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FAIR SCHEDULE August 2 - August 6 7 pm

10 am-6pm 8-8:30 am 9 am 4 pm 5-8 pm 7:30-9 pm 9 pm

8 am 8:30 am 8:30-10 am 8:30-10 am 9 am 9 am 9 am 9 am-10pm 9-11 am


10-11 am 11 am 11:30 am 12:30-10 pm 1 pm 1 pm 1 pm 1 pm 2 pm 2-4 pm 3 pm 4-10 pm 6 pm

Sunday, July 31 “Singspiration” Church Service, Entertainment Center

Monday, August 1 Open Class Poultry & Rabbits Entries Close Entries along with the entry forms received in Floral Hall Horses checked in, Horse Arena 4-H & FFA Horse Show, Horse Arena 4-H Foods & Nutrition Consultation Judging, 4-H Bldg. Poultry Testing 4-H, FFA, Open Class Goat & Sheep Weigh-in(Market and Breeding) All Poultry & Rabbits must be in place in barns Tuesday, August 2 All Open Class Livestock entries close 4-H, FFA, Open Class Rabbit & Poultry Judging, barns All Open Class Sheep & Goats in place. 4-H, FFA, Open Class Swine Weigh-in 4-H banners & bales checked in, 4-H Bldg Floral Hall judging 4-H Individual Project Displays, Reading & Rocketry consultation judging, 4-H Bldg. 4-H Food Sale, 4-H Building 4-H Building open All 4-H Horticulture, Floriculture & Crops, must be checked in, 4-H Building. Consultation Judging at 11 am. Enter 4-H Clothing Construction, Clothing Buymanship, Fiber Arts exhibits (already been judged), 4-H Bldg. Beef Weigh-in w/Scanning to Follow 4-H Geology & Lapidary Consultation Judging, 4-H Bldg. 4-H Entomology Consultation Judging, 4-H Bldg. Flea Market Building open 4-H Floriculture Consultation judging, 4-H Bldg. 4-H Banner & Bales Consultation judging, 4-H Bldg. 4-H Woodworking & Electricity Consultation judging, 4-H Bldg. 4-H, FFA & Open Class Meat Goat Judging, Arena 4-H Arts & Crafts Consultation judging, 4-H Bldg. Enter 4-H Home Environment Exhibits (already been judged), 4-H Bldg. 4-H, FFA & Open Class Sheep Judging, Arena Main Commercial Building open FFA Farm Mechanics & Crops in

7 pm 8-10 pm 8 pm

place All Open Class Barrows in place Floral Hall Building open Floral Hall Bake Sale (after judging completed) “Local Talent Nite,” Entertainment Center

Wednesday, August 3 Open Class Dairy & Bucket Calves in place 8:30 am 4-H, FFA & Open Class Swine judging, arena 9 am 4-H Photography Consultation judging, 4-H Bldg. 9 am-5 pm, 7:30-10 pm 4-H Building open Noon-10 pm Floral Hall open 12:30-10 pm Flea Market Building open 1 pm 4-H, FFA & Open Class Bucket Calves judging, Arena 1 pm FFA Farm Mechanics & Crops judging 2:30-10 pm Main Commercial Building open 2:30 pm 4-H, FFA, & Open Class Dairy & 4-H & FFA Dairy Goat Judging, Arena 6 pm 4-H Night at the Fair & Style Review, Entertainment Center 8 pm “Redhead Express”, Entertainment Center 8:30 am

Thursday, August 4 L&R Chainsaw Carving Demonstration 8:30 am All Open Class Beef in place 9 am-10 pm 4-H Building open 9 am Kolache Sale, Entertainment Center 10 am Open Class Beef Judging (Heifers and Bulls), Eddie Valek Arena 11 am-10 pm Floral Hall open 11 am Kolache Contest, Entertainment Ctr. Noon-3 pm Live Entertainment, Entertainment Center Noon 4-H, FFA Beef (Heifers, showmanship, market animals) judging, Eddie Valek Arena 12:30-10 pm Flea Market Building open 2:30-10 pm Main Commercial Building open 3 pm Kolache Winners & Awards Announced, Kolache Auction, Entertainment Center 4 pm Small Pets Show, 4-H Bldg. 4 pm All Llivestock Sales Release forms are due in Extension Office 7:30 pm “The Pavelka Variety Combo”, Entertainment Center

8:30 am 9 am-10 pm 10 am

Friday, August 5 L&R Chainswaw Carving Demonstration 4-H & Open Dog Show, Covered Arena 4-H Building open Best of Fair & Cookie Jar Winners Pictures, Floral Hall


10-Noon 10 am

Noon-10 pm 12:30-10 pm 1 pm 1 pm 1:30 pm 2:30-10 pm 5-7 pm 8 pm

9 am-10 pm 9:30 am 10 am 10 am-10 pm 10 am-10 pm 10 am-10pm 10 -10:30 am 10:30 am 11 am 11 am-2 pm 1-2 pm 2:30 pm 3 pm 5-7 pm 7 pm 9 pm 8 am

8:45-10 am

9 am-1 pm 10-11:30 am

4-H Champion Pictures, 4-H Building. (Come to Office) 4-H & FFA Round Robin Showmanship Contest, Arena Floral Hall open Flea Market Building Open Registration for Pinewood Derby, Entertainment Center Livestock Judging Contest, Arena Pinewood Derby, Entertainment Center Main Commercial Building Open Pork and Lamb Supper, Republic County Lamb Producers & Republic County 4-H Council “The Greenhorns”, Entertainment Center

Saturday, August 6 L&R Chainsaw Carving Demonstration 4-H Building open Registration for “Little Tuggers” Tractor Pull, front of 4-H Bldg “Little Tuggers” Tractor Pull, front of 4-H Bldg. Floral Hall open Flea Market Building open Main Commercial Building open Open Class Horses checked in, Horse Arena Auction items for Hall of Fame Auction open for viewing, Entertainment Center Belleville High Banks Hall of Fame Race Memorabilia Auction, Entertainment Center Open Class Horse Show, Horse Arena 4-H Champion Pictures, 4-H Bldg. (Come to Office) Awards-Beef Rate of Gain, Sheep Rate of Gain 4-H & FFA Junior Livestock Sale, Arena KLA Prime Rib Supper, 4-H Bldg. Bingo, Entertainment Center All Open Livestock Released Sunday, August 7 “4-H Vesper” Service, Entertainment Center Open to the public. All other activities are to be inactive at this time to Respect the service Check out all the 4-H Exhibits, including livestock transfer to floor bidders. 4-Hers and FFAers are responsible for caring for all Livestock including sale animals through 9 am. Floral Hall Checkout, no early checkouts Clean up 4-H Bldg. and Livestock Barns.

NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book  

NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book