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here are rumours that the federal elections can be expected as early as in Spring of 2011. Certainly the tone of Mr. Jason Kenney, the federal Minister of Citizenship & Immigration and Multiculturalism suggested that the federal government is positing itself in a way that the Conservative's achievements can be compared with 13 years of Liberal government before them. Listening to him recount what the federal government has done in the past four years was like listening to Ontario Liberals talk about better healthcare, better education, better business opportunities and better governance than the Conservative Mike Harris's days in Ontario. And "respect for tax dollars" slogan form Mayor Rob Ford seems to have already been borrowed by federal Conservatives. In response to a question from Generation Next, if there indeed will be a Spring election, Minister Kenney said "the opposition parties will determine the timing of the next election, I suspect. We don't think Canadians want an election. We want to continue governing, providing strong leadership to Canada. If the opposition parties decide that they are going to reverse the government and

enforce and election, that will be their choice and there is a lot of speculation that it will happen in Spring. Personally I hope not because I wanna keep getting things done. Yes eventually we will have an election as we have to in our democracy." Minister Keeney was speaking at Punjabi Community Health Services (PCHS). Perhaps the opposition will be discouraged from calling an election after Monday's federal by election results. Liberals lost a seat in Vaughn to Conservatives, a seat that they had held for 22 years. But they also managed to win a seat from NDP in Winnipeg and Conservatives retained their seat in Manitoba. Critics have it that the Conservative win is not Liberal's loss or Conservative's win, it's Julian Fantino's victory. But the fact remains; he is a Conservative who refused Liberal offer to run from the Liberal's side. In any case Liberals refer to British Columbia where the federal and the provincial elections have been held in the same year. For now, New Democrats do not seem to be really much into the election talk.

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LIBERALS CALL FOR CANADIAN ENVOY TO AFGHANISTAN BY STAFF WRITER he Canadian military mission will come to an end in July 2011, says Mr. Bob Rae, Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic. Canada's "role and mission in Afghanistan is changing dramatically..Canadian forces will be leaving Kandhar, the centre of military conflict." Mr. Rae clarified that the impression in the media that the Canadian military mission is being extended "is misdescription of what's going on." In its new role, Canada will be engaging in a key challenge to build up the capacity of the Afghan government to bring stabil-


Afghanistan who would have two main responsibilities. "In addition to a non-

"The appointment would be focused on two fronts that Liberals view as essential for peace in the region.

"We support the decision of the Afghan government to try to engage with the political opposition in Afghanistan..the discussion has to take place in the framework of the Afghan Constitution," Bob Rae combat training role for Canadian troops, we are calling for a stronger role for peace and reconciliation in the region, and part of that would involve the appointment of a special

Firstly, we need a better dialogue with the Karzai government on measures it can take to promote civil society's involvement and engagement in such governance issues as corruption. Secondly, this envoy's role

involvement in Afghanistan, Mr. Rae said that "the fact is that the conflict between India and Pakistan that goes back to 1947 and beyond is not helping the situation in Afghanistan..India is emerging power for years to come and Pakistan is a nuclear power." He added that there are "significant issues with respect to extremist activity in Pakistan. And clearly the problems on the [PakAfghan] border continue." Does the Liberal Party of Canada support negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban? "We support the decision of the Afghan government to try to engage with the

Bob Rae, Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic

Rob Oliphant, Liberal Multiculturalism Critic

ity as well as to train its police and military. To date, how CIDA assistance in Afghanistan will be provided and by how many officials remains unknown. The Liberal Party of Canada is calling on the Government of Canada to appoint a special envoy to

should help foster better relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, which remains a crucial component for any hope of long lasting peace in the region." In response to a question from Generation Next about India and Pakistan's

envoy to Afghanistan. This proposal is something the Harper government has resisted since John Manley recommended it when he headed the independent panel on Afghanistan," Mr. Rae said, in a special teleconference for media held from Ottawa.


political opposition in Afghanistan..there are obvious concerns that the discussion has to take place in the framework of the Afghan Constitution," Mr. Rae said. Mr. Rob Oliphant, Liberal Multiculturalism critic stated that instability

FRANCIS CECIL PAUL AMONG FALLEN SOLDIERS OF AFGHANISTAN rime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement today recognizing a Canadian Forces officer as an Afghanistan casualty: "It is with greatest sympathy that I extend my condolences, and those of all Canadians, to the family and friends of Captain Francis (Frank) Cecil Paul, who died at home in Canada of natural causes last February while on leave from Canada's mission in Afghanistan. "Though he died on Canadian soil, Captain Paul was still an integral part of our mission in Afghanistan and had worked diligently to help bring safety and stability to the people of Afghanistan. For that, he deserves to be recognized with his colleagues who have given their lives for this mission. "The Government of Canada is proud of our Canadian Forces personnel, such as Captain Paul, and their dedication to this important mission."


in Afghanistan can pose threat to Canadian security. "Destabilized Afghanistan influenced by Iran..growing instability in Pakistan can make the whole neighborhood become even more risky," he said. "While we all know there are real issues around human rights, including the rights of women, we also have to include, as part of our broader training role we have committed for policing and military capacities, a real emphasis on addressing transparency and accountability. We have heard next to nothing from the Harper government on what they will do to stop the systemic corrosion of civil society in Afghanistan when all trust in the government has been so badly eroded," said Mr.

Oliphant. Corruption in Afghan government has the international community worried. How does Canada make sure that corruption and drug problem in the ranks of Afghan government is eradicated? "We have to respect the sovereignty of Afghanistan and we have to respect the fact that the Afghan people under the Afghan constitution have to make the decision on who their leadership will be," said Mr. Rae. He said that Canada should not hesitate in raising concerns about transparency in the Afghan government as " there are significant issues around human rights, equality for women, importance of democracy, democratic process and can't be ignored."

JULIAN FANTINO WINS IN VAUGHN Co- author of a book entitled "Duty: The Life of a Cop" o surprise, really that Julian Fantino, former OPP Chief won in Vaughn. Fantino took 49.1 per cent of the vote, compared to Liberal Tony Genco's 46.6, with 284 of 284 polls reporting. Coming to Canada as an immigrant at the age of 10, and not being able to speak a word of English, Julian worked hard to achieve his success, setting an example for all Canadians that hard work, integrity and dedication to community will always lead to success. Julian Fantino has dedicated his life to public service, notably in 40 years of law enforcement from uniform patrol in Toronto, to Chief of the York Regional Police, to Chief of the Toronto Police, to Commissioner of Emergency Preparedness, to Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police Julian has always thrived in whatever he set out to do. As Commissioner of the OPP, Julian was responsible for one of


North America's largest police services. Julian has also been involved in the local community going back to the early 1980's where he supported Minor Hockey in Vaughan. Julian helped launch Metro Junior Blues, a youth program for children who would otherwise not be able to play organized hockey. The program was supported by the Toronto Maple Leafs. He also helped launch Rookie League Baseball, another youth program supported by the Toronto Blue Jays supporting children from difficult circumstances in the city to play organized baseball. Julian has long supported local parishes, including serving as an usher at St. Margaret Mary Church. He was recognized for his contribution to local church groups, having been awarded the Order of St. John and Knights of Malta. Julian has a love for fishing and the outdoors, and annually supports the Ontario Salmon Derby and sits

Julian Fantino, left, and his wife Liviana celebrate with Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro, after his big win in Vaughan. on the Board of the Canadian National


Sportsmen's Shows. He co-authored a book enti-

tled "Duty: The Life of a Cop" that highlights his

journey from humble roots to top cop.


he Harper government, and its Liberal predecessors, have allowed billions of dollars in taxes to go uncollected through the use of tax avoidance schemes. It's unacceptable to Canadians that a few super-rich individuals and corporations are allowed to avoid paying their fair share through the use of tax havens. This unfairly puts an even greater share of the tax burden onto individual Canadians, like you and I. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), tax havens, or "secrecy jurisdictions", have no or low income and capital gains taxes and share little or no information with other jurisdictions for tax purposes. They lack a transparent tax or regulatory regime (i.e. have excessive banking secrecy); and lack


a requirement that activities be substantial (i.e. not

taxes. Period. These activities, when done through

In 2008, Canadian direct "investment" in the Cayman Islands was eight times that country's GDP, in Barbados, 6 times GDP, and in Bermuda, 4 times GDP (Finance Canada). Why? These countries are low- or no-tax intermediaries for activities that shelter income from Canadian taxation. mere shell companies). The bottom line is that

tax havens help individuals and corporations avoid

legal means, are a form of tax avoidance. Or, when they involve illegally hiding income f r o m Canadian authorities, is called tax evasion. Both tax avoidance and tax evasion undermine the reasonable expectation of law-abiding Canadians that all should


pay their fair share. This past week, NDP Leader Jack Layton proposed that Canada must identify the extent of the problem caused by tax avoidance and evasion, both domestically and offshore, and the impact it has on the federal and provincial treasuries. Following Australian and U.S. examples, the resources of Canada's Revenue Agency's (CRA) compliance division should be increased significantly and recovery of the billions in unpaid taxes should become a major priority for the federal government. Doubling CRA's compliance resources could recover an additional $7.5 billion a year. And finally, Canada should adopt regulations like those of the U.S.'s IRS. These shift the onus for revealing all tax avoidance measures to wealthy individuals and corporations, creating greater transparency and reducing the forensic burden on the CRA. Here are some fun facts you can you can impress people with during the holidays: Four OECD countries (Mexico, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States) publish estimates of the tax gap caused by offshore tax avoidance. Canada does not. The U.S. Treasury loses about $100 billion a year in uncollected taxes from businesses and wealthy individuals keeping money offshore (NYT, 7 June, 2010). How big is Canada's international tax gap? If the U.S. is losing $100 billion a year to tax havens, then Canada (economy approx. 1/10 U.S.) could be losing $10 billion a year. In 2009, three tiny countries, Barbados, Bermuda and Cayman Islands between them housed $78.4 billion in Canadian assets, $13 billion more than our investment in the U.K. economy. Four of the top 10 destinations for Canada's foreign direct investment are tax havens. In 2008, Canadian direct "investment" in the Cayman Islands was eight times that country's GDP, in Barbados, 6 times GDP, and in Bermuda, 4 times GDP (Finance Canada). Why? These countries are low- or no-tax intermediaries for activities that shelter income from Canadian taxation.

