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2011 Spring

Spring Health & Harmony Spring Greetings Tai Chi & Qigong Friends, A sense of renewal and new life surrounds us. The long-awaited change of winter to spring is here. Seeds sprout, flowers bloom, the sun warms the earth. We too, like every living thing in the universe, are a part of nature. Health and balance can be maintained by keeping in harmony with the cycles of the seasons. Spring is the season for change, for blossoming and to be surrounded with beauty and the powerful energy of new life. It's time for breaking out of the hibernation state of inactivity of the winter months, a time of regeneration, new beginnings, and renewal of body, mind and spirit. According to the philosophy of Chinese Medicine and principle of Wu Hsing, the Five Phases/Elements; spring is associated with the wood element. (Spring Season Health & Harmony continued on page 2)

Read about the Journey to Shangri-La, China & Tibet tour, October 12-28, on page 5

Read about the 7th Annual Qigong Women’s Retreat July 9-16, on page 4

“If you want to be healthy and live to be 100, do Qigong,” says Oprah’s Dr. Oz. “Qigong slows the aging process!” Harvard Medical School

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Spring Season Health & Harmony (continued from page 1)

It represents the dynamic energy of growth, moving outward, and pushing through obstacles and fosters dynamic movement and progress, both internally and externally. At this time of year, we usually have more energy to do things, to get moving on projects, hence the classic “spring cleaning.� At the same time, areas of stuck-ness and frustration can be much more apparent. Spring is a really good time to work on these blockages, and to get things moving so you can have access to all that great energy. The Liver is the organ/meridian system associated with spring. The Liver/Gallbladder organs are associated with the eyes, the color green, the emotion of anger (when out of balance or in excess), individuality and creativity (when in balance), the direction east, and the flavor sour. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flowing of Qi (energy) throughout the entire body. When the liver functions smoothly, physical and emotional activity also runs smoothly. Liver Qi also allows for the appropriate movement of emotions. The Liver system also governs the muscles and tendons, is responsible for storing blood and regulating the distribution of blood, is responsible for the smooth flow of mental and physical energy, and assists all the other organ systems in functioning properly. As our Liver Qi starts to flow more easily in the spring, problems that bothered us in the winter often start to feel better, and we find we have more energy and vigor. Sometimes, though, the transition can be pretty rough, and people feel more stagnant and pent-up for a while. When thwarted or constrained, Liver Qi becomes the energy of frustration, anger and stress, so unexplained frustration and anger, "flying off the handle" can be more common in this season. Spring can also be a hard time for health issues that are related to Qi stagnation. Examples include depression, muscle tightness and pain, tendonitis, digestive disorders, migraines, repressed anger and menstrual difficulties. Don’t be discouraged if these symptoms feel a little worse, just when the weather is starting to get better. Spring is a really good time to work with these conditions, because this is when these patterns are most accessible and responsive to lasting change. (continued on page 3)

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(continued from page 2)

