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{ February 2012 Issue }

f our ait. tion o hts and w c e e r i h t the d insig orth hange with new n. Here’s ell w c w n a s it wa tive c seaso r 2012 t say rspec Quest fo ent this yone! e r s p e u v e m t n ew I Hola e a n ew I in the con ere! believ a brand n ally h t e n s i w fi ogy, Year, are with l find a tw strol est is a w u at e e Q N s l n i e I w w ine he er wh h t e v u r C o o o e y c t h o n s , t ure i s. Di ding . So, sues ccor 12 zodiac stology! e vent the better revious is A w . n s o e A p r Que th rag sue! re fo e the the D ls among ture - In l f o futu as. Unlik of this is a a r , a gir de e Yea stial anim pecial fe veena . h A k t l a d w s new i highlights e ho ele all o w ur c t c t o y u e e s l n l i o i h n b r o a ab ar to t it is is yea being e the u this ye time s of not w, th us and ar o o y s i n k t h abou e all auspicio on. T lenge you eveal As w secti mes chal r e r w a s e n t how t also i g s v u i o n e o s c r o r g d e c k v dra dia n fin s bu a boo and o se zo r, the yourselve a ether ne, copes e g y Chine o t s spi y thi y for ifts. nging ’s Da le not onl ng them g o bri ct of the e s n l i a t n e i e r y le ab ing We a birth def red! emor ur Va or bu i d Com r a nd yo s more m rphanage l p r e s h p o n t i i s w o et you he W w to ntine’ t an and g “Is T nd sharing n’t wait ut ho this Vale ing time a n Read o m b a u us a nd ca y col pend make inking onthl o contact sponses a o if you re th half can ildren by s a m r u u o t r o , s re If y bette tunate ch es in g the time of your ing issues r s n u o o r p l and y e less fo com takin r res gh al h g you k you for ing throu ns in the column! n i t t e for t Reba ing lum ook st org han have in not f 2012?” T uch fun l similar co xt InQue e s w i n sia jo a on ne g m y I s n a i e a This l o d n e a h s n n t s r ru ad n E this ound ent, M To A ck – we h e will be y tuned fo taff, nagem eam, we f r own s a a a W M t w b . e d s d t em fee ne, Bran ith n as a on ou y are th his o lves w al Media & together g! Also, he identit rate o v to sh out on t e n n g t t i i o n g h p i i y i r t t k D o o ed ny dif ca or miss publi from the of us w e in for a ’ and soli nue to inc y r e v trad as e p up riter h all conti Just h, Copyw ditor. Wit wouldn’t ce to ‘ste alive, we t e han ots Kole the co-e at w the c nce, its ro ry th siste r us as l chemist e, we had r. Keeping e p , e a im lette tienc gh. speci e first t news u. he pa you enou t h e t e t y r u o o l y fo itho hank suit e emp tter w cannot t e of th ments to l s w I ne le taff— e no new e uld b oard and s o w here ial b rse, t he editor u o c t to… Of anks nt of e h l t a t l a i and n Spec ekara ndras a h C a Ramy Madhavan a y d Vi B. Din Yusri olks! ding f a e r y Happ

Valentine’s Day Is For Everyone

special someone that Yes, it is that time of year to tell that , chocolates, perfume, time this be it will t Wha ! you love them y restaurant? fanc a at a romantic card or dinner for two

for our family members who we The second would be ‘familial love’ munal love’ which especially think are extra special. The last is ‘com need to be uplifted. who ity mun includes those in our com

eciated. However, The people in your life need to be appr ember that rem to need we on, amidst all the celebrati those in love. just not , yone ever for is Day e’s Valentin

rtunately, All three are equally important but unfo e whil nd behi ed push gets ’ ‘communal love ce. eden prec take two r othe the

your heart for the This year, especially, save a place in as the poor and needy well as underprivileged, unfortunate ved. unlo and those who are

It’s time to remember that love is about giving and sacrifice. Valentine’s come once a year and as they say, it is a joy to receive but a greater joy to give.

s, you might just A little bit goes a long way! Who know n and out and needs dow succeed in uplifting someone who is s… word ial to hear those three spec reach out to those less Love cuts across all religions. So, let’s ly by visiting them, simp day their up ten brigh fortunate and time with them. ding spen getting them little gifts or simply into three. The first is If love could be divided, it would be most celebrated the ably prob is the ‘romantic love’. This which is the most kind of love out there today and one commercialised.

