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INVEST IN YOUTH rom this week's edition of Generation Next, you will note that why it is so very important for us to take our Generation Next seriously, why we need to invest in Generation Next urgently and why we need to support them. Maha Hussain, a 15-year-old author noted that she was not taken seriously by people when she told them that she is writing a novel. She took upon herself a challenge by producing a 230 page novel. You will also note that while environment is last in the priority list of adults to address, for youth Mother Nature holds a special place in their hearts. It is our Generation Next that understands causes like supporting cancer research and prevention, looking after the environment and volunteering for the right reasons and right causes. Algonquin College sponsored survey indicates that youth is even more socially conscientious than the Canadian corporate world.


and more young people with college and university degrees are unable to find sustainable jobs, however much emphasis needs to be placed in investing in our youth. One young employee of Service Canada noted that although jobs are being created but there are too many of us who are unemployed and something needs to be done fast because youth is more prone to get depressed. Additionally youth is under social pressure to find sustainable jobs. Youth is our future. Generation Next is the one that will be running our country's economy, yet the institutions are not acutely investing in youth.

While the federal government and Ontario government have a number of different projects underway, very few people are aware of these positive initiatives. No wonder people are not However, when we look at what is happening around us, we using the support available to them fully. disregard novel ideas of youth as "childish" or "silly." This Generation Next - also referred to as Generation Y - has proven It is Generation Next that can play crucial role in establishing skeptics wrong time and again. It is high time that we start linkages between Canada and their countries of origin to work thinking about investing in this generation. Mr. L. Robin in the benefit of their country and the rest of the globe. Cardozo, CEO of Ontario Trillium Foundation, notes that more

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P olitics Canadian Politics Free Trade Talk Begins between Canada and India By Staff Writer


Ontario welcomes the best and the brightest of the world - Minister John Milloy By: Staff Writer


Administration Must Unequivocally Drop Afghanistan 2011 Withdrawal Date By Lisa Curtis Conservatives and Liberals break promise to bring troops home from Afghanistan By Rupinder Kaur

Community Organization Indo Canadian community is part of Canadian family - MPP Bob Delaney Volunteerism in Canada is different, immigrants have to learn it -L. Robin Cardozo, CEO of Ontario Trillium Foundation


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Ignorance is bliss‌in a burqa? By Poonam Patel


Health Youth understands the need to raise awareness about cance By: Staff Writer


Learning about pregnancy, birth and new baby care just got easier!


Education Canadians willing to take pay-cut to work for a socially responsible organization - Algonquin College sponsored survey UOIT earns high marks in national university rankings


South Asian Politics 21 Changing the status quo By Kuldip Nayar Obama in India: 50,000 jobs for Americans Dr. Hassan Askari

Many Partners, One Purpose - CBSA Information Fair By: Staff Writer


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Interview We try to ensure examinations aren't intrusive - Richard Comerford, the Regional Director General of CBSA By Staff Writer


Higher unemployment rates left Americans doubtful of stimulus injection Paul Ferley, Assistant Chief Economist, RBC


True to the Sound - Baba (Babber) Kahn By Nairisha Batada


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By Staff Writer he Ontario government has invested half a billion dollars in scholarships and grants for Ontario students who choose to go to publically funded colleges and universities of Ontario, says Mr. John Milloy, Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. "We want Ontario students to stay and work in Ontario," he said talking to Generation Next. He noted that unlike opposition parties that are criticizing Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty for


ONTARIO WELCOMES THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST OF THE WORLD - MINISTER JOHN MILLOY announcing 75 new scholarships for international PhD students, the government of Ontario wants to compete globally. $40,000 will be offered to each student each year "to the best and the brightest" and "to have leaders in various fields in Ontario," stated Minister Milloy. These scholarships will be offered by every publically funded Ontario University that offers a doctorate program, clarified Minister John Milloy. Each university will accept two students in

its area of strength. As of now, universities and the Ontario govern-

Ontario and Canada their home. A few weeks ago, Dr.

“Our government has invested half a billion dollars on Ontario college and university students” John Milloy, Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities ment are working out minor details of how to execute these scholarships. Mr. Milloy noted that "80 per cent of the best minds" of the world that come to Ontario choose to make

Eric Hoskins, Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration had announced that masters and PhD students in Ontario will not need to have job guarantee to

stay in Ontario. We "welcome superstars" of the world in Ontario, Minister Milloy added. He says that the Ontario government has made this investment to "open Ontario to the enhance Ontario universities' profile." He pointed out that the previous Tory government of Ontario cut funding for students, "so the opposition doesn't have any credibility on the issue," Mr. Milloy said.

CANADIANS WILLING TO TAKE PAY-CUT TO WORK FOR A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE ORGANIZATION - ALGONQUIN COLLEGE SPONSORED SURVEY 0 per cent of Canadians said they would take a paycut to work for a socially responsible company some indicated they would take a cut of 10 percent or greater. "This research confirms something we have been paying attention to and watching evolve over the years," explains Dave Donaldson, Dean, School of Business, Algonquin College. "Canadians are changing the way they are thinking and businesses are trying to adapt to meet these 21st Century expectations." On average, Canadians said they would spend $8.62 more on a $100 product or service from a socially responsible company. "It is clear that businesses need to change the way they are doing things to ensure their continued viability and growth," adds Donaldson. "Organizations are looking to the post-secondary sector to supply the next generation of business


leaders to help them make this change." Algonquin is stepping up to this challenge with several sustainability-related programs, including Green B u s i n e s s Management, and the 'greening' of the curriculum in virtually all of the College's nearly 200 full-time programs. Also, as a result of the College's recent comprehensive program and service review, the College has already begun working on a new Bachelor of Applied Business Sustainability/Corporate and Social Responsibility program with an anticipated launch in Fall 2014. "Socially responsible organizations make more money, it's as easy as that," adds Donaldson. "This new business degree will be the first of its kind in Canada and industry is

already asking when these grads will hit the job

$10 more on a $100 purchase, while 18% would spend between $5 and $10 more. n 38% of

Canadians said they would spend no extra money for a version of a product or service from a socially

market." n 1 9 % would spend


sible company. n On average, Canadians said they would spend

Canadians. Half of Canadians are unaware of what corporate

Younger Canadians would spend more on average than older Canadians $8.62 more on a $100 product or service from a socially responsible company. n Women would spend more on average than men ($10.11 vs. $7.03). n Younger Canadians would spend more on average than older Canadians ¢ 18 to 29 - $11.88 ¢ 30 to 39 - $8.32 ¢ 40 to 49 - $7.56 ¢ 50 to 59 - $7.76 ¢ 60 to 69 - $7.70 ¢ 70 and over $8.70 Most Canadians cannot name a company that does well at being socially responsible: Only 21% of Canadians could identify a company that they believed to be socially responsible. No single company was mentioned by more than 1% of

social responsibility means: When asked if they knew what corporate social responsibility means, 49% of Canadians said they were aware while 51% said they were unaware. This is comparable to recent surveys in the United States. Canadian corporations have a lot to do to become more socially responsible: Only one in three Canadians (31%) rated the job Canadian corporations are doing being socially responsible as either excellent (3%) or good (28%). Four in ten (42%) said corporations in Canada were neither good nor poor while 16% rated them as poor (13%) or very poor (3%).

UOIT EARNS HIGH MARKS IN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY RANKINGS he University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) received an excellent review with the recently issued findings of the Globe and Mail's Canadian University Report and Maclean's 20th annual University Rankings. "We are very pleased with this year's results," said Dr. Ronald Bordessa, UOIT president. "The


opinion of our students is a true reflection of UOIT's solid reputation as an innovative research-intensive university that provides quality education. Our faculty and staff are committed to preparing our students for the future by providing them with the realworld skills needed to grow the knowledge economy and make a positive impact on society." The university ranked

13th out of 22 in the Maclean's Primarily Undergraduate category due in part to first-place rankings in the Investments in Student Services and Library Acquisitions categories. The university also remained in fourth place in the Medical/Science category and moved up to fourth in Total Research Dollars. UOIT's marks in the


Globe's Canadian University Report are equally impressive, when measured against its enrolment group (4,000 to 12,000). Most notably, the university scored an A for Campus Technology and Class Size, followed by an A-minus for Ease of Course Registration, Recreation and Athletics, and Buildings and Facilities. The Globe report fea-

tures the opinions of more than 35,000 undergraduate students who participated in the survey of more than 100 questions. The more than 7,400 undergraduate and graduate students at UOIT have access to a high-tech, wireless campus that is home to state-of-the art buildings and labs equipped with the very latest in industry technology, materials and equipment. They study in

career-focused undergraduate and graduate programs, many of which are unique in Ontario and Canada. More details about the Globe's Canadian University Report can be found at More details about Maclean's University Rankings can be found at http://oncampus.macleans. ca/education/rankings.

INDO CANADIAN COMMUNITY IS PART OF CANADIAN FAMILY - MPP BOB DELANEY ndo Canadian community is the greatest gifts of God given to the nation of Canada said Mr. Bob Delaney, member of Ontario legislature. Mr. Delaney, MPP from Mississauga-Streestville, was addressing about 150 members and potential members of Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC). He noted that India is "the great emerging tiger" where "we [MPPs and


MPP Bob Delaney Streetsville) MPs] can help the doors open to people interested


in doing business with India because "we trust

you [Indo-Canadian community]'re part of the [Canadian] family," he said. Mr. Delaney had visited the Indian state of Gujrat. He said that Chief Minister of Gujrat Narendar Modi and the Ontario government are on the same page when it comes to promoting bilateral trade between Canada and India. He noted that Canada can help India in sectors like water purification and

water management. Conversely Canada has a lot it can learn from India. Mr. Delaney noted that the trade between Canada and India equals the trade between one state of the United States and India West Virginia. ICCC had held its Open House at RBCMeadowvale Conference Centre, Mississauga. At the event, President of ICCC Vinay Nagpal made opening remarks.

