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Element x Behavior

[Ring around A Tree]

Name: Qishi Zhang Type: Studio individual work, DUT Tutor: Xu Jiang Date: June, 2014 Location: East mountain in DUT


Thinking about traditional limitation The site is in the Dalian University of Technology, where was used to be an old kindergarten. The natural environment is very good and there are many big trees around it. However, the space of old kindergarten is simple and poor, it neither fully use the environment, nor meet the needs of children. Therefore, based on the traditional form of kindergarten, I spent more time on child’s psychology. From that I know the curiosity about nature and enjoying the game is the two basic needs of children, As a result, it directly leads to my new form of kindergarten—architecture with amusement park and wonderful nature. 02



Steamline Analysis

First floor plan



15 10


Second floor plan

Third floor plan

Using a continuous loop to connect interactive space involving various space and nature. Combining quiet classroom with active courtyard. 05




Behavior Map

Situations & Atmosphere

Behavior Icon









Environment x Social [Semi-Detach] Name: Qishi Zhang Type: National Green Architecture Competition, Team Work Tutor: Fei Guo Members: Yue Zhao, Zongxiang Yang, Aoxue Chen Work: Design 70%, Technology Design 60%, Drawing 75% Date: September, 2015 Location: Nanjing, Huzhong island Thinking about site and climate The site is in the city near south-west of Yangtze river of Nanjing, which was awarded as excellent city of urban agriculture development. The river is located on the south-east side of site and farmland is on the north-west. In the next decades, the basis of the residential area, the government is focused on developing the tourism, so improving the local living condition and landscape design is the most important thing to do. The design focuses on the evolution of the site's environment, resource and economy. It is the best way to make the use of local materials, resource, and climate features to establish a circulation system, in which people, environment and agriculture can take the best advantage. As a result, local tourism will be developed, as well as the whole economy.



Three Types of Household

Site Information Nanjing has a humid subtropical climate and is under the influence of the East Asian monsoon. The four seasons are distinct, with damp conditions seen throughout the year: very hot and muggy summers, cold and damp winters, also between them, spring and autumn are of reasonable length. Consider this as a prime factor, we use Renewable Energy, Creating Water System, Solar system and Energy Circulation System to save extreme weather in summer and winter.

Resource System Stake

Solar System: The feature of the climate is either hot in summer and cold in winter, so we must shadow in summer and make the best of solar to supply heating in winter. Therefore, many devices are used to transform solar resource to heat or biology resource and a ventilating system has been used to decrease the heat. Water System: Nanjing has enough rain and river water, so we design a water system to collect rainwater, filter domestic water and purify polluted water. The water is able to used again so that the conservation can be 48% in total.

Sollar Panal

Winter Garden

Window Blinds

Vegetable Wall

Ground Heating Crop Riparian Buffer

Solar Water & Heat

Wet Swale

Heat System: The ground heating can use cold water to cool the house in summer and use biogas to heat water to warm the house, which comes from crop residue. Rain Collection

Sliding Roof

Green Land Plant Purify System Water System

Domestic Water

Biogas Resource

Community Strategy

Considering the different situations of household, we only built half of the house and residents can do extra construction basing on their own needs.

13 13

Each household has a pool in front of the house, which can cool in the daytime and store heat at night. Several households combine into a group which has a wet swale and open green space.


Design Strategy

Project Utilization Effect

Based on the basic modular unit (a 4.2 m2 rectangular room), we changed plan on basis of the number of family members as time goes by because as the population grows, their needs are becoming different too.

ENERGY SAVINGS 100% 18% Energy used by standard buildings

Efficient use of energy

10% Solar energy generation





5% The use of conservatory


Geo exchange energy generation

Renewable Energy Resource 100%




50% 4%

Water used by standard buildings

Stack effect



Reclaimed water circulation treatment

9% Rainwater harvesting

17% Ground heating circulation



48% 4%

Wet swale


Constructed wetland

Non-renewable Energy Resource 25%




Sliding Roof

Conservatory Ground Heating

The first plan has one living room and one bedroom, which is suitable for singles or young couples. Open plan system is introduced to ease the crowded space. The semi outdoor unit provides space for people to enjoy the nature. 15

The second plan has one living room and three bedrooms with an area is 1/2 bigger than the original unit. As the aging society is coming in China, more young people decides to live with their parents. Thus, it is important to provide more space for old people to enjoy the sunshine and accessible environment.

The third one has four bedrooms and one living room, because when new couples have kids, they need more bedroom and restroom. Meanwhile, the adding kitchen is used to be part of the entertainment area.

