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Sunday, November 25, 2012 · Viewing & Lunch at 11:00 p.m. · Sale at 1:00 p.m. Schaake Farms · 10705 Mud Creek Rd. · Westmoreland, KS 785-456-4949 -cell · 785-494-8566 -home We would like to welcome our friends and past customers to the Schaake Farms Heritage Sale in Westmoreland, Kansas on November 25th. Our family has been breeding Simmental cattle for more than 35 years and by far, this is the best set we have ever raised. We are strong believers in the Junior Livestock program and all of the positive things that our family has gained from it. As our boys become older and have other commitments, we are able to offer our very best genetics to you and your children. Cattle with the SFI prefix or that were sold in last year’s sale, collected 20 Champion or Reserve Champion awards in 2012. The depth of quality in this year’s sale would indicate that number should double. We have built this herd on integrity and are proud to offer such a distinct set for your inspection. As always, we are here to help you with your clipping, fitting, feeding and breeding needs; so please do not hesitate to ask for help. If you have questions or would like to stop by and look at the cattle, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you the Sunday after Thanksgiving! Sincerely, The Schaake Family Sale Consultant: Lacy Robinson-816-392-5411 Auctioneer: Garren Walrod-785-565-1221 Special Guests: Ed Creason- American Simmental Association - 537-823-5635 Garrett Parsons- 823-651-3634 Andrew Sylvester- 785-456-4352 Sale Day Phones: Scott Schaake Cell-785-456-4949 Garren Walrod Cell-785-565-1221 House Phone-785-494-8566 Trucking: Free delivery to Kansas buyers & we are willing to help out of state buyers with the most economical trucking possible.

Announcements: Announcements made sale day and from the auction block take precedence over printed material associated with the sale. Anyone attending this sale attends at their own risk. Sale staff, hosts and/or their representatives will not be responsible for any personal injury or damage to any attendee or his or her personal property. Terms and Conditions: All cattle sell under the Terms and Conditions under the American Simmental Association. Directions: -From Manhattan, take US 24 (W) and turn right on KS 13 (N); across Tuttle Creek Dam. -Stay on HWY 13 for approximately 6 miles -Turn right on Myers Valley Rd. -Go 2 miles and turn left on Mud Creek Rd.


SFI Love Bug Z13N 01/10/12 Tattoo Z13N


CNS Dream On L186 WAGR Driver 706T 3C Melody M668 BZ SFI K5C SFI Beloved N13D D131 B Big time donor potential! The Beloved cow family continues to be a household name within the breed. Love Bug is stout and powerful, yet has a look of quality. She comes by her good looks honestly and is backed by one of the greatest cows our breed has to offer. Unlimited potential!


SFI Enchanting Lady 01/26/12 Tattoo Z35W

HOC Broker

SFI Look at Me


SVF Steel Force JM BF H25 3C Mach M450 BZ

KSU Classy Cat 35S We are excited about the potential of this young female. Since an early age, she has had a stunning look that is magnified by a near perfect hip and rear leg structure. You combine this with a beautiful hair coat and elegant look, and it makes a recipe for success. We think a lot of this one and would like to retain half interest.


SFI Easy on the Eyes 02/03/12 Tattoo Z55

HOC Broker


SVF Steel Force JM BF H25

3C Macho M450 SFI Miss Unique SFI MS K55H Power Stroke What a beauty and certainly a favorite of the many judging teams and visitors we have had over the past couple of months. Few could duplicate her sound, maternal build and still have the attractive look that this baldy has. We really like this one and feel her better days are still to come. SFI will retain half interest in Easy on the Eyes.


SFI Lots of Love



Polled/Homo Black

PVF-BF26 Black Joker SS Ebonys Grand Master SOSF Ebonys Joy L-123

show rights and 50% of Lots of Love’s lifetime embryo production. If you have any questions, ask Scott about the details.

4.6 1.8 64 90 10 19 51 17 -.27 .04 -.05 .61 103


5.7 3.6 69 96 11 23 58 23 -.28 .02 -.08 .58 102


CE BW WW YW MCE SFI K5C MM SFI Miss Beloved MW D131 B CW We think this one will be better than her mom, SFI Beloved. That is a bold prediction, but she has already proven herself in the show YG ring at the Kansas State Fair and the National Simmental Show at Marb the American Royal. Her mass, soundness and maternal build is BF second to none and we are really pumped up to get this one in REA production. The sky is the limit for Lots of Love. We are selling API 02/04/12 Tattoo Z1

6.3 1.2 58 80 11 23 52 10 -.24 .07 -.05 .49 108

6.4 1 55 79 9 34 62 10 -.14 .07 0 .53 118


Miss Final Drive Z45P 03/08/12 Tattoo Z45P


CNS Dream On L186 WAGR Driver 706T 3C Melody M668 BZ HC Power Drive 88H SFI Miss Final Drive SFI Miss Minni L145

Heidi Walrod Š

This younger Driver heifer will knock your eyes out and we feel she will make an awesome bred heifer next fall. The bottom side of her pedigree is as good as it gets and predicts that this one will make a productive female after her show career. Miss Final Drive is sound, slick and has a lovely personality.


SFI Miss Sweet Pea 02/16/12 Tattoo Z35


102 Hired Man CCCO Unlocked Majic CCCO Miss Wave


7.5 .8 59 86 10 22 52 22 -.31 .16 -.06 .73 123


50% Simmental

CNS Dream On L186 KSU Classy Cat 35S KSU Miss Pure Black 27M This one has personality and she will be perfect for a younger show person. She has a flawless structure, beautiful front end and comes from a championship cow family. She is a little green in her condition, so just give her some time. You will love the final product.


