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Issue 13 / April 2012 – September 2012


Issue 13 / Products For Life / April 2012 – September 2012

INFINITE Opportunities



Worldwide Launch Of QInfinite With QNET The

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Datin Umayal Eswaran Speaks On The Importance Of A Helping Hand


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Donna Imson, QNET Executive Chairperson How To Earn A ROCK STAR Income! Success Begins When You Start Believing In Yourself JR Mayer, QNET Managing Director Keeping Up With Today’s Pace The Best Tools For Your Business Pathman Senathirajah, The V Managing Director Make. More. Money. Achieving Your Dreams With QInfinite


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QNews! QNET News & Events

FOCUS The QNET Achievers’ Club Reach For The Stars!

SPEAK OUT The QInfinite Journey What Your Top Leaders Say About QInfinite Living A Healthy Lifestyle QNET IRs Unveil Their Favourite Wellness Products


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Making A Difference… One Step At A Time Spectators Wowed At QNET CSR Concert In Khazakstan QI And QNET Hong Kong A Caring Company Indeed! Market Watch Burkina Faso


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Going For Gold QNET’s Very Own Hadia Hosny El-Said Competes In The Olympics The Beauty Of Freedom Swarna Krishnan Shares Her Thoughts And Feelings About Family, Love, And QNET


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QNET VFan Meet The Speediest Member Of The QNET Family Prove You Are Fan Enough… Win The Ultimate Race Weekend! Zooming Around The World! QNET “Marussia F1 Team” World Show Car Tour Meet The Team The Force Behind Marussia F1 Team Striving For The Top A Sailing Team With A Difference A Heart Of Gold Football Superstar Vincent Kompany Drops In At Taarana For Some Fun And Games


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The Secrets Of Eternal Beauty Rosemarie Glenn Reveals Her Secrets To Having Healthy Skin QNET’s Global Support Centre Wins Big! Bagging The Rewards At APCSC

Introducing… QASHOUT The Powerful Electronic Commission Payment System!

Talk, Save, And Earn With The In-Voice MINI Packs! Social Media 101 The KISS Of Social Media QNET Life Site The Ultimate Online Sales And Marketing Tool For The Professional IR


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The Key To Sustainability Why Being A Vegetarian Is More Than Just A Diet Choice My Mum’s Oatmeal Cookies A Quick And Healthy Homemade Snack

FASHION Adiva Divine Adorn Yourself In Glamour

QNET SELECT QNET Select A Showcase Of QNET Favourites



Discovering Cape Town, South Africa A Winter Wonderland


QNET’s First Ever Diamond Star! Khaled Obbeya



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Behind The Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 Understanding Its Beneficial Energy Frequency Get The Abs You’ve Always Dreamed Of! Discover The Science And Technology Behind Advanced Slimming Products



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Issue 13 | April 2012 — September 2012

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Editorial Note

Because You Are Our Family The QInfinite launch has come and gone but the excitement of it all still continues. With a bunch of amazing products that came out, and more still to come, you can earn even when you buy! That’s not all. There’s more for you than just the money you gain. What’s more? ALL QNET products are carefully hand-picked and chosen by our Product Development team with a common criterion: to enrich people’s lives. We want all our loved ones and our family to be fit and healthy, so they can stay with us for a long time. And as one big QNET family, we care about your health and well-being. This is why we only offer the best products – what we’d give to our parents, our children, our spouses – because YOU are our extended family. In this issue, we bring you a parade of life-enhancing products – products that will make you healthier, fitter, and happier. We have new products ranging from weight management programmes and new jewellery collections to watches and energy products! We also bring you a recap of the momentous and global launch of QInfinite, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with your leaders. Have fun with this issue and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it together! In service, Ploi Phayakvichien

How To Earn A ROCK STAR Income! Success Begins When You Start Believing In Yourself Donna Imson Executive Chairperson QNet Ltd


ou think earning thousands of dollars a week is impossible? It’s time to start believing in yourself!

I remember when my kids were still young and we lived in this tiny apartment. I was ironing diapers, watching a TV show called ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ on my 13’’ TV screen. All the people featured were in the music or movie industry – yes, they were ‘rock stars’, and their lifestyle was of such excess that it was almost off-putting. And there I was, a struggling single mum, ironing diapers… you can imagine how distant this lifestyle was from mine, it was beyond my farthest imagination. However, this was before joining this business of limitless opportunities. When I got into this industry, I understood that a rock star income didn’t necessarily mean that it comes with an excessive rock star lifestyle; in fact, I now believe that each and every one of us has the potential to really earn and become prosperous. Just believe in your heart that you have that potential, that you can fulfil your dream, that you too could earn a rock star income. What is a rock star income? An income that allows you to take a 6-month vacation twice a year, to do the things you really love to do – whether it is to travel the world, run an orphanage, go on a pilgrimage… or all of the above! QNET gives ordinary people the tools to generate an extraordinary opportunity and make something incredible out of their lives. Look at all the rock stars in QNET who have paved the way and have shown us how to do it. So where to start? Be a product of QNET’s products – incorporate the regular use of the products into your lifestyle and create your own list of reasons why you love your products. Go Platinum – to inspire your team to advance in rank, you need to lead the way, show the way! The starting point is YOU! Rise up to the challenge. Pave the way for others and for the people in your organisation to also perform and rise beyond themselves, they will follow your example. Every person has the potential to earn a rock star income! Look at me, many years ago I was ironing diapers and watching ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ in an apartment with no running tap water! I never imagined that I could one day earn like a rock star, but the lifestyle I am now able to give my family is beyond my wildest dreams. And it started only because someone told me to push through and never give up, and I did. I went all in, and I went all out. That was 18 years ago. And today, it’s up to you to believe that you are worth it, to believe that you can do it and push to achieve your rock star income!

Keeping Up With Today’s Pace

The Best Tools For Your Business


eing online and available, anywhere at any time has become a must for businesspeople and entrepreneurs like you and me. Airlines are now enabling cell phone connection during flights, while social media has revolutionised our entire way of communicating and staying in touch with the world around us. We, as business owners, feel the pressure more than anyone to be connected and available anytime, anywhere. Yet I have to admit there are times I find it a challenge to keep track of my tasks and schedules. Like you, I’m always on the go, and I am sure you will agree that it is not always easy to be on top of everything – communicating with contacts, keeping in touch with friends and your team, or just something as easy as knowing the next thing on the schedule and where you are needed next. This is why we need the right tools to help grow our business. To support you in your daily efforts of improving yourself and striving for success, we created a revolutionary way for you to stay in touch with your network: your very own, personal website – the QNET Life Site. You now have access to a personalised platform that enables you to customise your content, keep in touch with your prospects, generate and convert new leads and stay on top of everything that is happening in your network. The QNET Life Site has unique product pages, email campaigning features, an online training centre and access to webinars. What does this mean for you? You can keep track of your goals, reach out to more prospects and stay more organised. Which means getting more out of what you love – networking. As a pioneer in the eCommerce and network marketing industry, QNET’s goal is to stay on top of technological developments and support you in your strive for success. We are proud to be the world’s fastest-growing online shopping community, with the best products in the right industry. I personally welcome you to your enhanced new online platform. The QNET Life Site represents the business opportunity that has seen millions take control of their future. I am confident you will enjoy this latest addition to the QNET lists of tools just as much as I do!


Make. More. Money. Achieving Your Dreams With QInfinite Greetings to my QNET family! One of the greatest leaps QNET has taken in its 14-year history was launching QInfinite. Today, it is known as one of the most amazing, aggressive, compensation plans in the network marketing industry. This plan rewards people who work hard and work smart. This plan rewards you even MORE when you help your Downlines become more successful, achieve bigger commission checks, and buy more products. One of the most unique aspects of QInfinite is ‘rank movement’. Rank movement is about more money. Everyone loves more money. I tell everyone I meet why they should focus on rank movement, why they should move from Bronze all the way to Diamond. It simply means You. Make. More. Money. It means you reach FINANCIAL FREEDOM faster than you usually would.

Rank movement also inspires your Downlines. As the saying goes, ‘monkey see, monkey do’. None of your Downlines are going to want to focus on moving to Platinum or Diamond until you do it. Now one aspect of the QInfinite Compensation Plan that I love is ‘repeat purchase’. What does repeat purchase mean? It simply means stop being a moron. And if you know me, you know that I do not mean that literally. What I’m saying is that you must stop spending your money on all the other outlets that don’t benefit you in any way. You get poorer every day and you make somebody else richer. Shop with QNET and make more money. Every time you buy something, you make more money. Your whole organisation makes more money. Can you imagine every time I buy from QNET, I actually make more money? It’s amazing! QNET will never have everything you need. But we have enough stuff for you to buy. The repeat purchase concept is ultimately coming back to one fundamental point: it helps you earn more money. It creates BV which goes up your whole tree. Leadership in any other form of taking ownership is all about duplication. The more you shop, the more your Downlines shop. The more your Downlines shop, the more THEIR Downlines shop. The more everyone shops, guess what happens? Everyone. Makes. More. Money. It’s the most exciting time for QNET. We’re very proud. I’m very proud. I want to congratulate Mr JR Mayer and his team because QInfinite right now is rock-and-rolling, and my dream of making Dato’ Vijay Eswaran’s dream come true, is close: We will become the number one network marketing company in the world. I love you guys. Let’s move forward together.




Dato’ Vijay Eswaran Wins the Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award 2012 Adding another grand award to his already incredibly impressive list of achievements, we are very proud and happy to announce that our very own V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran won the Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award at the prestigious 2012 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) held on 11 July 2012 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! The APEA is a world-class award honouring business leaders who have shown outstanding perseverance and performance, and developed successful businesses within the region. Join QNET in congratulating Dato’ Vijay Eswaran for this magnificent achievement!

QNET MD Mr JR Mayer Announces Partnership with HRH Prince Sultan Bin Bandar and Sponsorship of the Reem Circuit! QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer visited the beautiful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he joined the Networking Seminar Series (NSS) event held at the Nayyara Hotel in Riyadh on 12 July 2012, to announce QNET’s exciting new partnership with HRH Prince Sultan Bin Bandar! With approximately 3,200 IRs present, Mr Mayer introduced the event’s chief guest, engineer Mr Raed Abuzinadah who has many achievements under his belt, including being the CEO of Reem Circuit International, the Representative of HRH Prince Sultan and a racing champion who designed, built and managed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s first local race track! At the event, V Managing Director Mr Pathman Senathirajah spoke on different types of training topics – leadership, motivational and networking skills. Joining Mr Mayer were VC Sivan Kozhisseri, VC Amani Hussein Abdul Hadi, VC Asim Adam Alhaj Ibrahim, VC Balakrishna Gopinath, VC Hossam Hosni Jameel Abdulwahab, VC Abdulaziz Ruslan, VC Sailabbai Mohamed Sulaiman Shihabdeen, and QNET Regional Manager (Middle East and North Africa) Khaled Diab and The V Business Development Executive Issa Al Jahwari from corporate.


Gold Medalist in the 2012 Top Ranking Performers at the Contact Centre World Awards! In July 2012, after months of extensive preparations and 4 days of in-depth best practice conference sessions in Singapore, QNET Global Support Centre (GSC) walked away with not only a wealth of knowledge and advice from the best customer service industry players in Asia Pacific, they also brought home the following major awards: • Gold Winner, Best Customer Service Executive – Ms Malou Caluza • Gold Winner, Best Contact Centre In-House (under 50 seats) – Ms Pushpalatha Balan • Runner-Up, Best Customer Service Professional – Mr Mohammed S. Mahmoud The 4-day event gathered more than 100 professionals from different parts of the Asia Pacific region. Each delegate shared their best ideas and strategies in improving customer service. Different views and practices were indeed laid out. Despite these differences, there was one thing that all the participants agreed on – customer service has, and will always be, the lifeblood flowing through their veins! This is truly a huge milestone for QNET! A big leap towards having a leading contact centre in the world!

The Brand New QNET Tools App Have you heard about the QNET Tools App? That’s right, the QNET Tools App is one of QNET’s latest and most exciting launches since QInfinite. Available in your iTunes App Store or Google Play, the QNET Tools App is a huge library filled with your favourite business tools including the admired magazine, aspIRe. Watch your business tools come to life with tons of animations, videos, sound clips and plenty more interactive content! Now with just your iPad or Android tablets, you can present your business on-the-go in a savvy and modern way. Grow your business with finesse; use the QNET Tools App. Download and TRY NOW!

QNET Donates Minivan for Sick Children in Kyrgyz Republic QNET believes everyone can do his or her part to help those who are less fortunate and make our world a better place to live in. Earlier this month, QNET donated a seven-seat minivan to the Osh House of Babies, located in the southern Kyrgyz city of Osh, to improve the transportation of sick children for medical treatment to the Bishkek hospital 300 kilometres away. This special donation will give 154 children access to treatment, of which 67 are physically disabled or suffering from AIDS. QNET representative, Mr Bernhard H. Mayer, who handed over the keys of the van to the Osh House of Babies administrators, said that the donation was the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project organised in the Kyrgyz Republic. “When we asked them what they needed, they said that they have to rely on taxis or the bus service to transport sick children to the Bishkek hospital,” he said. “The 300-kilometre journey is very inconvenient, especially when sick children have to travel there regularly for follow-up treatments. It is clear that a means of transport is desperately needed, so we decided to donate this minivan,” Mr Mayer added.