The use of resource before transforming

Stack Effect Window Blinds

The use of resource after transforming


15 17




Draft Deflector Waterproof coiled material

Collector Coping

Waterproof Panel Finalize Support Waterproof Roll

Eaves Soffit Roofing Shingle Metal Band Drain

Metal rone

Wooden block Clip

Outrigger Ceiling Tile Rain Pipe

4 Rough Ground Shingle Waterproof and Breathable Membrane Cement Pressure Plate

12mmThick plasterboard


Rough Ground (with Cotton)

Face Brick

Shingle Waterproof and Breathable Membrane

Hardware Cloth Cement Mortar

12-19mm Air Space >9mm Cement Pressure Board Ferrocement Brick Surface

Water Circlic System Constructed Wetland

Vaperanspiration Climate Regulation Runo



Filteration Infiltration Retention


Infiltration Infiltration

Builing Reform

Property Reform

Street Reform


City Reform


Aesthetics x Structure


Name:Qishi Zhang Type: Studio Team Work Tutor: Hui Yu Members: Qishi Zhang, Xue Bai Work: Design 90%, Structure Design 100%, Drawing 50% Date: March, 2016 Location: Yangzhou, Shouxihu Lake

Thinking about traditional limitation The site is near the Slender West Lake, with many great scenic spots by side. Also, there is a round shape stadium. Therefore, a spiral form is used as my concept, which can either react the surroundings or attract people with its fascinating shape. The traditional form of a stadium is always simple and dwelling attention on the design of main venue and party ledge. In my opinion, Stadium, as the center spot of citizens’ gathering, should provide more convenience. Therefore, comparing with the main venue, small venues served for citizens should be emphasized on design.



Site Analysis

According to the information in the site, the new gymnasium should be a landmark, a gathering place, and an echo.

There are two major points of view to observe the gymnasium, the two elevation and the shape changes must be appealing to guide the flow. As well as the form changes should be more flexible.

The transportation is convenient because the site is near the main road. According to the transportation, different entrances are designed to disperse flow according to different activities and time periods.

The river and the green space compose a natural space for people to relax, which is a landmark in the city. Therefore, integration of architecture & nature should be obeyed. It is able to be a gathering place.

Most residential buildings and entertainment buildings are around the site so that the gymnasium are supposed to serve to residents.


Concept & Strategy To combine different activities into a continuous form, I reorganize functional flow lines of the stadium to formulate two integrate lines waving with each other and then end in the main venue. Then the shape of the stadium is like a rising spiral coordinating with reorganized function. 24



Section Perspective



Structure Analysis



Consecutiveness Analysis The streamlines of the gymnasium with a continuous change can bring people the visual perception of winding and psychological feelings integrated into the natural.

The structures of the new gymnasium are suited to the changing form. They are also the symbol of speed and nature that are full of power.



History x Culture

[Memory Cube]

Name: Qishi Zhang Type: Studio Work Tutor: Hui Yu Date: May, 2015 Location: Dalian, Old Chemical Enginering Institution Building Renewal

The Precondition of The Site and Challenge The site is a block of old chemical engineering institution buildings of Dalian University of Technology. There are old teaching buildings, urban center, highrise buildings and residential buildings surrounding the site. Contrasting to the high-developed city environment, the old buildings are extremely antipathetic and many people think them as remnant with less value because of their destroyed appearance and structure. Secondly, the booming of population required more space for people to work, to shop, and to live. The limited volume fraction of old buildings was not fit it. The environment of them are also not enough for people to have an enjoyable life such as the somber lighting, the draught-free ventilation, and the rudimentary facilities. 33


Old Building High-rise Complex Building High-rise Office Building

Main Road

Transportation Network

Building Context

Park Green Land

Green Space

Urban Center

Current Social Situation Analysis Thinking about limitation of traditional solution With the growth of population, the government began to amplify the construction. The beginning of the work is to rebuild the old buildings. According to the investigation, the old blocks such as Fengming Street had been removed the local culture, the social structure which is destructive, most commonly, the local residents tend to move to other places because of the increasing land price and losing jobs. However, 85% citizens disagreed with that and thought the old buildings are a good memory of Dalian that should be protected in a new way. Thinking about advantages and disadvantages of the site Advantages: The old buildings are social symbols that will reflect the history of the city. In the fast pace of urban life, the old buildings are able to provide a harmonious atmosphere for people to stay and relax. The garden space, the steel forms structures, and the red bricks are features of the architecture culture in Dalian. The old blocks can be a culture center, which is able to act in cooperation with each other and connect to the Zhongshan Square. Disadvantages: Surrounding the old blocks, the new high-rise buildings with a big scale make the old ones depressive and passed into silence. The old buildings have limited facilities such as somber light, restricted space plot ratio, scanty green spaces, destroyed structures and uncirculated streamline. 35

Old building block 36

Generative Process


The connection between "NEW" and "OLD"

The method to satisfy " I featured the museum as the transition between the old and the new, and reflected the change process of the city through strong conflict. The new dimension turned the forgotten old architecture into the carrier of urban historical change and adapt to the surrounding environment. When people visit the museum through the streamline, the scene transition will raise people’s awareness to reflect on history.

