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Water and Life Water is the natural substance with the chemical formula H2O. Its molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. Water is a liquid at ambient conditions, but it often co-exists on Earth in its solid, ice and gaseous state. • • • •

Water covers 70.9% of the Earth's surface, and is vital for all known forms of life. All the major components in cells (proteins, DNA and polysaccharides) are also dissolved in water. Water can be split by electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen. Natural water consists mainly of the isotopes hydrogen and oxygen, but there are also small quantities of heavier isotopes such as deuterium. The amount of deuterium oxides or heavy water is very small, but it still affects the properties of water.

People need about 2.5 quarts of water a day to maintain good health. A person can live without water for approximately one week, depending upon the conditions.

Water is the primary mode of transportation for all nutrients in the body and is essential for proper circulation.

Drinking adequate amounts of water can decrease the risk of certain types of cancers, including colon cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer.

Water leads to increased energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration.

About Deuterium •

Deuterium, also called heavy hydrogen, is one of two stable isotopes of hydrogen. It has a natural abundance in Earth's oceans of about one atom in 6,400 of hydrogen (~156.25 ppm on an atom-basis).

Deuterium is about 0.0156% of the hydrogen in the oceans. The deuterium concentration changes very little from a natural water to another.

The Deuterium content of surface waters in our climate area is 150 ppm, with a minimal fluctuation.

Deuterium in the organism •

The amount of deuterium measured in the water in a certain area is directly proportional to the deuterium content of the organisms that live in that area.


The concentration of deuterium in an adult's body is about 12-14 mmol / l (millimoles per liter). Although it does not seem much, if we compare it to the mass amounts of other vital elements, deuterium is present in the body in an amount six times greater than calcium and ten times greater than magnesium.


Experiments using deuterium have been made on cell cultures and on living organisms and the conclusions were that a deuterium concentration of as much as 25% in the body water can cause negative effects and disturb the normal functions of cells and organs. An even higher contentration of deuterium in the body can kill living organisms.

Deuterium Depleted water •

Deuterium-depleted water (DDW), or "light water" is water which has a lower concentration of deuterium than normal water.

The Deuterium content of surface waters in our climate area is 150 ppm, with a minimal fluctuation. For the rain waters in the ecuatorial area the concentration is 155 ppm, and the for waters of the northern part of Canada, within the continent, of 135-140 ppm.

For children and young people, the quantity of deuterium in the body is much lower than compared with an elder's. In fact, as we grow old, water inside our body is also growing old and retains residues and gases. If we succeed to replace the "polluted" water inside our body with pure water, we can give the body an improved life.

The history of Deuterium depleted water •

In the 60’s, in the former Soviet Union, a team of scientists studied two populations, in two different regions, who’s members would live to be very old and were very healthy. Their living habits, including the feeding habits, were very different, but they had one thing in common: both populations used to drink glacier water. This water had one special feature: it had a deuterium concentration much lower than normal water.

There is a very interesting theory of the American scientist Kirk Goodal, a member of the NASA team that managed the Pathfinder program for the exploration of Mars. After syntethising all the studies in the field of radiation and DNA replication, Goodall reaches the conclusion that the number of irreversible errors in the DNA sequence is directly influenced, among others, by the Deuterium concentration in a cell. The lower the deuterium concentration, the lower the frequency of the irreversible errors in the DNA structures.

Research on Deuterium Depleted Water •

Scientific research shows that the aging process is correlated with the gradual accumulation of errors in DNA. Looking at the factors that have a negative impact on DNA, new research points to the fact that, although largely ignored, deuterium oxide (water that contains deuterium) can play a key role in the aging process, especially when coupled with different types of radiation and other mutagen factors.

Deuterium affects the shape of the molecules that make up the enzymes involved in DNA’s processes. Following some research it was concluded that reducing the quantity of deuterium diminishes the number and type of modifications suffered by enzymes and thus also reduces the negative effects of these in the processes in which the DNA is involved. Deuterium actually acts as a catalyst in DNA’s degradation.

Biological efects of DDW •


The biological effects of deuterium depleted water have been highlighted in several studies conducted on plants, animals and humans and published in specialized magazines. Very briefly these effects might be grouped as follows: -Experiments done on plants show a general productivity increase, such as up to 56% in wheat and up to 250% in cucumbers and radishes. -Experiments made on chickens lead to a decrease of 50% in mortality and the duplication of the number of eggs. -Experiments made on mice lead to the life expectancy increase by up to 50% and the increase of sexual activity.

Biological efects of DDW

The research carried out by specialized institutes in the country and abroad have shown undisputed bioactive effects of DDW on living organisms: increased vascular reactivity, boosting immunity, increasing the resistance of animals to sublethal and lethal doses of radiation, remission of tumor cell lines and skin diseases. •

The clinical trials conducted on humans, especially in Hungary by Dr. Gabor Somlyai and his collaborators showed the positive effects of deuterium depleted water in treating diseases such as diabetes and some types of cancer.


From the hard quantifiable effects, there can be mentioned: increase of creative memory, improving sleep, removal of anxiety states, increased work capacity.


Qlarivia 25 is a table water with a deuterium isotopic concentration of 25 parts per million (ppm), obtained by isotopic vacuum distillation of natural water with an isotopic concentration of 145 ppm. Qlarivia means reinventing nature. It means that by using technology and research in the field of deuterium depletion, Qlarivia manages to offer people an unique product, with special effects on the health of the organism. Qlarivia represents Immaculate Water, pure, like the water that existed on Earth thousands of years ago.

Benefits of Qlarivia •

Due to the reduced deuterium content of only 25 parts per million (ppm), Qlarivia 25 has numerous benefits for health. A series of experiments have shown that deuterium depleted water can be consumed without any toxic effects, but with benefic effects on the organism’s wellness, due to its positive influence on cellular division.

The more reduced the deuterium concentration in the water inside the body, the slower the cellular division process is, which means that the aging of the body will be slowed down. Also, in a rapid cell division process, the chances for division defects are much bigger.

Studies made on cancerous tissue had remarkable results, as well as in diabetes research and skin diseasses.

Benefits of drinking Qlarivia The influence that deuterium depleted water has in a cellular level manifests in the general wellbeing of the organism. Among these effects we can name:

Slowing down the aging process Strenghtening the imunity Hydrating the skin Detoxification Regulates the digestive system Tones the muscles Increased vascular reactivity Nonspecific immune stimulation Remission of tumor cell lines

Anti-Aging Effects of Qlarivia •

Scientific research shows that the aging process is correlated with the gradual accumulation of errors in DNA when DNA replicates.

Deuterium affects the shape of the molecules that make up the enzymes involved in DNA's replication and repair processes.

The consumption of deuterium depleted water can protect the DNA from errors and can support its repair mechanisms. Therefore, the consumption of deuterium depleted water can serve the protection of the body.

The preventive use of Qlarivia helps maintain a longer state of overall body wellness, slowing down the aging process of cells and therefore the aging of the body as a whole.


The process for obtaining deuterium depleted water used to make Qlarivia has been awarded diplomas and gold medals at invention salons in Brussels, London, Geneva and Budapest and other international awards.

Who should drink Qlarivia?


Due to its properties and benefits on the organism, Qlarivia is meant for everyone.


The consumption of Qlarivia is recommended for health conscious individuals, for those who enjoy healthy eating and healthy living. For those who like to be in shape and treat their body right. And especially for those who want to drink the best, healthiest water.


Qlarivia is recommended as regular drinking water for diabetic and cancer patients.

Deuterium Depleted Water  

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