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YodhPower and QiWei Energy for Haixi AgriSolar Park 恒星国际能源有限公司及辽宁七维能源有限公司 青海省海西州光农一体化项目 2013 FACT BOOK

CAUTIONARY NOTE This document contains “forward-looking statements” based upon

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anticipated growth, growth strategy and long-term profitability,

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infrastructure, resources and reserves estimates, future production

The forward-looking statements contained in this document are

of resources and reserves, project schedules and execution,

madeas of the date of this document and YodhPower may not

development of new legislation and policy, environmental impacts of operations and mitigation measures, anticipated regulatory approvals and technology development. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.

updatepublicly or revise any of the forward-looking statements contained in this document, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law. All monetary amounts referenced in this document are in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

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How China is Looking at Solar


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GLOBAL DILEMMA: Three Hard Truths 1. Step Change in Energy Use Developing nations, including population giants China and India, are entering their most energy-intensive phase of economic growth as they industrialise, build infrastructure, and increase their use of transportation. Demand pressures will stimulate alternative supply and more efficiency in energy use — but these alone may not be enough to offset growing demand tensions completely. Disappointing the aspirations of millions by adopting policies that may slow economic growth is not an answer either — or not one that is politically feasible.

2. Supply will struggle to keep pace By 2015, growth in the production of easily accessible oil and gas will not match the projected rate of demand growth. While abundant coal exists in many parts of the world, transportation difficulties and environmental degradation ultimately pose limits to its growth. Meanwhile, alternative energy sources such as photovoltaic may become a much more significant part of the energy mix.

3. Environmental stresses are increasing Even if it were possible for fossil fuels to maintain their current share of the energy mix and respond to increased demand, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions would then be on a pathway that could severely threaten human well-being. Even with the moderation of fossil fuel use and effective CO2 management, the path forward is still highly challenging. Remaining within desirable levels of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere will become increasingly difficult.



全球性难题:三个现实的问题 1. 在能源使用的历程变化 发展中国家,包括人口大国中国和印度,由於工业化,大力建设基础设施及增加运输网络, 因此他们正在进入能源密集型的经济发展阶段 。需求压力将刺激其他替代能源的供应和能 源的使用效率,但仅仅这些还不足以抵消对能源日益增长的需求和紧张局势。反之若 采取的消极政策是减缓经济增长以解决能源问题 -这并不是一个政治上可行的方法。 2. 供应将难以追上需求 到 2015 年,石油和天然气的开采和生产的增长将难以符合需求增长的预测率。虽然丰富的煤 炭存在于世界的许多地方,但因交通困难和环境恶化,最终造成其开采的限制。因此,可再生能源, 如光伏发电在世界能源结构中将会成为一个更重要的部份。 3. 环境压力增加 即使化石燃料仍保持其在能源体系中的占有率和增加应对需求,但其产生的二氧化碳 (CO2)的排放将是一个途径严重威胁着人类的福祉。即使适量地使用化石燃料和有效的 CO2 管理, 但维持在大气中理想水平的 CO2 的浓度会越来越困难,因此在未来管理污染问题上仍是存在着非常大挑战性。



THE ENERGY CHALLENGE World population has more than doubled since 1950 and is set to increase by 40% by 2050. History has shown that as people become richer they use more energy. Population and Gross Domestic Product will grow strongly in countries that are not members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). China and India are just starting their journey on the energy ladder. When all three of the most powerful drivers of our current energy world — demand, supply, and effects on the environment — are set to undergo significant change, we are facing an era of revolutionary transitions and considerable turbulence. And while prices and technology will drive some of these transitions, political and social choices will be critical. Those choices also depend on how alert we are to the transitions as they happen, especially because for a decade or so we may be distracted by what appears to be healthy development. But underneath this “business-as-usual” world, the transitions are already beginning: governments and companies are positioning for longer-term alternatives; regulatory frameworks are being debated; as there will be no “silver bullets”, new technology combinations are under development, such as intermittent renewable sources being integrated into existing power supply systems; and new infrastructures, such as carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS), are required and older inefficient ones need to be decommissioned. People are beginning to realise that energy use can both nourish and threaten what they value most — their health, their community, their environment, the future of their children and the planet itself. These deeply personal hopes and fears can intensify and interact in ways that have different collective outcomes, and usher in the new energy era in very different ways.



能源挑战 自 1950 年到现在世界人口增加一倍以上,到 2050 年将增加 40%。历史已经证明,随着人们变得更富有, 他们对能源需求愈大。人口和国民生产总值增长强大的国家主要是非经济合作与发展组织(OECD)中的成员。 而中国和印度刚开始他们对能量的大幅需求。 当世界上最强大的能源驱动程序 “需求,供给,以及环境影响”经历显着变化,我们正面临着一个时代的革命性的转变 和相当大的动荡。而价格和技术将推动部分转变,最关键的是政治和社会的选择 。这些选择是取决於我们对变化所产生 的警觉性,特别警觉近十年的过渡变化正影向我们健康的发展。但在这个不停地转动的世界里,过渡时期已经开始:政府 和企业定位在长期的替代能源, 而监管框架仍在模索中;由於没有短期的“特效药”,发展新的技术是必需的,例如把可 再生能源集成到现有的电源系统;新的基础设施,如收集和储存二氧化碳(CCS),而以往低效率的技术将需要被淘汰。 人们开始意识到,能源的使用可以改善生活但亦可威胁他们的健康,他们的社区,他们的环境,他们孩子的未来和地球本身。 这些非常个人化的希望和恐惧可以转化成互动的方式,籍着不同的集体成果并用不同方法来迎接新能源时代 。





Oil (35%) Coal (25.3%) Natural Gas (20.7%) Combustible Renewables (10%) Nuclear (6.3%) Hydro (2.2%)

2010 年国际能源机构 2010 International Energy Agency


World Primary Energy Balance /2010 International Energy Agency


石油 (35%) 煤 (25.3%) 天然气 (20.7%) 可再生能源 (10%) 核能 (6.3%) 水电 (2.2%)

2010 年国际能源机构 2010 International Energy Agency



AGRICULTURE IN CHINA The Chinese government has always made poverty reduction an important goal and task of national development, adhered to the principle of putting people first, and worked hard to enable all the people to enjoy the fruits of economic and social development. It was in the mid-1980s that the Chinese government started the development-oriented poverty reduction program In the rural areas in an organized and planned way. It formulated and implemented the Seven-year Priority Poverty Reduction Program (1994-2000), the Outline for Poverty Reduction and Development of China's Rural Areas (2001-2010), and the Outline for Development-oriented Poverty Reduction for China's Rural Areas (2011-2020), and a few other poverty reduction plans, making poverty reduction a common aim and action of the whole society. China's development-oriented poverty reduction program in the rural areas has promoted social harmony and stability, fairness and justice, and made contributions to the development and progress of the country's cause of human rights. Poverty reduction is a common cause of the entire human society, and China's development-oriented poverty reduction program is an important component of the world's poverty reduction efforts. China has realized, ahead of schedule, the goal of cutting the poverty-stricken population by half, as listed in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, thus making great contributions to the world's poverty reduction efforts. In 2011, the Chinese government issued a new white paper titled The Development-oriented Poverty Reduction Program for Rural China as account of the progress of the 2001 program successfully implemented over the past decade.



