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Our Services Intensive Support Outreach The service aims to provide support for families who are identified as being at risk of social isolation as a result of a wide range of issues, including inter-generational unemployment, debt or other risk factors, such as substance misuse or domestic violence. The focus of activity is preventative, working with families and dealing with concerns before they have the chance to escalate.

New Muslim Support We understand the dilemmas that reverts face and our love for our Muslims goes beyond just feelings or words. We are here to address the needs and concerns of our new Muslim sisters in their new journey of life, guiding them to the stage of stable spiritual independence; complete contentment with God. “Without support and guidance many of these women find themselves isolated, confused in the application of the religion and therefore leave the Deen.� (Kevin Brice, author of the Swansea study A Minority Within a Minority)

Amirah Foundation Brochure 2013  

Promotional brochure of Amirah Foundations work in helping women survive homelessness, abuse and poverty.

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