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FEB 2015

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Qatar Leadership Academy

Quarter 3 is here, how are we doing? Mrs. Zarmina Hotaki Principal Thus far we have had a tedious start and the stress levels of IB cadets are high as they anticipate their internal assessment scores, their anxiety is palpable. Thankfully the hard work and dedication of senior cadets has gained notoriety for its grueling study time and exams. So much so that in recent weeks, younger cadets are raising question about the IB program and their personal preparedness. Among our goals, is to become critical thinkers and learners. This year our cadets are focusing on reading, writing, research and project work, sharpening math skills and focusing on making technology an integral part of every course. The fact that our younger cadets are actively thinking about their future is a reflection of critical thinking that we want our learners to display. With our PBIS program we want our cadets to become positive members of the academy and society at as a whole, it is important the cadets willfully engage the program and integrate its principles as part of their learning experience. Our new reward system has many cadets excited about what they will win and the acknowledgment coming from our teachers is really the icing on the cake for some. Several cadets have been gleaming with pride after receiving teacher comments. Cadets are beginning to put in practice that independent learning is being responsible for one’s own behavior, that decision-making does affect the person and community at large. It is nice to see so many recipients sharing their rewards with their friends or group. I would be remiss if I did not remind us that as parents the success of our children weighs heavily on what and how children carry on outside of school; that it is imperative we do as much as possible to engage in our children’s education. I encourage us to re-enforce the CAFFU expectations. We hope guidelines serve toward helping them understand that being good is a life long process not just limited to the academy. Please assist QLA in reiterating some of our initiatives and encouraging them with your children. This includes both Literacy and PBIS. The more we share, encourage and inspire, the more likely our cadets will feel the seamless connection between the school and home.

‫التنمر‬ ‫أ ‪ .‬عماد المكاحلة‬ ‫إخصائي‬ ‫يتضمن التنّمر أشكال مختلفة من السلوك ‪ ،‬وكلھا تتضمن شخصا ً أو مجموعة من األشخاص يحاولون بشكل متكرر إيذاء شخص أقل منھم‬ ‫قدرة وأكثر منھم ضعفا ً ‪.‬‬ ‫للتنمر أشكال منھا ‪:‬‬ ‫ھجوم مباشر ‪ ،‬مثل ‪ :‬الضرب أو التھديد ‪ ،‬والسخرية ‪ ،‬واإلغاظة ‪ ،‬وإطالق التسميات ‪ ،‬وإبداء تعليقات سخيفة ‪ ،‬والسرقة أو تخريب‬ ‫الممتلكات ‪.‬‬ ‫ھجوم غير مباشر ‪ ،‬مثل إطالق الشائعات ‪ ،‬وتشجيع اآلخرين على رفض الشخص أو إقصائه من المجموعة ‪.‬‬ ‫قد يقود التعرض لألذى لآلتي ‪:‬‬ ‫الشعور بالتوتر والخوف ‪.‬‬ ‫يقلل من القدرة على التركيز في المدرسة ‪.‬‬ ‫إذا استمر لفترة أطول فقد يؤثر على الشعور باحترام الذات وتقديرھا ‪.‬‬ ‫يزيد من العزلة االجتماعية واالنسحاب ‪.‬‬ ‫الشعور باالكتئاب والقلق والشعور بعدم األمان ‪.‬‬ ‫التفكير باالنتقام من الشخص المؤذي بقسوة ‪.‬‬ ‫و في الحاالت القصوى قد يؤدي إلى التفكير باالنتحار ‪.‬‬ ‫أشارت الدراسات إلى أن الكبار الذين تعرضوا أثناء طفولتھم ومراھقتھم إلى اإلساءة ‪ ،‬يسجلون مستوى أعلى من االكتئاب ‪ ،‬ومستوى أقل من‬ ‫تقدير الذات مقارنة بغيرھم ‪.‬‬ ‫إرشادات للتعامل مع ظاھرة التنمر‬ ‫ارفض المشاركة إذا ما حاول الشخص المؤذي تشجيعك على ذلك ‪ ،‬وحاول الثبات على موقفك حتى لو خفت أن ينقلب ضدك إذا لم تسايره‪.‬‬ ‫حاول تغيير الموقف عندما تشعر بأن الشخص المؤذي سيبدأ في مضايقة اآلخرين ‪ .‬مثالً ‪ :‬حاول تغيير انتباھه عن الشخص المستھدف ‪ ،‬أو خذه‬ ‫بعيداً وحاول تھدئته دون أن تضع نفسك في موقف غير مناسب‪.‬فإن لم تستطع ذلك ‪ ،‬أطلب مساعدة أحد المسؤولين في المدرسة للمساعدة‬ ‫فوراً ‪.‬‬ ‫حاول تقديم المساعدة بنفسك للشخص المساء إليه ‪ .‬فإن لم تستطع ذلك ‪ ،‬فقدم له الدعم المعنوي بالكلمات والمعاملة الطيبة ‪.‬‬ ‫شجع المساء إليه للتحدث إلى والديه أو معلميه أو المرشد ‪ .‬أعرض عليه مرافقته إن أمكن ‪ ،‬أو قم أنت بذلك ولوحدك دون أن تُعلم أحداً‬ ‫ھل تعلم‬ ‫القيمة الكبيرة للتحدث مع ابنك لمدة ‪ 15‬دقيقة بشكل مستمر دون مقاطعات ؟‬ ‫أثر ذلك في الوقاية من العنف المدرسي ؟‬ ‫ً‬ ‫ً‬ ‫ً‬ ‫إن الحديث واإلصغاء من الكبار المحيطين بابنك يحدث أثرا ھاما جدا في حياته ‪ ،‬وفي بناء بيئة صحية آمنة ‪.‬‬ ‫أن التدريب على السلوك المؤكد للذات يطور شخصية ابنك ‪ ،‬ومثال ذلك ‪ :‬علّمه أن باستطاعته الرفض وقول " ال " إذا ما شعر بأن الطلب غير‬ ‫مناسب ‪.‬‬