Continues to Inspire

On 30 June 2012, hundreds of enthusiastic women were inspired by VP Donna Imson, AVP Rosemarie Glenn, AVP Dr Motaz Yamani, and Ms Sara Baheri Rad at the I’m Alive event. With an impressive attendance of women from all walks of life, I’m Alive was opened by motivational speeches from VP Donna and AVP Rosemarie which left the venue abuzz with positivity and overflowing emotion. Seeing the female leaders was a huge inspiration for the women who had gathered for the event. VP Donna, AVP Rosemarie, and Ms Sara are all living proof that cultures have changed. Women of today thrive in various industries as professionals, executives, and leaders in whatever field they choose. Valuable lessons were shared and moving anecdotes were told at I’m Alive. The women of I’m Alive cried, laughed so hard, and shared every precious moment of the event with the Leaders. At the end of the event, VP Donna gave keys to each and every participant, which represented success in life and in business. Truly a personal event, I’m Alive was a huge triumph and a testament to the true potential of female empowerment.

QNET Indonesia Staff Preserves Rare Fruit Trees Driven by concern over the increasing scarcity of Indonesian native fruits, on Saturday, 9 June 2012, QNET Indonesia staff planted a variety of rare fruit trees by the Ciliwung River, Condet, Cililitan, East Jakarta. The fruit trees sown included alkesa, mundu, rukem, bisbul, lampini, jamblang, menteng, bisbul, nam-nam, kemang, duku, kupa, matoa, walnuts, kecapi, buni and soursop, among others. In cooperation with the Komunitas Pecinta Ciliwung (KCP, Ciliwung Care Community), Tanjungan and with assistance from Mr Dieny Asto, a conserver of rare fruit trees, this wonderful activity kicked off with an introduction of the KCP and some practice in transplanting and grafting fruit trees. KCP focussed on preserving the Ciliwung River, the river that divides the north and south districts of the capital city. Local residents are taught about the importance of maintaining cleanliness and preserving the state of the river. All staff joined in the tree-planting event with enthusiasm, making sure every last shoot was securely planted.

QNET Opens New Office in Singapore Amidst Much Fanfare QNET Singapore celebrated their sparkling new premises – with an opening ceremony attended by local IRs and QNET executives. Guests of Honour, V Partner and QNET Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson, and Director of QLifestyle Mr Joachim Steffen graciously officiate the ceremony. In her welcome remarks, besides highlighting QNET’s achievements over the past year, Ms Imson offered valuable nuggets of advice to the attending IRs on how to be a better networker and, of course, how to take advantage of the exciting new QInfinite plan and its improved product offerings. Her speech resonated throughout the crowd. IR Jessie Teo, who has been with QNET for eight years, couldn’t contain her enthusiasm for QInfinite, which she believes is more straightforward, bringing her closer to financial freedom. Thanapalan, a QNET IR since 2007, expressed his delight with the new features of the QNET office which comes equipped with a dedicated product display and service area. At the end of a much informative and exciting night, everyone mingled and made new friends while feasting on delicious vegetarian food.


QNET – Marussia F1 Team Partnership Celebrated with New TV commercial! To celebrate the second full season of QNET’s prestigious and historic partnership with the Marussia F1 Team, QNET created an inspiring brand new TV commercial! F1 is one of the most widely watched sports in the world, with an audience of over 520 million in a season… and there are only 12 teams! As the only direct selling company in the world’s most competitive, elite, high performance motor sport, QNET really is at the front and centre before the world’s cameras. This is a bold new territory for any direct selling company and a position QNET is proud to occupy. Join in the celebrations by watching the commercial at http://go.qnet.net/sd. Can’t get enough? Catch the commercial on international TV channels ESPN Star Sports, CNBC Asia and CNBC Arabiya.

QNET’s Participation in the Malaysian-Indonesian Business Expo (MIBEX) Was a Success! QNET joined over 250 participating companies in the well-known Malaysian-Indonesian Business Expo (MIBEX), which is a part of the International Franchise License & Business Concept Expo & Conference – the biggest international expo for the franchise industry in Indonesia. The event was endorsed by the Indonesia Franchise Association (AFI). The QNET booth, with its amazing range of products on display, was abuzz with activity. Covering everything from discussion, exchange of information, prospecting and even some product presentations from leaders, the event was a marked triumph as one leader claimed she was successful in securing a high number of new prospects during the expo. Overall, the event left everyone with positive feelings as the Malaysian Minister of Domestic Trade and Cooperative & Consumerism, Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri, visited the QNET booth where he was received by QNET Regional General Manager (South East Asia) Stevenson Charles, Legal Counsel of the QI Group Joanna Surendranath, and Corporate Communications Manager of QNET Indonesia Wita Dahlan. Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri took a moment to observe the display before noting one particular QNET watch and mentioning that he had a similar watch also… from QNET!

QNET Achieves Yet Another Distinction in Hong Kong QNET has again scored another accolade in Hong Kong – this time for its environmental friendliness. The company was recently awarded the Carbon ‘Less’ Award in the Hong Kong Awards for Environment Excellence (HKAEE). Led by the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC), HKAEE aims to encourage businesses to go green and recognise those that have taken strides to reduce their carbon footprint. As a first-time participant, in order to qualify, QNET needed to have a 3 per cent reduction in its overall carbon footprint against baseline. “This recognition strikes close to home, as the environment has been an important pillar of the company’s values,” says QNET Director Ms Malou Caluza. “We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint even more over the next few years and implement additional green measures in the office.” To that end, QNET’s new office in Hong Kong is equipped with special features such as energy-efficient lighting, and eco-labelled recycled materials for carpets and workstations. Employees are also encouraged to recycle with special bins placed on all floors. By Skaoduen Sanchayakorn, Marketing Communications Executive Breathes fire.


Going For Gold QNET’s Very Own Hadia Hosny El-Said Competes In The Olympics


A true fighter, Hadia powered on and is now the highest placed African player in the women’s singles world rankings, securing her spot at the London 2012 Summer Games.

The good news first broke out in social media when Hadia herself tweeted on QNET official Twitter page over the fact that now a QNET IR can go for gold beyond the network marketing arena.

“If you want it, you will do it. No one can stand in your way.”

or the first time in its history, QNET has an Olympic hopeful in the family. QNET IR and badminton champ, Hadia Hosny El-Said, shares with us her journey to success and quest for gold.

Hadia, congratulations on making it to the Olympics! Tell us how it all happened. “My journey started in 2007 when my doubles partner and I tried to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, but the South Africans beat us. But I was also ranked third in African women’s singles, so I trained hard to qualify for that. “People weren’t very optimistic about my chances, but I never stopped hoping and trying. Just 13 days before Beijing, an amazing surprise happened – I finally qualified! Of course, there wasn’t enough time to train, but I did my best.

The tweet that started it all.

Hadia is no stranger to setting records and making headlines. In 2008, she became the first Egyptian and the first Arabic badminton player to compete at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The 24-year-old badminton star had a strong start, beating a higher ranked Mexican player in the first round, but then lost in the second round to Bulgaria’s Petya Nedelcheva, who was then ranked sixth in the world.

“From then on, I decided to try qualifying for the next Olympics by being the top African player, so I can represent the continent as well. In 2010, I won the gold medal in the African Championships, again making history as the first Egyptian to win. Then in April 2012, after tough competition, I qualified for the London Olympics, representing Africa as well as Egypt. “Now I can finally relax after years of stress! I’m very excited, happy and thankful to God.”


“I love my Veloci-Ti and Allah Chi Pendants! I can’t go anywhere without them!”

Hadia got her start in QNET after falling in love with the products.

Reaching the top requires a lot of effort. In your opinion, what does it take to become a champion? “A lot of sacrifice, endurance, risk, hard work, faith and good time management.”

On top of being a pro athlete, you’re also a QNET IR. What made you choose network marketing in the first place, and why QNET? “QNET, for me, has a lot to do with sports. After sustaining an injury in 2010, one of my teammates referred me to a physiotherapist, who is now my Upline! “I was more into the products at first, and not so much into network marketing. I love my Veloci-Ti and Allah Chi Pendants! I can’t go anywhere without them!”

Hadia likens the teamwork in sports to being in QNET.

How do you find the time to run a QNET business AND be an Olympic athlete? Plus we hear you’re also a university student! “Time management is the most important thing in my life. I graduated with a Pharmacy Degree in 2010. After that, I joined the QNET family and learned a lot about the business. Then I decided to pursue a Masters in Medical Biosciences together with training, so that I’m done with studies the year I qualify for the Olympics. My friends run the business while I try to widen my social network. “It is so much about what you want to do. If you want it, you will do it, and no one can stand in your way.”

What do you like best about being a QNET IR? “I love the teamwork and the QNET family. For me, it’s more about social networking than business. I would like to thank V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, QNET Managing Director JR Mayer, and the whole QNET family for supporting me.”

Finally, do you have any advice for others hoping to achieve success? Her coach, Pete Bush, is impressed with how far she’s come.

“Try whatever you want and don’t be afraid of losing. The best way to enjoy life is through struggles. You don’t have to always succeed. Just do it and learn from the outcome.” By Li San Choong, Corporate Blogger Avid music sponge, bookworm and fan of all things artsy.




INFINITE Opportunities With QNET The Worldwide Launch Of QInfinite


he journey of your dreams starts with a boost! As a member of the QNET universal community, we bring you QInfinite, an enhanced Compensation Plan with unlimited opportunity that not only enriches your own lifestyle, but also helps you grow your business.

QInfinite is the result of years of development, incorporating a focus on repeat sales, retail purchases, and a durable business model. The enhanced Plan has been introduced to better support all markets, varied business strategies, and a strong repeat product focus.

Live the life you have always dreamed of! If your life was an advertisement in a magazine, then your life before QInfinite was a ‘before’ picture and your life with QInfinite is the ‘after’. With QInfinite, you are in control of your time, you are able to decide when and where to start working, you can enjoy special occasions or memorable moments with family and friends any time you want. Have this kind of freedom and have the opportunity to share QNET’s borderless benefit with others… and be rewarded for doing so! Already home to about 25 exclusive product brands, QNET launched QInfinite alongside a further expansion of its product portfolio, introducing new consumable and lifestyle products that exemplify the company’s philosophy of lifestyle enhancement. QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer recapitulates that QNET’s highly advanced and innovative Compensation Plan provides its international network of QNET Independent Representatives (IRs) with full benefits and sales incentives, putting the QNET brand firmly amongst the top Direct Selling companies within a global, multibillion-dollar industry. “QNET has always been a company that has leveraged technology to fit the person-to-person profession, ensuring only the highest-quality products and services are complementing our business opportunity,” said Mr JR Mayer.

“With QInfinite, the enhanced Compensation Plan, we are happy to be able to recognise our IRs in such a unique way. Recognition is at the heart of all we do, so it’s fitting that we offer our distributors this one-of-a-kind plan. “QNET IRs are the ones out there marketing QNET products and services. They are the ones meeting with new prospects and travelling the world to promote the company’s promise of providing the best products in the right business. We stand by that commitment. “After years of development and careful refinement, QInfinite is undoubtedly QNET’s way of recognising our IRs’ contributions by giving back with such a strong and supportive compensation plan, whilst offering our millions of

customers an even wider product selection,” said Mr Mayer.

Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Mumbai (India), Kampala (Uganda), and Dubai (the UAE).

The company operates offices and representative agencies in more than 25 countries and ships products to most countries around the world. With QInfinite, QNET is set to expand its retail business by 10 per cent and its top line growth two-fold.

April 2012 signalled one of QNET’s milestones for a new era of achievements – the official launch of QInfinite, the QNET enhanced Compensation Plan. With amazing support and enthusiastic responses, QNET IRs, prospects and VIP guests from across the world made their way to those four major cities to join this remarkable event.

QInfinite is officially presented to the world After the QInfinite Summit World Tour in March 2012, the response to QNET’s new and fresh approach to the business was overwhelmingly supportive and paved the way for the official global roll-out, with synchronised events in

The enhanced Compensation Plan official launch events were all a smashing success and were warmly welcomed by everyone who participated. There was much excitement for QInfinite, and the general opinion is that the enhanced Plan will definitely open bigger and better doors for the company and the network at large.

Thousands of participants enthusiastically learn more about QNET’s QInfinite.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast QNET Côte d’Ivoire EXPO 2012 held between 13-14 April 2012 at Espace Crystal in Abidjan was an outstanding success with a flood of positive feedback from more than 8,000 participants including IRs and prospects, as well as the general public, top ministers, representatives from leading organisations, and other VIP guests. On 15 April, the EXPO concluded with celebrations for the start of a new era of QNET, the launch of QNET’s enhanced Compensation Plan – QInfinite. It didn’t stop there! All IRs and participants were still enthusiastic to learn more about QNET’s QInfinite. On 16 April, the Ivory Coast’s Wave 15 team arranged an event for business presentations and updates at the Palais de la Culture. The Ivory Coast’s 4-day event was a part of QNET’s momentous change and was a wonderful and enlightening experience for the IRs and other participants. This is going to be the year to Make A Difference for Ivory Coast and QNET!


