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Meeting of the Board of Management Meeting 2: 10th October 2011 1. Sederunt Executive: C. Fraser, L. Hainey, K. Hill Convenors: N. Ballantyne, K. Brims, L. Clarke, P. Hughes, E. Munro. Ordinary Board: J. Ansell, H. Butler, R. Callaghan, L. Hinton, P. Kelly, L. Porterfield, A. Stearn, D. Walker, E. Zhdanov Former Student Members: C. Hall Honoraries: G. Stewart General Manager: A. McConachie 2. Apologies 3. Addition of Agenda Items K. Hill adds ‘Freshers’ Week Update’ and ‘PPL’ as points 10 and 11 of the agenda, respectively. [J. Ansell enters 4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting AP: K. Hill to investigate faulty hand-dryers. Not completed. AP: L. Hainey to confirm A. Landels’ life membership log. Ongoing. C. Fraser: Will review 2010-11 minutes to see who was passed. AP: K. Hill to meet convenors over website content. Completed. K. Hill: Still need Social content. Content for Events, Publications and C&C [pending WestGAP] is in. AP: K. Hill to contact other student presidents regarding PPL. Completed. AP: K. Hill to upload Scotcampus timetable. Completed. Motion to pass minutes of the Board of Management Meeting 1: 26/09/2011 Prop: G. Stewart Sec: L. Clarke PASSED 5. Minutes from other meetings There was discussion over whether minutes of the Finance Committee should be sent to the Board in advance of Board of Management meetings. Though there is an issue of confidentiality, the minutes cause a delay at meetings. It is proposed that as soon as the Finance minutes are passed, they shall be available to read in the Executive Office.

ACTION POINT: Finance Committee to discuss releasing passed minutes to the Board of Management ACTION POINT: Board of Management to be notified by email when passed minutes are made available by Honorary Assistant Secretary

Finance Committee 22/09/2011 Amendments: none. Questions: p.2 (6): E. Zhdanov: What is SAGE software? K. Hill: Accounting software used in the General Office. p.2 (7): The date mentioned for the For Pete’s Sake! event [October 27th] is already allocated for comedy. A. McConachie: Concerned that bands have been offered a date for an event that hasn’t yet been booked with the Union. K. Hill: This date has only been mentioned in passing. Not convinced that the group have yet got as far as booking bands. A. McConachie: To all intents and purposes, we must deal with FPS as any other outside

organisation, and they must book as such. [K. Hill passes the chair to L. Hainey Motion to pass minutes of the Finance Committee 19/08/2011 Prop: K. Hill Sec: C. Fraser PASSED [L. Hainey passes the chair to K. Hill 6. Reports Replies given by report author unless otherwise stated. 6.1 General Manager’s Report to the Executive Submitted by A. McConachie (1.1) Best Bar None N. Ballantyne: Are there any ways that the Board can help with improvement of services? - There are many areas we need to look at. A list is being drwan up, but principally areas like drugs and weapons policy, and building checks. (1.4) ShowSec Int R. Callaghan: How was this contact made? What can they offer? - We were approached by the company, we don’t know why (which is concerning). They had impressive knowledge of our operation, and highlighted useful areas that they could contribute to. Pending Securigroup’s response to our requests, we will see. There is a degree of familiarity with this company that means people risk taking a lot for granted. There have recently been a few disappointing aspects of the service provided by our current partners. There will be no change in at least the next three months, particularly due to the new Events Manager. (1.3) Securigroup A. Stearn: What is the feedback on the metal detectors (wands)? - They didn’t actually bring any, so none. We only have one ourselves. R. Callaghan & H. Butler: We were Duty Board on the door on Friday, and our wand was not used. A. Stearn: What are the implications of the wands for our drugs policy? - Our foremost objective is to provide a safe venue. Thankfully, drug use is not a common incident here. A balance will need to be found, though. (1.5) Membership P. Kelly: Will an evening membership stall run every night? - There are not staff for such a facility. There will be this week and the next. R. Callaghan: Is it worth setting one up on Thursday to get people in? - The stall should take advantage of those already in the building for events. Not enough of a draw itself. The main issue is with those students not on or nearby campus. Though training evening porters to enrol members may be an alternative, there would be practical difficulties on busier nights. 6.2 President Submitted by K. Hill (2.5) Cross-Campus Freshers’ Week Meeting G. Stewart: How successful do you see the committee being with regards to the issue of external PR during the week? - It is too early to say, though the fact that the SRC had difficulties with these organisations this year means that positive movement from them is likely. Limited passes for each stall was a popular option. (2.8) Ed’s DJ equipment