Qatar Leadership Academy By: Seif Hany Sayed Ahmed Grade 9 Today if there is anything that has a great influence on us after the family, it is the school. The years that we spend in school are not time spent in learning and filling our minds with knowledge, but also time spent in improving our personality. In school we learn various attitudes and basic principles of life. The basic traits of our personality are formed during our school days. The name of my school is Qatar Leadership Academy. It is considered to be one of the finest schools in Qatar, it is highly recommended for its excellent IB diploma program. There are some good and bad things about QLA that I have realized during my 2 years, the first being the importance of sleeping time. Students complain that they don't have enough sleeping time and I have learned that 6 hours a day is not enough. Second is food quality. Some students complain that some times the food quality is not suitable and that dinner is the same every day. I have learned to enjoy what is available. The most important however is that QLA provides an environment that promotes excellence in academics, leadership, athletics and character so students have the educated strong leader personality to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Exploration is a fundamental element in the Arts Exploration is a fundamental element in the Arts, and consequently it plays a vital part in the journey of the IB course in Visual Arts. Grade 11 and 12 student artists are trying out a variety of mediums and tools in Studio at QLA, in order to explore their properties, master techniques and further develop skills. An exciting and challenging medium is Textiles, as these have been an important part of human life since the beginning of civilization. The Visual Arts IB group of both 11 and 12 students was privileged to have a workshop with the prominent Textiles Artist, Mrs. Rashmi Agarwal (founder and chairperson of the Middle East Doha Textiles Artists Group), on 18 January, Doha. The artist demonstrated a number of techniques and shared her expertise with our students, who were inspired by her work and very keen to explore this new to them medium. They learnt how to use Batik, how to paint on Silk and use the effects of salt with Textiles paints. Their enthusiasm and creativity are depicted in their stunning art work! Very well done to everyone in the group! Ms. Vassiliki Art Teacher

A Message from the College Counselor Over the last 5 months, many of your sons have been working very closely with me in choosing where they would like to continue their education as well as what courses they would like to study in university. Currently, 90% of the students have submitted their applications to at least one US and/or UK universities. Out of those students who have applied, almost all of them have received conditional and/or unconditional offers from at least one university. Please join me in congratulating the class of 2015 for their hard work and achievements. Conditional offers mean that the student has to work hard to meet those requirements stated in the offers in order for him to attend that university. For IB Diploma students, they will need to submit their IB grades which won’t be available until first week of July. On the other hand, US Diploma students need to submit their final official transcripts in early June. Unconditional offers mean that based on the grades submitted to the university, the student has met the minimum requirements to attend the university. However, the university expects that student to maintain the same GPA for the rest of the school year. By accepting the unconditional offer, the student is committed to attend the university and may begin apply for his student visa. Regardless of which offers your sons have received, it is important that your sons finish the second semester strong and continue to be the best that they can be so that they will succeed in universities. Do not hesitate to email me if you have any specific questions regarding your sons. Stay tuned for more updates! Louis Petersen College Counselor 6367 3372