MOHINDER S. GROVER AWARDED ONTARIO MEDAL FOR GOOD CITIZENSHIP n November 23, Mohinder Singh Grover was awarded the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship during a ceremony at Queen's Park. He was one of the thirteen Ontarians who were recognized. The award recognizes people


through Professional Engineers Ontario; mentoring new immigrants and refugees through Skills for Change; playing an active role at Gursikh Sabha Canada (Scarborough Gurdwara) of which he was a founding member; running the Gift shop at

Mohinder Grover with The Honourable David C. Onley, Ontario Lt. General and Dr. Eric Hoskins, Ontario Minister of Citizenship & Immigration who, through exceptional long-term efforts, have made outstanding contributions to the well-being of their communities. Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Eric Hoskins, highlighted Mohinder's work in the fields of reliability and quality engineering; his efforts in promoting employment equity and diversity activities in the workplace; and his support of several charitable causes. Mohinder is well known in Ontario Power Generation and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, where he has worked for a total of thirty five years, for taking part in Terry Fox Run each year (he hasn't missed a run in 26 years); raising funds for Salvation Army food and toy drives; leading Diwali celebrations; and acting as an emergency steward and first aider. Outside his place of work, Mohinder's volunteer work includes helping foreign trained candidates obtain their licenses

North York General Hospital; as well as supporting United Way and Habitat for Humanity. "I want to give back to the society that gave me a better start in life and helped me become successful", said Mohinder. "In addition, by doing this, I am living my faith as Sikhism tells me to share my good fortunes with those who are less fortunate. I drive a lot of satisfaction from both these factors." While Mohinder has won many awards (and that includes Citizenship award last year from Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and Professional Engineers Ontario, and AECL President)'s Distinguished Merit Award) throughout his career, this one is extra special for him. "In the hierarchy of award, I consider this to be the highest as it isn't based on just one or two attributes but on many qualities that make a good citizen", he said.

BY: STAFF WRITER ith the growing emphasis on the greener environment and conservation of energy, the Building Owners and Managers Association Toronto (BOMA)'s Conservation and Demand Management Program (CDM) has been extremely popular in Toronto's business community. BOMA is an energy conservation incentive program for building owners and tenants in the 416 area. It is a $60 million fund to incent building owners and tenants to conduct electricity conservation projects within their real estate. BOMA is mandated by Ontario Power Authority (OPA), a program of the Government of Ontario to give cash back to businesses that invest in conservation of energy. The BOMA Toronto CDM Program has been contracted to deliver electricity conservation to the Ontario commercial real estate market as part of the Ontario Power Authority's larger plan to deliver 6300 megawatts of electricity reduction in Ontario from various sources. The


IT'S GREAT TIME TO CONSERVE ENERGY - ROB EDWARDS, DIRECTOR CDM AT BOMA available incentives, capped at 40% of the eligible projects costs, are for on-peak demand,

the avoidance of both 'process' and 'contractual' complications and the quick delivery of incen-

retrofitting, heating or cooling. BOMA serves businesses that are situated over 25,000 square feet

Rob Edwards, Director BOMA annual consumption or cooling ton reduction. The Program is designed to maximize participation by

tive payments. The cash returns are given on the basis of energy saving, be it trough

in 416 area. Given the recent announcement of increase in hydro bills by 46 per

cent in next five years, BOMA's CDM will be more in demand. Speaking to Generation Next, Mr. Rob Edwards, Director of CDM said "our program will be really attractive [for businesses]. It's a great time [to conserve energy]." The process to get cash backs is quite simple. The client has to fill in an online application at m/ApplicationForm/Login .aspx. The application asks the clients to identify one or more ways to conserve energy. These clients have to fill in the current usage of energy and propose a solution to minimize the energy use to qualify for cash backs. Calculating kilowatts and kilowatt hour usage of energy can be challenging for some businesses. Mr. Edwards explains "The utility bill itself will

outline the kilowatt (the demand) and the kilowatt hours usage of energy..[but the utility bill will outline the usage for] the entire facility so if they [clients] are gonna implement a technology to save energy, the energy saving has to be calculated specifically to that measure to calculate the demand and saving that can be done in their specific area." If a business owner finds it difficult to fill in the application, BOMA staff helps them fill in the application by being on the other side of the phone and in front of the computer screen. Nonetheless, Mr. Edwards notes that "the actual application process is dead easy." And Mr. Edwards favourite part is when people get their checks for energy conservation.


(L to R): The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, Kelley Bush, Head, Radon Education and Awareness for Health Canada, Mr. Steven Blaney, Member of Parliament for LĂŠvis-Bellechasse, and Heather Borquez, President and CEO, Canadian Lung Association.


NO ABSOLUTE RULE FOR TODAY'S MEAN DEEPAK JALANDHARI Toronto n the small, open kitchen of our apartment, I stand, carefully eyeing the warming waters in the pot; a bottle of milk stands erect as sentinel in their midst. Behind me, I feel a tug at my pant leg and the woeful cry of "Dada"; to its source, I turn and look. My 16-monthold daughter, Diya, stares back at me; her head bent back severely, her eyes squinting, nose raised and wrinkled, mouth pouting; "Dada, dodo," she calls out again, though more plaintively. I have cared for her over the past four months while her mother works. In that time, I have learned much about my capacity as a father and caregiver; these two titles' respective qualities are quite uniquely different. Our fathers' generation was generally absent;


present only when necessary- rarely; then, only to discipline and remind the child of the sacrifices his parents were making for him. They were expected to be the breadwinners of the house; the kings of their domain; the pater familias of Roman days, whose rule was absolute. In their family's and their comportment lay their honour; any blemish upon it would cause all great strife. Neither are today's men kings nor is their rule absolute; our honour lies in our personal actions, not in our families' activities; some, like me, are not breadwinners, either by choice or by circumstance. Nonetheless, certain segments of our society regard us condescendingly, saying that a man who lives off a woman's earnings lacks honour and dignity. To them, I say nay, we have honour and dignity; these lie in us individually, in our actions, and in our

capacity to raise our chil-

world, and in endowing

Neither are today's men kings nor is their rule absolute; our honour lies in our personal actions, not in our families' activities; some, like me, are not breadwinners, either by choice or by circumstance. Nonetheless, certain segments of our society regard us condescendingly, saying that a man who lives off a woman's earnings lacks honour and dignity. To them, I say nay, we have honour and dignity. dren closely and actively, not remotely and occasionally. Our contribution to our family and society, like our mothers' before us, is in raising our children properly, so that they may contribute positively to the

them with the intellectual and emotional strength to withstand all challenges. In fact, I have understood through this experience that the traditionally distant father, normally merely the disciplinarian and

breadwinner, epitomises the abdication of parental responsibility; thus, traditional fathers are relegated to a figurehead role; in that, there is only lip service, not honour or dignity. The time that I have spent with Diya has been hugely fruitful, as it has helped to build a real, prodigious bond between us. While months earlier she would have looked to her mother and grandmother for succour, she now looks, first, to me, then to others, for comfort. Had I never had the opportunity to raise her, I would have been just Diya's father, her progenitor and provider; now I am much more, for we have grown together; learned from each other. Were I nominally a father, I would have perceived her monochromatically, as a child that never ages. Years later, I would have wondered aloud about the time lost, the opportunities squandered

in the neglect of my child. Because of this experience, however, I understand her and myself much more deeply today than previously. She is no longer just a baby but a personality with needs and wants; a humorous, intelligent personality that can express itself variously. In the brief time I have been involved intimately with this being, I have gained much understanding of the basics of human nature. Setting aside the existential subjects our society has long debatedthe meanings of life and love; the necessities of war versus peace at all cost-, this child has taught me to live without consideration of time or pressing engagement, except for Diya's needs; these are primordial and immediate; the rest are irrelevant. When she is awake, I am for her only; when she sleeps, I await attentively her call of "Dada".


fter taking on a leadership role for several events in the region for local organizations, Jake Dheer, Rogers TV's Station Manager, took on the role of Chairman for

Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion's Gala. The Gala supports arts, culture and heritage for the city of Mississauga. Dheer is the first South Asian to lead the high-profile 11-member committee that puts this

black-tie affair together each year. Dheer was also the Chair for Sheridan College's Big

Picture Gala that had a massive turnout from Peel region's business and political community.

Gala Chairman Jake Dheer with Mayor McCallion and two Gala Committee Members, Duncan Hobbs, President of Charton-Hobbs Gala Chairman Jake Dheer, his wife, Geeta and Jim Murray, Senior Vice-President of DTZ Dheer, Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion, Barnicke feature entertainment, Frankie Vallie, of Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons, Honourary Chair, Maggie Bras, and her husband, Peter.

Gala Chairman Jake Dheer with Mayor McCallion and Honourary Chair Maggie Bras

Gala Chairman Jake Dheer with his wife, Geeta Dheer, at this year's Mayor McCallion's Gala Chairman Jake Dheer Honouree Hazel McCallion 24th Annual Gala




BY: STAFF WRITER raduman S. Dhillon and his colleagues in real estate market hosted PC leader Tim Hudak to discuss the HST, Green Energy Act and Condo Corporation's maintenance fee. Talking to Generation Next, Mr. Dhillon said the real estate agents raised concerns about "the HST and how it will affect our real estate market, the Green Energy Act.. is something where the home owners have to get the audit done in your house before you can sell has to have certain kind of renovations, which the auditor will check and give an input, and the third thing was Condo Corporation's maintenance fee which is very high in old condos." To respond to the concerns regarding the HST, a tax that was enforced on July 1st, 2010, Mr. Hudak is flirting with the idea of lowering the rate of HST by 2 point or to eliminate it from heat, hydro and gasoline bills. In response to a question whether the HST will be repealed if he becomes Premier of Ontario after 2011's provincial elections, Mr. Tim Hudak said "There is an agreement signed between McGuinty government and the federal government where, rate



Tim Hudak, PC leader talks to GTA Real Estate Agents and Outlines PC Plans reduction [in the HST can be done] as of July 1st 2012." He stated that Premier Dalton McGuinty has signed "a bad deal" with the federal government, so if you were to repeal it, $4.3 billion will have to be given back to the federal government. Another option can be to cut out the HST from some of the items like heat, hydro and gasoline.