D. Walker: Has the CCTV been reviewed? - Not yet. Will collaborate with the General Manager on this. The amount of people using the Convenors’ Office is starting to become a problem for those actually doing work. Please take friends and visitors to the Board Flat. A. Stearn/P. Hughes/K. Brims have checked Ents cupboard. It is not there. (2.9) PR K. Hill: PR needs to be done, particularly for clubnights. There should be obvious PR on the campus, especially library hill. We talk about having to compete with town, let’s actually compete with town. A. McConachie: A lot of flyers have gone from the Production Office. PRing in places like the Food Factory is a waste of resources. What about outside Hillhead subway? L. Clarke: Few people seem interested there. It’s hard to tell who is a student. K. Brims: There will be an Ordinary Board rota designed to fill in gaps in committee PR.

ACTION POINT: K. Hill, K. Brims & L. Clarke to meet regarding PR

6.3 Honorary Secretary Submitted by L. Hainey (3.2) Life Membership A. Stearn: Do the people who never received life membership passes still want to be life members? - Yes, and both were passed. Disappointed that this has happened. G. Stewart: Is a database happening? - Yes, it is being constructed from current and past records. (3.4) Post Freshers’ Week Survey A. Stearn: Is this being distributed in the library? - Yes. Concerned this is only being pushed to people already following us on facebook. Paper copies from the library and halls may be difficult to integrate into online report. May need Ordinary Board’s assistance to distribute and enter these. C. Hall: First years involved in Union committees could be asked.

ACTION POINT: L. Hainey, K. Brims & L. Clarke to meet regarding Freshers’ Week surveys

[C. Chisholm enters 6.4 Honorary Assistant Secretary Submitted by L. Hainey (4.3) Duty N. Ballantyne: Can Duty Board or Champions Bar Staff be trained on the basics of using the projector? - Will look into this through training and President to General Manager. N. Ballantyne: Many duty board know not how to exclude specific zones on the alarm system. - Will distribute and upload guide on how to do this. L. Hainey: What is a ‘teensy snaffoo’? - A smallish mistake. (4.2) Training K. Brims: Can blood procedure be clarified following an incident that occurred last week? We are out blood kits, many of which were out of date. - Yes. Will revise procedure and see about getting in more kits. (4.4) Election K. Brims: The Ordinary Board are very keen to assist with the promotion of the election. - Many thanks. We’re hoping to coordinate a big effort for this election. It’s going to be a good one. (4.1) CBP K. Hill: When will this be happening, and how is it being prepared so as not to intimidate or exclude

people from CBP committee? - There is an online forum for introducing and drafting areas that we want looked at, and meetings will be held when these are in their final stages. I can add all interested Board Members to the forum. There shall be a meeting of the committee before the next meeting of the Board of Management. 6.5 Campaigns & Charities Submitted by E. Munro (5.2.1) Charity of the Semester A. McConachie: Can the charity number and details of WestGAP be forwarded to me? - Yes. (5.5.) Free Condoms A. Stearn: Has there been discussion regarding the decision to move this downstairs? - Yes, though was resolved before most recent meeting. This will be operating on a trial basis. P. Hughes: Is it worth considering one upstairs and one downstairs session a week? - Yes, this has been suggested. We may try this, though there is a possible confusion issue. R. Callaghan: Are maps to the Sandyford available? - Yes. They are out. D. Walker: Will the Sandyford lady be available to train new members of the committee? - Yes. This will happen soon. 6.6 Events Submitted by L. Clarke L. Clarke: Not yet in possession of numbers for this week’s clubnights. K. Hill: Can Duty Board on clubnights please include numbers on their duty report, so the Executive can gauge how well these nights are doing? A. McConachie: Constant numbers counts risks bothering stewarding staff. K. Hill: Only final in/out figure – given as standard on the radio at 1am – is required. (6.1) Closed Committee Update L. Hinton: Are Ordinary Board allowed to take part in the Events Committee? - They will not use a place on the committee, but any board member willing to make a constructive contribution is more than welcome. D. Walker: Would this count towards committee attendance for Ordinary Board? C. Fraser: Yes. A. Stearn: Will positions be re-opened following the Autumn By-Election for former Board Members? - Yes, it is likely that places will become free when committee members run for Board. P. Hughes: How long is committee membership being held for? - Currently a six-month term, but this might extend. C. Hall: A discussion over the existence of a closed committee in the Union has to be held in some form. - Yes, but the new committee is currently settling. Happy to have this discussion in a Board forum. 6.7 Ordinary Board Submitted by K. Brims (7.5) Board Night In K. Brims: Is everyone happy with this taking place on Thursday night, with Back to the Future? All: Yes C. Fraser: Will do duty, due to work. L. Hainey: Watching film doesn’t seem very sociable. - There will be other aspects, like Chippy Bingo. (7.3) Projects E. Munro: Is there clarification on what/where you can use your QM card?