Rome MUN February 2015 The Rome MUN was a wonderful success! It gives us great pleasure to recognize the 6 students who travelled to participate with a difficult world topic. This year’s JCU Rome MUN Conference was about Cyber terrorism and how the world communities can come up with an agreement to protect their own national interests on a world stage. QLA students represented our school well with great pride and demeanor. Our trip also consisted of seeing important sights in Rome. We were fortunate enough to have John Cabot University (an American university in Rome) students as our guides, which gave a young perspective a of those who were also from outside Rome. With that, the JCU students had the opportunity to share their college experience and how they combine that with MUN and daily life. Being able to see the ancient parts of Roman history, speak with university students, be part of the MUN conference, and work together. MUN would like to thank everyone who assisted in making this happen for us. It truly took many departments and interactions for our international trip to be possible. Mrs. Mia L Elazizi Humanities Teacher

World Challenge Trip: Nepal Mr. Chris Eng PE Teacher/CAS Coordinator QLA cadets had the opportunity to travel to Nepal for 8 days. During this time, our cadets immersed themselves into local culture, completed a two day trek in the Helambu region, and volunteered at Hillside Academy in Kathmandu Valley. In between these projects, students enjoyed a visit to The Swayambhunath Stupa (the Monkey Temple) and whitewater rafting. This trip was a great learning experience for our students in which they learned about global mindedness and the importance of service. While it was both physically and mentally challenging at times, our cadets persevered through leadership and teamwork. They made memories to last a lifetime.

