secondly, I have learnt that everyone needs a guide or mentor to stay on the right path. I want to take this opportunity to thank my mentors in this business. To our Visionary Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, Chief Pathman Senathirajah, VC Michael Ferreira, VC Mark Ferreira and my Upline VC Khaled Obbeya: without your teachings, your constant guidance and your belief in me, I could not have come this far. Can you describe an incident that had a deep impact on you as a networker? I recall two memorable incidents from my early days in networking. I showed the plan to a person working in the tourism industry. He told me that this business will not bring any benefits to Egypt and that tourism is far more beneficial to the country. Three years later, the Egyptian Economy is suffering, especially the Tourism Sector, while QNET is booming! The second incident involved a guy I had shown the plan to and shared my dream of holding a mega event in Egypt for 15,000 people. He told me it was impossible. In early 2012, the Faith Team held the biggest carnival in Egypt with 25,000 Egyptians in the attendance. This same guy, whom I had not seen in a long time, approached me there and said, “I am sorry I didn’t believe in you.” He is now an IR in my network.

I strongly believe this business is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or education and that’s what makes it fascinating. What do you consider to be QNET’s biggest achievement in Egypt? What we have achieved in Egypt is not just about success; it’s about giving people hope again. Not many people realise that we have played an important role in decreasing the unemployment rate in Egypt after the revolution. People are now ready to dream again and that, to me, is the biggest achievement. What is the one QNET Product that is a part of your personal style? The Bernhard H. Mayer® watches are perfect luxury accessories to reflect my personal style: a mix of sophistication and functionality. I have almost all the watches in the Bernhard H. Mayer® collection. Since this is a fashion issue, what is your advice to other networkers on dressing for success? How you dress says a lot about who you are. Creating the right impression is very important in our business. So, as a representative of one of the most successful network marketing companies in the world, you have to dress for respect. Always be smartly turned out and look professional. Having the right attitude also influences how people perceive you. Dream big, work hard, stay committed, duplicate yourself and you will LIVE FREE.


QNET Celebrates The Grand Opening of the Dubai Office! By Ankita Sodhia


onday, 5 November 2012 marked a very important moment in QNET history: the grand opening of the QNET Dubai Office!

The auspicious ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the opening of the QNET Dubai Branch. was held at the Nassima Tower building, where the office is located. The event was made even more memorable by the presence of highly esteemed guests: His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Bandar, V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, QNET Managing Director JR Mayer, V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah, Q Lifestyle Managing Director Joachim Steffen, and senior V Partners and executives. As Dubai is settling in its role as the corporate heart of the new Middle East, the new QNET Dubai Office’s location is perfect to support business growth of all QNET Independent Representatives in the region. Featuring a brand new training facility, stunning product showcase displays and a hassle-free product pick-up service, the QNET Dubai Office is fully equipped to meet the increasing business demands of the region as QNET continues to expand globally. All topped by the astonishing panoramic view of downtown Dubai that one can experience from the office windows. The opening ceremony of the Dubai office was amazing, with QNET themes and colours running through each room. The guests were welcomed by two Marussia F1 Team driver cutouts, plenty of flowers

and balloons and everyone present was given a tour of the office. It was a brilliant event and really showcased how the Middle East team is taking large strides forwards to establish itself as a leader in the market. QNET congratulates our Middle East colleagues for the grand opening of the QNET Dubai Office and we wish them all the best for a bright and successful future ahead!

y M hy W Relationship Works

o A Team T le p u o C A m Fro Sri Umayal Eswaran By Datin


ow do you do it? How do you cope? I have been asked variations of these questions countless times by the women I meet from the network and, more often than not, by the wives of networkers who I’ve personally come to know in the last decade. I am the first to admit that the life of a networker, especially one who is just getting started, is no child’s play and the people most affected by it are the immediate family. I know because I’ve been there myself. And you must remember that I didn’t marry a networker. My journey on this path began way before QNET arrived into my life. In 1989, I was a young, carefree girl in Sri Lanka and I had just met the man I was going to marry. Just as any other young woman on the threshold of a new life, I was excited and full of plans, happy to start my life with the man I loved. A year later, we got married and I moved to my new home in Malaysia, which has many similarities to Sri Lanka.

My husband had a good job; we lived a comfortable middle class life just like many other young couples around us. And at the time, I had never even heard of network marketing. For 6 years after we got married, this was my comfort zone, but I also knew that Dato’ Sri was never really happy with his regular 9 to 5 job, even though he did very well in whatever position he was in. He always felt limited, not challenged enough and I knew he wanted to do something on his own. He had dreams that he had shared with me. He knew he had a lot more to give and he was always searching for something that was worth his effort. Then, one day, he told me he wanted to quit his job and take up network marketing. I was completely taken aback! I only had a very vague notion of what it meant. And believe it or not, I thought it meant you had to carry a basket full of things and go sell it door-to-door! I couldn’t believe my husband was going to throw away his cushy job to turn into a door-to-door salesman.



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Just Married!

And there was more to come: this meant that we had to move to the Philippines where he was opening up a new market for the company he was networking with. At least Malaysia had a large Sri Lankan population so it had never felt unfamiliar. But the Philippines was an entirely new place with a new culture, where I knew absolutely no one. He might as well have told me we were moving to the moon! That’s how alien the whole thing felt. I just flipped! I simply couldn’t relate to it. The strength of our relationship has always been that we discussed everything. And this was one topic we had endless discussions and arguments over. At some point I realised that he strongly believed in this and this was how he was going to achieve his dreams. So, I found myself leaving everything we had built in Malaysia for 6 years to move to a new country to start from scratch. I did it because I wanted to be there to support him as his wife, not because I accepted his decision to network. Also, it didn’t help that no one in either of our families understood what network marketing was. I came from a family of businessmen. Dato’ Sri’s parents were government employees. So, the pressure was now on me to keep things in balance with the family, because they were very worried. The first few years were very difficult. We were on the road constantly, going from one meeting to another. There were constant rejections. There was no steady

income. One month there would be a flow of cheques, the next few months would be dry. Also, we had put everything we had into it and this business had not yet started seeing the returns. I wondered how long this could go on for. I wanted the stability, the security whereas Dato’ Sri was chasing his dream. Being yanked out of my comfort zone, I was worried I’d fall apart. We used to have many arguments over it. You’ve all heard Dato’ Sri say often: “Confront before you conflict”. This was a philosophy he followed even back then. There were days when I would question myself, wondering what I was doing and why I was doing it. I went through a phase when I was so low that I couldn’t speak to him about it. I kept it bottled within and it just made me miserable, and knowing I was unhappy made him miserable. I realised that keeping it in was going to destroy our relationship and our lives together. Instead of going around confiding in others about my worries, I confronted him. It was hard for me and I opened up about my fears. We would discuss it and inevitably it would lead to arguments. The more we spoke about it, the more I realised that this was what he wanted to do. I knew I couldn’t win the argument. In fact, I would say, ironically, the arguments actually helped bring us closer in many ways. I knew he needed my support. I was the closest person he had and if I didn’t

support him while he continued doing what he truly believed in, he would not be happy. That’s when I decided I have to change myself and make the effort to understand network marketing better and why he was so passionate about it. Initially, I would accompany him to all the business presentations and quietly observe from the back of the room. That was the beginning of my education into network marketing. Slowly, I started talking to the women who came to the trainings and presentations because I was very impressed with the way they spoke and carried themselves and articulated their passion, their dreams. Then, eventually, I started networking alongside Dato’ Sri because I thought if I experienced it myself, maybe I would understand it better and start seeing it the way he does. It wasn’t the business itself that interested me but the desire to understand his passion for it. Networking also involves meeting a lot of people of both genders and that can lead to friction among couples. It was a problem we saw around us all the time. That’s where the strength of the relationship is often tested and I am happy to say that in our case, that was never a problem. When we started, he had a tiny office to meet with his network. We wanted an office in a central, impressive location but at the time we obviously couldn’t afford it. So we ended up with this little attic space, but located in a prime area.

ilies Our fam

have b

illar of een a p

. Seen


We made the most of what we had and kept believing. Those were the crazy days! It took me more than a year to understand and accept network marketing as a profession. It was a tough journey but one that taught me many lessons. I realise that I should not have given Dato’ Sri such a hard time back then. In the first few years of our marriage, he had always shared his hopes, dreams and vision with me and he had made it clear that he wanted me to be part of it. It took me 3-4 years before I started to see his vision. I should have believed in him right from the beginning. My formula may not be what works for you, and you may need to find your own set of solutions. The important questions you should ask yourself: Do I love him/ her enough? Am I committed to our life together? Sometimes when I look back at where we were and where we are today, it feels like a dream. I now live by a simple rule that Dato’ Sri has always believed in: “A couple should complement each other as opposed to compliment each other”.


al Guru

r spiritu

ith ou here w

We’ve c om

e a long


may not be what works for you, “ Myandformula you may need to find your own set of solutions. The important questions you should ask yourself: Do I love him/her enough? Am I committed to our life together?

To anyone who has ever been curious about how I did it, here are some lessons I have learnt through my experience as the spouse of a networker.

Understanding networking is critical. Not understanding it is not an option. The very essence of your relatißonship depends on it.

Success is individual. You may be married to a very successful networker, but you cannot ride on his success. As much as you are a couple, find something to do for yourself. If you think networking is not for you, then find something else. We all have inherent strengths. You just have to find yours.

Don’t pretend to be supportive, whatever your reasons. It won’t help you and it won’t help your partner.

Striking a balance is the key. It’s easy to talk about it, but difficult to practice.

If you are feeling down, learn to pick yourself up. My personal rule is to never allow my low phase to get the better of me.


Touching People’s Lives RYTHM Foundation And Vijayaratnam Foundation

Indonesia – QNET donated basic necessities and other goods, including angklungas, traditional Indonesian musical instruments, which brought happy smiles to the children’s faces. Staff Donation, Indonesia

Philippines – The heavy monsoon rains of August 2012 created mass havoc, leaving many schools in disastrous conditions. QI Philippines stepped forward and helped rehabilitate classrooms at the Pinagbuhatan High School in Pasig, Metro Manila. Volunteers pushed themselves beyond their physical limits to clean up and bring order back to the badly affected school.

By Reba Koleth and Hairul Fazillah

Pinagbuhatan High School, Philippines

Highlights of RYTHM Foundation

Baan Mahamek, Thailand

Thailand – QI Thailand’s staff spent a meaningful and fulfilling day at Baan Mahamek, a home for underprivileged, disabled, orphaned and abandoned boys. The staff gifted the children with stationery and basic necessities and played many games with the kids. The team’s love, patience and kindness brought joy and happiness to many of the home’s occupants!

Beyond Social Services (BSS), Singapore

Singapore – QI Singapore’s staff turned a common sport such as bowling into a truly extraordinary experience for 40 underprivileged children from Beyond Social Services (BSS). BSS has a very important role in Singaporean society, providing social, educational and community support programmes for disadvantaged youths. The QNET Singapore staff had a great time with the young children, spreading good will, cheer and hope.

The International Coastal Clean-Up, Hong Kong

Hong Kong – QNET Hong Kong’s directors and staff were in no way left out of the International Coastal Clean-Up mania that took many countries by storm. Over 120 volunteers scoured numerous beaches, collecting a total of 65 kg of garbage. What a great way to care for Mother Earth!