These remarks were followed by Kundan Joshi's presentation of ICCC. Paul Ferley, Assistant Chief Economist of RBC spoke about the state of Canada's economy with special emphasis on the latest economic and interest rate trends. Dr. Vivian Rambihar, an eminent Canadian cardiologist addressed the topic of proactive healthcare, with particular focus on the South Asian community.

HIGHER UNEMPLOYMENT RATES LEFT AMERICANS DOUBTFUL OF STIMULUS INJECTION BY OBAMA ADMINISTRATION -Paul Ferley, Assistant Chief Economist, RBC ecently there has been a tremendous emphasis on trade between Canada and India both at Ontario as well as the federal government level. While the government sees huge potential in exploring Indian market, this potential has not been translated into dollar figures quite as high. Mr. Paul Ferley had made a presentation to over 100


entrepreneurs at Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce's Open House. Generation Next spoke with Paul Ferely, Assistant Chief Economist with Royal Bank of Canada to determine where the gap lies and how can it be filled to translate it into meaningful trade between Canada and India. Here's our conversation:

familiar with how economy [in India] operates and once that information is in hand, Canadian companies may have more success in exporting products to India.

GN: Your presentation indicates that the increase in Canadian exports to India has increased only about 3 per cent, and the imports are almost flat. Can you reflect on that? There has been increase in terms of Canadian exports to India, so it is a bit of upward trend. We have seen some improvement on the balance side [in trade between Canada

Paul Ferley, Economist, RBC and India], but the dollar amount remains fairly small. It's tough on expert's side because our trade is dominated by the US, and, so, so bilateral trade with a number of other countries



there is this gap when political will is so evident? Can immigration related matters be one reason? It's the question individual companies can answer.

There is lack of understanding as to how Indian economy operates, what channels one needs to go through to move the product in that country and how to distribute it. What we may be going through is that companies are becoming more familiar with how economy [in India] operates and once that information is in hand, Canadian companies may have more success in exporting products to India - Paul Ferley looks fairly small. We have seen some improvement with respect to India. But we have not seen rapid development of trade as we are seeing with China. China remains a larger economy than India. GN: Why do you think 06 | SOUTH ASIAN GENERATION NEXT | 18-11-2010

One reason can be there is lack of understanding as to how Indian economy operates, what channels one needs to go through to move the product in that country and how to distribute it. What we may be going through is that companies are becoming more

GN: You have also indicated that 'stimulus injection' is needed by the US economy. However American people rejected the notion of stimulating the economy as is evident from the midterm elections in the US. How do you respond to that? It's an interesting point. There has been modest rebound in the US economy..unemployment rates remain high. That is the problem that Obama encountered. Economic data is improving but it's a moderate haze. That persistence in unemployment rate left Americans thinking 'are we really out of recession;' that was the obstacle Obama administration found itself up against. GN: How does that translate into Canada? Our rebound is modest..our economic growth is outpaced as it benefits from higher commodity process. But unemployment rate is coming down.. GN: But this economic growth and happiness about 430,000 full time jobs and so on is not felt by average Canadian families. Many families that lost jobs during the economic downturn are looking around saying 'recovery, I don't see it,' and quite justifiably so we haven't had growth strong enough to create jobs.

FREE TRADE TALK BEGINS BETWEEN CANADA AND INDIA he Government of Canada and the Government of India have begun phase II of negotiations of CanadaIndia free trade agreement. In the aroma of baked goods at Hot Breads Bakers & Confectioners, Minister of State, Rob Moore announced that the "Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Stephen Harper has identified fantastic opportunity" in the interest of Canadians to do trade with India. He noted that India is projected to be one of the greatest economies with more than 1.2 billion people. "Government of Canada has been engaged in reducing trade barriers to create trade opportunities between Canada and India..there has been significant increase in trade between Canada and India." Prime Minister Stephen Harper has set the gold of expanding trade between Canada and India to $15 billion by 2015. "The Canadian negotiators of the free trade agreement have got Prime


Minister of Canada's authority and direction to conclude the negotiations as soon as possible..Prime Minister Harper and Prime Minister Harper enjoy very

gration process easier for those who have to travel frequently between the two countries. Mr. Dechert said that Mr. Sawlani, the owner of Hot

from Chennai, India. To produce quality Indian food products, Mr. Sawlani needs people from India as it is hard for him to find people who can produce the same baked goods here in Canada. "We rely on over a million Indo-Canadians to

omy functions," he said "The free trade agreement between Canada and India will make it easier for people to do trade..the free trade agreement will not lead to complete elimination of trade barriers in bringing some goods to Canada, but it will certain-

Hot Breads Owner Raju Sawlani with Minister os State (Small Business & Tourism) Rob Moore and Conservative MP Bob Dechert (Mississauga Erindale)

promote trade between Canada and India..they are the frontline in the engagement process..they have experience in dealing with business community of Canada, and they are also aware of how Indian econ-

ly make trade freer," Mr. Dechert said. Canada and India 'complement each other, we don't compete with each other," MP. Dechert concluded.

good relationship," said Mr. Bob Dechert, Conservative MP from Mississauga Erindale.

He noted that "the trade between Canada and India has increased by 150 per cent since 2004." To take advantage of opportunities in India, Canada is working

in close partnership with India at a number of different levels by reducing trade barriers and making immi-

Breads (located at 720 Burnhamthorpe Rd. West, Mississauga) has brought Indian food experience

MINISTER VAN LOAN LAUNCHES FREE TRADE TALKS WITH INDIA CANADA-INDIA FREE TRADE WILL BOOST ECONOMY AND CREATE JOBS FOR CANADIANS he Honourable Peter Van Loan, Minister of International Trade, launched free trade negotiations with India during his visit to New Delhi. At the opening session of these negotiations, Minister Van Loan highlighted the importance of cooperation and creativity in reaching a broad and ambitious free trade agreement. "A Canada-India free trade agreement has the potential to boost Canada's economy by $6 to $15 billion and increase trade between our two countries by 50 percent," said Minister Van Loan while co-chairing the launch of negotiations with India's Minister of Commerce and Industry Anand Sharma. "Our government is committed to building on our already strong ties with India to create a partnership that will lead to new


Anand Sharma, Indian and Industry jobs, new opportunities and stronger economies for both Canada and India." Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India announced the start of free

Minister of Commerce trade negotiations during the G-20 Summit in Seoul earlier this month. That announcement and last year's visit to India by Prime Minister Harper underscore the dedication


The Honourable Peter Van Loan, Canadian Minister of International Trade of both countries to their of our government's broad bilateral trade relationship. free trade agenda of open"Today's launch has set a ing markets for Canadian positive, ambitious tone businesses and creating that will carry the negotia- new jobs for Canadian tions to a successful out- workers." come," said Minister Van A recent joint study conLoan. "Free trade with cluded that free trade could India is an important part boost Canada's economy

by $6 to $15 billion, increase bilateral trade with India by 50 percent, and directly benefit Canadian sectors ranging from primary agricultural, resource-related and chemical products to transport equipment, machinery and equipment, and services. A free trade agreement would also help Canada and India meet a mutual goal of increasing bilateral trade to $15 billion annually within the next five years. Over the last four years, the Harper government has concluded new trade agreements with eight countries and is holding ongoing negotiations with close to 50 others. This includes current free trade negotiations with the European Union, Canada's most significant trade initiative since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement.


RUPINDER KAUR is Press Secretary for Canada's New Democrats

t's becoming harder and harder to keep track of the Conservatives' and Liberals' position on the mission in Afghanistan. My memory recalls both Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff promising to bring Canadian troops home by 2011, as voted upon by the majority of parliamentarians. But now, it seems like both leaders are okay with continuing the military mission in Afghanistan for another three years. Stephen Harper came to the decision to extend the mission with no debate or discussion in Parliament. Our Prime Minister made a serious commitment to bring our troops home next year. As per the Liberals' playbook, Mr. Ignatieff is happy to play along and write Mr. Harper a blank cheque


with no questions or accountability. However, Jack Layton and New Democrat MPs disagree and are demanding the Prime Minister to bring this new extension to the House of Commons for a public debate and vote. "We will not be undertaking any activities that require any kind of military presence, other than the odd guard guarding an embassy. We will not be

undertaking any kind activity that requires a significant military force protection, so it will become a strictly civilian

Post, January 6, 2010. "We're bound by the parliamentary resolution. I've said clearly that our party's position currently

2011." -Michael Ignatieff quoted by Canadian Press, February 2009. Now those are clear and

If you look at any poll, a majority of Canadians say they are against extending the military mission. If you ask me, it's time the Conservatives and Liberals started listening to Canadians, not just to each other. mission." -- Stephen Harper quoted in National

PHOTO FROM: Canadian Forces Image Gallery


is that the military phase of the mission ends in

unequivocal statements from the Prime Minister and the leader of his loyal opposition. So why the sudden flipflop? What changed? The latest ConservativeLiberal plan would see at least 1,000 Canadian troops remain in Afghanistan for three more years for combat training. The last motion passed by the House of Commons had also called for a three year extension that focused on training, but that led to three more years of counter insurgency for our troops. The sad part about this whole extension is that Mr. Harper waited until MPs left Ottawa and then engaged in a backroqwom deal with the Ignatieff

Liberals to extend the military mission in Afghanistan. Last time, the Conservatives and Liberals also promised that the mission would be focused on training, but they broke that promise too. If you look at any poll, a majority of Canadians say they are against extending the military mission. If you ask me, it's time the Conservatives and Liberals started listening to Canadians, not just to each other. The NDP's position on Afghanistan has been clear and consistent. They call for an increased focus on diplomacy, development and governance, in order to build a lasting peace in the region. Canada's military has served with honour and done its fair share - now it's time for Canada's contribution to be through aid and diplomacy. Last spring, the Michael Ignatieff Liberals opened the door to continuing the military mission in Afghanistan. This week, the Stephen Harper Conservatives marched right through that door.


here are signs that the Obama Administration is backing away from the date it set for the beginning of withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. The July 2011 withdrawal date, first announced by President Obama last December, signaled a lack of U.S. commitment to the mission and complicated U.S. efforts to inspire confidence among the Afghans, to convince the Pakistanis to crack down on Taliban insurgents in their territory, and to break the will of the Taliban who have calculated that they simply must wait America out. Recent U.S. media reports indicate that the Obama Administration intends to de-emphasize the plan to begin withdrawing U.S. troops next summer and focus instead on a strategy that will turn security of the country over to Afghan forces by the end of 2014. A formal announcement of the change in policy is expected next week at a NATO conference in Lisbon. Senior Administration officials must be unequivocal in their statements on dropping the 2011 with-


premature U.S. withdrawal that has lingered in the region over the last 11 months.