SFI Miss Contention 03/06/12 Tattoo Z34U


102 Hired Man CCCO Unlocked Majic CCCO Miss Wave


50% Simmental

3C Macho M450 BZ SFI Queen of Spades M34G (HC Power Drive 88H) This little gem is designed like a champion and has a precious personality. She is stout boned, perfect structured and has a beautiful front end to compliment her perfect lines. This one could be the sleeper of the sale and she is kid broke.


SFI Long on Looks 03/07/12 Tattoo Z3W Polled

102 Hired Man CCCO Unlocked Majic CCCO Miss Wave


50% Simmental

Triple C Invasion R47K SFI Kandi’s Reflection SFI Kandi Kisses M03 We were excited when Horn Livestock allowed us to use one of his young sires, CCCO Unlocked Majic. Brandon promised us big results and he was exactly right. These cattle are sound, good looking and just get better each day. Currently, we are considering Long on Looks as a top prospect to win either the percentage Simmental or Chianina breeds. She will collect her share of the banners.


SFI Silk Stockings Z9 03/17/12 Tattoo Z9

Walks Alone

Heat Wave



25% Simmental

Wad AN x MA x C x 7587

SFI Warrior R45L Hanels Miss America U814 KSU Miss Lucy Boy 0137

If history repeats itself, then this one will spend her fair share of the time in the winner’s circle. Her full sister was shown by the Hayden family from Indiana last year; and they topped off a successful show career as the Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer at the Indiana State Fair. In our opinion, this one has that much potential if not more. She will turn some heads on show day!


SFI Miss Standing Ovation 04/09/12 Tattoo Z14X


102 Hired Man CCCO Unlocked Majic CCCO Miss Wave


3/8 Simmental

HTP SVF In Dew Time SFI You Dew It Girl Hanels Miss America U814

Heidi Walrod ©

This one could do it all! She has the look of a champion and the genotype of a great momma cow. She is versatile enough in her build that we think she could work either in the purebred sector or club calf world. One thing is for certain, she will collect her share of purple on show day.


Fink’s Master Plan 02/18/12



Walks Alone x Angus

A top prospect bred by Austin and Emilie Fink. He has all of the necessary ingredients to win at the local and state level. He is stout, sound and has an awesome attitude. This one is worth the trip. *Chianina papers pending


SFI Chrome Wheels


02/12/12 Tattoo Z3W Purebred Simmental;

HOC Broker x SFI Holly

If you are looking for a competitive steer for the Regional or Junior Nationals or an early county fair then your search may be over. Chrome Wheels is perfect structured with a show steer image and all shined up with a little extra paint. A perfect attitude for a young showman.


SFI Majic Potion 02/18/12


25% Simmental

CCCO Unlocked Majic x Sooner/Beloved A moderate framed steer with a little extra bone. He is nice haired, sound in his skeleton and would work well for a later county fair or the State Fair/Junior Livestock Show.


SFI Red Hot Tamale 02/24/12



CCCO Unlocked Majic x Simmi/Angus This steer is the only red animal in the sale and does he ever catch your attention. He is super clean, excellent structured, and can be fed hard with no reservations. His great attitude is a bonus.


SFI 4x4 Heavy Duty 03/19/12


25% Simmental

Walks Alone x Warrior/Lucy Boy This steer is built like a brick house! He is a full sibling to a set of steers that Bobby May got from us last year and were successfully shown at major steer shows through the upper Midwest. This one has it all: bone, muscle and a cocky attitude.


SFI Big Ticket 03/12/12


50% Simmental

Walks Alone x SFI Girlfriend Big Ticket is a maternal brother to the steer Shilo showed last year. If you want to compete at a high level next year in Lincoln, then be sure to closely evaluate this one. All he needs is feed and time.

Reserve Grand Champion Female -National Simmental Show -American Royal Grand Champion Female - Kansas Junior Simmental Show Champion Simm-Choice - Ring A & B -Kansas AGR Show Supreme Champion Female -Kansas State Fair -Junior Show Grand Champion Female -Kansas State Fair -Open Show Champion Simmental Female -Kansas Junior Livestock Show Reserve Champion Commercial Female -Indiana State Fair Grand Futurity Female -Kansas Junior Simmental State Show Reserve Grand Futurity Female -Kansas Junior Simmental State Show Reserve Champion Simmental Female -Kansas State Fair -Junior Show Grand Champion Breeding Female -Logan County Fair & Supreme Champion Overall Breeds Grand Champion AOB Steer & Grand Overall -Pottawatomie County Fair Reserve Champion AOB Heifer -Pottawatomie County Fair Reserve Supreme Female -Logan County Fair Class Winner at Chianina Junior Nationals Reserve Champion Simmental Steer -Ring A & B -Kansas AGR Show Reserve Champion AOB Female -Kansas Junior Livestock Show Reserve Champion Simm-Choice Female -Kansas State Fair -Junior Show

SFI Unique




ly Hol


Reserve Champion Commercial Female

Marple Family

ter Sylves

Res erve


Supreme Female Jr. Show

Gra nd C ham




Schaake Farms Heritage Sale  

Schaake Farms Heritage Sale November 25th, 2012.

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