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NOV 2014

Qatar Leadership Academy Education and Experience As educators we need to focus on what is going on in the mind of our students. A key concept in learning is that students need to be able to relate the knowledge they are introduced to by the teachers to their experiences in life. Our purpose as teachers is to help in the process of discovery for the student. We need to allow them to discover and experiment; our job is mainly to create an environment where they are able to do that. Many of the educators at Qatar Leadership Academy have found that a vital aspect to helping their students understand and comprehend the knowledge they need to help build connections. To be able to relate what they are learning to what they know. Our QLA students, like many, look at the world under the influence of their experiences and social interactions. Allowing them to express their understanding of the content they are learning and reflecting on why they feel this way allows them to express why and where these ideas came from making the ideas easier to understand. We have seen the influence of hands on experience in our day-to-day classes, ASAs and during study time. The teacher is therefore clearly a facilitator who has to know the interactions between the students and their external environments. In the last couple of weeks our cadets have experiences this during the Chess Club, Fishing Club, art exhibits, trip to the Mangroves, MUN workshop, Debate practice, and a trip to Souq Waqif just to name a few. Classes of this sort requires that the teacher be flexible and at times willing to move our of their comfort zone to allow our cadets to better learn. I am proud to say that our teachers have mastered this and are working hard to allow the cadets to learn and understand from experience. Mrs. Zarmina Hotaki Principal

Georgetown MUN Training On Saturday 11/22/2014 our MUN Club attended the Georgetown MUN Training session for local school. This was an all-day event from 9:30am-5:00pm. The students had an opportunity to meet and learn with other local schools. They learned how to address each other in the committee, the importance of research, how the UN works and appropriate diplomatic behavior. The students are preparing for the Doha Georgetown University MUN conference which will run from Jan 8-11. Mia El Azizi Humanities/TOK Teacher

QLA Newsletter Issue No.3  

Issue No.3

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