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Week 2 tutorial journal This week we needed to use 40 long thin strips to build a frame structure building. Our design for the building mode is based on the shape of isosceles triangle, regular triangle and regular


hexagon (hopefully but got errors during the hand-making processes). Strips are connected by mask tape. The bottom shape is a regular hexagon with the side length of 15cm. Then we started to build regular triangle with the same side length. After that we built a regular hexagon again with the side length of 15cm. Also, we added beams between to make it more stable. (This base is quit strong). Next step was stated to make the building taller. So we chose strips with longer length to make a “vertically stretched� isosceles triangle shape. Then a hexagon with side length of 10cm, repeated building regular triangle with 10cm side length and

5cm side length hexagon after that.

We saw some of the beams and columns bent (because of the error occurred when cutting and connecting, the length of strips are not like what we expected). Because of that we started to add beams at the weak points of the building and made it stronger. But when we tested the building by adding weigh, we realized that the long strips in the building bent heavily. It is not symmetrical as can be seen in the picture shown below, when the weigh was added, it stated to tilt and then damaged.

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