Mr. Hudak also proposed "to take money out of the growing bureaucracy and put it in front line healthcare providers." Referring to Local Integration Healthcare Networks (LIHNs), Mr. Hudak said that it is just an additional layer of bureaucracy put between the Ministry of Health and the healthcare providers. "To date, they cost $250 million..and they don't spend a minute with


the patients, they don't do a single surgery or an MRI.. it's a new layer of management [read bureaucracy]." The opposition parties have criticized the Ontario government for increasing the rate of hydro bills by 46 per cent over the next five years. Premier McGuinty has rebuffed the opposition suggesting they reveal their plan. Mr. Hudak says his plan "is to treat energy policy as economic policy to "He wanted opinions from public on what he could do to fix those problems. He is not specifically giving his agenda because he is not ready to give his agenda now..when he is

Harpreet Hayer, Parduman Dhillon, Harjit Jaswal and his colleagues in the photo hosted PC leader Hudak at Monte Carlo Inn to speak to GTA real estate agents attract jobs." Mr. Hudak also criticized Premier McGunity on having "one size fits all approach" for Ontario families. "Not every family can have all the kids showered and ready for school by 7 am..and not every senior citizen and can get up and do her laundry by 11 p.m." Mr. Hudak's solution is to give people choice - "give them the option." He is also seeking Ontarians' opinions on http://www.havey-

ready in next few months for the election," Mr. Hudak will propose ideas, Mr. Dhillon says confidently. Harjit Jaswal, another of the organizer said "Mr. Hudak met with members of OREA that has 47,000 members..he didn't finalize the answer yet. There could be five per cent reduction in the HST or should it be GST cut down..he [Tim Hudak] is thinking about it."

BY: ASMA AMANAT lthough Ottawa does not have any time line as to how soon a free trade agreement between Ottawa and New Delhi will be signed, Mr. Van Loan, federal international trade minister, is hopeful that it will be soon. "I will point out that the joint study that was done in advance [of free trade negotiations] was completed within six months. Apparently that is the fastest that the Indian government has completed any it is the positive sign of their commitment to move quickly," said Minister Van Loan talking to Generation Next. The free trade negotiations began during Minister Van Loan's recent trip to India on November 18th. Minister Van Loan described the initial round of the free trade talks to be "very, very positive..we may be able to move relatively quickly on talks as both countries are well established in [signing] free trade agreements so there are models to pick up from," he said. The two countries have set the target to increase the trade and investment from just under $5 billion (in 2009) to $15 billion in the next five years? Is the target over-optimistic? Minister Van Loan's response is "I hope it reflects the kind of growth that is possible based on a rapidly growing Indian economy and very strong people to people ties that we have.. that is the commitment between our two prime ministers [Prime Minister Harper and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh]." "I am cautiously optimistic that once the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CEPA) based on the recommendations of CanadaIndia Joint study group report has been negotiated, the realization of the much untapped potential in the relationship will result in increase of trade to $ 15 billion," wrote Mr. Vinay


CANADA-INDIA FREE TRADE TALKS: WHAT MORE CANADA NEEDS TO DO? Nagpal, President of Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) in an email message to Generation Next. It is "not overly ambitious target at all," says Mr.

(Canada's leading services receipts from India were travel, which accounted for 50% of total Canadian services receipts from India in 2007, according to Canada-India Joint Study

ages businesses when there is more trade going on than less trade..the encouragement factor is also a negotiating factor," he says. According to Directorate General of Commercial

per cent in 2009-10. Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has pointed out several times that Canada was the last country to get into recession and the first one to come out of

Prime Minister Stephen Harper shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday after announcing the two countries would launch free trade talks at the G20 Summit in Seoul, Korea. (Nov.12, 2010) Rana Sarkar, the President Group Study.) Intelligence and Statistics, it among G-20 countries. of Canada-India Business Mr. Sarkar noted that the India, Canada's share of Given strong economic Council (CIB-C). He noted TATA investments, Birla total export merchandize to growth in Indian, why has-

There is commitment to move quickly to sign FTA between Canada and India - Minister Van Loan that the goods trade is significantly higher between the two countries. "There is a measurement issue there," in how the Statistics Canada gathers the trade data. "It doesn't include the services..a biggest component of trade."

purchases and a few other enormous investments were not counted when the $5 billion figure was given. "We are encouraging the government to get better trade statistics so that there is better negotiating position with India..It encour-

We know the future of jobs is in increased trade with India and China - Opposition leader Ignatieff India has dropped from just under 1.6 per cent in 1998 to almost 0.6 per cent in 2008. The share in imports remains steady at 0.8 per cent over the same period of time. Indian economy grew by 8 per cent in 2008 and 7.2

n't there been an enormous increase in dollar figure in trade between Canada and India? "We are just now launching on free trade talks..we just now opened three trade offices [in India]..we were in global economic down-

Canada's Merchandise Trade with Pakistan CANADA'S TRADE WITH PAKISTAN (C$) JANUARY - DECEMBER
















Trade Balance





Source: Trade Data Online. Industry Canada. 2 September 2010.


turn for the last two years," Mr. Van Loan retorts. "The Conservatives took four years to understand the importance of trade with India. It has stagnated over the last four years in the same way the trade with China has been slow. Everybody knows that the future of jobs and employment right across the country is in increased trade with India and China," said Mr. Ignatieff in response to a question from Generation Next. "The focus was too much on the US. It's very recent that Canada realized that it's time to diversify our trade and focus on the other countries like China and India," says Mr. Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist at CIBC. Almost 70 per cent of Canada's trade is with the US. However with the recent economic downturn, Canada is forced to explore other international markets like India and China. In the same manner, India is also exploring international markets. "In Canada, you have large market just on the south of the border, that's obvious destination of choice for Canadian manufacturers..the free trade agreement [between Canada and India] can remind the exporters that there are other markets that are growing more strongly than the US," says Mr. Paul Ferley, Assistant Chief Economist at RBC. Yogesh Sharma, CEO of Albano International and President of Rajhistan Association of North America (RANA) is of the opinion that with India's economy booming "now almost every country is lining up on the doors of India to sign an agreement like a free trade agreement." Albano International imports marble and granite from India in the amount of $1 million a year. The general impression in the Indian circles is that in the current economic situation Canada needs India more than India needs Canada. Nonetheless, "BMO Capital Markets is working to spark trade and investment between Canada and India, in both directions," said Michael Rayfield, Vice Chair, BMO Capital Markets." According to IMF World Economic Outlook Database, October 2009, the trade between India and United Arab Emirates in

2008 was $48.9 billion, with the United States it was $41.0 billion, and with Australia it was $12.6 billion. Has Canada lagged

trade leader in Asia as their backyard. Our government has made India priority through its global economic strategy in 2007 and now by launching free trade

times. In these meetings, the trade commissioners are with him to answer any questions that businesses might have. But Oscar Sanchez, sen-

The Canadian government should get better trade statistics - Rana Sarkar, President of CIB-C behind the United States, Australia and UAE? "In terms of the US, the question is one of the size that puts them in a very very different position in terms of doing trade so naturally they are able to do much higher levels of trade and Australia has been pursuing the agenda of free

talks..I expect that with the change in the tone from the current Canadian government and the opportunities and the support provided in trade, we will see greater trade increases in the future," says Minister Van Loan who has made a point to meet with local IndoCanadian businesses a few

ket. "The perception from the political leadership that India could be the source of further expansion of Canadian interests is very

Clarify the future of Atomic Energy of Canada -Vinay Nagpal, President of ICCC

ior economist at Scotia Bank has a different take. "When you look at trade between Canada and India and compare it with the trade between the US and India, the Canadian exports to India have a larger share of GDP than the I don't see Canada behind the US," Mr. Sanchez


explains. "It's never too late to wake up," believes Surjit Babra, CEO of S k y l i n k g r o u p . Skylinkgroup has over 45

employees working in India and another 140 here in Canada. He is also toying with the idea of opening up medical tourism business. Mr. Sanchez says more of a challenge is political leadership in Canada and its willingness to open to the fact that India is an important emerging mar-

positive for Canadian companies to be able to channel more trade to India," he says. "The political will at highest levels in two countries has not yet resulted in engaging the business community in Canada and India on a sustained basis. Also, political relations need further improvement

and there is the need to strengthen the Canada brand in India. Without clarifying the future of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., the agreement on civilian nuclear energy cooperation may remain on paper and not result in progress on the ground," believes Mr. Nagpal. Mr. Ferley believes that "the trade trips to India" by high level Canadian officials have a potential "to raise the profile of the issue." There is very little doubt that India is an emerging market with tremendous potential and demand for goods and services. Did infrastructure problems and corruption charges in organizing of the Commonwealth Games help India's case to attract foreign investors? Mr. Sarkar's frank response is "I don't think it did any good." Mr. Babra agrees. "We understand that a roof can fall when you have huge events like commonwealth games but corruption of 700,000 crore just really pisses us's a huge turnoff." "I think Canadian businesses know about it [corruption]. Some of them are angry about it. But I don't think people are too much in the stage of moralizing

it. You find corruption in different ways in every system," says Aditya Jha, appointee of Government

opportunities; and sufficient attention has not been given to issues such as intellectual property,

It's time to diversify Canadian trade in Indian and Chinese markets -Benjamin Tal Deputy Chief Economist at CIBC of Canada to the Board of Directors of First Nations Financial Management Board and appointee of Government of Ontario to Ontario Investment &

exchange information on electronic commerce, competition policy and monopolies and state enterprises, government procurement," states Mr. Nagpal.

