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BA FILM 2013

2. University of Gloucestershire (2010/2011)

Qila Gill

Qila Gill

of imagining reality.

3. Middlesex University (2011/2012) 4. Middlesex University (2012/2013) 5. Internships 6. Volunteering 7. Others

Qila Gill Personal Development Portfolio

8. Conclusion

Qila Gill

Qila Gill

of imagining reality.

Qila Gill Personal Development Portfolio


“ What switched me to films was the flood of American pictures into Paris after the Liberation.” - Francois Truffaut The man who changed my life forever was a cinephile, an auteur and one of the pioneer of french new wave cinema. Francois Truffaut to me is god of cinema. His passion for the cinema is so powerful that he gave me the will power to pursuit my dream and that I know despite all the odds, I belong in the film world. May 22nd 2009, was the first time I first encounter with the director on screen. I have seen a couple of his film before and read about him but never had the chance to see him on screen. Francois Truffaut, an autobiography a documentary by Ane Andreu pushed me to finally pursue my dreams in filmmaking.

After that day, I changed my major from engineering to media studies. Over my summer holidays, I tried to exposed myself to the world of filmmaking. I attended screenings, talks, festivals and even got myself a job as runner on a Chinese TV show even though I don’t even speak Mandarin! I was so keen on getting to know the world of cinema. Later in college, i took more media related subjects and started to do backstage work at one of Malaysia’s leading performance art centre, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre(KLPAC). My job was mainly to do with building the sets and props. I also assisted the stage manager while working backstage at KLPAC. I than work there as a front of house member where i handle merchandise and tickets for not only theatre performance but screenings and other live events. Here at KLPAC, i was exposed to so many talents and made friends with them who are already involved in the art world, giving me a chance to spread my wings and learn more about the art industry. It was also at this time, my first love of the performance world truly begin.


As I am very keen on learning more about european cinema, I decided to pursue my career in film in the UK. I would have love to go on to continue my studies in France but it would have taken me years to perfectly be fluent in french and England was the closest I could get to France without waiting years to learn the language as I am fluent in English. As I do not have a foundation in media and was on a credit transfer program, I was limited with the choices of university that I could apply to. I was luckily to be accepted to University of Gloucestershire with the credits I have. I reckon, its perhaps during the interview, my ongoing chat on how much admire the french new wave cinema and my interest on auteur theory must have had something to do with me getting in. Either way, I am grateful that I was accepted in. The first term of my first year at University of Gloucestershire involves getting familiar with camera equipments and the cinematography aspect of it. We used the Canon XM2 in the first year. We also learned how to use Final Cut Pro as an editing software. We than also learned about lighting and sound designing. For each module we had to create a short clip or video for it. During my first year I managed to create a documentary, three short films, a music video,wrote a script and recreate the sound design for the opening scene of Gangs of New York. The documentary that I made was about one of the first year music student, Carl Pinto. We decided to make a documentary on him because he came across as a very shy person and that not many people know he is actually a very talented musician. During this production my job was mainly focused on sound and co director. I familiarize my self with the different kind of microphones and made use of different type of microphones for different environments and situations. I learned how using different microphones can give you different quality of sound and it is crucial that one gets it right as sound is extremely important in a film.

As for the first short film I made focused on the usage of lighting. The film is called Stoned Up and is about a student who was playing truant and decided to smoke up instead. In the film we started with low key lighting and showed high key lighting where he enters his hallucination world. Here my main job was the lighting woman. I had to set up the lighting according to the director’s vision. What I learned from this proces is that with lighting there is never right or wrong but its a matter of trying all you can to get the lighting according to what you want. it make take awhile but its definitely crucial to get it right as it will definitely change the aesthetic of the film. The second short film that I made was titled Agoraphobia. As the title suggest it is about a guy who fears to be out in a public, so he spends his time in orders collecting newspapers where he gets his input of what is going outside of the four walls of his apartment. Here I focused on set designing. Building up a living room in the studio and than decorating it to the director’s vision is a lot of hard work. I had to gather lots of materials such as newspapers ( feels like a lorry of it! ) , magazines, old computer and telephone as the film is set in the 90s and many other detailed objects. It was not easy to find certain details but thank you charity shops! We had to build the set and film it within two days as we were limited with time and space as the studio was fully booked. it was a challenge to do it but we managed it quite well. From this I learned that set designing is a very detailed job that every small item makes the different on screen. Hence making me aware to always remember the details in my films just how Wes Anderson is very particular about his filmeven the time on the clock must be precise.