中国农业 中国政府一直把减少贫穷为国家发展的重要目标和任务,坚持原则是以人为本,努力让所有人分享 由经济和社会发展带来的成果。在 80 年代中期,在一个有组织和计划的方向下中国政府展开了以 发展为导向的减贫计划。 制定和实施的七年期优先扶贫计划(1994-2000 年), 中国农村发展计划的扶贫纲要(2001-2010 年), 中国农村扶贫发展纲要(2011-2020 年),和一些其他的减贫计划,展示了扶贫是整个社会的共同目标 。中 国的发展目标为农村地区减贫导向,可促进社会和谐,稳定,公平和正义,以及能促进人权的发展和使社会进 步发展。扶贫是普遍人类社会的一个发展阶段,中国的扶贫发展作为世界扶贫的重要角色。 根据联合国千年发 展目标是减少一半贫困人口,中国作为人口大国,在此目标上能作出巨大的贡献,为世界的扶贫而努力。 在 2011 年,中国政府颁布了新的“以发展为导向的扶贫计划”; 纵观过去的十年中的进展中,中国 2001 年 的发展计划成功实施了。



YODHPOWER AGRISOLAR Thanks to the technical skills of a group of engineers, architects, agronomists, theoretical physicists and experts on agricultural mechanization. The “Agrisolar” technology is a highly innovative solution which allows to go beyond the limits of traditional ground-mounted photovoltaic systems in terms of compatibility with agriculture, environmental sustainability, landscape preservation and poverty reduction.

The result is represented by sun PV systems perfectly integrated with farming structures and estates, installed on warehouses, greenhouses and uncultivable land inter-connected through an innovative wireless control and communication system. This technology is applicable also to lands subject to flooding along lines of communications (roads, motorways, railways, etc.), surrounding embankments of waterways (rivers, streams and storage basins), lands to be reclaimed or no longer used and, more generally, all areas to be returned to farming. Agriculture on the ground floor, first floor energy. This is the best way to summarise our "Food and Energy" project.

Mission of “AgriSolar” is to produce zero-emission electric energy from renewable sources through a fully integrated supply chain system with farming. Everything is done “promoting” a sustainable model of development able to provide local communities with clean energy and organic produce.



恒星国际能源的光农一体化 感谢工程师,建筑师,农学家,物理学家和专家的技术把农业机械化。 “光农一体化”技术是一个高创新的解决方案,可以超越传统的地面安装的限制, 把光伏系统与农业合并,使环境可持续发展,保护景观和促进经济。 太阳能光伏发电系统完美地与农业大棚丶屋和仓库结合,温室和产业园透过 先进的无线控制与通信系统相互连接 。“光农一体化”技术技术亦可应用在 其他方面,例如公路,铁路,行人路, 堤防水道(如河流,小溪和 水库)和 荒地等。 总括而言, 可应用在任何地方并能使荒地转化成可种植的土地。 整个项目最简明的阐释是“农业在一楼,而二楼就是能源”,也是这个“农产 物和能源” 的项目中心思想。 恒星国际能源光伏农业的目标是透过光伏农业大棚建筑一体化,生产零排放的可 再生能源及完整整个农业供应链系统。促进可持续的发展模式,能为当地社区 提供清洁能源和有机农产品。



GETTING THE POWER OUT OF THE FARM AgriSolar is an high efficiency low dispersion solar park fully integrated with the agriculture facility, is not only built over it. Polycarbonate greenhouses, interconnected through an innovative control system and wireless communication will be Integrated through a local mini-grid to:  Water extraction and purification  Water distribution and Irrigation  Hydroelectric power storage and generation  High efficiency hybrid energy management  Everyday life of farmes and of the local rural community members

The idea was born from the need to have large areas to produce more energy, so we thought of the great plains of China. An AgriSolar plant is different from traditional ground installations for compatibility with agriculture, environmental sustainability and protection of the landscape. The AgriSolar system is compatible with 100% of the crop and was created with the intent to promote an integrated and sustainable model of production that can provide clean energy to local communities and organic products.




由农業大棚输出电力 “光农一体化”是一高效能低损耗的清洁能源系统,整个系统完全地与农业设 施结合在一起,而不只是建设在其上。聚碳酸酯温室大棚连接先进的控制系统 和无线通信网,并通过微电网输送至:  水的提取和纯化  配水和灌溉  水力发电和其储存  高效益能源管理  农民和农村社区的日常用电 这意念是源於中国拥有广阔的土地,也对能源有极大的需求。“光农一体化”有别於传统的光伏地面安装,它与农业互相结合,使环境可持续 发展及保护土地的多样性。“光农一体化”系统是百分百兼容性,能与任何生产单位结合,把清洁能源和有机农作物推广至当地社区。




BETTER TECHNOLOGY - BETTER PERFORMANCE YodhPower’s invested in the “AgriSolar” more than 5 years ago when all the main player of the solar industry were still making panels. Today we are one of European largest EPC specialized and we are widely recognised as the inventor of AgriSolar approach to photovoltaic industry. The Haixi AgriSolar Project combines best practices acquired over many project with new technology

The following examples are just a few highlights: •

STRUCTURE The entire structure fully integrates with the surrounding landscape and the visual impact on the agriculture environment is almost null, thanks to both the “structural lightness”. While all the surfaces are made power productive. Greenhosues are equipped with last generation screens that allow use during every season at the same conditions.

INVERTERS True heart of the power plant the inverters we choose grant 98.5 percent efficiency and a significantly optimized performance. Three-phase distributed inverters have the best tracking efficiency with special MPP tracking.

HYDROLECTRIC STORAGE The combination of renewable resources with energy storage makes supply coincident with periods of peak consumer demand.