Suggestions for Spring Get outside. The ancient Chinese looked at spring as the time of year to "rise early with the sun" and take brisk walks. Outdoor air helps the qi flow, as does exercise. If you find yourself feeling irritable, lethargic, or stuck, find some time for an outdoor activity. Get your energy moving! This is a good time of the year to include Qigong practices to heal and balance the Liver. Remember to face east, if you can. Excellent practices are Detox and Stimulate (Body Percussion Qigong), Soaring Crane Remedy Routine One: Discharging Turbid Substances from the Liver, Expelling the Venom, Five Healing Sounds and Colors and especially Medical Qigong for the Liver, which tones and heals the Liver organ/ meridian system... and keeps it in balance and harmony. It's sort of like giving yourself a Qigong, Qi energy, "Spring tune-up." The Medical Qigong we teach is a complete, integral and holistic system based on detailed techniques to prevent illness and to maintain balance and good health. It also includes methods to strengthen organs and functions and healing techniques based on the meridian system, (energy pathways), of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Eat green food and sour flavors! The recommended diet of this season is light and fresh, with yang type foods that accentuate the ascending and expansive quality of spring. Not surprisingly, green is the color that goes with spring, wood, and the liver. Green, leafy foods are especially helpful to the Liver Qi. Sour foods also help soothe and smooth the Liver Qi, and can ease the transition into spring. Here are a few food recommendation especially good for spring: Leafy green vegetables (chard, spinach, kale, mustard greens, bok choi); Young plants such as asparagus, pea shoots and chives; Sprouted beans and grains (alfalfa, clover, mung bean sprouts, wheat grass); Flavorful herbs like rosemary, dill, and basil; Light teas: green, rosebud or chrysanthemum; Sour beverages (water with lemon or lime). The best ways to prepare these foods are lightly steaming or sautÊing (cooking briefly over high heat), so they retain the most nutrients and are easier to digest. It also is better to avoid heavy foods in the spring, since they tend to bring the body into a sinking, passive, inwardmoving state so try to avoid: heavy or fatty meats, greasy or oily foods and foods high in salt. Express yourself! Tai Chi, Qigong, dancing, cooking, writing, making art or music‌ Any form of creative expression helps nourish and channel your Liver/Wood energy in a healthy way.

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Tai Chi for Seniors - Tai Chi for Health Institute - Dao of Well Being

7th Annual Qigong Women in the Wilderness Retreat "A Stress Free Place in Which to Flourish" July 9 - 16, 2011 Ely, Minnesota, USA

A Special Retreat for Women: Combining Subtle-Energy Work, the Power of Women's Wisdom and the Wisdom of Play. Join Rebecca Kali and Cis Hager for a special week long retreat for women. Experience Rest, Relaxation and Renewal of Your Mind, Body and Spirit. Learn Tai Chi and Qigong under ancient pines, and along the shores of crystal clear lakes. Practice and play with techniques to reduce stress, increase energy, promote vital aging, health and healing which have been handed down from the Women’s Wisdom of traditions that are thousands of years old. Gourmet meals specially prepared from fresh wholesome ingredients by our Professional Chef. Comfortable, cozy lodge setting. "Going Deeper" is the theme for this summer's QWW. In that spirit, we will explore the Phoenix Style at a deeper level than we have previously taught at the summer retreat. We will also go much deeper, to a more profound level, with other Qigong practices just for women including special workshops on Menopause and Beyond, Women's Sexual Vitality and Acupressure for Women. Introduction to Meditation Traditions will be part of each day's program, featuring an experience of a different style of meditation each day. Another daily delight will be "The Art of Tea" with daily excursions into the world of Chinese Teas and their benefits. ‌ and tasting! Other workshops will include Introduction to Qi Subtle-Energy for Healing Yourself and Others, Psychic Self Defense and Qigong for Stress Management, Feng Shui & more! Spa day is a popular feature of our retreat. By popular demand, we are delighted to include Restorative Yoga , Essential Oil and Qi Acupressure Facial Massage, Aromatherapy Foot Soaks, Acupressure for Women and more! A limited number of partial scholarships are available! Contact Rebecca for more info. We would love to have you join us! (800) 341-8895 or

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Tai Chi for Seniors - Tai Chi for Health Institute - Dao of Well Being

China & Tibet Tour— Journey to Shangri-La  October 12 -28, 2011 Shangri-La, from the novel, Lost Horizon, is a land of mystery and matchless beauty, an earthly paradise where time stands still and peace, serenity and ageless good health are just a natural part of living. “Finding Shangri-La “ has also become a metaphor for making a journey of inward discovery, revealing what is authentic and priceless to you. Our Journey to Shangri-La is where amazing adventures, cultivating a long and joyous life and genuine well being and all come together.