A Welcome Shift The Administration had sought to justify its 2011 withdrawal date by arguing that it would put pressure on the Afghans to step up their game and prepare themselves on a more urgent basis for the transition to locally led security operations. However, announcing the withdrawal date before U.S. and coalition forces had reversed Taliban momentum on the ground only succeeded in disheartening the Afghans and undermining confidence in U.S. and coalition forces' ability to prevent the Taliban from retaking power. The uncertainty created by the timeline also complicated U.S. efforts to work closely with President Hamid Karzai, who lost faith in the U.S. as a reliable partner. The Administration seems to have finally accepted that talking about a July 2011 date for withdrawal has been unhelpful to the overall strategy and thus is looking for a way to gracefully reverse course. The Administration will

The Obama Administration must actively counter the perception that the U.S. is war-weary and ready to strike a grand bargain with the Taliban. The Obama Administration's lack of a clear policy on reconciliation is contributing to Karzai's unhelpful approach to the process and the Pakistani confidence that it will play the final arbiter in an Afghan peace settlement. drawal date to fully dispel the perception in the region and among coalition partners that America is losing its will to fight. They must demonstrate full support for NATO and U.S. forces Commander in Afghanistan General David Petraeus' counterinsurgency strategy in order to undo the damage caused by the specter of a

almost certainly find support for such a course correction from the new Republican leadership that will take control of the House of Representatives next year. Key Republican congressional leaders, including Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Representative Buck McKeon (R-CA) and the incoming House leader

Representative John Boehner (R-OH), have

fight against extremists in its territory. The

One of the most harmful effects of the July 2011 drawdown announcement has been to weaken Pakistani resolve in its fight against extremists in its territory. The announcement of a withdrawal date discouraged Pakistan from breaking ties with its Taliban proxies, on whom it believes it will need to rely in the event coalition forces depart the region prematurely. raised objections to the withdrawal deadline and

announcement of a withdrawal date discouraged

called on President Obama to focus on a successful strategy, not "arbitrary deadlines." The new focus on 2014 as a projected timeframe for transitioning to Afghan-led security operations contrasts sharply with statements made by President Obama from the Oval Office in late August. In that speech, marking the end of combat operations in Iraq, Obama said U.S. forces would only be in place for a limited time in Afghanistan and that "wars cannot go on forever."

Pakistan from breaking ties with its Taliban proxies, on whom it believes it will need to rely in the event coalition forces depart the region prematurely. Revoking the July 2011 drawdown date will provide political space in Afghanistan and thus an opportunity to convince Pakistan to shift its calculations on how best to ensure its own regional security interests. This will be no easy task, however, even with more time on the clock in Afghanistan. Pakistan plays for high stakes with its Afghanistan policy and it knows the U.S. is still highly dependent on supply lines that run through Pakistan for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Pakistani leaders also are aware that the U.S. relies on Pakistani intelligence

Influencing Pakistani Strategy One of the most harmful effects of the July 2011 drawdown announcement has been to weaken Pakistani resolve in its


cooperation and the ability to conduct drone strikes on Pakistani territory to weaken terrorists hiding in the ungoverned border areas.

Moving Forward Stepping back from the July 2011 date for withdrawal is a move in the right direction. It will provide more time for General Petraeus' counterinsurgency strategy to take root and provide an opportunity to shape the political environments in both Afghanistan and Pakistan in a way that is more conducive to a genuine process of reconciliation and stabilization. While U.S. and coalition forces seek to make decisive gains against Taliban insurgents on the battlefield, the U.S. must also: Develop and invigorate local political processes that meet the immediate needs of the people and at the same time inspire confidence in the central government. Military operations in Afghanistan alone will not prevent the Taliban from returning to power. The U.S. needs an effective Afghan partner that has enough legitimacy with the people to compel them to support the government over Taliban insurgents. Take a pro-active role in guiding any negotiations

dence that it will play the final arbiter in an Afghan peace settlement. Work with other regional players interested in Afghan stability, particularly the Central Asian states, India, Russia, and China. Some analysts argue that a regional solution involving these nations is the only way to guarantee stability in the country over the long run, given the history of outside interference. Continue to build up the Northern Distribution Network in order to reduce U.S. dependence on Pakistani territory as a supply route for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Make Pakistan understand that its continued support for the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network would be at its own peril. The U.S. must be willing to use its leverage with Pakistan-both American influence on global opinion toward Pakistan and its substantial economic and military aid-to convince the Pakistan military to shift its pro Taliban strategy to more acceptable and positive political alternatives. Washington should make it clear to Islamabad that it is prepared to devote substantial military, economic, and diplomatic resources to ensure that Kabul is kept free of Taliban domination.

While dropping the July 2011 withdrawal deadline is a good start, the Administration must now make sure that both its allies and its adversaries understand America is committed to ensuring Afghanistan becomes stable, secure, and terrorist-free. aimed at ending the war and be more forthright about what a political settlement in Afghanistan should involve. The Obama Administration must actively counter the perception that the U.S. is war-weary and ready to strike a grand bargain with the Taliban. The Obama Administration's lack of a clear policy on reconciliation is contributing to Karzai's unhelpful approach to the process and the Pakistani confi-

While dropping the July 2011 withdrawal deadline is a good start, the Administration must now make sure that both its allies and its adversaries understand America is committed to ensuring Afghanistan becomes stable, secure, and terroristfree. Lisa Curtis is Senior Research Fellow for South Asia at the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation.

MANY PARTNERS, ONE PURPOSE - CBSA INFORMATION FAIR By: Staff Writer anadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) organized the information fair for the communities to gain more information about CBSA


Environment Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, Canada Food Inspection agency participated. From the Ontario government, Ministry of Government Services had set up its booth. Toronto Police

Bob Stark, the Deputy Director & CEO of Service Ontario as well as other partners in the government. The Fair was held at Scarborough Civic Centre where a number of federal government departments like Passport Canada, Service Canada, Citizenship and Immigration, Canada,

Service, Toronto Public Library, Youth Employment Service and other settlement agencies were also present at the fair to raise awareness in the community about their products and services, and To be continued on pg25

WE TRY TO ENSURE EXAMINATIONS AREN'T INTRUSIVE - RICHARD COMERFORD, THE REGIONAL DIRECTOR GENERAL OF CBSA By: Staff Writer peaking to Generation Next, the Regional Director General of the Canada Borders Services Agency, Richard Comerford, said the goal in organizing the information fair is "to provide diverse information to the community that is asking more questions from us. The best way to do that is to send out invitations to our partners and the community. A number of partners showed up from provincial and municipal levels." Many people perceive of CBSA as part of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Mr. Comerford clarified "Our mandate is moving people and goods through the border. We want to provide good quality service and information to Canadians and those who are visiting and people who are coming for the first time to reside [in Canada]‌[we want] people to come to us and ask questions, easy questions and hard questions." Another job of CBSA is protection, "that's why you



Richard Comerford, Regional Director General of the CBSA see officers examining goods and people," he said. "We are trying to make sure that it's not intrusive

kind of examination. But we have to ask series of questions from people [who are entering through]

land and air border to determine admissibility into Canada," Mr. Comerford added. CBSA falls under Ministry of Public Safety and works in partnership with CIC Canada "in regards to admissibility to Canada and refugee complainants." People entering Canada come from the entire globe, practice different religions and have variety of different cultures. "We want to make sure that we are attuned to culture of different communities, different countries and different people..our officers are trained..and we look at it from recruitment perspective to service them the right way and to recognize different cultures," Mr. Comerford told Generation Next. Mr. Comerford is proud of CBSA in hiring diverse staff, nonetheless recruitment is challenging "depending on what we need at what specific time whether its language or other such need. We are very diverse and we will continue to recruit in that manner."


Environment Canada o u t h Employment Services (YES) helps youth under the age of 30 to gain skills that can help them find a job. Developers of YES meet with employers to create opportunities for the youth. Andrew McNab, an employee with YES says that there are challenges in convincing employers to hire youth because of their inexperience. To give incentives to employers to hire youth, the Ontario government subsidizes the wages for youth. Although YES serves youth under 30, it has also helped people looking for second career and can't find the job. YES also works with a program called BizStart.


Youth Employment Service (YES) team

Service Canada


Alex Heung, settlement worker at CICS It's an 11-month program where youth is given funds to start their own

business. YES also works closely with CYBF and BDC.

