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Week 6 Constructing Journal Jack (Qiaochu) Zhang

The section that was to be replicated is this section here. It is part of the third level of the ERC. The attempted model is just a replication of some of the structure within that section.

The model is done at a scale of 1:20

The first step was to start the base on which the model will be based on. The outlines of where the members will be situated are drawn on the board. The two main columns are placed down first.

The main walls of the structure were added soon after. However due to lack of building material, recycling was necessary and hence slits that were left on the material are also on the various cardboard components.

The members of the beams are made out of simple plywood and would be added next. The beams were added in accordance to the plans provided which were situated diagonally across the two walls.

Little pins were also put into the beams and walls to further stabilize the structure.

The end product however, didn’t bear too much resemblance to what it should actually look like. This was due to several mistakes made in addition to the lacklustre material used.

Week 6 constructing journal  
Week 6 constructing journal