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e’ve been supplying farm shops, deli’s and food halls across Great Britain for about five years now, and in that time we’ve won a reputation for high quality, great tasting products at reasonable prices. As you may know, almost all our products are made right here in England, using ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Our On Tap Oils & Vinegars is the most popular product, and its not hard to understand why. Delicious oils and vinegars which are displayed in our gorgeous new demijohns really attracts the customers eye, and once they try the product they realise the products taste just as good as they look! Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, we have won several Great Taste Awards for our products. We’re pleased to announce Seymours of England have now merged with Deli Med Ltd, a fellow wholesaler of a wide range of quality Mediterranean Food at superb prices. Check out our Online Video at

How To Order

You can order either by: Online Shop: Phone: 0208 961 8620 (Deli Med Ltd) Email: Wholesalers: Please see our website for an up to date list of our wholesaler partners. Deliveries Delivery is free on orders over £80. Orders below £80 are charged £7.75 for delivery. Orders generally take 48 hours to deliver.

Seymours of England PO BOX 485, GRAYS, RM17 9HY


ur most popular product is our famous On Tap Oils & Vinegars. What makes our On Tap so special?

• Locally Made Of the 24 lines, 22 are made right here in England. • Real Ingredients Almost all our products are made using real natural ingredients. None of the vinegars are made from concentrates, or with added water. When we say ‘Raspberry Vinegar’ it really is made from real raspberries! • Price Despite our high quality produce, we always strive to offer our products at the best possible price. • Customer Service Support We offer Bottle Tags, Demijohn Labels and Recipe Cards free of charge, which help your customers know exactly what to use the products with. (image cards recipes) • Award Winning Range We’ve won numerous awards for our products including five Great Taste Awards • Package We offer the complete On Tap package, everything from the demijohns to the refillable bottles to a bespoke Metal Stand. • Margins Our products offer great margins for the retailer. How Does On Tap work? It’s very simple: 1. Taste - The customer samples the oils and vinegars and chooses which one they want 2. Select - The customer chooses the Glass Bottle they wish to have filled from a selection of different shapes and sizes (from 40ml to 500ml). 3. Fill - Fill the bottle with their selection. 4. Tag - Apply a Bottle Tag, and give them a free Recipe Card. 5. Refill - One they’ve finished with the product, they can return the Glass Bottle to the store and refill with either the same product or another one.

On Tap Oils & Vinegars


he great care and attention to detail in every product that is made is the secret our great tasting oils and vinegars. Almost all our oils and vinegars are made right here in England, using local ingredients wherever possible. Almost all of the products are made with real fruit and herbs. We never use concentrates, or water. All of our oils and vinegars have a shelf life of at least twelve months. All the range come to you in five litre jerricans.

Oils Deortegas Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Winner of two gold stars at the 2011 Great Taste Awards.

These are the actual fields in Murcia, Andalucia, that the olives are grown. Each olive is picked only when fully matured.

Deortegas is a family owned mill near Yecla, Murcia in Spain. Deortegas ensures a minimal intervention in the natural organic growing and production of the olives. Olives are always collected from the tree at their optimum maturity and are cold pressed in less than 24 hours after collection. A fresh and delicate oil, fruity and intense green with some notes of fruit paste, tomatoes, bananas and apples. It is bitter and spicy of medium intensity. Hot Chilli & Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gold Great Taste Award Winner 2011 Winner of a Great Taste Award in 2011 This oil has a lovely colour and good smell with lemon coming through on the nose. There is a nice kick of chilli coming through after, just the right amount to give that all-important boost to dishes such as meats, fishes, or in sauces, soups and pasta. Rapeseed Oil Extra Virgin This wonderful Rapeseed Oil grows in the fields just outside Halesworth in the surrounding Suffolk countryside. It has a rich, fresh taste that is strong and nutty. Garlic & Thyme Extra Virgin Olive Oil The perfume of garlic predominates at first and the thyme’s freshness comes through in the after- taste. Remarkable by virtue of its ability to round a dish nicely, our garlic and thyme oil can be used in a large number of preparations, ranging from green salad, to leg of lamb, and including grilled dishes. Sicilian Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can be used for creating fresh tasting salad dressings or adding a quick orange flavour to many popular dishes. Orange olive oil makes a delicious dressing for salads when combined with our range of fruit vinegars.