BMO is highly committed to building Canada's relationship with India -Michael Rayfield, Vice Chair, BMO Capital Markets Trade Advisory Council (OITAC). Mr. Sarkar further elaborates "people in Canada who are looking at India seriously [to do business] are not rushing it. [In emerging markets] there are often problems there is a complex story of what's going on in India..[this] story will always be clouded by complexity..and this deeper and complex and interesting.. complexity of India is what will make trade with India more robust." Canadian companies "have to be savvy in focusing on the states in India with the best business

Mr. Babra's feeling is that "right now the Canadian companies still have still some hesitancy..but I hope the free trade agreement will open up the need to go to India to do business." Mr. Jha opines that the democratic set up of India can be a problem as well. Mr. Sanchez states that there is recognition that the Indo-Canadian community has a crucial role to play in promoting trade and investments between the two countries. "The IndoCanadian community is a strong participant politically," he says. Exactly what can the local community do?

"We are the by far the largest Diaspora, about four times the size of Indo A m e r i c a n

tion..there is enormous talent that is available..and [the community] has a lot more cultural understand-

Canada-India trade is more in GDP than the US-India trade - Oscar Sanchez, Senior Economist at Scotia Bank community..Generation 1, generation 1.5 and generation 2 are engrossed in their relationship with India..there is a hell of a lot

ing," Mr. Sarkar said. Their role is acknowledged by financial institutions. "BMO Financial Group is highly committed

Every country is lining up on the doors of India to sign FTAs - Yogesh Sharma, CEO of Albano International

Corruption in India is a huge turnoff for businesses -Surjit Babra, CEO of Skylink Group of economic activity going on from Indo-Canadians [because] of easier transportation and communica-

to the South Asian population in Canada and to building Canada's relationship with India, the world's

largest democracy," said Mr. Rayfield. Mr. Ferley's belief is "Indo Canadian communi- is desirable to have comprehensive free trade agreement but we should also have a realistic

FTA can remind Canadian businesses of markets other than the US - Paul Ferley, Assistant Chief Economist at RBC ty can help in facilitating what needs to be done to get Canadian goods into the Indian market. There can be barriers both real

approach for it." He was "pleasantly surprised" when Mr. Van Loan's office called him to ask his opinion on free trade talks

As much as we talk about free trade, everybody wants it free in the area where they want it to be free for them -Aditya Jha, Founder of Poa Foundation and imaginary in terms of what one needs to do to get into the market. Indo Canadian community can guide what real obstacles are and what aren't and can help Canadian businesses deal with the bureaucratic issues [by] identifying them." Mr. Sarkar's suggestion to the Canadian government is "to have a PanCanadian approach to India" like promoting brand Canada in India. Mr. Jha's recommendation, however, is " to have free trade agreement within a well defined

between the two countries. In spite of the political will, many Canadian businesses feel frustrated that there is talk the talk but not action from the Canadian government. Canada India Joint Study Group Report suggests that the Indian government has been much more pro-free trade than its counterpart. "As much as we talk about free trade, everybody wants it free in the area where they want it to be free for them..look at America where we have NAFTA..look at what hap Continued on Pg 25

Canada's Merchandise Trade with Sri Lanka

Canada's Merchandise Trade with Bangladesh



















Trade Balance



113,388,806 129,024,660

















Trade Balance





Source: Trade Data Online. Industry Canada. 8 September 2010.




Canadian recording artist becoming an ambassador for the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research on World AIDS Day 2010 fter witnessing the devastating impact of AIDS in Malawi, Canadian recording artist Prita Chhabra announced today that she is joining the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) as its newest ambassador in the fight to end AIDS through research. Chhabra will help CANFAR raise awareness about the importance of research as the only solution that will end the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Chhabra was visiting Malawi when she was first touched by the HIV/AIDS cause. Inspired to follow her musical dreams, she began using song to share the stories of people affected by HIV/AIDS. "When I was in Malawi, I met so many children orphaned because AIDS took their mothers and fathers. I want to live in a world where no child has

A sold more than 4 cases of Rice Barn Oil at the trade show. They encourage people to use Rice Barn Oil as it has 47 per cent more antioxidants than olive oil and is good for use even at higher temperatures.

to grow up without their parents because of this horrifying disease," said Chhabra. "That's why I am working together with

CANFAR - because I believe we can end AIDS through the incredible research being done right here in Canada."

Kibu and Nejin, owners of Physiocure at the trade show More information on the show can be found at:

PANORAM INDIA IDOL CONTEST anorama India's Idol contest 2011 kicked off to a great start on Sunday 28 Dec at Don Bosco Secondary school in the presence of very keen



competitors of all age groups. A record number of participants will compete for the Idol title this year. Two elimination rounds are being held. The next elimination round is

on Sunday 05 Dec The event is open to public to watch at Don Bosco Secondary School , # 2 St Andrew's Boulevard on Islington Ave between 401 and Dixon Rd


ublic Administration student at York University, Sukhmeen Ghotra is a part time model. Even though South Asian community does not approve of modeling profession, girls like Sukhmeen have fought the cultural barriers and followed their dreams into this beauty business.


Having supportive parents has benefited her. Their backing has encouraged Sukhmeen to participate in a number of pageants. She feels that modeling is a career that is based

"You don't need to be size zero to be a model"- Sukmeen on self-confidence rather than the dress size. Commenting on a naked image of overweight women on a magazine cover, Sukhmeen expressed that "weight doesn't make a difference as long as one can embrace her body." Her confidence level has increased significantly after she took part in a pageants as it gave her exposure to stage and camera time. Even though she ignored the taboos to be a model, she is following it half-heartedly as a career path. She wants her career in Public Administration and is keeping modeling as a back-up plan. She says, "There aren't much opportunities for South Asian models in mainstream." When asked if she would be modeling later in her life, she stated that when she gets older she may not be as good looking and might not choose to pursue this career any further. But when the question about actresses like Angelina Jolie arises, Sukmeen feels that Angelina is still a beautiful woman and is constantly part of the media even though she is aging. Aging might not affect Angelina's career but for models like Sukhmeen that could be the end of their modeling days. That is why they have college and university degrees to fall back on later in life. 16 | SOUTH ASIAN GENERATION NEXT | 02-12-2010



HUMBER FASHION MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE: GETTING STUDENTS JOB-READY BY STAFF WRITER he students of Humber Fashion Institute call the courses taught at the degree level "hard," "difficult" "challenging" and after some thought "fun." At the grand opening of Humber Fashion Institute, Mr. John Davis, the President of Humber College stated that Humber "prepares students for employment. Our job ready students will contribute to our economy..and Fashion institute will help us achieve this goal." Humber Fashion Institute features a retail store front to be designed entirely by students working with leaders in the local fashion scene. The facility will be a shared resource for the fashion industry, be a host venue for fashion events and provide students with the opportunity to put classroom learning into practice. The Fashion institute of Humber teaches the business of fashion. In other words, it does not teach fashion designing. "Our fashion program is unique in the sense that we teach our students business of fashion to go out and get jobs in merchandizing, r e t a i l i n g , wholesaling..there are elements of marketing, buying, store planning, window designing [in Humber's fashion courses]," says Ms. Alvina Cassiani, Dean of the Humber Business School. Dean Cassiani has worked at Hudson Bay Company before starting teaching. Ms. Connie McCulloch, Senior Vice President at Winners, was also present at the occasion to interact with the students. To the frustration of


employers many times students are not ready for real world once they have graduated from their academic institutions. Is this really

tute [at Humber] is that it gives students..hands-on experience. So they really are job ready and the transition from the classroom

We teach our students business of fashion - Dean Alvina Cassiani true? Talking to Generation Next, Ms. McCulloch said

to the workplace, then, becomes easy." Students cannot get a

"These are paid internships..since internships are paid, they ensure that employers are using students effectively. At the same time, these internships give students the opportunity to spend 14 weeks in the business," says Ms. Norma Ouellette, Program Director at Humber Fashion

In order to be successful, then, in the business of fashion, students need knowledge of the global markets. Ms. McCulloch

graduating with degrees in "business of fashion." Dean Cassiani has a word of advice for justgraduates.

Understanding global environment is critical - Senior VP Connie McCulloch at Winners states that "We are global..understanding global environment is critical like China is short on labour, and that affects our productivity..currency is another important issue in the business community." One way to teach students about the global

"Graduates need to take a look at entry level jobs and grow with those jobs. Sometimes it's students who are not prepared to take entry level jobs..they don't see these jobs as stepping stone to their future." Professor Ouellette is even more hopeful noting

Alvina Cassiani, Dean Humber Business School with Connie McCulloch, Senior VP General Merchandize Manager for Winners

Graduating students from Humber's Fashion Institute - Celia Quercia, Monika Grossi & Sylvie Alexandre "It can be true if the classroom study is not combined with some practical application. What's exciting about the fashion insti-

degree in Fashion from Humber College unless they have completed 14 weeks of paid internship in their 3rd and the 4th year.

Management Institute. Ontario's textile and garment accessories' industry is almost entirely dependent on global markets.

emerging markets is to introduce global cultures in the classroom. Ms. Asha Ruparelia, teacher at Humber Fashion Management Institute, teaches colour theory by using rangoli. During the recession time, it was reported that the unemployment rate among youth (ages 15 - 24) was the highest at about 15 per cent. It is also known that the sales in retail industry have gone considerably down. In the light of these facts, are there jobs for the students who are

CENTENNIAL COLLEGE PRESIDENT ANN BULLER NAMED ONE OF CANADA'S MOST POWERFUL WOMEN FOR 2010 Centennial College President and CEO Ann Buller is a recipient of the Cisco Public Leaders Award, part of the prestigious 2010 Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards being presented today. A community college graduate herself, Buller has led Centennial College since 2004, over-

seeing a game-changing transformation to make the college more learning centred. Buller made global citizenship and social justice principles integral to Centennial's decisions and actions. The college's Signature Learning Experience, Statement of Diversity, framework for organizational learning, and


development of leadership competencies are all key initiatives of her vision for the college. "My wish is to be a powerful voice advocating for equity and social justice, for women, for the transformative power of education, and for Canada's colleges," says Buller. "I am blessed to have roles that let me

combine my passion and beliefs. The real power in my life is what I see happen every day at Centennial College: students whose lives are changed because of the commitment of our employees." Her work at Centennial, including the HYPE community outreach project that provides summer

"Look at specialty business, they are doing extremely well. Look at the sales of's doing extremely well. Jobs at Walmart pay the same as they do in some of the high end retail stores. Online shopping is a huge market. Shopping channels is another area to explore." Aside from academic qualification, people seeking jobs should be passionate, entrepreneurial in the sense that they think outside the box and possess good work ethics, says Ms. McCulloch. training to youth living in underserved neighbourhoods, caught the attention of the City of Toronto. Mayor David Miller appointed Buller to the Governing Toronto Panel, which helped guide new governmental powers under the province's City of Toronto Act. President Buller is a member of several pivotal boards and committees, including Invest Toronto, which is mandated to promote Toronto as a destination for businesses to invest in, grow and proser.