QNET CEO Mr Dave Osh is up on stage to present the enhanced Plan.

Business presentations.

QNET Côte d’Ivoire EXPO 2012 at Espace Crystal, Abidjan.

QInfinite is now launched in Ivory Coast!

QNET Côte d’Ivoire EXPO 2012 at Espace Crystal, Abidjan.

QNET staff meets IRs.

IRs are ready for QInfinite.

VIPs visit QNET product exhibition.

VP Sathi Senathirajah, QNET CEO Mr Dave Osh, QNET Ambassador of Goodwill in Africa Ambassador (rtd) Klaus Holderbaum, and QNET Corporates.

Dr Souleymane Fofana, QNET CEO Mr Dave Osh and VC Amaral Fofana, at the press conference answering questions from the media.




QNET VIP Dr James Mulwana visits QNET exhibition area.

Senior Business Development Executive Ms Arti Asawa with energetic QNET customers at QInfinite Launch Uganda.

Desire Luzinda, a Ugandan popular artist, invites a lucky QNET IR on stage.

Cake-cutting ceremony.

Kampala, Uganda At noon on 13 April, the doors of the QInfinite exhibition area at Speke Resort Munyonyo opened for QNET IRs and attendees to explore QNET’s new and exciting products. The official QInfinite launch started when the company’s Executives and VIPs went on stage to share their journey of success with QNET, how their QNET businesses have changed their lives, how they have been given unlimited opportunities, and how excited they were about QInfinite. At the climax of the event, AVP Balajee, Dr James Mulwana, as well as QNET and The V Executives officially launched QInfinite by cutting a magnificent cake to mark the occasion.



V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah gets up on stage to stir excitement for the QInfinite launch.

QNET India CEO Mr Suresh Thimiri gives a welcome speech.

QNET Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson shares her excited passion for QInfinite.

Mumbai, India On 13 April, the Shanmukhananda Hall in Mumbai was radiating with the enthusiasm of 3,000 IRs pouring in from across India. There were dancing and chanting of slogans and not a single person seemed bothered by Mumbai’s humid summer heat. Even when the curtains closed, the energy and enthusiasm was carried out of the hall with the yearning to be Number One! Everyone was thrilled about QInfinite and it was very clear that no one was going to get any peaceful sleep that night due to the absolute exhilaration and excitement in contemplation of the unlimited opportunities to come.



A cake of unlimited opportunities.

QI Director – Investment Management and V Partner Kuna Senathirajah presents the new repeat sales opportunities.

QNET staff and QInfinite Exhibition area.

Dubai, The United Arab Emirates


QI Director – Network Affairs and V Partner Mr TG Kintanar, QI Director – Investment Management and V Partner Kuna Senathirajah, QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer and QNET VIPs and honourable guests join QInfinite cake-cutting ceremony.

QI Director – Network Affairs and V Partner Mr TG Kintanar presents QInfinite on stage.

QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer speaks in front of eager IRs.

On Saturday, 14 April, nearly 2,000 IRs from across the Gulf region made their way to the Dubai World Trade Centre for what was promised to be an informative, eye-opening event. QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer, VP Kuna Senathirajah and VP TG Kintanar were all present to introduce QNET IRs to the many (Q)infinite opportunities to come. The event kicked off with traditional upbeat Arabic music to welcome guests, preparing them for what would prove to be an electrifying and informative event. The launch of QInfinite in Dubai was a roaring success. With this enhanced Compensation Plan, QNET’s IRs can now look forward to bigger rewards and a better lifestyle. By Srisumeth Rittipairoj, Creative Communications Manager She has many things to do before she dies. First of all, she needs to manage her time wisely.



SPEAK OUT “The launch of QInfinite is something that we have been waiting for. It offers us the opportunity to push ourselves to the next level. I personally believe that QInfinite is going to Make A Difference in the lives of people. ‘Unbelievable’ is what I can say about QInfinite. Now that you have a chance with QNET, make sure you use it, utilise its potential to the max, not only for yourself, but for your family. My favourite sentence is D. I. N. – DO IT NOW.”

the that awakens new spirits within “QInfinite is an evolutionary plan s, ines many people to join the bus network. I believe it will attract ncial the products or want to gain fina sell to especially those who like big in it e mak to ts wan e ryon course, eve rewards from the business. Of y.” enjo to s you the seamless benefits this business. QInfinite provide Shadi Hayati, Sudan

Dr Rahul Vijay Pendse, India

The QInfinite Journey

What Your Top Leaders Say About QInfinite “With QInfin ite, you ha v boundarie s. You can e no touch the sky an de benefits. B njoy its endless ut that, you h before doing ave to be one hundred p er cent su re that you have already pu t an effort in what yo ua you will de re doing and finitely ma ke it!” Sriijit & L ipi Chakra rorty, India


fter QInfinite launched, QNET had a chance to catch up with some of the top leaders about how QInfinite affects their life and their business. They were very keen and excited to share with us their feedback on the launch of QInfinite – one of the most exceptional milestones in QNET’s 14-year history!

“QInfinite is a very good plan and everyone is appreciating it. It’s going to help us reach financial success through QNET’s ventures.” Ram Singh, India

SPEAK OUT “QInfinite represents unlimited opportunity especially with regards to commissions and products. QNET products are everyday products that we acquire. Therefore, QInfinite is ‘infinite’ to me.” Sedogo Claude Anny, Burkina Faso

“QInfinite provides us an endless way to make more money as well as offers us great potential in business. It helps us sell the products more easily which is very important for me. The new support tools also help us understand and grow business faster.” Lougue Aboubacar Eloi, Burkina Faso

“QInfinite gives us the chance to make more money and takes us from GOOD to GREAT. It allows us to move to the next level faster with QNET consumable products as well as the existing products. Haytham Elkobbeya, Egypt

“We are now moving forward into a new era of QNET. QInfinite allows us to double the size of our business and profits. Its new concept makes everyone happy. Even though we were already happy with the old plan, the new one make us feel even happier. I strongly recommend that you take this unlimited opportunity. Without a doubt, the new era of network marketing can truly create a beautiful future.” Mohammed Magdy Abdullah, Egypt

“QInfinite is infinite. QInfinite provides us unlimited opportunity to earn more. Most importantly, it will enable us to grow in the market and expand our network in other territories. QInfinite sets a very fantastic benchmark to move us forward to the next level. I’m very happy and excited with the launch. I’m sure that this new plan will create more millionaires in the near future by leveraging QInfinite’s process.” Sunil Ganjoo, India

By Chanatthanan Jonglaekha, Scriptwriter/Copywriter Beneath her calm and collected face you will find a true romancer.




rosperity is a mix of emotional and financial gains. YOU, as our valued IR, deserve to be compensated well for your contributions; YOU deserve the future you envision; YOU deserve to have access to products you believe in and use, and can share with others; and YOU deserve QNET’s total commitment to helping you achieve your goals. Recognition signals that prosperity is in the making. Some people believe that you don’t really make it until you are recognised for your achievements. As our way of saying congratulations, we are pleased and very excited to announce that the QNET ACHIEVERS’ CLUB, our new Reward and Recognition Programme for IRs, has been launched! When you advance in rank, you will now receive the following:

Travel Incentives One of the exciting rewards that await Platinum Star and Diamond Star Rank IRs is the executive travel incentive. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to be recognised and to mingle with the best of the best. We are geared towards making worthwhile and fruitful events that will exceed your expectations! From notifications to arrangements, and from logistics and support to post-event follow-ups – you will be treated like royalty… just like how you should be treated. After all, you are one of QNET’s elite, and your extraordinary experience will inspire others to also attain this great achievement.

Rank Pins These will be presented to you in person so we can personally thank you.



eCertificates, VO Pop-Ups, and Congratulatory Emails Your congratulatory email will come with a downloadable eCertificate attached and you will also receive Virtual Office announcement pop-ups! eBadge Stylised eBadges have been created for use in identification in the Virtual Office. You can paste them to your emails, business cards, and social media pages. Your badge is available in social media file type for ease of use and adaptation. Now you can show the world what rank you are!

Personal Phone Calls from Country GM (local) / Chief (World Plan) IRs who achieve the Gold to Diamond Ranks will receive a personal phone call from Senior Company Executives, who will personally congratulate you on your latest achievements. Office Wall of Fame There will be a dedicated space in QNET corporate offices to display the QNET Achievers’ Wall of Fame! This will feature name plaques with pictures of the highest-ranking IRs (Platinum and Diamond). Celebrate your name in the limelight! Work hard. Earn more. Inspire others. Move up. And we’ll see you there! Remember, YOUR achievements are QNET’s achievements. Let us celebrate together!

By Jeannie L. Tan, Project Executive for Network Services Time travelling sounds fun. Any idea where I can get a fully-licensed time machine?

QNET’s First Ever Diamond Star! Khaled Obbeya

Here is what Khaled himself has to say: What do you think of the rank advancement challenge? “It is a brilliant formula that keeps all of us networkers in action. It helps force us to get out of the comfort zone and in a training mood. It is a great organiser that makes me work with timeline targets. This helps so I start it with a goal in my mind.”

What is the biggest challenge in achieving the rank advancement to Diamond and how to overcome it? “The biggest challenge is to change the mindset of the team regarding the importance of the Repeat Sales Products (RSP). To overcome it, we speak about it constantly on a daily basis in all of our trainings. We make sure that all of us leaders start purchasing the RSP (be the product of the product, as VP Donna says) and ensuring the last one in the network purchases by understanding how useful it is for our residual income and for our bank account balance.”

What are your tips for those who want to be a Diamond Star? “Set up a weekly plan for yourself as a leader and for the leaders under you. Then, you must follow up with them on a weekly basis to ensure they are on track. Furthermore, lead by example and do actions together with your team. Always finish the plan set for yourself before your leaders. This way you lead them by personal example. Finally, always open the QNET Achievers’ Club daily and visualise your picture inside it.” We hope Khaled’s promising story inspires you to keep working hard and believing in yourself! Remember, achieving the Diamond dream is truly possible! Go Diamond! Khaled, we are so proud of you! Congratulations!


f you can dream it, you can do it”, says Mr Khaled Obbeya, QNET’s first-ever Diamond Star! Simple yet highly inspiring words from a man who stands as a living testament to what hard work, passion and dreams can achieve! Khaled showed everyone that achieving Diamond Star Rank is indeed POSSIBLE. His success is a result of his belief in great teamwork and strong leadership. He is a strong leader as well as a great Upline who cares deeply about his Downlines, motivating each and every one to continue moving up the IR ladder. While he shines in the glory of Diamond Star Rank, Khaled gives credit to his Downlines for making it this far. Khaled went the extra mile for them by personally monitoring each one’s success and keeping in touch with our ‘Go Platinum Challenge’ internal team daily. The excitement is rippling through the QNET community, right from the top corporate management to our worldwide network of QNET IRs. To honour Khaled’s moment of glory, Managing Director Mr JR Mayer and Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson both personally called him up with commendations and news of exciting things that he can look forward to. Khaled will also be invited as a VIP guest with access to the exclusive Platinum and Diamond Lounge, and called on stage at V-Indonesia 2012 where he will be awarded with numerous incentives.

“He is a leader with great vision, confidence, and determination. He is able to motivate his team through leading by example, being down to earth, and treating others with respect.” – ‘Go Platinum Challenge’ Internal Team

“Congratulations Mr Khaled Obbeya. My unbelievable Upline, I’m proud to be in your network!” – Mohamed Gaber “He knows the secret of success and knows what it takes to be a top leader!” – Rami Alabadlah

By Jeannie L. Tan, Project Executive for Network Services Time travelling sounds fun. Any idea where I can get a fully-licensed time machine?

The highest hypoallergenic standard Powerful anti-ageing active ingredients Unique formulation of energised water Light texture for better skin hydration A relaxed, radiant and glowing skin


Rosemarie Glenn Associate V Partner 64 years old Physio Radiance Brand Ambassador

The Secrets Of Eternal Beauty

Rosemarie Glenn Reveals Her Secrets To Having Healthy Skin


t’s been over 15 years since AVP Rosemarie Glenn was first introduced to the Network Marketing business and it took her a few years to be at the point where she is now. Despite all the hard work, AVP Rosemarie is always shining when she’s amongst her peers. What is her secret? “When it comes to appearance, I’d do what I can to look my best. After all, I’m a woman, aren’t I?” AVP Rosemarie Glenn said with a big smile. “But with the job I have, it’s hard to manage time to take good care of myself,” she admitted. But she looks younger than people her age. How does she do it? “It started about two years ago when I discovered Physio Radiance. What I found interesting is that other skin care products use ingredients that freshen your skin for a short amount of time but Physio Radiance utilises your body’s function to stimulate the natural rejuvenation of the skin. As an


entrepreneur, I wanted to try the product out for myself before introducing it to others. And after using Physio Radiance, my facial skin is softer and healthier, the wrinkles are less visible and my skin has become more flexible. I am a busy person, I work late and I travel a lot. Naturally, I don’t get much rest, let alone having a whole lot of time to take good care of myself and yet, people still compliment me on my skin. When asked about my secret, I always tell them that it’s the Negative Hydrogen (H ) in Physio Radiance that does the magic. Thanks to Physio Radiance, my skin is now younger and healthier. -

“Then I get questions on H . What is it? What does it do? H is the smallest antioxidant in the world. It’s much smaller than a nanotube, meaning that it can easily and effectively penetrate your skin layers. It neutralises harmful free radicals that damage your body’s own cells. This process helps slow down ageing. Physio Radiance will make your skin healthy and blossom.”

