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14th February 2011

A joint statement by the Glasgow University Union and the Queen Margaret Union. The Queen Margaret Union (QM) and the Glasgow University Union (GUU) have agreed to release the following joint statement concerning the anti-cuts movement, the forthcoming campus action and the associated events of the past week. We condemn, without hesitation, the thoughtless, illegal and violent actions of the students associated with the occupied Hetherington movement on Saturday 12th February. The intimidation and assault of any person, in any circumstance, is unacceptable. This campus should be open to an absolute plurality of ideas and expression, no matter how divisive those opinions may be. It concerns both Unions that the event was seen to have been a positive action by many students associated with the occupation and that no apology has been officially issued. We cannot, in good conscience, support any organisation of students which promotes this behavior and that does not hold its members accountable. We support our members’ right to protest, and encourage those members in opposition to the proposed spending cuts to participate in the peaceful protests on Wednesday 16th February and beyond. We condemn absolutely any violent or unlawful protest, and urge our members not to engage in such action, especially that which would jeopardise their own position at the University. The Board of Managements’ foremost responsibility is to the members of our Unions, and it is of the utmost importance that we continue to provide them with the services and facilities they have come to expect from us. We therefore seek to oppose any detrimental changes to union funding in the interest of our members. The QM and GUU are registered charity organisations, seeking to continually be able to enhance and improve upon the services we offer students of the University of Glasgow. We’d like to encourage members to respond to Glasgow University Student Representative Council’s appeal for queries, concerns and testimonials, via The SRC’s prime mandate is to address and act upon such issues regarding the wider student body and our continuing position is not to infringe upon this role. The Unions will continue to engage with the University Senior Management Group in productive and progressive manner throughout the entire consultation period; and condemn any actions that jeopardise our role in this process. Sincerely,

Colin Woods Iain Smith President President Glasgow University Union Queen Margaret Union

Joint Statement from the QM & GUU  

The Queen Margaret Union (QM) and the Glasgow University Union (GUU) have agreed to release the following joint statement concerning the ant...

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