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Queen Margaret Union Meeting of the Board of Management Meeting 13: 30th April 2012 1. Sederunt Executive: C. Fraser, K. Hill Convenors: L. Clarke, L. Porterfield Elects: J. Ansell, R. Callaghan, L. Hinton, T. Kelly, E. Murphy Ordinary Board: A. Black, H. Brand, A. Compton, K. Irvine, R. Male, A. McAllister, S. McFarland, C. Sutcliffe, E. Zhdanov Staff Representative: M. Lafferty General Manager: A. McConachie 2. Apologies N. Ballantyne, C. Chisholm, P. Hughes, P. Kelly, R. MacIntyre, E. Munro, J. Reid and G. Stewart have submitted apologies. 3. Addition of Agenda Items 4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting ACTION POINT: K. Hill to email C. Kennedy for handbook introduction. Not Completed K. Hill: Due to recent events, we will not be asking C. Kennedy for a contribution. ACTION POINT: A. Compton, J. Ansell & L. Hinton to meet re: Sports. Not Completed - This meeting will be taking place tomorrow ACTION POINT: C. Fraser to spell-check President's Dinner invitations. Completed ACTION POINT: T. Kelly, L. Hinton and C. Fraser to meet re: Freshers' Week publications. Completed ACTION POINT: N. Ballantyne, T. Kelly and executive to meet re: next issue of qmunicate. Completed ACTION POINT: K. Hill to send SWOT survey to incoming Board Members, and external survey results to all Board Members Not Completed - Will do following today’s meeting ACTION POINT: K. Hill and convenors to meet re: accreditation criteria. Not Completed - K. Hill is yet to hear from the University re: criteria for accreditation ACTION POINT: C. Fraser to update online version of CBP documents. Partially Completed - Updated central copy of CBP, need to upload this to online document bank. ACTION POINT: E. Murphy to schedule CBP meeting. Completed (9.3) Strategic Plan – Individual Development E. Zhdanov: Do you want a progress report on the international plan? K. Hill: Can you submit report to future meetings on this? Motion to pass Minutes of Board of Management Meeting 12: 16/04/12. Prop: J. Ansell Sec: R. Callaghan PASSED 5. Minutes from other meetings - No minutes were passed at previous finance – two sets of minutes will be submitted to the next meeting of the Board of Management. 6. Reports Replies given by report author unless otherwise stated. 6.1 General Manager's Report to the Executive Submitted by A. McConachie


(1.5) Late License Applications R. Callaghan: Did we get the license for last Friday? K. Hill: Yes. (1.7) Flyers & Adverts around Campus C. Fraser: Is there opinion amongst the staff that the Board are not fulfilling their responsibilities? - This was a bad night and there is growing understanding amongst staff regarding the gravity of our situation. There is obvious concern surrounding the promotion of our events and everyone needs to push this aspect. K. Hill: The Board have been PRing for this event. More focus is required, but the Board have not been idle. - The 3am license for next week’s Cheesy should remedy the low turnout. There has been good feedback about the free for freshers idea. L. Porterfield: The Ordinary Board were out PRing this event all week. Disappointed at the negative recognition. (1.6) Licensing Solicitor R. Male: Why will we probably not be able to get a permenant 3am license? - The Licensing Committee are fairly adamant in their license distribution that 3am licenses are only given out for city centre venues. Apart from the Oran Mor. K. Hill: Viper apply for a 3am license every week. - This is a possibility we should consider. (1.8) Tennents’ Mini Main Stage R. Callaghan: What is this? Will it interfere with our plans? - This was out the Freshers’ Ball last year – there are improvements this year. It is a good sponsorship opportunity for us. It will not be on the stage, it will be on the floor by the balcony door. (1.2) Staff Consultative Committee S. McFarland: Is there any way for us to increase the rate of communication between the Board and the staff? A. McConachie: The Staff Representative on the Board is there for this reason. The Executive Committee are a good point of contact, as the President can pass on any comments. The staff have several good ideas – this is a valuable resource. (1.9) Future Events S. McFarland: What is MMA? - Mixed Martial Arts – fighting. (1.6) Licensing Solicitor E. Zhdanov: How easy would it be to open to concrete behind Jim’s Bar as a smoking area? - The license would need to be redressed for this. We also need to establish ownership of this area with the University. We also cannot block this area off as it is a fire escape. 6.2 President Submitted by K. Hill (2.5) AGM C. Fraser: How long are reports supposed to be? - There is a copy of the previous years’ reports in the Executive Office for reference. 6.3 Honorary Secretary Submitted by L. Hainey L. Hainey: Since this report, I have contacted Postgraduate Department heads in relation to a survey.