The third short film that I worked on was about two best friends who was involved in a car accident. The protagonist of the film thinks that her friend died in the accident but it was revealed at the end of the film ( which is the twist in the film ) that she is the one who is actually dead and not the her best friend. I wanted to brush up my editing skills and decided to edit the film. I find it easy to work when you have a storyboard to work with. The most challenging part in editing is that how do you put all the footages together seamlessly. I am glad that I did manage it well enough to edit the film and not change the narration of the story as the director saw it. However, I did change the way the story was told by using flashback as I thought it would have told the story better than just having it in a linear form. My first ever music video was for a friend who was music student at the same university. Pete was a musician who writes and sings his own songs. For this project I focused on producing it. My job mostly was make sure this film gets done and that we had the crew and the equipments , location scouting and making sure it all goes well and finished on time. I also helped out on the editing as a second pair of eyes. While making this video, I was still familiarizing myself with framing, exposure and technical aspects of Canon XM 2. This video was one of the first brief that involves use making a video longer than 90 seconds. In my sound design class, we were put in groups of three or four and we had to choose to an opening scene from a list of five films that was given to use and recreate the sound and find a suitable soundtrack that is suitable for it. My group chose to the the opening scene of Gangs Of New York as we thought it would be fun trying to create the chanting and metal sounds that was very dominant in the clip. We recorded the sound that we created using so many different kind of materials. Banging on metals, rubbing on pebbles and getting friends and family to help with the dialogues in the clip. Here I learned

how to work with actors. We recorded all of the sound in the sound studio. This is my first time working in the sound studio and was indeed an exciting time using the recording studio. I learned that foley in sound design is not an easy work to do. It takes you lot of time and materials to recreate or create a certain noise or sound. Best thing I learned from this was that in creating sound, the material that used to create the sound for the film can be completely different to what the object is on film. Finally, I also wrote a script in my first year of film studies in University of Gloucestershire. I developed a script about a fluid ball that was searching for its identity. Personally, I have always enjoyed my film with less dialogue and saw this short script as an animation piece with a soundtrack to help narrate the story. Also after few assignments, I thought for the class, I thought I would challenge myself to write a non dialogue script. The script is called Identity. I struggled a lot to write this film as expressing emotions and narrating a story through writing visuals is not as easy as it is when you can convey a message through dialogue. But I am lucky to have Tracy Symonds mentoring me and helping me develop the script. This is the point where I realize that writing for screen is exciting and that I would love to develop more of my ideas and hoping to film it all someday. In conclusion, my first year in University of Gloucestershire was more on exposing myself to the craft of filmmaking focusing mostly on the technical aspects of making a film and getting myself use to editing software and realizing the kind of films that I will like to make in the future. What I learned as a whole in my first year that my interest is in developing ideas and that I wanted to learn more of the theoretical aspect of films and that I wanted to explore more on experimental films.