What else is the RYTHM Foundation doing? Find out at


An Eventful Season with the Vijayaratnam Foundation

The Vijayaratnam Foundation lived up once again to its noble mission: ‘Empowering Lives, Transforming Communities’. The Foundation has persevered to carry out many interesting projects that have not only kept everyone on their toes all year round, but has also reached out to various sectors of the Malaysian community. Recently, the Maharani programme saw the Foundation accompanying 50 girls between the ages of 13-16 years on a camping trip to The Barre I.J Centre in Tanah Rata. It was an amazing three-day experience for the girls that allowed them to go home with more confidence and aspiration. Themed ‘The Princess in You’, the programme is carried out through a series of camps in Peninsula Malaysia that aims to nurture a strong personal foundation within participants.

On 15 July 2012, QNET Malaysia staff and the mentees of the Footprints Mentoring Programme, a community service project run by Vijayaratnam Foundation, were treated to a special activity that featured a Japanese professional actor, Mr Doppo, and his wife, Sheshadari. Mentees were able to explore their talents and build their self-esteem, as well as practice their English language speaking skills. Through an exciting CSR Week, held from 24 to 28 September 2012, QI Malaysia organised an event that allowed 242 participants to take part in various activities such as a cruise with disabled children, kite-making, refurbishment of an education centre for the underprivileged, collection of aluminium cans for recycling and tree-planting. Two prominent speakers in the CSR world were also invited to share their experiences during a motivational seminar. The highlight of all the events was Taarana’s annual concert ‘Power of Dreams’, which took place on 6 October 2012. This colourful evening was a poignant moment for everyone present as the children of Taarana, with varied forms of mild intellectual disabilities, wowed the audience with captivating stage performances. The kids dressed up as animals, dancing around a makeshift farm and performed the ‘Dikir Barat Anak Tupai’. They even rocked out to 60’s music in costumes reminiscent of the famous musical Grease among other performances. It was a proud moment for all, especially the children who had practiced tirelessly to put on such a fabulous show! To learn more about the Vijayaratnam Foundation, visit


Sibling Synergy The Platons By Gil Cadiz

They are the new faces of network marketing. They’re young, articulate, energetic, great-looking, always impeccably dressed, social media savvy… and the list goes on. They’re fifty shades of awesome! They are living testaments that the QNET business is a beautiful family affair, and that it’s not just a financially rewarding one, but also a whole lot of FUN! Get to know the fabulous Platon siblings of Manila, Philippines.

Left to right: Mark, Czarina, Charles


What is the best thing about being a QNET IR? Mark: Having the opportunity to constantly grow and build success with my team in a company that shares the same values I feel are important. Czarina: I am able to do what I love without compromising my dreams. I also appreciate the fact that by being a QNET IR, I get to be surrounded by positive, successful, humble and admirable people in the network marketing profession. It also helps that I have access to fantastic and unique products that are only available from QNET! Charles: I grow in multiple ways that I never thought I would. Not only can I become rich financially, but culturally as well. The company bridges hundreds of countries together through the business and through RYTHM. How does social media help you in your business? Mark: Social media has definitely made the world smaller for us and we love it! Today, there are diverse platforms from which we can relay vital information out to the other IRs in our team, here and abroad. There are so many ways to reach out and share our awesome business to friends, old and new, and countless creative channels through which we can spread inspiration and motivation. We are also quite fortunate to have amazing apps that now allow us to showcase all aspects of our QNET business, in such vivid detail, at the push of a button or the swipe of a screen. Czarina: I don’t think I could do the

business without social media, apps and gadgets! They allow me to reach countless people to promote the business, the products and the industry. Not only do they connect me to my brothers and sisters in The V, I also get motivation, insights, inspirations and updates! I cannot have an eCommerce based business without them. Charles: Social media, apps and gadgets have basically solved the typical problems IRs have encountered in the past in terms of access, dissemination and the monitoring of information. Now, everything is at our fingertips, enabling us to save time and accomplish more in the business. After all, time is gold. How would you describe your personal style? Mark: My personal style is clean, classic

and comfortable, with just a bit of edge to keep it interesting. I like to look relatable but not so much that I look like everybody else. Most days, l just keep it casual but I still make an effort to look presentable and professional. You’ll never know, you just might bump into your upline, downline or your next superstar IR-to-be! Czarina: My personal style varies depending on the weather or the occasion but most of the time, you’ll see me in comfy feminine business dresses and high heels. If not, I’m in my power suit. Charles: Debonair: confidence, style and charm combined. I have always believed that life is too short to be ordinary. That is why when I dress-up, I make sure I look outstanding. It is better to be a little overdressed for any occasion than to be underdressed. It is also important to be charming, no matter what the occasion is. First impression plays a big role in the business so it pays to be presentable, attractive and to have a pleasant personality at all times. That’s how we portray the person we want to be someday.


Champion Runner Turned QNET IR Cosmas Ndeti By Teshwindar Kaur


On Life, Success and Perseverance

ome people are natural born leaders – they’re here to inspire the masses and to be true role-models to society. Cosmas Ndeti is one of these unique individuals. From humble beginnings in Kenya, he has proven to the world that success is always within reach!

Cosmas Ndeti’s journey to success is what most can only dream of. The Kenyan distance runner has won the Boston Marathon three consecutive times, even setting a record in 1994 which remained undisputed for 12 years! The most striking qualities of Ndeti are his humility and drive to do good. He donated a part of his winnings to building a church, where he is currently a pastor, in his hometown in Kenya. He travels with his family everywhere he goes and, when joining marathons, he always brings along his own homemade corn meal. He also travels with family everywhere he goes. Following a life-changing recommendation from his cousin (in 2006), Ndeti joined QNET and hasn’t looked back since.

3 times winner of the Boston Marathon in action.

Some people are natural born leaders – they’re here to inspire the masses and to be true role-models to society. Achieving success in networking requires the same drive and desire to excel as running; the passion that made Ndeti a champion runner is what makes him a successful networker. Ndeti kindly sat with aspIRe to talk about the attitudes and aptitudes that have allowed him to achieve his goals – qualities that fellow IRs can benefit from: How did your journey with QNET start? Professional athletes can’t avoid the end of their career – either due to age or, worse, retiring prematurely due to injury. Ndeti realised that his career couldn’t be passed on to future generations so planning for the future became a real concern.

Ndeti having his shirt signed by former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

After listening to my cousin’s presentation, I understood, immediately, the great potential the network marketing business had. I’m fortunate to have a huge database of contacts worldwide because of my career as a


Ndeti jogs with Bill Clinton, Boston Marathon winners and officials in Washington.

Motivate yourself to start your own business The network marketing business is like running a marathon – they both need a lot of endurance, patience, hard work and focus. You have to keep your eye on your dream, on achieving your goal. No matter how many times you fall, stand back up and continue towards your dream.

Athletes relaxing and enjoying themselves after jogging.

professional athlete, which came in handy. I realised that I was in a position to change the lives of my loved ones and people in the community. Furthermore, I was attracted to QNET’s eCommerce system. I can work from anywhere. Plan to win. Prepare to win. Expect to win. What keeps me moving forward during a marathon is the dream of being and staying a champion. I believe that I was born to be a champion. However, achieving success never comes easily. To be a winner, I have to stay focussed, committed, keep up the hard work, be disciplined and have the desire to achieve my dream. And, in the end, all of these efforts paid off and gave me the perfect result. The biggest challenge of being successful. Maintaining DISCIPLINE is the greatest challenge as an athlete, especially when it comes to painful training and having an appropriate diet. It’s also very important to keep the right company and surround yourself with supportive people who share the same vision of being a champion. Challenges can always be overcome if you choose the right mentor, think positively, learn from your mistakes and apply what the other champions have done before. Athletic background and network marketing career Being a runner and working in the network marketing industry have several similarities. In both professions, people can step up to the highest goal as long as people have the dream to perform and achieve. Besides staying focussed, maintaining good discipline and commitment, the most important thing to become successful is the desire to see good results and the belief that you can do it.

Discipline brings success.

“Challenges can always be overcome if you choose the right mentor, think positively, learn from your mistakes and apply what the other champions have done before.”


Gold Stars celebrate on stage at the Delhi Awards

India Goes For Gold QNET India’s First Ever Gold Star Achievers Awards By Christine Pereira


NET India’s first ever Gold Stars Achievers Awards was a three-city tour that took place in Mumbai on 23 February, Bangalore on 24 February, and Delhi on 26 February in which 69 Gold Rank Achievers were honoured and recognised. Each Gold Rank achiever was presented with a Gold Pin from QNET’s esteemed leaders on stage. V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark recognised the achievers in Mumbai, V Partner Sathi Senathirajah and V Partner Cherian Mathew recognised the achievers in Bangalore and V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah recognised the achievers in Delhi. Also present on stage was QNET India’s CEO Suresh Thimiri. QNET India Diamond and Platinum Stars were also present at the prestigious events. “We should all take great pride in the fact that we had so many achievers from India. It was an honour to have V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark with us to recognise the achievers” said QNET India’s CEO Suresh Thimiri.


V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark was delighted to be there, “It was a great experience being back in India after such a long time. Our IRs in India are truly a passionate bunch, as I witnessed first-hand at the QNET Achievers awards. This passion is also why India is such a rapidly-growing market for QNET.” he said. When asked if he would return to India he said “Having had a whopping 69 achievers this time, I definitely see great potential in this country and I would love to be back.”

V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark talking to IRs in Mumbai

“Our IRs in India are truly a passionate bunch, as I witnessed first-hand at the QNET Achievers awards” The Gold Star Achievers were beyond ecstatic and seemed pleased with the whole arrangement. They were invited to be guests at the event, interviewed and had their photographs taken like true celebrities. A small story with a strong message for Mumbai by India CEO

Mr Thimiri was happy to give a message to everyone in India. His message was, “This is your company, remember that it is in your hands to mould it and take it higher. Don’t lose focus on why you are here. Keep moving forward and we will have only one way to go, UP! I hope we have more and more achievers from India consistently.” We asked a few QNET Gold Stars about their experience during the award night. Here’s what they said:

The proud moment of recieving the Gold Pin from VP Cherian Mathew

“I was extremely honoured to receive such an important award from V Partner Cherian Mathew and V Partner Sathi Senathirajah, though I also must admit it was a big surprise of my life. I am grateful for the recognition I have received for my work... It was the most memorable evening of my life. I received the Gold Star Award from the V Partners in my home town in front of my family and my team. I feel empowered and I feel I can achieve more in the days to come. My team members were equally inspired. I also promise to only get better at my business so that you can see me here, hopefully for a higher award next time.” Venugopal Kuchimanchi, Bangalore


“I thank QNET for giving me the opportunity of a life time that has changed millions of lives including mine. The support and appreciation that I got at the Gold Star Awards by the three pillars of QNET cannot be described in words. I am simply speechless.” – Pawan Siwach, Delhi “It was exhilarating to be felicitated by none other than our founder, our mentor, the man himself – Mr. Joseph Bismark who was in our country after 10 years. It was truly a moment of glory to be amongst a selected few in the crowd of 3000 to share the stage with our founder. It gave me confidence and belief that I can achieve my dreams and be there on the stage for much greater reasons in the time to come. It was very encouraging for my team as well, something that I would want each one to duplicate. Thank you QNET.” – Shitu Patil, Mumbai