LIBRARY: WELCOMING PLACE AND WELCOMING SPACE - Sulekha Sathi, Library Service Manager of Toronto Public Library We go to people - Joan McCatty, Multicultural Service Specialist

Members of Toronto Public Library ibrary is a welcom- school programs for kids ing place and a so that people are connectwelcoming space ed to the library as well as for all those who enter any its community, said of 99 physical branches of Sulekha Sathi, Library Toronto's libraries. Toronto Service Manager of libraries offer a wide range Toronto Public Library. of collection of books in Toronto libraries also different languages. The provide virtual space to libraries also provide serv- communities to be conices to newcomers in terms nected with the library by of language training, accessing www.torontopemployment services, after


By partnering up with various agencies, Toronto Public libraries get clientele. In addition to this "we don't wait for people to come to us, we actually go out in the community. This is an extension of what we do very well at the library," noted Joan McCatty, Multicultural Service Specialist at Toronto Public Library. Toronto Libraries offer classes in partnership with local schools to help new Canadians to familiarize them with the Canadian school system. There are after school programs and home work clubs at nights where people can volunteer their skills and students can get their community hours. New comers are also offered tutoring in Math, Science, English and French. This program is funded by the federal government in partnership with Toronto Public library whereby space is provided by Toronto libraries.

Learning about pregnancy, birth and new baby care just got easier! Sidra, Region of Peel resident, can attest to this. idra read about the new eLearning Prenatal Program on Peel Public Health's website She called 905 799-7700 to register and received her own 90-day access code. Sidra said her husband encouraged her and they logged in together on their home computer to learn about pregnancy, childbirth and becoming parents. The eLearning Prenatal Program is free and available to Peel residents. It has many video clips, animations, review quizzes and an audio option. "The program was very informative," says Sidra. "It gives information that is very useful in pregnancy and at the time of labour. I also learned a lot about breastfeeding that I was not aware of." Sidra says her husband learned about "the importance of the partner's presence when a woman is having a baby". English is not Sidra's first language but she says she found the program easy to use. "The Region of Peel has a long tradition of providing high-calibre prenatal education," says Associate Medical Officer of Health Kathleen Dooling. "This program uses all that great information and takes it one step further. It's the perfect solution for couples who are busy, are 2nd or 3rd time parents, or whose first language might not be English and prefer to learn at their own pace." "Many of our pregnant clients are busy juggling school, career and family responsibilities and so the elearning program is perfect solution for those people." says Joan Davison, Manager, Reproductive Health. "It is important for us to keep finding ways to help people access this important information and meet the changing needs of our community," concludes Ms. Davison. To learn more about the eLearning Prenatal Program and watch a demo, visit Call 905 799-7700 to register and receive your 90day access code. Be sure to tell us what you think in the Feedback Survey.


In-person classes are still available Peel Public Health continues to offer free classes and programs in many locations. For more information visit


Luisi Barone, Outreach Presenter with Kay Changoor, Outreach Coordinator with Canada Revenue Agency

Luisi Barone, Outreach Presenter with Kay Changoor, Outreach Coordinator with Canada Revenue Agency ow and moderate i n c o m e Canadians are welcome to take seminars on how the income tax system works in Canada. These seminars are provided free of cost at


libraries or tax clinics by Canada Revenue Agency. People can find out about these seminars at or by calling at 1-800-959-8281. If people have problem in filling up their tax

return forms, they can call the 1-800 number and can be appropriately directed by volunteers or staff, says Kay Changoor, Outreach Coordinator with Canada Revenue Agency.


YOUTH UNDERSTANDS THE NEED TO RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT CANCER By Staff Writer arima Bhargava, an employee of Service Canada and volunteer coordinator of 2nd South Asian Gala to raise funds for Cancer Research by Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) says "the worst part about cancer is that when people hear the word 'cancer', worst case scenario is automatically presumed. People think that the person is gonna die..this is not true. There are cures now. People can get tested early and prevent it by having a healthy life style." Garima has been part of various charitable events before. Her reason to get involved in this particular event was "I know my family members who have suffered from cancer, so I wanted to give back to the community." She noted being engaged in the process of engagement is "interesting and fun." The goal behind the Gala was to get youth (between the ages of 16 - 35) involved. "Our youth understands more of the causes and services available to the community than our adults..and we encourage the youth to talk about it with their family," says Thushika RajendraKumar, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator at Canadian Cancer Society. Many South Asian members of the community are unaware that CCS provides



Garima Bhargava free services to cancer patients. Patients can get access to transportation to go to their appointments; they can also have one-onone counseling. Thushika stated that the Gala is hosted to engage and to encourage the South Asian community of Brampton who are not quite so involved with

CCS. (She noted that most attendees of the Gala are youth between the ages of 18 to 35.) Garima agrees saying when it comes to cancer research, not enough South Asians are involved. Why? "Because cancer is not a disease that comes home too close for many people." Bank of Montreal (BMO)

Thushika RajendraKumar, Volunteer Coordinator with Canadian Cancer Society ported the event. The Gala featured a number of entertaining performances including a performance by Band Baja Brass (BBB), Anusha Sivalingam, Jaskaran Singh, belly dance by Sandy, Niravana Performing Arts, Flawless Entertainment, Tamil

Jasdeep Singh, Karan, Inhant, Gursharandeep Gill, Lovepreet Randhawa, Harpreet Singh Karen, Ravneet, Amandeep & Amrita - Owners students of Lincoln Alexander Secondary of Fresh Cupcakes N' Cakes School Malton 13 | SOUTH ASIAN GENERATION NEXT | 18-11-2010

Cultural & Academic Soceity of Durham, SGPD, University of Toronto's


Bhangra team, and a fashion show choreographed by Ankur Kapur.

Sahil Saini, Monica, Ankur Kapur, Fatima & Rishi Trivedi - Runway models at Canadian Cancer Society. Ankur choreographed the Fashion Show

VOLUNTEERISM IN CANADA IS DIFFERENT, IMMIGRANTS HAVE TO LEARN IT -L. Robin Cardozo, CEO of Ontario Trillium Foundation By: Asma Amanat ntario Trillium Foundation (OTF) with the support from the Government of Ontario has launched a new program called Community Capital Fund. $50 million will be spent on capital projects such as "building new buildings, making improvements to old buildings, extending buildings and on other infrastructure related projects," stated Mr. L. Robin Carodzo, CEO of OTF while talking to Generation Next. This funding will be available to more than 400 agencies, groups and organizations in Ontario. OTF funds projects in four main sectors: social services, arts and culture, environment and sports and recreation. OTF has also called for proposals to "support and enable youth to explore and pursue meaningful economic opportunities."

posals that help these young people "to find work whether through self


investment in programs for youth. OTF is investing $2 mil-

"Young people between the ages of 18 to 30 are having difficulties [in] finding full time long term jobs even when they come out of colleges and universities with degrees." employment, or through other innovative means," said Mr. Cardozo. The unemployment rate among youth between the ages of

Mr. Carodoz pointed that over the years, OTF's research has shown that unlike previous generations, "young people between the ages of 18 to

30 are having difficulties [in] finding full time long term jobs even when they come out of colleges and universities with degrees." OTF is calling for pro-

lion on youth related initiatives. It is developing social media strategy to outreach to young people. OTF is also interested in

"We have to recognize that there are not only generational issues..[and] working with diverse communities is not only about new immigrants, it's also about the second and the third generation [Canadians]." 15 and 24 at one point during 2010 was 15.1%. Mr. Cardozo agrees that there is a need for more

engaging youth in projects related to planet as youth are more inclined to care for the mother earth than

elders. Many organizations place heavy importance on making their Board of Directors and staff members diverse, however a very few organizations are truly diverse. OTF is one of those rare organizations. "I am proud of OTF for providing funds to diverse communities..but I accept that a lot of work remains to be done," the CEO of OTF said after working in not-for profit sector for over 20 years. OTF's Board members are appointed by the Government of Ontario. The Board members are "cross section of people who have had experience working with community organizations, professionals in accounting, law and have business skills…our board is a real cross section of people who have worked in municipal and regional governments." Mr. Cardozo encourages youth to apply to be part of To be continued on pg23

ABC CELEBRATES DIWALI By Seema Gupta n evening of guaranteed virtual entertainment in celebration of banishing the evil for good was a perfect start to the ritual of welcoming the Hindu New Year by the ABC (Agarwals based in


Canada). The ABC, a community organization working with the goal of promoting social, cultural, spiritual and economic growth of Agarwals in Canada, celebrated its 13th

Diwali function with a whopping 500 attendants in the Chandani Banquet Hall in Brampton, on the 12th of November 2010. The evening had many strings to its bow and one of them was an impressive and exceptional dance performance by dancing duo Hemant and Vaishali

Panwar, the artistic Directors of the Panwar Music and Dance Productions. The invocation of Lord Shiva in their innovative and traditional dance piece was a convoy

to a blissful inward journey of divinity and spiritualism for the audience. Some scintillating performances from the youth within the community was a showcase of amazing talent, enthusiasm and hard work, nothing short of a challenge to many hopefuls looking for their shot at

stardom. The spotlight for the evening was the distinguished Guest of Honour, Dr Krishna Kumar, a neurosurgeon from Regina , Saskatchewan and the


recipient of the Order of Canada , the highest Civilian honour bestowed by the government of

of wisdom and experience as a formula for success. His message to use the light of education and

Entertainment'. Their flawless fluidity of body movements in a fusion of many modern dance forms

Canada . Apart from being honoured with many excellence and civic awards and recognitions, Dr Kumar has published four book chapters in various textbooks on pain and has authored 57 papers published in various peer reviewed national and international journals. Talking about his own journey he began 50 years ago as a new immigrant to Canada and the hardships he faced, Dr Kumar shared some wonderful thoughts

knowledge to dispel all darkness from our lives was a perfect fit-in to the spirit of Diwali. He said the three things that can take a person to the peaks of prosperity are "education, perseverance and charity". Well said and worth following coming from a beau ideal. After this enlightening speech there was some magic waiting to be unfolded by the motivated and talented young dancers from 'Jadoo

topped with extreme energy and enthusiasm was an expression of their love and passion for the art. They effortlessly got the audience inspired to join them in their workshop and led them joyously dancing to the end of the festivity. The evening was done but not the ABC's relentless effort to kindle the spirit of joy and togetherness, to cherish and enjoy our cultural values and impart our traditions to the new generation




