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The Queen Margaret Union annual general election 2012 The following are candidates for election to the Queen Margaret Union Board of Management President Colum Fraser Paddy Hughes Honorary Secretary Lauren Hinton Honorary Assistant Secretary Euan Murphy Campaigns & Charities Convenor Robin Callaghan-Creighton Events Convenor Amy Johnston Paul Kelly Publications Convenor Tom Kelly Social Convenor James Ansell Bateman McBride Current Student Representative A (6 Months) 3 Positions Helen Ashforth, Alice Black, Hannah Brand, Katie Irvine Current Student Representative B (1 Year) 4 positions Alan Compton ,Craig Cuthbertson, Robert Mackenzie Becky Male, Joseph Nelson, Jo Reid, Chris Sutcliffe Current Student Representative C - 1st year only (6 Months) 2 Positions Mhairi Bruce, Jake Casson, Jamie Kargis, Andrew McAllister Former Student Member Ruaraidh MacIntyre

There will be a Hustings meeting in Jim’s bar (28/02/12 @ 6 PM) Polling will take place in Qudos (01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM)

Current Student Representative A 3 Positions (6 Months) Helen Ashforth

My name is Helen Ashforth and I am a 2nd year History and English Literature student. I am running for current student representative. I want to expand my role in the union after being a fresher’s helper this year and joining the social committee because I want to become more involved in the QM.

If I were elected student representative I would be keen to expand the role of the members in Queen Margaret Union by encouraging more student participation in committee meetings, decisions taken in the union and also training to use equipment in the union eg the karoke system. I would like to open up the third floor up to students, especially during the day as an alternative to the library as a study space, by opening up the committee rooms as areas of single or group study area. I would also like to have an open space either online or in the union for comments either good or bad, which as part of the board we could respond to and improve your union with, as well as being a person who you can approach with any problems. I am also keen to see more events in the union, as with the loss of Quids we have lost a social space for students to relax and enjoy. These events could be as varied as decade dances, I would especially like to see a speakeasy night, to classic diary events, such as a spring fling. I would also be keen to have more themed cheesy pops, due to the success of 80s cheesy and LGBT night which showed that the union can have a big role in hosting specialized events. This events could also be in conjunction with the charity of the semester or a specialized charity, helping the c and c to raise money for a good cause. I would also like to forward movie nights in the Queen Margaret union, as the union is the perfect arena for mass student movie nights. However I would like to put the choice of the movie over the members to get greater participation and interest in the movie nights. I want to have a system where members could vote for which movie they would want out of a selection. I love the QM and want to expand my involvement i n the union, by being a voice of the members in the union. I hope you vote for me as student representative rep A.

Helen Ashforth - Alice Black - Hannah Brand - Katie Irvine Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative A 3 Positions (6 Months) Alice Black

I am a proud member of the QM and having a fresher’s helper at the beginning of this year I have seen just how much this union does for its members and I want to get more involved in making it even better. I consider the QM a home from home and am passionate and committed to making the union the best it can be for all of its members. I feel that I could bring a lot to the boardhaving been a dedicated member for three years I have a good understanding of the workings of the union including what it has done successfully in the past and what things need to be worked on.

If elected I will strive to ensure the union properly represents its members and provides them with the services and opportunities which they need and I look forward to going to committee meetings and contributing as much as I can to all sections of the Union. Below are a number of things I would like to work on as a board member which I think will help the union to deliver the best services and entertainment it can both for its members and for the University as a whole. - I will work hard to promote all of the QMU’s committees as it is through these that the Union stays in touch with its membership. - I also feel that there needs to be more PR of clubs and events in order to bring more people through the QM doors. - I want to help the union to host more live music events both in Jim’s and Qudos by more events such as battle of the bands which I feel will not only help the QMU but also local and student bands. - I feel that having more accessibility to the third floor is essential as it is a great resource for members that is not well known and has the potential to be a greater part of what the QMU offers. - I would also like to work on developing a way for the union to get more feedback from members through things such as online polls and surveys.

Helen Ashforth - Alice Black - Hannah Brand - Katie Irvine Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative A 3 Positions (6 Months) Hannah Brand

My name is Hannah Brand, I’m a 3rd year nursing student and I am running for Current Student Representative A.

As a nursing student, the health and wellbeing of members is very important and such shall be the basis of my campaign. During my time at university I have been involved with the QMU in several ways, being a Fresher’s Helper, being on the Campaign & Charities Committee with a large part of my time spent on the free condom scheme running within the union. These are excellent services and I would like to look into ways they can be improved and involve different health needs of members. I have always felt the union to be a safe and inclusive place for all different kinds of people, such as the introduction of genderneutral toilets. These are very important as there is a varied membership and I will support any decisions that promote that inclusion of everyone into the union. Regular club nights such as Cheesy Pop are well known across campus, but I feel that smaller, one-off events are just as important and I would get as involved with such events as possible. I would like to attract more charities to work in conjunction with the QMU to put on such events as I feel it would be good for the union to have a wide variety of activities going on, not just at night, but during the day also. I would love to be on the Board of Management, over my time at university, the QMU has always been a place that I have gained a lot from, by getting to know people and joining in Campaigns & Charities, and I would like this chance to give something back, and do something for the newer membership, so they can have as an enjoyable experience as I have. Proposer - Suzanne Connor Seconder - Craig Brown

Helen Ashforth - Alice Black - Hannah Brand - Katie Irvine Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative A 3 Positions (6 Months) Katie Irvine