It gave me confidence and belief that I can achieve my dreams and be there on the stage for much greater reasons in the time to come. “Getting the invite for Achievers Night itself was a great surprise for me. The second surprise was being awarded by the great Mr Joseph Bismark himself. I could never believe that within 4 months in the business I could get this kind of opportunity. Being awarded in front of thousands of people was not a joke for me, for all this I can only thank my mentors, my team and my family who believed in me supported me unconditionally. Now my faith and belief has become so strong that it is unbreakable.” – Radhika Singh, Mumbai QNET would like to congratulate all the achievers and thank them for their hard work and dedication. Left: The Gold Pin Bottom: QNET Gold Star Achievers celebrating on stage in Mumbai

Dr a pe Yo u rse lf In The Divine


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The Classics In the past 5 years, we have seen a growing preference for watches with complicated dials and functions. But a classic watch never goes out of fashion. Neat, simple and elegant, these classic pieces are a perfect complement to almost any outfit. A guarantee you’ll always be up for the part. Watches to watch: • Bernhard H. Mayer® Ouranos

New Primavera Collection IRs Sarah Samiey and Yamen Hagrs Take the Spotlight Like Pros Almost 5 months after being announced QNET Top Model winners, IRs Sarah Samiey and Yamen Hagrs arrived in Bangkok ready to love the camera. The most voted amongst almost 150 IRs from 21 different countries (Sarah’s picture got over 2 thousand likes and Yamen’s got a staggering 10,468), our very own QNET Top Models couldn’t take those big, proud, happy, winning smiles off their faces. And why should they even try? They’re Top Models now! And very good ones as well. Check out the outcome of a long day of hard work as Sarah and Yamen rock the new QNET 15th anniversary celebratory collection. aspIRe would like to send a big shout out to Sarah and Yamen for their talent, commitment and incredible good-nature; to the whole photography team for being so professional, accommodating and fun; to the management and staff of the Hua Chang Heritage Hotel for being so patient and allowing us to shoot in simply stunning sets; and to all the QNET family that made this project come to life: Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

Sarah: QNET Primavera Tee – Plum Purple Bernhard H. Mayer® Stella Watch Yamen: QNET Primavera Tee – Palace Blue

Sarah: QNET Primavera Cardigan – Delight Pink Adiva Divine Ambrosia Earrings

Yamen: QNET Primavera Polo – Mint Green Sarah: QNET Primavera Polo – Palace Blue Bernhard H. Mayer® La Vida Ceramic Watch – White Strap

Sarah: Bernhard H. Mayer速 La Vida Ceramic Watch Yamen: Bernhard H. Mayer速 Force Ultimate

Yamen: QNET Primavera Tee – Plum Purple

Yamen: QNET Primavera Polo – Palace Blue QNET Product Portfolio Bernhard H. Mayer® Emery Bracelet

Sarah: QNET Primavera Polo – Mint Green Adiva Divine Penelope Earrings Yamen: QNET Primavera Polo – Delight Pink Bernhard H. Mayer® Chronomax Watch

Sarah: QNET Primavera Polo – Delight Pink Himalayan Crystal Collection™ Love Earrings Bernhard H. Mayer® La Vida Ceramic Watch – Pink Strap

Yamen: QNET Primavera Cardigan – Navy Blue Himalayan Crystal Collection™ Tri Angle Pendant Bernhard H. Mayer® La Retrograde Watch II

Sarah: Bernhard H. Mayer® Serenade Watch – Deep Blue Strap Yamen: QNET Classica Shirt – White Bernhard H. Mayer® Belleza Magnum

Sarah: Umayal Collection Peacock Baroque Set

A touch of sophisticated Thai contemporary.

400 Phayathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 T: 66 2217 0777 F: 66 2217 0707 E-mail:


1. Tell us a little about yourself and life in Bahrain. Does fashion matter there? Bahrain is an island off the coast of Saudi Arabia with an attractive liberal lifestyle and very tolerant towards fashion. Fashion is definitely very important over here. Bahrainis generally tend to choose more moderate pieces, as the majority of the population is Muslim. Plus, the chances of running into a business partner, co-worker or even your dad at some point or another are relatively high. As for me, I’m the eldest of three daughters, my parents are both doctors and I grew up in Bahrain with dreams of taking the stage as a singer. I studied landscape architecture and got a job (I think I was definitely underpaid) and fell into a routine. Then, I joined QNET and it changed my life. And my life is about to change again for the better as I just recently I got engaged to a wonderful man! 2. Congratulations Sarah! So, tell us more about QNET and you… QNET and I met back in 2010 and it was love at first sight! (Laughter)

Sarah Samiey Date of Birth: 6 August 1988 Country: Bahrain QNET IR since: April 16, 2010 Favourite QNET product and why: Definitely the Allah Chi Pendant. It’s the product I use most. It’s a beautiful pendant that I can wear with so many different outfits. Hobbies: Singing, salsa dancing, makeup, badminton, football, jogging, volleyball. Family members with QNET: My parents, my sisters, my grandmother, some aunts and uncles, and few cousins. What did you want to be when you were a kid: A singer. Social media platforms you use: Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger.

I had just finished a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture from the Leeds Metropolitan University when I met up with a friend, Ali Modara, for a coffee. He explained that he was working on a project with his brother and wanted to show me more the next day. Him and his brother then gave me a presentation about QNET. I was only 21 but I knew immediately this was my path, trying something new that I believe allowed me to help others in need. 3. How has being a QNET IR affected your life? Being a QNET IR has changed my outlook in life and helped shape me into the person I am today. I was quite shy before joining QNET, never able to express my opinions. My experience with QNET has taught me to be self-confident and feel secure about my personality; I learnt the skills and leadership qualities I needed to pursue my dream of founding my very own landscape architecture firm. Without QNET, I don’t think I’d been able to it so soon – if at all! 4. How do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? I never know how to answer these type of questions because I enjoy keeping my options open to all that life has to offer! Nevertheless, I do think it is important to set goals for oneself. For me those goals are to have a successful career, be a loving mother, and being in the position to help those in need in Bahrain. 5. Did you decide to participate out of your initiative or did someone encourage you? A friend of mine, who also happens to be a QNET IR in the Unstoppable team, brought my attention to the contest and encouraged me to join. I had nothing to lose, except the


opportunity to win a trip to Bangkok and be featured in the aspIRe magazine, which I am a big fan of! 6. You look fantastic in the photograph you submitted to the contest. Tell us more about the winning picture.

helping me win. Some people did start asking about QNET, which makes me really happy because everyone deserves at least the opportunity to get to know and join this extraordinary business! 12. Describe your personal style?

Thanks! I owe it all to the great circle of friends who helped me submit a photograph which at least gave me the chance to win. Mrs Summer Weeks, a very talented professional photographer based in Bahrain, took the photograph. I was styled by Miss Sara Mazzola and Mr Elie Hanna did my hair. I did my own makeup, which was cool because I could use my own shoot to showcase my makeup skills! 7. And you won! Congratulations! What was your strategy to win? The competition was only two weeks away from finishing when I submitted my application but if there’s anything QNET taught me it’s to put 110% in everything you do. So I started by submitting the best photo possible and was astounded at how many votes I got in just a few days. After a week, I was right there at the top. That’s when I started becoming excited and pushing it some more. It was incredibly overwhelming to see how much support I got from my friends and family, who were using all their creativity to publicise my photo through several social media platforms. And what took me by absolute surprise was the way some total strangers were campaigning for me! That was really moving. 8. Can you describe the moment you found out that you’d won? How did it feel? It’s a funny story, actually, because I had been sitting by the computer for more than 16 hours straight during the final push. I was completely exhausted. When I realised I had won, I just wanted to hug someone but… there was no one there! All my friends and family were trying to get me more votes up to the last minute. I guess I must have jumped a little in my chair, even by myself! I still can’t believe I won! 9. Who was the first person you told? My mom, of course – whatever I do, she’s my greatest supporter. 10. Had you thought of being a TOP MODEL? To be honest, when I joined QNET and saw the website, I remember telling my upline I wanted to be a model for QNET’s website one day but I never thought there was the slight chance of that really happening. So thank you for that! 11. Were your friends excited about the competition, even the ones that are not with QNET? Did those friends want to know more about QNET during/after the competition? Oh, yes of course! Everyone was very excited about this competition and I really appreciate their help and effort in

I enjoy dressing up most of the times, I won’t lie, but I personally don’t think I have a specific style. I’ve been told a few times that I usually look elegant in whatever I wear, and I hope they mean it as a compliment! 13. How important is style in life on the networker? Nowadays, everyone needs to be well dressed to be respected and trusted. For networkers, style is a particularly important factor because trust is essential. I must confess I wouldn’t look up to my uplines as much if he/she looked shabby. Thankfully they’re all stylish! 14. As you know, QNET has a wide range of accessories, wristwatches and personal care products. Which ones can’t you live without? Why? Without a doubt, the energy products: I own almost all Amezcua’s products (the Bio Disc, Bio Light, Lifestyle Set and Chi Pendant) as well as the Velocit-Ti Pendant. My schedule is pretty full everyday, I never relax and without these products it’d be almost impossible to stay awake or function well! 15. Any tips to share with QNET IRs worldwide, especially those who’ve just joined? Congratulations on joining QNET! Welcome to a journey of great learnings! Give it (and yourself!) the right time and you’ll be a different person, reaching for your dreams!


1. Tell us a little about yourself and life in Egypt. Does fashion matter there? Egypt is an ancient country with a great History, as I think everyone knows. It’s got over 82 million people and most of them are young (I think more than half of the population is under 30) so obviously fashion is of some importance. But, people in Egypt are usually simple, unpretentious. As you probably also know, we’ve faced many challenges throughout recent years and people are more interested in life than how it looks. I think for me, I’m proud to be Egyptian, especially in light of new events. I didn’t really appreciate the greatness of Egypt before the Arab Spring, but now I think my love for my country is now priceless. 2. How did you come across QNET? What made you join? My story is slightly different than most as it was someone I didn’t really know in advance who first presented the business to one of my closest friends and me. I must admit I only joined after he did... Weirdly, I think it was the fear that my dreams might become true so easily. And you know what? They did, and now I have even bigger dreams! 3. How has being a QNET IR affected your life?