K. Hill: Yes, can this be submitted in report for the next meeting?

ACTION POINT: K. Brims to submit card project update to next meeting

C. Hall proposes that all Ordinary Board Members submit personal reports to the next meeting of the Board of Management. Direct Negative: P. Hughes Discussion C. Hall: Useful to get a progress update on what the Ordinary Board think they have achieved. P. Hughes: This turns the Board against itself, trying to outdo one another, and undermines the role of the Ordinary Board Convenor. [C. Hall withdraws motion 6.8 Publications Submitted by N. Ballantyne (8.5.1) Printing N. Ballantyne: There is a list of printers that are available to us after Forward Graphics rose their price. Haggling got this from £530 to £495, but we are considering other options. (8.2.1) Issue 89 D. Walker: As the University Challenge event is only a day after the projected date of arrival of the magazine, there is little point promoting the event in the magazine. - This is up to the organiser (D. Walker) A. Stearn: There is plenty of QM content that this could be replaced with. A. McConachie: Quids really needs to be pushed in this issue, as there was absolutely no reference to the event last issue. There was an underwhelming amount of QM content in issue 88. - Yes, have discussed ways of promoting the QM in the magazine with the Events Convenor and the President. 6.9 Social Submitted by P. Hughes (9.5) Pop Culture and a Piano A. Stearn: Don’t think people are aware of what this is from the PR. L. Porterfield: The blank and white copies of the posters in the library are very unclear. Notably, the fact that the quiz takes place in the QM is barely visible. - The wrong version of the poster was photocopied. This will be rectified this week. (9.2) Unplugged L. Hainey: Is there any news on the sound system fault? - Will talk to E. Evans regarding tech. tonight. L. Hainey: Who is doing the sound for Unplugged? - E. Evans and a member of staff, for now. N. Ballantyne: Why is E. Evans there at all? This seems unfair. Are you looking not to use E. Evans anymore? - Was not originally aware a member of staff had been allocated to this. Had assumed E. Evans was doing sound this year. Unsure now. L. Porterfield: Just to clarify, is someone being paid to perform a job normally done voluntarily by a member of the committee? A. McConachie: There is a member of staff. K. Hill: Is there a real issue with the faulty speaker? It has been reported that there is a noticeable difference, and this affects every single one of our Social events. A. McConachie: This has not been reported to any member of staff. (9.4) BWNPQ J. Ansell: Will tech. be resolved for Wednesday? - Yes. The setup that was used last week is working.

(9.8) Rewards J. Ansell: Will rewards be available any time other than following Social Committee? - Yes, they just won’t be cold. There is a practical issue with continually signing out individual bottles. P. Hughes: Will next week be the last week of karaoke? A. McConachie: No. All outstanding issues with karaoke kit have been resolved. Motion to pass reports. Prop: L. Hainey Sec: C. Fraser PASSED 7. Affiliations SWSS [L. Hainey withdraws application due to lack of QMU membership details K. Hill: Can clubs & societies with incomplete details be contacted prior to the meeting? Glasgow University Climate Action Society Prop: L. Hainey Sec: H. Butler PASSED Glasgow University Palestine Society Prop: L. Hainey Sec: C. Fraser PASSED Glasgow University Politics Society Prop: L. Hainey Sec: C. Fraser PASSED Glasgow University Student Action for Refugees Prop: L. Hainey Sec: C. Fraser PASSED GU Stop AIDS Campaign Prop: L. Hainey Sec: E. Munro PASSED Glasgow University Liberal Democrats Prop: L. Hainey Sec: C. Chisholm PASSED Parliament of Oceana Prop: C. Fraser Sec: C. Hall PASSED GU Amnesty International Prop: L. Hainey Sec: C. Fraser PASSED Students of a Jane Austen Persuasion Prop: L. Hainey

