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Annual report Public Relations Department 2014

Introduction The public relations coordinator were there for any request raised and it will be raised from QLA management or any single employee and that is to make sure that the image of and the reputation of QLA to be according to the professional standards of the healthy environment and to be the best center within the foundation. This year there was a lot of creativities and a lot of progress for the department as I was handling the most difficult and challenges not even in Qatar Leadership Academy but also within the Qatar Foundation centers, schools, departments and directorates. The public relations department this year was involved in so many engagement with the community as the public relations coordinator expand the services more to make sure the image of QLA clear for the audience and the community members and this is one of the stones of Qatar foundation. This report it shows all the progress and the creativity of the public relations coordinator for the academic year 2013-2014 which is including pictures and small reports about the events, media relations, visitor relations, protocol for the guests and more‌. Looking forward next year to make sure every single staff at Qatar Leadership Academy aware about what is the vision and mission as this will make the marketing for the academy more easy and to get it touch with the community smoothly.

Milestones Academic year 2013-2014 •

Events managements:


Organizing and presenting Qatar Leadership Academy and Qatar Foundation in the education forum 2014 (Student center – Education city) which is prepared by the Per- University office – QF-Head Quarter.

See figure No.1 2.

Organizing and coordinating the participation in (Qatar Cup) as they were asking to get two cadets to hold the cup to be presented for H.E Shikh Joan bin Hamad Al Thani during the event as i got the appreciation from the Qatar Superstars League and also the cadets as we were presented QLA in the best image.

See figure No.2 3.

For the fourth time as this the public relations coordinator idea to create a Choir team to present the excellence of our cadets in doing the National anthem and the education city anthem in the official events and ceremonies as for this year our choir team were presenting the national anthem in the perfect image and the performance were great in front of H.H the Emir Father and H.H Shikha Moza bint Naser the chairperson of Qatar foundation for education, science and community development; all the cadets and me were appreciated by the Events manager of QF Mr.Eid Al Sayed and Mrs. Reema Al Musalam as I got a trophy and certificate about my effort of making this and to become a famous choir team within the country.

See figure No.3 4.

QLA graduation ceremony, class 2014;

The success still continuing with the preparation and making the most prestige’s event within the Qatar Foundation schools as the whole event prepared from scratch; planning, doing presentations for the organizers, coordinating with the designer for the event them and designs, communicating

with the Qatar Armed Force, grapping the music unit and Al Arda for this event as this event covered by all the local media networks (Al Raya, Al Sharq, Al watan, Al Arab and Qatar Tribune, QF radio and QF Magazine). And into this stage there was budget awareness as the Public relations saved around QR 100,000 by making a photo shooting internally, reducing the number of the catering requests, invitations were only one type and organized and distributed very-well. See figure No.4 5.

Preparing the project fair for the second time as it was a great fair and all the audience and the parents were happy to attend such as event; as I prepared all the materials such as printing the posters, creating and designing the posters, sending the invitations to the parents and the other schools in Al Khor community as there was an award from the PR department to let the winner cadets and their supervisors to go and have a lunch in a five stars hotel.

See figure No. 5 6.

The first ICDL graduation planned by the public relations coordinator as it was a great ceremony for the public audience as they got the official certificates from the ICDL GCC with coordination from Mr. Usama and Mr. Kamal to provide me the names of the graduates.

See figure No. 6 7.

Preparing and organizing the monthly PTA and the PTA meetings and host the parents by sending them invitation to come and participates within this important event.

See figure No.7


Relationships with the community:


Attending the Kuwait and the Oman national days by grapping the cadets into those events to get in touch with the VIPs and the embassy of their country.


Organizing and preparing a heritage book talks about the Qatari heritage and that with coordination between QLA and Mr. Sultan Al Murakhi as we were looking to get close with the Al Khor community and make something academically to be helpful for the students all over Qatar.

See figure No.8 3.

Participating in the lunching ceremony of Al Khor stadium for the World Cup 2022 by providing a heritage classes and also an official speaker from QLA will be in front of the media on that day to mention the success story of QLA in AL Khor community and how it works as a unique project.


Responsible for creating the orientation week for the staff by making all the operations and the orientation easy and flexible for the new joiners and coordinating with the HR and the Pre- University departments to make gathering day as this year I was the MC of the event and all the staff in the Pre- University were happy about my professionalism that I showed during that event.