So, let’s reach out to everyone as we celebrate the gift of love and happiness all around!

ALL IT TAKES IS LOVE AND COURAGE… This book is touching, moving and heart-warming. There are no other words for it. Aveena writes in such a way that we can empathise with her without feeling sorry for her. And that makes a world of difference. In fact, that may just be what she wants above anything else. What is spina bifida? It is a birth defect of the spine. Aveena has it and has been living with it. This book is about how she copes and the challenges and trials that she has to endure not being able to walk. However, Aveena writes light-heartedly and cheerfully. You would think she is a normal teenager; and she is, just that she is wheelchair-bound. Aveena makes the book funny, too, and uses simple language to express her feelings. There is no beating around the bush with her. She tells it like it is. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised reading this as it is candid without being rude or presumptuous. The reflections from her parents, siblings and other family members are

What’s Your Problem? K Aveena Devi RYTHM House Publishing Sdn. Bhd. 105 pages 978-983-42167-9-5

also a delight to read. It seems that through Aveena, their lives are more meaningful and they view the world differently than others would. To them, it is all about positive thinking and the power of the mind. This is a story about a special child with special needs. Not everybody can relate to this but everyone can learn from this. It’s about achieving your dreams, recognising your potential and never giving up. Now that’s something we can all benefit from! It does not necessarily have a happy ending, but then not many real stories do. But it is from the heart and is bound to uplift you and encourage you to be a better person. Isn’t that what life is all about? For those of you who disagree, this book is still an eye-opener. At the least it gives you the hope that there’s a better tomorrow! Aveena’s determination and perseverance in life is astounding and her message to everyone: believe in yourself – is the climax of her inspiring tale. This book is short, simple and to the point. Don’t miss reading it- it’s sure to brighten your day!

Review By

Reba Koleth

I Celebs! The gorgeous Q

ere ailand ‘stars’ w Th I Q 0 7 d an . nhard Gaksch arted at 7 p.m er st B ty rs ar te p n d se te re ai p up on stage and entertaining The much-aw ed d it an v r in la e u er p o w p s r ing ewcomer ed by ou r QNET Manag kul (Lee). 17 n u a warmly welcom o tr , ai en ch g Th . an ce T eo en dan hakjira l ‘We CARE’ vid h a funny chick (Bernie) and B it ia w ec d sp w a o y cr b e ed th ain follow e QI asked to entert opening speech eek earlier by th w an a e ed av is g an er rg ay o .M ion on of Director Mr J.R the charity auct sor the educati n ed o is sp ar d m an m rt su o h p p hic to su er and presentation w ow by Mr May e to raise funds sh te it g m in k m o o C co a b lu as lC e evening w them revealed f th o f o Bangkok Socia th t o h g B li . h rn ig o h k tavala children. The Thitikorn Chin es cooked were h er is d ag s an u underprivileged io M l ic a el er d n. The ailand) Gen g demonstratio in k o QI Services (Th co a g in o lents by d their hidden ta

d e R e h t t u O s l l o R d n a l i QI Tha y r a s r e v i n n A h t 3 1 s t I r o f d arpet was rolle c Carpet d re e th , 2 1 0 ary 2

niversary t of 6 Janu n h A ig n th s 3 u 1 s io I’ ic Q p f s On the au in celebration o ff ta s pectations, d x n e a il g a in d Th e I e c Q x e E . th out for otel, Bangkok H e c n a s eir gorgeous, is th a n e in R ty e r a Th p t e a th held elegantly into d e lk a our very own w to ff in ta l s e te o H e all th c n d the Renaissa e n r tu d t was even more n h a ig ts n tfi e u o Th h t. s h li ig sty red carpet n I paparazzi Q r u o m o fr Hollywood and ts flashing ligh ur QI celebs! o f o r glamorous with e tt li g d n and the glitz a

the onalso included in ction and going charity au made many of the staff ions. The final generous donat dly funds was prou count of raised tal figure of the to a as w h ic h announced w . a whopping s… rt o eff ed in b com Bangkok team’s I Thailand staff Q ll a to e n o d l el n THB 30,000! W rning the auctio tu d an s u o er ess. for being so gen into a great succ