Over the summer of 2011, I went on to apply for universities in London that offered me the course structure that gave me the chance to grow as a filmmaker but also stay within the academic context. After much evaluation, I am very pleased to say that I have chosen the right university to accomplish my dream of becoming a filmmaker. Middlesex University definitely understand my needs. Having said that, I am by all means not dismissing my previous university. It is a brilliant establishment but I just wanted to explore other areas and also did not help that I felt in love with London as a city. In the first semester at Middlesex University, I had three modules to take. Film theory was compulsory to all and we had the option to do two of the following choices : (i) documentary (ii) film and innovation (iii) screenwriting An obvious choice would definitely be film and innovation and i decided to continue developing my writing skills so I took screenwriting class in the hope that David Cottis will work his magic on me and am the next best screenwriter! One can only hope. For my screenwriting class we had weekly briefs that were given to us to help develop our idea for our final script. The briefs helped us in understanding how to develop not only just the stories but the characters too and also how to write dialogues that is believable and so on. There were a lot of polishing and rewriting drafts were involve in getting the script ready for the screen. I also learned that comedy is not the easiest to write, It takes lot of brain cells to work around making a simple joke. It may be funny in your head but will other people laugh? That is the question one need to answer and it is definitely not the easiest task! Salute to all the comedian, comedy writers and everyone who is involved in the comedy world. Salute to all your wonderful comical comments and anecdotes. This class thought me to understand screenwriting in more depth and I learned that writing a script was not exactly

my forte. Writing does not come naturally to me as others as with my writing am more straight forward and lets get to the point. Or I will end up writing in phrases of fragments of sentences. I am much of an elaborator as I tend to think that it is best to just say what one need to say. This is a skill I definitely need to focus more on. My script for the class titled The Killer in Me was about a woman who was obsessed with collecting fetus. She went crazy after she lost her first child due to miscarriage. So she goes out having random unprotected sex with strangers just so that she could abort the growing seed in and collects them like dolls. This was how she tried to show affection to her unborn child. I was then slightly obsessed with the issue of abortion. Mostly due to the news on how countries are trying to make it legal and how others are voting no and also having close people around me that was going through it at the moment made me thought of writing a story revolving the issue. This was actually not my original idea. I am at lost what my original idea was but this was a last minute change and I was on a very tight deadline in finishing the script. It was not my best piece of writing definitely but I intend on polishing it as I think that it would be good challenge especially in trying to make a fetus. In the same semester I also did film and innovation. The class was divided to two parts as we had two different tutors teaching slightly different approach on the alternate route of filmmaking. Guy Sherwin thought us more on the avant- garde side of experimental films and Magnus Moar focused on the more technology based of making experimental films. I was more keen on exploring films that investigate moving images with the presence of avant- movement in the cultural field. In his class, Guy spoiled us with knowledge of artist not only in United Kingdom but also international artist such as Yayoi Kusama and Ai Wei Wei. As for Magnus, he let us investigate the usage of kinect technology and project mapping.

We were given a task to create our own five minute piece for this class and the theme and style of the video can be absolutely anything. I attended the class already with an idea In mind. I have always had this image of a hijab girl holding hands with another girl who is topless and her underwear reads I Love Girls. The idea came about in one of my conversations that I have with my friends discussing the topic of lesbianism. Having brought up in a country that still consider this topic as a taboo and yet still am surrounded with many gays around me, I find it hard not to speak about this topic. I finally decided to pursue this idea and made into a short moving image in regards to commotion that was taken place in my home country, Malaysia where the government labeled the Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people as being morally ill beings and has dismissed the LGBT organizations to have their freedom to speak their words. Positively channeling my anger towards this issue, i finally made my piece titled My Secret Panties. The piece focus on the secret desire of two Muslim women wanting to be together. I decided to you the opening Surah from the the Quran as my soundtrack. The reason being is that I wanted to show that despite being gay that does not mean they dismiss their religion or disrespecting it. The reason for such is because it is rather difficult to witness the close minded society that surrounds the nation about this issue and how they suggest that the LGBT community is following the wrong and evil path of living. For this project I did a tremendous amount of research on artist such as Shirin Neshat, Barbara Hammer, Jayne Parker, Gunvor Nelson, Ai Wei Wei and Jo Ann Kaplan. My main focused was on the works of Barbara Hammer and Shirin Neshat. Hammer is a lesbian filmmaker and most of her films relate to the subject matter therefore it is a no brainer that her works are very much relevant to my piece. As for Shirin Neshat, her collection of works titled Women of Allah was my main focus. It was relevant in the visual dialogue that I wanted to create with my audience.