But her beauty secret doesn’t stop there. “The ultimate secret is that beauty should come from both outside and inside. Physio Radiance acts as the antioxidant for the outside and for the inner body, I found the perfect product from QNET – Olé. With 400 per cent greater antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C, it fights against free radicals in your body, making your cells stronger and younger.” As a Physio Radiance Brand Ambassador, AVP Rosemarie has been on the road to share her beauty tips. If you have listened to her talk and fell in love with Physio Radiance and Olé, don’t forget to share your secret with your fellow IRs, Downlines and prospects. But if you haven’t had the opportunity, don’t wait! Simply try the two products for yourself and get ready to fall in love with them. Physio Radiance and Olé – the secrets of eternal beauty. By Wirakarn Wangsuekul, Product Marketing Executive A fast learning little padawan.




The Key To Sustainability

Why Being A Vegetarian Is More Than Just A Diet Choice


ustainability’ is the buzz word on everybody’s mind when the question of the future of our planet is raised. It has become a common strategy and lucrative business for companies to offer ‘sustainable’ or ‘green’ products and services. However, not all these solutions are as useful, or as ‘sustainable’ as one might think. For example, according to the World Bank, the increasing trend towards growing corn for ethanol, which is believed to be a more sustainable fuel, means that land normally used to grow crops for food is being converted to grow crops for fuel. As a result, food prices around the world are increasing as more and more farmland is also being used to grow crops for plant-based plastics, putting additional pressure on world food supply. Another example to consider is that over 70 per cent of the world’s agricultural land is used to raise animals for food and much of this land is also being used to grow animal feed crops. These crops are then fed to livestock animals that often live under crowded, filthy and torturous conditions. This entire process is known as ‘cycling’, where the food crops grown on agricultural land is first consumed by

the animals, and then humans consume the meat from the livestock living on the same farmland. A question for society to consider is whether cycling food in such a way is sustainable for the agricultural land because copious amounts of natural resources are used up in this process. In 2006, the United Nations’ report on global warming stated that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide make up a large part of the emissions released from manure. Globally, as more water is allotted for raising cattle, pigs and chickens, instead of producing crops for direct human consumption, millions of wells are going dry. Countries such as India, China, the U.S. and some countries in North Africa have freshwater deficits because the rate at which water is being pumped from the aquifers is faster than the rate at which rain can replenish them. In the U.S., the great Ogallala aquifer, a resource that took a half million years to accumulate, will be depleted in less than 40 years at the current rate water is

being used for corn crops for animal feed and ethanol. The fact is that it takes thousands more litres of water to produce a kilogramme of beef than to grow the same quantity of grains or vegetables. Water depletion is not the only major concern of livestock farming; there is also a major concern with manure, antibiotics and hormones being released into our water system. For example, fish farms release chemicals and parasites that threaten natural wildlife. Another by-product of livestock farming is top soil erosion, which is the process whereby the most organic layer of soil is washed or blown away with excessive farming and irrigation. In the U.S., 85 per cent of top soil erosion is due to raising animals for food. Without this most nutritious top soil layer, little to no plant life can grow in the future. The root cause of society’s problems is the unsustainable use of natural resources. A modest household consuming a meat-based diet uses far more natural resources than a vegetarian household. Worldwide, an estimated

Chief Vegetarian Officer and Chief Executive Officer Mark Fergusson is from Down to Earth ALL VEGETARIAN Organic & Natural, Hawaii’s only all-vegetarian food store chain and one of only a few in the United States. Down to Earth was started in 1977, when a group of friends in Wailuku, Maui decided they wanted to help improve the health of Hawaii’s residents by selling organic and natural products and by living a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle. Mark Fergusson Chief Vegetarian Officer, Chief Executive Officer Down to Earth ALL VEGETARIAN Organic & Natural

2 billion people live primarily on a meat-based diet, while an estimated 4 billion live primarily on a plant-based diet; whilst the figure for plant-based diet is higher than meat-based, there is an increasing trend towards meat consumption which is not sustainable. A meat-based diet is one of the leading causes of damage to the environment because it results in air pollution, water resource depletion and pollution, soil erosion and the overuse of resources. In contrast, a plant-based diet has lower environmental impact because it requires fewer natural resources to sustain. Nature has provided ample vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and dairy products for daily human sustenance; eating meat is an unsustainable luxury rather than a necessity. A vegetarian diet contributes to a cleaner and safer environment and better health whilst causing less pain and suffering for innocent animals. If every individual adopts a vegetarian diet, it will be a significant contribution towards keeping our planet sustainable for future generations.

Behind The Amezcua

Chi Pendant 2 Understanding Its Beneficial Energy Frequency


he Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 contains a combination of natural minerals that give off a positive energy frequency close to that of Chi energy, which flows in and around all living things including humans, animals and plants.

Alpha rhythm

The alpha rhythm was discovered by NASA. When astronauts were in outer space and removed from this frequency, which is 7.83 Hz, their health deteriorated severely. Now, every space shuttle has a device called a ‘Shumann Simulator’ which plays a magnetic pulse of 7.83 Hz mimicking the Earth’s frequency and their health is now stabilised. The alpha rhythm is embedded into the Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 and is known as the Schumann Resonance – the rate of the magnetic pulse between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. When our biological system vibrates at this frequency, we are in resonance with the Earth’s magnetic frequency from which all life forms evolved, and the dominant electromagnetic frequency in which all life takes place. The Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 is able to boost your natural alpha energy and stop it from being drowned out by the electromagnetic radiation (e-smog) given off by devices like mobile phones, WiFi, telephone masts, etc. The only way to combat e-smog is to boost this natural alpha energy, increasing the size of the human energy field thereby eliminating the negative effects of e-smog.

The flow of energy

Chi energy flows from a person’s aura into the physical body through the seven major chakra points, which are located along the front of the body, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. It then passes through the endocrine system responsible for releasing hormones and chemicals that determine your emotional state of being. From there it travels through the ‘meridian lines’ which act like energetic pathways distributing energy around the body to the internal organs, finally ending at the hands and feet. If this flow of energy becomes congested in any of the chakras or meridian lines, the distribution of energy becomes imbalanced and your physical and emotional state can change as the energy is no longer reaching to all areas of the body. The Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 is proven to increase this flow of energy and also to break up any congested energy, thereby balancing and harmonising the energy throughout the body. It can also help to recover autonomic nerve balance, remove stress and intensify concentration.


The protective and harmonising qualities of the Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 have been tested and accredited by reputable individuals and institutes from all over the world. These institutes include the Institute of Electrophotonic (Germany), Centre for Biofield Sciences (India), Dr med. Michael Kucera (Czech Republic), PROGNOS™, MedPrevent GmbH & Co (Germany), and SCHOTT AG (Germany). For more information, visit www.qnet.net or www.amezcua.com. By Ashley Williams, Consultant Enjoys travelling the globe, DJing & producing music.



y h W

e r a C t ’ n I Do R S C t u o Ab portance

The Im and H g in lp e H A Of


ayal Eswara

By Datin Um


n June 2012, we celebrated the 1st anniversary of Taarana, a school that has been a labour of love, a fruition of a dream, and more than anything else, a ray of hope for many families with special children. We also recently held our 2nd annual fundraiser in aid of Taarana which proved to be very successful; helping us not just to raise funds but also to create awareness about the specialised education available for children. I am often asked, “Why Taarana?” “Why a school that focusses on a niche area, that requires a highly

specialised curriculum, specifically trained teachers, custom-fitted classrooms and teaching equipment, essentially leading to relatively high operating costs?” “Why go through so much trouble year after year, such as organising fundraisers, looking for sponsors, or tracking down specialist teachers, when it’s easier to just write a cheque towards an existing cause, like an orphanage or a shelter for street kids?” I agree that there are a lot of people in this world who need help. The human race is growing. We make up 7 billion people on our planet today and whilst

globalisation and technology have made the world a smaller place, it has also led to an increased awareness of problems in developing countries. The growing food crisis, human trafficking, rising crime rates among the youth, drug and alcohol abuse, war and population displacement… the list is endless. And who bears the brunt of this anarchy the most? Inevitably it’s the women and children. I am not a billionaire like Warren Buffet who signed away most of his wealth to charity, nor am I Bill and Melinda Gates, whose foundation is doing remarkable work in under-developed and developing countries. I am just someone who cares about the community we live in.

It is part of my value system and how I was brought up. I was lucky to grow up in a family that was comfortably well-off. My father was a successful businessman in Sri Lanka and we never wanted for anything. He worked hard to give his family a good life and there was always more than enough to go around. He never hesitated before giving things away to his siblings or anyone else in his extended family that needed something and he never asked for anything in return. I have distinct memories of people constantly walking into our home asking him for help – for money, for work, for food, for various things. I remember that our kitchen was open 24/7. My parents never said no. Whoever walked into our house was served a hot meal. Whatever my father could give, he gave. People who came into our home troubled, always left comforted. I may not have understood fully what was happening at the time, but as I grew up, I realised that every good deed comes back to you manifold. I saw this especially after my father passed away. When I got married and came into my husband’s family it was déjà vu. My father-in-law had a similar open-door policy. My mother-in-law ensured whoever came to visit their house always got something to eat. For them, it was the satisfaction of giving. They considered it a gift. Through sheer hard work and determination, my husband and I have built our lives together to be in a position today where we can help others. And not just by giving money away. That’s easy. DeepaRaya celebration with children from the National Cancer Council Malaysia or MAKNA.

ame c o h w e l “Peop me o h r u o o t in ays w l a , d e l b trou d.” e t r o f m o c left

I loathe using the term CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) here because of the strong association it has developed with marketing exercises. As far as I am concerned, CSR can and should never be a marketing tool. Our company has established two foundations that work extensively with local communities around the world in numerous areas. And it has never been about marketing. It simply cannot be. When we formally started implementing projects under the two foundations, RYTHM Foundation and Vijayaratnam Foundation, we established four pillars that would

serve as guidelines for the kind of projects we get involved with: Community Development, Education, Youth Development, and promotion of Arts & Culture. Inevitably, community development and education centred around children and we came across so many horror stories involving kids. It was shocking to contemplate the truth that we live in a society capable of such cruelty. We developed various long-term projects with sustainable development goals to do what we can to help them. Programmes such as Footprints, Maharani and Aruna were born as a result of this.



Also, in my own life, I have come across friends and acquaintances that have children born with development disabilities. That set me thinking, because special kids are definitely a vulnerable part of our society, they will never be fully normal the way society expects them to be. And once their parents or caregivers are gone, what happens to them? What does the future hold for them? How will they survive? On my return to Malaysia, I started doing research on the availability and affordability of a school that served special children. What I found was disheartening. I found only a few such

schools in Kuala Lumpur and they are not affordable to regular middle-income families. There was clearly a need for a school for children with such developmental disabilities that was affordable to everyone, irrespective of their background. This was enough to get me started. I knew all along that it was going to be an uphill task. Awareness about special education is low; there are simply not enough qualified teachers and, as we found out, parents don’t always come forward because of the stigma associated with having a child with such disabilities.

The Rainbow Project in Hong Kong.

I was lucky to get a great team behind me and we ploughed through and Taarana became a reality. In less than a year, we have fostered 37 kids and many of them are showing remarkable progress. We have this little 5-year-old girl who has never walked. She has always been crawling to get around. But after six months in Taarana, she has walked by herself for the first time in her young life! In the next 5 years, we know we are going to grow bigger, even if that means it won’t get any easier. Even in Taarana, we find that parents sometimes don’t realise the importance of the special requirements for their kids. Their perception of us is that we are just a day care! For them, we are someone taking on the burden of their special child for a few hours each day. We want Taarana to be able to engage with the parents much more. We want to have more programmes for the parents, to help them cope and understand that they are not alone. There are also others who are in the same situation as they are who can lend their support. Knowing that we have made a difference in someone’s life is what keeps me going. THAT, for me, is CSR.

Maharani camp.

Sharing the joy of the Chinese New Year with residents from the old folks home.


Singapore staff with students of Waterfalls Student Care Centre.

ade a m e v a h e w t a th g in w “Kno hat w is fe li ’s e n o e m o s difference in is CSR.” , e m r fo , T A H T . g in o keeps me g That’s why we started asking employees and customers to become involved in community development activities with us – to make donations to projects we strongly believe in, to volunteer their time and efforts whenever they can. Can YOU not make a difference? Can you imagine the impact on this world if everyone got involved; started making a difference in someone’s life? That’s all it takes sometimes. And that’s what we want to inculcate in the people we work with. Why is it so difficult to be compassionate to

another human being? Have we all become selfish? Taking care of your own child comes naturally to you. When you take care of someone else’s child, you are making a difference in their life. One small gesture can have a huge and rippling effect that others will duplicate! We get very encouraging feedback from people all over the world about the different projects we implement and it tells us we are doing something right.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it.” In closing, I have just one appeal. Do what you can, there is no benchmark being set. There is more to our existence in this world than just making money.

