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Constructing Environments Journal Submission- Week 1 Jack (Qiaochu) Zhang Tutorial Group 8

The main activity/task that was done in week 1 was to explore compression within structures. This involved various examples of compression being explained and ultimately a group activity which involved an attempt to build the highest structure using blocks. We (the group) decided to start with a square base with two rows on each side for increased stability. Compression forces are vertical with comparatively weaker horizontal stability.

Not long after starting the building process we decided to overlay the bricks to conserve both time and the amount of materials that would be spent.

A roof was later created by using rubber bands to tie a stack of bricks together and simply placed on top of the walls.

A section of one of the walls was taken out to allow an opening into the structure.

However due to ever decreasing time as well as materials one side of the wall was focused upon instead of all three. The wall also got narrower as it was built higher.

Reinforcement was attempted on the taller side of the wall; however its effects were minimal.

The structure eventually could not withstand any more horizontal forces and the tallest part of the tower collapsed.

However the structure reacted well to compression.

In this exercise we were able to observe the effects of compression as well as how they work in practice. If this exercise were to be repeated again perhaps the base shape could be altered or an alternative one used instead.

Constructing environments journal submission week 1  
Constructing environments journal submission week 1