My name is Katie Irvine and I am a third year English Literature student. To date my involvement with the union has been through my work in the events committee and as a Fresher’s Week Helper. My experience of the union in this way has given me an insight into the ins and outs of the running of the building, the events that are created for the students to enjoy, the facilities made available by the union and the dedication of the existing members of the board. The above has given me a thirst for a larger role in the Queen Margaret Union. I think we have many strengths such as Cheesy Pop and our embracing of the clubs and societies that operate out with the union, but I also think that there is scope for improvement and fresh ideas. In my mind, I find myself looking around the walls of Jims Bar and feeling amazement at the incredible bands we have played host to over the years. However, I want that sense of surprise to stop. I have heard people reflect upon their own student time at Glasgow in years gone by (including my Dad) and remember the established music venue; the QMU. The past tense is what I want to work towards changing. With some live music experience of my own from out with the union, I feel I am a strong candidate in trying to implement this change. In addition to this, through my time in the Events Committee, I know some of what is involved in trying to get bands into our union. Realistically, I think we must start off small; a good reputation for live music is not something that can be built over night and I have ideas towards this which will be available on my Facebook campaign page. Another focus of mine is to work towards creating a new annual event. Through the events committee, I have met people with great imagination and creativity and through this we have delivered new events such as Mardi Gras, Lazer Rave and Versus; Battle of the Bands. This imagination should be utilised to our union’s advantage. Input from the students out with committee is also key as that way we will create the event that the students want. In order to achieve this, I think we must set up a system where our members can frequently provide feedback and ideas with maximum ease to encourage participation.

Helen Ashforth - Alice Black - Hannah Brand - Katie Irvine Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative B 4 Positions (1Year) Alan Compton

Hey, I’m Alan Compton and I’m a third year politics student running for the position of Current Student Representative B. From Home and Halls

I feel I understand the pressures that come with not living in Student Halls in my first year and the feeling of isolation that can prove overwhelming if there isn’t a quick integration into a new group. I found that the QMU was key in providing me with a fun and easy way to form friendships at university. If elected I will press hard to ensure that more is done outside of Freshers Week to make potential new members feel welcome through the creation of more in-union events, as well as closer work with the SRC, Student Halls, and other on-campus societies to ensure that no one is left feeling without a place to go on campus. Interaction In the successful running of a student union, the participation of it’s members is crucial. In order to ensure that this continues into the future generations of the QMU, I feel that a close relationship between the Board of Management and the members of the Union is key. Opportunities should be provided to show members the everyday tasks and challenges presented to a board member in order to provide a clear indicator to those considering running what will be expected of them, and in turn, what they can expect. Secondly an open, honest and transparent view from the boardroom must be given to the members of the Union. If elected I will press for this to be done through the increased reporting – both in terms of speed and quality – of board meetings and decisions through extensive use of social media, as well as the use of a dedicated page of Qmunicate to report to members the ‘highlights’ of the boardroom, where possible. Music @ QMU The QMU has an established place within the music scene of Glasgow. I feel it is essential that this reputation is maintained and if elected will seek to do that through increasing the numbers of both larger scale gigs in Qudos and smaller acoustic sets in Jim’s bar. We could then use this as an opportunity to forge a relationship with local talent and indie labels allowing the Union to continue it’s legacy of launching talent to the next level, whilst also putting on brilliant nights to attract and entertain new and existing members. Thanks for checking out my manifesto and please vote Alan Compton #1 for CSR B. Alan Compton - Craig Cuthbertson - Robert Mackenzie Becky Male - Joseph Nelson - Jo Reid - Chris Sutcliffe

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative B 4 Positions (1Year) Craig Cuthbertson

Hey, my name is Craig Cuthbertson, and I am currently a 2nd year student at Glasgow studying electronic and software engineering.

I’ve been a member of the Queen Margaret Union since the very first week of first year, and have loved every second of it! From 10 hour cheesy pop’s to Quid’s every Tuesday evening, I practically lived in the QM. I’ve now reached the point where I feel I’m in a good position to be able to put something back into the union. By representing you, the members, and playing a role in making the events we have all come accustomed to love happen! Fair Representation If elected to the Queen Margaret board of management as a current student representative, I aim to make sure the views of our members are heard and any issues brought up raised with the board of management, I will make myself approachable at any point during the day for any member who wishes to express a concern at anything we’re doing - or planning on doing. More to do at QM Club nights are the corner stone of every great union, and I hope to be able to work with the incoming Social Convener and Events Convener to bring some club nights back to QM. These would fill in the gaps that currently exist on Monday and Tuesday evenings. My ideas currently include expanding upon the current success of Unplugged to make it a more regularly occurring band night celebrating local talent – our union is famed for hosting some of the best acts in the world, why hide it! I also plan to fight for the re-introduction of our much loved, and sadly missed club night – Quids. Remodelling of Champion’s The Champion’s bar is one of the first bars I ever visited on campus, and since that point, its general appearance has begun to degrade. If elected, I will fight for at least a lick of paint, if not an entire remodel in an effort to keep up the aesthetic appeal of the union. I pledge to try my hardest to keep this union great, and hope you will all put a #1 next to my name on March 1st.

Alan Compton - Craig Cuthbertson - Robert Mackenzie Becky Male - Joseph Nelson - Jo Reid - Chris Sutcliffe

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative B 4 Positions (1Year) Robert Mackenzie

The Queen Margret union has always been known as the social union, the events union and is well known for the evening and late night events and club nights. Tuesday night Quids and Friday’s cheesy pop are two of the biggest names on a Glasgow university student weekly to do list. But these late night events are not just what make the QM an incredible student union. Besides these epic nights the QM is known for its day to day friendly, inviting attitude and atmosphere where students can come during the day before, between and after lectures to relax.

