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volu nd softly tion er emonium up sical spoken 13 ted, he of the Cu ltu A BO adrif Chinese -year-old was a sli ral In SHNA t po wh Q Guar in a city to etry. Tw o loved ght, nu the dead ds comba , Xi Jin rn apart o years clas- m al pilgrimliest trage dy ore tive st ping ha by warr later, than age to M to befa His d ha ing reet Th official father, a survivor rdened Red ho ursday 700 peop ecca in ll the anin in se de le liest to a earli who had nior Co . site on a stampe were ki cades, the er mmun been de on M beaten , was near lled on purg e of ist Pa ques uslim se rty calen the holie Islam’s tions family . Studen ized an ed a few m da st ab ye t one ’s home, militants d repeat ars la anagemen out the r, raisi days of of hi ng an fo rg Sa ed ra t rc es ud ns ly s of in Para t i siste g them acked ew de The deregular hu one of authoriti his to fle the re d before rs died in es’ the man aths th e, mothevolution ana crowd the may and se e first da occurr migratio world’s as y of Ei ed ar ound ns. on th r, the futu d denoun an enemhem. M ction in d al M e for de edge of bere presidenced by hi y of ed ecca, as ina, abou -Adha, at 9 a.m. on s ow lin an t six in t on th millions miles intere city Visit quent ch g thrown of China wa n of M Th ild in ea fo in us e re s Mr. Xi g the to est ac crush ap r the pilg lims desc st of Unite n of the pa a prison rimag as a po , 62, has endd Stat rty eli when cident du peared to so e, te. ring bing lished sta ught to es this 1,426 be th or hajj. in we pr wi th or at th Amer tesman, esent hi ek, al a tunnel pilgrims e hajj sine deadlite at di m Hous nding a ican capi ease ho self a so occurr linking M ed in a ce 1990, ta st bn sta e first in his ho te dinn lists in Se ob- cr large consed less th ecca and ampede imm er an no at as M tru r, set at th tle two we ina. hed ersio ction stree eW It for in M n ts most of the Ch in politics Friday. Ye hite ju ecca, killi to the crane toppeks after Gr ng ring when tumultuou inese ca came on t his 394 ot at least and Mos led and pi 111 pe qu bombaMao Zedo s era of Co tal durin the ju Thursday hers. ople e in g ng ex re ’s m rd and in horte munist the te d at lea stampe ‘‘I al the he woul ways ha adquarte d student rule, ha nsify fear st 863 pe de, which rs dn’t op d s s ve al that le, is put up a stubbo ’’ of orde ‘‘to Xi re Saud likely so insafety the tra ca i to in of the lled in with bein rn streak r. infra nsporta Arabia m an expe few times interviewg bullied and ki asses wh structur tion an does not ,’’ rienc d e o ngdo riled e as he has sp in 2000 Mr. m fo descend to hand public a le an for ev the radica teenager oken abou, one ist In a stat r the pilg rim nually on the em er ls, t hi er in the Mr. Xiything th and they Beijing s mig , Khalid ent, the Saage. . ‘‘I al-F ht ud bl has of at went year ment have be alih, said i health s he wron amed me te n en sp di durin g.’’ the guof some pi ‘‘cause the stam min- Po g th ent exile scussed d XI , PA e latte th pe Fr d by th idelines lgrims wh by the m pede ancis GE 5 r pa to a rura e seven e re an ov o addr rt of l essed But th sponsib d instru didn’t follo ethe Cuvillage a joint ctions le au e hi w ba ltura meeti issue l co rrass th gh death thorities W AS ng of d .’’ e Sa toll HI NG nsid Cong TO N ress world ers itself udi gove is likely to on Th rn ursd the m and take the leade ment, whemay. He r of th s ill ich gr defen io ea holy ns of e ded im cit pilgrimt pride in Muslim brea migr year. ies of k ho ation s M st para out of its , push arch One of th ecca an who visit ing lysis ed for d e is tit M th to fin cycle of po th edina e envir mosqu ‘‘custo les of e ‘‘o al onme th hatre pen woun ly use its larizatio ntal leg duty es,’’ re dian of e Saudi each n an d, fe po ds m islati BY PE grim to protec rring to the two onTakinggreed, po ’’ of a pl wer to he d on an TER In pa s. ve t the an d ma holy al his rty a pied BAKE rticu de a and po et torn pe sites tio The by th rostrum Pope R AN plea and rsonal issue llutio by sh n that ge lar, Fran e to ab ne D Fr porte Saudi civ bi JI ve an sh the pi cis be d olish n. M YA billion Z are nera cis, largely a vigoro op of Ro r before the de RDLE lthat d the deat il defense money of the wo tes a di seeched Rom the spiri oc us m at Co Y e, cu tw di fa ca hs ng an sp a na th - of vo powe o ll rld re dr on Tw rectorat open Cath tual leade rful de red by lib to action e pontiff est na ss and hum ive its de ’s wealt roportion - POPE ed in medical e reitter olics r of 1.2 tiq an by on More h fe cis er ue tio ce , ity an M iss ns ex to no ate He TO ADDR al nter ch ions n in d in Xi Jin at th endo of the ex e of imm s, includi ues ou ‘‘Politics . t let histor tension th allenged is ex ESS were than 4,0 a to tre s had said ping e rs GE ce ig is, ng ex r at em y e be 00 se ra ss sp this we RUTH FREMSO co pe in mig a on Th nt tio es tio en the eech pected to NE en nse em peop N/T der to mpelling stead, an ek in ursd hti- ar n, a blist t of envi of capita n, a crile we to the scen ergency injured. DINN enviro to focus use h Taco HE NEW YOR ne ex ay bu ro lis er re m ed ER AN pr K TIM e, an on ma, W nm ild work m The s nmen in to m take to es ES Pres D DIPL ash. death trade an g condem ental leg , an Coon good,’’ as one, live as on sion of t and issu socia stampede n to four d hundre ers id d a refuge pena l arriv ent Xi Jin OMACY IN GIRL plea nation of isla- ica ngress in he told the greate e, in orlty. wher media, oc , witnes hospitals. ds of HA e a to ab an se st e meetin on Thur ping of ChWASHING Sofía S IMMIGR olish the Re n icons lik addres joint mee comthe St pilgrims curred ar s reporte ina wa TON gs wi sday fo v. Dr e Abra s that the ting the po Cruz, 5, do ATION ME r th Pr . of a st oning of go to perfoound the d on cit of ham esidenhigh-stak s to Afte Martin th COMP protec pe a T-sh dged secu Linc ed Amer t Obam es Prop ory from e Devil, rm a rit area PO PE r his m Luther tion fro irt supp ual — het Ab King oln and th Top exLAINTS FR the Qu a re-e uc , a. PA hm du PA GE 4 na antic OM AM Jr e ON depo orti raha GE 5 ring Jinpi ecutives ipated . rtatio m — ran involv ctment ERIC th LINE: ng at In Ir e hajj. n remar that in that hi and criti tech fir AN BUSIN Read FRANCIS IN takes g the ks, the cr an, offic ESS ms ciz nder the AM place to Co their ed laws met with abou ane colla ials alread ngre full text of ERICA oper t ss repo ation and practic Xi FR AN the di the Saudpse compl y angere rters , with an the pope s. PA KF es ’ . Mor aly UR T GE 17 e cove sis by Ti at lea saster, wh i govern ained bi d by tterly m rage st m ich en BY 89 SAUD t’s claim at ny Irania JACK tim I AR ed th role in EWIN ns. AB IA e lives G AN , PAGE Germ D MEL of 7 on Th any’s tra ISSA ns EDDY Volk ursday th portatio swag n at m softw inister been en di