Join us for the journey of a lifetime...a life changing journey! Our tours are life expanding journeys that will broaden your experience of the world at the depth YOU are seeking! We give personal attention to EVERY detail; including the time and space for you to REALLY experience some of the most spiritual sites in the world at a deep and meaningful level. A friendly relaxed atmosphere and personalized care are hallmarks of our tours. Our tours are rich, fulfilling and safe. Our Journey to Shangri-La 2011 will visit Shangri-La - Lijiang - Chengdu Lhasa & other locations in Tibet Including UNESCO World Heritage Sites Potala Palace in Lhasa, Lijiang Old Town in Yunnan & Panda Sanctuary in Sichuan Province and more... (continued on page 6)

Volume 3, Issue 2

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Temple overlooking the First Bend of the Yangtze River, a favorite stop on our scenic drive from Lijiang to Shangri-La.

Highlights of our Journey to Shangri-La ~ China & Tibet Tour ● Experience the wonder of Shangri-La, in the novel Lost Horizon, Shangri-La is a Himalayan kingdom located in a verdant valley encompassed by snow-capped mountains, an earthly paradise isolated from the outside world where people find peace and are almost immortal. Some say Shangri-La is really a state of mind...finding peace within and cultivating vital good health at any age. You may find both on our journey to Shangri-La, a town in northern Yunnan, near Tibet. ● Shangri-La, our destination, like Shangri-La from the story is a peaceful and incredibly beautiful land guarded by a Lama Temple. We stay in a lovely traditional Tibetan guest house located right between the Zongzanlin Monastery, built by the 5th Dalai Lama in 1679 and a small Tibetan village. You will have time to explore with our group and on your own and experience the incredible sights, sounds, and the amazing energy of this unique and magical land. ● Explore Tibet, the roof top of the world where we stay in a beautiful Tibetan style hotel in the heart of Lhasa where the Pilgrim’s Circuit goes right past our door. Tour the Potala Palace once home of the Dalai Lama; Jorkang Temple, considered the most beautiful and sacred temple in Tibet. ● Learn about the daily life of Tibetan people as we visit traditional old style villages and are welcomed as guests of a Tibetan family in their home. Learn about Nomad Culture as we visit the Tibetan Grass Lands, Nomadic Herders in their tents, ride Yaks and picnic along the shore of incredibly beautiful turquoise Nam-Ttso Lake, the highest salt water lake in the world. (continued on page 8)

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Tai Chi for Seniors - Tai Chi for Health Institute - Dao of Well Being

China & Tibet Tour—Journey to Shangri-La (continued from page 7) ● Learn about Tibetan Medicine at the Tibetan Traditional Hospital; visit a Buddhist Nunnery near our hotel; shop for traditional art and handcrafts at Barkor, the famous 1,000 year old open market, right in the center of Lhasa; enjoy Tibetan Banquets and Dancing Shows ● Enjoy the picturesque old town of Lijiang with its cobble stone streets, stone bridges gracefully arching over canals fed by glacial streams overlooked by Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Visit Black Dragon Pool, Dongba Museum, Baisha Village, learn about the traditional life style of Naxi and other matriarchal cultures. Enjoy delectable food unique to Yunnan and Naxi Traditional Orchestra. Lijiang is one of the most charming spots in the world. ● Visit Chengdu, in SW China, where we will tour the Giant Panda Research Center and bamboo park, learn about Giant Pandas, Red Pandas and how we can support the survival of these endangered species Even have an opportunity to hold and photograph adorable baby Pandas. (with donation to Panda research) Enjoy the Sichuan Opera with Mask Changing Shows and Hot Pot Dinner and other world famous Sichuan Cuisine. ● Our tour itinerary includes a program of stress reduction, Tai Chi & Qigong that is founded on our lifelong experience and dedication to teaching and sharing these self-empowering arts. ● We offer (optional) daily Tai Chi and Qigong sessions including: Eight Extra Meridian Qigong, Anti-Ageing and Longevity Qigong, Stress Reduction Techniques, Five Element Theory, Daoist Inner Alchemy, Medical Qigong, Eight Brocades, Qigong Healing for yourself and others, Acupressure, Meditation and more....