The facilities in the QM are used daily to provide a place to hang out and relax with friends and class mates away from course work and essays. These are the points that make the Queen Margret Union the student union that is known and loved by so many. What I aim to improve: ‘Music Union’. Queen Margret Union used to be well known for the live music opportunities that were on offer, however as of late this image has been lost. Aside from the QM main events and the open mic night there are not many live gigs being offered to the members. I aim to help boost the number of live music shows and live gigs that come to the QM and help to provide the students from now on the live music venue that Queen Margret union used to be. ‘Day to day events’. Not all of our students are the party animals our club nights are aimed at. Lots crave the day time excitement of organised, unintoxicated events that our campus has to offer. If elected I intend bring the opportunity for the union to provide new games, events and daytime excitement for our members to enjoy before coming to our club nights and losing their memory. ‘Exam time’. The university internet network is a wonderful, helpful and pretty much essential thing for all students. It’s a shame that this service is not provided within the QMU. I know that other candidates intend to fight for the university network to be provided within the union and I fully back the movement. The QMU is a union run by students for students and it therefore is only fitting that there is the facilities and opportunities for our student to study within the comfortable environment that our union provides. Alan Compton - Craig Cuthbertson - Robert Mackenzie Becky Male - Joseph Nelson - Jo Reid - Chris Sutcliffe

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative B 4 Positions (1Year) Becky Male

My name’s Becky Male. Presently, I’m a second year Computing Science and Theatre Studies student and I come from Cheddar (I kid you not, it’s a real place).

As you can see, I have wildly different subjects. I genuinely believe this helps give me a different perspective on the world and approach to dealing with its problems and complexities. My involvement with the QM’s inner workings began at the start of this year when I was dragged to a Cheese and Wine committee recruitment night. It was only there – after a whole year of being in the building on an almost daily basis – that I began to discover how the QM works and how we as members can contribute to our union. I want to raise greater awareness of how the QM is run and what services are available (I am fed up with the question “The QM has a third floor?”). It should not take being on one of the committees to discover all that the QM has to offer. However, I would also do everything I possibly could to encourage wider participation and wider engagement committees. To implement these, I would want the committees to be included on advertising in the same way that other weekly events are. This would encourage the mindset that they are as integral the QM’s identity as Cheesy or BWNPQ and are as open to all members as these events. I’d also want to totally redesign the guide handed out upon joining the QM. To new members, this is the first piece of documentation they are likely to encounter from us. All of the information that a member could need should be included in it: a map of the building, summary of all the services available, run down of all the committees and an explanation of the board. My committee (and subcommittee) experience has been with Charities and Campaigns Committee and, as well as helping with charity fund-raising, I am proud to say that I have helped to run the free condom service on a regular basis since its move to the cloakroom. This is part of my belief that the QM has a duty to the membership that isn’t just to entertain. To that end I would like to encourage a greater use of the building during the day for things such as mental health drop in sessions and STI testing. Lastly, I want to add that I am responsible for the knitted condom that adorns our free condom service. Make of that what you will... Alan Compton - Craig Cuthbertson - Robert Mackenzie Becky Male - Joseph Nelson - Jo Reid - Chris Sutcliffe

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative B 4 Positions (1Year) Joseph Nelson My name is Joseph Nelson, and I am a third year student studying English Literature and Film and TV Studies, and I am running for the position of 1 year Current Student Representative (B). For the past 3 years, I have been a regular at the QMU, whether it be through regularly attending club night events or gigs, or simply having lunch in between lectures. I have found the Union and its members to be extremely inclusive and very friendly. In the past year, however, I began to take a more active role in the running of the QMU by attending weekly Committee meetings. As an active member of all four Committees, I feel that I have helped contribute to the Union, and wish to give back even more to the QMU by running for Board of Management. If successful, I feel my term as a dedicated quadruple Committee member will enable me to contribute even further. My aims will include: - Raising awareness of committees and the services we provide to members. A lot of students are unaware that we offer free condoms, for example. Since moving this service to the cloakroom, numbers of people using the service have risen, yet some are still coming by and saying they were unaware this service existed. A more transparent system will ensure greater student involvement. - Strengthening ties between the Committees. As an attendee of all four Committees, I have noticed there are times when communication between the different Committees is limited or strained. I will aim to increase interaction between committees, for example between Events and Charities in order to raise even more money than we alraedy do. I believe by doing this, the union can run more smoothly and efficiently as a whole. - Encouraging the use of union facilities by University and societies. For example, GULGBT. In my time on Events and Charities, the Red Ribbon Ball and Rainbow Cheesy proved to be successes, and greater interaction and PR of events between various societies could increase the success of future collaborations. - Diversification of what the union offers. The QMU is not a club, it is a union, and as such, we have a responsibility to offer a wide range of services. Recently, comedy and music have been receiving more attention, I aim to continue this, and diversify further, strengthening our current reputation, and also broadening it. Alan Compton - Craig Cuthbertson - Robert Mackenzie Becky Male - Joseph Nelson - Jo Reid - Chris Sutcliffe

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative B 4 Positions (1Year) Jo Reid

After being elected to board in November, I feel that the sheer level of dedication I have for the union, and it’s future, it is a natural step for me to run for the CSR position. During my term, I found my niche in the Social committee, and, if elected, would focus my efforts with 4 key aims:

NEW COMEDY Since becoming heavily involved in the organisation of comedy nights, I feel that comedy needs rejuvenated. Furthermore, I believe that a new open-mike comedy night should be introduced, giving those on campus their chance to showcase their talent, in addition to more established acts. In order to achieve a stable standing within the QM calendar, I will also aim to have this monthly event become more of a crowd drawing feature. PR I would also like to play a bigger role in PR, considering it’s great importance. It is due to this that I would like to not only ensure our PR is widely distributed on campus, but also ensure it is refreshed regularly so as not to tire and become easily ignored in due course. POINT SYSTEM In addition, I feel that the point system could be better advertised. A disappointing few know of the benefits of their membership card, and this needs to be addressed, as whilst people use the facilities, they are unaware of further benefits they are entitled to. Also, as Jailbreak is a tradition unique to the QM on campus, I feel that commemoration of winners in a more formal way would have a positive response. This could be done by using a wall of Champs Bar as a ‘Jailbreak Winners’ wall, being added to year upon year.

Alan Compton - Craig Cuthbertson - Robert Mackenzie Becky Male - Joseph Nelson - Jo Reid - Chris Sutcliffe

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative B 4 Positions (1Year) Chris Sutcliffe

Im Chris Sutcliffe and am a second year archaeology student running for the position of current student representative for a year. Bellow you will ďŹ nd my manifesto and if you have any questions about anything please ask. Since being a freshers helper at the start of this year I have met an incredible amount of people at the QM who showed me what the union is all about and what it is there for. I want to be able to help to allow more and more people new and old to Glasgow University a chance to experience the QM to its full potential.

I feel, given the chance that I would be a great asset to the QM student board. I have been on the Ents committee for just over a semester now and have helped organise and PR many events that have taken place at the QMU. I have also helped run these club nights and shown dependability as well as proving myself as a important member of the team. If voted for I want to go to as many of the committee meetings as I can and contribute as much as i can to all sections of the Union. If elected I would like to try to put forward some new and exciting ideas that have the potential to bring in more and more people and being on board allows me to be in a better position to try and make these changes. I just want to see the QMU used to its full potential and help people see why I love the place so much. Some of my ideas are as follows: -To promote more sports to be shown in Champs, getting more use out of the large screen and the offer of different snacks at these events. -Trying to improve relations with GUSA and sports teams throughout the university as this would bring in many more people to the union. -Also to try and organise more large scale gigs in Quodos, which is a great venue in Glasgow. I really hope you will take time out of your day to vote for me and all the other positions. Thank you for your time. Alan Compton - Craig Cuthbertson - Robert Mackenzie Becky Male - Joseph Nelson - Jo Reid - Chris Sutcliffe

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative C 1st Year Only - 2 Positions (6 Months) Mhari Bruce

My name is Mhairi Bruce, I am a 19 year old first year student, and I study Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I am currently an active member of the Campaigns and Charity Committee; regularly volunteering in projects such as the selling of glow sticks for WestGAP/Unity and handing out free condoms to promote safe sex. Last November, I ran the Children in Need waxing event which was very successful and raised nearly £300. In March I will be co-running a sports day type event for RAG week. I also help with photography for the qmunicate magazine and hope to have more ideas for articles in future. Furthermore, I am a member of social committee and hope to be further involved in events during RAG week. I like to help as much as possible with the committees and whether I get voted in or not, I will continue to be involved in the Union. I think I would be good on board as I have already shown lots of commitment to the Union but yet still believe that I can do more to help improve the Union. I am friendly, passionate and approachable and able to work with a variety of people. I have ideas for a few small changes to be made: A change machine in Champs for pool table/table football users Paper towel dispensers to be installed in all bathrooms But what I would really like to do is give the Union a facelift. I want to re-paint champs, even if that means picking up the paintbrush myself. I also think Jim’s needs to be modernised further and the stage to be better set up for gigs. I feel I would be a great addition to the board as I am very enthusiastic and will strive to do my part. However, the decision is all yours. P.s. I’m not so good at this whole writing thing so if you want to know more, please ask me!

Mhari Bruce - Jake Casson - Jamie Kargis - Andrew McAllister

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative C 1st Year Only - 2 Positions (6 Months) Jake Casson

My name is Jake Casson, I’m 20 years old and I’m a first year Biochemistry student. I’ve been involved in a lot things at the QMU over the past few months. Most importantly to me is my regular contribution to qmunicate magazine. Thanks to this, I was able to be a judge at the on-going Battle of the Bands competition. I’ve also been involved in the social committee, allowing me to co-host BWNPQ a couple of weeks ago. It goes without saying that I love the union, so let’s get to the serious bit. The bit where I tell you what I’m going to do to make the QMU better, as difficult as that may be. First off I want the great ideas that have already come from the union to be publicised more. The points system on membership cards for money off purchases makes getting a great lunch for a great price that much better when every so often you actually get one for free. People involved in the union come up with such great ideas, but my persistence and determination will make sure every great idea is known to all members. I have past experience of various multimedia formats and want to bring that to help make the union better known. I want to see new faces at the committees, not only are they a great way to meet people, but they go beyond that, offering invaluable training and experience you can’t get from your degree. For example working on the events committee can give you the experience of running events attracting hundreds of people and from personal experience I know the publications committee can give you valuable experience of how a magazine works. I believe the union can become more successful with more input from its members, so I want current committee members to promote their committees through the use of multimedia content, such as video, which I then want to use to increase the union’s online presence. I can use my past experience of web site management to do this. If the website is managed properly it can be an easy way to publicise events within the union, more people at events means more money, but a properly maintained website also allows companies to advertise to students therefore bringing revenue into the union when it needs it most.