– MCs of the day

Bernie and Lee

Mr JR Mayer by QNET MD s n o ti ra st n o orn. g dem rn Chintavalak o ik it Special cookin Th M G ) s (Thailand and QI Service

by Chanatthanan

stened to n dinner and li ia ar et eg v ic st the ‘5-Years of joyed a fanta d en ce n aff u o st , n n an o t rs en sente As the night w dinner, the pre srethe, Bhakjira er ta ft A im L c. t si la u a m P e v aff rn gkok st some great li (Lek), Nantapo for our QI Ban i s’ sr d g ar n o w A W it ry d sa n ), Bu ees. Service Anniver Sindhusen (Bew ns to all award o ra ti la sa ri tu A ra g ), n ee o C (L ame). Tangchaitrakul adol Boonlue (F ap N d an r) ee draw Kulchai (B top three lucky e th d ce n u o n ayer an hakjira THB 15,000, B was when Mr M n t o h w ig o n h e w th ) f o id The finale Selkhun (N and lastly, Ilya sa ti z) u ic S e w ie er k w in s Z er inn ichard winners. The w Prana Resorts 00 (from Mr R s ,0 u 3 o D ri u K x H lu n e o th w le to (Lee) who ay for two peop from BONVO. s aw et et g Tangchaitrakul ck c ti ti r an ai m rn ro lus retu ho won a d two nights, p an Kalashnikov w s ay d e re th r ui fo the & Spa, Koh Sam e ever had. By av h e w at th es uld n parti orable event co morous and fu la em g m st o is m Th e s! th f ce ok one o eir fa d our QI Bangk It was certainly big smiles on th an ad er h e ay n M o y r u er o , ev t, onsors imon end of the nigh sada (Job), Suv our generous sp Je t u ), o y h n it in w (J ed an en eung), Namolp not have happ Neungrutai (N comprising of ), am ee te (L e ra te ji it k a m h m king this event porn (Beer), B a Social Club Co ta m an r N fo s ), k le p an p ol). Th nwan (A d Viraphol (Ph unforgettable! an (Mon), Thamo ly ) u b tr o (T at w ra ), Su Srisumeth (Som

s wow ewest member QI Thailand’s n ce! eir chicken dan th h it w d w o cr the

aff who bid and st d n la ai Th I Q ion! Some of the the charity auct at s ze ri p l ia ec won sp

inners! p three lucky w to e th to s n o ti Congratula

g n i m r a h C s s e Pr

lture are gy, vibe and cu er en s it – g n o tement ved Hong K agine my exci im So . ty I’ve always lo ci er ncheon und in any oth an informal lu e ag an m to like nothing fo e ue for er dream come tr ked to travel th a as ly as al w ic I ct en ra h p w was be to pick Kong press. It ugh my wardro ro th g n with the Hong ri u o sc ances do ly, I started l, how many ch g at al er ft A e. me! Immediate m h usly, lookin ould bring wit h boots? Serio is yl out clothes I sh d not st d an ts tfi g for a week an inter ou in w r go ea as w w I to t t I ge though u would have my luggage, yo three days. g the media of coordinatin sk ta t an rt o p the was the im njunction with co in ed But first, there is an rg introduce lunch was o urpose was to p n ai m s luncheon. The it lot d there a whole Year holiday an e er ew w N y, e o es b in d h n C ss. A company that to the local pre ments on the cu o d the company e er w e we had to . First, ther en, of course, Th . ia ed of things to do m d than e en more excite prepared for th ev ly ab b ro p e needed to be wer colleagues in speople who my awesome m o ost brief our spoke fr p el h f o e. Lastly but m ole lot h er w th a ed ir ad h h I . ad I was cy we h r the lunch. d the PR agen ut my outfit fo o g n ki ic p f Hong Kong, an o sk ortant Review By ere was the ta ant. Most imp rt th o y, p tl im an st rt o o p m d im con ding, maybe se g to plan. Okay, I’m kid went accordin g in h yt er ev re was making su the main Zinkiewicz, as d ar h ic R r M . g host. He had d, it did g and engagin in m And, thank go king ar ch e th ever rsations and jo as ve w n , n co so in er g sp in spoke participat n of QI served media great impressio a h it w ay the usually re aw f the . They walked r impression o im te h ea h gr it w en g n ev o al ith an as a hit too? s lines, and w on, the food w ti en m and its busines I id d , meat eater g for it. And consummate st o m e people workin th en ists were t ev us. The journal io , of course, bu n ic ia el d ar et so r eg ly as V u w der Ka and immediate lain because it n ed p i rv m se w co ’t h as n w s ld h e u is o w ch d by T e I was d aahing as ea hotos. And her p ke ta busy oohing an to es n eir smartpho ngapore. whipped out th g unique to Si in h et m so ’s at thinking th essful. as pretty succ w n eo ch n lu e quested So, all in all, th ed and even re m ar ch e er w sitive The press e’s to more po er H s. w ie rv te follow-up in Kong! press in Hong n’t get ad either. I did b o to l al ’t n My trip was plaining. I t I’m not com u b ch u m p o working to sh ally fun people re e th t ee m luable got to ce, made inva ffi o g n o K g n in the Ho g media and the Hong Kon h it w s ct ta n co uch. ty I love so m ci e th y jo en got to