Datin Umayal Eswaran is a Trustee of RYTHM Foundation and the Chairperson of Vijayaratnam Foundation.


Peacock Baroque Set Pendant: Silver 925/-, Chrysocolla, blue Sapphire, blue Topaz, 17.27 g; silver 925/- chain Earrings: Silver 925/-, Chrysocolla, blue Sapphire, 12.76 g

Glacier Leaf Set Pendant: Silver 925/-, rose gold plating, blue Sapphire, 9.8 g; silver 925/- chain Earrings: Silver 925/-, rose gold plating, blue Sapphire, 8.5 g



Viola Coral Set Pendant: Silver 925/-, Amethyst, 14.7 g; complimentary black cloth chain Earrings: Silver 925/-, Amethyst, 9.2 g


Floret Empress Set Pendant: Silver 925/- with rose, yellow, black gold plating, orange Sapphire, 9.5 g; silver 925/- with black gold plating chain Earrings: Silver 925/- with rose, yellow, black gold plating, orange Sapphire, 11.5 g





ue to their typically high sugar and calorie content, cookies in general are not considered to be particularly healthy. However, as a healthy alternative to high-sugar, high-fat cookies, oatmeal cookies are extremely nutritious… and not to mention, delicious! Oatmeal cookies can be made with a variety of oats, such as old fashioned oats, quick cooking oats, oat bran or oat flour. They can be mixed with fruits, nuts and sugar substitute for a healthy breakfast cookie or be accompanied by FibreFit to make it rich in prebiotics that help with the intestinal stimulation of friendly bacteria for good digestion. Either way, oatmeal cookies are easy to make and delightful to eat.


2 sachets of FibreFit 1 cup of softened butter 1 cup of white sugar 1 cup of brown sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 2 cups of all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon of baking soda 1 teaspoon of salt 1 1/2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon 3 cups of quick cooking oats raisins or nuts (optional) Serving: 36-60 cookies, depending on the size of each cookie.

My Mum’s Oatmeal Cookies A Quick And Healthy Homemade Snack Directions:

1. In a medium-sized bowl, mix together white sugar, butter, and brown sugar. Beat in one egg at a time then stir in the vanilla extract. 2. Mix FibreFit, flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt. Stir into the creamed mixture. Mix in oats. If you are using nuts or raisins, mix them into dough, combining well. Cover, and chill the dough for at least one hour. 3. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius (375 degrees Fahrenheit). Grease cookie sheets. Roll the dough into cookie-sized balls, and place 2 inches apart on cookie sheets. 4. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in preheated oven. Allow cookies to cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

Do you know?

• Fortunately for dessert lovers, oatmeal cookies have some documented health benefits. A diet high in oats can help lower cholesterol, which is good for cardiovascular health. Also, oatmeal is high in fibre, which is good for your bones and digestive systems. Furthermore, oatmeal is a good source of Vitamin E, iron and protein. • FibreFit is made from Gum Acacia, a natural plant source that is rich in prebiotics. Prebiotics are responsible for stimulating growth and activity of beneficial bacteria within the intestinal flora. This is crucial for overall pH balance and maintenance of a healthy digestive system.

By Srisumeth Rittipairoj, Creative Communications Manager She has many things to do before she dies. First of all, she needs to manage her time wisely.

Get The Abs You’ve Always Dreamed Of!


Discover The Science And Technology Behind Advanced Slimming Products


id you know that today millions of people worldwide are overweight and obese, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is the fifth leading risk for global deaths? Our modern lifestyle of little or no exercise, eating fatty foods, and having daily stress prevents us from achieving our ideal shape and weight. But thanks to advances in science and technology, there are now slimming products on the market which promote your health and well-being… with minimal effort!

caffeine, Phytosonic™ helps ultrasound waves penetrate deep into fat layers under the skin, stimulating the body’s natural fat burning process.

Now let’s discover what they are and explore their health benefits!

QNET is proud to introduce the InShape Toning Belt, a portable, revolutionary 3-in-1 functioning abdominal toning belt which strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles. Integrating three of the latest technologies including EMS, FIR and VM, it helps you get the abs you have always dreamed of. For best results, use the InShape Toning Belt in conjunction with InShape Toning Gel which contains Phytosonic™. Use daily for a fit and firm body as well as better looking skin!

Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS)

Want to know more about these products? Visit www.qnet.net or www.inshapeprogramme.com.

Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) has served as a strengthening training tool for athletes as well as a rehabilitation tool for injured muscles due to traumas, surgeries or diseases. By integrating this technology with a toning belt, it prompts strong, deep, yet comfortable contractions in your muscles in the same way as if you were doing crunches or sit-ups. What’s more, the EMS can activate muscles that are more difficult to reach with conventional exercise.

Far Infrared Radiation (FIR)

Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) heating system delivers FIR waves deep into the body’s tissue, raises body temperature and consequently breaks bigger and lifeless water molecules into smaller molecular clusters. This heating method also helps promote the absorption of nutrients, and flushes out and eliminates unwanted fat and toxic wastes from the body through perspiration. Plus, it helps relax muscles, increase flexibility and relieve pain.

Vibrating Massage (VM)

Vibrating Massage (VM) technology stimulates nerves and forces your muscles to naturally contract and relax. It not only massages away pressure, stress and fatigue, but also burns calories and increases your metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in faster removal of toxins. The vibrating action also increases serotonin levels which increases your overall energy levels.


Some high-end slimming and skin care products contain Phytosonic™, an active ingredient that dissolves fat. Composed of three synergistic natural herbal extracts including Glaucium flavum, Euglena gracilis and vegetal

By Chanatthanan Jonglaekha, Scriptwriter/Copywriter Beneath her calm and collected face you will find a true romancer.




With In-Voice MINI Packs, I call India for only 1 cent per minute. Why should you pay more?

Pathman Senathirajah V Managing Director

Talk, Save, And Earn With The In-Voice MINI Packs!


very entrepreneur knows that communication is essential in this kind of relationship business… but not everyone knows that In-Voice offers the best, unbeatable benefits for the lowest price in the market. Now YOU know!

Affordable, portable and flexible, the In-Voice MINI Packs not only power your business, you actually EARN by simply using the service! That’s right! You earn by using In-Voice MINI Packs to make calls that you would make anyway. Does your current Telco provider pay you? If the answer is ‘No’, then why are you paying them for calls you can make on In-Voice MINI Packs? So just how competitive are we? Take a look at the table below comparing the benefits offered by In-Voice MINI Packs versus the leading global VoIP service provider. In-Voice ROCKS!!!

In-Voice MINI Packs

Leading VoIP Service Provider*

YOU pay:

USD 30.00

USD 30.00

Your personal online number? Has callback service? Free Internet calls? Free daily calls (minutes) to 45 countries? Total credits received Total minutes** of talk time you get on: - India landline - Kuwait landline - Egypt mobile - Algeria landline


USD 6.00 NO YES NO USD 24.00

1,315 657 275 218

260 181 150 137




* Compared to the leading Global VoIP service provider. Rates correct at time of printing. ** Minutes on In-Voice MINI Packs (applies to Internet calls) based on usage of Voice Chips+ and CLI-CK Cards provided.

The In-Voice MINI Packs provide the same benefits of a full In-Voice account PLUS MORE for just a fraction of the standard price. There is no long term commitment! If you like it, you can always renew your account (and earn all over again!).

In-Voice MINI Packs


Call World UNO

USD 15 CLI-CK Cards, FREE 10 minutes daily Internet calls to landline numbers in over 45 countries for 30 days

Call World TRIO

USD 45 CLI-CK Cards (USD 15 per month), FREE 10 minutes daily Internet calls to landline numbers in over 45 countries for 90 days


USD 5 CLI-CK Cards, FREE 1,000 Voice Chips+ calls to various destinations in AFRICA, SOUTH ASIA, and the MIDDLE EAST


Renew your package and keep the same account and phone numbers

+ Voice Chip is a unit of value that gives you more talk time. Use them to make Internet calls to your favourite regions through your PC or your Apple or Android smartphones/tablets.

With our wide selection of customised and enhanced full-service calling options plus huge savings on long-distance calls, you can’t go wrong with the In-Voice MINI Packs! To learn more, visit www.qnet.net or www.in-voice.com.

By Desiree Jumchai, Senior Copywriter Hereby declares longer weeknights and weekends. Winning!

The Beauty Of Freedom Swarna Krishnan Shares Her Thoughts And Feelings About Family, Love, And QNET


ith a smile that can light up any room, Swarna Krishnan brings a breath of fresh air to any setting; with her absolutely positive radiance and love for life, the sky’s the limit and she certainly expresses this with passion and charisma. Whilst being one of QNET’s younger Independent Representatives at the age of 25 years old, Swarna is hardly an inexperienced individual. Qualified and having worked as an engineer in her home country of Kenya, Swarna joined QNET in 2005 through her mother who has been associated as a networker with QNET for many years.

Discovering my QNET roots

“My story is a bit unusual because I came across QNET through my mother, who literally gave birth to me into this business. My mother saw a future in QNET and decided that she should pass that future to me. So in 2005, she invested in me for this business. I did not take it seriously. In fact, I will not lie, I fought with her about the networking industry until the day I saw how much my mother’s life had changed. My mother comes from a very poor background and this business has given her a chance to change her life in a way that even if I became Bill Gates, I could not have given it to her.


“It has given us that financial freedom that we never had.” “For me, since our family’s life changed with QNET, seeing how my mother’s whole life changed, I started wanting to do QNET myself. I’m professionally an engineer and I worked for one year. During that one year, I found how hard it is to be in a job – to be very honest. When I went into QNET full time, my whole lifestyle changed. I achieved time and financial freedom, and have most things that people my age could only dream of having. I believe in it so much that anybody I meet and I talk to, I have to tell them that the QNET business is something that can change their lives, the way it changed mine.”

but as a person. The amount of change that you go through as an individual – I don’t think that there is anyone in the world who can do what they have done. What I love most about QNET is the fact that it gives everyone a sense of freedom. It’s a freedom in an all-round sense. All I can say is that I love them to bits and I will continue to be with them for the rest of my life!”

Loving what I do

“I’ve attended four ISBs. The reason I keep attending is because I’m addicted to it. I find that during periods of time when I feel low and discouraged, the ISB training is that rejuvenation that needs

After becoming a networker herself, Swarna clearly understood what her role was within the industry and why she has fallen in love with what she does. Admittedly, starting off with mixed feelings, she now uses her QNET experience to educate herself and others. “Network marketing gives everyone an equal opportunity. It doesn’t matter what your background is, it doesn’t matter what your education is. I’ve spent time with people who used to be on the streets but today, they are the richest people I know. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a PhD or uneducated – you all have a chance to equally succeed in this industry. I’ve never known anyone who started out as a janitor and worked his or her way up to becoming the CEO of a company. Not possible! But with network marketing,

Finding my weaknesses and turning them into strengths Having just completed the ISB Advanced Bootcamp, Swarna is a big advocate of these types of training events.

“The family of The V – I have never seen a company that cares so much about the people they work with. They have the most unbelievable training, the most unbelievable events. My moments of change, my ‘click’ moments, or all my magic moments all happened when I was with The V, especially the V-Conventions and InService Brotherhood (ISB) trainings. They develop you – not only financially,

“Using this platform of creating financial freedom for people, I believe I can Make A Difference by giving them the chance that I was given.”

Secrets to success

“I don’t think there are any secrets to success. You just have to be determined. You have to persevere but I’ll teach you one thing that my mentor – who happens to be my mother – taught me. She said that there is only one person who needs to be convinced about this business. There is only one person that you need to be able to convince about succeeding in life. And that one person is YOU.

“Remember, it is raise yourself first to help mankind, not the other way around.” You don’t have to convince the whole to take place. It is where I re-discover the faults I had forgotten. I find my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. ISB renews you as a person. It’s not about money. It’s not about business. It’s all about you. The whole concept of ISB is about YOU as an individual and for me that is the most amazing part because for the first time, I’m focussing on myself. I’m focussing on what it takes for me to achieve what

“It’s not about money. It’s not about business. It’s all about you.” you can start as nobody and become a somebody. In this industry, you will see how companies spend a lot of time building an individual – encouraging and helping this individual to create something bigger.

Making A Difference (MAD) in people’s lives is clearly a motivation for Swarna. Through her own experiences of family afflictions, she uses her observations to turn weaknesses into success stories, to inspire everyone around her.

I want in life – to be who I want in life. So the experience is of course, unbelievable. I would never go to a gym five years ago. But this year, thanks to ISB, I started going and became more fit. So the ISB is an all-rounder. ISB is also about coming back to family – a close knit of people working together for the same goals and mission.”

Being MAD

“Personally, my mission is to change as many lives as possible. Reason being that QNET and The V changed my life and my family’s life – something that I could never have done, no matter what I did out there.”

world. If you can convince yourself and believe a hundred per cent that this is going to work and this is going to happen, then you are going to make it happen. The rest will just follow in place. That’s the only way you can raise yourself to help other people. Remember, it is raise yourself first to help mankind, not the other way around. With that faith, you will become unstoppable. That would be my advice.”