In film theory classed I was assigned to do a presentation on the director Abbas Kiarostami and Iranian Cinema. At that point when I was given the task, I was not familiar with any of Kiarostami’s work but I am glad that I had to do a presentation on him although I was a tad devastated that I did not have the chance to talk about Agnes Varda nonetheless I am pleased with my brief. Here I discovered more about Iranian Cinema and develop a deeper understanding on Iranian New Wave which shared a similar ideology of the european art films. How can one not be happy to be talking about that? Having to do research on him, I also came across the likes of other Iranian filmmaker such as Jafar Panahi, Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Parviz Kimiavi. In this class I gained further comprehension on more film theories and it has helped me to approach watching films or even making film in a whole new level. I know focus more on the why is a film done in such way and what are the messages that these films are trying to tell us the audience. For the second half of my second year of film studies, we had to work on a short film for our producing and directing class. We had to each take on one major role on the film we will be working on. The four major roles are Director, Producer, Editor or Director of Photography. I was playing around the idea of either to do producing as I have never actually done proper producing role. Yes, before this I have briefly produce films in my first year but it was not professionally done and more of trying to learn about the role and understanding what is the role of a producer. Having gone through the script pole , I found a handful of script that was rather interesting and would have loved to make it into a film. One of the script was Holy Water. One of my classmates approached me about the script and thought that I might be interested in it and told me if I am interested she is trying to get people to work on it. So thats when it was decided that Holy Water is the film that I was going to produce as my second year final film project.

Producing Holy Water was such a challenging experience. It was my first time working and collaborating with other people that I was just acquainted to.I was still trying to get to know my classmate as I was a transfer student. This project not only helped me grow as a filmmaker but also helped to work along other people and develop my people skills. What I learn about producing a film is that the film won’t happen if the producer does not do his or her job and also a lot of paper work is involved in producing a film. As the producer for this film, I had to scout for locations, crew, finding actors and setting up auditions and rehearsals, getting room for auditions and rehearsals and making sure that I get all the equipments, sort out the food on shooting and rehearsal days, coming out with a budget for the film specifying how much money is located for each area of the film such as the props and costumes, traveling, food,location budget and also taking account on extra spending especially with administrative work. I also had to do the scheduling for the production. I started of making a schedule as whole production than breaking it down to monthly, weekly and eventually daily and I had to make sure I took account of everyone’s availability including cast and crew. I set up meeting for the cast and crew to build up chemistry and to make sure that we all communicated well so that the production will run smoothly. Eventually, I was to make sure that the final product was ready to be sent off and was properly packed in a dvd with a nicely done dvd case. The biggest lesson that I learned from this production was communication between cast and crew is majorly important. One must understand each other and also trust each other to do their part in making a production successful. It is when we have an understanding,it is easier to convey the message of a film and also it makes the production much more enjoyable to work on. I am very happy to say that this production was run smoothly with a bit of small bumps along the way but as an overall production, it was a good run indeed. I am happy that both cast and crew are very pleased with the final film.