3 (3.3) Clubs and Socs M. Bruce: Have you contacted sports clubs about this event? L. Hinton: We want to contact amnyone and everyone – will contact sports clubs. M. Bruce: You could contact GUSA as a central body. S. McFarland: Are we just inviting affiliated societies? L. Hinton: No, we are contacting anyone and everyone. L. Hinton: I meant to say in this section that I am still open to discussion regarding entry for society members. 6.4 Honorary Assistant Secretary Submitted by C. Fraser 6.5 Campaigns & Charities Submitted by E. Munro (5.4.1) Council Hustings C. Fraser: What PR has gone up for this? L. Porterfield: The Ordinary Board postered for this this afternoon. M. Bruce: There is a facebook event. 6.6 Events Submitted by P. Kelly. Responses by L. Clarke. (6.2) F**K IT LETS CHEESY POP (27/4/12_ C. Fraser: Can we get a verbal report on how this event went? - Could have done with more people in, but not bad overall. A. McConachie: 307 people came in after 10, with 88 in before. With the free entries on top of this, the event had over 400 attendees. (6.3) Miniature Dinosaurs (10/5/12) K. Irvine: Will be supplying temporary membership for U18s? C. Fraser: CBP would guarantee the rights of a member for any temporary member. K. Hill: I would prefer if we limited non-members to over-18. There are too many alcohol risks. ACTION POINT: K. Hill to clarify U18 policy on event PR 6.7 Ordinary Board Submitted by L. Porterfield (7.2) Question of the Week R. Callaghan: Is there any way of telling how many people use the QR codes? E. Zhdanov: Not using the google platform. K. Hill: I will investigate – we shouldn’t give up on this. M. Lafferty: A lot of the little individual cut-outs ended up on the floor. K. Hill: We will make full flyers explaining what it is these QR codes are for. S. McFarland: Can we print htis in qmunicate? E. Zhdanov: We could stick the form to the table. K. Hill: I suggest you discuss this further in Ordinary Board Committee. (7.1) PR Projects L. Porterfield: My thanks to those that took Cheesy Pop PR out. 6.8 Publications Submitted by N. Ballantyne M. Bruce: Are you doing an online version of the magazine? There is little content online.

4 A. McAllister: Each magazine is uploaded upon publication and there is an ever-growing volume of online content due to online editor positions and specific volunteers and projects. 6.9 Social Submitted by P. Hughes (9.6) Social Feedback C. Fraser: Are you planning to act upon this? J. Ansell: Will look closely at the results. C. Fraser: Can you compare forward plans against this feedback at the end of Summer? ACTION POINT: J. Ansell to assess forward plans vs. Social committee feedback (by end of Summer) (9.1) Unplugged A. McAllister: Are you looking into moving Unplugged, considering competition from Captain’s Rest? J. Ansell: Yes, looking into this aspect. R. Callaghan: Will posters be changed? M. Bruce: People like themes. R. Callaghan: This risks turning the entire event into a cheap gimmick. (9.3) BWNPQ M. Lafferty: Are you considering a team cap for this event? J. Ansell: There’s a basic expectation, but i will consider solidifying this if need be. A. McConachie: What are you doing about the rollover? J. Ansell: Will want to give this away soon. A. McConachie: Is this really a sound investment? A lot of QM money goes into running a quiz which sees very limited attendance. On top of this, the main attraction is very rarely won. This reflects badly upon our integrity. Why not guarantee a fixed top prize over the next few weeks? We do not want to con people. Motion to pass Reports to the Board of Management 30/04/2012 Prop: L. Hainey Sec: S. McFarland PASSED 7. Affiliation 8. Life Membership Applications Ross Grant PASSED 9. Constitution, Byelaws & Policy 9.1 Mission, Vision & Values This is a proposed overhaul to the section of Policy that sets our basis and goals as a Union, that has been closely examined by the Strategic Plan Committee. This section has almost been solidified, and only requires a few more tweaks as to phrasing. The Mission Statement phrasing needs minorly changed to shift ‘customers’ to ‘members’. C. Fraser suggests that the phrasing changes to more of a goal instead of sitting on top of what we already possess. The Vision section is mostly done – the language needs clarified and ‘best in country’ needs a look. Values need to be able to be extrapolated to the more abstract and overarching aspects of policy and operations. This section still needs to certify the disctinction between members and nonmembers, stating preference for the former.