Journey to Shangri-La Trip Fee: (October 12 to 28, 2011) $3,900. for early registration by June 1, 2011 (trip fee without international airfare) $4,150. for registration after June 1, 2011 (trip fee without international airfare) The trip fee (without international flight tickets) includes: all transportation within China including airfare, bus, boats and private van, all lodging (double occupancy accommodation), study tuition, excursion and sight seeing fees, translator fees, most meals, including our private banquets, admission charges to temples and tourist sites, (beginning at our hotel in Chengdu on Oct. 13th and ending at our hotel in Chengdu on Oct. 28) Trip members traveling to China on their own will meet us in Chengdu on Oct. 13th, trip ends in Chengdu on Oct. 28. (If you wish, our airline ticket agent can assist you in arranging discount rates on your international flight). Single room where available is $575 US extra

Volume 3, Issue 2

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Naxi dancers, Lijiang, Yunnan. Naxi are one of the matriarchal minority culture.s we will visit on our October tour.

Our October 2011, China & Tibet tour ~ Journey to Shangri-La will be the most incredible tour we have offered in over 10 years of leading exceptional tours to China and Tibet. You can call either me or Rebecca if you would like to know more. As you know, we limit the number of people who can go with us. But there is still room for you to be part of the Journey to Shangri-La in October. I hope you can take advantage of this invitation to experience what is truly the journey of a lifetime. Imagine the true meaning of Shangri-La, the incredible awe-inspiring beauty of the places we visit throughout SW China & Tibet. Imagine actually standing in ancient power spots and filling yourself with the energy where enlightened beings have practiced their cultivation for hundreds of years and tapping into the timeless wisdom and insights of those ancient achieved ones and the ancient cultures we will connect with. Give me or Rebecca a call and join us for the journey of a lifetime,

Mark Phone: (800) 497-4244 E-mail:

Rebecca Phone: (800) 341-8895 E-mail:

We are members of ASTA, American Society of Travel Agents, the world's largest association of travel professionals

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China & Tibet Tour—Journey to Shangri-La (continued from page 6) Our tours have the relaxed atmosphere that gives you the time to really experience the wonderful places we visit at your own pace. The tea shops of Yunnan, the back roads of Lijiang and Baisha Village and the Barkor Bazaar, a 1,000 year old open-air market in the heart of Lhasa are favorite stops for tour members who want to bring home a bit of the truly exceptional. You can find almost anything there!

Grain, hay, and batik fabric drying in a Baisha courtyard (above left) and a young entrepreneur in the village market (above right)

Comments from Previous Tour Members: “Dynamic. Expansive and enlarging. A learning experience. It opened my mind and my heart. I especially enjoyed the meditation with the monks and the opera in Chengdu. I loved visiting the Tibetan family in their home. Learned much about China and it’s influence in the world. I appreciate both Rebecca and Mark for your energy and your devotion” B. Molle “I really enjoyed EVERY MINUTE. It’s true! I loved the whole thing. There were high points every single day. Amazing agenda. So full. I was mesmerized at each turn, so many cultural norms to observe, besides all the exquisite locations we visited. Thank you so much for ALL you did to make this fantastic trip happen.” K. Kunkel

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Tai Chi for Seniors - Tai Chi for Health Institute - Dao of Well Being