MAYOR FENNELL TO KEEP MUNICIPAL PRIORITIES ON THE NATIONAL AGENDA ayor Susan Fennell, along with the National Board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), is in

investing in local communities through the Economic Action Plan and the permanent Gas Tax Fund; Encouraging Parliament

Brampton’s current 10year $380 million infrastructure deficit. “Municipalities across the country are facing many of the same issues,”

Ottawa from November 17 – 19 to meet with Cabinet Ministers, Committee Chairs and various Members of Parliament from all parties, as part of FCM’s annual “Advocacy Days” campaign. Municipal leaders across Canada will connect with their federal counterparts, educate key decision-makers about shared challenges and goals, and advocate for local policy and program matters that fall within federal jurisdiction. This year’s specific objectives include: Thanking Parliament for

to protect recent investments in municipal infrastructure from spending cuts and downloading, as the federal government fights its budget deficit; Urging Parliament to immediately start working with municipalities to design the next generation of long-term infrastructure and affordable housing programs. In her meetings with federal officials, Mayor Fennell will also highlight local priorities within the City of Brampton, such as the need for long-term predictable funding to address

says Mayor Fennell. “That’s why it’s so important for us to come together, as a community of leaders, to advocate for key municipal priorities on the national stage. If we can affect positive change as a group, it will undoubtedly help to benefit each of our individual communities.” In addition to sitting on the National Board, Mayor Fennell is also a member of the FCM’s Big City Mayors Caucus, and is serving her fourth consecutive term as FCM Ontario Caucus Chair.




outh Asian Alliance hosted one of the hottest nights of the year. South Asian Alliance gets together students from universities and colleges of Ontario. DJ KSR made the night truly 'alluring' at luxurious Woodbine Banquet and Convention center on November 12, 2010. The event consisted of delicious food and live performances by many universities such as McMaster,


Ryerson, Guelph, York and To r o n t o . DJ KSR


entertained its audience with Bhangra and English music and giving everyone a chance to enjoy the dance floor. As the first semester comes to an end, South Asian Alliance sure knew how to wrap up the year, giving everyone an opportunity to finish the semester with one of the hottest parties of the semester.

PEOPLE THOUGHT I COULDN'T WRITE A NOVEL, BUT I PROVED THEM WRONG Maha Hussain, 15-year-old author of "Faded" By Staff Writer I stopped mid-sentence, my mouth hanging wide open. Leaning against the wall behind Cairo, a boy had suddenly appeared. He seemed a few inches taller than me, but I couldn't tell for sure because he was blurred. I could only barely make out the features on his face, but his toothy smile clearly stood out, despite the rest of him being, well, faded. He almost looked like an old photograph. I blinked once, trying to figure out if he was really there, and the boy started to wave. I blinked a second time and something about him seemed very familiar. Then I finally blinked a third time and he was gone." This is an excerpt from a book called "Faded." "Faded" is written by fifteen-year-old Maha Hussain. She is a grade 10 student in the Region of


Halton. When she was authoring the book, many adults did not take her seriously,

thinking that a 15-year-old cannot accomplish writing a 238-page novel, "but I've

proven them all wrong and it's all cool" Maha said talking to Generation Next. She started writing "Faded" at the age of 12. One day Maha was sitting down with a friend w h e n she came up with the idea of writing a novel. The story line runs on saving the world. Even though 'Hope' the lead character of the novel - and her imaginary friend had a lot of bad blood among them, "they were able to work together to save the world," Maha tells us. The story is somewhat reflective of global conflicts of our world. Writing, however, is not on Maha's mind for her future career. She loves Sciences and wants to be a doctor. "You've to be


kinda realistic. Sometimes m y

[writt e n ]

work might not sell at have to do something that you love and make enough money to survive," she says pragmatically..that's why I am also thinking about being a doctor." Talking about issues of high school stud e n t s , Maha said "a lot of people in my genera-

tion don't take school seriously enough..and we need to take care of the environment..if we don't try to save our planet

today, we won't have a planet to live in tomorrow." During the course of putting together the novel, Maha had full support from her parents. "Sometimes I thought my parents were even more excited than I was." Maha has noticed that South Asian parents are engaged with school in meetings and so on if one parent is not working. "If both parents are working, then I guess they don't have enough time to be engaged with school boards," she added. Maha is member of the Student Council at her high school. She is also member of Free the Children, and a group called Ontario Students Against the Impaired Driving. And her message to all of Generation Next's readers is "Please read my book. I'll really appreciate it," Maha Hussain said laughing.

By Nairisha Batada Toronto

He's the face of the Toronto night scene and a household name in the music industry. From his poise and stature the man comes off as intimidating at first glance but it was definitely proven wrong when we

artist is also a part of the 747 Culture Shock Trio which has toured Europe and the Americas the group has gained much popularity in the urban desi scene. When asked how the trio got

much new collaboration which Baba wouldn't reveal to us. Rumour has it that the artist such as Fabulous, Sean Kingston and Rihanna may play a role in the

"As soon as they take a look at me and noticed that I'm brown, the tables would turn." sat down for a cup of coffee in Starbucks in the bustling streets of Downtown Toronto. With a daily planner the size of my forefingers put together, this artist seem to be extremely at ease and calm. He invited me to take a seat and offered me coffee as we began our introductions. With a name as unusual as Baba Kahn the artist has definitely made immense progress within the entertainment industry. Revealing the story behind the unusual name the artist says "I loved the way chaka kahn spelled her last name instead of khan it was spelled with the h before the n; this made it unique." His first name "Baba" was initially derived from his last name Babber. Reminiscing his early years the artist remembers DJing for house jams at the age of 17 when he convinced his parents to purchase him his first turntables "I learned it on my own" he says, when asked about how he first mastered the art of DJing. He has created the Scratch Lab DJ Institute where young DJ's are fully trained to master the craft. Not just a household DJ the

together the artist said "Lomatic was always emailing me asking me to listen to his music, but I was always so busy. One day I thought I'd just give it a quick scan and I was beyond impressed, I brought him into the studio and we started to work together right away." He says excitedly, "Lomatic made me listen to some of Sunny Brown's music and I brought him into the studio as well." Pausing and thinking for a bit he looks up and says "the sound that we produced together was magical and this is how the trio was created!" After releasing Culture shock 1 and then releasing their free downloadable album Culture Shock 2 the B l a c k M a r k e t Edition the trio is all set to release the third album early next year with


new album. "We are releasing not just one but two albums" says Baba Kahn, "One for the South Asian market and

one which is more mainstream." As the world anticipates the release of Culture Shock 3 we can only guess what surprises await us as the trio bring their magic to life. Going back to the man of the moment Baba Kahn expressed that he's always "tried to be different" by desifusion. "We have both Indian and non-Indian listeners, which gives everyone the opportunity to listen to our music and appreciate it." Baba explains that their music is what truly defines them "Our music is for the masses" he expresses "and this is our movement." When asked about his struggles in the industry the DJ contemplated and told us about

how t h e y struggled to keep their sound alive and did not conform to the ways of the industry "we fought to not be like everyone else and stayed true to our sound" which is what truly makes them stand out among various other artists. Looking back the artist tells us of the struggles of being a south Asian desi within the club scene "My music was different" he says. "Regardless, people would judge me by my colour." Baba went through a difficult time to make name within the night club scene "They would hear my stuff and be all excited because my sound was good but as soon as they take a look at me and noticed that I'm brown, the tables would turn." Regardless he beat the odds and has become a star.

CHANGING THE STATUS QUO KULDIP NAYAR is a senior journalist based in Delhi. N his visit to Pakistan in 1999, the then Indian prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee wrote in the visitors` book at Minar-iPakistan in Lahore that India`s prosperity and integrity depended on that of Pakistan. More recently, US President Barack Obama used more or less the same words, saying that Pakistan`s stability was in the interest of India. Although Obama said that the perpetrators of the 26/11 attack on Mumbai must be brought to book, he did not satisfy Indian opinion which wanted him to name Pakistan. There must have been some pressure on him. While addressing the joint session of parliament, Obama said that terrorism emanating from Pakistani safe havens was "not acceptable", although he refused to take sides and said that India and Pakistan must settle their problems themselves. Obama should have maintained his guarded stand because he must remain credible in Pakistan at a time when American forces are combating terrorism in Afghanistan with Pakistan`s active help. Even so he maintained a balance. When asked about Kashmir at the joint press conference he said that it was a long-standing dispute. America did not want to impose a solution, but was willing to play a role if both India and Pakistan so


desired. He was more categorical on the topic of Myanmar and Iran, showing his disappointment with India`s policy of wooing Yangon. He expected India to come on his side in punishing Iran. The Indian prime minister said he was not afraid of discussing the `K` word but that it was difficult to do so when the "terror machinery [was] active as ever before". Few will find fault with what he said. Yet India should appreciate that Pakistan may not be in a position to deliver 100 per cent on terrorism. After all, its cities, one after another, have been attacked by the terrorists. One may argue, even justifiably, that it was the Pakistan establishment which initiated terrorism that has now become a Frankenstein. The genie of terrorism is not returning to its bottle. Whether or not Delhi and Islamabad like it, they must arrive at an equation. At one time, Bangladesh was alleged to have provided shelters to anti-India terrorists. But since the return of Sheikh Hasina the sanctuaries have gone. Islamabad has to do something similar and more credible in the fight against terrorism to make Delhi believe that the Pakistan government is doing its best. On the other hand, Manmohan Singh should realise that terrorism is not a tap that can be turned off. Otherwise, Prime Minister Gilani would not have requested him to separate terrorism from the talks. Both had agreed to this at a meeting in Sharm El Sheikh last year. Strong public opinion in India did not allow the prime minister to follow through. Yet the impasse must be bro-

ken. Perhaps talks can start on small matters as Obama

would be taken up only when Delhi feels confident

One may argue, even justifiably, that it was the Pakistan establishment which initiated terrorism that has now become a Frankenstein. The genie of terrorism is not returning to its bottle. Whether or not Delhi and Islamabad like it, they must arrive at an equation. suggested and India can make it clear to Pakistan

that Islamabad is seriously tackling terrorism.

that problems like Kashmir

It would be in Delhi`s

It would be in Delhi`s interest to make some concession to Islamabad to help it resist more pressure from an increasingly powerful China. Otherwise, the region might become the victim of a new Cold War between Washington and Beijing, with New Delhi supporting the first and Pakistan the second. Both India and China are two giants which have to be kept away from clashing.


interest to make some concession to Islamabad to help it resist more pressure from an increasingly powerful China. Otherwise, the region might become the victim of a new Cold War between Washington and Beijing, with New Delhi supporting the first and Pakistan the second. Both India and China are two giants which have to be kept away from clashing. An Indian regional leader, Mulayam Singh, has already warned Delhi against a war with China "at any time". The whole

region can become a theatre of hostilities and destruction and another world war cannot be ruled out if a process of conciliation between India and China does not get under way. Pakistan has some influence over China. I remember a Pakistani foreign secretary telling me that the road from Delhi to Beijing goes through Islamabad. Therefore it is incumbent on Pakistan to try to bridge the gap between Delhi and Beijing. It is an open secret that China has not only laid claim to Arunachal Pradesh but also parts of Jharkand and Ladakh.