My favourite QNET product

“My favourite QNET product was and is the Amezcua Bio Disc. The reason I love the Bio Disc so much is that as unconventional as it looks, it is the one that has given me the most fulfilling experience. Why? The numerous benefits that it has provided to our family is unbelievable. And personally, I have seen a huge difference with the use of this product. Clients and customers have always given me positive feedback about it. I also love the new Swiss eLearning Institute courses which I think are amazing for a lot of young people like me.”

By Minali Liyanage, Senior Communications Executive A female warrior celebrating life’s small victories, whilst nurturing her soul with mint M&M’s.




Living A Healthy Lifestyle QNET IRs Unveil Their Favourite Wellness Products Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle and have extra energy throughout the day? QNET has been constantly bringing you a broad range of wellness products giving you the opportunity to boost your health and live your life to the fullest. In this issue of aspIRe, some of our IRs share their QNET wellness product experiences with us. How do these products make a difference in their lives? Find out now! “My favourite QNET wellness products are the Amezcua Bio Disc and the Amezcua Chi Pendant. I have been using these products for almost a year now. I am much healthier and have more energy. I drink approximately three litres of energised water every day. I also use energised water to wash my face every day. My wife and my kids also love the Bio Disc. I recommend these products to my friends and colleagues. Today many of them decided to take a journey with QNET. Besides this, my wife has been wearing Veloci-Ti for over three months now. She has boasted that she was the only woman who achieved complete exercise in her aerobics class. Veloci-Ti really helps improve her physical performance and endurance. She is a real life testimony!” Srinivasa Kumaran (Srini), India

“I love QNET energy products. Today we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields caused by mobile phones, televisions and other electronic devices. These create negative energy which is very harmful to the human body. I have been using The V Chi Pendant for two years. It helps balance and harmonise my energy level and gives me more focus. I also love the Himalayan Crystal Collection™ products. They help support my overall well-being. The design also looks good. I think all QNET energy products, including Amezcua Bio Disc, Amezcua Chi Pendant and Himalayan Crystal Collection™ are very important, especially in modern day living. I strongly recommend everyone to try these products. They are really helpful and effective. I’m also using NutriSky®. It gives me energy, enhances my immune system, and improves my blood circulation. I always recommend it to all of my friends.” Mohamed El-Gindy, Egypt

“I love FibreFit. I’m a doctor and I believe this product is useful for me and my family to meet our daily requirements of fibre intake. Everyone in my family consumes FibreFit on a daily basis and it works wonders.” Konan Koffi Pacome, Ivory Coast


“One of my favourite energy product lines is the Himalayan Crystal Collection™. The jewellery is not only beneficial for one’s health, but also beautiful. These products are very popular for both men and women since they are stunning and can be worn with clothes of different styles, and the natural crystals give off their own energy. These products are very popular in Russia now.” Marina Ermolaeva, Russia

“I’ve been using the Amezcua Energy Shell. Taking a shower with enhanced water through the Amezcua Energy Shell really makes me feel fresh and energised. We attach the Amezcua Energy Shell to the water pipe that irrigates plants on the entire farm. I’ve noticed the quality of the fruits is better. For example, our bananas are bigger and sweeter and don’t have that bitter or sour taste that you normally get.” Michelle Desai, India

The Amezcua Bio Disc is my first and favourite product. I feel much healthier after using it. I did a lot of research about the Bio Disc through the Internet. My wife and my kids also drink water energised from the Bio Disc. They really like it. My kids feel that it tastes better than the normal drinking water and that makes them drink more energised water. When I conduct business presentations, my key topic is the Amezcua Bio Disc. Most of my Downlines made the Bio Disc their first purchase. Bonkoungou Abdoul Ouahabo, Burkina Faso

So what’s your favourite QNET product? We want to hear from you. Share your experiences and stories about your favourite QNET product and email us at shareyourstory@qnet.net.

By Chanatthanan Jonglaekha, Scriptwriter/Copywriter Beneath her calm and collected face you will find a true romancer.





n the last issue, I covered some basic rules in my column, Social Media 101, about how you can apply real life social skills on an online social environment (if you haven’t read it, go get a copy of aspIRe Issue 12 or read it online at www.qnet.net/aspIRe).

with a USD 50 smartphone, simplicity should be the key goal in the way you communicate and present yourself in your social profiles.

Have you heard of the KISS principle? No, I am not referring to the flamboyant 70s rock group or suggesting any intimate actions on your part. KISS here means Keep It Simple, Stupid! It’s an acronym originally coined by an engineer in an American defence aircraft design company. The story goes that he handed a team of design engineers a handful of tools, with the challenge that the jet aircraft they were designing must be repairable by an average mechanic in the field under combat conditions with only these tools! His point being that any system works best if you keep it simple rather than complex. And that is exactly the principle I strongly advocate in helping you navigate the somewhat combative social media jungle. With the dozens of social platforms available today to anyone

Simplicity of design makes Apple products (iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc.) such a delight to use.




Simplicity of interface and features has gained Twitter more than 140 million active users sending out 340 million tweets a day. That’s more than 1 billion tweets every 3 days!1 Google’s search page is the perfect example of simplicity (does anyone even bother to use any other search engine in today’s world?). Swiss writer and entrepreneur, Alain de Botton observed, “Cultures are drawn to create things that are missing from their age and environment.” It’s no wonder simplicity is a goal of our current culture. The more complex our lives become with the intrusion of technology in every sphere of life, the more we crave simplicity. (Remember the 80s and 90s when everything was ‘over the top’? Big hair, loud colours, complex electronic music, etc.). In this age of information overload, simplicity in communication is what gets you noticed. Just think about your Facebook News Feed when you login to it in the morning. What grabs your attention first? Is it (a) the funny one-liners and the photos or (b) the links to articles, poems and other information that requires your time and focus? I am confident that the majority answer to that question is (a). It does not in any way diminish your intellectual pursuits. It is just easier and faster to read a funny one liner and share it or click ‘like’ on a photograph within a moment of viewing it.

In 1961, U.S. President John F. Kennedy famously said his vision was to “Put a man on the moon and bring him back safely within a decade.” More than half a century later, people still remember that line because it was a simple, yet powerful statement. If JFK was a modern day CEO, he may have phrased it differently – “Our mission is to become the international leader in the space industry through maximum teamcentred innovation and strategically targeted aerospace initiatives.”2 In the digital age, your social profile says a lot about you. Facebook is very popular with the QNET family of IRs (we have nearly 100k fans on our QNET Official Page!). I know many of you use it to communicate with your team, to share motivational messages, post event and training information, and a lot more. With a growing network that transcends language, culture and geographical boundaries, how do you make sure that your status update on Facebook is understood by everyone in the way you meant it? Aim for clear, clean communication that cannot be

By Ramya Chandrasekaran, Head of Digital Media & Brand Management




The Ultimate Online Sales And Marketing Tool For The Professional IR Be in more places at once!


ou’re a business owner, a networker and overall a very busy person; you often dream you could be in multiple places at once, because running a business is no easy task. Turn your dream into reality with the new QNET Life Site! The revolutionary QNET Life Site is a complete evolution of your personal

website, and it comes with a wide variety of integrated business tools – lead management, email marketing campaigns, communication with Uplines and Downlines, time and task management, training centre, notices and, coming soon, access to an exclusive private social network – all from one place. This means you can be in more places at once and get more done in order to push your business to success!

The QNET Life Site is designed to be the ultimate sales and marketing tool for you – our professional IR. Convert prospects into IRs and Retail Customers, whilst increasing your retail and repeat sales. With a complete evolution of the Personal Website and the addition of many useful business management features, this world-class integrated online tool will boost your business practices further than ever.

Welcome to QNET Life Site! Retail. Repeat. Refer.

View all the activity that’s happening with regard to your business on one dashboard! Now your office, emails, calendar, contact manager, daily tasks, product orders, marketing tools, support centre, and so much more is rolled into one, everything is conveniently available at the click of a button!

UNIQUE PRODUCT PAGES Unique product landing pages for each of the products in your eStore lets you generate new leads, communicate with your prospects, and effectively follow-up with them. Turning your prospects into Downlines or Retail Customers is now a piece of cake!

EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Easily manage and communicate directly with your prospects with pre-written and scripted email marketing campaigns.

TIME AND TASK MANAGEMENT TOOLS Be proactive and productive by staying on top of your tasks, monitoring your new Downlines, and streamlining your time so you can get more done in just one sitting.

TRAINING CENTRE Get the most out of your QNET Life Site experience with essential training and support.

QNET’S PRIVATE SOCIAL NETWORK Give your business a personality by connecting with the QNET community. Share experiences, tips and ideas to take your business to another level! Login to your Virtual Office to register for your unique domain name and create your own QNET Life Site! Manage your business online and enjoy your QNET LIFE SITE experience today!

By Ankita Sodhia, Marketing Communications Executive Kid at heart – addicted to coffee, bright colours, cartoons and lame humor.



Meet The Speediest Member Of The QNET Family


ou may have noticed recently that QNET VFan is looking a little bit different… a little bit rounder, a little bit shorter, a little bit more digital, and a little bit less human.

more ‘animated’ F1 super fan. Your trusted source for news and behind-the-scenes knowledge from the QNET-sponsored Marussia F1 Team is, as always, QNET VFan. So let’s get to know our new VFan a little better…

Who is VFan?

QNET VFan has been QNET’s insider source for all things Marussia F1, throughout the 2011 F1 season (back when the team went by the name of Marussia Virgin Racing) and into the 2012 season.

What’s changed?

As you know, the former VFan toured with the team, bringing us amazing insights into the fascinating world of Formula 1. But all great things must come to an end and the VFan title has been handed over to a new and a slightly

QNET VFan facts:

Height: 100 cm Weight: 16.3 kg Top speed: 185 km/h Favourite film: Fast & Furious, anything starring Dato’ Vijay Eswaran or Pathman Senathirajah

QNET asks VFan about his hobbies and here is what he says: “Let me see… going to F1 races, watching F1, playing F1 video games, hanging out in the Marussia F1 Team

garage, giving away Fanpoints in FanHQ, helping QNET IRs promote their business through F1, making QNET staff and IRs even more proud of their company through F1… oh, and did I mention I love F1?”

VFan’s thoughts on the Marussia F1 Team:

“Marussia F1 Team is a team that keeps getting stronger and stronger. The breakthrough performance of young rookie Charles Pic has been wonderful to watch, this is one of the most dynamic and exciting teams on the grid with a huge future in front of them… Go Marussia F1 Team! And go QNET!

Visit the VFan blog, follow VFan on Facebook and Twitter!

Tweet the photos! Welcome to FanHQ!

Your ticket to F1!

Prove You Are Fan Enough… Upload your photos!

Win The Ultimate Race Weekend!


NET, in partnership with Marussia F1 Team, gives YOU the chance to get to the Ultimate Race Weekend: a star-studded VIP F1 experience like no other. Your ticket is at FanHQ. Here’s how it works…

Get to FanHQ

Guess what? FanHQ and the contest is open to QNET IRs and NOT to the public. Login to your Virtual Office and head over to FanHQ to embark on your F1 journey TODAY!

Get Fanpoints

Fanpoints are the points that you collect by getting involved and interacting with

FanHQ. You can upload your Marussia F1 Team experiences such as watching a race with friends, visiting the Marussia F1 Team Show Car, uploading pictures to FanHQ, or sharing F1 information through social media. The more you get involved, the more Fanpoints you earn!

Get to the Ultimate Race Weekend

The user with the highest number of Fanpoints at the end of the season will be awarded an incredible trip for two, all expenses paid, to the Malaysia GP 2013, where they will enjoy the ultra-high-class surroundings of Paddock club alongside QNET royalty including Dato’ Vijay Eswaran!

The total value of this package is well over USD 20,000!

FanHQ gives you more!

FanHQ is your one-stop service for all QNET Marussia F1 Team promotional materials. You can download great wallpapers and photos and find out everything about the team… from technical details on the amazing MR01 car to the team’s updates for this season. With all this to offer and more, what are you waiting for? Visit your Virtual Office to head over to FanHQ now! By Ned Smith, Copywriter The best neighbour anybody can ask for.




Around The World!

QNET “Marussia F1 Team” World Show Car Tour


he magnificent Marussia F1 Team show car has been zooming around the world on its latest tour, making some exciting pit stops along the way, giving you the chance to get closer to the car than you ever would at a race! The 2012 Show Car Tour has been a huge success thus far; it’s difficult not to get excited about F1 and the chance to see an F1 car up-close is rare, let alone

an F1 car that has the name of YOUR company painted boldly on its high-tech, high-speed exterior!

But wait! The tour won’t end there. India and Hong Kong have been confirmed as the late-season hosts.

So far, the tour has taken QNET’s Marussia F1 Team show car on a globe-trotting voyage to Malaysia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Next on the list is Indonesia, where the car will greet our QNET family as we swarm into V-Indonesia 2012, high on QNET spirit.

If you haven’t seen the car as of yet, catch it at V-Indonesia or on one of its final stops in 2012. Where and when exactly will the show car show up in India and Hong Kong? Visit VFan’s blog (www.qnet.net/vfan) or the QNET blog (www.qnet.net/blog) to find out more!