Mhari Bruce - Jake Casson - Jamie Kargis - Andrew McAllister

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Hello everyone,

Current Student Representative C 1st Year Only - 2 Positions (6 Months) Jamie Kargis

I’m Jamie Kargis. A few trivial things about me: First year genetics student, Lithuanian, bad sense of humor, sometimes vegetarian. What you really need to know about me: I have been involved with the union since way back in October. I have been vastly involved with the Campaigns and Charities committee. Apart from giving out free condoms three times a week, our committee also raises money for various charities such as the Terrence Higgins Trust, WestGAP and Unity. It is my second time running for the board membership, however this time I feel more prepared for the responsibility that comes with this position. This union is like a second home to me and I am here to do everything in my power to support it. However I can only do so much with the power I have as a regular member. My plan is to keep the union what it is at its core, while drawing new people in. This can be achieved by turning Tuesdays into very mainstream club nights, while keeping Fridays as cheesy as ever. The Laser Rave and Mardi Gras turned out to be huge successes, therefore I will be fighting for a weekly rave-night. Another big goal of mine is to finally install card machines in the food factory. The absence of them has cost the union a lot of clients and quite a few complaints have been made. Most importantly, I want the union to get back on its feet. Which means making our events known better around campus. I personally did not know what Quids was until the end of October. Therefore, I would work for getting the advertising around campus bigger and better. Finally, I think we should make ourselves known as the best venue for bands to play. Our union has the best atmosphere for live gigs. Qudos is a true old-school venue that various bands would be very attracted to. I do not expect the plan to run smoothly, but I will try my best to maintain my promise to keep this union the best. Mhari Bruce - Jake Casson - Jamie Kargis - Andrew McAllister

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Current Student Representative C 1st Year Only - 2 Positions (6 Months) Andrew McAllister

Andrew McAllister, 18 Studying Physics (First Year) Running in Category C in the QMU General election 2012 Manifesto:

If elected, I plan to involve myself in as many elements of the QM as possible, building off my experiences with three of the QM’s committees and some subcommittees. My proactivity in these give me the experience to be a good board member, creating and pushing forward ideas to give members an even more innovative and active union. With the QM in an unfortunate financial situation, the Union needs to focus on gathering funds to preserve the features we know and love. To this end, I will push for a renewed interest in outside sponsorship for the QM’s social events and publications. This would extend our ability to put on more student shows, helping us reclaim our title as the best union in Scotland for music. We’re all aware of the QM’s fantastic musical reputation and despite brilliant bands like The Maccabees I think that the QM needs to offer more live music in the union, with small bands given space and opportunity to develop in Jim’s. This also means not spending loads on headline acts. This will hand us back our reputation and give you the membership more of the music you’ve told me you desire. With the publications committee making a foray into specific online content, other elements of the QM stand a lot to gain from following it. QM’s Social and C&C Events can really benefit from online video content, from seeing the bands in Jim’s to fundraisers’ exploits. I plan to dedicate a lot of time to opening up the online dimension of the QM, so that members can see what the union can offer even more easily than before, changing our website so that the online content is easily available. If elected I would like to open the scope for more events in Qudos during the day, from art exhibitions to recruitment conventions and seminars. Our obligation to members doesn’t end at events and facilities, I want to organise more talks to tackle issues facing them in university from current students and appropriate experts. Mhari Bruce - Jake Casson - Jamie Kargis - Andrew McAllister

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM


Former Student Member 1 Position Ruaraidh MacIntyre

I’m Ruaraidh MacIntyre. In my time at the QM I’ve been involved in hosting the BWNPQ, arguably when it was still popular, hosting the Friday quiz, displaying a world renowned knowledge of chiptune music, and continuing to deliver badly mixed music, even with regular threats of death. As the QM’s most successful journalist I have the skills to ensure the QM can communicate with its members through the use of the written word and movable type printing. I also plan on telling people to make a new website but have no input and give absolutely no help in its production. I wrote this in 10 minutes. Just think what I could do in a year. Also, I pledge to bring back the jazz mags, as long as they’re tasteful. Mayfair yes, reader’s wives no. I respect women too much to compromise on this issue.

Ruaraidh MacIntyre

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Campaigns and Charities Convenor 01/07/12 - 30/06/13 Robin Callaghan

Robin Callaghan-Creighton 2nd year Psychology student

I have been involved in the Campaigns and Charities committee (and before when it was known as Support and Services) for most of my time at university and over this last year I’ve seen massive improvements; from committee attendance to the development of a much more organised and motivated group committee members. I want to build on the work that has been done to not only maintain this standard but to improve upon it. Campaigns I want to help further develop the Campaigns aspect of the committee by running more health promotion campaigns in and around the building; this will be done through discussion with the committee to ascertain what issues they feel most strongly about. While doing this in the building I think it is important that the board of management maintains its commitment to supporting larger causes which affect the membership. I think more can be done to make the membership aware of the fact they can help support these causes with us on demonstrations and marches. Free Condoms The free condom service has thrived down in the cloakroom but as always more can be done to promote it to the membership both inside and outside the building. I will work with the committee to design posters that promote the service/help get the designs that have already been mocked up printed off and used. This will only help raise awareness to those of the membership are in the building, I plan to create a regular schedule for external PR in heavily used buildings around campus to raise awareness of the service further. Fundraising With the removal of Quids from our weekly roster we’ve lost a section of our fundraising potential but I think this can be overcome with larger emphasis on the committee’s own larger events as well as better organisation in what can be done at the QM’s busier, one-off events. Committee Involvement One of the things that C&C is great for is the amount of input committee members have and I wish to encourage this further. I also hope to gain more contributions from committee members for ideas and proposals as to how we can increase our profile during freshers’ week; be it through fundraising ideas, day time events or particular campaigns we could run to help freshers.