Lemon & Thyme Extra Virgin Olive Oil This oil is superb drizzled on roast potatoes, roast lamb or chicken. Pour on salads, grilled meats and fish. Delicious with fresh pasta after cooking. Combine with our Elderflower & Gooseberry vinegar for a delicious salad dressing. Oak Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil *New Carefully smoked in Oak Barrels, this amazing oil adds a delicious smoked flavour to fish, meat and salads. Peza Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Greece) *New Produced by small local growers in Peza, on the Greek island of Crete. An olive oil with a smooth and slightly fruity taste. Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil *New The ultimate complement to tomatoes. Pair with onions, garlic, and olives. Drizzle over salads, over vegetables, pizza, fish and seafood. Habanero Chilli & Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil *New Great on lamb, salads, grilled meats and fish, in sauces, soups, on pasta, or on steamed vegetables. Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil *New Gives a lovely garlic kick to lamb, grilled meats and fish, in sauces, soups, on pasta, or on steamed vegetables. Sicilian Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil *New Real Sicilian lemons make this oil delicious when added to salads, steamed or roasted vegetables or fish.

Vinegars Blackberry & Rosemary Vinegar

Strawberry Vinegar

This wonderful Blackberry & Rosemary Vinegar can be used to dress salads. Its richness also makes it ideally suited to enhance sauces and gravies.

The wonderfully rich, sweet taste of strawberries is unavoidable and makes this vinegar ideal for dressing salads, pouring over ice cream or as a cordial.

Elderflower & Gooseberry Vinegar Has a similar flavour to a traditional elderflower cordial, but is it definitely more exciting to taste, especially with the Gooseberry infusion. It makes a tremendous dressing for salads.

Pomegranate Vinegar *New An amazing new vinegar that is delicious drizzled on salads, desserts (such as ice cream) and as a cordial.

Raspberry Vinegar

Papaya Vinegar *New

A Great Taste Award Winner, this deliciously fruity vinegar has a variety of uses. It is delicious drizzled over salads with or without olive oil, but it can be used in a myriad of other ways, such as drizzled over Yorkshire Puddings or on ice cream.

Made with real papayas. Superb as a fruity dressing. Perfect for chicken, salads, desserts (such as ice cream) and as a cordial.

Mango Vinegar

Made with real blackcurrants. Add to salads, desserts (such as ice cream) and as a cordial.

Superb on barbequed chicken, or over a peppery salad. Many people enjoy our vinegar on desserts such as vanilla ice cream, waffles or even pancakes. Like our other fruit vinegars, it can be used as a cordial. A Great Taste Award Winner.

Balsamic Vinegar Aged 4 Years Our 4 year old Balsamic vinegar is made in Modena, Italy. Its taste is simple, sharp and unmistakably but pleasantly acid. Its taste will never disappoint and will even remain in good useable condition for many years to come.

Sweet Cider Apple Vinegar This delicious infusion of English apples and vinegar make a delightful dressing for a salad. Its natural apple taste and sweetness make it highly versatile for use in sauces, gravies and even marinades for meat dishes.

Blackcurrant Vinegar *New

Fig & Date Vinegar *New Great as a fruity dressing. Add to rich, meat dishes. Drizzle on fruits, rice puddings, pancakes, waffles, ice cream & much more.

Hazelnut Vinegar *New Stunning nutty vinegar which is superb when added to meats, salads, and desserts such as ice cream.

On Tap Glassware & Accessories On Tap Glassware

On Tap Accessories

great range of refillable glassware that can be used over and over again. From 40ml to 500ml, there’s a bottle for every taste. Stock a selection to give the customer a great choice for both themselves or as a gift for loved ones.

Glass Demijohns: Attractive demijohns for displaying the oils and vinegars. Come complete with fitted spout and clip.


Sampling Dish: Perfect for allowing customers to sample the products. They clip onto our Stand or any shelf lip and act as a house for the hanging spout/clip. Metal Stand: Bespoke Steel Stand in brown that holds up to twelve Glass Demijohns whilst taking minimum shop space. Dimensions: 63cm wide x 30cm deep x 162cm tall

Wavy 12 x 200ml Bottles

Standard 500 12 x 500ml Bottles

Standard 100 24 x 100ml Bottles

Troy 12 x 250ml Bottles

Standard 250 12 x 250ml Bottles

Sonata 12 x 100ml Bottles

On Tap Starter Kits Packages


e’ve come up with three different Starter Kits to make your choice easier. Just select the oils and vinegars. If you want a slightly different Kit, let us know and we’ll give you a quote.