About us... We...... Mark Johnson, well known Qigong healer and Tai Chi instructor and Rebecca Kali, founding director of Qigong Alliance International, have both spent most of our lifetime in a quest for ancient wisdom and sacred and authentic knowledge. Partly, this is just because of who we are...we just had an inner drive to do so. You can read about one Daoist Pilgrimage we made at: We also have a passion to share the knowledge that we have acquired in a lifetime spent in searching, learning, and personal practice. We live what we teach. And we feel a commitment to share what we have learned. It’s just too good to keep to ourselves! We began leading sacred journey tours together in 2000. Our knowledge of China and Tibet's incredible heritage, culture and sacred sites and our love of sharing it, create an incredible opportunity for the people who go on a tour with us. We personally lead each tour; ensuring personalized care and a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Our groups are intentionally limited in size decidedly limitless in scope to optimize the best experience for tour members. : We invite you to join us for “A Life Changing Journey...the Journey of a Lifetime”

Mark started his Chinese studies in 1970 when he joined the I Ching scholar, Khigh Dhiegh at the Taoist Sanctuary in Los Angeles. During his 4 year stay at the Sanctuary, he studied the I Ching, Taoism, Feng Shui, Yang style Tai Ji Chuan and the Chinese language. In 1974 Mark relocated to Taiwan to study acupuncture. While in residence there, he studied with several famous Taoist Masters. After a year in Taiwan, Mark returned to Malibu, CA where he continued his Taoist training for 8 more years. During that time, he learned 3 Taoist styles of Qigong/Tai Chi, and the 8 Treasures. He also studied advanced I Ching, Feng Shui, and enhanced his natural healing abilities. In 1982, Mark taught Tai Chi to Francis Ford Coppola and the cast and crew of the movie "The Outsiders" .While with them, his Qigong healing abilities were recognized so he was asked to return to do healing for the cast and crew of "Rumble Fish". Mark's students included: Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Patrick Swayze, Ralph Macchio, Mickey Rourke, and many others. (continued on page 11)

Rebecca is internationally recognized as an inspiring and passionate teacher, and subtle energy healer. She has studied Qigong in hospitals in Beijing and Daoist philosophy, Inner Alchemy, meditation and Qigong healing techniques in monasteries and temples throughout China. She teaches Meditation and Qigong workshops including Soaring Crane Qigong, Eight Brocades, Medical Qigong, Qigong programs for anti-aging, stress reduction, and Fibromyalgia. She is founding director of Qigong Alliance International, a global community with members from 54 countries. She is a certified Medical Qigong instructor (QEA 1999) Rebecca lives in Ely, MN with her husband, Roy and their two big white Kuvasz dogs. Rebecca may be reached at: E-mail: Phone: 218-365-6330 or 1-800-341-8895 Website: Website:

Volume 3, Issue 2

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 We invite you to join us for a very special program on our next tour to China and Tibet! Journey to Shangri-La October 12th to 28th, 2011 Mark will teach a special program for profound and powerful healing as part of our Qigong and Tai Chi practice on the tour. If you read the last newsletter then you know all about Mark’s harrowing experience of being in a plane crash and his miraculous recovery! Now he is willing to teach our tour group the same secret Daoist techniques that gave him the ability to heal so rapidly and recover so completely!

If you are interested in taking care of your health & learning to do deep healing for yourself & others; you will want to be in on this!

One goal of the Daoist practices we teach is to have healthy, vibrant youthful vitality, a limber flexible and pain free body and a sharp mind until advanced old age. 120 years was considered a normal life span for everyone! Immortality is an important concept we will explore on the Journey to Shangri-La tour. The Eight Immortals are famous in Chinese legends and history. In the spirit of cultivating immortality... (in the picture ), Mark has become the 9th Immortal. Come join us for the journey of a lifetime as we explore the immortal dimensions of being and vibrant good health at any age! Ccontinued from page 10) Since 1983, Mark

has founded Integral Tao Centers in Tulsa, OK, Taos, New Mexico, New York, Vancouver, Canada and in Cuba. He now resides and teaches in the Sonoma, CA area. He has been teaching throughout North America for nearly 35 years in a variety of formats: private sessions, on-going community classes, weekend and week long seminars and workshops. He is a certified Tai Chi tournament judge and has worked over 50 tournaments in the past 13 years. He has produced three video's: "Tai Chi for Healing",

