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Week 2 Constructing Journal

Jack(Qiaochu) Zhang Tutorial 8

Week 2 constructing Journal

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The studio activity for week 2 was the construction of a structure from plywood material. The challenge was to create the tallest(vertical) design. Other none photographed materials are different binding glues and tapes as well as the spine of folders.

The general design is as depicted here as having a box like shape. General view of base from birds eye view.

• • •

Initial Design of building revolves around triangular base to save material instead of quadrilateral shape. Bracings would be inserted to increase stability of structure. Bracings would not be crossed in order to save more material The general design of the structure was to be that of a tower where individual components can be made and simply put on top of structure.

• To build the tower ever higher required only the basic triangle frame with vertical support leading up to another triangle base. Thus we could pre fabricate each individual section before just adding it to the base

• •

The joints were connected with glue. To reinforce the joints, tape was bound over it together. Overlapping was also done on the joints to create a relatively same levelled base for the next segment.

Eventually a triangular/pyramid shape was implemented in order to achieve height but on limited material. The rigid nature of the structure and binding material of the tape allowed a single antenna to try and achieve the tallest height.

Spines of folders can also be seen here attached to pieces of wood which weren’t perfectly cut. This structure however swayed in the wind due to the its height and width. Hence it mirrors many real life towers which are given space to sway as they would at certain heights.


Eventually the structure was the tallest in the tutorial group, although stability is in question.

Week 2 constructing journal  
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