What’s new?

Be prepared for a completely different vehicle! The replica VR-01, Virgin Racing show car, featuring the special QNET livery from Abu Dhabi 2010, has been retired. This year, under the new Marussia F1 Team name, we’re presenting the all-new MR01 car replica; QNET’s high-speed flagship on a show-stopping world tour.

The 2010 VR-01* * Marussia F1 Team (previously known as Virgin Racing) VR-01 2010 Abu Dhabi GP show car.

The new 2012 MR01 By Ned Smith, Copywriter The best neighbour anybody can ask for.

Meet The Team The Force Behind Marussia F1 Team Y

ou know the team – Marussia F1 Team. But do you know its members? Follow this section in each issue as we present to you some of the key players of the team. For this issue, get to know one of the team’s newest members – Charles Pic. Name: Charles Pic Hometown: Montélimar, France Position: Driver #25

Can you give us a brief description about your role and what it entails?

Drive and work closely with the team to develop the car.

What is the biggest benefit to working at Marussia F1 Team?

It’s a hard working team that is always trying to improve, this is the biggest benefit.

What Grand Prix is your favourite on the calendar? Barcelona or Nürburgring.

What is your favourite part of a GP race weekend? The race.

What is your favourite car (besides the MR01)? Nissan GT-R.

What is the biggest misconception about Formula One? That a job in Formula One doesn’t need a lot of hard work.

If you didn’t work in Formula One, what would you be doing? Working in the financial industry.

Describe Marussia F1 Team in three words. Gr_e_at!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? An F1 Driver.

What is the motto you live by? Make your passion happen.

What animal best reflects your personality? A leopard.

If you were a superhero, who would you be? Superman.

What would you spend your last dollar on? Food.

What’s your ultimate comfort food? Hmmm… I can’t decide.

By Lizzie Phillips, Sports Sponsorship PR Manager A sports nut from London who now lives in Asia.

Striving For The Top

A Sailing Team With A Difference


acing a tiny, unsteady and speedy sailing boat across a dark, hostile sea of choppy waves requires bravery and determination. It is a daring adventure that would terrify most of us. And now imagine doing it with a disability. Imagine how challenging it would be. This is exactly the challenge that Diana Cantelejo and Francisco Villa, a Spanish Scud 18 sailing team, wanted to take on in their bid for the 2012 Paralympic Games. But competing in sailing events in another country requires a lot of support. When QNET heard about the endeavour Diana and Francisco had taken on and realised that we could help to make their Olympic dreams come true, we couldn’t wait to ‘jump aboard’ and lend a hand. The team consists of Diana Cantelejo, the skipper, who is confined to a wheelchair after a gas explosion left her paraplegic and teammate Francisco Villa, or Kiko (as he is known to his friends), who was

born with cerebral paralysis. The boat is a Skud 18, one of three classes of sailing in the Paralympic Games. The Skud 18 is a very exciting class of sailing because the boat uses three sails and can be quite difficult for the crew to manage. The Paralympic Games started in 1960 and since then have become the global platform of competition for athletes who face disabilities of any kind, a showcase of equal treatment and opportunity and one of the biggest sporting events in the world. QNET strongly believes that though people may face challenges in life, they can strive to overcome these hurdles. We are very proud of all the amazing sports partnerships that we have supported over the years. Not only are sports a wonderful way to get the QNET brand out there whilst supporting something positively fun and healthy, but we also believe that in our business, we can learn so much from the drive and dedication to excellence that professional

During the race, Fra ncisco Villa and Dia proudly wore the na Cantelejo ir Veloci-Ti Pendan ts.

athletes show. This is even truer for athletes with disabilities like Diana and Kiko. Following the QNET vision of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, this was the perfect opportunity for us to support something truly inspirational, whilst at the same time learning a priceless lesson about what can be achieved through passion, teamwork and dedication, despite the hardship and setbacks. Unfortunately, after a strong effort at the London 2012 qualifiers in Weymouth, UK in June 2012, the team missed out on getting a place at the Games. But as they say themselves, this is not the end of their journey but rather the beginning. The team continues to work hard to overcome challenges and prove themselves number one in the world of sailing and sports. QNET wishes them success for their future and will continue to follow their amazing and encouraging story.

By Ned Smith, Copywriter The best neighbour anybody can ask for.


A Heart Of Gold

Football Superstar Vincent Kompany Drops In At Taarana For Some Fun And Games


n 2011, Belgian football superstar Vincent Kompany captained the Manchester City FC to win the FA Cup before going on to win the Premier League in 2012 – the team’s first league title in forty-four years. So, what does a celebrated champion in his prime like Kompany do with his spare time during off-season? Hanging out at night clubs for A-listers and Hollywood parties? Lounging on private yachts in the Caribbean? Well, maybe, but there’s more to this football legend than that. When Kompany took up QNET’s invitation to come and spend a morning at Taarana School, a school for children with special needs in Malaysia, he showed that he’s a down-to-earth celebrity with a heart of gold. Kompany, who interestingly is also an official FIFA ambassador for registered charity SOS Children’s Villages, had a wonderful time learning about the school’s activities and meeting with the children. His infectious smile quickly spread to

everyone as he conducted two coaching sessions with the kids and faced some tough competition from young opponents in a friendly game of football. Manchester City’s captain shares some common values with QNET; a social conscience which urges us to make a difference by helping those who are in need and doing what we can to give them a brighter future. This concept is manifest in RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. More than simply a CSR arm, RYTHM is QNET’s corporate heartbeat. During the Press Conference, which was part of Kompany’s QNET-sponsored tour of Asia, Kompany shared his impression of the magnificent school: “I am amazed at the dedication of the teachers here and congratulate Vijayaratnam Foundation for having opened the school, which I understand is one of the first of its kind in Malaysia.” Of course, playing sport is a vital part of any child’s development. In this respect,

the children of Taarana are no different; they will never forget the day that the captain of champions, Manchester City, came to their school from the other side of the world, just to visit, kick a football around with them and have some fun. The teachers at Taarana School, the parents, the RYTHM staff and, most importantly, the children deserve great recognition for putting on such an exceptional event. Taarana School A school in Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur, set up by the Vijayaratnam Foundation, the Malaysian chapter of the RYTHM Foundation, for children aged 6-12 who face challenges with delayed development in academic, social and adaptive skills, also known as Mild Intellectual Disability (MID). Vincent Kompany The captain of Manchester City FC, captain of the Belgium national football team and an all-round nice guy.

By Ned Smith, Copywriter The best neighbour anybody can ask for.






ape Town may be renowned for its magical beaches and sunny skies, but if you thought that the Mother City of Africa was only worth visiting in summer, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The city reveals a delightfully different side in the winter months from June to September, and offers plenty to see and do that are better enjoyed in winter. Visiting Cape Town in the off-peak season means fewer crowds and shorter queues at attractions, lower air fares, and reduced rates for accommodations. Winter is also the best time to hike the mountains and one of the best times to witness magnificent sunsets because of the pure mountain air and beautiful clear sky. Here are more fantastic indoor and outdoor winter activities and attractions that you can enjoy:

Wildlife safaris

It is the winter and early spring months that enthusiasts consider the best time to go on safari. Many trees and shrubs lose their leaves, and grass grows thinner from grazing, so visibility of wildlife increases

dramatically. Areas of surface water dry out in winter, so movements of game and herds become more predictable. During winter, the region turns shades of yellow and brown, while the night time temperatures can vary between 0-12 degrees Celsius.


The perfect time to catch these awe-inspiring creatures is between July and early November, when a large number of Southern Right whales come into the bays to breed and calve. Hermanus, 120 km east of Cape Town, is one of the best land-based places for whale-watching, although these gentle giants can be seen throughout the coast. The whales got their name from the days of whaling, as they were considered the ‘right’ whales to hunt for their blubber. Today, these marine mammals are no longer hunted in these oceans, and can be seen frolicking in the bays or even breaching out of the water during the winter months.

Cage diving with sharks

The visibility of the ocean is at its best during winter, which means ideal conditions for shark cage diving. This thrilling

encounter can be enjoyed even without scuba diving qualifications as divers remain secure within strong metal cages while observing majestic Great Whites in their natural habitat. The best shark cage diving can be done at Gansbaai. Guests are picked up from their hotels in the city centre and taken by bus to Gansbaai in the Overberg region of the Cape. After a safety briefing and breakfast, the boat takes off to Shark Alley for a totally unforgettable experience in the ocean depths.

Explore the deep seas – from indoors

The Two Oceans Aquarium on the Waterfront showcases the marine life of South Africa’s two great oceans – the Indian and the Atlantic – and is a fascinating underwater wonderland for kids and adults alike. The aquarium features more than 3,000 living sea creatures including sharks, tropical fishes, penguins, giant spider crabs, turtles, and seals frolicking in their own pool. There’s also a fantastic play area and touch pool for kids, as well as the opportunity for adults with PADI Open Water certifications to dive with the predators.


Touring the Cape Winelands The Cape Winelands turn magnificently lush during the winter as rain revitalises the landscape. Escape the winter chill by visiting wine cellars and warming yourself with samples of rich reds and fortified wines, flavoursome cheeses and hearty Cape cuisine.

Fine dining in Cape Town’s top restaurants

During the quiet low season months, many of Cape Town’s restaurants offer various discounts and promotions on their winter menus. For diners, this is an opportunity to enjoy some of Cape Town’s finest (and often priciest) cuisine at discounted prices, without any compromise on quality. The city offers a huge range of dining options, with cuisine from all over the world. A quick online search will reveal which restaurants in Cape Town are offering winter specials.

Cape Town comedy

Keep yourself warm with healthy doses of laughter at any of the popular comedy clubs throughout the city. Long Street boasts a number of venues that offer

comedy nights, such as Zula Bar, Purple Turtle and Raggazi. The Baxter Theatre in Rondebosch also showcases a number of more well-known acts, delivering plenty of laughs and a great night out.

Unwind at a health spa

Winter is a great time to make use of heated indoor pools and Jacuzzis. During winter, many spas in Cape Town offer discounts on their treatments, or special deals for individuals, couples or groups. These venues are warm and indulgent, and guests are encouraged to relax in the heated interiors, enjoy warm beverages, or soak in bubbling Jacuzzis – and that’s even before the treatments begin!

Experience Cape Town from The Centurion All Suite Hotel

The Centurion All Suite Hotel in the beautiful city of Cape Town is one of QVI Club’s Home Resorts. Located in Sea Point, the hotel is a self-catering holiday accommodation with spacious units beautifully appointed with their own lounges and kitchens, and furnished in a modern style. The property is situated close to amenities, shops, restaurants, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the beachfront and promenade, all of which make this an ideal place from which to venture out and explore the Cape. For more information, visit www.qnet.net or www.qviclub.com. By Mayen Fok, Head of Marketing, QLifestyle Developed an inexplicable craving for Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia while writing this article.



QNET’s Global Support SUPPORT

Centre Wins Big! Bagging The Rewards At APCSC The winners of each category present their awards.


his year is indeed a golden year for QNET, especially at the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC).

Lengthy and meticulous application and documentation process? Check. Conscientious presentations of our business case? Check. Office visits? Check. Teamwork and full coordination? Check. Passion and dedication towards our goal? Check. What’s all this for? All to put QNET’s name among the stars! Yes, QNET’s Global Support Centre (GSC) had to meet and exceed high Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) standards. Three of QNET’s senior managers from GSC had to go through an intensive 4-day certification course and the entire GSC team had to go through several rounds of evaluation which included presentations, one-on-one interviews and site visits to the 24/7 Contact Centre in Malaysia and GSC office in Hong Kong.

So now we are giving you a bright and shining reason why you should mark the date 14 June 2012 – our GSC bagged numerous awards in the Direct Marketing Category at the APCSC awards! • Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year • Global Support Services of the Year • Integrated Support Team of the Year • Contact Centre of the Year

We also have individual winners in the Direct Marketing Category! • CRM Director of the Year – Malou T. Caluza • CRM Manager of the Year – Jennifer Sham Wai Po • Customer Service Manager of the Year (Contact Centre) – Pushpalatha Balan • Customer Service Professional of the Year (Service Centre) – Eva Sin Wing Yee • Merit, Customer Service Professional of the Year (Contact Centre) – Mohammed Almurtada Sabr Abdel Hadi The festive and prestigious awarding ceremony was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Langham Place Hotel in Mongkok, Hong Kong after a very fruitful 2-day Leadership Summit where our very own Chief of Network Services Ms Malou Caluza was one of the speakers and guest panellists. Others included CEO of Help Desk Institute (Japan) Mr Tatsumi Yamashita, Director and General Manager of Asia Miles Limited of Cathay Pacific Airways Mr Stephen Wong, eCommerce Director of Yahoo Hong Kong Mr Mark Liu, and more. Those who attended not only gathered valuable customer-centric input, up-to-date marketing strategies and the latest social media trends, but also had the chance to mingle with some of the giants of business. Among those who attended were representatives from DHL Express, Accenture, Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association and Kerry Logistics… just to name a few! “To be recognised within a cutting-edge and fiercely competitive industry is an

achievement in itself,” says QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer. “This is a true reflection of partnership and professionalism shown by our Global Support Centre (GSC). They have paved the road and shown us a living example of how individual belief, ceaseless fortitude and teamwork can help us reach our goals,” he continues. QNET’s proud Chief of Network Services – APCSC Director of the Year for Direct Marketing – Ms Malou Caluza explains that their quest to become the best of the best doesn’t just end here: “Through such highly regarded achievements, QNET will continue to go from strength to strength, striving as always to stay at the top. Here at QNET, we believe in providing our network with infinite opportunities of getting more out of life. We have one goal in sight – to continue making a universal community with unlimited opportunities.” Let us all mark this remarkable new QNET milestone together! Cheers!

About Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC) is founded with the belief that ‘Customer Relationship Excellence is the only way to sharpen competitive edge’. APCSC jointly offers the most recognised global certifications for CRM, Customer Services, Contact Centres, Support Services with global education partners and international membership organisations to set standards worldwide. APCSC is also the founding member for the International Council of Customer Service Organizations (www.iccso.org). To learn more about APCSC, visit www.apcsc.com.

By Jeannie L. Tan, Project Executive for Network Services Time travelling sounds fun. Any idea where I can get a fully-licensed time machine?


Making A Difference… One Step At A Time

Spectators Wowed At QNET CSR Concert In Khazakstan


n April 2012, more than 300 spectators that thronged the Theatre of the Young Spectator in Almaty, Kazakhstan were wowed as they watched some 50 children showcasing 10 colourful and spectacular performances of songs, dances, drama and traditional numbers in a unique concert sponsored by QNET. The children, aged between 6 and 12, included those with special needs. The concert was a huge success with both children and adults enjoying themselves, laughing and smiling along with the rest of the crowd. “It is the first time they are coming before a large audience to display their talents in singing, dancing and acting, more so with such courage and confidence. It is something for all of us to be proud of,” said RYTHM Foundation Trustee Mr Bernhard H. Mayer. The concert, part of QNET’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, was supported by the Almalinsky District Office

and QNET Agency Office in Kazakhstan, Diamond Agencies LLP. However, this is not the first time that QNET makes its mark in Almaty. “Previous CSR initiatives have been initiated in the Almaty region,” Mr Mayer explains to aspIRe. “In 2010, we donated a desperately needed school bus for the Regional Special Boarding School for Hearing Impaired Children in Taldykurgan. That same year, we also provided emergency supplies to flood victims in the village of Kyzyl-Agash, where 39 people lost their lives and over a thousand were made homeless when a reservoir broke its dam,” he said. Khazakstan is not the only country in which QNET has strived to Make A Difference. As a global business, QNET’s mission is RYTHM, or ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’. “Guided by this mission of serving the communities in which we operate, QNET is propelled to carry out

CSR initiatives all over the world, including in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia,” Mr Mayer continues. Meanwhile, the Head of Almalinsky District Office, M.U. Pribenkov commended QNET for its efforts and called on more international corporations to follow the company’s lead. “QNET has set an excellent example for other international corporations to emulate, and we hope they will also come forward with CSR initiatives of their own,” Pribenkkov stated when asked about his feelings about the event. “Every CSR project is important because by coming together, the Government, businesses and community organisations can move our nation forward,” he said. QNET continues its journey on Making A Difference all around the world – striving to make this world a better place… one step at a time.

By Ploi Phayakvichien, Copywriter Is not a morning person but becomes super hyperactive in the afternoon.


I can get commissions directly to my bank account! I’m happy with Qashout! It’s easy to use and set up!

In less than 2 days, the money was in my bank account! I’m so glad the service is available. Everyone can use Qashout!

– Frank Boago Ramogapi, Botswana

– Lucia Pinto, Spain



I can get my money hassle-free! Qashout is good… the set-up process is clear and the service is easy to use. – Rajiv Patel, Hong Kong

The Powerful Electronic Commission Payment System!


aintaining and managing your business finances is quite a tedious task that requires a lot of daily effort and dedication. To enhance your business experience, QNET has launched Qashout – a new financial service that will make your life a lot easier! What is Qashout? Qashout is an easy-to-use, secure ePayment system exclusively made for your global business needs as a QNET Independent Representative. It is seamlessly integrated with your

*Options vary depending on countries.

Q Account, allowing you to quickly and easily transfer your Q Account commission payments straight into your bank account! Now you can get your cash from anywhere in the world!

Telegraphic Transfer (TT) fees, and highly competitive bank exchange fees. This means your options are even more global and that you pay less fees to access your own commissions.

How does it work? Linked to your Q Account, your Qashout account lets you easily manage all your commissions from one place, and transfer your commissions to any bank account in the world.* Qashout also means huge savings in bank and transfer fees when compared to the traditional

How do I get started? Create your own Qashout account by accessing your Q Account through the Virtual Office. For more information, visit the Qashout website at www.qashout.com and be sure to look through the Quick Start Guide and FAQs to get started today!

Disclaimer: Qashout is for IRs under the World Plan only and is not available for selected countries. Fees and availability are subject to change without prior notice. Please check the availability of Qashout on the Qashout Country List in the Virtual Office. By Ankita Sodhia, Marketing Communications Executive Kid at heart – addicted to coffee, bright colours, cartoons and lame humour.


QI And QNET Hong Kong A Caring Company Indeed!


fter being awarded the Smoke-free Leading Company Award by the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) last 14 March 2012, QI and QNET Hong Kong have been graced once again by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service with the Caring Company Award for 2011-2012! Yes, another significant achievement has been proudly added to the wall of fame of QI and QNET Hong Kong. The certificates celebrate and symbolise that we are indeed a company that truly cares for our employees, our community and the environment; not only through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, but also through our small and big efforts in making Hong Kong and the world a better place to live in. In 2002, the Hong Kong Society of Social Service kick-started the Caring Company project with the mission to build a cohesive society by promoting strategic partnerships among business and social service partners and inspiring CSR through acts of caring for company employees, the community and the environment. Since its launch, the number of awarded companies and organisations has increased from 259 in 2002/03 to 2,510 in 2011/12. Through these numbers, we can say that the campaign is definitely achieving its goals of raising public awareness of good corporate citizenship demonstrated by the business and public sectors and their contributions to a caring community. Having said all this, we can now also attest that QI and QNET Hong Kong are one of the companies that share this same noble goal.

From left to right, Acting Global HR Head Ikki Yuen, Group Financial Officer Cathy Zhou, Global Support Operations Head Jennifer Sham and CSR Committee Member Cadroe Lee.

The moment everyone is waiting for – the award presentation ceremony.

The Caring Company NGO Partnership Day 2011/12 held last 3 May 2012 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre was a huge success. Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) booths were set-up inside the venue to cater to the CSR needs of the attending companies. It was like a one-stop CSR activity and shopping venue! Of course, this event would not be complete without the awards! To cap off the momentous occasion, Global Support Operations Head Ms Jennifer Sham and Group Financial Officer Ms Cathy Zhou received certificates on behalf of QI and QNET Hong Kong. They were, of course, accompanied by our Acting Global HR Head, Ms Ikki Yuen. This is truly a meaningful recognition for QI and QNET Caring Companies!

The NGO booths served as a one-stop CSR activity and shopping venue.

By Jeannie L. Tan, Project Executive for Network Services Time travelling sounds fun. Any idea where I can get a fully-licensed time machine?



Agent Name: Country: Office Address: Contact No.:

El Hadj Souleymane Sawadogo Burkina Faso PO BOX 1713 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso +226 70 20 5532 +226 70 02 8302

Market Watch Burkina Faso


hen was the Agency Office opened in Burkina Faso? The Agency Office opened in April 2011.

Please describe the market in your country. What makes it unique? The market in Burkina Faso grows slowly but steadily. It is a unique market because, due to the rate of illiteracy, which is about 78 per cent, people have little access to the Internet and the need to see or hear testimonies is a major importance to them before they decide to buy QNET products.

What services do you provide in the local office? Our local office mainly provides business and product trainings for Independent Representatives (IRs), presentations for prospects, delivery of redirected products, GSC services, monitoring of the market, and contact with local authorities. What have been the latest achievements in your market? Recently, we faced a challenge in the newspapers that involved the QNET brand image but after thorough government investigation, we were able to regain prestige mainly because of the undeniable quality of our products and the professionalism of our staff.

Burkina Faso leaders and agency staff.

How do you envision the future of network marketing in your country? We believe that network marketing will be the new dependable style of business in Burkina Faso. The market will keep growing not only because our products are reliable; the business is also well-adapted and practical. What are the most popular products in your market and why? Presently, the Amezcua Bio Disc is the most popular product in Burkina Faso because first of all, it is a wellness product that the whole family can enjoy and benefit from and anybody can market it as a business. Isn’t that wonderful? What else would you like to share? QNET has made a tremendous impact on my personal life and the lives of many other Independent Representatives. It has positively changed my vision of the world and has also made me healthier.

The friendly and hardworking staff at the Burkina Faso agency office.


Water Filter HomePure is a high-quality water filter that incorporates a mechanical, seven-filter media Ultrafiltration (UF) system, meaning that seven filter stages are combined into one single filter cartridge. The well-selected filter media and its specifications allow for clean and safe filter performance that ensures water is filtered. HomePure is tested and certified with the NSF mark by the world-renowned NSF International, The Public Health and Safety CompanyTM.

Advanced Skin Care BioSilver 22 Gel utilises scientifically proven and exclusively patented SilverSol TechnologyÂŽ, which has antibacterial properties. Not only does BioSilver 22 Gel provide thorough cleansing and sanitising of your hands and body, it also ensures good care for your skin given the realities of living a modern life. With BioSilver 22 Gel, you can adequately and conveniently cleanse yourself and go about the day without being afraid to interact with your environment.

Your Natural Bodyguard OlĂŠ Olive Leaf Extract is your everyday boost with 400% greater antioxidants capacity than Vitamin C. It is a natural defender of the immune system and can help maintain a normal and healthy cardiovascular system. With its high content of antioxidants and polyphenolic capacity, olive leaf extract is a powerful combatant against free radicals.

Protect Yourself. Balance Your Energy. Reduce Your Stress. The Amezcua E-Guard is a unique wellness solution that provides protection for your body from the harmful effects of electrosmog exposure from mobile phones, computers, laptops and televisions. Your E-Guards go wherever you go by being discreetly attached to your electronic devices. The Amezcua E-Guard provides immediate relief for those affected by electro-sensitivities, while acting as a preventative measure, protecting you from future health problems.

A Perfect Companion For The Amezcua Bio Disc Photons – the concept of the basic units of light developed by Albert Einstein – and their interaction within and on biological systems is a long established field of scientific study. The Amezcua Bio Light is specifically designed to take advantage of the concept of biophotons. Shining the Amezcua Bio Light through the Amezcua Bio Disc helps generate the biophotons to improve the performance of enhancing your energy levels and improving the taste of your food and beverages.

Weight Management Solutions Integrating the most cutting-edge science and technology, InShape offers you complete weight-management solutions to suit your busy and hectic lifestyle. Items range from core and abdominal strengthening products and accessories, to delicious and nutritious food supplements and drinks, to in-depth digital courses aimed at turning you into a health and wellness expert. Take control of your health now!





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24 hours a day, 7 days a week, available worldwide in 27 languages: Arabic, Bambara, Bashkir, Bobo, Cantonese, Cheshen, English, French, Gurunci, Hausa, Hindi, (Bahasa) Indonesia, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Malayalam, Mandarin, (Bahasa) Melayu, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Swahilli, Tamil, Tatar, Turkish, Urdu and Uzbek, with more being added all the time.

International +603 7949 8288 (All languages)

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For media enquiries please contact media@qnet.net.

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Thailand 55 Wave Place Tower, 13th Floor 13.08 Room, Wireless Road Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330, Thailand Tel: +66 2655 1526 to 28 Fax: +66 2655 1529 UAE – Abu Dhabi C901, Building C6 Bainona Street 34 Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 2 652 4888 Fax: +971 2 652 4890 UAE – Dubai Unit M01-M02 Nassima Tower Building Trade Centre First Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai United Arab Emirates • AFFILIATED COMPANIES QNET Malaysia QNet (M) Sdn Bhd Level 2, QI Tower, Block C, PJ8 No. 23, Jalan Barat, Section 8 46050 Petaling Jaya Selangor, Malaysia Tel: +603 7967 9800 Fax: +603 7967 9801 • FRANCHISE COMPANIES Turkey Qnet Promosyon, Pazarlama ve Turizm LTD. ŞTİ. Büyükdere Cad. Likör Fab. Sok. 78/80 Mecidiyeköy İstanbul, Turkey 34387 Tel: +90 212 356 56 76 Fax: +90 212 356 56 51 India Vihaan Direct Selling India Pvt. Ltd PO Box 4332 Kalyan Nagar Bangalore 560043 Tel: +91 96866 89974 +91 99000 63901 • AGENTS Armenia Mix Trade LLC 24 Moskovyan Street Yerevan 0002, Armenia Tel: +374 96 006878 Burkina Faso Burkindi Sarl 1568 Avenue Kwame N’Kruma 01 BP 1713 Ouagadougou 01 Burkina Faso Tel: +226 70 02 8302 +226 70 20 5532

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