MONITORING With YodhPower remote monitoring system Plant operators and installers have access to key data at any time. Specialized views take into account the requirements of different types of plants and target groups. A full portal will be dedicated to the plant featuring almost infinite options for analyzing data and visualizing yields



更先進的技术帶來更佳的成果 早在 5 年多前 YodhPower 已投资在“光伏农业”上,当时所有主要的太阳能企业仍是以生产光伏组件为主要业务和方向。 今天,我们是欧洲最大的光伏工程建筑公司而且也被广泛认作为光伏农业的先驱者。 业民镇的光伏农业项目能实践多方面的技术优势。 下面的例子仅仅是其中幾個亮点 : •

结构 整个结构完全与周围的景观完全融和,使整个环境可观性提高,“结构性的亮度”, 令大棚顶就像叶子般非常薄透。 大棚屋顶的光伏发电更有效率。而且采用最新的构造物料使到大棚不受任何季节和情怳影响。

逆变器 真正的心脏地带是大棚光伏电站的逆变器,我们承诺采用 98.5%的高效率和显着优化 性能逆变器。分配的三相逆变器有最好的跟踪效率,透过的 MPP 跟踪系统.

电力储存 综合并储存各种由再生能源产生的电力以应付高峰期的用电所需。

监控 随着YodhPower远程监控系统,运营商和安装人员能在任何时候得知关键数据的资料。 详细的资料更包括不同类型的植物和目标群体的数据。 一个完整的监控系统提供的即时数据可帮助分析,使生产效能极大化 。



Haixi AgriSolar Park






AGRISOLAR HAIXI AGRISOLAR PARK - HAP The project demonstrates how solar power technology can produce multiple benefits from a single site. We are doubling the productivity of the land by growing crops, generating electricity and contributing substantially to the improvement of social and economical local condition. Local potentials will be strengthen and develop, livelihoods will be improved, and the local farming community will have better options getting the benefit of modernized farming equipments and knowhow. •

HAP is located in the area south of Haixi county and consists in a group of farming facilities, energy independent and at 0 (ZERO) CO2 emission thanks to the integration deferent green technologies

HAP “DEMO” is the demo phase of the farming and energy facility, the construction will begin in spring 2013 and will take about 4 mount for its completion

When HAP “DEMO” will be completed will provide power for the whole farming facility (wells and irrigation water, greenhouses, fruit drying and packing facility, while remaining power will usable for rural life

At its completion HAP project will be able to provide power for the settlement of a new rural community and saving thousands of tons of CO2. For reference: 5,000 亩= 100MWp installed =50.000 people daily electricity use =125,000 Tons of CO2 saved

The construction of “DEMO” will require about 25 people that will be all trained at the same time for the maintenance of the full site while learning high contempt know-how new technologies applications.


光农一体化 海西州光农一体化- HAP 该项目展示了如何从一个单一的土地作双倍的用途,因而产生双重效益。我们将增加一倍由耕种作 物的土地生产率,发电和耕种同时能改善社会可持续性和作出贡献。透过现代化的农业设备和先进的专业技术, 当地的发展潜力将加强和发展,人民生活将得到改善,而农业社区得到更好的选择和效益 。 •

海西州光农一体化项目(HAP)位于海西州怀头他位镇,项目由多个独立光伏微电站供应电力予 各农户及用作耕作之用,技术达到零污染排放。

HAP 示范项目为农业和能源设施的初阶,将於 2013 年春季开始建设,需要约 4 个阶段完成。

当 HAP 示范工程完成,能提供电力予整个农业设备(包括:抽水灌溉,温室木棚,烘乾房,养殖场), 其馀电力会供应给当地的农民。

整个 HAP 建成後,将能提供项目整个地区的电力,能节省千万吨二氧化碳。 例如:5000 亩土地=100 兆瓦光伏电站=50,000 人 每天用电量=节省 125,000 吨二氧化碳

建设的 HAP 示范项目将需要约 25 人接受培训和技术指导,除了为了建设大棚外,也是为了对日后 的维修。我司把技术带到国内并且做到真正实施应用。当地群众在项目上将切实采取积极落实态度, 以己待人为 社区作出贡献。

OPERATIONS/čż?ä˝œ 20

HAIXI AGRICULTURE Qinghai is one of the new target provinces and the development of agricultural productivity in Haixi County is already very promising With the implementation of modern integrated farming facility and innovative know-how the area will be able to become an example of industrialized farming for all China. Specialties and eco-culture will be possible. More profitable dry and fresh fruits, vegetables, oil crops can be put in place easily and the emerging flower Industry, growing in production and in value year by year, is another interesting option. Last but not the least, fruit, vegetables and flowers growing in the facilities will be the best environment for beekeeping (apiculture).


海西州农业 青海省是我国大力扶持农业发展的重要省份,而在海西州的农业发展也同步推动。 透过建设先进的农业设备和设施,此项目会成为中国一重点高科技农业示范工程。 专业化和生态文化将成为未来主导方向。更多有经济价值的干果和新鲜水 果,蔬菜,农作物和新兴的花卉产业,生产值会是大幅增长的一年。 最后,除了水果,蔬菜和花卉外,在温室中提供了最佳环境予 养蜂(蜂业)。


HAIXI AGRISOLAR CLUSTER The Haixi AgriSolar Cluster is to be constructed in several phases form in spring 2013, with completion of Demo expected in 4 months The whole project will cover a wide are near Keluke Lake and Huaitoutala town. The construction approval procedure is simplified since the area is under the control of the Department of Forestry which granted, in any case, to be entitled of all the permits required by law. Contractor will be granted of full access for maintenance operations whenever required to ensure the proper functionality of the power plant and will be entitled of maintenance’s contract renewable every 5 years.


海西州太阳能集群 海西州太阳能集群会分几个阶段在春季构建,在 2013 年春季开始,示范项目预期四个月完成。 整个项目邻近怀头他拉镇和牙会克湖。项目的审批直接由海西州农业局带领,双方依法律程序签定协议。 为了保证日後电站的稳定使用和维修,协议亦会清楚列明对电站的维护,其後维修的协议会五年更新一次。


FUTURE GROW AND BENEFIT AGRISOLAR PARK EXPANSION OR DUPLICATION At its completion the AgriSolar Park will be the first of this kind allover Asia and the full package is repeatable easily. Each greenhouse is itself an independent system that can generate power and grow safely and efficiently any kind of crops. Thanks to this concept even a very small farming community can be interested in the AgriSolar package solution. The dedicated portal will not only provide information about the power produced but will have extensive details about the project and its implementation.

AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT Three main characteristics distinguish the agriculture in greenhouse from traditional agriculture (open land) and Make greenhouses’ farming the important step towards modernized agriculture: •

Greenhouses keep out several animals, garden pets and parasites

Cultures can be 100% ORGANIC (or rigid control of chemical used can be applied)

Seeds can started earlier in the season in a controlled environment with no fear of what happen outside

DEBOTTLENECKING YodhPower is evaluating specific solutions to increase the integration between farming development and solar energy constantly upgrading the facilities either existing or currently under construction


未来的增长和效益 光伏农业大棚扩充或复制 在完成此光伏农业大棚後,这将会是第一个完善和先进的光伏与农业一体化的建筑。 每个温室本身就是一个独立的系统,它可以产生动力,安全,高效,能支持任何形式的农作物生长。 由于这个概念,即使是非常小的农业社区,也可以在我们的光伏农业方案一并解决。 我们对每个项目采用专门的网站,网站不仅能提供项目的信息和生产功率,亦有大量的 项目细节及其实施进度。

农业发展 有三个主要特点分辨高科技温室农业从传统农业(开放式土地)的差别高科技温室农业是走向现代化农业的重要步骤: •




优化产业 恒星国际能源是评估具体的解决方案,无论是现有的或目前正在建设中的项目,以提高农业发展之间的整合和不断提升太阳能设施。

OPERATIONS/运作 26 日光温室到期 (6 岁)


ECONOMICS 2012 - 2013 GROUP FEATURES YodhPower business will operate in China and employed average of 250 people and, including some subcontractors staffs that will be supervised. Effectively during 2013 project companies will be incorporated for the construction of solar parks in Liaoning, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces.

QINGHAI OPERATIONS With the completion of the full HAP YodPower group will be able to generate at least 158 GWh per year with a full estimated investment of 145,000 Million of Euro (= 1,153,700,000 CNY) Gold Sun Demo Excluded. YodhPower main investment will be focused on the “DEMO” that will be a “living test” project. If the test will sanctify government expectation the DEMO ownership will be transferred through a BT contract to the local authority while both local authority and YodhPower will join their efforts in order to develop the full area. Financial technical assistance and screening will be a key instrument to control the full outcome of the investment at each stage. Top ranking professionals of finance will be involved from the very beginning of the development of the project in order to grant the players involved that all the requirements in terms of risk control and minimization of risk factors are constantly satisfied during the construction of the facility as well as its operations.


经济 2012 - 2013 年企业方针 恒星国际能源将在中国开展业务,约聘请 250 人,包括一些分包商和监督人员。已被纳入 2013 年的 项目包括, 青海省的太阳能农业大棚,太阳能供水系统,太阳能杞子烘乾室的建设,辽宁和新疆等省 的光伏电站项目。

海西州项目运作 随着 HAP 恒星国际能源完成整个项目将能够每年产生约 158 亿度电,排除金太阳示范补贴,总投资为 145,000 万欧元(11.537 亿人民币) 。恒星国际能源主要投资将集中在示范项目,是一展现我司在国 内实力的重要一环。 示范项目会以 BT(建设-转移)合约形式与当地政府签定,双方会共同努力发展该地区。财务控制和监 管是对整个项目投资十分重要,可直接影响投资收益。金融技术援助和筛选将是一个关键的因素来控制每 个阶段的投资成果。从一流的金融专业人士在前期工作是已参与发展整个项目,这样可让所有参与者和投 资者,在风险方面和危险因素的控制达到最小化。


OUTLOOK AND STRATEGY Our strategy is to be a leading innovative energy sands operator by focusing on operational excellence and profitable growth. We pursue this strategy by optimizing operations at YodhPower facilities as well as by managing our extensive and high-quality portfolio of power holdings. By continuing to build on these capabilities and experience of YodhPower staff, while simultaneously managing the business within the overarching principles of health, safety, security and environment (HSSE), including sustainable development, we believe we are well positioned for continued improvement over time. The Renewables business environment continued to be challenging in 2012 with rising capital and operating costs and shortages of innovative integrated solutions. In the latter half of the year, the industry saw a marked slowdown in projects being developed, with several postponement announcements both in Europe and in US citing unfavorable costs and deteriorating economics overall, due in part to world economic crisis. On the other hand China is now outstanding and we would like to be here. The guides coming from the last Communist Party Congress and Leaders Elections seems marking clearly to the international community some new important targets:

Enhancement and strengthen of the domestic market

Industrial, infrastructural and social top ranking development

Strong energy and know-how independence

Economical innovation based on solid foundations values


展望及策略 我们的战略是创新型能源的行业领导者, 专注于经营和利润的增长。 我们奉行此策略,优化运营恒星国际能源的设施及我们广泛的管理和高品质的产品。 在恒星国际能源人员的能力和经验的基础上,同时管 理企业内的健康,安全,保安和环境的总体原则(HSSE), 包括可持续发展,我们相信我们绝对有能力随着时间的前进不断改善行业的水平。 可再生能源的经营环境仍然充满挑战,因为 2012 年资本和运营成本不断上涨,而且缺乏创新的综合解决方案。 在今年下半年,业界看到了一个显着放缓,由於欧洲和美国的反倾销和不断恶化的经济环境,而部分原因是由于世界经济危机。 另一方面,中国现在充满发展潜力,因此我们想参与其中共同成长和发展。

最后中国政府及其政党的指南也清楚向国际社会指出一些重要的新目标: •






TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION YodhPower brings innovative solutions and advanced technologies to our renewable energies operations and agriculture. The development and application of the newest technologies, including the following examples, will be key to our success: •

Yodhpower “AgriSolar” is the first commercial application of an innovative technology that will combine sustainable agriculture and innovative energy efficiency in solar power generation.

Our internal planning division creates a tailor-made solution for any requirement. Hence, the competence does not only cover the construction of traditional greenhouses, but also – and above all – the development and execution of special personalized structures that are not always used as typical greenhouses.

A Distributed Architecture of the PV plant (based on cut of the edge technology’s inverters) on one hand reduces investment costs while on the other hand it is a guarantee for the highest yields with its outstandingly high efficiency of 98.5 percent. All the inverters used ensure reactive power supports the grids and integrated grid management functions guarantee grid stability and highest yields.

YodhPower Haixi Web Portal will allow a professional management and monitoring both CONSTRUCTION and OPERATION (when it will be connected) of the PV plant as well as it will be the best interactive information desk for whoever would like to know more about this unique project. The YodhPower Portal for Haixi Park features almost infinite options for analyzing data and visualizing yields, whether a data table or a diagram is needed.