M ON ar us AC O in Eu ed to fo esel cars e instal said led in ol of rope If so , not ju ficial em might grea , the de st the Un issions have te woul r than ception woited Statestests Fren ea d ch to Vo add to th rlier disc uld be . But authoriti much lksw e los alr ed. An agen brea eady more Mr. Rybo es to auth ch ’s which of trust reputatio grave da d it gestur than just lovlev’s de enticate m th an in consider with th n, indica age BY DO the po e. The m a chivalro cision is em ting dustry s the e go m an a Germ ve co AND REEN CA Rybo rtraits, Yv from wh us, expe uc an ec that form mpany a rnment, GRAH lovlev RVAJ om he nsive es Bo on s lea come Rem the be AL AM BO om ’s ad uv bo In wh drock der in trans arks by y. WLE world perhaps versary ier, is also ught Y of the Al porta th in simpl at appear 10 m tion exander such today. An e larges what ha Mr. ill t feud a s liona e, magna ed at first d pu be by fected ion cars minister, Dobrindt bl tentio re ni ire in th in e art n to th ic fashio turning cassos on Th mous ac glance to the tu by the in Europe dicating , the n, ur t, th m that could artis , valued sday re a Russia be a be For the pa eir broade he is dr e art in on a rmoil surr anipulat t’s st awin tu n be io g atwork epda at $30 m rned tw bil- in en battlin st year, M r fight. who day filled ounding n height afs o PigM Paris r. Ry woul illio Vo Jacq — both ughter, d repl with spec lkswag ened the Kong , Monacr. Bouvier bolovlev ue who n, to the ch en — wife line Ro portraits sa Wed ief exec ace Mar ulation some in a disp o, Singap in courtro has Traditi — we of he ys the que, tin W nesd abou utive ut of or om re e r ay t Pica inte The the e and that mot on stol s . They na who Som has Ho resig rkorn, were in Tu bolov busines en from sso’s se her, Bo tional ar murkier Müller e news sc corn shed lig ng ned he part cond uvier t mar re er ht on of the any A on most lev, owne sman, Dm r. divisio , head of ports na lectio , who he ket. He ha s of the season co itry m n, as Volk interv valuable r of one lped s accu interBut al ca wboy te E. CU RR swag ed Matth muc n, of fra the art co of hi pe ttle m nd EN CIE ias the woiew last llectio the wo Ry- ar h as $1 ud by ov m amas sed Mr. VO LK ople clo most lik en’s Po igratio ing to a NADIA SHIRA COH S NEW we s hi billion erch t. se SWAG ely ca rsche s Eu YOR he n calle any hi rks in go ek that ns, said rld’s EN K, THU EN , PA to the for m arging s colndid ro in an he ha od fa d the rd in Sa FOR THE NEW The nt RSD co hi ul at th GE AY 12: m m s Po th tip e. at th n YOR trans pany GLOB 18 eir tit €1= le piec as 30P M day wi paintings und ere waith in 2013 d bought AL ’s su uman Galgano, K TIMES es of s Ye $1.12 , wi Ques POLLUT ‘‘I fe le. s a qu za. PA Italy. £1= while ll remai handed PRE VIO n 60 IO tions STOC estio thout GE 3 n in over a judi beca el solid s S. $1.52 of ca $1.11 US K IN mount N TESTS UN n abou th ha $1= on Th ar us DE XE rm Franc 90 t Bo ppened cial inquirye author betw e there ity with S THU urs¥119 60 air po akers wh over th DER SCRU $1.52 t Th is $1= ee RSD .45 e se Fu ll uvier to the determ ities’ ca llutio TIN AY e mothe n the po a strong her, espe cu rre SF0.9 0 ¥120 40 art re n sta en it com lf-policin Y mig t FT Dow 12:3 nc y in cia .28 720 ndar es rat es 0pm SE 10 terviewr,’’ Mr. Ry rtraits of emotiona lly sa Karen Bo ht have and any es what ds. PA to enfo g Pa ge SF0.9 0 FOR 16,05 t Ni 0 clo played