Mark as the 9th Daoist Immortal

If you missed the last newsletter, and the article about Mark’s plane crash, click here to read it. "Tai Chi for Women" and "Tai Chi for Seniors" , which is the highest selling Tai Chi video in the country. (over 800,000 so far!) Mark is one of the founders of the National Qigong Association and is presently is a member of the NQA Advisory Council. Mark is the proud father of his daughter Sita. In his "spare time" he is a pilot and amateur astronomer. Mark may be reached at: 1-800-497-4244 E-mail: Web page: Web page:

Tai Chi for Seniors - Tai Chi for Health Institute - Dao of Well Being

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Benefits of Qigong & Tai Chi Tai Chi Enhances Treatment for Depression in the Elderly Tai chi has existed for centuries and its numerous benefits to well-being have been recognized for just as long. Research continues to uncover the role of tai chi in addressing modern disorders. A study recently published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry found that weekly tai chi exercises are beneficial to elderly patients being treated for major depression. According to Dr. Helen Lavretsky, principal author and UCLA professor-in-residence of psychiatry, this is the first study to establish the role of tai chi in the m an age m e n t of lat e -l ife d e p r e ss ion . Researchers at UCLA studied a total of 112 adults, age 60 or older, all initially treated with the antidepressant drug escitalopram. After four weeks of medication, nearly two-thirds of participants still scored high on depression scales. These patients were then randomly assigned to ten weeks of either tai chi instruction or a health education class. Both courses were given over two hours, once a week. At the conclusion of the ten week period, 94 percent of those practicing tai chi showed significant improvement, compared with only 77 percent in the health education class. Regular attendance in the courses also meant that patients were spending time with others.

This social interaction likely added to the improvement seen in both groups. The tai chi group also experienced improved cognition and memory and increased energy levels, and they reported a better quality of life. Additionally, blood tests revealed a reduction in markers for inflammation. "Altogether the effects were pretty dramatic," said Dr. Lavretsky. "If a psychiatrist were to add exercise like tai chi...that would be a very beneficial thing instead of adding another drug." Tai chi involves flowing through a series of postures that are coordinated with deep breathing. The focused attention that it requires effectively absorbs an individual into a meditative state. All joints and major muscle groups are exercised continuously without the strain that can come from high-impact activities, making tai chi suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Source: American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 2011

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Tai Chi for Seniors - Tai Chi for Health Institute - Dao of Well Being

Qigong Notes & Guidelines 1... Nothing should hurt when you are doing Qigong. If anything feels uncomfortable, on any level, don’t do it! 2...Qigong has physical posture which can be sitting, standing or lying down. 3...Qigong has movement which can be very, very slow or fast and dynamic, or even no outward physical movement at all. 4...Qigong has awareness of breath and generally includes intentional slow, deep diaphragmatic breathing. 5...Sometimes healing sounds are part of Qigong. 6...Focused intention, mind intent, creative visualization are always components of practicing Qigong. The most important part. The “mind body connection” is why even people who have very limited mobility can benefit from practicing Qigong. 7... Your “mind”, is used with intention to lead or direct “Qi” life force energy, along certain paths in your body to remove blockages and create balance and well-being. 8...Qigong is a self empowerment practice. It gives you tools to take charge of your own health and well-being. Some people say that practicing Qigong is like having your own HMO. 9...Qigong is a 5,000 year old system of health maintenance and healing. It is now recognized by our National Institute of Health as an important form of complementary medicine. 10...Qigong is part of the public health care system in China where it is used to help health issues ranging from the common cold to autoimmune disorders, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and more... 11...There are thousands of different forms and sets of Qigong. Many are so simple that they do not seem very useful. Complicated movements might be fun, but they are not necessarily better from the standpoint of maintaining health. Some of the simplest forms are the most profoundly healing. 12...The most important thing about Qigong is...”Just do it.”