YodhPower’s cooperation with the Italian University of Pisa and Milan is the key feature to realize true sustainability True sustainability emerges from the complex interactions within society and how these unfold through space and time. A food product cannot be sustainable if it leads to broader patterns of ill health. Nor can it be considered sustainable if it is produced in a way that depletes valuable resources such as high-quality, living soil.


科技与创新 恒星国际能源为再生能源和农业项目带来了创新的技术方案和先进的技术 。最新技术的开发和应 用,包括以下例子,将是我们成功的关键: •


我们内部策划部门负责为每个项目设计一整套量身定制的解决方案。因此,除了传统的温室大棚的建 设外,我们会根据项目自身条件和需求,提供相应的方案,建设个性化结构,因此不再局限在典型的温室。

分布式体系结构的光伏电站(基於切割边缘技术的逆变器),一方面减少了投资成本,同时在另一方 面,它是一个保证了 98.5%的高效率。高效率的逆变器能确保输出稳定电流到理电网,而且透过集成网 络化管理,可以保证电网的稳定性和保持最高的产量。

恒星国际能源海西州光伏农业大棚会设立一网站可让专业的管理人员和监控员管理施工进度和电站 大棚运作。 这将是最好的開放互动信息服务使更多人能了解这国内首个创新的光伏农业项目。恒星国 际能源海西州光伏农业大棚门户网站为电站提供了各方面的数据分析和收益率,亦可即时 提供数据表或图表。

恒星国际能源与意大利比萨大学和米兰大学进行所有研究和设计方案。 在真正的可持续发展与社会 复杂的变化中,这合作是实现可持续发展的主要关键。 食品生产若果是非持续性, 它会广泛影向大众健 康。但若果它能生产宝贵的资源或高品质的作物它也会被视为是可持续发展的。





Distributed Architecture

Centralized Architecture

Each string or group of strings is associated to a single booster with an independent MPPT. The systems developed with distributed booster will leave the efficiency and reliability of traditional centralized systems, combined with the advantages of distributed conversion. With a distributed architecture , the mismatching between the strings, the losses due to shading and the de-rating of the modules are reduced.

3 boosters are embedded in the inverter cabinet, with a compact and simple architecture. UE Efficiency of the system composed by boosters and inverter is higher than 97% on the other hand technical risk factors and plants point of weakness are centralized as well.







一独立 MPPT。

透过由助推器和逆变器组成的系统的 UE 效率高达 97%,但另

开发的系统与分布式助推器能保留传统的的效率和可 靠性。 因此这结合了传统的集中式系统和分布式结构 的好处。 透过分布或结构的安装,因线路的交错或连接所产生

一方面,技术的危险因素和电站弱点都集中在架构上 。




HAIXI WEBPORTAL - Operational Information 海西州光伏农业大棚门户网站-运作信息 Real Time Performance 实时表現

Monthly Performance 每月表现

Last Two Days Performance 最近两天表现




STRONG ENVIRONMENT REGULATION Understanding and managing both project-specific and cumulative effects of Solar Park construction in rural area is fundamental to obtaining the regulatory approvals required to operate. The central government of China concerns with more and more attention about the use of land in particular in long term established rural area. Thanks to “AgriSolar” method the land over which the solar park will be built is not subject to any substantial modification. The construction of greenhouses will require only the installation if simple structures in the ground (depth of the foundations required will not be deeper than 1 meter) and the land inside the greenhouse will be fully accessible and usable. Full surveys and reports required by the regulation in force will be arranged and accomplished without hesitation and with the support of the local authorities that already exanimate the full project and consider it of primary importance for the improvement of the local rural community life and working conditions Main guidelines that will regulate the full authorization set will be: • • • • •

The project must grant social and rural improvement The project must at least keep the same land usability for the rural community Greenhouses built has to be in the full availability and usability of the local community The rural community will have no restriction in the use of the greenhouse but for what can affect the planned solar park performance YodhPower will not claim for any benefit coming from the agricultural aspect of the project. Those benefits together with the use itself of the greenhouse will belongs to the local community and government


强大的环境控制 在农村地区建设太阳能电站获得监管部门批准,理解及管理项目和所带来累积的好处是申请审批的主要原因。 中央政府对中国的关注越来越高,特别是对於有关长期在农村地区 使用的土地。 由于“光农一体化”的独特建筑方法,太阳能大棚园不会对土地上的建成做成任何实质性的修改。 温室大棚的建设只需要安装在地面上,透过简单的结构(基底不会超过 1 米深度)及温室内的土地可全部使用。 全面尽职调查和报告在地方政府的支持下会被安排和毫不犹豫地完成,已经完成了整个项目的设计和调查,并认为这是最 重要的条件改善当地农村社区的生活和工作。 主要的指导方针,规范完整的授权集将是: •







LAND USE CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT Make energy from the sun is actually a land-based process. Large areas of land are needed to make electricity form light. The source of land is the local territory in this county prevalently dedicated to farming. We work hard to manage our land use, recycling and optimizing as much land as possible from our panels, which make power from the photons in the sun light. After a care full estimations made with our engineer and our agronomist we can say only about 3% of the full land dedicated to the project may not be usable (while it is estimated that with standard, not industrialized and not optimized agriculture about 8% of the land is actually non productive. During winter the greenhouses will keep on producing crops or will carry on the incubation of new cultures that will be ready For transplantation at the beginning of the new season without being affected by any “natural inconvenience” (winter longer or more dry than usual, unexpected strong rainfalls etc.). However, all regulatory limits already in place has been fully investigated and are fully respected by the project, locations of greenhouses and additional works has been provided by local authorities. YodhPower requests was taken in consideration whenever possible but natural priority was given to rural community needs and productivity conditions preservation. However, YodhPower itself already self regulated is conduct in planning and setting up solar facilities giving key relevance to local territories and communities conditions preservation.