l ye ro id SUBS lin bo 19 rc he 80 le GE r, fro se in kk k th lov 8.7 r here 0 g Mr. ei 22 16 IN SI 0800 CRIPTION pretty e disput a New Yo . over m his pe lev said and her 5,961 2 –1.36 5 clo ‘‘Fem ART 201 5 DE TO IST S lookin rk e wa se OI L ntho wide in th me se RIG HTSESTATE % On or e-ma 895 96 INFORMA DAY’ OF PAB NEW 17,57 .49 –1 us s ‘‘b art advi à l’É SOC TION, LO IET Y S PA .17% t Lig YOR K, THU ance Thursday g the Med e apartme in- ad ‘‘A movie ly.’’ ventail Coiffant,’ il us at eing 5 1.83 ser, (AR S), PIC ASS CALL Migra PE R O/ RSD in , ht sw ’ top wa NEW co ite he ,’’ inytsu de : en –2 Pa AY ul po rr tc d. YOR t , an in fro .76% 12: 30P eet cru d be ris, lon made hed an rtrait tion cr K bs@ny M mad s of Ja d ‘‘Espag Serb The NEWS de g enou a brief ean. times isis e out so’s st nt of the ia no cque STAN appe .com $44.6 bolov feud be gh go of it,’ Grea line Ro le had be said on Th strains B arAnaly 4 t Brita D PRICE lev sa gan ’ she was epdaught uache po to pose que. alkan –$0.9 an no in £ 2.0 S la alo Ireland good gun to en ursday th 0 paintin t presen er, Cather rtraits. Pi ne Ca art ad id, when st year, ties Gregor st again ra 0 ¤ 3.2 s and force at th 0 vise IN TH by M ises fla casribbe gs, wh t for th ine Hu e a ca coun IS insurr y Hooker an va r over chance r. Ryich we e hand tin-Blay gs ab — No. 41 ISSUE try, pr rgo vehi ban on Cr police he m is ectio over out Ir ,222 cles en , er in a purc cation an lunch re tra rebu oatia ompt Com n of Un at the ce et Book of du ke ha n ns aq in te d m th — rin . WORL g a ve ferred se nter s di ring e ON LI of an whet and intelli ited Stat Busin 13 the ry st Mod he had arranged scovered g a D NE to th NE AT es Fiorin es ern he ig ge WS, e paid that by M Crossw s 16 3 IN Y PI CA liani pa bombi r the pict nce anal Central a cam $118 r. T. CO in SS OS ure of ysts Carly millio Bouving ca Cultu ord 15 Sitting paign’ M , PAGE ting th ov over re 10 Fi n at a s atta 3 ly op mpaign ag the Amer er Opini criticis orina’s hedg for a A stud is bad fo on 8 ck timist ican ca e fund Sport r child y ic. WO ainst ISIS Let re attack m by a Ya mp respon backfires s 14 inactiv found th Polls RLD is le fugees , at afte ren, too NEWS sh ity, ch up to but the ac dean wi ded to Euro ow fly th r ,7 ildre Desp eir bl th a pe Trum pe scrutin cu to Eu n deve prolonged ite a altern an leade p hold rs rope y. BU sation di woul ood flow deba week lop ch rs sh ative, d not onal SINE d in th te pe ould th seek SS, 18 hold legal rform g stea prob signal the at, in grow anges in lacklu at some er means provide lems. start analys ance la dy ster, ‘‘hum s to trave well.b of ca n-ups, st on to Do l to Eu for asyl an anita logs.n rdiov Nonfic um his lea nald J. Tr ts describ Alex ytime ascu ed as pres ande rian visas,’ rope thro lar s.com identia d in the fie ump is ho r Betts ugh Jerem tion publ ’ ldin tw ld l . OPIN writes is y P. Ta cand o new her di publ idates of Republ g ION, rche polls es at ishin 8 r foun ica , ac . ny g 83 co D which times hous rama ded th rding n e .com/ to e in ba polit and sp specialized that bear Th se ose ics s hi ba iritual in Sept seeking do ll’s statis ity. ny health, ps s name, em tics ra times ycho them ber base wn-to-the.com/ logy ces ball ra not in wire media in th e indi the team ces can fin vidu nytim d al stat standing es.co s, bu m/ba istica t seba l ta bles. ll

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