Yamen Taha Latif Hagrs Date of Birth: 24 February 1987 Country: Egypt QNET IR since: October 2011 Favourite QNET product and why: All the energy product because I really put my health to the test. Hobbies: Watching comedies and attending events. Family members with QNET: All my immediate family and some of my uncles and aunts. What did you want to be when you were a kid: A Police Officer. Social media platforms you use: Find me on Facebook: Yamen Taha

It has affected my life tremendously. I think the most important lesson came from the first Leadership Camp I attended. It was about faith leadership. There and then I realised that if we can imagine something, if we really, really want something, anything, we can reach for it and get it. 4. How do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? I’d like to achieve financial freedom in next 5 years so that I can leave my part-time job as an accountant and be full-time with QNET. This is truly what I love to do. 5. How did you find out about the contest? Did you decide to participate out of your initiative or did someone encourage you? I learned about the contest from one of my partners, Ahmed Mowafk. I saw the submissions in the QNET (Official) Facebook page and decided to participate. It was a personal decision but without the help of my network, I probably wouldn’t have won… So thank you everyone at QNET for this opportunity! 6. Your photo is very creative. Did you come up with it yourself or did anyone help you with the shoot? Tell us more about the winning picture. I thought of everything and took the picture myself. Actually, to be honest, I took several pictures and then consulted


my upline Sally El-Matbolly to choose the one I should enter. I guess she has a good eye (laughter). 7. And you won! Out of hundreds of submissions, you won. (Congratulations!) What was your strategy to win? Did you ever think you’d win? Everyday, I’d imagine myself winning even if sometimes I could not sleep to do so. On the ground, I resorted to everyone I knew: I sat down with the leaders in my network to get them to campaign for me and got my family at home and my friends to engage in plans through which I could collect more points and, ultimately, win. 8. How does it feel being here as the QNET TOP MODEL? Also, can you describe the moment when you found out that you’d won? How did it feel? It’s a fantastic feeling when you can achieve the spotlight for the first time in this giant company... Going back to the words of one of the Leadership Faith Egypt speakers, Mr. Mohamed El-Gindy: The future is ours! God willing! 9. Who was the first person you told? My sister Eng. Manar Taha and my brother Dr. Ahmed Taha because they were restless in helping me push this through. 10. Had you thought of being a TOP MODEL? Not really. This competition for me was fun but my main motivation to win it was to stand a chance to fulfill one of my most cherished dreams: to be a speaker in in Egypt Faith’s biggest event... I might be close to achieving this dream now. 11. Were your friends excited about the competition, even the ones that are not with QNET? Did those friends want to know more about QNET during/after the competition? (Laughter) Definitely. After seeing that QNET really cares about their people enough to send them to Bangkok for a professional shoot ‘just like that’, some of my friends wanted to hear the business presentation. Most of those are now IRs and the others are on the way. 12. Describe your personal style? I work as an accountant from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm so you’ll usually find me in more corporate clothes. After work, I join my network for meetings and presentations, sometimes until 1:00 am, so I try wearing comfortable (yet elegant) clothes. 13. How important is style in the life on a networker? It’s extremely important! When you have a vision of what you want to do and where you want to get to, you start

realising how much little things like the right watch or elegant shoes can influence a person’s image of you tremendously. Fashion is a very powerful to showcase your posture in life… 14. As you know, QNET has a wide range of accessories, watches and personal care products. Which one(s) can’t you live without? Why? I think personal care products are very important to all of people (energy products and HomePure) since there’s nothing more precious than health. 15. Any tips to share with QNET IRs worldwide, especially those who’ve just joined? Love what you do so you can give it everything; And keep doing what you must to achieve your goals. It’s really easier than you’d think. You can do it!


While Sarah and Yamen were getting ready, the photography team was restless, scouting for good angles, interesting background textures, studying how to light the sets to make sure everything was perfect and we didn’t waste the models’ time.

Ready. Set. Shoot!


he day started early on 22 March 2013. The call time to shoot was 8 am but everyone was so excited about it that by 7.30 am we were all at the lobby of the beautiful Hua Chang Heritage Hotel, anxiously waiting for Sarah Samiey and Yamen Hagrs to come down so we could start turning these two lovely IRs into real professional Top Models. Sarah was the first one to show up. And fortunately so, since our make-up artist Tony and our hairdresser ‘Boy’ had big plans for her. Being such a make-up fan herself, Sarah was delighted to learn some tips and tricks from a pro. Two hours later, she looked even more stunning than before. And it was Yamen’s turn to get the full revamp treatment. He could hardly recognise himself afterwards, without his glasses and with straight hair!

The weather in Bangkok was lovely that morning so we started with the outdoor shots. As soon as Sarah and Yamen got on set, They awed us with how unbelievably at ease they were! True natural born Top Models, we say. And what’s more, everyone was having a lot of fun, them most of all. At lunchtime, when the sun was shinning high and (too) strong - it was nearly 35ºC – the team moved inside for the interior shots. The Hua Chang Heritage Hotel is so fantastic we were tempted to just shoot everywhere, with every single piece of handpicked furniture. Fortunately, our very experienced photographer, Plug and QNET’s fabulous Art Director Tanakorn a.k.a ‘Champ’ found a way to capture the magic of the place without the need for weeks of shoots. It is incredible how everyone was so aligned: the chosen sets, the wardrobe our dear Pimpattra (or ‘Nuna’, as we know her) put together and the make-up and hair-styles simply made our Models shine as the true stars they are. After such an intense day, the wrap-up, post-dinner shoot was exactly what we all needed to unwind and reminisce on the day’s best moments. No one wanted to part ways when the day finally came to an end, but the plans for a rendez-vous at this year’s V-Con in Kuala Lumpur was enough to break a big smile on our faces!


get smarter, I can work anytime anywhere and always be reachable through my phone. I can’t live without it. Do you think having the right bag is important for a networker? Why? Certainly. A networker is essentially a business person who uses everything in their arsenal to succeed, including their bag. Despite the saying that we should not judge a book by its cover, we have to face the fact that most people still do. First impressions are everything. Just from a glance, a new prospect could have decided if you are a person whom he or she should listen to. My advice would be to let your bag show who you are.

What’s In Your Bag? By Rita Suttarno

Ms Malou Caluza Reveals the Contents of Her Bag


s QNET Chief Marketing Officer, Malou Caluza’s busy days are jam-packed with back-to-back meetings, making sure that QNET’s operations run smoothly, with communication strategies, media plans, enless write-ups and designs to check and approve. Her daily work routine requires her to look beyond presentable and be ready to meet anyone anytime; her style can be described as the epitome of superwoman meets the-girl-next-door stylish, yet approachable. Let’s look into Malou’s bag, a big part of her personal style, and see what things she can’t live without. What is your bag philosophy? Classic, durable, relatively lightweight, looks good with everything and a good-size.

What bag do you carry and why did you choose it? I carry a Louis Vuitton Elegie Sepia bag. This bag is very close to my heart: it was my 40th birthday gift from my husband. I can use it for both work and play, and I also love its pinkish-sepia tone (I’m a girl after all). What are the top 3 most important items in your bag? 1. My rosary – It makes me feel safe. 2. My wallet – It houses my credit cards, my ID cards and a precious photo of my family! 3. My phone – Constant communication is essential. As phones


The BIG FOUR World Famous Fashion Destinations By Ploi Phayakvichien

Thousands of years ago, Alexandria, Athens and Rome were the cities of trend-setters but in this century you can’t deny that the Big Four – London, Paris, New York and Milan – are the most powerful influences for looks worldwide. aspIRe takes you on a whirlwind journey to show you why these four cities deserve the title of the ‘Fashion Capitals’ of the world. Brought to you by QVI Points, welcome to your very own guide of the trendiest hotels, the high-fashion lifestyle, the latest trends, the chicest places and world loved shopping runways!


London For the second consecutive year, London has been named The Fashion Capital of the world, topping tough competition like Paris and New York. Some say this is attributed to the London Olympics 2012, which put London in the world’s spotlight.


thers say it’s the popularity that the new British royalty, Kate Middleton, has garnered. Whatever the reason, the home to top-notch designers, such as Thomas Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, provides an all-embracing fashion industry that gives fashionistas an unforgettable shopping experience – anything from designer shops at Knightsbridge to vintage boutiques at Shoreditch.

Where to go: •

Buckingham Palace: The Palace where the Queen resides is usually closed to visitors. However, the Changing of the Guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace is not to be missed. Watch the symbolic hand-over of the Palace keys – an event that has become one of the icons of London.

Museums: If you are a museum lover, you are in the right city. Take a day off from shopping and visit the many museums the city has to offer – the British Museum, Tate Modern, the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and, my favourite, the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Westminster: Comprising of the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben, this giant Gothic structure is an awe-inspiring sight. Take a tour and learn its long history or visit Westminster Abbey where Prince William and Kate Middleton were married!

Where to shop: •

Oxford Street: The heart of London shopping, Oxford Street is lined with over 300 shops, designer outlets and landmark stores. Famous department stores such as John Lewis and Debenhams are situated among almost every well-known high-street brand imaginable.

• Knightsbridge: Harrods, Harvey Nichols and some of the best-known department stores of London are situated here. But that’s not all. In Knightsbridge, you will

find enough fashion designers to occupy a full day. •

Notting Hill: Tired of high-fashion brands? Explore the nooks and crannies of Notting Hill. Delve into small unique shops, browse antique furniture, rare books and vintage clothing. If you’re in the mood for a treasure hunt, do not miss the Portobello Road Market with its vibrant array of stalls.

If you are a museum lover, you are in the right city. Take a day off from shopping and visit the many museums the city.

Where to go:



he home of haûte couture, Paris’ fashion houses sprang up all over Since the 18th century, Parisians have the city, gaining increasing always been considered the leaders of popularity during the 1700s. the fashion world, inspiring the trends of A l t h o u g h i t s i n fl u e n c e became slightly subdued European royalty. during World War II, today its fashion industry is soaring higher than ever, being the prefered place to host the World’s most esteemed fashion shows. Held twice a year, the Paris Fashion Week is the last high-fashion event of the Big Four. It is held in the Carrousel du Louvre and other venues throughout the city. The Paris Fashion Week boasts shows by top fashion houses of the world including Louis Vuitton, Comme des Garçons, Dior, Paul Smith and many more.


Eiffel Tower: The iconic image of France, the Eiffel Tower was built as the entrance arch to the 1889 World’s Fair. Go up the lift to witness the breathtaking view of Paris.

Château de Versailles: The political powerhouse of France from the reign of Louis XIV up until the French Revolution in 1789, the Palace of Versailles was once home to fashionable French royalties including the famous patroness of hâute couture, Marie Antoinette.

Musée du Louvre: First built as a fortress in the 12th century, today it stands as one of the world’s largest museums, hosting nearly 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 19th century. One of the museum’s most famous pieces is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Where to shop: •

Saint Germain des Prés, Bon Marché, Rue du Bac: A great shopping spot for décor shops, fashion boutiques and gourmet food.

Le Triângle d’Or: Formed by Av. Montaigne, Av. George V and Rue François 1er, the mecca of Paris’ finest and most famous fashion houses such as Dior, Chanel, Ferragamo, Prada, Valen tino, Gucci and much more.

Saint-Ouen Flea Market: A treasure trove of everything from antiques to oddball items, vintage clothing to paintings, a visit to Saint-Ouen Flea Market is a must. Dig for rare finds in a fun way to spend the day.


New York


resh-faced designers with huge amounts of Justifiably known talent flow into the city every day to try their luck as ‘The City That as the next big name in the fashion world. As Never Sleeps’, New the heart of the fashion industry, the Manhattan York City is dynamic, Garment Center is home to the majority of New York’s vibrant and eclectic. big showrooms and labels.

New York’s Fashion Week is also the kickoff for the others in London, Paris and Milan. It’s a bustle of activities, hosting more than 250 events throughout the city, attracting fashion designers, media, industry professionals and sellers and buyers from all over the globe.

Where to go: •

Metropolitan Museum of Art: The largest art museum in the USA, and most likely amonsgt the largest in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art contains more than two million pieces in its permanent collection.

Broadway Theatres: The heart of the American theatre industry. While you’re in New York, don’t miss the chance to enjoy a world of entertainment on Broadway – you have 40 professional theatres to choose from!

Central Park: In the very heart of Manhattan sits the Central Park. You will never get bored taking a leisurely stroll through it: from concerts to carousel rides, from bird watching to ice-skating, from walking tracks to a zoo and a wildlife sanctuary, Central Park offers a tremendous variety of things to do for visitors.