土地利用,维护和管理 来自太阳的能量,实际上是一个以土地为基础的转化过程。需要大面积的土地,把光转换成电力。 土地的来源是属於当地的社区,一直致力于在本县境内发展农业。我们会努力管理土地的使用, 回收和优化光伏组件,从太阳光中的光子产生电力。 我们的工程师和农业专家经过充分的评估和计算,我们大约只有土地的百分之三可能无法使用作为生产。 (是由标准值估算出来,一般农地约百分之八的土地是非生产性的) 在冬季,大棚可继续种植农作物或进行新的农产品,在春天前可开始育苗, 再不会受到任何“自然限制”(例如冬季较长,乾旱,暴雨等)。 然而,所有的监管限制已经得到了充分调查和充分尊重,地方当局已提供了温室的地点及预留加建工程的土地。 恆星國際能源亦优先考虑的是农村社会的需要和保存生产力条件下去实行此项目。 而恆星國際能源本身已自我调节和规划太阳能设施的影向因素,在保存地区和社区的条件下 进行此项目。





VOLUNTARY ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENTS YodhPower is developing new technologies and processes to improve the management of land at Haixi Park. This will allow YodhPower to optimize land use and exploitation for both solar and agricultural scopes. On average, the solar (PV) facility industry uses 7.4 acres per MW installed and this land cannot be used for anything else but the production of power with environmental pauperization consequences almost impossible to calculate and evaluate. YodhPower is undertaking the following projects to proof that the easiest way to make renewable power, photovoltaic panels, do not necessary required empty useless land neither forces the agriculture tradition to more and more narrow space in the geography as well as in the economy of a country.

In Haixi, a large-scale pilot project will begin operation in 2013 to test technology that can change PV industry and agriculture dramatically.

Haixi AgriSolar Park will be the living proof that integration between modern development (renewables) and root traditional sectors (agriculture/primary sectors) may become the catalyst for sustainable social and economical development.

YodhPower is also exploring opportunities to develop a zero consumption farming frame that will see all the needs of a modern agriculture filed (temperature and humidity control, water supply and irrigation, crops processing, packaging, shipment of sales) sanctified by the solar power locally produced.


VOLUNTARY ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENTS In addition to complying with all Haixi and Qinghai environmental requirements, agreements will be taken with key stakeholders to address environmental issues related to each phase of the Haixi AgriSolar Project’s development. The agreements address issues such as: •

Building environmental knowledge and expertise among local citizens;

Involving Aboriginal groups in the construction of the power/farming facility;

Transferring modern know-how, ensure its acquisition and consolidation

Supporting community advisory groups;

Documenting local Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK) about plants and animals;

Supporting biodiversity monitoring in rural areas


自愿性的环境承诺 恆星國際能源正在开发新的技术和程序以完善海西州光伏大棚的土地管理。 这将允许恆星國際能源透過同時开发太阳能和农业,能把土地优化使用。 普遍而言,一般太阳能(PV)電站若使用 7.4 亩地,每兆瓦的安装和該土地不能用于任何 别的使用,但电源的生产环境贫困化的后果几乎无法计算和评估。 恆星國際能源开展這項目 是為了证明,以最简单的方法透過可再生能源发电,光伏組件没有必要在 无用或荒廢的空地上排列,与农地建筑一体化使土地的指标不会减少。 •

在海西州,一个大型试点项目将在 2013 年开始运作,测试技术,可以显着改变光伏产业和农业。






自愿性的环境承诺 (继续) 為了符合所有對海西州和青海省對环保的環境要求,整個項目的每個階段(HAP)對當地人的有關環境的 問題和產生的影向會簽定有關协议。 该协议涉及的问题包括:








ENERGY EFFICIENCY Improving energy efficiency reduces costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It continues to be a top priority at YodhPower “promoting” an integrated and sustainable development model able to provide local communities with clean energy and organic products, compatible with 100% of cultivations. This model could be the basis for the widespread development of integrated agriculture structures within a short production supply chain able to launch on the market products of certified provenance and immediate consumption. At Haixi AgriSolar Park, electricity and other services (such irrigation water or heating) are outsourced. YodhPower will find the way to supply the agricultural facility with whatever it needs in the future. Haixi energy efficiency projects includes the following: •

New heat-pumps exchangers to be installed in greenhouses to worm them up This investment in energy efficiency will lower the amount of energy needed for proper plants incubation;

Water pump activated by the power produced are used to pump water for the greenhouses needs, for external land irrigation or to store power that will be used when there won’t be sunlight;

Sprinklers system for humidity control and skylights opening for ventilation systems can be managed and received their power from the PV plant without the need of grid connection for faming operatively.

With such a kind of devices and adjustment the full CO2 cost operation of HAP can be minimized almost to 0 (ZERO)


能源效益 提高能源利用效率,降低了成本和温室气体(GHG)的排放量。它仍然是恆星國際能源首要“推广” 任务,综合和可持续的发展模式能够为当地社区提供清洁能源和有机产品及 100%兼容栽培。这种模 式可以在短期内被广泛发展且综合农业基础结构,能够在市场上推出原产地产品认证和生产直接食用的供应链。 在海西州光农一体化項目中,电力是由光伏能源提供,但其他服务(如灌溉水或加热)则由外来的电力。 恆星國際能源会根据农业设施的需求,不断寻找替代供应设备。 最近的有关减排能源项目包括以下内容: •

新的热水泵交换器可安装在大棚上。 这项投资可增加能源效率,降低所需使用的能源量,用来进行适当的植物培养;

太阳能启动生产的电力用于温室內外部农田洒水; 储存的电力则可在晚间持续灌溉;

来自光伏發电的警钟长鸣操作确保运作安全,而洒水系统,湿度控制和天窗打开通风系统的 自动化由自身的大棚所产生的电力所提供,不再需要人手控制和管理。

有了这样一个设备和充分控制二氧化碳量,HAP可以被操作成最小化成本, 二氧化碳排放近乎0(零)


HOW CHINA IS LOOKING AT SOLAR President Hu Jintao emphasized in his report to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that Green has remained one of the hot topics among delegates in the past few days. In the report, Hu drew an unprecedented parallel between ecological progress and economic as well as political development. Chen Min'er, deputy Party secretary of Guizhou, said the province sees green progress as a way to catch up with more developed areas in the east. "For a relatively underdeveloped region like Guizhou, industrialization is an inevitable process," Chen said. "But we can avoid the old way of development, which caused serious pollution and ecological damage." In 2007, the provincial capital Guiyang established China's first court to deal specifically with environment-related lawsuits. It is also taking the lead in China by stepping up with revision of a local regulation on ecological protection. Guiyang became a pilot city for ecological progress in 2009 and a low-carbon city in 2010. A new industrial and technological revolution, featuring a green economy and low-carbon technology, is taking place as the country faces growing resource and environment constraints, said Han Qide, vice-chairman of the National People's Congress, at China International Green Innovative Products & Technologies Show 2012, held in Guangzhou early November 2012. Keywords such as resource conservation, eco-friendly society, green, and low carbon, which appeared many times in the 18th CPC congress report, demonstrated China was endeavouring to achieve fast economic growth on the basis of maximizing the use and protection of resources. The building of ecological civilization stretched China's definition of development and reflected the importance the Chinese leadership paid to people's health and living standard.