ICCC HOLIDAY DINNER AND DANCE: BOLLYWOOD REWIND mid the dĂŠcor of 70s and 80s Bollywood movies, Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) held its annual Holiday Dinner and Dance on Sunday. The audience was amused with Autorickshaw and Shiamak dancers' out-


standing performances. (We observed many people singing with Suba

serious note in them. Mr. Vinay Nagpal, President of ICCC noted that

With Amusement was serious note on Canada-India free trade talks Sankaran). While the mood was jubilant, speeches delivered from the stage had a

Vinay Nagpal, President of ICCC

Minister Van Loan had an interactive session with Indo-Canadian businessmen before the

Conservative MP Patrick Brown from Barrie

Liberal MP Navdeep Bains (Mississauga-Brampton South)

Shiamak Davar performers


initiation of free trade talks between Canada and India to get the input from the community. Conservative MP Patrick Brown highlighted what the Canadian government has done in this regard. Ms. D. Charandasi, Consul (Inf & OCI) & Head of

Chancery of Indian Consulate General in Toronto noted that ICCC is the government of India's partner in hosting a 2 - 3 day trade based event, known as the mini - Pravasi Bharitya Divas next year. 2011 is also the Year of India in Canada whereby IEFA

awards will be held in Toronto. Also present at the event were Dr. Shafiq Qaadri (MPP from Etobicoke North), Amrit Mangat (MPP from Mississauga-Brampton South) and Liberal MP Navdeep Bains (Mississauga South).

MPP Dr. Qaadri (Etobicoke North) with his family

Autorickshaw amused the audience with old Bollywood songs

Harjit Kalsi from ICCC with Akhil Gupta and Vikram Dua Bobby Sahni, Head Multicultural Marketing Rogers Cable Communications Inc. with his wife and Kundan Joshi with his wife Surbhi Joshi. Bobby and Surbhi played hosts for the evening

Jake Dheer, Rogers station manager in action

Ms. D. Charandasi, Consul (Inf & OCI) & Head of Chancery of Indian Consulate General in Toronto

Photos by: 647-295-6423

DO YOU SPEND TIME WITH YOUR KIDS? MANPREET KAUR Brampton hether you are a traditional parent in a traditional family, or a 21st century parent with very challenging life cycle, the most precious thing a parent can give kids is his/her time. A personal investment in your children is much more important to them than any toy, video game or electronic gadget. In today's fast-paced world, it has never been so true. Before we know it, our kids are all grown upout on their own or off to college. Most parents realize the rewards of close family ties. Yet the demands of jobs and dayto-day household activities can be stressful and tiring. Therefore, it is easy for quality time with our kids to be squeezed out. The world of a child is made up of a very few people and very few contacts with people, at their young age of 2 or 3 and many


times even to 6 or 8 years old. The time we spend with our children is ten times more important to them than it is to us. Imagine that, if we enjoy our time with them at all, they must thrive on it. You do not want to find yourself looking back, amazed

at how quickly it went, realizing you missed something special. More important, spending time with your child gives you a

chance to shape his values. As your child gets older, you can provide a good frame of reference as he is exposed to the growing influence of peers and popular culture. The more time you spend with your child, the more you will be able to help him tune in to his

abilities, skill-building activities, and healthy friendships. The key is to find ways to spend fun times togeth-


er, to laugh and play and reconnect with your child. Find ideas for easy family fun nights that you can plan. However, most of all, just find ways to relax and enjoy spending time with your child on a regular basis. You will find that feeling of balance is restored in your family life. Below are some of the ways to build this strong bond: Allow yourself to have childlike fun. If you have forgotten how, you have the perfect teacher in your child. Let your child guide you through his world of fun. Something he likes will re-ignite that child in you; and then, just go with it. Plan fun times together. Put it on the schedule and enjoy the planning and anticipation of a fun family activity. When the time comes, put all of your obligations out of your mind, relax, and have a good time. It helps me to write down my to-do list for afterward to clear my mind.

Take time during the day. If your job allows, take a long lunch once a month and treat your child and yourself to lunch together.

through hard situations. He will probably welcome your attention even if he does not admit it. Most youth say they turn first to a parent for help in solving problems. Sure, life can be hectic. However, do not forget, when it comes to spending time with your kids, the rewards can be great-for you and them. If you have

If you have forgotten how, you have the perfect teacher in your child. Let your child guide you through his world of fun. Something he likes will re-ignite that child in you; and then, just go with it. If you do not have this kind of flexibility, find ways to let your child know you are thinking about her during the day. You can do lunchbox notes or check in by phone each day. Be positive. Praise your child for things you might take for granted, such as getting up on time, helping set the table, or doing homework without being told. Praise hard work as well as success. Avoid value judgments. Show you understand even if you do not agree. Let your child know you respect his feelings and help him work

not done enough, do not waste time feeling guilty. Just get started-it is never too late to be the best possible parent. As parents, let us send our children a consistent positive message, that they are VERY important to us and that WE do, truly enjoy spending time with them from the time they are born to the end of time. Let us make sure they know they are at the forefront of our minds. We can give them the confidence they need to tackle the world and come home positive and ready to do it again.

BIHAR LEADING THE WAY KULDIP NAYAR is a senior journalist based in Delhi. IHAR, with its 80 million people, is amongst the most important states in Indian politics. The Jaya Prakash Narayan movement that swept Mrs Indira Gandhi out of office in 1977 started from here. Lalu Prasad Yadav, who ruled and looted Bihar for 15 years, is also from this state. Today Bihar is significant because the state elections have sent the message that it has turned its back on crime and corruption. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has swept the polls. When he assumed power, his agenda was development and decisive action against criminals. After finishing his fiveyear term, he proved through the polls that voters want economic betterment and reliable security, not religious or caste-based slogans. Almost 70 per cent of the population is com-


prised of the backward classes and Muslims. Not once did Kumar and his Janata Dal (United) appeal in the name of caste, though he is a Kurmi enumerated among Other Backward Classes (OBC). Nor did he allow the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), its ally in government and in the joint front that fought elections, to bring into the campaign parochialism much less anti-Muslim bias. Kumar rose above the 100 castes in the state, concentrating on the Extremely Backward Classes and Mahadalits and giving 50 per cent of the seats in the panchayats to women. Never have women voted in such large numbers as they did in this election. Kumar stood firm when the BJP put all its pressure on him. But he did not ask Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to participate in the electioneering. Modi's hands are tainted with the blood of Muslims.

Kumar even refused to attend a party in Modi's honour at Patna. The

the Congress's doing. Ideally, Kumar would go it alone and part company

Kumar's credentials are known. He is a democrat and secular. The Bihar election has shown that he can bring back to the country the same wave of idealism and parivartan (change) which the JP movement brought and that put the Third Force at the helm of affairs in New Delhi in 1977. True, Kumar has no cadre of his own and depends on bureaucrats for governance. Yet when there is a wave in the country the people become a cadre on their own, as happened during the JP movement. Muslim electorate (15 per cent) appreciated this and voted en bloc for Kumar, crushing Congress which at one time appeared to attract them. The two-one judgment on Babri Masjid is considered by them as

with the BJP, which rubs its fanaticism on him to damage his image. But the house has a large number of BJP members. It appears as though he cannot consti-

group politics, the BJP in communalism and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in dictated politics. India needs a party or a person capable of helping the country rise above caste, religion and regionalism, the way Kumar has vanquished caste through progressive administration. Unfortunately, he is part of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) which the BJP heads. The party's candidate for premiership is Narendra Modi. The two men are so different that either can take the country to separate destinations, one towards liberalism and the other towards chauvinism. Both are strong in administration and enjoy the reputation of cleanliness. Yet Kumar as prime minister will mean a pluralistic society, the ideal for which the independence struggle was waged. Modi, however, may take the nation to the pit of darkness.

out on his own to harness people's aspirations for a better and more secure life. Since he has convinced people in Bihar that he can alter their lives, there is no reason to question this ability in the context of the whole country. The BJP-led NDA will insist on Narendra Modi he is the party's poster boy. And he has the ability to change a state like Gujarat - Mahatma Gandhi's state into the model that the RSS has in view. The difference between democracy and dictatorship is that in the first people change the top man, in the second the top man changes the people. Modi has changed the people of Gujarat. A democratic country such as India should not be exposed to such dangers. The lesson taught by the electorate to Lalu Prasad Yadav and his Rashtriya Janata Dal is an example for other leaders and parties. You can fool people for some time but not all the time. He got a chance for a decade and a half but preferred corruption. He also concentrated on playing the Muslim-Yadav OBC card. Little did he realise that the people want to improve their lot and want relief from criminals.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar tute the government with the support of his own members and, therefore, has to depend on the BJP. Yet he will have to jettison the BJP if he wants to throw his hat in the ring for India's premiership. Kumar has no alternative to this and it seems that he is working towards a situation where he will be his own master and not have to suffer the BJP. By the time the next parliamentary elections take place in 2014, he will have more or less have finished his task in Bihar and be available to lead the Third Force. The Congress is too steeped in corruption and 22 | SOUTH ASIAN GENERATION NEXT | 02-12-2010

Kumar's credentials are known. He is a democrat and secular. The Bihar election has shown that he can bring back to the country the same wave of idealism and parivartan (change) which the JP movement brought and that put the Third Force at the helm of affairs in New Delhi in 1977. True, Kumar has no cadre of his own and depends on bureaucrats for governance. Yet when there is a wave in the country the people become a cadre on their own, as happened during the JP movement. For that Kumar will have to quit the NDA and come

In fact, this is a message for all political parties: people will vote for them if their election manifesto promises development. The biggest drubbing was suffered by the Congress, which has been reduced further in strength from 16 to six. The party should realise that the magic of Rahul Gandhi does not work. He should realise that a few remarks here or a fleeting visit there does not help in the long run. He has to prove his sincerity; the mantra is development, not slogans. Bihar has shown the way. The writer is a senior journalist based in Delhi.