Where to shop: •

Lower Manhattan and the Financial District: Familiar brand names line the streets of Lower Manhattan. This is where the most acclaimed fashionistas strut their outfits and it’s definitely an area worth visiting whether you’re

shopping or just looking for the latest fashion trends. •

Soho: One of the best shopping areas of the city. Anything can be found here, from big names to unique boutiques, to designer houseware. This district carries with it a distinct rich avant-garde vibe.

• Meatpacking District: One of the hottest districts of the city, the Meatpacking District hosts the boutiques of well-known designers such as Tory Burch, Christian Louboutin and Ed Hardy.

Milan Having been the centre of the fashion world during the early centuries, Milan’s name is derived from the English world ‘milaner’ or ‘millaner’, meaning fine wares such as jewellery, cloth, hats and luxury apparel.


ashion, clothing and textile industries have long been ingrained into the city’s culture. Milanese fashion has always, by nature, been devoted to quality, chic and simple. Today, it is famous for its role within the prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) fashion category.


The Duomo: Built in the 14 th century, it marks the centre of the city, in both the geographical and cultural sense.

• Castello Sforzesco: This residence of the Duchy of Milan houses 12 museums and vast archives – spanning Palaeolithic history through to 1950s furniture.

Where to shop: •

Monte Napoleone: Enjoy the vibe that the city has to offer in a setting that is the perfect example of where old meets new. The city’s historical centre is enveloped among more than 150 top designer stores.

Milan’s finest include Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Gianni Versace, Miuccia Prada, Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few.

Where to go: •

Santa Maria della Grazie: Feast your eyes on Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. The survival of this fresco (wall painting) is a miracle in itself: during the Renaissance, those same walls were used as target practice. In the 19 th century, it subbornly survived the French invasions, having been almost destroyed again on World War II.

Shopping malls, boutiques, museums, galleries… with all these amazing places to visit, how do you start planning your holiday? That’s easy! QVI Points is the latest way to travel. Purchase QVI Points and redeem them for your favourite holiday products and services on the QVI Points website. This amazing resource gives you a selection of more than 140,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, more than 6,500 cruises in 30 regions and thousands of activities and tours. And that’s not all! You can also use your QVI Points for theme park tickets, car rentals, entries to attractions – and the list goes on! What’s more, when you make a booking, you receive instant confirmation. No more waiting, no uncertainty! With QVI Points, you can book hotels on your next holiday to one of the Big Four ‘Fashion Capitals’ of the world. Stay at some of the trendiest, chicest hotels with QVI Points.

• 10 Corso Como: Find anything here from works of art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture. If you are on a stricter budget, this is the place to visit. •

Corso Buenos Aires: Claimed to be Europe’s longest shopping street, it displays rows of high end style shops.

Visit for more information on our great deals and the destinations we have to offer.


The Natural Way to Flawless Skin By Srisumeth Rittipairoj

Homemade Skin Care From Your Own Kitchen


o you dread looking at yourself in the mirror? Wish you could look years younger than you are? Find yourself wondering if there are ways to slow down your skin’s ageing process without undergoing plastic surgery, drug prescriptions and other invasive procedures? Well, a solution to your beauty hang-ups may be closer than you think! The answer is already in your pantry! Fresh natural ingredients from your kitchen work as well as facial care and expensive beauty formulations. Homemade beauty products are simple and quick to make. You can control what types of ingredients you put in your beauty regime, without the worries of unwanted synthetic chemicals. Try one of these easy, do-it-yourself beauty recipes, let the ingredients work their magic, and feel the luxury of being pampered while you sit back in the comfort of your own home!


TURNING DRY SKIN INTO GLOWING SKIN Banana Olive Oil Mask 1/2 banana 1 teaspoon of olive oil Mash the banana with a fork and add the olive oil. Mix well. Spread on clean skin and leave on your face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and moisturise as usual. Discard any leftover mask. TURNING OILY INTO SEXY Egg White Mask Egg whites work great as a mask for oily skin, and they do an extremely good job of tightening and toning open pores. Crack open a fresh egg onto a clean plate or bowl. Separate the egg white and egg yolk with your hands. Dab the egg white onto your face. Leave to dry for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with warm water. SOFTEN ALL SKIN TYPES Moisturising Orange Mask ½ cup of oatmeal 2 tablespoons of orange juice 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt 2 tablespoons of honey 2 tablespoons of dried orange peel Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Spread onto your face and avoid the eye area. Leave on for

You can control what types of ingredients you put in your beauty regime, without the worries of unwanted synthetic chemicals. 15-30 minutes. Rinse the mask off with warm water. NATURAL BEAUTY You don’t have to spend copious amounts of money on your skin to look fabulous. Mother Nature has provided plenty of natural ingredients which have long been used in different beauty regimes and to treat various health issues. Be sure to use organic ingredients and clean all washable

ingredients as you would when you eat them. If you are allergic to eating any of these or other ingredients, do not use them on your skin. For sensitive skin, it is strongly advised to apply a skin patch test before applying to full areas of your face. Say goodbye to dull looking skin and say hello to a naturally glowing complexion with the help of your homemade skin care product!

Wake Up To Flawless Skin Too busy to collect ingredients or find that you have nothing in your fridge? QNET’s Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch is your daily assistant to help pamper your complexion and restore a youthful look in your face. Exclusively packed with an abundance of active anti-ageing ingredients, specifically negative hydrogen (H-), the Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch helps smooth and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Just leave the patch on overnight (6-8 hours), and notice positive results after your first time use!


Health Is Wealth By Joseph Bismark



rowing up, I’ve been fortunate to meet and learn from amazing people. One key lesson that was inculcated in me was the importance of taking good care of oneself. I realised that health is more than physical fitness. Being healthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually is just as important.

All these references may seem a little confusing, so let me illustrate with an example… In the past, chariots pulled by horses were used as transport. Let’s imagine our five senses are five horses pulling a chariot. If you’re driving a chariot, you will need to control your horses or they’ll run amok, causing your chariot to topple over.

I spent my teenage years engaging in meditation and martial arts, and that experience sparked a lifelong passion for all things health. Since then, this passion has been weaved into every aspect of my life, from my diet and exercise regime, to the business choices I make.

Our mind is like the bridle that controls the horses. There is a common saying that goes, “Hold your horses!”, which simply means to control yourself. Without holding or controlling your horses, each would run a different way and your chariot would go nowhere. Similarly, we cannot achieve success without controlling our senses. The mind directs our senses and our intelligence controls our mind. Intelligence is the ability to know right from wrong, enabling us to make finer decisions.

As valuable as our health is, many of us still treat it lightly. At one point, I did too. During the time of QNET’s founding, I was so busy that I had neglected my health. In fact, I was complacent. Having always been fit, I didn’t think I needed to exercise. It was only when I compared photographs over the years that it hit me how much I had let myself go. I vowed to never take my health for granted again and took full control over my life. Through this column, I’d like to share this passion with all of you. Being the first instalment, I’d like to go back to basics and discuss our most powerful and important vehicle – the human body. We would not be able to do anything without our bodies, including achieving success. But are we maintaining this vehicle properly? How do we take care of it? To answer these questions, we need to understand that the human body comprises five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether. These elements make up the gross material of the body. Then, there’s the subtle body which is made up of the mind, intelligence and the false ego. The human body is completed by our five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. These senses are how we acquire knowledge. For instance, we know a dish is spicy through tasting it. We know we’re at home because we can recognise our surroundings. Such information is recorded in the mind, which is the body’s software. The brain is the body’s hardware.

The first step in doing anything is to always understand the fundamentals, hence why I chose to focus my first column on this topic. I’m sure the information I have shared here is general knowledge, but while we may know the theory, we might not know how to harness this knowledge effectively. I hope I have left you with some food for thought till the next issue of aspIRe. Please drop me your thoughts, comments, or questions on my Facebook page: I look forward to reading each and every one. Regards, Joseph Bismark

Books From My Library By Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran

In this new section, by none other than Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, he invites our beloved readers into his library, sharing his love of reading. Enjoy these recommendations of some of his favourite books, the first of many ‘Books From My Library’.


t’s the love for reading that leads to success and happiness! To me, reading is an addiction I never want to overcome. It’s the one constant in my life, since my childhood days, that has become the pillar of my existence, if not of my philosophical outlook on life. I believe in the statement, ‘I am what I read’, which infers, ‘I am what I have read’. To most networkers, reading is only a tool, but I don’t read to live – I live to read. Reading is my paintbrush, sculptor’s chisel and conductor’s baton. It gives me versatility in thought, fluidity in word, passion in my intellect and, most of all, imagination. Most networkers are amazed when they hear of my reading habits; they’d be even more amazed to know I actually cannot stop reading. Reading kick-starts my day and winds down my nights. If I don’t have something to read, I find myself digging up anything, from old magazines to comic books, pamphlets to medical journals, any scrap of written material I can find. Don’t read simply because you think you must. Read because it is going to inevitably make you a better networker. If you don’t read, you’ll never be able to converse with the great minds of the past or the present, such as Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc. When you read books by any of these great people, you do not only get to see what they see, but you get behind what they see. It’s not necessary that you agree with what you read. One of the critical components of good reading is the ability to discern. What’s important is that you understand the mind with which you are interacting. Such is the power of good reading that you walk away with a piece of any of those great minds within you. Often I’ve been asked: ‘How are you so good at repartee? How are your thoughts so well-organised? How do you have answers at your fingertips?’

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho In my mind, there is no greater art of delivering great truths and life strategies than storytelling. The Alchemist is also a fable, this one about following your dreams and listening to your heart. It’s a variation of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull in some ways. A young Andalusian (Spanish) shepherd travels to Egypt to find a treasure buried in the pyramids and, in the process of his journey, meets a number of people who help him understand his destiny.

My answer is simply this – Read, and you will learn to set your mind free. An unfettered mind leads to true liberation of the soul. I yearn to see the day you pick up this simple yet very powerful habit of reading. If you want to start your journey into the literary world and are not sure where to begin, here are some recommendations to get you started with some simple books. They are small and easy to read but have a powerful message within.

The point of this beautifully crafted book is the brilliant philosophy, so artfully camouflaged into words of today. It’s a book so filled with touching and intuitive phrases that it must be read page by page, then reread for other hidden meanings. One of my favourite quotes is at the very beginning: “Every search begins with beginner’s luck and ends with the victor’s severely tested.” And another, midway through the book: “Treasure is uncovered by the force of flowing water, and it is buried by the same currents.”

Remember, these are my insights into the books, so the opinions are subjective. You may feel different about them. A good place to start a discussion on it would be my Facebook page –

Lastly, a powerful quote: “When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places that he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”

From my mind to yours, here are some books from my library…

To paraphrase, I would say, remember that wherever your heart is, therein you will find your treasure.

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach A fable told as a novella, it’s essentially about a seagull learning to fly. In reality, it is a homily about self-perfection and life itself articulated in flying techniques. What I love is that Bach writes with great depth and feeling, yet in the simplest language. In my opinion, it’s a book written for networkers! It ignites your imagination and makes you want to stretch your own wings to fly. This is Reading 101 for a networker and I strongly recommend it for networkers of all origins. I’ve given out a thousand copies of this book in the last 15 years. Keep an open mind, for just like my book, In the Sphere of Silence, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull is not meant to be read in one sitting. This is a book to be read and then lived, to be absorbed, learned from and then applied. It will affect everyone in a different fashion and, each time you read it, it will strike a different chord within you. My favourite quote from this book: “You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way.” For those who want to go further, there is a beautiful soundtrack by Neil Diamond composed for the movie based on the book.