中国如何定位太阳能業 在第 18 届全国中国共产党代表大会中,国家主席胡锦涛在他的报告中强调绿色環保一直是过去几天中热門的话题之一。 胡锦涛在报告中指出,前所未有的提出生态进步和经濟发展是主要政治發展方針。 陈敏尔貴州党组副书记说,省觀察到用绿色的方向来赶上东部地區的發展。 “对于一个相对欠发达的地区,如貴州,工业化是一个必然的过程。”陈敏尔说。 “但我们能避免的旧的发展方式,因為造成了严重的污染和生态破坏。 ”2007 年,省会貴陽建立了中国第一个法庭专门处理与环境相关的诉讼。 它也加紧修订的地方性法规,率先在中国生态保护。 貴陽能把生态更进步,2009 年及 2010 年分別成為低碳城市的试点城市。 一种新的工业和技术革命,具有绿色经济,低碳技术,正在发生作为国家面临越来越大的资源和环境的制约, 全国人大副委员长韩启德在中国国际绿色创新产品与技术展览会 2012 广州十一月初举行時說。 如资源节约型,环境友好型社会,绿色,低碳,出现了很多次的关键字。 十八大中共报告提出,表明了中国正在努力实现经济又好又快发展的基础上, 以最大限度地利用资源和保护去建设生态文明,反映了中国领导人们對健康和生活的标准。



China is able to avoid and reduce carbon emissions by nearly 730 million tons annually due to the running of over 4,500 clean development projects such as using hydropower and methane


China had approved 4,540 Clean Development Mechanism projects between 2004 and August 2012


Estimated annual certified emissions reduction could reach 730 million tons of CO2 equivalent (Report made by China's Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change 2012)


Among the all the projects approved till now, 2,364 have been registered with the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board. They account for 50.41% of the world's total registered programs


China is planning to expand pilot programs for promoting the domestic use of photovoltaic (PV) power generation by launching a batch of new pilot projects before the end of 2012 (China Daily 12.11.2012)


Officials statements proof the government encourages the experimental application of new technologies and products in order to promote technological advancement


The Ministry of Finance said in a statement jointly released with three other government departments that local authorities can apply for new pilot projects to be included in two pilot programs (Golden Sun Demo and PV Power in Building Program) currently in force aimed at promoting PV power generation



State Grid Corporation of China announced a plan to allow small-scale distributed solar power generators to connect to its power lines.: o

SGCC will allow solar power generators with less than 6 megawatts of installed capacity to be Connected to the grid.


Connecting distributed solar power to the national grid is a "crucial step" in removing obstacles that have contained the development of China's solar industry, said the deputy director of the new and renewable energy department of the National Energy Administration.


Wang Xiangqin, SGCC deputy chief economist confirmed also that SGCC will provide technological assistance and waive charges associated with connecting to the grid,


Compared with centralized generation, which connects distant solar or wind facilities to customers, distributed generation will cause less damage to the grid and decrease transmission losses, said Lai Xiaokang from the China Electric Power Research Institute.


To help expand the domestic market, NEA announced an initiative last month (October 2012) to develop distributed solar power plants on a larger scale, encouraging local governments to unveil new solar power projects.


China vowed to increase its installed generation capacity for solar power to over 21 million kilowatts by 2015, according to a recently released white paper China's Energy Policy 2012.


Chinese governments and banks have also issued preferential policies for solar companies, such as issuing credit to build up plants and expand production.


中国太阳能摘要 CO2 排放和可再生能源 -

中国是能够避免和减少二氧化碳排放量近 7.3 亿吨,每年由于运行超过 4500 名的清洁发展项目,如水电和沼气


在 2004 年至 2012 年 8 月中国已批准了 4540 个清洁发展机制项目


估计每年核证的排放量减少可能会达到 7.3 亿吨二氧化碳(应对气候变化 2012 报告由中国的政策与行动, )


- 在所有批准的项目到现在,2364 已注册的联合国清洁发展机制执行理事会。他们占世界总注册计划的 50.41%

太阳能光伏产业 -

中国正计划扩大试点方案推动国内光伏(PV)发电 2012 年年底前推出了一批新的试点项目 (中国日报 2012 年 11 月 12 日)




财政部在与其他三个政府部门联合发布的一份声明中说, 在两个试点方案(金太阳示范和地方当局可以申请新的试点项目被列入 目前光伏电站的建设方案)旨在有效促进光伏发电


中国太阳能摘要(继续 ) -

中国国家电网公司宣布了一项计划,允许小规模的分布式太阳能发电连接其电源线。 o

小于 6 兆瓦的装机容量,国家电网公司将允许太阳能发电是 连接到电网。


新能源和可再生能源部门的国家能源局副主任指出分布式太阳能发电连接到国 家电网是“关键一步”去消除上網障碍。




相比,分布式与集中式发电,连接遥远的太阳能或风力发电设备,为客户从代电网造成的损害, 减少传输损耗,有赖中国电力科学研究院。


有利于扩大国内市场,NEA 宣布了一项计划,发展上个月(2012 年 10 月)分布在更大的规模的太阳能发电厂, 鼓励地方政府推出新的太阳能发电项目。


中国发誓要提高其发电装机容量超过 2100 万千瓦,到 2015 年太阳能发电,根据最近发布的白皮书, 中国的能源政策 2012 年。




LAND RECLAMATION Although Haixi AgriSolar Park at present Is just “made of paper”, preparations are already underway to reclaim the site. While thanks to the greenhouses and the AgriSolar system, similar productivity standard and operation conditions will be granted for all the period the park will be running. YodhPower has made a commitment to return the land to the status equivalent to what existed prior to development if need. That means the reclaimed site will be able to support a variety of uses but will not necessarily be the same as before development occurred. In 2009, YodhPower was the one of the first Asian energy companies to adopt a biodiversity standard. It outlines YodhPower’s commitment to work with others to maintain ecosystems, respect protected areas and make a Positive contribution to the conservation of global flora and fauna. YodhPower have undertaken leading studies and soil modelling research to understand the scientific requirements of producing sustainable boreal forest ecosystems and features such as wetlands and peat-lands. YodhPower is capable to using satellite imagery and the latest Geographic Information System (GIS) to create before-and after records of the solar park site’s landscape. GIS uses computer-based maps that allow environmental and human activities data to be overlaid on the same map, creating a more complete picture of evolving land use. The reclamation process starts as soon as the land is cleared of trees and brush. Large-scale reclamation is not expected since the area is now a pre-desert but whether the greenhouses or other facilities will not be needed everything will be reconstructed and put in place as it was. This not required by any regulation for now, we know that, but this is the way we work, this is the most important of our commitments


