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The Charter calls for: • Safer workplaces • Decent jobs for Queenslanders through skills, training and support for local industry

Queensland teachers Geraldine Hore and Christine Peters support the Charter.

• Greater investment in infrastructure and services like education and health

Before 24 March, all candidates must

• Fairness at work More than two million working Queenslanders and their families want to make this state an even better place to live and work.

Visit to ask your local candidates if they support the Charter to make Queensland a better place to live and work.

A Charter for Working Queenslanders will hold future state governments accountable to policies and commitments that provide direct benefits for workers, their families and communities.

Tell them they will have your vote if they support the Charter and support working Queenslanders. Ask your candidates to reveal their policies for working people BEFORE the 24 March state election.

answer the hard questions about your working life.

Authorised by Ron Monaghan, General Secretary, QCU, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane 4101

QCU election DL.indd 1

14/02/12 1:16 PM

Workers have been meeting with election candidates across the state to ask 28 tough questions about their support for policies that benefit working people.

party responses as at 13/02/2012

Liberal National Party

The Greens

Katter’s Australian Party

Queensland Labor Party

8 ? ?

3 3 3

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Met with worker delegations Formally answered our 28 questions Support for foundation commitments of Charter for Working Queenslanders

Working Queenslanders speak out

“I will vote for a candidate who gives workers a real say in workplace health and safety laws.” - Brewery worker Billy Smith

“I will vote for a candidate who rejects any more privatisation of our public assets!” - Power industry worker Bill Bijoux - electrical industry worker – Gold Coast University Hospital

When you vote in March, know where your local candidates stand on issues important to working Queenslanders, your families and communities. Ask your candidates to publicly commit to: • enforcing tough safety laws for safer workplaces • ensuring decent long-term local jobs are created from the resources boom • keeping public assets in public hands • an independent industrial umpire to decide on wage rises and disputes.

In other states these questions were not answered by politicians before elections. Now they are paying the price. Working people have a right to know about policies that directly affect them. Avoiding the questions is not an option. On 24 March support candidates who support working Queenslanders!

Find out more at QCU election DL.indd 2

Hospital workers Felicity Beaven and Jessica Toombs

“We will vote for a candidate who ensures our hospital has enough staff and resources to look after our patients properly” - Hospital workers 14/02/12 1:16 PM


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