As an advocate of reading to enrich the mind and soul, I strongly recommend that you get these books. Read, share and distribute them as I have done, for truly they are the gift of life itself.


Digital Media101 The Future Is Appstatic!

By Ramya Chandrasekaran


’m a geek! Those who know me know my gadget fetish well. What you would typically find in my bag are 2 smartphones, an iPad and a Kindle. This is in addition to my beloved MacBook Pro in its sleek QNET sleeve case. This essentially means I can never carry fashionable, dainty little bags. But then, the way I see it, what better fashion accessories than some cool tech toys? I have no claims to being a tech guru, but I love how technology has helped make my life easier. Especially smartphones. In fact, my entire life now seems to be organised by my phones. I check my email, my social network updates, my appointments, news, weather, and even post QNET updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. via my iPhone or my Blackberry. How did poeple live before the invention

of smartphones?! With the declining prices of entry-level smartphones, everyone nowadays seems to have at least one, if not more. A study by industry research firm Canalys reports that in 2011, for the first time, annual worldwide shipments of smartphones were larger than PCs and tablets. And in a recent report, the UN actually noted that India had more smartphones than toilets! It is not just low prices that make smartphones so popular, it is a changing consumer culture where everyone wants to get things done even if they are not sitting in an office or at home in front of

a computer. And what makes the smartphone so attractive and easy to use? APPS! There is at least one app for everything you can imagine, whether you want to track your expenses, organise your schedule, video-call your mother or significant other, monitor your calorie intake or find the fastest way to your destination. Smartphones don’t just help organise your life; they actually change your life! I recently read a report that more than 17 million subscribers in Kenya use a mobile phone based money transfer service called M-Pesa, which enables users to deposit, withdraw and transfer money between bank accounts, pay bills, buy and top-up phone credit. This smartphone app has revolutionised consumer behaviour in Kenya! It seems there isn’t any task too big for a smartphone anymore! So, as a busy network marketing professional, what apps should you be using to make your your life easier and more efficient? Take a look at my top 5 favourite apps and see how they have helped me get better organised and work smarter… and I’ll also share with you some tips on how you can get the best out of your apps.

A study by industry research firm Canalys reports that in 2011, for the first time, annual worldwide shipments of smartphones were larger than PCs and tablets.

1. Orchestra – Task lists, the most important thing in the life of a networker. There are hundreds of apps for iPhone and Android that fall under the category popularly known as GTD – Get Things Done. I’ve tried and tested quite a few. The one that stood out for me was Orchestra. It’s not just a GTD reminder list to yourself, you can actually assign tasks to others in your team or share your lists with people you might need help from. This can be done via email address or username if they’re also using the app, and they will receive push notifications when the task is sent. This is great for real-time interaction and collaboration with your team.

you can think of online. You can then access all your stuff on your PC, website, or mobile device. Read an interesting quote online? Copy it to Evernote. Saw a picture you want to show someone later? No problem, save it to Evernote. Taking notes at a training programme? Sure, not only can you take notes, you can also record the audio to go with it. The best part is you can access your stuff on Evernote from your desktop or laptop or any other device seamlessly by making sure the app is downloaded in all your devices. Price: Free Availble on: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone, Web OS, PC, Mac, Google Chrome, and the web.

Price: Free Available on: iOS

2. CardMunch – Tired of collecting a stack of business cards and sorting through them and then organising them? Then CardMunch is perfect for you. CardMunch allows users to convert business cards to address book contacts, and then adds those contacts as connections on LinkedIn. Just snap a photo of a business card, upload it to the service, and the information will be automatically added to your phone. There’s no need to hang on to the paper business card after that. Easiest way to build a database of prospect contacts!

4. GroupMe – This is a free group texting service, perfect for teams to communicate and have discussions on one common platform. It allows you to easily send group text messages to specific groups. The messages work like a chat room, so everyone can see responses and give comments. Just like Twitter, but you can decide who to include in the conversation. It works great to create buzz and excitement for your next regional training session or your national conferences!

me. I used to have to leave myself notes or write on my hand. With Due, I can do the same thing but with more precision, and it doesn’t let up until I do it. Perfect for those days when procrastination sets in!

And here is a bonus app to remind us of the important things in life! Bloom* – Bloom* is a unique personal development mobile web app that is created to remind you of the little things we tend to overlook or take for granted. I love this app! You can create your own ‘blooms’, as they are referred to, and be alerted to stop and smell the roses every so often, or remind you of your daily aspirations. A wonderful app, well worth the 5-star reviews it has. Price: Free Available on: iOS

Price: Free Available on: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone and SMS

Price: Free Available on: iOS

3. Evernote – Think of Evernote as your online notebook for everything and anything! The service lets you store text notes, audio files, photos, web articles, to-do lists, and just about anything else

5. Due – This iPhone app is a miracle! It reminds me of things I must do, and then nags me until I get the job done! Here is what happens: I need to remember to, say, write an email to someone but can’t do it right now. With Due, I can set my phone to alert me to write the email, and I can set the time (e.g., 30 minutes from now, or at a specific time, like 4 pm) for it to remind

For more on digital culture and shiny, new tech tools, join Ramya’s Facebook page or follow her on Twitter @ramyac We would love to hear about your favourite apps and how they have helped you with your business. What’s your ‘app’ story? Please send your stories to


Smell Your Way To A Better Mood Get the Scent of AirPure Essential Oils “I wish we could see perfumes as well as smell them. I’m sure they would be very beautiful.” – L.M. Montgomery, Author

Have you ever noticed how some fragrances can transport you to a different state of mind? For instance, how the smell of freshly baking bread makes your stomach rumble? Or how the smell of freshly cut grass reminds you of warm summer days? Aromas have been used throughout time to influence people’s behaviour. Legend has it that Cleopatra perfumed the sails of her ship sent to meet Anthony so that the wind would carry a hint of her desire. The sense of smell is a powerful tool. Certain scents can brighten moods and lift spirits, such as the smell of a good cup of coffee or the fragrance of a favourite flower. The smell of a puppy or of fresh clean sheets can make you feel at home while other, not so pleasant scents can be infuriating. AirPure Essential Oils can benefit you physically, emotionally and spiritually, helping bring your body, mind and soul back into balance. Begin a new aromatic experience by adding natural fragrance to your everyday life. Simply apply 2-3 drops of your favourite AirPure Essential Oil to your AirPure unit (three distinct aromas available) If you are looking for an easy, healthy way to manage your mood, the answer is at the tip of your nose: It’s just a matter of using your common scents!



What To Watch This Weekend By Victoria Ras

Pathman Senathirajah’s All-Time Favourite Movies

Grab your popcorn, get comfy on the couch and get ready to watch your favourite movies! And welcome your host, V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah, who is about to give us his ultimate low-down on what movies are HOT to watch! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s enjoy Mr Pathman’s all-time favourite films.

Beauty and the Beast (1991) A film by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise

300 (2006) A film by Zack Snyder

Seven Pounds (2008) A film by Gabriele Muccino

What’s it about: A Disney classic for the young and young-at-heart, Beauty and the Beast is a story of love and acceptance.

What’s it about: Showing unity, courage and brotherhood, 300 is a classic Spartan warrior film.

What’s it about: An aerospace engineer’s journey to redeem himself after killing 7 people in a car accident, by donating his organs to help save the lives of seven complete strangers.

Why should you watch it? “Beauty and the Beast shows us how everyone has faults and misgivings but that shouldn’t define a person’s entire personality; that we shouldn’t be so quick to pass judgment based solely on what we see on the surface. The perfect representation of this is Beast and Belle’s beautiful relationship. I have seen this movie many times and each time I am struck by the one lesson it teaches us: one should always look past the appearance because physical attributes and a hidden past barely define a person. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover!”

Why should you watch it? “300 teaches us about standing by your morals and principles and remaining loyal to a comrade. The film also talks about the importance of being a brave warrior who is willing to give everything for the sake of brotherhood and allegiance. In my opinion, this is similar to the InService Brotherhood (ISB) specifically, and the whole QNET family in general. Why? Because we look after one another and we work together as a team, especially when it comes to the pursuit of time and financial freedom.”

Why should you watch it? “Though some of the scenes in Seven Pounds defy logic, I chose to look past the flaws and instead focus on the innate goodness of the human heart that inspires him to do right by other people. Making a difference in others must be in our nature. In fact, we should not wait for tragedy to strike until we do something that creates a positive impact on other people’s lives.”

Summer Is Coming


By Clara Tehrani

Great Product Ideas for a Leaner You

As the song eloquently puts it: ‘Summertime and the living’s easy’. The season for picnics in the park, beach holidays with the family, late dinners in rooftop terraces; picking berries in the forest, riding a bicycle along the promenade, taking the kids to roaming funfairs is finally just a few weeks away. Longer days and warm nights invite us to dress in lighter clothes: graceful summer dresses with floweradorned wicker hats, linen trousers in bright pastel shades with airy white shirts and (yes, we hate to bring it up but you need to start getting used to the idea) swimsuits. And you know how It goes: lighter clothes, leaner body. But there’s no reason to panic. aspIRe has put together some easy-to-follow tips that, combined with QNET’s great products, can get you back in shape in time for the summer.


Shape Up with InShape The first thing you need to do to get (back) the figure you dream of is WATCH YOUR CALORIES! That doesn’t mean you have to starve or go on a crazy rampage against carbs. It just means the balance of calories you ingest vs those you consume has to be negative so your body uses its fat reserves. There are two ways to achieve this: eating lesser calories or exercising more. Or, ideally and for better, faster, longer-lasting results, a combination of both. From Flab to Fab Nothing says ‘I’m fit’ more than a toned body. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it seems. We all know the trick of speed-walking 30 minutes a day. Cardio exercise is really important to improve your fitness levels, but it’ll do very little for your muscles – especially when it comes to the abs. Fortunately, there’s the InShape Toning Belt and the InShape Toning Gel. When used together, this combo can work wonders and flatten your stomach in a record time. InShape Toning Belt The InShape Toning Belt features breakthrough technology that stimulates the abdominal muscles and helps your body eliminate toxins and retained water through sweat. Its unique 3-in-1 system works your muscles in every way to ensure better and faster results:

Electrical Muscular Stimulation or EMS: sends electronic impulses to your nerves causing your abs to contract and relax as if you were doing crunches or sit-ups. Or maybe even better since it activates muscles that are very hard to access through conventional exercise.

Far Infrared Radiation or FIR: by delivering FIR waves deep into your body’s tissues, this technology raises your body temperature, breaking retained water and fat molecules into smaller clusters your body can then eliminate through perspiration.

Vibrating Massage or VIB: by massaging your abdominal muscles, the VIB increases your metabolism (i.e. the rate at which your body consumes calories), improves your blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage (to help you get rid of cellulite).

InShape Toning Gel The InShape Toning Gel helps you maximise the benefits of your InShape Toning Belt. It works as an Ultrasound wave conductor, resistant to heat, helping the FIR penetrate in the deepest tissues of your abdominal area. Thanks to the PhytosonicTM, a patented active ingredient made from three synergistic natural herbal extracts (Glauciumf, Euglena gracilis and Vegetal caffeine), the deepest fat reserves are converted into consumable energy your body can burn. Test results show your cellular metabolism can increase up to 28% when using PhytosonicTM!

aspIRe fitness tip: Apply the InShape Toning Gel in the stomach area, set your InShape Toning belt to a comfortable level and put it on while you’re doing the house-hold chores. Did you know that cleaning the house can burn up to 300 calories per hour? This way you can burn, tone and save money on helpers and the gym!


