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Proactively manage your entire organization’s customer flow in real time

What is Orchestra?

Orchestra is a 100% web-based Customer Flow Management (CFM) solution developed for larger organizations that span many branches, and larger scale single sites with many individual departments that need to be managed as one. Built from the culmination of 30 years of CFM experience, Orchestra centralizes and simplifies customer flow management and improves operational efficiency without adding resources. Orchestra is the ideal solution for large facilities requiring a system that offers flexibility, usability, and a high quality customer experience all in one package.

A true 360o view of operations See your organization in ways that have never before been possible: in real-time. Real-time and historical data management provides insight into daily operations and assists with representing a complete picture of daily activities. Create data benchmarks to identify topperforming branches and areas for improvement. Drive operational improvement and defend budgetary and staffing requests based on management information.

What Orchestra does

Tangible data

The Orchestra solution manages the flow of customers and their experience from initial contact to final service delivery. This means you can coordinate and automate arrival, check in, waiting, and calling procedures to better serve your customers, as well as track staff productivity and service levels for a true, real-time view of your branch operations.

Orchestra records milestone data like waiting and service times on every customer transaction, as well as staff, workstation and branch performance levels, and service summaries. This data provides insight into daily operations and supplies the tangible information necessary to make functional improvements, effectively schedule staff, and defend staffing and budgetary requests.

Extending with modules

Who benefits?

Orchestra is built on an open and extensible framework that uses industry standard technologies like Java and XML and is delivered to users through a standard web browser.

CUSTOMERS Customers benefit from a relaxed atmosphere with a controlled and fair waiting process while experiencing consistent and positive service.

By developing Orchestra on open standards and designing the software using object oriented programming (OOP) methodologies, it can easily be extended and new functionality added using modules that simply “plug-in� to the system’s framework.

STAFF Staff members benefit from increased productivity, a fair and more relaxed service process and a more professional environment.

Built with this integrated group of modules, Orchestra helps organizations to deliver better, more efficient processes, which in turn bring results such as improved customer satisfaction and reduced operational expenses.

MANAGEMENT With access to critical analysis and reporting tools, management can drive ongoing improvements in customer satisfaction while better supervising the day-to-day activities.

How your organization benefits from an Orchestra solution Orchestra is based on the latest software technology ensuring that it is both powerful in operation today and continues to be so in the future. Its 100% web-based thin client technology means that no software is installed on the user’s PC for workstation, management information, or configuration purposes. Staff members need only run a standard web-browser to get access to its rich feature set. This technology means that Orchestra is simple to deploy, maintain and update, ultimately saving you time, money and resources.

100% web-based Orchestra’s 100% web-based thin client technology makes it more manageable, highly deployable and reduces costs. Single installation on the server saves time, effort and money. There is no local software and the simplified central software architecture lowers operational expenses.

Historical and real-time data management View live branch or department activity information in the dashboard. Analyze the statistical data to learn about customer behaviors to better cater to their needs (improve customer service/perception), to personalize services offered, and to create customer messaging according to trends.

Enterprise management tools The Orchestra Dashboard, Reports and Analysis modules provide management with the necessary tools to operate their facility in real-time. They can oversee customer and staff activity as it’s happening; track operational, staff, customer flow and business performance; and spot trends.

Customer Journey Proactively use the surfaces within your organization with custom messages. As the customer moves through the service process, messages directly associated with their selected service appear on the informational surfaces throughout the organization. This allows for direct control of the customer experience with stronger, clearer customer messaging.

Pre-arrival and appointment scheduling Customers can put themselves into queue using your organization’s Smartphone app or by making an appointment via a call center, branch or from within your website.

Surface Editor The Surface Editor allows for easy customization and delivery of messaging to customers on digital surfaces. Use this messaging to reduce customer hesitation time and walking time, thereby increasing throughput and reducing costs.

Appointments can increase processing capacity up to 35% with fewer resources (decreased costs) and balance customer arrival by scheduling off-peak times.

What is Customer Flow Management? Customer Flow Management (CFM) is a process that manages the flow of your customers and their experience from initial contact to final service delivery.

Customer Flow Management Customer Flow Management helps companies adopt a consumer-centric perspective and begins when a customer makes an appointment for a visit or enters an establishment. CFM stresses the importance of planning and monitoring the customer’s entire visit and captures statistical information at each point of contact, be it with a staff member or at a self-service point. Furthermore, it can link all service points together, helping managers to understand the dynamics of the customer’s visit and ultimately

their experience. In short, CFM can link the vast amount of customer information in CRM databases to the real-time activities targeting and influencing the customers present on your premises. The benefits of this approach are significant. In the short-term it can increase efficiency by up to 30% and decrease costs by up to 30% by ensuring that the right customer is at the right place at the right time. It also increases customer and staff satisfaction by reducing the actual and perceived waiting times and creating a relaxed environment characterized by a controlled and fair waiting process.

Qmatic has defined 6 distinctive steps in the CFM process.

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