The rope of hope

A Pinch of Life It was dusk and I was standing by the window, gliding my finger over the wind chime, as I treated my ears to the soft, mellow sound of the meticulously-cut bamboos. The birds that were now heading back to their homes joined in, chirping, contributing their bit to a symphony created by an amateur. I smiled a smile which conveyed happiness, a smile which conveyed gratitude towards the beautiful creatures for letting me be a part of their world. A world full of melodies. This was bliss.

From Janitor to Manager Rudi Gunawan has been with QNet for nearly nine years. When he joined the Surabaya branch office in April 2004, he came on board as a janitor with big ambitions. After working hard to save up, he is finally pursuing a dream of his. Today, Rudi is a student at Bhayangkara University’s Faculty of Economy, taking a course in Management. For him, it is important to grow as a person and learn as much as possible in many fields of interest. When asked why he works so hard, he says, “I need to expand my horizons to make a better living.” Perhaps someday, in the not too distant future, he will rise to the ranks of a manager at QNet. Rudi happens to be the only male staff at the Surabaya office, where he is affectionately regarded as a sort of guardian to the three female Network Support Officers also working there. The girls have grown quite fond of Rudi and rely on him a great deal. Beyond janitorial services, Rudi helps out with the set-up of presentation equipment, inspection of deliveries to the office, and even adopts the role of photographer during company events. But hands off, ladies, Rudi is taken! That is another big change for him since joining QNet: he has signed away his bachelorhood and is now a happily married man. Aside from being a dedicated worker and family man, Rudi also has a soft spot for caregiving. Last October, he celebrated his birthday with QNet Indonesia staff and the children of Yayasan Yatim Piatu Rif’atus Shohilah. The team brought gifts of groceries and good cheer to the children’s home, where they were warmly welcomed by the little ones. Rudi’s birthday was spent getting to know these kids, who come from Surabaya and other surrounding towns. The visit to Rif’atus Shohilah both amazed and inspired Rudi. “I was moved by the optimistic attitude of the children,” he said with a smile. “I’m so glad I got the chance to spend my birthday with them.” With big dreams and a big heart, we’re expecting equally big things for Rudi Gunawan. The sky’s the limit! by Li San Choong