Final year of undergraduate studies. The year that will determined the future of my dream to venture in the film industry. As for the final year of my studies, we are given the opportunity to do any kind of project for our final piece. Some decided to make short films, some decided to do documentaries,others decided to write a script and one decided to do an installation. As for me, I decided to direct and produce an experimental dance film for my final year. Why dance film? During the summer of 2012, I have been questioning on what should my final year project be on. I realized by than that I was slightly obsessed with Jo Ann Kaplan’s work ONE TWO THREE. I was fascinated by the idea of choreographing the dance through editing. She worked with alongside a choreographer to create the dance. I was also at that time familiarizing myself with the works of Maya Deren. Having to learn that dance on screen is not all about the dancer on screen fascinates me. I wanted to explore how the production of a film is also a form of dance. The idea of the dance was based on the delusion called the cotard delusion. I am not a morbid person but have always been fascinated by the idea of death. I came across this delusion where people with this disorder beliefs that they are a walking corpse in other word dead. At the early stage of idea developing, I was keen on using installation in my piece and have the dancer dancing in front of the screen. This was so that people would understand or at least know what the dance is all about. Because during the first three weeks of class, when I talked about what my I plan to do for my project, no one knew about the delusion. Hence, I thought with images playing in the background would help convey the message.

However as the time goes by and after many stage of developing the idea and the dance ( this was done throughout the whole pre production period until about a month and a half before the shoot) , I came to a conclusion that with this film what I wanted to achieve is that firstly that I want to show that its not all about the dancer on screen but the film itself is a dance as the camera moves like a dancer and the lighting creates a kind of movement within the space and the subject on screen ( dancer) and the sound act as a catalyst towards the narration of the film. I did not give the film a title until I finally finished locking the images. The reason being is not that I did not want to name it but I was still unsure of what I should call it. But after critically analyzing it and having to go through crits and talks with my supervisor, Guy Sherwin, I decided to call it Deliriant. It was James Carlton comment during the crit that got me questioning myself about what exactly do I want my audience to feel and understand. After a painful week of torturing myself to answer the question, I came to realize that why I really wanted to converse with the audience is that some point in our life we all have felt a bit confused, deluded, anxious and lost. This is what I wanted the audience to feel and understand with my film. Hence the title Deliriant. At this point my film is currently in post production. Benjamin Charles is my sound designer and I am working alongside him to finalized the soundtrack for the film. With this project I learned how to be a director in the unconventional way. What I mean by this is that, I do not work on a typical script as my script is me and my choreographer Lewis Jenks discussing and planning out movements. I do have a storyboard that I worked with my Director of Photography in creating the camera movements. I than worked with my editor to try and recreate the original but also made slight changes to it so that I can recreate another dance in editing. Lastly, I work with my sound designer and directing him on the specific sound for the movements. This piece is definitely a collaborative work.

Other than our dissertation project, we also had two other modules. FIlm theory and Film Research and Context. As for film theory we learned more in depth of the theories that were thought before and also talked about other theories as well. For this class, I had to write two essay and do a presentation on my project. For first essay, I wrote my essay on third cinema and I used Holy Mountain directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky opening scene to discussing the three different phase of Cinema Novo. I wanted to expand my knowledge on other cinema. As I personally enjoy european art cinema specifically French New Wave and I had the chance to further explore Iranian Cinema, so this time around I thought it would be best for me to research more on south american cinema as I was an admirer of Jodorowsky’s works. My second essay was about feminist film theory. As I have always considered myself a feminist ( not that we should be labeling ourselves) and I have always wanted to make more films involving women on and off camera. Did I mention my crew for Holy Water was all girls? unintentionally too. My topic focused on empowering women in cinema exploring both women behind and in front of the camera. This essay thought me more on how I as a women filmmaker is also an asset to the film industry because my stories matter and that Mulvey’s believe on the audience having to read a film through the eyes of a heterosexual male is irrelevant. In Film Research and Context class we investigated how the finance, distribution, marketing and exhibition in the film industry works. This class also further develop our research skills and help us prepare for employment after university. This portfolio of mine is part of the module assessment.

