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WEEK_10 ACTIVITY: 'ON SITE' (TAKE2) OVAL PAVILION This site is redeveloped since the original 'New Pavilion' which constructed in 1906 was largely damaged by fire in 1950 1. Until 2 September 2013, most of the basement block work is completed, and footing have been poured for the external seating area and retaining walls. Work has also commenced on the refurbishment of the heritage building 2.

Those footing and deep concrete (put concrete in the boxes) are used to support the retaining wall above and the drain-pipe will be placed under the retaining wall and above the concrete so that the water will come into the drain so it can keep the water away from the building. The timbers are LVL which will used to build the strong base and it is very different to MDF. We can see layers when we look at the cross section. Laminated Veneer Lumber is a high-strength engineered wood product made from veneers bonded together under heat and pressure. It is used for permanent structural applications including beams and rafters 3. Structural wall (load-bearing wall) with water proofing material. There are holes on concrete wall below the footings so that water can flow pass. (Glazing cannot used in the structural wall since it might be damaged.) 1

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The Z- shaped deck is used to support the ceiling and holding every member flashing. A joint made by fitting a tongue on the edge of a board into a matching groove on another board. 4 The joints are make at the side of each board (floor board) and is able to connect to the next perfectly. They are seen the most today in decking of floors and made from hardwood. Classic housing all have wooden floors, hence this technique came into being and is used to connect the boards for security and strongness. 5


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