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“Thank you to the Amirah Foundation for thinking to support St Basils at this special time of Eid, your support is greatly appreciated by everyone.� Anne Morton, St Basils Homless Shelter


Our Services Food Bank Amirah Foundation have been delivering a food bank to the community in Birmingham since early 2011. We offer all our service users a weekly and monthly food parcel. We have forged partnerships with mosques, schools, churches, Central Food Bank, Sisters Project, Ar-Rahma Trust and many other businesses and organisations to build a community network that will take care of the local needy. We also offer food parcels in homeless shelters across the City of Birmingham, and encourage the local community to donate any surplus food from functions to us to deliver to the shelters. Each Ramadhan we offer additional food parcels to help needy families. We also offer food parcels to facilitate community Iftar gatherings for new and isolated Muslim women. During Eid al-Adha 2012 we were donated 87 Qurbani sheep from local residents. With this meat we were able to support 50 families, feed 1100 homeless people around the city, donate meat to every homeless shelter in the City as well as offer an Eid party for a further 50 women and their families in hardship.

Amirah Foundation Brochure 2013  

Promotional brochure of Amirah Foundations work in helping women survive homelessness, abuse and poverty.

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