Some incidents of forcible occupation by China in these areas have been noticed but deliberately ignored by Delhi in the larger interests of keeping the peace. But it is an uneasy peace if the two sides do not come to accept rules and guidelines on the border`s inviolability. Jawaharlal Nehru similarly kept China`s assertiveness under wraps for some six years before the Indian public came to know about it. Still there was a war between the countries in 1962. Pakistan can play a role to ensure that they do not follow the same path of hostilities. Pakistan was a bit hasty in criticising Obama for supporting India`s candidature for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Islamabad should be happy that another permanent seat is coming to Asia. I concede that this kind of attitude can come about only when the two countries have buried the hatchet. How long will the region have to wait for that to take place? More than 60 years have gone by and the basic problems of hunger, health and education remain unresolved. The two countries have even fought three wars resulting only in misery, frustration and helplessness. Fundamentalism takes root in countries which do not think beyond enmity and hatred. That is why both countries are falling victim to it. If they want to change the status quo, they must start talking. It is only then that their people can start to dream again. The writer is a senior journalist based in Delhi.


Lahore he visit of the U.S. President to India on November 8-10 can be described as a success for India and the U.S. For India, it brought American diplomatic support and more active economic and trade ties as well as military equipment. For the U.S., it reaffirmed ties with an emerging economy with a big market that is expected to play more active role in regional and global politics. This was Obama's search for economic opportunities that took him to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. India's visit alone created the possibilities of about 50,000 new jobs for Americans over the next couple of years. The partnership between India and the U.S. has expanded rapidly since the beginning of the 21st century, notably since 2005, when India's Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, visited the U.S. and the two sides agreed to work together in various fields, including civil nuclear technology. The new era of IndiaU.S. relations has built many expectations on both sides. Many Conservatives and antiChina leaders in the U.S. think that Japan and India can be built as a counterpoise to China in Asia. This argument is part of the debate in the U.S. whether China is a friend or foe. A good number of political analysts and leaders think that there would certainly be a clash of interest between China and


the U.S. The latter must therefore work along with the countries that could restrain China's march forward in the international system, if need be. India is viewed as amply qualified to play such role. A large number of politically informed people in India value American support in their competition with a more powerful China. The other advantage of an active IndiaU.S. friendship is the freeing of their bilateral interaction from the burden of Pakistan. The U.S. leadership now talks of two independent tracks of interaction with India and Pakistan, shaped by different considerations. Each relationship is important for different sets of reasons. This argument feeds into Indian elite's percep-

this partnership matures, whether as a counterweight to China or for its own merit, India's policy

In the economic domain, the role of non-resident Indians needs to be taken into account whose growing political and economic clout in the U.S. serves as a bridge between the two countries. Some India-based groups and prominent non-resident Indian groups are now undertaking investments in the U.S. and Western countries, giving India a clear edge over other South Asian states. makers feel that the increased clout at the international level would give

India offers an attractive market to American private sector and multina-

tion that India being a player of a "bigger and higher league" should not be tagged with a smaller country like Pakistan. If

them an additional leverage to pressure Pakistan in the regional context and take a tough line on its disputes with Pakistan.

tional corporations that are keen to invest and sell their products in India. This relationship focuses on an economy that takes pride

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WO GO OUT IN THE COMMUNITY TF's board as well as grant review teams. However, the kind of experience needed to be on the Board is challenging for many youth to have. Mr. Cardozo says that not-for-profit sector needs to realize that issues are changing when it comes to diversity in


Ontario and Canada. "We have to recognize that there are not only generational issues..[and] working with diverse communities is not only about new immigrants, it's also about the second and the third generation [Canadians]." Many organizations rely on volunteers to get the job done. Is there

spirit of volunteerism among visible minority communities especially South Asian community? Mr. Cardozo's response is "sometimes it's different kind of spirit of is particularly strong in helping family members, or helping people from countries where people have come from. Voluntary sector is


A more credible explanation of India-U.S. relationship pertains to economic advantages for both sides.

different in Canada than it is in countries where we come from, so we have to learn it." With recession hitting hard Ontario, the Liberal Ontario government increased OTF's funding acknowledging the fact that support and help in

of its surging middle and upper classes, by-passing the poorest and disadvantaged sections of the populace that happen to be larger in number than the middle class. In the economic domain, the role of non-resident Indians based in the U.S. needs to be taken into account whose growing political and economic clout in the U.S. serves as a bridge between the two countries. Some Indiabased groups and prominent non-resident Indian groups are now undertaking investments in the U.S. and Western countries, giving India a clear edge over other South Asian states. This is an ambitious agenda for the resurging India-U.S. friendship. These goals are not likely to be achieved fully because some of the assumptions are dubious and do not take into account the intervening regional and global factors, especially the contradictions within South Asia. The notion of a balancer to China is a na誰ve assumption. Despite foreign policy differences between China and the U.S., their economic ties are phenomenal. The U.S. multinationals are investing more in China than in democratic India and the Chinese groups are investing in the U.S. This relationship is likely to expand in the future and would not let the Sino-U.S. relationship go so bitter that the U.S would seek a balancer. Further, China has expanded its options in Asia by cultivating multifaceted ties with various

states, especially Pakistan. Two types of challenges defy American policy of building up regionally powerful states. These challenges include transnational terrorism and internal chaos and anarchy in some states where the governments have lost control of some of their territories to powerful defiant domestic groups. This calls for paying attention to the internal dynamics of all states rather than relying on a few selected states for 'balancing' or 'stabilizing' the region. The Obama Administration, now enjoying equally good relations with India and Pakistan, should give up its policy of "hands-off" Kashmir and other IndiaPakistan problems. If the U.S. friendship with India is based on "freezing India-Pakistan problems" peace and stability will elude South Asia and Afghanistan. This will sharpen Pakistan-India rivalry in Afghanistan and adversely affect the efforts to control transnational terrorism. Some Pakistan based Islamic militant groups are focused on Kashmir and most militant groups take the advantage of tensions between India and Pakistan to sustain them. The revival of the dialogue and conflict resolution between India and Pakistan increase the space for the Pakistani government to deal firmly with mainland Pakistan based militant groups. Pakistan expects the U.S. to use its influence to persuade India to revive the suspended India-Pakistan dialogue.

to get jobs and develop skills," Mr. Cardozo says. The federal government has proposed to cut over $50 million funding to settlement agencies in next two years. How will it affect OTF? Directly there will be

Trillium Foundation finds it challenging to outreach to diverse communities. "We try hard to outreach the diverse communities. We just don't put up the website that people can see, we go out into the community. In terms of the diverse communities, many organizations are very very small..[and]are run by volunteers...they are too busy and may have no time to find out about funding resources. It is our responsibility to go out..and raise awareness about our programs and fundings available," Mr. Cardozo emphasized.

"Government of Ontario increased our funding during recession time." needed by communities at difficult times. "We were very fortunate..the Government of Ontario actually increased our funding at the time of recession..acknowledging that people need help

no impact. Indirectly "many of those [settlement] organizations will be looking at us to support them," Mr. Cardozo anticipates. As an organization, Mr. Cardozo says Ontario


n an article entitled, Don't let daughter wear a burqa as a Halloween costume in the Toronto Star, under the Ethically Speaking column made my eyes pop out of my sockets, enough to blend in quite well with the hoopla of Halloween weekend. A mother asked the writer if it is acceptable for her 7 year old, who has taken a liking towards burqa "costumes" that her peers wear to school on a daily basis, to dress up as a 'Muslim lady' for Halloween. It was precisely at this point when my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped. What ever happened to witch costumes? Princesses? Even the recently-crazed Snookie character? I was pleased to continue reading the article, though taking it with a pinch of salt, that the answer from the writer began with a


rightful, "absolutely not". The recent and already heated municipal elections gave rise to even more debate and skepticism around the actual multiculturalism of Toronto and the GTA; why aren't more or any at all, South Asian's being elected to councilor? How is it that Calgary - a city far less diverse than Toronto - proudly elected a South Asian immigrant


for mayor (hats off to Naheed Nenshi!), while we are struggling to clear up ignorant assumptions made by our very own neighbours about how we look and dress? Multicultural street vendors, President's Choice's

Indian dishes, and a diverse stream of movies and shows on OMNI2 during the weekends used to be…and actually still are commended for bringing our culture to the surface of Western and European entertainment and leisure, but are these all subtle

We can have Rob Ford standing on a podium in a flower garland; and school-aged children cutting paper diwas for Diwali; and local stores selling hijabs and burqas but if the audience in front of him, and the parents at home, and the window-shoppers, don't know that each thing holds great significance and purpose, then something is lacking on our part, the citizens of a very diverse looking city. frozen

indications of tokenism?

oneself with the going-ons

How has it got to the point of a mother being unable to appropriately answer her daughter and explain why she is unable to wear a burqa for Halloween? Sure, a large part of it may be sheer ignorance and a lack of interest in familiarizing

of GTA society… although she did submit her question to the Toronto Star. But perhaps it is also our turn now to step it up and follow in stride to those who have already begun to try to educate those who are unaware of our cultural practices, affiliations,

and lifestyles; to inform what it actually means to practice certain beliefs and traditions and any societal social constructs that can have implications on these practices. I pity the 7 year old girl who probably (hopefully!) had to find another costume idea; and I should pity her even more for not already being educated about different appearances that her peers or teachers may have, but I don't because that's not her fault. As a child, she played her role of asking a question. Her mother and everyone else should have been better prepared to address the question before it was even asked. The article was an eyeopener. We can have Rob Ford standing on a podium in a flower garland; and school-aged children cutting paper diwas for Diwali; and local stores selling hijabs and burqas but if the audience in front of him, and the parents at home, and the windowshoppers, don't know that each thing holds great significance and purpose, then something is lacking on our part, the citizens of a very diverse looking city. How blissful is ignorance now?

