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ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION CAMP “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” -Anonymous (commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln) It is never too early to start building the skills required to become a successful entrepreneur. This two-week camp for high school students was developed in collaboration with UCLA Extension and Deloitte. It will immerse you in practical experiences that foster a spirit of enterprise, innovation, and teamwork.

AT THIS CAMP YOU WILL Evaluate, build and present a business plan Apply principles of Design Thinking, not just learn about it Build skills that promote teamwork, communication and decision-making

WHAT YOU’LL GAIN 4 UCLA Extension academic credits* Meet leaders and investors of innovative companies Forge lasting relationships and connections, make friends and have fun!




UCLA EXTENSION COURSE Originally designed for business owners, key executives, managers, and those interested in developing a business, the course teaches participants how to define a business model and form strategies that help a company thrive -- even in intensely competitive industries. We’ve worked with UCLA Extension to adapt it to a two-week camp format for high school students. The key to reducing risks and increasing the chances of success in business is to develop a business model that delivers unique value. To accomplish this, you must be able to objectively analyze the competitive landscape and, through innovation, articulate this unique value so you can implement a strategy and anticipate the financial rewards. Topics include competitive analysis, creating and defining a selling advantage, identifying the customer, and honing a strategy. Real-world situations are used for examples of application. Participants leave with the tools needed to create value and are thus able to work on a business rather than for a business. Throughout the course, participants work in teams to explore the various issues a founding team must tackle in order to launch and run a successful company. By the end of the camp, each team will present a business plan to a panel of founders and investors for a chance to win some cool prizes. Who knows, your idea might even get funded! *Credits may lead to the award of formal certificates by UCLA Extension, and may be transferable for advanced standing in degree programs in professional studies elsewhere.

DELOITTE INNOVATION MODULES The camp schedule includes five sessions of our Innovation Module, where each student selects an innovation-led industry — CleanTech, FinTech or HealthTech — as an elective. This gives students an opportunity to see how the concepts discussed in lecture are applied in the industry by real companies. You are guided by consultants from Deloitte and meet with founders, leaders, and investors from the region’s most cutting-edge companies. We present these sessions in an array of formats, including company presentations, case studies, panel discussions and site visits.



Collaboration, innovation and impact are, increasingly, among the most critical work skills to possess. So, this course uses entrepreneurship immersion to provide experience in these necessary skills by examining the essential elements of success.


Since the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship is about being able to navigate uncharted territory, the course promotes a human-centered, self-learning and inquiry-based approach where students are actively involved in their own acquisition of understanding. This highly interactive course encourages attendees to participate throughout. This includes describing concepts with real-world examples and discussing them. Participants are challenged to explore the concept of value through these examples and their group projects. The course concludes with a pitch day. This is learning through doing.

TRIBRIDGE Tribridge’s founding principle is to deliver educational programs in the most effective and engaging way possible. Our singular focus is on providing students, families and schools with exceptional opportunities to help learners fulfil their potential and advance to the next level of their abilities. To achieve this, we build and maintain relationships with educators from around the world and, through our efforts, we continuously improve our programs and teaching methods.

SPARKPREP SAT/ACT COURSE SparkPrep’s courses are the only test prep courses using cognitive science, which teach content based on how the brain works. They blend elements from Flipped Classroom, Blended Learning, and Team-based Learning to help a student learn more and faster, while retaining knowledge and achieving mastery in an intuitive way that is both fun and engaging. Consequently, SparkPrep students’ average score improvements are consistently higher than other companies. The courses are also the most comprehensive in Asia. They cover all the content areas a student must master to achieve an amazing score.

4 UCLA Extension academic credits UCLA Extension Records of Participation 30hrs UCLA Extension course 15hrs Innovation modules with Deloitte 15hrs moderated group project and study 24hrs optional SAT/ACT course (extra cost) Lunch (and snacks)

DELOITTE MODULES Student selects one of three innovation-led sectors Cleantech Fintech Healthtech

REQUIREMENTS High English proficiency Min: incoming grade9/year10 Max: university first year

DATE, TIME & VENUE 3-14 Dec, 2018 Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm daily (–6:30pm with optional SAT/ACT course) EASB Institute of Management 9 Ah Hood Road [329975] (behind Zhongshan Park)

ENROLLMENT S$6,000 (until 3 Nov, S$7.000 thereafter) Optional SAT/ACT Course: 4:30-6:30pm Mon-Sat S$1,490 ($500 Discount)


9 - 12PM






Moderated Group work

Deloitte: Business Models

Moderated Group work

Deloitte: Market Dynamics

Buyer Utility

Business Model Canvas Review

Deloitte: Technology

12 - 1PM

1 - 4PM




How to Develop Understanding Business Design

Understanding Alternatives, Market & Problems

Value Innovation (Defining value strategy and target market)

SAT/ACT Course

MON, 10 DEC 9 - 12PM

Deloitte: Startup Scaling

TUE, 11 DEC Moderated Group work

12 - 1PM 1- 4PM

WED, 12 DEC Deloitte: “Shark Tank” Pitching Session


Moderated Group work

Moderated Group Work

Mock Presentations

Group Presentations


Business Math (Revenue Model and Pricing)

Storyboard Review

Strategic Persuasion


SAT/ACT Course





Tribridge Entrepreneurship & Innovation Camp  

2-week camp developed in collaboration with UCLA Extensions and Deloitte to provide high school students the experience of taking a business...

Tribridge Entrepreneurship & Innovation Camp  

2-week camp developed in collaboration with UCLA Extensions and Deloitte to provide high school students the experience of taking a business...