More is Less When it comes to the diet end of weight loss, a common mistake is to think that you’ll drop those extra kilos by eating less. That’s not true. The reality of it is that you can eat more and still lose weight if you start making healthier diet choices. For instance, replace processed snacks, which have high content of saturated fats and refined sugars, for fruits, uncooked vegetables or soups and you’ll see what we mean. Having said that, it’s not always easy to eat healthy with our hectic lifestyles. That’s where the InShape Energy Jelly and the NEW InShape Meal Shake lay a helpful hand. InShape Energy Jelly Conveniently packed in small, easy to carry sachets, the InShape Energy Jelly is a perfect on-the-go snack. Active ingredients such as Quercetin, CoQ10, L-arginine, Vinitrox, Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Ginseng and Stevia satiate your hunger and boost your energy levels while also preventing ageing and protecting your cells from external aggressors. Its formula comes in a delicious apple flavour that is easy for your body to digest and absorb. What’s more, unlike many other energy boosters, the InShape Energy Jelly doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, sugar, caffeine or guaraná so it’s safe to be used every day.

NEW InShape Meal Shake One of the worst things you can do to your body is skip a meal: when your body’s ‘fuel’ drops dramatically, it assumes you’re struggling to find food (don’t forget your genes haven’t adapted to supermarkets yet!) and enters energy-saving-mode, storing every calorie it doesn’t absolutely need for later. The results of this are catastrophic and you’ll end up putting on even more weight. But how to ensure you can always eat on time when your schedule hardly allows you toilet breaks? Introducing InShape Meal Shake: an easy to carry, easy to make (just mix water) formula that contains all the essential nutrients a healthy meal would in just 81 calories. High on fibre and protein and low on carbohydrates and fats, the InShape Meal Shake is available in Chocolate and Vegetable, catering for booth sweet and savoury preferences.

aspIRe fitness tip: Have a sachet of the InShape Energy Jelly 30 minutes before doing your daily exercise routine. There’s only 5.5 calories in each sachet but its active ingredients will keep you going for long so you can maximise your workout.


Stay Smart, Stay Healthy And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We could dedicate a whole issue of aspIRe to fitness and nutrition and still not get everything down. After all, everybody is different and reacts to exercise and diet plans in different ways. So how to know what’s right for you? NEW InShape Health & Wellness Courses Split in two courses, the InShape Fitness Course and the InShape Nutrition Course, these online platforms are a priceless archive of fitness, nutrition, health and wellness articles written by some of the world’s most acclaimed gurus in the subject. Each course has 6 levels (the first 3 levels are available for immediate download on your VO and the latest 3 levels will be made available later this year), at the end of which you’ll get a certification. But obviously, the most important thing you’ll get from these courses is the knowledge regarding exercise routines, training programmes that meet your specific needs, nutrients and how they affect your body, which foods provide which nutrients, etc., etc., etc. Visit your VO now for more information on the InShape Health & Wellness Courses.

for more than 20minutes after eating sugar!). And it’s not just sugar – most processed foods, that are such a big part of our diet nowadays, are acidic. The body is very sensitive to its pH level. When the blood becomes too acidic (below 7.35), the body stops functioning properly: proteins are denatured and digested (muscle mass loss), enzymes lose their ability to function (thus affecting the way the nutrients we eat are absorbed), cells stop doing osmosis (i.e. they stop communicating amongst themselves) and the results can be devastating: low energy, fatigue, poor digestion, weight gain and even, in extreme situations, death can occur. So how can you use your water to fight high blood acidity?

NEW HomePure Alkaline Stick Last but not Least Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. That’s the golden rule to stay healthy. Depending on the weather in your country, your activity level and work environment, nutrition experts advise to drink up to 2,5 liters of water a day. And when we say water, we MEAN water – sodas and fruit juices (even if freshly squeezed) have high sugar content, most times refined sugar, which is as bad as poison when you want to lose weight. Why do we claim this?

Inside HomePure’s Alkaline Stick, there are thousands of ceramic balls, tested and approved by NSF International for their alkalising properties. These ceramic balls react with the molecular structure of fresh water, creating an abundance of high antioxidant potential negative ions that counterbalance the body’s acidity levels. Simply place the Alkaline Stick in a clean water container and close it. Leave the stick to work its magic for 3-5 minutes, remove it and drink the alkalised water within 3 days.

Well, sugar is thought to be an acidic inducing organic compound (the pH in your saliva drops to 4.5 and stays there

For more information on HomePure’s Alkaline Stick, visit or

Your Latest Formula 1 Buzz By Minali Liyanage

Go Marussia F1 Team! Go QNET!

Racing at the highest level of motorsport is certainly a challenge, hard to compare to any other sport, and so far the Marussia F1 Team have done us all proud. So sit back, relax and enjoy as we take you through a low-down of all things F1™.

QNET’s Marussia F1 Team World Show Car Tour

Last year, the 2012 MR01 Marussia F1 Team show car travelled the world to the amazement of its fans! Covering Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and Malaysia, the glitzy international world tour took a break for V-Indonesia 2012 before resuming its international schedule in the colourful plains of India, finishing on 3 November 2012. Indian fans were also lucky to enjoy a very special Marussia F1 Team driver appearance made by the one and only Timo Glock, who took part in a racing simulator competition, organised by QNET, and did a photo and autograph session with lucky Mumbai fans. Timo even took the time to enjoy a meal with some of the competition winners. What a treat!

Formula 1™ Racing in 2012

The QNET-sponsored Marussia F1 Team enjoyed a furious 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship™ season! Starting the post-summer break at the iconic Belgian Spa-Francorchamps circuit, the Marussia F1 Team continued to elevate through the ranks, achieving some of their best personal accomplishments of the year. Pushing the team’s limits, former Marussia F1 Team drivers Timo Glock and Charles Pic, battled through each international track ending a nail-biting season at the final race held in São Paulo (Brazil).


VFan Visits V-Indonesia 2012

With the Marussia F1 Team’s 2012 MR01 model race show car on display at the V-Indonesia 2012 Sport Sponsorship booth, VFan proudly represented the team, entertaining and chatting with IRs and VIP guests who had travelled from around the world for the event. Formula 1™ fans loved the QNET FanHQ V-Indonesia 2012 Quiz, through which they earned valuable Fanpoints, bringing them closer to being the winners of a VIP ultimate race weekend at the Malaysia F1 Grand Prix 2013!

Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi, the Official New Marussia F1 Team Drivers for the 2013 season

With the New Year came exciting new change for the Marussia F1 Team. Leading team drivers Timo Glock and Charles Pic sadly announced their departures for new horizons; thus the team found themselves in new territory, being given an opportunity to find fresh new talent for the 2013 Formula 1™ racing season. Following a successful

Max Chilton, GB, age 21

Jules Bianchi, France, age 23

and impressive stint as the freshly appointed reserve driver last year, Max Chilton was officially announced as the first appointed new Driver of the Marussia F1 Team for the 2013 Formula 1TM season. A couple of months later, the very talented Jules Bianchi was swiftly initiated into the team as the second official Marussia F1 Team driver, joining forces with Chilton for the 2013 season. Both young men were over the moon with their new challenge ahead. And what an exciting debut season it has been for both Chilton and Bianchi thus far! The sky is the limit for this new 2013 season. Congratulations Max and Jules! GO Max! Go Jules! GO Marussia F1 Team!


FanHQ Returns Better and even Faster

As QNET is the Marussia F1 Team’s number one fan, we thought it was time to really show our support and revamp our QNET FanHQ site. And so we did! Launched at the start of the 2013 racing season during the 2013 F1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix, it has exploded into life with its new features, new social media links and better manoeuvrability throughout the entire website. But the biggest and best new feature is that the website is now completely and utterly available to anyone and everyone that wants to check it out! Aside of the QNET FanHQ 2013 Quiz and Games pages, all other pages are open to the public. So quick! Spread the news to your friends, new prospects, downlines and uplines; FanHQ is faster, better and a whole lot more fun! See for yourself at For news, updates and official race photos, visit QNET VFan’s official Facebook page, blog and Twitter for the latest updates in all things F1™.

Marussia’s Newest MR02 Racing Toy

The leaner, meaner and sleeker MR02 model racing car arrived! Officially revealed in February 2013, it’s an engineered evolution of the 2012 MR01 car. The MR02 is a beauty of its kind, with the additional boost of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) for the 2013 season. With a new KERS system to increase the efficiency of fuel consumption; the Cosworth’s CA2013K power engine for better reliability, drivability, power and fuel consumption; an upgraded new Pirelli P Zero tyre design; and with an enhanced cooling efficiency, which in turn improves the air flow across the rear of the car, the teams 2012 engineering development programme was spent revolutionising and producing a more aerodynamic and energy efficient racing machine, the MR02. Test driven for the first time by rookies Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi in Spain earlier in February this year, aside of a few hiccups and bumps, the MR02 delivered more than everyone’s expectations, clearly showing the team’s new height of potential for the new season. And with the start of the 2013 Formula 1™ season, the team keeps igniting the race stage, getting better and better with each challenge.


Meet The Team The Force Behind Marussia F1 Team

By Minali Liyanage

Despite his young age, Max Chilton has an enviable racing resumé. He started karting at 10 and hasn’t stopped speeding his way to F1 since. In December 2012, Max was announced as Marussia’s first driver and has dedicated the pre-season to working hard, helping the team improve the car and making sure he’s in his best shape for a strong start on his debut season. Name: Max Chilton Hometown: Reigate, UK Age: 22 (21 April 1991) Position: Race Driver Q: Can you give us a brief description about your role and what it entails? A: I am one of two race drivers for the team who tests and races the car at the 19 F1 championship events around the world. Q: What’s the biggest benefit to working with the Marussia F1 Team? A: I spent a lot of time with the team last year as a reserve driver so I got to know them all very well. The fact they are based in my home country is a benefit too. Q: Describe Marussia F1 Team in three words. A: Determined, Friendly and Passionate. Q: What Grand Prix is your favourite on the calendar? A: I like Spa (in Belgium) for its speed and hills; I like Monaco too since it’s such a tight street circuit but also fast. Q: What is your favourite part of a GP race weekend? A: All of it! I like qualifying as you push 100% and the car can take it. But the race is actually the most exciting part. Q: What is your favourite car? A: Marussia B2.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about Formula One? A: How physically tough it is. You have to be very fit to withstand the heat and g-forces for the duration of the race. Q: If you didn’t work in motorsport what would you be doing? A: Some sort of architect or designer. Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A: An F1 driver. Q: What’s the motto you live by? A: You only live once so make the most of it. Q: What animal best reflects your personality? A: A cheetah, because they are fast. Q: If you were a superhero who would you be? A: Superman so I wouldn’t need to spend so much time in airplanes. Q: What would you spend your last dollar on? A: A Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate bar. Q: What’s your ultimate comfort food? A: A traditional English roast.

400% Greater Antioxidant Capacity Than Vitamin C “The natural power of Olé supports your immune system.”


All About Sports

Despite Al Ahli missing key players Mansour Al Harbi and defender Kamile Al Mousa, the Saudi team’s confidence did not falter, especially after their victory over their Jeddah rivals and two time winner Al Ittihad in the semi-finals.