CELEBRATING SUCCESS WITH GRANDEUR AT GRAND VICTORIAN After a sold-out successful Sunidhi Chauhan show, Harpreet Sethi and Mrs. Jaswinder Sethi throw a success party to friends, family & supporters.


Family blames Rakhi Sawant for their son’s death 24-year-old man from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh who appeared on a reality show featuring Rakhi Sawant was so upset by the reportedly “indecent remarks” made against him by the Bollywood item girl that he stopped eating and died, his family alleged Thursday. Laksham Prasad, a resident of Jhansi’s Prem Nagar town, was upset after Rakhi termed him “impotent” on her reality show Rakhi Ka Insaaf. He died on Wednesday, his family alleged Thursday. According to Prasad’s mother Savitri Ahirwal, Sawant had termed her son “impotent” while trying to settle the dispute between him and his wife on the reality show. “My son was so upset with the indecent remarks that he stopped meeting any outsiders or neighbours, who used to laugh at him referring to the remarks by Rakhi Sawant...They (neighbours) had seen the show and how that girl (Sawant) referred to my son as ‘namard and napunsak’ (impotent),’’ Ahirwal told reporters Thursday, a day after Prasad died. “Upset over the remarks, my son went into acute depression and even stopped eating food... He gradually became weak and frail and ultimately died yesterday... No one other than Rakhi Sawant is responsible for the untimely death of my son,’’ she added. According to the family members, in October Prasad along with his wife Vineeta and her family had appeared on Rakhi Ka Insaaf, in which Sawant plays the role of a judge and announces verdicts in cases of domestic violence, marital discord and others. “Our main objective was to settle the dispute between Lakhsham and his wife Vineeta. We would have never opted for the show if we knew that the girl (Sawant) would ill-treat Laksham in such a manner on national television,’’ said Balbir Ahirwal, Prasad’s maternal uncle. Prasad and Vineeta were married in February 2010. A month after the marriage, they started living separately following a marital discord. Prasad’s family members said they would register a case against Rakhi Sawant with the police. “We will not spare Rakhi Sawant...She will have to pay the price for the death of my nephew. No one has the right to abuse anyone... We will also try to submit the video footage of the programme in which Rakhi Sawant can be seen abusing Lakshman,’’ said Ahirwal. When contacted, police inspector A.K. Singh told IANS, “As of now we have not received any complaint against Rakhi Sawant, but we will surely take necessary action if the family members of the deceased approach us.’’


MUMBAI: Czech born model Yana Gupta and fashion designer Rocky’s arrive for the birthday party of Indian businessman Dheeraj Wadhawan. A F P

‘Tees Maar Khan’a copy of Hollywood film

E contacted director Farah Khan to find out the truth in this. She, however, denied TMK being inspired by After The Fox. Says Farah, “It is about the genre of a conman


movie. In every genre, there will be certain common factors. In this case, the conman will put on disguises; he will do a con and a robbery. But that does not mean that TMK is copied from any movie. We

have always said we have taken Tees Maar Khan character from Amar Chitra Katha comics.” Farah says that no one can claim Tees Maar Khan to be a copy of any film as no one has even seen the movie yet. “Till now, only Shirish and I have seen the film. No one else has seen the movie to decide that it is a copy.” In the past, we have seen many Bollywood filmmakers getting inspired by World cinema and Hollywood films and making their own desi versions of the films without realizing the consequences. Well, it’s time they do! In fact in the recent past, many Hollywood studios have taken Bollywood producers to court due to plagiarism and copyright infringement. Will ‘Tees Maar Khan’ producers also face the music now? Well, this is something that only time will tell.


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MANY PARTNERS, ONE PURPOSE CBSA INFORMATION FAIR concerns of the community. Addressing the partnering agencies and the community, the Regional Director General of the Canada Borders Services Agency, Richard Comerford said that CBSA information fair is meant to "be informative," whereby CBSA "want to hear how well we're doing..your feedback is crucial," he said.

Mr. Bob Stark, CEO and Deputy Director of ServiceOntario was the keynote speaker at the Fair. Mr. Stark highlighted the efficiency with which Ministry of Government Services is delivering quality customer service to Ontarians whether they need a driver's license, vehicular registration, health card, birth certificate or death certificate.

"Service Ontario is gateway to access all government services," Mr. Stark stated. A program called BizPath allows businesses to obtain licenses and permits that "businesses need to start and grow their business," Mr. Stark said. There is one phone number that can give people access to more than 160 numbers of the Ontario government.

Aishwarya, Kareena or CROWD ISSUE FOR KATRINA both in Aamir’s next? NE thing is dis- being considered for the closed that the B- project. town perfectionist According to highly Aamir will play a cop in his placed sources it’s a tough

a strong contender for the role opposite Aamir. Well, it will be interesting to see who wins the battle and grabs the

next, a suspense drama helmed by Reema Kagti. But folks, we tell u that the movie, which is already in news, is giving tough time to casting directors because Bollywood top names amongst female actress are

film under her lovely kitty. Anyhow, some sections in the industry are also speculating that Aamir might consider having both as his costars as we have said before that this suspense drama has a scope for two actresses.


Starring: Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Kunal Khemu, Shreyas Talpade,Tusshar Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Ratna Pathak Shah Directed by Rohit Shetty T'S like those annual visits to your favourite hill-station. Even if global warming has plaved havoc with the original tranquility beauty and climate of the resort you continue to visit the place. For old time's sake. Golmaal is now three films old. It's still set in Goa and has the same core cast (give or take a Sharman Joshi or a Kunal Khemu, who's a value addition). It started, as far as I remember, as a tribute to Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee. Today Rohit Shetty's Golmaal is a gargantuan franchise with props and accessories that overwhelm the basic plot to the extent that you don't even ask why you are laughing. You simply.... laugh. Or else! Really, you don't want t to look like a partypooper, do you? So tickle yourself blue and violet. The laugh-raisers serve up a gourmet of stale

battle between the most beautiful women on earth Aishwarya and the topper of Bollywood power list Kareena Kapoor. Initially it was Kareena Kapoor but now we hear that Aishwarya has also emerged as a serious and

ATRINA Kaif was shooting for the Yash Raj movie in the sensitive Jama Masjid area recently and she got a thick security cover. There were many police officers guarding the location and even special security forces had to be called in to maintain vigil and also control the swelling crowd. After pack up, Kat had to walk towards her car as the narrow by-lanes did not allow big transportation vehicles to pass. But because the crowd was following her, the security was finding it difficult to manage the people. There was a security breach as an 11year-old kid managed to get through her security circle. The security guards nabbed him but Kat insisted that they let him go. She gave him a box of chocolates and also sent a security guard to drop him home.


Movie review: Golmaal 3 story behind the queazy blizzard of bacchanalia is an autumnal love story about an aged couple, Mithun Chakraborty and Ratna Pathak Shah (both entirely endearing) who want to set up a home together in their final years, as their overgrown distinctly immature kids scream in protest. Hey Rohit Shetty, your


giggles. Devgn, more brawny than ever before, is back with a bang... and a gang which includes the usual suspects. Tusshar Kapoor still can't speak. But he gets more footage TRYING to speak than ever before. He's the only component in the series that shows

a forward progress. Shreyas Talpade still stammers. And the plot all but stutters to a halt as the gag-bag bursts open at the seams exposing goodies that are only about gift-wrapping. Hard to believe, but the plot actually secretes an emotional base. This time the back-


brother Hriday Shetty got there first. Four years ago Hriday's love story Pyar Mein Twist had Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia trying to overcome family pressures to get together. Of course, Basu Chattaerjee and Rajiv Mehra did their own love story about an aging couple with disapproving families in Khatta Meetha and Hamare

Tumhare many years ago. Golmaal 3 simply uses the idea of two aging people coming together to pin down its precococious parade of gags. The gag-bag is almost like consensual rape. The skits flow out like an uncapped toothpaste being squeezed frantically with impatient hands. There is an element of desperation bordering on hysterics in the way Rohit Shetty spreads out the Sunday brunch during his comic banquet. The items on the table still look inviting. But the garnishing, the fruits and salads have been left out in the sun for too long. Everything in Golmaal 3 is over-cooked, over-baked and most regrettably under-funny. Attempts to camouflage the paucity of genuine comicality in a fleet of farcically played flat notes don't work beyond a point. I've always waited eagerly for the out-takes in Rohit Shetty's film that come with the end-titles. Not this time. Not any more. Before making Part 4 of Golmaal (which is bound to come) Shetty should try to get the characters out of that cramped circle of nullity in which the humour is so hectic it reeks of repetition and tedium.