Lahore wo features of Pakistani politics are quite prominent now-a-days. First, four factions of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML) are trying to unify under the leadership of the Pir of Pagaro in order to increase their bargaining power and build pressure on the PPP. General Pervez Musharraf is also trying to float his own faction of the PML for staging a political comeback. His activities are confined to the UK and the US so far. Second, the PMLN led by Nawaz Sharif has stepped up campaign against the PPP and especially President Asif Ali Zardari, emphasizing the federal government's failure to control prices and check corruption and inability to ensure good governance. The unification effort will be of no political consequence unless the PMLQ


and the PMLN join it. The PMLQ leadership was involved in the first exploratory effort for unification. Later, it decided to keep its options open because the PPP established contact with its top leaders, the Chaudhry brothers. The breakaway group of the PMLQ, known as the Like-Minded faction, is also looking for a better bargain from any political quarter. Thus the unification effort cannot mature and build pressure on the PPP federal government unless it brings the remaining factions into its fold. The PMLN has no incentive at this stage to join the Pir of Pagaro-led PML entourage because the NLeague is the largest PML faction with more representation in the two houses of the parliament and the Punjab Assembly than any other faction. It does not gain much by joining the unification efforts. Rather the smaller factions need the PMLN to increase their political clout. Further,

General Pervez Musharraf's activism is based on the assumption that the people of Pakistan are fedup with both major political parties and he can fill the gap as the third option because in his opinion his government performed better than the present PPP-led government at the federal level and the PMLN government in the Punjab. Nawaz Sharif loses his leadership to the Pir of Pagaro if the PMLN joins the unified PML. This would be a major gain for the Pir of Pagaro whose political standing is limited to three districts of Sindh. The Sharif brothers lose more by joining the unified PML because their PML does not need the support of other factions to pursue its agenda effectively. However, the PMLN would not mind if other factions merge with it. General Pervez Musharraf's activism is

based on the assumption that the people of Pakistan are fed-up with both major political parties and he can

able that these champions of the third option would soon occupy the center stage of Pakistani politics The most interesting development is the growing hostility in the attitude of the PMLN leaders towards the PPP. Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif have made several statements over the last one month publicly accusing President Zardari of amassing wealth outside Pakistan by getting kickbacks from official deals. They demanded the return of such "looted" wealth to the people of Pakistan. Chaudhry Nisar Ali and other key leaders

ernment and proposing a Charter for Cooperation for the next 25 years. One wonders if the PPP will take the Charter offer seriously against the backdrop of the PMLN's current onslaught to pull down the government. The major opposition expectation was that the superior judiciary in the bid to pursue judicial activism would deliver a judgment embarrassing the government or disqualify President Zardari from holding office or force the government to initiate court proceedings against him in Switzerland.

SANTA RIDES THE RAILS anta Claus seems to be everywhere during December. His busy schedule shows that Santa will be riding the York-Durham Heritage


Railway, Greater Toronto Region's only tourist train, on trains out of Uxbridge during the Christmas season. Santa's calendar says that he will be riding trains from Uxbridge on December 4th ,5th., 11th. and 12th.Train times are

11.00 am and 1.00 pm on each day. The visit with Santa ride lasts approximately 45 minutes. Fares for all Santa Trains are $18.00 for all passen-

gers (Infants under 1 not occupying a seat ride free) - OR $60.00 for groups of 4 people is also available. Santa will be visiting each child at their seat with goodies to distribute. The trains are filling and seating is limited. Tickets are by reservation only, so

Santa Claus fans should reserve quickly so they won't be disappointed. For tickets and additional information call the YDHR message line 905-852-

3696 or e-mail Early ticket orders will be mailed or held for pickup. Tickets will be sold on the day for $20.00 per passenger only if space is available. Free ride or discount vouchers not valid on these trains.


General Pervez Musharraf, the former President of Pakistan addressed a crowd of more than 800 people. He said that in the absence of true leadership, Pakistanis are leaving Pakistan in despondency. He indicating giving people "third choice" that is other than PPP and PML-N. fill the gap as the third are now taking the PPP to However, this did not hapoption because in his opin- task for all the ills of pen. Now, the PMLN has ion his government per- Pakistan, starting from formed better than the pres- price hike and law and decided to increase present PPP-led government at order situation to the pres- sure on the federal government, there is a chance that the federal level and the sures from the IMF. While some of the PMLN the other opposition parties PMLN government in the leaders have demanded would join it to force the Punjab. It is true that the people mid-term elections to avert federal government out of of Pakistan are unhappy Pakistan's slide into anar- the office. The political leaders need with the performance of chy others are talking of federal and provincial gov- the possibilities of a bloody to work together to find solutions to ernments but they continue revolution in Pakistan. The shared to support the PPP and the PPP leaders have come out Pakistan's acute economic PMLN. There are other with equally tough rejoin- and internal security probgroups that also present ders. Of late, the erstwhile lems. If these problems are them as the third option. soft-spoken prime minister not handled properly and The Tehrik-i-Insaf of Imran resorted to sharp responses the economy is not taken Khan and the Islamic polit- on the floor of the National care of and terrorism is not contained, Pakistan will ical parties, especially the Assembly. Nawaz Sharif is now pur- slump into a crisis that neiJamaat-i-Islami, offer them alternatives to the PPP and suing a two -track policy of ther the PPP nor the PMLN the PMLN. However, tough talking about the will be able to manage as a there is no evidence avail- working of the federal gov- governing party.

ndia Rainbow has launched the 'Guide to Holistic SelfCare', a booklet in English and Punjabi which is an easy to use resource for managing diabetes and other chronic diseases. Funding for this project was made available through the Public Health Agency of Canada. In phase 1 of the project, a culturally and linguistically relevant self-management tool to manage diabetes amongst South Asian seniors in the Peel Region was proposed. The project involved the development of a comprehensive and user friendly guide with input from the Advisory Committee comprising of experts in the field of diabetes from William Osler Health Systems and the Trillium Health Centre, as well as seniors themselves who would be the ultimate end users of this tool. At the launch, keynote address was given by Dr. Manish Maingi, Chief of Cardiology at the Credit Valley Hospital. "We are on the verge of an epidemic of diabetes/cardiovascular disease in Canada", said Dr. Maingi. "Changing behavior and habits to reduce cardio-



Release of Guide by Sheela Joshi, India Rainbow President with Balbir Singh Gill, Translator. Dr. Manish Maingi looking on. vascular risk/diabetes of prescription medications can't be done effectively and information on moniif limited to a hospital or toring and managing blood clinic, so we need to sugar and blood pressure. explore novel ways of Earlier, Executive educating patients", he Director Kitty Chadda weladded. comed over 80 attendees, This guide is an excellent and introduced the funders, example of such an board members, members approach. The Guide to of the advisory committee, Holistic Self-Care networking partners and addresses the physical, clients. Sushil Sharma, social, mental, emotional Senior Manager, spoke and financial needs of sen- briefly about the 'journey iors in a holistic manner, of the guide' - the process, encouraging them to take the challenges, and how charge of their health. The guidance from the advisory guide includes aspects such committee helped shape as understanding the dis- the guide as we see it today. ease, exercise, proper use President of India

Core Team during the Launch (L to R): Jasmine Samuel, RN; Preety Gabriel- Project Coordinator; Balbir Singh Gill, Translator; Sheela Joshi, India Rainbow President; Dr. Manish Maingi, Chief of Cardiology, Credit Valley Hospital; Manju Panchapakesan, Director- Operations, India Rainbow; Kitty Chadda, Executive Director India Rainbow; Sushil Sharma, Senior Manager, India Rainbow Rainbow, Sheela Joshi then released the Guide by presenting copies to Dr. Maingi, and to Mr. Balbir Singh Gill, who has translated the Guide in Punjabi, to cut the ceremonial ribbon. Sheela Joshi also distributed copies to members of the advisory committee, clients, and guests. Manju Panchapakesan, DirectorOperations then gave an update on the next phase of

the project.In Phase 2, the Guide will be translated in Tamil and Hindi. India Rainbow will also pilot the guide for its usefulness and user satisfaction. In addition, healthy cooking demonstrations, implementing self - care sessions among 'at risk' South Asian seniors and training seniors to be leaders to form self-help groups will be implemented.