By Minali Liyanage & Lizzie Phillips

QNET has been really honoured to support the development and growth of the AFC Champions League since 2009. QI Director for Network Affairs and also V Partner Mr TG Kintanar shared, “QNET has been extremely proud to be an Official Supporter of the AFC Champions League over the last few years. The number of teams representing the Middle East has also been exceptional, increasing in numbers and standard each year. We saw a fantastic competition in 2012, exciting matches and many goals.”

What’s Going On In QNET’s Sports World?

QNET Supports AFC Champions League Every Step of the Way! As the Official Supporter of the AFC Champions League, QNET was at every stage of the 2012 competition. 2012’s tournament started in February and QNET cheered on all the clubs through the Group Stages and into the knockout round. On Saturday, 10 November 2012, Saudi Arabia’s Al Ahli went through to the final to meet Korea Republic’s Ulsan Hyundai, seeking to become continental champions for the first time.

Unfortunately, their dreams were crushed when Ulsan’s Captain Kwak Tae-hwi led his team to win the finals. The landslide 3:0 score was secured by 27-year-old winger Kim Seung-yong who went home with a left foot strike, a mere 15 minutes remaining of the match. Ulsan’s fans celebrated passionately after the win, which granted the team a place representing Asia in last December’s FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012.

QNET has provided ‘Goal of the Month’ competitions and sponsored the Flag Bearers throughout various matches, including the finals. The QNET logo could be spotted on A-boards around the pitches, in the programmes, and on the big screens. It was indeed an exciting season but, for now, we bid farewell to the Asian Football Confederation. See you again next season!

Murali Spins Everyone into a Frenzy at V-Indonesia 2012!


World famous cricketer and QNET Product Ambassador Muttiah ‘Murali’ Muralidaran never misses out on QNET events and V-Indonesia 2012 was no exception. Alongside ex-professional Australian cricketer and top international coach, Tom Moody, Murali conducted a coaching session for V Kids and V Teens, improving their cricket skills and playing fun games. The cricket legends finished off the session with a quiz, where they gave away signed cricket balls to all the winners. After, the busy day continued for Tom and Murali as they took on the V-Con stage to answer numerous questions about their adventures and challenges as professional sportsmen. Once again, the world’s leading wicket taker, Murali, demonstrated his particular fondness for QNET’s Amezcua and Veloci-Ti energy product lines, Bernhard H. Mayer® luxury watches and exotic holiday destinations provided by QVI Club.

Cycling into the Winning Position with QNET!

QNET was honoured to be a partner of the world-renowned Tour du Faso 2012, the 10-day annual cycling event in Burkina Faso. Commencing on 19 October 2012, the 26th edition of this tour made its way through 10 stages of magnificent West African landscape, beginning and ending in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ogadougou. First staged in 1987, the Tour du Faso is an integral and much loved event of the Burkina Faso sports calendar. This edition of Africa’s premium cycling event counted an astonishing participation of 15 teams, a total of 70 riders, from a range of backgrounds, including teams from Germany, Netherlands, France and Belgium.

The cyclists covered a staggering 1,337.3 km under the punishing sun and paralysing heat, proudly wearing the QNET logo on their shirts. Everyone present was awed by their passion, stamina and drive - never giving up, conquering whatever the path threw at them. Spectators were also entertained throughout the day with concerts, organised by QNET, showcasing popular singing and dancing. QNET’s name was emblazoned on stalls and painted on the tour’s cycling tracks: the company’s support and encouragement was unmistakable. Local superstar cyclist Rasmane Ouedraogo was crowned the Champion of Tour Du Faso 2012. QNET’s Director of Sports Sponsorships, Mr Joachim Steffen commented: “QNET is truly proud to be a part of the Tour Du Faso. We look forward to seeing cyclists from Burkina Faso and Africa in general, go on to win many more international cycling awards”. The Tour du Faso was 10 days of national pride and joy and a whole lot of fun!



The Story Behind Your Magazine

When a nicely bound, glossy and colourful aspIRe is delivered to your hands, have you ever wondered how it was made? In this issue, we’ll show you how it’s all done! Get comfy in your seats as we are about to make a new issue of aspIRe right before your eyes.



First things first: we assemble the brains of the office from every department and lock ourselves in a meeting room (no one leaves until we are finished!) for an intense brainstorming session. Themes, article ideas, design, etc., are thrown back and forth till we reach consensus.

The ‘Dummy List’ is a skeleton list that contains the articles in the issue and the person responsible for each one, giving an at-a-glance summary of the issue.

“The creative sessions are the most fun. It’s exciting because it really could go in any direction!”


“Even though we try to finalise the Dummy early, it is not rare to make last minute changes just a few days before print deadline!” Ploi Phayakvichien, Assistant Editor

Sheena Flannery, Editor-in-Chief

“The concept is always changing, the information constantly updated. We, at the design team, need to go above and beyond the changes and disputes. But that’s what makes it interesting.” Puddhi Dheppratum, Art Director

Until all articles are perfect to go to the next step, a full editorial team is responsible for checking spelling, grammar and punctuation; reviewing articles to match the magazine’s style; and helping the editor arrange the layout. The team also writes some articles for the magazine. “With each issue, we review the magazine from cover to cover no less than 4-5 times to ensure the best possible outcome.” Srisumeth Rittipairoj, Contributor

Calls for submissions


Our contributors are asked to submit their articles on a pre-scheduled deadline.


Edit, edit, edit



Design Layout


Now, the process gets handed to the design team as they work their magic to create the artwork on each article. “This is my first aspIRe and I am very excited, especially because we are giving it a complete makeover!” Tanakorn Anakvatcharakul, Graphic Designer

Digital Publication We go digital! You can now enjoy your favourite magazine on your iPad or Android Tablets. Download the QNET Tools App from your iTunes Appstore or Google Play. “This process is fun because I get to make the magazine come to life with videos, animations and interactive content.” Watchara Hanchava, Digital Production


Production Process


The artwork now goes back and forth between the editorial team and the design team until each page is perfect.

Final Check 7 Once the artwork is complete, the design team will put together a mock-up of the entire magazine for final approval from all Department Heads and QNET Directors. Then off to the printer it goes.

Digital Proof and Colour Proof Sending the artwork to the printing press doesn’t mean we can sit back and relax! The digital proof and the colour proof stages await our review to check the accuracy and overall look of the layout. “One of the most exciting parts of each issue is choosing new printing technology to amaze our readers.” Sarayoot Teparos, Production Manager




Off, off and AWAY! We deliver our hot-off-the-press issues and hope they’ll reach our readers safe and sound, creating smiles all around the world.

AND… we go to the FINAL PRINTING STAGE! YAY! (Fingers crossed, hoping everything turns out perfect.)

Last but not least… we give you more!




Promoting Ethical Marketing By Zaheer Merchant, Esq. As director of corporate affairs, ZAHEER MERCHANT oversees all legal and compliance-related issues for a large network marketing company operating in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.


n our company, we believe that business ethics and social responsibility are the building blocks for success in network marketing, a business based on trust and cohesive relationships. QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. It is also a member of the Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia. To this extent, we are committed to instilling ethical business practices into each of our independent representatives. We know every IR is prepared to behave with the highest ethical standards, respect, and professionalism, as it is clearly stated in our company’s Code of Ethics and Policies & Procedures. We consider professional marketing as the most important aspect when conducting business, and all our IRs are required to sign a commitment to professional and ethical marketing upon joining the business. Using a business model that has at times been wrongly associated with

unrelated, unsustainable marketing schemes and misunderstood due to a lack of legal framework in some countries, we strive to provide transparency and legitimacy to our operations no matter where we do business. In particular, every IR who joins our network is required to accept and acknowledge an Earnings and Income Disclaimer. The disclaimer specifically stipulates that the company does not endorse any get-rich-quick scheme, and that any commission or bonus earned is commensurate to the effort of each IR in promoting the business, products, and/or services of the company. When presenting the business plan to new prospects, our IRs refrain from making exaggerated claims on the income earned or guaranteeing the level of income a new prospect will earn by joining the business. We reiterate in our disclaimer and policies that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

Our network compliance department monitors and addresses network behaviour issues in over eighty jurisdictions. We manage complaints concerning any disputable or unethical business practices and conduct inquiry proceedings concerning anyone involved in the alleged misconducts. Anyone who is found to have violated the company’s policies and procedures and/or code of ethics is subject to disciplinary proceedings, which may include suspension or termination. To further reinforce positive network behaviour, and in line with the company’s corporate motto RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind), our company has incorporated social responsibility into its disciplinary proceedings by requiring IRs who violated our rules to participate in social and charity work. Aside from taking disciplinary actions to address misbehaviour, we also recognise and reward good network behaviour, motivating IRs to continue upholding the standard of ethical business practices. Our IRs understand that practicing ethical marketing will improve the good standing of our company and network when promoting the business to new prospects. This will eventually pay off in the long run by earning trust and loyalty from our customers. Note: This article was published in the 1 May 2013 printed edition of Networking Times magazine.

Market Watch Lebanon Agent Name:

Amine Ghoul




Office Address: Level 2 Louis Vuitton Building Beirut Souks Allenby Street, Beirut Lebanon P.O. Box: 90-2092 Contact No:

Tel : +961 1 957638 Fax: +961 1 957656

When was the Agency Office opened in Lebanon? January 2012. How would you describe the market in your country? What makes it unique? Lebanon is a stable market with a lot of potential, a wide political, religious and cultural diversity. To the local IRs, QNET represents an alternative way to provide for themselves - opening people’s minds to new opportunities, especially within the direct selling business. What services do you provide in the local office? We provide professional customer support and implement all QNET related matters to ensure the company has a positive image. This helps IRs understand and promote the business, which ultimately leads to their business growth. What have been the latest achievements in your market? Having the Marussia QNET F1 car for 2 weeks in Lebanon. Many IRs took and uploaded pictures with the car, which, alongside the presence of celebrity singer Ragheb Alama who showed up at the site to promote the event, seriously increased our social media exposure throughout the region! How do you envision the future of direct selling in Lebanon? With the right support and exposure, direct selling can really develop and expand in Lebanon. QNET’s business opportunity can really make a difference for Lebanese IRs, considering the country’s high unemployment rates and low salaries. QNET’s opportunities are open to all, regardless of religion, sects, skin colour, or political views. Thanks to QNET, Lebanese IRs can aim for financial freedom or additional income through entrepreneurship, professional efforts and hard work. What are the most popular products in your market? Swiss eLearning Institute certificate courses such as Art of

Management and Marketing, the Amezcua Chi Pendant and a number of Bernhard H. Mayer® watches and jewellery. This aspIRe is the ‘Fashion Issue’. Lebanon is one of the Fashion hubs in the Middle East, if not the most important one. Do you think Fashion is important for Lebanese people? And how does it influence the life of a networker? Very true, Lebanon is one of the most important fashion hubs in the Middle East, and fashion is now literally at our doorstep since we moved into the new office at The Beirut Souks Louis Vuitton Building. Nestled in the heart of the newly developed Beirut Souks, it’s a truly premium, worldclass development with easy access to nearly 200 luxury stores, facilities and lifestyle amenities. It’s an energetic and convenient area for the IRs, close to several international companies, foreign embassies and official buildings, such as the Lebanon Parliament and the Prime Minister’s offices. Fashion truly does play a major role in the Lebanese culture and nowadays many Lebanese artists and designers are acclaimed worldwide. Fashion related events take place in Beirut constantly, mainly at The Beirut Souks, and are frequently attended by world-renowned celebrities.