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Tai Chi for Seniors - Tai Chi for Health Institute - Dao of Well Being

Tai Chi & Qigong DVD’s Tai Chi for Seniors (And Beginners of All Ages)

Only $25 FREE SHIPPING To The U.S. And Canada

Call: (800) 497-4244 Tai Chi for Healing Only $25

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FREE SHIPPING To The U.S. And Canada

Tai Chi for Women Only $25 FREE SHIPPING To The U.S. And Canada

Call Mark at: (800) 497-4244 Or order online at Healing Sounds from “Chinese Healing Exercises” "In Spring, breathe xu for clear eyes and so wood can aid your liver. In summer, reach for he, so that heart and fire can be at peace. In fall, breathe si to stabilize and gather metal, keeping the lungs moist. For the kidneys, next, breathe chui and see you inner water calm. The Triple Heater needs your xi to expel all heat and troubles. In all four seasons take long breaths, so spleen can process food. And, of course, avoid exhaling noisily, not letting even your ears hear it. The practice is most excellent and will help preserve your divine elixir." Master Sun Simiao (581-682 CE) From Xiuzhen shishu (Ten Books on Cultivating Perfection), Song Dynasty Translated by Livia Kohn, "Chinese Healing Exercises," p. 135

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Tai Chi for Seniors - Tai Chi for Health Institute - Dao of Well Being

The Empty Vessel, A Journal of Contemporary Daoism is a quarterly publication dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of non-religious Daoist philosophy and practice. Gain a deeper understanding of the shifting sands of our times through the ancient, but universal truths of Daoist philosophy. Learn practical applications of Daoist thought, tai ji quan, internal arts, Chinese medicine and qigong. Enjoy articles, interviews, and feature stories that show how contemporary practitioners have incorporated a balance of body, mind, and spirit into their day-to-day activities. Includes art, poetry, essays and reviews of the latest book, tapes and videos on Daoist subjects. The Empty Vessel is the only journal of its kind, covering all aspects of Taoist philosophy and practices in a thoughtprovoking and timely manner.

Yang-Sheng (Nurturing Life) is an E-magazine and network for all Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki, mindfulness, and meditation practitioners, health seekers, and spiritual cultivators. It promotes philosophy and methods of self-healing, positive mind and health preservation, and shares knowledge and experiences with those who are interested in the subjects and their applications in everyday life. Yang-Sheng merges traditional life-nurturing knowledge with modern scientific research and clinic evidence, and combines ancient wisdom with our own experience to support our daily practice and well-being, and to reach true meaning of health in body, mind and spirit‌ click here to download the April issue

Page 16 Mark’s

new book!

Tai Chi for Seniors - Tai Chi for Health Institute - Dao of Well Being

LIFE IS DIVINE PLAY Learn all about Mark’s training with his teachers and the profound and valuable concepts he learned from his mentors. Mark includes ways to apply his insights to everyday life situations in a humorous and playful manner. Join Mark on his forty-year spiritual odyssey with some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers of the last half-century. His travels take him from the mountains of Pennsylvania to exotic temples in China and eventually to the wild and dangerous hills of Malibu, California. Mark chronicles his ten-year training in an ashram in Florida, his year with a famous Zen Roshi in California and his intense, eightyear apprenticeship to a powerful Daoist Wizard from China.

$15.00 For info or to order online, visit:

Tai Chi for Seniors Tai Chi for Health Institute 801 Tupper St. Suite 1111 Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Phone: (800) 497-4244 E-mail: Web page: Web page:

Dao of Well Being™ P.O. Box 750 Ely, MN 55731 Phone: (800) 341-8895 E-mail: Website: Website: Website:

Tai Chi & Qigong for Health Newsletter- Spring 2011  

Taii Chi & Qigong for Health Newsletter keeps students of Tai Chi for Health Institute, Tai Chi for Seniors and Dao of Well Being informed o...

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