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FIFA 14 Coins for the new generation Almost we could say that just met that ' Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 ' will be updated soon to add new faces for some fifa coins players (800 new faces) or update templates teams, when we learned that Electronic Arts will do the same with ' FIFA 14 ', with the next patch the third that has come so far for this game . moment, is now available on PC , but console users (both the PlayStation 3 such as the Xbox 360 ) will have to wait even a few days so that it can be downloaded (for them, will be available later this week). In terms of content, as is usual in these cases, the patch solves several bugs present in the game so far and is completely free .

From the gameplay itself to the audio There are many elements that will be improved or corrected with this new patch, above and Electronic Arts has detailed all of us. To begin, I must say that audio problems are solved that had the game so far, and from here, most are improvements or fifa 14 coins fixes gameplay. Since there were problems in the Ultimate Team mode and have been eradicated, until the correction of errors affecting the career mode interface to switch players (basically lag), to issues that had already corrected with equipment or inclusion some new equipment . All this without forgetting that now the arrow skill games change when receiving the ball, which has been corrected number 9 of the players 'Virtual Pro' by default after a game, or that changes in team 'Co-Op 'now will be reflected on the screen teammate . And not everything is based on errors, as there are also added to improve the basis for a patch already free and interesting. Thus, the licensee has added further shield kit Bay . Now we just wait for this new update (as mentioned, already the third in a month product life) also comes in consolero plane. At least, we are seeing that the way forward in this genre is to listen to users and to improve the product even with additions and free.

A new video has surfaced which shows as' FIFA 14 'is able to squeeze the most of the features of the new generation of consoles that will be available this November is about to arrive.

Footballers that seem taken from real life The title of EA Sports will seek to enhance all its realism in One Xbox and PlayStation 4 , offering dynamic stages that reflect the excitement of a football game, plus players in this virtual title behave , think and move like athletes Life Real .

'FIFA 14' is now available for fut 14 coins Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , PC , Nintendo Wii , Nintendo 3DS , PS Vita , PlayStation 2 , and PSP . One will come to Xbox on November 21 and PlayStation 4 on November 29 .


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