As my eyes followed the flock of birds bidding me adieu for the day, I saw the sunset. It was that time of the day when the sky was God© s canvas; so many colours blending so well, so mesmerising. For a moment I thought how horrendous it would be to wear a dress with so many colours on it. Alas, there could be only one artist with such a talent: God. I could see everyone rushing back to their abodes, hurrying to be with their loved ones. The city was grinding to a halt. The day was coming to an END. End! I was one day closer to death. The thought of death brought tears to my eyes. Suddenly nothing seemed beautiful. The wind chime sounded like metals colliding, the chirping turned into clatters, the sunset was no longer pleasing and the sky, no longer beautiful. Everything around reminded me of ¡ the end© . I touched the scarf which was covering my head and felt my scalp. I had lost all my hair in the past month due to cancer. The only beautiful thing I possessed was snatched away from me against my will. This invoked rage within me, a maddening anger. ¡ Destruction©was the only thought on my mind. I had to vent my anger somehow, I wanted to cry, cry out loud. I grabbed a glass of water and smashed it on the floor, the shattering sound calming me down. I was now crouching under the table, like a kid trying to fool his friends. I was trying to fool death, an effort which would bear no fruit. It was then that my mother came running into my room. She was frantically looking for me, calling out my name. Spotting my silhouette she joined me under the table and hugged me tight, assuring me that everything would be fine. I could feel the fear in her, the fear of her losing her only child, her fear of breaking down in front of me. She wanted me to live, to be with her always. But she was helpless. She would see me die, crawling towards death day after day. I realised how strong she was. She had more to lose, whereas I had only life. My miseries had an end but hers would remain with her till eternity. I was ashamed of myself, tears rolling down my face. She broke her clasp and kissed my forehead, giving me a smile. She was not ashamed of me. I wanted to be like her. I wanted to see the positive, wanted to share the same trust she had. I wanted to live. I decided I would no longer cry; no longer waste a second thought about my misfortune. I would simply thank God for what I had. From the very next day, I woke up early and watered the plants, fed the pets, painted my mother© s veil. I was alive again. I was happy and content. It surprised me that a small change could make so much difference. I was the same, everything was the same. But the glass was now half full and not half empty. I was free from fear and so was my mother. by Varsha Shankar

s theeswooprpl osing it. So wh not. But th h nd longer, u o r a e b o ous, some o d n doing more t t n e a g b a in e e o w id g ’t is e n h r t ld a g u e some, the ws supportin e to come to an end, sho ie u? And if w o T v ? d r in a e e la es h p th d e ar m v he o r e otecall We ha y cra -dath rete me fuzyl atanlk.d Wne’v eeDtru cth If the world w n“To mee, it’s fa ra . g it st no telling. to t e ll d sti u b l e o al n e b ar w ti a is s we k ’t t at e re fopo uld doisom aburegdit. So wh , ns io hotin e sin Bu“tTthhe in op r, sor ,w pred on ayan de ict gepp sd rldbe nsu oes ea id lo world is to w th d g n h u t amus doing more s, some not. phW o r strad a No ws etld o e vie d b w Forg . sh hear onderful a to be ve Earth ha we g eten t e n’ an e in pl n g. o is ou o llin g m so te d, d e e no r an n st a an re ju a he to come to to end. It w II my re do we So rld AI And if we happBu wo DS e e il th th l If N et en.tYth t it. EVER ou ab ? To some, th k bug, forgan es,in K ain pl Y2 m s e co o th t t. m et no no rg d e e fo m p so ul arts of it m ef at ous, of gr affected by ht be ig he we e t ay ng geter, shouldn’ al and GE13. When you reach th stined to face D-da nd lo armou l cala torabe inngatu Tri e de ities but I u? And if we are 1go 00 % the world, we ar ight, the “o” in of convinced

Srinivas Van

ka, Senior C

of this.”

onsultant –


the “h” in he pessimism, just take gether and ssimism, put them to pe in e” “p e th d an you’ll have “HOPE”.



r PR Executive - Malay

Martin Soosay, Senio

truth? this idea and ones opposing it. So what is the ting por sup s view rd hea e hav We . ing tell ust no “Maybe not literally but a lot of old practices e to an end, shouldn’t we be doing more t com to re we rld wo the If it. ut abo k thin But us, some not.will change thus signaling an “END”. l and not complain? To some, the tefu gra “S be we in n’t uld ce sho , ger th lon e und aro M be to ayan calendar destined to face D-day ng Social Media Specialist – Malaysia Ben Chin, ? And if we are goi we areis slate Decemthe ber 20wo 12, rld, we must plan a d to end on 21st re Mayan region . It would be a m search offsite in the iracle if Ques tN a way to marke et found t t e le n ss p a o l te nt versions of A rp u a O M . a 2 yan botanical sp ya n 201 lion years ecies and an eth huasca – l pen i i p d b re a o r a m h n u nobotanis t’s . I definitely pla will w of an fo n to g bad re th tr s e kno r y o n d i th e i e h t m A e w t s x ya r perience by the “No l disa d world ed fo end of 2013. Na huasca healing urviv tists atura n s i n N k e s i . n a c 2 a tGeo describes th h 01 es Ayahuasca exp s to m ething ith 2 edibl t e r w a c e e ri d r d en h ce as “enlighten te Alka Shanke an ose t is som socia rnarayan, C p s h in a d t g r ”. n t a o a nsultant, Co threa w.” mm the e lace unications –

p r no n to take ble fo uctio i r s may t ia a s e e f alays ajor d ot be e-M n m c t y n a u a b m overn that rate G P


l, Cor

opa riya G


were the the world ends: These “Things to do before sister’s my on e llow post-it not words written on a ye ed on it: list ng thi one t ere was jus mini refrigerator. Th rks on the etian concept which wo TULPA. Tulpa is a Tib the same out n minds thinking ab basis of multiple huma theory a me rco was: Let’s ove thing. Her justification !” ory with another the