Different atmosphere between "NEW"and "OLD"

D i ff e r e n t s c a l e between "NEW" and "OLD"

Different material between "NEW" and "OLD"

Different structure between"NEW" and "OLD"

urban requirement"

The response to


The coordination into "CONTEMPORARY CITY"

Inprovement Method Increase the space

Connet with surroundings

Ruggedize structures

Circulated streamline

Different luminous environment between "NEW" and "OLD"






The Second Floor 4




5 9


8 2

7 2



The Third Floor

Ground Floor


1.Entrance Hall 2.Exhibition Hall 3.Administration Office 4.Main Entrance 5.Reference Room

6.Historic Preservation 7.Cultural Relic Repair 8.Countryard 9.Pioneer Art Exhibition Hall 10.Lecture Hall

South Elevation

East Elevation

North Elevation

West Elevation


Perspective Section Through visiting the museum, people can feel the contradiction of "NEW" and "OLD" that every scene is designed to enhance. Firstly, the old buildings' spaces are envelope the new elements, through which people will recall the memory of history. Secondly, new galleries, new plats, and new materials pass through the old ones providing a method for people to touch and feel the old structures and bricks. Finally, the new building serves as a bridge for people to recognize the urban development and renewed focus on the changes.



Element x Digital

[Digital Urban]

Name: Qishi Zhang Type: Architecture Association of Architecture in Shanghai Tutor: Lei Zheng, Gilles Retstin Members: Anthony Smith, Miki, Yiming Zhang, Shengyuan Zhang Work: Analysis 100%, Design 60%, Rendering 90%, Drawing 50% Date: July, 2016 Location: Shanghai, Old building blocks Institution Building Renewal



Site Analysis Think about the surrounding environment According to the site information, we decide to deploy some active point such as the urban complex to attract customers and to facilitate social life. At first, we choose the center of each blocks to build the active point. Then we use attractor in grasshopper to interfere surroundings and gather the most convenient paths connect old and new buildings. We design each building as a hill because the layer of a hill stands for a function and the appearance of the hill represents blending of multiple functions. The path can be seen pass through, beside or above the buildings. People can arrive everwhere they want. We use the same element to repeat, to devert and to connect in order to create different space. Bodyplan Design The first body plan we design has two flat with one curve surface.The flats are able to make people stay, so they have static functions such as live or office. The curve surface can divert to various directions so as to be transportation. Also, space changes every time when people walk through.


The second body plan we design has paths to six different directions. The paths are able to assist people to arrive everywhere. The vertical connection is able to connect different layers so as to be vertical transportation. Also, the parallel path can help people arrive the flats.


Building Analysis


Type 1

Right Amount Direction

Function Combination

Type 2

Right Amount Direction

Function Combination

Structure Analysis


Culture xx Emotion Culture Society Culture x Enviornment

Urban x Development

Urban x Structure

[The Life of of The Tree] [The life [The Tree oftree] Life]


[Stacked Block]

Culture--Sacrificed Life --Emotion Interaction Culture--Symbol--Souvenir Reminisce--Convention--Symbolize

Slow Pace--Core and Public space--Connet

Constraction--Cut the Form-- Scale

Type: UIACompetition Competition Type: UIA Competition Type: UIA Tutor: HuiYu Yu Yu Tutor: Hui Tutor: Hui Members: Qishi Zhang, Yiming Zhang, Type: Team Type: Team workwork HanMember: Wang, Yuan Wang Qishi Zhang, Member: Qishi Zhang YimingYiming Zhang, Work: Design Model , Zhang, Han80%, Wang, Yuan75% Wang Han wang, Yuan Wang Drawing 50% Work: Design Model Work: Design 75%,70%, Model 80%,75%, Date: July, 2016 Drawing 50% Drawing 50% Location: Tibet, Sister Lake Date: Date: Yuly,June, 2016 2016 Location: Tibet, Sister Lake

Type: Studio Work Tutor: Daiyun Liu Type: Team work Member: Miao Jia Work: Design 70%, Model 60%, Drawing 50% Date: May, 2016 Location: Dalian, Xiaoping island

Type: Studio Work Tutor: Wei Ju Type: Individual work Date: October, 2015 Location: Dalian, Fengming Street

March2 qishi zhang portfolio  
March2 qishi zhang portfolio