The aim for this is that at the end of my course I will be able to present myself in a more professional way and also showcase my progress throughout my undergraduate years. I find this rather helpful as I would have not considered to show my progress to my employers as I would think it is best to be more straightforward and show them what I can do and what are my skills. However I believe with this book, not only it shows my dedication towards the film industry but how am always inspired and passionate about it. I am a very hardworking person who never quits until I achieved my goals. Give a task and I will finish it. As I learn more about the ins and outs of the film industry, I came to realize that ultimately I would like to curate films for cinema, galleries and festivals. Therefore , this class has helped develop me to comprehend the issues or aspects that as a curator, one should be accustomed to. As I also wanted to further develop my role as a producer, therefore I decided to produce Benjamin Charles’s film titled Chromasy. The film is explores sounds sculpture and sound design. The director creates digital images that moves and shape according to the composition of the music or track. The reason why I decided to produce this piece is because I am very fascinated by the idea and was very intrigue by the concept of it. Also it is an experimental piece hence wanting to venture in that field I ought this would be a good addition to my resume. Other than that,I was a first assistant director on two other short films titled How not to Handle a situation a comedy directed by Dale Brodie and Ripples directed by Maria Barsukova. I wanted to further engage my role in the production side of filmmaking hence working as first assistant director for both this film lets me do just that. I made sure that both films where finished on time and followed the schedule and occasionally I helped out on sound.


SPECTACLE ( August 2011) Spectacle is a television production company that focuses on documentary and community led investigative journalism and participatory media. Spectacle is also part of Moving Image Training Alliance (MITA). I did a fifteen days internship here and I worked on the project titled Shaker Aamer : A decade of Injustice. The project is about the last british resident that is still held in Guantanamo Bay who was captured during the 9/11 tragedy. He has obtained the rights to leave Guantanamo but has yet to be released to date. I worked on setting up meetings with the founder of Cordoba Foundation, Anas Altikriti who is a prominent figure in the Muslim community in Britain is an international advocate on the issues revolving the Muslim community. I also set up another meeting with Ilyas Townsend from Justice for Aafia Coalition to get his view on the ongoing issue. Apart from that filming interviews with Joy Hurcombe and Dan Viesnik from London Guantanamo Campaign, I also filmed the monthly demonstration that is held in front of the American Embassy. During this internship, I also helped out on the sound recording for a video that Spectacle was working on for The Howard League for Penal Reform. Other than that, I did a bit of editing, DVD burning and labeling and also the usual administrative work while I was at Spectacle.

At Spectacle I expand my knowledge of camera as we filmed on Sony V1 and X1. Brushed up on my editing skills and also worked on my production skills. My time here was invaluable. I was not only just an intern that brings the boss coffee but having to actually work on real projects definitely helped me boost my confidence to go out and work on more professionally projects. Mark Saunders is a brilliant mentor and an excellent employer. He is a wonderful teacher and never gets tired of teaching us intern and always tries to give us more in depth scoop on investigative journalism, documentary making and film distribution.

LONDON MENA FILM FESTIVAL ( JULY - NOV 2011) Middle East and North Africa I came across this festival while I was surfing the internet looking up on film festivals around London. I thought it was an interesting film festival as I know it was an upcoming festival and was approaching films from region that did not really have that much attention. Coming from a country that the film industry is not internationally recognized, i find it rather intriguing and was interested to get involved with this newcomer in the film festival circuit. At that time the email that was on the website was only a general email for me to contact them. So I did send an email saying how I am interested to interned for the festival as I was curious on the production side of how a film festival works. Mohsin Lahkim who is now the Director of Development of the festival got in touch with me and we had a chat/interview on what I can do for the festival. I was given the task to make a promotional video for them to screen for the opening night of the festival that was being held in November 2011. I went out on the street, getting the public’s view and knowledge on films from the Middle East and North Africa region. I produced, directed and edited the five minute piece. This was my first actual video that has been screened publicly. I then help them for the launch week of the festival. I was given the task to help out on the guest list and ticketing. On the launch day , I help setting up the venue and was part of the front of house team.

