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OCT 2014

Qatar Leadership Academy

Leadership and Learning As a boarding school specializing in a leadership program, we are working actively not just to create leadership lesson links and hope that all will fit well, but also directly teaching leadership. Our students are enrolled into an academic school program consisting of both the US and IB curriculum. Following the conclusion of an academic day, our students attend an intensive leadership program that teaches heritage, physical activity and sport, basic military activities and leadership. The program is designed to support physical, social, and emotional well-being. The heritage program allows the cadets to feel comfortable in expressing their culture and being proud to keeping to their age-old traditions. The sport and physical activities allow them push their physical stamina and learn to collaborate and become successful team players. The basic military activities such as drills allow them to feel a sense of empowerment through being part of great organization such as the military. The leadership activities allow for better understanding of the theory of what makes strong leaders. In addition, students have the opportunity to engage in activities of leading student groups. Many contend and argue that leadership education instills an important sense of belonging in individuals. For this reason, student learners should be exposed to leadership education in international learning environments. Leadership education encourages relative novice learners to establish a relationship between their immediate environments and global as well as national contexts. Leadership education is comprehensive and enhances a broader understanding of the national identity in student learners. Most importantly, it inculcates broader life skills into the young generations. Therefore, students’ attitudes and knowledge evolve to new heights, thus enabling them to lead acceptable lifestyles that are reflective of global trends. Since young students can most affected and benefitted from these programs, they must be actively encouraged to be involved in the learning process. I recall many major summative assessments in which our students have to work in collaboration for any grade to be awarded. The idea is that knowledge of content is important and imperative with success, but we are looking at greater successes at Qatar Leadership Academy. Some academic lessons may teach grammar and literature, but others can achieve something so much greater. Coming from a society where national citizenship is revered, it is wonderful to see our focus change to leadership that is moving toward more of a good world citizen. Mrs. Zarmina Hotaki Principal TEAMWORK: AN IMPORTANT ASPECT OF LEADERSHIP At QLA, teamwork plays an important role in our everyday routine. It is one significant value of our Leadership, Core Values and Vision. In everything we do, either in the classroom or outside the classroom, we are encouraging students to work in teams. In Visual Arts, students are offered many opportunities to develop their teamwork skills. Grade 10 students have been working this term on a Graffiti Project exploring the art of Lettering and the Social aspects of expressing messages in public spaces. They are working in teams and have become more confident in collaboration and teamwork. Each team has devised a Leadership statement and transferred it onto canvas, which then will be painted to create a Mural Painting for our school community. It is great to see the students working so effectively together, sharing good practice, ideas and skills with the other members in their teams. Indeed, creativity in Visual Arts can empower students' teamwork skills and eventually promote good leadership! Ms .Vassiliki Varellas Art Teacher

QLA Newsletter Issue No.2  

Issue No. 2

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