Robin Callaghan

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Events Convenor 01/07/12-30/06/13 Amy Johnston

Hi. I’m Amy Johnston, a third year English Literature student, and I am running for the position of Events Convenor. My aims: -Main Events -Form a ’12 Hour Cheesy’ committee. The committee would work through the term preparing decorations to improve the event and generate more student involvement. - Private function space. The rooms on the third floor can be even more sufficiently utilised to offer a space for clubs and societies to book on club nights. -Establishing new contacts - Dedicate time for seeking out and contacting local student djs and bands to perform in the QM. - Re-establish the QM as an excellent venue for both music and social activities through hosting a variety of student acts. -Create a contact book for the committee whilst establishing better links with other organsations, such as with Subcity, to keep track of new talent and acts previously involved with the QM. -Freshers’ Week -Spend time before the summer working with creative students to achieve a higher quality and design of FW material and t-shirts. -Aim to create trailers and full event footage through working with GUST during the week. -Improve promotion of events by briefing team leaders about the booked live acts to improve the quality of information given out by helpers. -Committee hoodies. To promote the committee and establish a committee identity when members are working and promoting events. -The Future -Interview all new and current committee members to improve the committee and its accountability. Work on improving the sound system and lighting in Jims Bar to accommodate smaller gigs and club nights, aiming for return of a rock night. -Why Amy J? -I have been constantly dedicated to the QM, even throughout my stints of cheerleading and musical theatre -Through being a Fresher Helper twice and on the Events Committee for the past two years, I have worked on countless events that have given me insight and knowledge of the effort and commitment it actually takes to run events in a student union. Taking financial issues into concern, my pledges ultimately aim to provide entertainment from both big acts and local talent, by booking acts that the Events Committee will strive to make a success, in order to make returns from our possible new investments. I believe my past experience and enthusiasm leads to this progression to run the committee. Thanks for reading; it would be lovely if you voted…

Amy Johnston - Paul Kelly

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Events Convenor 01/07/12-30/06/13 Paul Kelly

Hi there. My name is Paul Kelly, I am a third year Mathematics student and I am running for the position of Events Convenor. Having regularly attended the Events Committee for the last 18 months, serving as Events Lieutenant for 6 of those, I believe I have good knowledge of the workings of the committee, the Union’s events and what needs to be improved in the coming year. 1) Committee I intend to keep the committee closed, with an open committee meeting each month to ensure potential ideas are not excluded. The committee is no longer simply a forum for ideas. This year has seen the committee actively running our events: from running the lights at Cheesy Pop to sound checking the bands at our Battle of the Bands event. It is clear to me that we need a welltrained, accountable network of volunteers to ensure a consistent running of our events. I would ensure that sufficient training sessions are held early into the term so that our events will start strong and committee members are confident and enthusiastic in helping. 2) Events If elected I intend to run a wider variety of events to stop our regular events from becoming stale and to appeal to a greater range of students. To do this I would look to work with the Social Convenor in having Tuesday’s DJs in Jim’s as a run up to a themed (musically or otherwise) monthly Tuesday club night. In addition, I plan to organise more one-off film screenings. I believe that with some minor changes we can improve our regular events, giving a better atmosphere by giving the QM a more club-like feel. 3) PR I believe the standard of PR this year was done well and the committee has begun looking at unique ways of PRing our events with the Cheesy stall. I believe this creativity is vital in the committee and ensures our posters continue to catch people’s eyes. I will seek to create a mailing list to keep members in the know about the latest in QM events. 4) Freshers’ Week I intend to work closely with the Events Staff and the existing committee to ensure varied, engaging nighttime events of a consistent quality. I also hope to see large numbers of our freshers’ helpers get involved by implementing an option to join the Freshers’ Week events team when applying as a helper, so as to ensure each night runs smoothly and to have a greater number of applicants when applications open for the Events Committee. Amy Johnston - Paul Kelly

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Publications Convenor 01/07/12-30/06/13 Tom Kelly

In times of financial instability it is important that every part of the union steps up. In no area of the union is this truer than in Publications, where we are a union investment and need to prove our worth to continue creating regular publications. I’m Tom Kelly, a first year English Literature student who is running for Publications Convenor and I believe that we can prove our worth and wish to lead the way. Since the November Elections I have been a First Year Current Student Representative on the QMU Board. I was also Publications lieutenant, responsible for assisting the Publications Convenor in her work. I have noticed a number of things about our outputs as a committee that I believe if changed could make a tremendous difference to our presence in the everyday lives of our membership. The first of these is the cover of qmunicate magazine. While I believe our covers are strong and attractive, I do not believe they have a strong recognisable continuity. If elected I would change this to help increase our number of regular readers and further promote our visibility around campus. On board I have focused on delivering my promise of increasing online qmunicate content, especially multimedia content such as video interviews. I feel that I have begun this process well and if elected plan to maintain consistent growth in this area until qmunicate has a greater online presence and regular viewer figures. With content accessibility in mind I also have plans to continue my development of a qmunicate facebook app, to keep qmunicate up to date with journalistic trends. I also have plans to create the positions of Online Editor and Illustrations Editor. I feel that the committee is growing and many members are ready to take on increased responsibility as proven by those involved in our newly formed online subcommittee which I have been leading and our advertising sub-committee. Responsibility in online and illustrations is often split between the current editorial team and this often leads to confusions and workload concerns. Alongside the organisational documents I created as a lieutenant, these new editors will help the committee become more efficient. From a strong and well-planned Fresher’s Handbook I would like to start to build greater visibility for the committee to be a stronger and louder voice on campus for our members and for our Union, in magazine and online. Tom Kelly