From this internship, I learned who a festival director work on getting funding and also how to get companies and individuals to invest in a film festival. Also I am grateful that I had creative control over the video I made and this helped expand my creativity on a more professional level. As at this point, I had only basic knowledge of filmmaking. I am happy to say that the video was well received by the audience and the festival crew.


SHORT+SWEET THEATRE MALAYSIA 2009 I worked as a backstage crew member for this one week production. I assisted the stage manager and also worked on building up the sets and props. I also got the opportunity to look at how the sound engineer and lighting crew work. How they manage to get the cue rights and how it is so essential in glueing the performance and technical aspect in a live show. I gained many friends and contacts through this experience. I than went on to work for Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre ( KLPAC) as a front of house member. The Short+Sweet Production started of in Australia and has globally expand and the Malaysian production started in 2008 and has always been held at KLPAC.

FREEDOM FILM FESTIVAL 2009 The Malaysian Popular Communications Centre for Human Rights ( KOMAS) holds the freedom film festival as an annual program. It is where most budding activist and filmmakers showcase their work that revolves around human rights issues. I found out about this festival as I was an active member of the Seksualiti Merdeka a non governmental LGBT organization. Most of the events that was organize by Seksualti Merdeka took place at the same place where the film festival was held every year. As a volunteer for the festival, I helped coordinate the three days event from doing front of house job such as checking guest lists, handling tickets and to doing the technical part of the screening of films where I helped out with making sure the level of sound was alright and the microphones were working. I was exposed more on human rights issues that happening locally and internationally during my time at the festival and this has led me to hopefully do more documentaries in the future.

BIRDS EYE VIEW FILM FESTIVAL 2011 As a volunteer at this film festival, I mostly helped out as an usher. On the opening night, I had to make sure that press received all press kit and had helped out on setting up the after show drinks. This is was my first networking moment where I had the chance to get to know people who were doing art in London. As it was my first year in United Kingdom, it was mostly trying to get to know the culture and the industry. I am pleased I chose a festival that supports women in film.

FILM ON FRIDGES 2011 The mission of the organizer of this festival was to activate and animate vacant or underutilized spaces in creative and interesting ways. This festival was the first project. I thought the idea of the festival was interesting and was keen on getting involves. I again did mostly ushering and help set up the venue for the screening. I met amazing talents and am glad I had the opportunity to work alongside them all.

RAINDANCE SATURDAY FILM CLASS 2011 I contacted Raindance Film Festival asking if I could do an internship for them. However at the time, they were not looking for one and offered me if I wanted to help them out for their Saturday Film Class. I also got a change to attend a the class for free on top of it. I helped set up the auditorium where the class was being held and made sure everyone had the handbook and also was there as a point of contact for any inquires about the class on that particular day. I had the chance to meet Elliot Grove. He gave some useful advice on filmmaking but most of it all the best advice was definitely that you should never stop doing the thing you love. And that is exactly what I plan to do.


Old Mutual Corporate Video. (Freelance)

Filmpro Marketing assistant. (Freelance)

I helped out as a sound recordist on this shoot. We had to shoot two different video. One was about the contact centre in Southampton and the other video was about the Director of Skandia ( member of Old Mutual) visit and meeting with the people at the contact centre. It was a great shoot and the production went smoothly.

I was a runner for the film COnscription directed by Caglar Kimyoncu who is the founder of filmpro. After the production days, we stayed in contact and was offered to come on board to help with the PR and marketing for the film that will be exhibited in May 2013. I mostly work on making contacting the press in regards to the show and making sure that the receive all documents and informations for the exhibition.

Conscription, a multimedia installation (Runner)

The Random Brown Boy Theatre Project (Actress)

COnscription is a multimedia installation exploring the call-up to military service for people who don't 'fit the mould'. It is directed by Caglar Kimyoncu.

I got the opportunity to work with a team on a promotional sketch for a company that promotes healthy living in primary and high schools in Peninsular Malaysia. We travelled to forty different primary schools and fifty different high schools.