In Phase 3 - our current proposal-"Parivartan"Making a Change in Lifestyles focuses on promoting pre-screening and early detection of diabetes and related chronic conditions as well as implementing activities to help South Asians self-manage diabetes. We are recommending culturally and linguistically friendly tools and developing resource center's to improve access to reliable information. All attendees were given a copy of the Guide, with the hope that they will offer feedback and comments which will help us plan the next phase of the project. India Rainbow is thankful to the Public Health Agency of Canada for the support and confidence they have shown in our ability to reach the community in a novel way to drive home the important message that making simple life style changes can make disease management easier. For copies of the guide in English or Punjabi, please contact Preety Gabriel, Project Coordinator, at 905275-2369 or email her at

VOUCHERS WORK: MORE IMMIGRANTS ENROLLING IN LANGUAGE CLASSES anguage Training Vouchers are increasing immigrant enrollment in English and French language classes, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today at the Punjabi Community Health Services Centre. Preliminary results from the Language Training Vouchers pilot project show that more than twice the number of immigrants who received vouchers enrolled in free language training compared to those who did not receive vouchers, and that immigrant women were those most likely to enroll in language classes after receiving a voucher. Language training in English or French has historically been provided free of charge for immigrants and still is. Since 2006, the Government of Canada has tripled immigrant settlement funding for organizations that provide services to newcomers such as English and French language training. Unfortunately, despite the tripling in funding since 2006, enrollment in lan-


guage classes has not significantly increased. Only 25 percent of immigrants sign up for settlement

randomly in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta, were mailed vouchers that they could take to an immigrant

language training known as Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC). The difference

services. Under the Language Training Vouchers pilot project, which was launched in October 2009, 2,000 immigrants, chosen

settlement service centre provider of their choice. This gave them the same right as those not in the pilot: the ability to enroll in free, federally-funded

was, those in the pilot received a special voucher that they could redeem at the immigrant settlement provider of their choice for language classes. Within


six months of the vouchers being sent, immigrants selected to take part in the pilot were more than 100 percent more likely to enroll in free language classes than those who were not part of the pilot. “I have always believed in the ability of vouchers to encourage competition, promote accountability, and empower the recipients,” said Minister Kenney. “The success of our Language Training Vouchers pilot project shows that, when it comes to immigrants, not only do vouchers work in theory, they also work in practice. No initiative undertaken since I have been minister has so radically and fundamentally increased enrollment in English and French language training among immigrants.” Among those immigrants who were sent vouchers and subsequently enrolled in free language classes, 60 percent were women, compared to 40 percent in the control group that did not receive the vouchers. “Language Training Vouchers are empowering immigrant women, who are enrolling in language

classes in even greater numbers than men,” said Alice Wong, Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism, and a former ESL teacher with a PhD in Instruction and Curriculum. “Vouchers are empowering immigrant women in their homes and at work by giving them the tools they need to speak English or French. Vouchers will better help them integrate into Canada.” The objective of the project was to test if vouchers could increase enrollment in free, federally funded language training. The project will run until January 2011. Through the LINC program, immigrants learn not only how to speak, read and write English or French, but also important aspects of integration, such as their rights and responsibilities as future Canadian citizens. CIC funds a number of programs that help newcomers settle, adapt and integrate into Canadian society. For more information on CIC programs, consult our website at

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AKKI TO ROMANCE SONAKSHI! CANADA-INDIA KSHAY Kumar is getting into the fourth gear of his promotions for Tees Maar Khan that is releasing worldwide on December 24. Simultaneously his banner Hari Om Productions, that has given us entertainers like Singh is Kinng, De Dana Dan, Khatta Meetha, Waqt — A Race against Time, and Farah Khan’s Three is Company have signed Bollywood’s youngest girl Sonakshi Sinha for Shirish Kunder’s Joker. Shirish says, “Joker will be India’s first 3-D magnum opus. And the reason why I’ve signed Sonakshi is because she is ideally suited for the role. Also, Akshay has acted with almost every heroine on the scene. Sonakshi and he are a fresh pair; the


casting is already creating ripples.’’ Says the Khiladi himself, “Joker is not a super-hero film. It is not about me wearing some clown’s clothes or being part of a circus. Why it is called

Joker is something you’ll have to wait to know. However, I can tell you, it is going to be one of the most technically advanced movies made in India. Children and adults are going to love it.

The story moves from a village to NASA and well after that there’s some suspense involved.’’ Even as he gears up to romance the Dabangg hottie, Akshay says that 2011 will be as action packed as any other year in his career. Says he, “I have Patiala House, Thank You, Joker, my international film — Rob Lowe’s Break-Away (in which I have just done a music video), and we may try and bring Joker for Christmas in 2011. But then, tell me one year in which I don’t have four films coming.’’ Shirish and Farah Khan are also working on the Tees Maar Khan sequel. “That is for 2012,’’ Akki says. “Right now the three of us are putting all our energies into Joker.”

Movie review:

Cast: Deepika Padukone, Imran Khan, Sharmila Tagore, Shahana Goswami, Lillette Dubey Status: Released Release Date: 26/11/2010 Direction: Danish Aslam Production: Big Pictures, Kunal Kohli Musical Score: Shekhar Ravjiani, Vishal Dadlani Chasing her dream, giving an excuse to her single to be with her. She wants Scripting: Prasoon Joshi space in her relationship, Aaliya goes to Australia to mom (Sharmila Tagore) that Genre: Romance Comedy whereas he wants proximity. study at a university while she’s studying mass

Break Ke Baad

uess the fiveletter word that has spelled doom for many m o d e r n romantic relationships? SPACE. Both literally and figuratively. Damned if you give it, damned if you don’t. Complications are going to be there anyhow. It’s like a guitar string that snaps if you tighten hard, but won’t play if you keep it loose. And the right tuning is hard to get. If Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar laid the foundation of Bollywood mush where parental opposition and unrequited love formed the fulcrum of a romantic story, the younger generation is taking it further into SPACE-age, where the protagonists don’t care a hoot about parental approval or rejection, and are more concerned about the other half not breathing down their neck 24/7. That’s the idea behind Break Ke Baad produced by Kunal Kohli. Debutant director Danish Aslam aims for a love story which today’s Facebook generation can relate with. There’s Abhay (Imran Khan) in love with his childhood sweetheart Aaliya (Deepika Padukone) who’s headstrong and ferociously ambitious. She wants to be an actress, whereas he just wants



FREE TRADE TALKS: WHAT MORE CANADA NEEDS TO DO? pened to lumber industry. They have put things on Canadians," Mr. Jha notes. And then there are hushed whispers of how to deal with the issue of double taxation. Nonetheless, on the whole, the Canadian business community needs to be informed and educated about the benefits of the free trade agreement between Canada and India. Many of the Indo-Canadian businesses we spoke with had very little knowledge about the benefit of free trade agreement and what it could mean for their businesses. The awareness needs to go beyond the fact that a cabinet minister stayed at an individual's home and said that "the free trade agreement will be very useful." How will it be beneficial, those individuals who interact with Conservative cabinet ministers do not know. communication. Abhay, alone back home, can’t bear the thought of a long-distance relationship. So he packs his bags and flies to OZ. With the clingy boyfriend almost becoming a nuisance for her, Aaliya calls for a break. What follows then on is a dull and boring tale of Aaliya and Abhay’s self discovery, as she realizes the value of relationships and he finds a vocation to call his goal. Break Ke Baad starts on a very promising note, with imaginative opening credits. The film takes little time in etching out the characters and the chemistry between them. The repartee and quibbles between Aaliya and Abhay are a source of constant amusement as long as she doesn’t get tetchy and begins to holler. The dialogues are laced with understated

marriages knows a things or two about relationships. The real trouble with “Break Ke Baad” is that the story nearly comes to a grinding halt post interval. Abhay and Aaliya make up, break-up again, get together again. It’s like watching Hum Tum cocktailed with I Hate Luv Storys. There’s nothing new to this love story. Even the climax, which is somewhat incredulous, isn’t much of a relief. Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone do rise above the tacky script, but not enough to gloss over the film’s weaknesses. They try rather too hard to spark up a chemistry, and do indeed shine in a few sequences, the drunk scene being one such. Lilette Dubey is another actor in the cast that impresses, though Sharmila Tagore as

humour. It’s in the second half when the action shifts Down Under that the film’s graph goes likewise - down. A bunch of assorted, cardboardcutout characters on the sidelines (Shahana Goswami and Yudishthir Urs as the owners of a sea-facing shack that Deepika moves into) add some momentum to the proceedings. Also add Abhay’s feisty aunt (Lilette Dubey) who after three failed

Deepika’s single mom is equally good. Shahana and Yudishthir get little scope to perform. All in all, ‘Break Ke Baad’ offers little that we haven’t seen before. It’s predictable, fluffy, commonplace and sprinkled with tongue-in-cheek humour and forgettable songs (VishalShekhar). At best an ordinary love story. Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Justin Bieber

triumphs at American Music Awards

HUNGARY: A model presents a creation in the Szikra cultural centre of Budapest during the first night of the Budapest Fashion Week. AFP

‘Twilight’ star beaten up by drunk men WILIGHT star Bronson Pelletier was attacked by a group of drunken men during a film convention in Birmingham, England. The 24year-old Canadian, who plays werewolf tribe member Jared in the film franchise, was left with a broken nose after allegedly being struck, headbutted and put into a headlock. “Bronson was really angry and upset ... These guys were very nasty. They were so drunk they probably didn’’t even realise they were picking


on a Hollywood actor,” News quoted a source as saying. “The convention was full of teenage girls and geeks desperate to see their Twilight heroes so no one expected this sort of trouble,” the source said. Pelleteir, who has

starred in New Moon, Eclipse and is in the Breaking Dawn duo of films, was attacked in the toilets. An organiser of the event at Birmingham’’s Hilton Metropole Hotel who tried to intervene was also assaulted. The four alleged attackers had been attending a wedding reception at the hotel holding the conference and were arrested by police officers. Two men were released and two were bailed in connection with the crime.


IG winner ... Justin Bieber dominates the American Music awards 2010. The Justin Bieber juggernaut remains an unstoppable force after the teen star scooped four prizes at this year’s American Music awards.The 16-year-old pop sensation beat Eminem, Lady Gaga and Usher to claim the coveted crown of artist of the year. Bieber also won in the three other categories he was nominated for: favourite pop/rock album, breakthrough artist and favourite male pop artist. Elsewhere, Usher won the R&B/soul award for his sixth album Raymond V Raymond, Taylor Swift won favourite female country artist and


the Black Eyed Peas were judged by the American public as being the best pop/rock band. Rihanna was voted best R&B female and went on to perform a medley of songs from her album Loud. Katy Perry, Kid Rock and Pink also performed at the ceremony in Los Angeles.In a comment that may remind many

music fans of their age, Justin Bieber said: “I’ve been singing Eminem since I was three and Usher is my mentor – so this is big.” Eminem and Usher both came away with two awards. Justin Bieber’s latest album My World 2.0 has sold almost 2 million copies in the US.