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Social Convenor 01/07/12-30/06/13 James Ansell

My name is James Ansell, I am in my 3rd year and I am running for the position of QMU Social Convenor. I have been heavily involved with the QM for a number of years now and I believe I am the best candidate for the job, with experience on the social committee, the board of management and hosting of the Big Wednesday Night Pub Quiz. If elected, here are the main goals that I will strive to accomplish during my term: • Fun & Well run events– I would aim to make sure all the events are run to a high standard. There is nothing worse than showing up to an event and it being noticeable that the event not of a good enough quality. • Big Wednesday Night Pub Quiz –I want to shake up the format of this quiz, with new rounds, a better standard of questions and more involvement from the audience, so that they feel that have a more fun and active role in the quiz. • Pop Culture and a Piano – I wouldn’t change a lot to this as I think it’s a good fun quiz but I do want to introduce a fortnightly different musical instrument theme to add variety to the quiz. • Sport – with a massive push on advertising the fantastic range sport that is shown in our bars we would see increased turnout, and I would also bring food back, for example the return of half price pie’s if your team is winning! • The QMU Awards – This is my big idea, we should be celebrating an annual achievement of the best students who take part in our events – these events will occur throughout the year and will test our members in all areas of skill, fun & frivolity. The winners of these events will have their names proudly displayed on our Champion’s boards, displayed throughout the union. Such events will include: pool, foosball, the big quiz and many more. • DJ’s in Jims – I want this event to get better known throughout campus, and as such I would want to rename the event, so as to give a more club night feel but at the same time not blasting our ears out. I would also aim to arrange for local DJ’s to come in and teach some basic DJ skills to those who are eager to learn how to spin some fresh beats! I hope you have enjoyed reading my manifesto, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. James Ansell - Bateman McBride

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Social Convenor 01/07/12-30/06/13 Bateman McBride

What’s cracking, my name’s Bateman, and I’ve been here forever. I also study mathematics. I’m running for Social Convenor to build on the work I’ve done over the last two years for the QM’s social aspect. I truly feel that my career at the QM has focused on Social and it feels like a natural progression to take on the responsibility of convening the committee and all the wonderful work we do. Here are the things I plan for the future of the social calendar. 1. Organisation and Accessibility o I want to create an interactive outlet for all Social events to communicate more cohesively with the membership at all times, be it at their leisure or within the union’s walls. o Create a database for all relevant events in order to ensure that everything we do is to the same high caliber and that we present a varied programme for members. o Keep a constant record of attendance and communicate with the bar staff to evaluate all of our events. 2. Accountability o Assess the strengths and interests of every committee member in order to assign roles in a positive and fair manner. o Maintain and expand on the current core group structure seen within the committee, so that members can take the reins on a project and feel the pride of doing so. 3. Building on events o Unplugged – Monthly themed events, guest acts and a songbook available to all performers o DJs in Jim’s – This will be a big project for the committee. I would want to have dedicated PR and a greater selection of student DJs with distinct and varied styles. o BWNPQ – In addition to rollover, create an alternate tournament prize fund to reward and entice frequent attendees. o PC&P – Work with the new host/s to keep this event exciting and fresh o Monthly Events – Work with clubs and societies in order to facilitate the creation of one off or monthly events that would be exciting and fun (such as Theatre Workshops, Card Gaming, Console Gaming) o FRESHERS’ WEEK – Assess the popularity of our ‘standard’ events during freshers’ week, aim to work closely with committee members over the summer to provide a varied and engaging social schedule. 4. Social Convenor Role o Work with the incoming Executive committee to assess the role and remit of the Social convenor, in order to have a relevant and workable remit for future convenors and committee members.

James Ansell - Bateman McBride

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Honorary Assistant Secretary 01/07/12-30/06/13 Euan Murphy

I’m Euan Murphy and in my second year of a degree in audio and video engineering. Having served a full term on the board as a Current Student Representative, I would like to use my experience to work with more responsibility and help bring in a new board, which is why I would like to be your Honorary Assistant Secretary.

In my previous election, I ran a campaign based primarily on involvement; I was willing to give my time and determination to help the union. Now I would like to take the opportunity to help others get involved. My main goal is to facilitate training sessions for all members of the union; first and foremost to ensure board members are confident in all aspects of their duty, and then by working with the rest of the executive and convenors to train committee members. With input from all involved, I feel that opportunities would arise for training any interested ordinary member of the union too. I believe that training should be offered from whoever can deliver it initially utilising the excellent resources across campus and the city, but then recognising our members for their experience, and asking them to train others. I think that this system would see more involvement from members, who could benefit directly from each other, whilst gaining other skills you cannot necessarily teach. Whether it be technical training to set up Jim’s Bar for Unplugged, or first aid training to help you help others, I’d like to give you the opportunity to find it in the QM. To keep you up to date with these chances, I would like to clarify the workings of the board, to let you know that we’re working for you. After each board meeting, I will publish a brief summary of each decision and action that we’re going to take; hopefully a chance for you to quickly see that your elected board are doing what you want them to do. Finally, elections. This election is the first one ever held by the QM with provision for online voting. Based on the success of this election, I would like to review and further implement online democracy, for our life and international members. I hope you feel I am deserving of your vote. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. Euan Murphy