5 9.2 Constitutional Proposals 9.2.1 Voting Changes This changes Presidents Past and Elect to non-voting, in accordance with charity law. 9.2.2 GUSA Representative This changes the stipulation that the GUSA rep can be from any position the GUSA rep must be drawn from the Executive. This brings it in line with campus protocol, and our own GUSRC rep. 9.2.3 Current Student Representative This changes all instances of ‘Ordinary Board’ to ‘Current Student Representative’, in line with Policy, Byelaws and recent crises. 9.2.4 Past President The language here has changed. Previously it could be read literally to mean any ex-President of the Union could attend (and vote). This is, by convention, not the case. 9.2.5 Handover This a proposed change to the handover – the day which elected executive and convenors take over. There are several options here – status quo, Easter holidays, and the Annual General Meeting. Discussion C. Fraser: The current system does not make sense – the third term gives the new Board to get together and train for the hectic first semester of the following year. This is not a time to waste. T. Kelly: We need a longer handover than just to Easter. This would compromise the extent of training needed by incoming representatives. E. Murphy: Moving handover forward a month would make no effective difference. R. Callaghan: Moving handover to Easter would make for more intensive and focussed training. C. Chisholm: This is a vital period of time – incoming Board should use this to set up the year ahead. People tend to go home for June – no point in just moving handover back to June. A. McConachie: The handover period has been out of date for a long time. However, moving all the incoming Exec-Cons back without the President seems strange – starting the year without the leader is odd. The Honorary Treasurer – a member of the Executive Committee – needs to be provided for in the documents, term-wise. Perhaps consult T. Murphy on these changes. Also consider that convenors currently hold their budget until the Summer. T. Kelly: To answer R. Callaghan, convenors and elects work together during this period anyway. C. Fraser: Does the person or position hold the budget? A. McConachie: The person is accountable. C. Fraser: Then the third term is a perfect time to introduce elects to this responsibility and build a relationship with the Finance Committee. In the current arrangement, it is standard for outgoings’ interest and effort to drop. T. Kelly: Then put in more stringent checks. This is the wrong approach. S. McFarland: Re: the Presidential handover – it may be good to have a member of the previous Board to oversee the handover from old to new for continuity. M. Bruce: Agreed – this is in line with incoming Honoraries as experienced Union people. T. Kelly: A lot of the justifications put forward for this are aspects already covered in handover training. This reaction is unconsidered and the wrong approach. L. Hainey: I recommend that the Executive have a simultaneous takeover – this made for a strong and unified approach at the start of this year. K. Hill: I completely disagree – working with the incoming Executive over the last few weeks has allowed me to advise and direct their ideas and originality and provide continuity during this period.

6 E. Murphy: If you do a lot of work in the run-up to changeover, why not do it with the title? Of course we will also develop proper guides and documentation for the period. I recommend changing Boards at the AGM. M. Bruce: A shorter and more tangible handover period is more impetus to perform. R. Callaghan: This is not a kneejerk reaction. Having people starting during term would is better than having outgoing convenors petering out over the last few months. A. McConachie: This issue is not a new one – the academic year used to finish on the 1st July. Obviously this has changed. Exams used to finish in June – now May. The current system here is literally very outdated. I would recommend having handover at the AGM. T. Kelly: Re: having the title – that is an ego issue, and the Union should come first. Saying you will develop documentation is addressing the wrong problem – there are bad handovers, not a bad deadline. ‘Leaving on a high’ shouldn’t be an issue – again, Union before self. L. Clarke: Starting your term during the quiet period is good preperation for the reality and challenges. 9.2.6 Quorum The quorum changes here will establish a quorum for AGMs, and not tie this to the Union’s growing membership size. This will be re-assessed following the removal of rolling membership. Additionally, there shall be a codified method of passing motions – this is not currently in Constitution. A. McConachie recommends against the ‘70% student members’ clause, as this de-values the voting rights of life members at the time when we want to expand our life membership program. 9.2.7 EGM Quorum This proposal corrects a paradox that lets a meeting start with under 30 members, and makes a meeting end with under 30 members. 9.2.8 Clubs and Societies Membership Entry This would let members of affiliated clubs and societies come into the building while the society is meeting. 9.2.9 Life Members This is an overall of the rights and method of life membership. The main issue here is whether Board Members should be Life Members indefinitely. Some argue that continued dedication to the Union should entail a future contribution. Additionally, some currently afford a lifetime with only six months of service. Voting rights will be afforded even if a subscription is not renewed. ACTION POINT: E. Murphy to organise a CBP meeting 10. Agenda Items Arising 11. AOCB 11.1 Duty Draws 90s Cheesy: L. Hinton, A. Compton, H. Brand President’s Dinner: L. Porterfield, L. Clarke 12. Action Points arising ACTION POINT: K. Hill to email A. Muscatelli for handbook introduction. ACTION POINT: K. Hill to send SWOT survey to incoming Board Members, and external survey results to all Board Members ACTION POINT: K. Hill and convenors to meet re: accreditation criteria. ACTION POINT: E. Murphy to schedule CBP meeting. ACTION POINT: K. Hill to clarify U18 policy on event PR ACTION POINT: J. Ansell to assess forward plans vs. Social committee feedback (by end of Summer) ACTION POINT: E. Murphy to organise a CBP meeting


13. Date of next meeting The next meeting of the board of Management will take place on Monday 14th May 2012.

Meeting 13 minutes - 30th April  
Meeting 13 minutes - 30th April  

Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Management that took place on Monday 30th April 2012.