“I do not believe in it since the end of the world is not known by human beings but is only known by the Lord of the Universe.”

“Nop to g e! Long o com .... I ha way plet e d ve no con d o pa my ne t w yme Jesa da, E nt ; )” Ma vents a nage

Abdelali Bey Zekkoub, NSG - Algeria

n r - Thd Prom ailan otion d

ve Secretary - India Varsha Shankar, Executi

“I don’t believe in such doomsday prophecies. If it is true, the world would already be half way to an end. I don’t think scientis ts are idiots.”

“The depth mark of your tragedy.of your beliefignorance is the in in What ‘End of the Wortlhe caterpillajustice and r call d’ th Butterfley master callss the it a .” Raymond D ’cruz, Consu ltant - India

aside the d in 2012. Put en t no l il idstruth? w d the is ro aste worlones opposinls ing at g, it. ashwh “Thae and smSo ide this pe ting s por o sup G s view ly rd . o hea e H es ri ng e sto ust no telling. We hav sellbe more t Mayans, th towe doi ypen’t h uld t sho s , end ju an to is e s com it to nt re u e, we o m rld c wo o the ac T If it. . c ut c ifi et scient us, some not. But think abo and com ecy not plaatin? prolph ome e, the and l csom , iftefu d, shouldn’t we er r wilTo gra ev be a w o th h H g in ger n i lon th und y aro e nl be o v to ng e e goi i are th l gh, ting ? And if we rou e D-day fac ot d vatosta nd be des om de come th frtine we rld, wo the f life oare tainly n ealist a ay r r w e r u a c f o o t e e is s s r d a to an en nce, collap is mo y “If you famine to viole en this en man in h v t es o m. Finally, , r as s re p t c c in s ha w daily syste ic fa ne e f i c le t o n h n w .” e e i a i o c c S s to then why economies to e past heor y. to be in 2012, t d h t te c i ic t n ed i s pr i l g is 2013???” n a rea if the EOTW dated to May ies wro y c nt e ra ia h ar d w p In r o oke nt NSG such pr is my rice co sia onsulta Max, Coordinator, Office Of The


C Wahal,

Group CFO – Hong Kong

Loong Chia Ann,

r, V-DCS - Malay

Event Coordinato

t tes when our xciting topic and one tha han what we ta ic d e rs e iv e e un be, this is an y creator of th a m e s a c e tches and believes in. Some th wa r s, ad e re v s, ar te he a , ys h sa W rld . wo soon at the rest of the before saying ‘goodbye do to e lik d ul h? Really, it depends on wh wo I gs in th d po w? There are a million with the rate of pollution an rs, e than what we are doing no he ot To . up is e tim r ou s ctates when at is open to debate. What th e on d he creator of the universe di an c pi to ng citi ex may be, this is an ay soon. Whatever the case

d l r o W e Is Th n A o T g Comin ? 2 1 0 2 n End I

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ork Support Officer –

Hong Kong

Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself. A1: Gavin: I am an IT Specialist. I used to be a parttime wedding, portrait, event and a dedicated ‘magician’ photographer. A2: Noel: I’m a bohemian lover and a beach lover, a jet-setter. I’m fierce but kind, impulsive and sweet, a man of many talents. A3: Farah: I’m madly in love with photography and held my first camera at the age of eight. It was an Olympus.

Q2: Where are you based? A1: Gavin: Malaysia. A2: Noel: Philippines. A3: Farah: Malaysia .