土地復垦 虽然海西州项目目前仅仅是在前期工作的阶段,前期工作我司已经考虑到土地回收。由于温室和光伏农业系统,所有的太阳能公 园将运行期间授出类似的生产力标准和操作条件。恒星国际能源作出了承诺归还土地时会回归相当于之前存在的发展。这意味着, 项目地区将能够支持多种用途,并且回复项目开发前的状态。 恒星国际能源 2009 年,是亚洲第一能源公司采用生物多样性标准之一。 它概述了恒星国际能源与他人保持生态系统的承诺,尊重,保护和一个保护全球的植物群和动物群的积极贡献。 恒星国际能源已经开展了领先的研究和土壤建模研究,以了解生产可持续的寒温带森林生态系统和科学化的要求, 的功能,如湿地和泥炭地。恒星国际能源能够利用卫星图像和最新的地理 信息系统(GIS),以创建之前和之后的太阳能遗址公园的景观的记录。地理信息系统使用基于计算机的 创建一个更全面的了解,使环境和人类活动的数据进行叠加在同一个地图,不断发展土地。 复垦过程始於的树林和灌木丛的土地被清除。 “当我们项目离开该地时,我们同时复垦土地。” 大型的复垦工程不会立即开始,由於现在土地仍处於荒漠化。当地区不再需要我们建设的大棚和各程已建的设施, 我们便会把土地还原至原来面貌。这并不是任何规例要求, 我们都知道这是我们的工作方式,这是我们一直以来最重要的承诺。


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Given the 40- to 50-year life of greenhouses operations and all the project on the way in the area nearby YodhPower has a long-term interest in the growth and well-being of communities in the County of Haixi and the Provincial authority of Qinghai. As a major regional business, we respect the cultural diversity and rights of others.

Together we work with local municipalities, Aboriginal groups, residents and other stakeholders to address the impacts of our operations and determine how our business can best contribute to local quality of life and international cooperation. We operate always with the aim is to increase local employment in the environmental sector. Training on environmental monitoring, health and safety practices and developing technical skills.


社区参与 由于温室大棚可操作约 40 - 50 年和项目所带来 的好处和收益会为海西州和青海省获得长远利益的增长和福祉。 作为一个主要的地区业务, 我们尊重多样性文化和他人的权利。

我们与当地市政府,原住民团体,居民和其他相关者一起 合作策划项目和参与运作。让我们的企业能够为当地作出 最好的贡献,以及保障当地人民的生活质量和国际之间的合作。 我们企业的目标是增加当地在生态方面的就业指数。环境监 测的培训,健康安全实践和传受最新技术 。


COMMUNITY INVESTMENT Fostering and supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses, particularly Aboriginal businesses, remains a focus for YodhPower as we strive to maximize local benefits from our solar projects and build capacity within neighbouring communities. In 2011, more than 35% of YodhPower total local spending went to purchase supplies and services from local groups. Following the kick-off of the projects in China YodhPower planned to set up a think tank aimed to the study how agriculture and renewables can fit into and drives sustainable societies of the present and the future. We will try to build a flexible systems model rather than any one technology or crop that accounts for locally available resources and conditions, and can be scaled to any size implementation. We will try to find t a comprehensive solution that not only aims to cover our increasing energy needs, but also to reduce carbon emissions provide climate protection, energy security and development by generating sustainable power making farming more profitable for producers. Creating a regenerative system rooted in the beneficial complexity of ecosystems for the cycling of nutrients and the control of pests.

Turpan Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA


社区投资 培育和支持当地的企业家和企业,仍然是恒星国际能源的其中一个营运重点。 从我们的太阳能项目和建设能力,我们努力地把地方利益最大化。 在2011年,恒星国际能源的项目有超过本地支出总额的百分之三十五是由於从当地采购物料。 随着项目的开展,恒星国际能源会在中国成立一个 独立研究机构,旨在研究农业和可再生能源方面的持续发展。 可以用以推动社会现在和未来的持续发展 。 我们将努力构建一个灵活的系统,而非建立一个单一 技术,可根据当地现有的资源和条件实施,并且还可以 扩展到任何规模 。我们最终会做出一全面性的方案, 目的不仅是应付日益增长的能源需求,也是为了 气候保护而减少碳排放量,能源安全和发展可持续的电力 使农户得到更高的经济效益。建立再生植物生态系统, 可把营养物质循环和控制害虫。

吐鲁番 新疆维吾尔族自治区 中华人民共和国


COMMUNITY BENEFITS AND IMPROVEMENT Several are the benefits and the improvement that the local community will get advantage of, here below we try to point out the most important but many will be “passive” or “indirect” benefit that the local community will receive by the construction of such a big project and by the presence of a new small community that will grow around the facility for the time of the construction and for the maintenance issues that will last in the time.

At least 100 local people will be kept employed for the full endurance of the construction (Full project completion estimated for 1 and a half year)

The know-how acquired during the construction of the facility will not be limited to solar (construction, optimization, maintenance and use of greenhouses)

It is reasonable to consider that a small team of 10/15 people will be hired for the time being in order to grant ordinary control and maintenance of the solar facility

Local farming community will benefit of the facility without any restriction

A demo project will be built and maintained in order to provide services to visitors interested in the project and the local community may benefit of visitors presence

If required by the farming community courses will be provided for the implementation of new cultures as well as for the correct use and maintenance of the greenhouses

Organic farming, beekeeping and flower culture will be warmly recommended and tested in order to push local people to understand procedures, convenience and profitability.


社区利益及改善 当地社区会获得很多明显的生活改善和好处,在以下我们会指出最重要的其中几项, 大部份是对当地人民非直接的效益。当地社区獲得一个这样大的项目建设,周邊 长遠的建设和發展及设施的维护會持续進行。

在建設方面的需求,当地至少有 100 人将被聘用(整個项目完成的時間約 1 年半)

设施建设的过程中非只局限在太阳能 ,亦包括温室大棚的建设,优化,维护和使用

基於合理的考虑,項目會有當地專責小組,會聘请 10/15 人的小团队,監察控制太阳能设施和维护








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AgriSolar Haixi Factbook  

Haixi AgriSolar Park Factbook

AgriSolar Haixi Factbook  

Haixi AgriSolar Park Factbook