Starter Kit 6: 6 Oils & Vinegars 6 Demijohns Any 6 Oils & Vinegars 84 Standard 250ml Bottles (7 cases of 12 Bottles) 24 Standard 500ml Bottles 24 Troy Bottles Demijohn Labels, Bottle Tags, 6 Sampling Dishes

Starter Kit 12: 12 Oils & Vinegars

Siphon 12 x 100ml Bottles

Opera 12 x 200ml Bottles

Flask 12 x 200ml Bottles

Einstein 12 x 200ml Bottles

Metal Stand 12 Demijohns Any 12 Oils & Vinegars 120 Standard 250ml Bottles (10 cases of 12 Bottles) 12 Standard 500ml Bottles 24 Troy Bottles Demijohn Labels, Bottle Tags, 12 Sampling Dishes

The Full Kit: 24 Oils & Vinegars

Arrogance 12 x 100ml Bottles

2 Metal Stands 24 Demijohns Any 24 Oils & Vinegars 240 Standard 250ml Bottles (20 cases of 12 Bottles) 24 Standard 500ml Bottles 48 Troy Bottles Demijohn Labels, Bottle Tags, 24 Sampling Dishes


Dressings & Sauces

ur immensely popular range of dressings and sauces, made here in England using only real ingredients. The distinctive ‘suspended’ ingredients make these sought after products that will fly off every shelf. Black Pepper & Lemon Vinegar Made with English Apple cider vinegar, and delicious over salads. Try it on pan-fried fish: both the cracked black pepper and lemon lifts the fish to new heights.

Hot Pepper & Chilli Sauce This sauce is one of the hottest lines we do; it doesn’t blow your head off but then food shouldn’t should it? Made with real peppers and chilli’s, it is great over roast potatoes, fish and meat, stir fries as well of course BBQ’s.

Nettle, Ginger & Lemon Vinegar This popular vinegar that can be used to zest up a salad. A little of the vinegar drizzled over fish provides a wonderful bitter sweet taste.

Sweet Mepper & Mango Sauce A great combination that is the perfect complement to salads, fish or stir fries.

Famous Norwich Dressing Inspired by Mrs Seymour, this classic French dressing is done the Norwich way. This savoury delight is tasty drizzled on salads, over fish, meat or roasties.

Sweet Chilli & Mint Sauce Another visually appealing sauce, this special sauce is delicious as a dipping sauce or as a marinade on fish or chicken. However, we think it goes best with roast lamb; the mint infusion is just perfect with the tender meat.

Mint & Honey Dressing This lovely dressing is equally good used for marinating lamb or fish overnight then roasted in the oven. Also delicious drizzled on salads.



ll roasted and milled here in England using traditional artisan methods used for centuries in North Africa. Stunning quality and will transform any dish into something special. Free Recipe Cards with every order.

Baharat Spice

Berberay Spice

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the highest grade salt known to man. Originating from the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan, this is a natural full spectrum salt packed with nutriants. It looks pretty amazing too, with lovely pink notes nestled in the coarse salt chunks.

The pivot of the Ethiopian cuisine, Berberay is a fiery spice mix used to season everything, from rich man’s delicacy to a poor’s piece of bread.

Chermoula Spice

Dukkah Spice

This signature spice of North Africa is used for flavouring fish, poultry or meat. Mix with Olive Oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs for the perfect marinade.

This is the traditional Egyptian condiment gaining popularity throughout the UK. Use Dukkah as a dip with your favourite olive oil and bread, over eggs, or sprinkle on salads.

Harissa Chilli Paste

Himalayn Crystal Salt

Our hottest product. Harissa chilli paste with a difference. Because we roast the cumin, the flavour of the Harissa is quite unique. Used as an accompaniment to many dishes!

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the highest grade salt known to man. Originating from the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan, this is a natural full spectrum salt packed with nutriants. It looks pretty amazing too, with lovely pink notes nestled in the coarse salt chunks.

Ras al Hanout Spice

Tagine Spice

This famous traditional Moroccan blend is used in soups, stews and tagines, with rice or couscous. Delicious with all meats.

This classic Moroccan blend of sweet and hot spices goes especially well in Lamb dishes, and is delicious in all casserole dishes.

Za’atar Spice Zatar spice is of Middle Eastern origin. It is often used in Turkish and Jordanian cuisine. Zatar Spice Blend contains thyme, sesame seeds and sumac berries, which have a natural sour fruitiness.

SEYMOURS OF ENGLAND info@ 0208 961 8620 (Deli Med Ltd)

Seymours of England  

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Seymours of England  

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