The QI

Talent Search Welcome to InQuest’s QI Talent Search 2012! We’ve interviewed three photographers who create emotional, edgy, original and unique images. We hope these interviews will inspire you, too, to stamp your imprint on the landscape of great photography and become the best photographer you can possibly be. [Gavin Soon from Malaysia, Noel Abelardo from Philippines & Farah Hanim from Malaysia]

Q3: Did you take up photography classes? A1: Gavin: No, I studied from photography books. A2: Noel: Yes, in elementary school, I joined a photography club and then later I became a member of the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation. A3: Farah: Nope. Maybe because I’ve been doing this since I was small and it has become my passion and hobby.

Q4: How long have you been a photographer? A1: Gavin: I owned my first DSLR in 2009. I was actively involved in shooting in 2010 and 2011 before joining QI. A2: Noel: About 16 years – counting from the time I first held a camera, but professionally, about two and half years. A3: Farah: For photography, as a hobby, it will be about 26 years. Professionally, as a part time photographer, it is going to be two years now.

Gavin Soo


Noel Abe



a Farah H

Q5: How would you describe your style? A1: Gavin: Free style. I prefer conceptual and irrealistic shooting. A2: Noel: I’m the typical purist. I keep the essence of the photographs I take but I utilise tools to enhance my photos too. A3: Farah: I love to shoot human portraits, nature and macros/abstracts.

Q6: What type of cameras do you shoot with? A1: Gavin: Currently, I’m using the Canon 50D DSLR. A2: Noel: I collect cameras. I have toy cameras (lomogrophy), film cameras (SLR), digital single lens reflex cameras (dSLR), advanced point and shoot cameras and my iPhone and Blackberry cameras. A3: Farah: I use my Nikon D7000. I also have a compact DSLR, an Olympus Pen EP-1.

Q7: What is your favourite editing software? A1: Gavin: Photoshop. A2: Noel: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Nix Software. A3: Farah: I don’t really like to edit my pictures, but if I have to, I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom.

Q8: What has been your most memorable assignment and why? A1: Gavin: Magician studio shooting. That was my first time setting up a simple studio with two studio lights, two flash lights, a smoke machine and a background setup, without an assistant. A2: Noel: The first open photo shoot I did for Abie (Reabie Pana) to help raise funds for her breast cancer treatment. It was the most fulfilling thing I ever did. I did it for two consecutive weeks and shot over 80 people in 12 hours continuously. A3: Farah: I was involved with KLUE’s Urbanscapes 2010. We needed to take 1000 full bodied human portraits. I managed to take 1500 human portraits in three days.

Q9: What is your favourite, most recent image? Can you describe it with regards to location, lighting, composition, camera settings, etc.? Also, what were your thoughts when creating the image and what does it mean to you? A1: Gavin: The recent picture that I like the most is the view on the ship taken during the company trip: GAVIN Q17 – A1 (A) A2: Noel: My latest advocacy, the ‘open photo shoot’. I used a huge octobox light for the group shot with side white reflectors. I shot with an aperture of f/11 with a 1/160sec shutter speed with a Nikkor and a 70-200mm f/2.8 and a 50mm f/1.4 lens using my Nikon D700.: NOEL Q17 – A2 (A); NOEL Q17 – A2 (B) A3: Farah: A picture of the sunset taken on the cruise during the company trip. Camera settings: I used the manual mode. The aperture was set to the smallest possible. This was to avoid a “sun-smear” and can also result in the nice effect of making the sun look like a star. : FARAH Q17 – A3 (A)

Gavin Soon

Noel Abelardo

Farah Hanim

A1 (A)

A2 (A)

A3 (A)

A2 (B)

iNQUESTOLOGY! The Year of the Dragon promises hope for those who are positive and eager to make the most out of the worst. A progressive, fast-paced and exciting year awaits those who are able to stir up momentum and keep it going. Those born this year will not back down or be satisfied with anything less than first place. Innocent, naïve and somewhat impulsive, the Dragon will bolt headfirst into any potential opportunity that appears. There is no such thing as failure in the Dragon’s world, only a “try, try and try again” mentality that eventually finds victory.


Mar 21 - Apr 19

Get ready to deal with interesting and monumental changes in your life. Take the limitations of the past in stride as this is vital in positioning yourself to make the most out of opportunities that arise in the future. The first part of the year is crucial and what you do during this time will determine how things will work out for you at the end. The second half of the year promises, for some, a new job and a higher income as well as love and romance.