Rihanna returns to No 1 on singles chart WO weeks after topping the Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart with “What’s My Name?”, Rihanna reclaimed her crown Thursday with “Only Girl (In the World),” the debut single from her new album, “Loud.” It’s the first time in the 52year history of the Hot 100 that an album’s debut single has reached No. 1 after the second single. “What’s My Name?” slipped one place to No. 8, while “Loud” debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 album chart on Wednesday. “Only Girl” is Rihanna’s fourth single to ascend to No. 1 in 2010, making her the first woman, and first artist overall


since Usher in 2004, to hit the top that many times in a calendar year. Her career tally of chart-toppers stands at nine. Pink rose two places to No. 2 with “Raise Your Glass,” while Far*East Movement’s “Like a G6” fell to No. 3 after three non-consecutive weeks at the top. Ke$ha rebounded two places to No. 4 with “We R Who We R,” which debuted at No. 1 three weeks ago. Nelly’s “Just a Dream” held at No. 5. Katy Perry’s “Firework” jumped three to No. 6, Bruno Mars slid four to No. 7 with “Just The Way You Are.” Just behind Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?”, Cee- places to No. 9 on the wings Trey Songz’ “Bottoms Up” Lo Green’s “F—- You of the “Glee” Cast’s family- was No. 10 for a second (Forget You)” jumped 13 friendly cover at No. 11. week.

ESSEN: Actress Brigitte Nielsen poses with a Mercedes 500K during a press presentation prior to the Essen Motor Show. The Mercedes was built in 1935 and was custom made for the former king of Iraq. REUTERS

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I: first review

At one point in this penultimate adventure, Rupert Grints endearingly gormless Ron Weasley tells Hermione: "You're best at spells.'' She is. And somehow - and I'm not sure how it happened - Emma Watson, who has played the Hogwarts swot for a decade, has cast her spell over me. She's mesmerising in her quiet, methodical, nononsense way, and is definitely the heat source in this movie. To be sure, Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter is no slouch. He is The Chosen One after all, and the story

revolves around him. But Emma's Hermione has true grit. I felt genuine concern (yes, I know it's silly) when scheming Bellatrix Lestrange (played by an excellent Helena Bonham Carter) grabbed her and held her hostage. I think it's great these tales have produced a level-headed heroine. I like that Hermione's so together. Then there's Harry, and in Daniel's more-than-capable hands he has turned into a fine young man. The ladies will surely find him mighty fine, too.

Twice, Harry strips down to his undies, revealing regular he-man pecs and abs that will no doubt excite his female fans. There's a heartwarming moment when Harry meets Hermione for a dance. They're under canvas, in a

the table to devour poor Muggle Studies teacher Charity Burbage. That's one of the reasons the film has a 12A rating. Nasty Nagini rears his ugly fangs again later ... this time with Harry and Hermione in his sights. Nagini will surely

their oldest brother Bill, his fiance Fleur Delacour and the rest. Mad-Eye has a trick up his sleeve. Six of the group will gulp down Polyjuice Potion, which produces identical Potters. With the series winding

tent pitched in a petrified forest; the radio is playing and they take an impromptu - and chaste - turn. Part One opens with Bill Nighy's Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, intoning: "These are dark times, there's no denying." We cut to Lord Voldemort presiding over a star chamber of Death Eaters (as his most devoted followers are called), in the baronial splendour of Lucius Malfoy's country manor house. They meet to plot Harry's downfall. There's a particularly gory scene where Voldemort trills "Dinner!" and his pet viper Nagini, as thick as an All Blacks' thigh, slithers onto

give young children nightmares, not to mention plenty of adults. The amazing thing about Deathly Hallows is that after all this time the stories still have the power to enchant you, and bring you to the edge of your seat. There are some breakneck chases, thrills and spills that should appeal to all. Brendan Gleeson's wild-looking MadEye Moody storms into Harry's Privet Drive home and organises an elite escort for Harry to escape an impending bombardment by fleets of Death Eaters. They're all there: Hermione, Ron, the twins Fred and George Weasley,

down, director David Yates and screen-writer Steve Kloves try their best to keep sentiment at bay, but I could feel a lump (just a little one) in my throat as Rubeus Hagrid arrives to provide personal security for our Harry. I recently re-watched the first film, Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone, so the moment when Hagrid takes charge of the infant Harry Potter at the start of the whole saga was fresh in my mind. I realised I've spent the past decade watching the leads grow up - as have we all. Those first awkward steps; those first awkward lines of dialogue. Oh, such inno-


cence. Now, all of a sudden, Harry's dancing with Hermoine, and Ron's jealous, particularly when he has to witness a fantasy (topless!) clinch between his two best friends. Maybe that's another reason it's a 12A. It has been fun watching Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint step into adult shoes, both on and off the screen. I couldn't see at the beginning that Emma would blossom into such a beautiful young woman - and into someone I would miss when she wasn't in a scene. Neither could I have foreseen that Daniel would emerge as one of our most daring young actors. I like that he seeks work, outside the Potter franchise, that improves his craft, rather than taking the easy options. As always, it's a real treat to watch some of the best British thespians parade onto the big screen: Imelda Staunton, John Hurt, Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall, Fiona Shaw, Richard Griffiths and Julie Walters, to name but a few. Most of them will return for the final film, and then their revels will be over. But I suspect our bond with Harry Potter will never be broken. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, the next-to-last instalment in the film franchise about the teen wizard, opens in Australia on November 18.


Taurus / Vrushaba Rasi

Gemini /

Mithuna Rasi

March 21 - April 19

April 20 - May 20

May 21 - June 20

Aries, early this week you'll need to call on your inner resources. A friend may let you down. Give yourself a pep talk! Self-knowledge will increase on Wednesday. Use diplomacy when dealing with an associate on Sunday. Present any requests to this individual tactfully.

New vibrations start your week, Taurus! Your emotions will become very intense. You'll have a new sense of purpose. relationship with a close associate will experience turbulence. Your friend may be very difficult! On Sunday you'll be revved up to get started on a new endeavor.

Brain power accelerates this week! Your ruler is Mercury, the planet of the mind. Mercury enters pragmatic Capricorn. on Saturday. You may want to volunteer for a worthy cause. Engaging in acts of kindness will bring you joy. You're ready to generate good karma.

Cancer /

Leo /

Virgo /

Karkataka Rasi

Simha Rasi

Kanya Rasi

June 22 - July 22

July 23 - Aug 22

Aug 23 - Sept 22

Duty first, Cancer! You'll want to have fun. However, you'll have to put amusements aside in favor of chores. Health issues may flare up on Sunday. The New Moon takes place in your zone of personal well-being. Take steps to increase your vitality.

Leo, your perspective will change this week. On Monday Mars is square Jupiter in your zone of transformation. outlet will be a priority. You may consider moving to a new location on Saturday. Rest and relaxation will top your agenda on Sunday.

You're not perfect. Neither is anyone else! You'll be tempted to criticize an associate. Thursday. Follow your instincts in all matters. Problems with a family mem be mended on Sunday. You'll iron out differences with a loved one.

Libra /

Scorpion /

Sagittarius /

Vruschika Rasi

Dhannus Rasi

Tula Rasi

Sept 23 - Oct 22

Oct 23 - Nov 21

Nov 22 - Dec 21

Get ready for an energy surge early this week! Venus, your ruler, enters potent Scorpio. masterpiece will be your goal on Thursday. Positive thinking will become the norm on Sunday. Optimism will guide your actions. You'll see the possibilities life offers.

It's your time to shine! Venus enters your sector of self. You'll make a favorable impression when interacting with others. the right direction. Your perception will be on target. You'll need to reevaluate your priorities on Sunday. A loved one may need attention.

Don't let idealism blind you to reality, Centaur! Mars in Sagittarius is house on Friday. Take extra safety precautions if traveling. A burst of enthusiasm will hit you on Sunday. The New Moon takes place in Sagittarius. You'll dance to an upbeat tempo!

Capricorn /

Aquarius /

Pisces /

Makara Rasi

Kumba Rasi

QUOTATIONS: EMERGENCY A man's mind will very gradually refuse to make itself up until it is driven and compelled by emergency. Anthony Trollope Be it whim or emergency, the modern laboratory is equally at the service of romance, equally ready to gratify mankind with a torpedo or a toy. Richard Le Gallienne Be Prepared... the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise. Robert Baden-Powell But on second thought, after I decreed the state of emergency, I came to the conclusion that that was impossible to achieve without bloodshed because the street protesters were full of anger and nearly out of control. This

is why I thought we needed to find another way out. Eduard Shevardnadze Community health centers do a great deal with limited resources. They provide critical medical care services to many who would otherwise have no other place to go or would end up in an emergency room. Jan Schakowsky Coward: One who, in a perilous emergency, thinks with his legs. Ambrose Bierce Emergency health care for illegal aliens along the southwestern border is already costing area hospitals $200 million a year, with perhaps another $100 million in extended care costs. Gary Miller Having said that, I believe we must not compound the natural disaster

of Katrina by creating a fiscal disaster in Congress - it is our duty to ensure that we reign in other government spending in any event, and especially in this time of national emergency. Chris Chocola I am certain more emergency supplemental bills will be needed before this process is concluded. In fact, there is a point I have repeated several times recently which keeps the enormity of this situation in perspective. Jo Bonner I cannot separate the finances of India from those of England. If the finances of the Indian Government receive any severe and irreparable check, will not the resources of England be called upon to meet the emergency, and to supply the deficiency? Richard Cobden

Meena Rasi

Dec 22 - Jan 19

Jan 20 - Feb 18

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Wisdom will be yours this week! Your brain will be inundated with bright ideas. on Friday. Hold off on conducting a serious conversation with a loved one. You'll change your life's direction on Sunday. It's time to move in a different direction.

You truly care about others. As an Aquarius, you're the humanitarian of the Zodiac. You'll try to improve life in the neighborhood. instincts. Make a cherished wish come true on Thursday. Positive energy will aid your efforts to realize a dream. A new friend may pop up on Sunday.

Pisces, you're very kindhearted! An associate may attempt to take advantage of your good nature on Tuesday. Go with the flow as much as possible. A relative may offer you some advice on Sunday. Listen politely to his or her suggestions, and then follow your own heart.







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