Sec: C. Hall PASSED GU Weightlifting and Powerlifting Society [Withdrawn – no membership list GU Gaming Society Prop: L. Hainey Sec: C. Fraser PASSED Chivalric Dream Society Prop: L. Hainey Sec: J. Ansell A. Stearn: Can the Chivalric Dream Society be reminded of weapons policy L. Hainey: Will contact them. PASSED The Cecilian Society Prop: L. Hainey Sec: G. Stewart PASSED K. Hill: There has been an issue involved U18 non-members attending rehearsals. L. Hainey: Will contact them. GU Psychology Society [Withdrawn due to incomplete membership details GU Science Fiction & Fantasy Society (IO) Prop: L. Hainey Sec: N. Ballantyne PASSED GU Band Society Prop: L. Hainey Sec: H. Butler PASSED GU Model United Nations Prop: L. Hainey Sec: C. Fraser PASSED Christian Union [Withdrawn due to incomplete membership details

ACTION POINT: C. Fraser to review Clubs & Societies Equal Opportunities CBP

Japanese Society Prop: L. Hainey Sec: C. Chisholm PASSED There has been no more contact from the International Society as yet. The SRC’s International Students representative seems reluctant to set up an alternative system. The LGBT society have not yet affiliated.

ACTION POINT: L. Hainey to contact the LGBT Society regarding affiliation.

8. Life Membership Applications 9. Movember E. Munro has established a QM team – please could everyone join, and encourage friends to take part. Cross-Campus-wise, the SRC and GUU are mobilising. No word as yet from GUSA. The SRC will be contacted to see if they intend to give out prizes at the end. Those taking part will get free entry to Quids for Movember. E. Munro wishes to start promotion of the event next Sunday. The 1st of November is a Quids, so there are theming possibilities. Hopefully we can get the shave-off up here for this. For this one event, funds raised by the Campaigns & Charities Committee selling moustache-related goods will go to Movember, instead of WestGAP. A. McConachie will enquire with staff to see if they are to take part. Various moustache-related gimmicks that have been suggested include giving the Union crest a ‘tache on PR, hanging a large mustachio in a prominent position in the building, and giving ‘PoundLad’ some facial hair. [P. Hughes and C. Fraser volunteer to help with designing PR 10. Freshers’ Week The student representatives that sat on the Freshers’ Week Committee met prior to the Board meeting, and started the process of making recommendations for next year. Crucially, more input from the entire Board and committees was agreed to be a welcome addition early on in the process, to start gathering ideas. Campaigns & Charities’ exclusion from the committee was a mistake. The committee shall continue to meet, and make recommendations for next year. Regarding entry for non-Freshers, K. Hill shall be meeting with Mr Sibbald [GUU President] in the coming weeks to see how this can be workable for both Unions next year. 11. PPL K. Hill has heard nothing back from the contacted Northern Services presidents. A. McConachie is attending a meeting regarding the issue on Thursday (13/10). A plan of action will arise from this. Many clubs are threatened by this, and are looking to engage the Scottish Government, at the very least to extend the consultation period. 12. AOCB Hallowe’en N. Ballantyne and R. Callaghan have volunteered for duty during the Hallowe’en event. P. Hughes: Is it possible to stock Hallowe’en goods in the shop for the runup to Hallowe’en? A. McConachie: Will look into this. 13. Action Points from Meeting AP: K. Hill to investigate faulty hand-dryers. ACTION POINT: Finance Committee to discuss releasing passed minutes to the Board of Management ACTION POINT: Board of Management to be notified by email when passed minutes are made available by Honorary Assistant Secretary ACTION POINT: K. Hill, K. Brims & L. Clarke to meet regarding PR ACTION POINT: L. Hainey, K. Brims & L. Clarke to meet regarding Freshers’ Week surveys ACTION POINT: K. Brims to submit card project update to next meeting ACTION POINT: C. Fraser to review Clubs & Societies Equal Opportunities CBP ACTION POINT: L. Hainey to contact the LGBT Society regarding affiliation. 14. Date of next meeting The next meeting of the Board of Management shall convene at 5.30pm on Monday the 24th of October. Exec-Cons shall take place on Monday 17th at 5.30pm. Both meetings shall convene in the Boardroom.

BOM MINUTES 10/10/2011  

Minutes from the meeting of the Board of Management held on Monday 10th November 2011.

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