Hindi Songs Rank /Song-Name 1 Adhoore 2 Zor Ka Jhatka 3 Tujhe Bhula Diya 4 Ajab Leher 5 Chhan Ke Mohalla 6 Golmaal 7 Do Nishaaniyan 8 Call Me Dil 9 Udi 10 Cry Cry

Film/Album Break Ke Baad Action Replayy Anjaana Anjaani Break Ke Baad Action Replayy Golmaal 3 Jhootha Hi Sahi Jhootha Hi Sahi Guzaarish Jhootha Hi Sahi

Bollywood Movies Rank /Film-Name


1 Golmaal 3 2 Action Replayy

Rohit Shetty Vipul Shah

3 Jhootha Hi Sahi 4 Rakht Charitra - I

Abbas Tyrewala Ram Gopal Varma

5 Due Date 6 Devil 7 Piranha 3D

Todd Phillips John Erick Dowdle Alexandre Aja

8 From Paris with Love 9 Hisss

Pierre Morel Jennifer Lynch

10 Do Dooni Chaar

Habib Faisal

Hollywood Movies Rank /Film-Name 1 Megamind (2010) 2 Due Date (2010) 3 For Colored Girls (2010) 4 Red (2010/I) 5 Saw 3D (2010) 6 Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) 7 Jackass 3D (2010) 8 Secretariat (2010) 9 Hereafter (2010) 10 The Social Network (2010)

Knightley,Portman, Hathaway battle it out for Batman

O L LY W O O D ’ S hottest actresses K e i r a Knightley, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway and Rachel Weisz are apparently in the race to join the new Batman cast. Director Christopher Nolan has also lined up two blondes - Blake Lively and Naomi Watts - to



meet with as he casts two leading ladies for The Dark Knight Rises, the upcoming third installment of the superhero franchise. The super-secretive filmmaker is on the hunt for a female villain and a love interest for Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne. Speculation has been rife about the forthcoming blockbuster ’s plot details, with recent reports suggesting Tom Hardy will play Batman’s foe in the follow-up to 2008’s The Dark Knight. The earlier Batman films had Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal playing the lead roles.

Fergie ‘has no plans for solo album yet’ ergie has insisted that she will not release a solo album anytime in the near future. The Black Eyed Peas singer said that she prefers to concentrate on other projects, including the band’s forthcoming album The Beginning and a collaboration with Slash. “We have The Beginning, which is coming out now, so I’m all about Black Eyed Peas right now,” she explained. “And Slash, my inner rock chick coming out in that world. I’ve got my footwear that I’m concentrating on; that’s a big [project].” Asked what fans can expect from The Beginning, Fergie said: “You should expect deeper, a little bit darker electro beats and a little bit more of relationship issues on this one. A lot of funny stuff as well.” courtesy digitalspy


‘ Twilight’ dominates People’s Choice nominations JAKARTA: A model presents a creation by designer Tex Saverio on the last day of Jakarta Fashion Week. R E U T E R S

WILIGHT” stole the limelight at the People’s Choice nominations with eight nods for its “Eclipse” installment and stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. In an awards show that also celebrates the most popular stars in music and television, musical


W onderland”, the Leonardo DiCaprio thriller “Inception”, superhero action movie “Iron Man 2” and animated family film “Toy Story 3.” Pattinson, Lautner and Stewart were all nominated for favorite actor or actress, and the trio also got a nod for best onscreen team.

In television, Britney Spears and Neil Patrick Harris were nominated for the TV guest star award for appearances in “Glee”, while two of the program’s stars, Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison, are among those competing for favorite TV comedy actress and actor. Old favorites “Gossip Girl”,

comedy “Glee” and its cast earned five nominations, and singers Katy Perry, Eminem and Lady Gaga also made a strong showing. The nominations were selected by 35 million votes cast by US pop culture fans. The People’s Choice Awards, hosted by Queen Latifah, will be given out in a televised ceremony in Los Angeles on January 5 in one of the earliest shows in Hollywood’s awards season. “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”, will compete for favorite movie against “Alice in

Pattinson and Stewart earned more nominations in the category for movie stars under 25 yearsold, along with former “High School Musical” actors Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, and “Harry Potter” actress Emma W atson. Angelina Jolie was the sole female entry in the action star category for her role as a spy in the thriller “Salt”, which also picked up an action movie nomination. Facebook film “The Social Network” earned just one nomination in the favorite drama category.

“The Vampire Diaries”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “How I Met Your Mother” and “Two and a Half Men” were among the nominees for favorite TV drama or comedy. MTV reality show “Jersey Shore”, and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” were among the favorite TV “guilty pleasure” nominees. W inners of the People’s Choice Awards will be chosen by public voting online at w w Voting in most categories will end on December 7. R E U T E R S

C O L D P L AY PLANS CHRISTMAS CHARITY SHOWS OLDPLAY has announced two “hidden” Christmas gigs to benefit the homeless. The band will play for just 1,000 people


each night, announcing the venue the day before they appear on stage. While Coldplay’s intentions are commendable and their gift is generous, the band’s statement about the concerts betrays a lack of perspective. By surprising fans with the venues,

they explained, “gig-goers [will experience] a small taste of the uncertainty faced by the thousands of homeless people who do not know where they will

spend the night”. Coldplay has played only eight concerts in 2010, spending most of the year working on their fifth album. These shows, in Liverpool on 19 December and Newcastle on 20 December, will benefit the homeless charity Crisis. The clubs were chosen

“for their intimate nature”, much smaller than Coldplay’s typical tour venues. Tickets cost £50, and will be on sale Friday. Although there will be a

small allotment for international fans, most of the tickets will be set aside for residents of Liverpool and Newcastle. For each night, 230 tickets will be sold at auction, including VIP passes that include a champagne reception and meeting with the band.



Taurus /

Gemini /

Vrushaba Rasi

Mithuna Rasi

March 21 - April 19

April 20 - May 20

May 21 - June 20

The Sun is in Scorpio, making this a week when your passion may get the better of you. associated with other countries. Venus is retrograde for a while longer, so be careful with all negotiations and financial dealings. People are more likely to break their promises.

The focus on your house of sex equals passion and means instant chemistry for whatever you're doing. your own space and some freedom to experiment socially. It's time to get away from the usual crowd and meet some very different friends who can offer new experiences.

Venus is retrograde, which enables you to negotiate with a smile and still get your way. But be careful, but you're even more so right now. Others may find you hard to resist, so use this to your advantage. Mercury in Sagittarius enables you to talk your way in and out of any deal.

Cancer /

Leo /

Virgo /

Karkataka Rasi

Simha Rasi

Kanya Rasi

June 22 - July 22

July 23 - Aug 22

Aug 23 - Sept 22

Look to your dreams, as they may be able to show you a new path, one of great relevance to you. Don't waste this form of guidance the unexpected, and then have fun. Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces will enhance your intuition. Listen to your heart.

Don't be so hard on yourself. There are many reasons to be you can rise above the urge to be self-critical, Saturn in Libra is helping you market yourself, and the Sun in Scorpio is encouraging you to think about the possibility of working from home.

The focus on your home zone is great for entertaining and another country. This is the week to hold all those conversations with lovers, potential lovers, financial advisers, friends, brothers, sisters, clients, and business partners. You need to talk!

Libra /

Scorpion /

Sagittarius /

Tula Rasi

Vruschika Rasi

Dhannus Rasi

Sept 23 - Oct 22

Oct 23 - Nov 21

Nov 22 - Dec 21

Even though romance isn't your main priority, you still have options for some interesting encounters, for Venus retrograde. Since it's your joint financial planet, this isn't the best time to arrange loans or go over your limit. Wait until after November 18 for best results.

You're in love with love, but you need emotional space and to feel you are your own and discovering other groups and interests. There is also a chance that one meeting may bring you far more than you bargained for. There could be a special kind of chemistry in the air.

The ball is in your court where your love life is concerned, especially at the start of the week. You're the one who makes the suggestions stay tuned to your intuition. It's valuable at this time. Make time to entertain, too. It will be delightful!

Capricorn /

Aquarius /

Pisces /

Kumba Rasi

Meena Rasi

Makara Rasi Dec 22 - Jan 19

Jan 20 - Feb 18

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Your dating activities should be a great success. You feel free enough to unleash your passion. to start your own \books, and come up with fabulous moneymaking ideas. You're both practical and spiritual. It may be a formula for success!

The Sun in your career zone continues to bring you many opportunities to shine. perspectives on life and love. Getting together with those on your wavelength will do you a world of good, whether you're seeking a whole new relationship or are already involved in one.

It still isn't the best time to apply for that loan or go over your credit limit. If you need help career zone are encouraging you to take greater responsibility for your actions and stand up for your beliefs. You're developing a philosophy of success that's beginning to work for you.

MOVING ON "Letting go has never been easy, but holding on can be as difficult. Yet strength is measured not by holding on, but by letting go." ~ Len Santos

"Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward." ~ Unknow

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." ~ Dr. Seuss

"I'm working to improve my methods, and every hour I save is an hour added to my life." ~Ayn Rand

""Letting go isn't about giving up. It's about accepting that there are things that cannot be." ~ Unknown

"I don't want to lose you but I don't want to use you just to have someone by my side." ~ Patty Smyth

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us" ~ Joseph Campbell

"You are responsible for your life. You can't keep blaming somebody else for your dysfunction. Life is really about moving on." ~ Oprah Winfrey

"I chose and my world was shaken. So what? The choice may have been mistaken; the choosing was not. You have to move on." ~ Stephen Sondheim "Loving someone is setting them free, letting them go." ~ Kate Winslet "Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go." ~ Hermann Hesse "If you haven't the strength to impose your own terms upon life, you must accept the terms it offers you." ~ T. S. Eliot









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