On this production, I mostly did help out with the catering and occasionally running around getting stuff.But what was most invaluable asset that I learned during my time on this production is having to see how a director works and how improvisation with the actors and developing the characters can change a lot on set and not everything on paper( script) is final.

This is when I polished my people skill and got over my stage fright. It was a good exposure to see on how it is like to be on stage and not on the other side of it. It helped me understand how it is like to be a performer.

Serious Screenwriting 2011 with The Script Factory and BAFTA.

Scriptwriting for TV Documentary with News Straits Times.

I won a bursary from BAFTA to attend this workshop. Here we were thought on mostly script development and also on how to get out script read by the people in the industry and how to get an agent.

News Straits Times is a well known english newspaper in Malaysia. The course was tought by Azrain Ariffin a Malaysian filmmaker and was the class included amateur filmmakers to industry people.

Apart from that there were plenty of talks over the weekend and also throughout out the whole weekend, it was mostly a networking event for all of us. There were people from the industry that we could meet and greet and share our ideas with. It was a good exposure to be around talented people.

Here I learned in depth about writing for documentary and developing ideas for documentary and also how script works on its own.This was my first ever class that I attend that was taught by a professional. Before this class, most of my knowledge of films were self taught.


So where do I stand after years of exploring this industry that I would like to be married to someday. From the girl who was not too sure about what she wanted to precisely do in the film industry and saying yes to everything, I now know that my main interest in the industry is divided to two different affairs. As for more narrated work, I know my love is for the production value of it. Location scouting, looking for crews, making up budgets, all that tideous work behind making of a film that no one actually notice, iI enjoy doing it. Paperwork can be extremely annoying sometimes but when the end product is a gem, nothing beats that satisfying feeling. I hope to be producing more exciting works in the future. On the other hand, I will still continue making experimental films. I adore the concept of moving images and would love to explore it even further. What I like most about making experimental films is the idea of engaging an experiment on issues and technicality of what is happening around us. I like experimenting with things. Just how I experiments with different roles throughout my years of studying, how I experiments with different approaches to showcase my work or simply by experimenting with issues that are happening around us and converting them into a visual pleasure( at least I hope so) for an audience. Experimental films not only let me convey my thoughts and imagination into visuals that seem to at least make sense to me, but it also developed my interest on curating. I have always been fascinated by film festivals and how they curate the programs or any exhibitions for that matter. How do you decided what goes and what doesn’t? and who is these people doing it? It is through research and all the visit to galleries that kept my eagerness of wanting to answer all the above questions. So I thank moving images and all the artist that I have encounter online, in galleries or talks and a special gratitude to my supervisor Guy Sherwin who have shown my true love for films. It is the concept of gathering informations and looking for the common grounds in each film that I have had the pleasure to waste my time on. It is connecting the dots is what I love to do most.

Just how I am writing right now, connecting the dots on all past events that I have attended, all the films that I have seen, all the people that I have met and all of the work that I have worked on, I realize that it is about wanting to create a big connection on all of the things that have happened to me. Now it all make sense to why I enjoy being a producer too, it is because as a producer you are the force that connects all aspect of making the film. WIthout a producer that will be no film. Because it is the producer’s job to make sure everything is there and making sure it all goes well. Charles Kettering once said “ Keep on going and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.� Staying true to his word, I started this journey of mine stumbling across european cinema that led me to a Truffaut whom led me to believing in myself to pursue my dreams which than lead me to learning the technicality of filmmaking which than brought me to exploring experimental cinema which is where that I find myself to be most excited and intrigued by. All these experiences that i have had only brought me closer to me finding out where I stand in this industry. Therefore I hope to keep stumbling upon more happenings and finally be on the top of my game and enjoy doing it for the rest of my life. To the future of becoming an artist, producer, curator and many more.


Qila Gill  

Personal Development Portfolio

Qila Gill  

Personal Development Portfolio