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

Honorary Secretary 01/07/12-30/06/13 Lauren Hinton

My name is Lauren Hinton, I’m a third year literature student and I’m running for the position of Honorary Secretary. If elected I wish to focus my attention on; Life Membership I would like to create a solid life membership programme. My first step would be to distribute a newsletter or small magazine that would include an update on what the board of management have achieved and what they are working towards, relevant qmunicate articles and hopefully, in time, contributions from life members of their experiences at the union. Once a programme is established I would like to organise a QM Life Membership drive, to make sure that everyone is aware of the programme and what it has to offer. Once there is a firm database of life members I would work alongside the events committee to organise an annual life membership event. Clubs and Societies There is potential for further integration of Clubs and Societies into the working of the union. As soon as a Club or Society affiliates I would send out a welcome; this would lay out what is on offer for affiliated groups and inform them of the committees they can attend and work with for the furtherance of their society. This is a simple step but would immediately establish a relationship between the Clubs and Societies and myself. I will work to make the Queen Margaret Union the first place Clubs and Societies think of when organising any event. Freshers Week Committee My time as events committee lieutenant has given me experience in what goes in to organising events and a chance to see the varying success of different types of events. I would involve the whole board in the first stages of the organisation as it’s best to have as many opinions presented and ideas brought forward. As chair I would ensure that the committee itself work productively and meet regularly, but also delegate responsibilities further afield to those who want it; for example the hosts for a regular quiz. I would look back on each event of last freshers week and ensure the programme retains variety but caters for the majority. The fact that the board of management represent the membership will be at the forefront of my mind and I will always be thrilled to work alongside any member that has something they want to see happen. Thanks for reading.

Lauren Hinton

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

President 01/07/12-30/06/13 Colum Fraser

This Union is in trouble, projected to make a loss this year that, if continued, will see the end of the QMU. If we can change the Union to suit our members, we will succeed. Your vote will directly and dramatically affect its future. My name is Colum Fraser and I’m in my final year, studying Maths and Politics. I am running for President, and here is what I want to do: EVENTS - Concentration on student-led activities and events. - Accelerating the Union’s live music program by investing more resources in fresh talent. - QM cinema, showing cult and popular films in Qudos. SERVICES - University wireless and study facilities at the QM. - An improved and established QM website. - An online shop for Union and University clothing. - Training programs to provide members with technical, financial and campaigning skills. - A BIG BLACKBOARD outside showing the day’s drink prices and menu. CAMPAIGNS - A campaign to restore the Unions’ seats on University Court, representing the membership directly to the body that runs the University. - Union support for members’ campaigns. - Working directly with clubs and societies to help drive their campaigns. - Minimum wage and no perks – this year I took no allowance, and next year I will re-invest around £2000 into Union projects. EXPERIENCE - In third year I was a freshers’ helper for the first time. By the start of fourth year I was on the Executive Committee – the three students that oversee every project, event and campaign within the Union. - I contributed heavily to the design and content the 2011 Freshers’ Handbook and new QM website - Established online voting. - At the upcoming AGM, I am proposing to add the representation of students to the Constitution, and have already presented to the Board an alteration that will end rolling membership, establishing a more loyal, connected membership. I am in an unequalled position to continue the projects we started this year and to bring the Union forward into a world where student expectations, needs and tastes have transformed. The talent, skill and drive that goes into the Queen Margaret Union is - at its best - nothing short of stunning. I want to build a Union that makes past members proud, current members excited, and that will stand for years to come. I sincerely hope you vote Colum Fraser for QM President.

Colum Fraser - Paddy Hughes

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

President 01/07/12-30/06/13 Paddy Hughes

My name is Paddy Hughes, I am a fourth year English Literature student and I am running for QMU President. Why Me?

I believe my experience of 24 months on the Board of management as Ordinary Board member and Social Convener have shown my undeniable commitment and passion for the Queen Margaret Union. I feel that my close relationship with the membership puts me in good stead to be a representative President who will concentrate on keeping the QMU as what it should always be, a students’ union.

What I Will Do. -Power to the Board of Management It is my firm belief that a students’ union can only be run by students for students. If I am elected I will make sure that the Board of Management make major decisions as a unit and that our events are student-led and student-run. Freshers’ Week is the perfect place to start and I believe that the whole board should be involved. Honesty and visibility is vital for the success of a Board of Management and a students’ union. It is imperative that the Board of Management is not seen as a collective that will change every year, but as a professional representative unit that caters for the needs of all its membership. –Reclaim a Union identity I feel that we have lost our identity. I believe that by exploring the possibility of regular student-run gigs in Jim’s Bar and Qudos we can rebuild our image as the ‘Music Union’ and again become one of the best live music venues in Glasgow. The Queen Margret Union needs to provide its membership with a consistent stream of diverse and exciting events; regular gigs will certainly deliver this. I will also look into the potential of rehearsal and recording space within the Union. –Plan for the future It is vital that we keep our status as one of four student bodies on campus. We can never and will never become a students’ association or part of a single-bodied structure on campus. To maintain this we must plan for the future and we must make sure that we have a strong identity and a passionate and loyal membership base. The President of The Queen Margaret Union has to be somebody with enthusiasm and ideas, who is not afraid to fight to cement the Union’s position on campus for years to come. I believe that I am the ideal candidate for you and for our Union, and it would be an honour to represent you.

Colum Fraser - Paddy Hughes

Hustings - Jim’s Bar - 28/02/12 6 PM Polling - Qudos - 01/03/12 9 AM - 6 PM

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