Apr 20 - May 20

As the year moves on, some of you may find it simpler to rectify slip-ups or challenging situations. You may need to sharpen your networking skills during the first part of the year as this will broaden your knowledge and experience. Fight for what you want, if that’s what it takes. Accept what’s coming to you and you will benefit from it.


May 21 - Jun 20

Don’t let small problems which challenge you bog you down. Through discipline and diligence, you will find greater pay-backs, serenity and even sweet surrender. Love is a highlight, along with expansion of future plans for the year. Anything is possible if only you list out your objectives clearly and carry them out reasonably. Success will be yours if you let your imagination flow to be the channel for your willpower.


Jun 21 - Jul 22

You will have to exert your mind if you want to get things done. Put additional effort behind your actions and you will set up a persuasive stance which will help you get the leverage you need to achieve your goals. Change is unavoidable and the sooner you face the music the easier it will be to get your own plans moving. Live your life to the fullest. Take part in life, don’t just observe!


Jul 23 - Aug 22

Your desire for knowledge and changes in your life will steer you in a new path. Redefining yourself will put you up-todate and will position you where the action is. By lending a helping hand to others, you will broaden your interests and widen your circle of friends. There will be more security and this will be followed by change. Expect the unforeseen and accept the unavoidable. You will learn the art of moderation in extreme circumstances.


Aug 23 - Sept 22

Think about what you have to do and follow through. As the year goes on, you will be drawn to take on unfeasible opportunities that might, in the end, drain your emotions, finances or physical being. Try to use your creativity with wisdom keeping life simple and moderate and in harmony. Concentrate your energy on your career and loved ones so that they will not be harmed by external forces.


Sept 23 - Oct 22

Your input and diligence will begin to reap rewards. What you have gained from past experiences will put you on the path to success. Things are turning around and at last you will get the opportunity to discover the benefits of being the best of the best. Get ready to undertake these anticipated changes with determination. Do not be afraid of failure but embrace bravery.


Oct 23 - Nov 21

Don’t be misled by the deeds and word of others. Trust your instincts and your gut feelings when making personal decisions that can alter your way of living and financial undertakings. It is time for you to make choices and influence those who you feel owe you. A strong bond with an old friend or partner will make your objectives simpler to attain.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 - Dec 21

Be cautious of what you hope for. Change can go both ways. Misperception is in the cards and will steer you the wrong way. Communicate with a loyal friend before you make any decisions you will regret. Do not give in to extremist behaviour and financial, physical or emotional enticement. Take your time, watch, get good guidance and make intelligent decisions. Practice patience as this will save you most of the time.


Dec 22 - Jan 19

Take heed of your investments and liabilities so that you can bring to completion that which will bring your situations more security. Be conscientious and employ new tools that will grab attention and make a mark that will pave the way for success. Work hard during the first half of the year, and once everything is good to go, you will be able to cruise along and enjoy the journey.


Jan 20 - Feb 18

Re-evaluate. Revise. Re-create. Take a good look at what has happened, what is happening and what will happen as this will help you see things more clearly and you will be able to prioritize and set appropriate objectives. You will move faster once you have a clear direction. New beginnings and undertakings will reassure you that you are on the right track. You will reach greater heights once you make use of the chances that are offered to you.


Feb 19 - Mar 20

Your career and personal relationships must be assessed. Take note of what you do for people and what others do for you on a daily basis. Find ways to reduce your emotional, physical and financial losses to reach better times ahead. Remember that too much of anything does not work for you. Make the most out of the least. Think about yourself first.


g e readin d m i t t a e had a gr ere enlightene u o y t a th uw ar ticles s We hope e also hope yo u o i r a e! W g the v ing in h t y r this issu ined by readin e v e ove and er ta l t , n brand e e f e i d l h n t t a u e t o a b r tures a how you s u mail at: l and fea l e e t n a w o s u !N ropping d between y b t s e u o u r Q g i n I q @ nt and o e o new l m a g v e . s i e bawan issue. favourit t r x u e o n y e s h hich wa hed in t w s i l s b u so keep u l l k p e c e T a k b i l d e u would ts and fe n e m what yo m o ing in! e your c u m l o a c v e m W the y. nd funk a l o o c e, stay Till Jun

InQuest Feb 2012  

QI Group employee newsletter. Feb 2012 issue.

InQuest Feb 2012  

QI Group employee newsletter. Feb 2012 issue.