See figures No. 9


Communication with the audience of QLA:


Social networks for QLA has been developed and grown up more and more within this academic year and also has been integrated to the new website of QLA this year to make sure all the needs and wants of the public to be there such as the admission issues, enroll as a staff and also to make sure all the news and the latest news there foe the parents as they are our target group.

See figures No.10 2.

New website project was handled by the Public relations coordinator as I was responsible to collecting all the contents, pictures and reports of each department and organize them into the platform of the website and this was a challenge for me to do so; as I created a new function for the public to be able to book a tour instate calling us and wasting the time and provide all the flexibility for the parents and the audience to get in touch with Qatar Leadership Academy in the easy way through this website.

See figure No.11 3.

Provide a small promo for QLA from the Al Jazeera network as it will be a free of charge as this promo will help in the recruitment trips and also for promoting the academy.




Create an E- Newsletter for QLA to let the audience specially the cadets, staff and the parents aware about what is happening at Qatar Leadership Academy as it is up to dates every month and it will be sent every first day of the each month of the year.

See figure No.12 2.

Creating a new forms to make it easy for the staff and the other department to make sure all the communications will go smoothly and on the right way; as the forms were created also according to the standards of the ISO certifications and it will be developed more and more to make sure the department will be providing the best service for the staff and the divisions.

See figure No.13 3.

Creating the plan for the new signage’s and the boards internally and externally for academy and make sure all the facilities will follow the branding and the co- branding of QF and this by providing the location even through the Google maps and also providing all the data such as the staff list and the positions.

See figure No. 14 4.

Creating and designing the QLA calendar and that’s by coordinating with the Pre- University office and the SEC and to make sure all the dates and the events were there uploaded to the official E- Calendar on the website.

See figure No.15 5.

Creating a brochure to be used for the marketing purposes and also to be used during the official visits and the participations I the international forms and exhibitions as it is helpful for promoting the academy.


Designing a posters for the school and making sure all the events will be covered professionally as I was using the Photoshop and that step to save the budget of the department as this is a skills I have before and I

need to share it with my Academy and also to make sure it will be used for a marketing purpose such as the promotion for the school such as promoting for the Admission. See figures No.16


Internal and External participations and trips:


Participating for the second time the IEFE 2014 in Riyadh with coordination between the PR and the Student affairs in the international Exhibition. This official participation opened the doors for the Saudi students to enroll at QLA and my roll was preparing this participation and also promote for the academy as it was a perfect chance to get in touch with the Saudi audience as the number of the students from KSA has been increased this year.

See figures No. 17 2.

Preparing the exchange trips by Visiting King’s academy which is based in Jordan to make sure that were in touch not only the GCC region but also the Middle East region and to promote for the school in Jordan. It was a great opportunity to see what the skills of the other part of the regions are doing spicily this academy is a boarding school and providing and excellent boarding life for the students all over the world.

See figures No. 18 3.

Coordinating with Al Wabra farm to get 30 cadets to go there and also 4 teachers as it was a great opportunity for them to see what is new about this animal as it was helpful for their academic life.

See figures No. 19 4.

Helping the leadership department to make the sure all the international trips is having all the high standards and the needs from the travel agencies and the government side as I was responsible to communicate with the parents and the agencies and the embassies regarding the trips all over the year.


Helping the Leadership in creating a roster for the main trips and the camps all over Qatar specially I was responsible for communicating the with Qatari Armed Forces, Emiri guards, Lekhewa, Special forces and etc..


Visitors relationships:


Hosting and preparing a VIP visit to the Australian ambassador.

See figure No.20 2.

Hosting and preparing a VIP visit plan for a Turkish delegation from the Turkish Army and that was by communicating with the QAF to make sure all the protocols is there as the delegations were happy to be hosted by QLA management as I was doing an official presentation in front of the delegation to let them aware about the academy.

See figures No.21 3.

Hosting the lot of parents and make them tours with coordination from the admission department.


Prepare the official visit for the auditors company as I was one of the internal auditors for QLA to present the auditing sessions in the right way with coordination from the Procurement department.

See figure No.22

The end Thanks a lot for your kind time for reviewing the report as this report has been done and created by Khaled Yousef Kassab as all the rights return back to him. Warm regards,

Khaled Kassab Public Relations Coordinator Qatar Leadership Academy

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Annual report public relations coordinator 2014  
Annual report public relations coordinator 2014