‫أ ‪ .‬أسامه رضوان‬ ‫معلم لغة العربية‬

‫أيھا القائد ‪ :‬افتخر بحضارتك‬ ‫تبدأ قصة الحضارة منذ عُرف اإلنسان على وجه األرض ‪ ،‬وھي حلقة متصلة تسلمھا األمة المتح‪m‬ضرة إل‪m‬ى م‪m‬ن بع‪m‬دھا‪ ،‬وال تخت‪m‬ص ب‪m‬أرض وال‬ ‫عرق ‪ ،‬وتكاد ال تخلو أمة من تسجيل بعض الصفحات في تاريخ الحضارة‪ .‬وتتألف الح‪m‬ضارة ب‪m‬شكل ع‪m‬ام م‪m‬ن أربع‪m‬ة عناص‪m‬ر رئي‪m‬سة ‪ ،‬ھ‪m‬ي ‪ :‬الم‪m‬وارد‬ ‫االقتصادية ‪ ،‬والنظم السياسية ‪ ،‬والتقاليد الخلقية ‪ ،‬ومتابعة العلوم والفنون ‪.‬غير أن ما تمتاز به حضارة عن حضارة إنما فھو في قوة األساس الذي تق‪m‬وم‬ ‫عليه ‪ ،‬والتأثير الكبير الذي يكون لھا ‪ ،‬والخير العميم الذي يصيب اإلنسانية من قيامھا ‪ ،‬ولتقدم الحضارة ف‪m‬ي أم‪m‬ة يج‪m‬ب توف‪m‬ر عوام‪m‬ل متع‪m‬ددة ؛ كالدي‪m‬ن‬ ‫واللغة والتربية ‪ ،‬كما أن انھيار الحضارة يكون بعكس ھذه العوامل ‪.‬‬ ‫وال يشك منصف في دورالحضارة العربية واإلسالمية في تاريخ التقدم اإلنساني ‪ ،‬بف‪m‬ضل م‪m‬ا قدمت‪m‬ه لإلن‪m‬سانية ف‪m‬ي مج‪m‬ال العقي‪m‬دة والعل‪m‬م والخل‪m‬ق‬ ‫والحكم والفن واألدب‪ ،‬ومن أھم خصائص ھذه الحضارة قيامھا على أساس الوحدانية المطلقة في العقيدة؛ فھي أول ح‪m‬ضارة تن‪m‬ادي باإلل‪m‬ه الواح‪m‬د ال‪m‬ذ ال‬ ‫شريك له في حكمه وملكه‪ ،‬وھذا ال‪m‬سمو ف‪m‬ي الوحداني‪m‬ة ك‪m‬ان ل‪m‬ه أث‪m‬ر كب‪m‬ير ف‪m‬ي رف‪m‬ع م‪m‬ستوى اإلن‪m‬سان وتحري‪m‬ر الجم‪m‬اھير م‪m‬ن طغي‪m‬ان المل‪m‬وك واألش‪m‬راف‬ ‫واألقوياء ورجال الدين وتصحيح العالقة بين الحاكمين والمحكومين ‪ ،‬وتوجيه األنظار إلى ﷲ وحده دون وثنية أو ش‪m‬رك؛ فھنال‪m‬ك الوح‪m‬دة ف‪m‬ي الرس‪m‬الة ‪،‬‬ ‫والتشريع‪ ،‬واألھداف العامة والكيان اإلنساني بأسره ‪.‬‬ ‫وقد كانت حضارتنا مثار إعجاب من العالم بأسره ‪ ،‬ولكنه من المؤسف أننا لم ننتبه تمام‪m‬ا ً لع‪m‬صبية األقوي‪m‬اء وج‪m‬ورھم ف‪m‬ي الحك‪m‬م عل‪m‬ى ح‪m‬ضارتنا ‪،‬‬ ‫حيث أثاروا بعض الشبھات حول الحضارة اإلسالمية ‪ ،‬ونظروا إليھا فھم أقوياء في الوقت احالي ‪ ،‬فظلموھا وج‪m‬اروا عليھ‪m‬ا ‪ ،‬م‪m‬ستخفين بھ‪m‬ذه الح‪m‬ضارة‬ ‫العظيمة وقيمھا مقارنة بالحضارة الحديثة ‪ ،‬وما بھا من اختراعات وفتوحات ‪ .‬أما الشبھات فھي أن الح‪m‬ضارة اإلس‪m‬المية ال تع‪m‬د ش‪m‬يئا ً ذا ب‪m‬ال‪ ،‬إذا قي‪m‬ست‬ ‫بما حققته الحضارة الحديثة من إنجازات واختراعات وفتوحات في آفاق العلم الحديث ‪ ،‬وال‪m‬سبب ف‪m‬ي رأي الكات‪m‬ب أن كث‪m‬يراً مم‪m‬ن أث‪m‬اروا ھ‪m‬ذه ال‪m‬شبھات‬ ‫متعصب لدينه أو قومه؛ أما المتعصب لدينه ‪ ،‬فقد أعمت العصبية بصره عن رؤية الحق‪ ،‬وأم‪m‬ا المتع‪m‬صب لقوميت‪m‬ه فق‪m‬د حمل‪m‬ه كبري‪m‬اء القومي‪m‬ة عل‪m‬ى ع‪m‬دم‬ ‫االعتراف بالفضل لغير أمته التي ينتسب إليھا ‪ .‬ھذا لو صح ال يبرر االستخفاف بحضارتنا لسببين ‪:‬‬ ‫األول ‪ :‬أن كل حضارة فيھا عنصر روحي أخالقي وعنصر مادي ‪ ،‬أما العنصر المادي ؛ فالشك أن كل حضارة تالية تتفوق فھذه سنة ﷲ في خلق‪m‬ه‬ ‫‪ ،‬وإذا كان غاية كل حضارة ان تقرب اإلنسان من السعادة ؛ فإن ھذا م‪m‬ا فعلت‪m‬ه الح‪m‬ضارة العربي‪m‬ة‪ ،‬وم‪m‬ن ث‪m‬م ف‪m‬إن العن‪m‬صر الم‪m‬ادي لي‪m‬س دائم‪m‬ا ً ھ‪m‬و أس‪m‬اس‬ ‫التفاضل بين الحضارات وأبدا‪.‬‬ ‫الث‪mm‬اني أن الح‪mm‬ضارة تق‪mm‬اس بم‪mm‬ا تترك‪mm‬ه م‪mm‬ن آث‪mm‬ار ف‪mm‬ي الت‪mm‬اريخ الب‪mm‬شري ‪ ،‬ولي‪mm‬س بحج‪mm‬م ال‪mm‬ترف والمخترع‪mm‬ات ‪ ،‬والح‪mm‬ضارة اإلس‪mm‬المية ق‪mm‬د س‪mm‬بقت ك‪mm‬ل‬ ‫الحضارات األخرى في ھذا الجانب األخالقي ‪ ،‬وبلغت به منزلة عالية ال تكاد تقترب منه أي حضارة أخرى في ھذا الجانب ‪ .‬ولعل ھ‪m‬ذا م‪m‬ا يجعل‪m‬ك أيھ‪m‬ا‬ ‫القائد العظيم تفخر بحضارتك قوالً ‪ ،‬وتضيف إليھا فعالً وعمالً ‪.‬‬

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3rd March Visit to Qatar Armed Forces grade 9 and 10 15th March Pi Day 16th March QUESS Athletics Day 25th March H.H Photo Shoot

Qatar Leadership Academy, Member of Qatar Foundation, Education, Science and Social development. Location: Al Khor City Al Khor Qatar P.O.Box: 24421 Tel: +974 44542222 Building Number: 16 Street No. 776 Zone: 74 ‫ عضو مؤسسة قطر للتربية والعلوم وتنمية المجتمع‬،‫أكاديمية قطر للقادة‬ ‫ مدينة الخور‬:‫الموقع‬ ‫الخور – قطر‬ 24421 :‫ب‬.‫ص‬ +974 44542222 :‫البدالة‬ 16 :‫رقم المبنى‬ 776 :‫رقم الشارع‬ 74 :‫منطقة‬

Qla newsletter issue no 6 (2)  


Qla newsletter issue no 6 (2)