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SCHOOL K1140. School Building Picture K1141. Class Picture K1142. Any Other School Picture K1143. Teacher Bell K1144. Collection of 3 Teacher Bells K1145. School Slate K1146. Yearbook or Annual (Set of 3) K1147. School Book K1148. School Sports Program K1149. School Program K1150. School Pin (w/school letters and/or year) K1151. School Ring or Class Ring K1152. Certificate or Grade Card K1153. School-related Item (pencil box, chalk box, ruler or any other school tool) K1154. School-related Items (pencil box, chalk box, ruler or any other school tool) Collection of 5 or more K1155. School Souvenir K1156. Any Other Paper School Item K1157. Any Other School Book K1158. Pen and Ink Set K1159. Collection of 5 Fountain Pens K1160. Collection of 3 Ink Wells K1161. Any Other Item BEST OF FAIR $5.00 DEPT. L -- FLORICULTURE Ramona Cornett, Superintendent Belleville, KS 66935 -- Phone 785-527-2285


1. Read all Floral Hall rules in the NCK Free Fair Book. 2. Each exhibitor must grow and arrange own entry in their own contain-

3. A STEM is to mean one flower or cluster on a stem. 4. Entry will be judged on quality of flowers, foliage, stem, suitability of container and arrangement. Natural foliage should be added, although no fern or other foreign foliage should be added, except when specified. 5. Only listed stems, flowers, blooms from the same plant will be allowed. 6. ENTRIES MUST BE ARRANGED BEFORE THEY ARE BROUGHT TO THE FAIR. NO ARRANGING WILL BE ALLOWED AT THE ENTRY TABLE! 7. The Superintendent has the right to discard any wilted flowers. The exhibitor may bring fresh flowers after the judging. 8. REMOVE ALL FOLIAGE BELOW WATER LEVEL. PRIZE MONEY UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED IS: $2.50 $2.00 $1.50 ADULT STEMS L1001. Aster, 5 stems L1002. Ageratum, 5 stems L1003. Balsum, 5 stems L1004. Black Eyed Susans, 3 stems L1005. Calendula, 10 stems L1006. Cockscomb, 3 stems crested L1007. Cockscomb, 3 stems plumed L1008. Coleus, 5 stems L1009. Cosmos, 5 stems L1010. Tiger Lilies, 3 stems L1011. Other Lilies 3 stems L1012. Cannas, 3 stems L1013. Chrysanthemums, 3 Stems L1014. Daisies, 5 stems L1015. Daisies, Gloriosa, 5 stems, single L1016. Dahlia, Giant, 1 stem L1017. Dahlia, Pom Pom, 5 stems L1018. Dahlia, Cacti, 3 stems L1019. Gladiolus, 1 stem L1020. Marigold, large flower, 5 stems L1021. Marigold, dwarf, 5 stems L1022. Periwinkle, 5 stems, white L1023. Periwinkle, 5 stems, pink L1024. Petunias, single, 5 stems L1027. Strawflowers, 5 stems L1029. Petunias, double, 5 stems L1030. Pansies, 5 stems L1031. Phlox, perennial and annual, 3 stems L1032. Roses, any color, 3 stems L1033. Roses in rose bowl, one flower L1034. Rose, table centerpiece with extra greenery L1035. Table centerpiece of flowers with extra greenery

L1036. Salvia, 5 stems L1037. Snapdragons, 5 stems L1038. Zinnias, Giant, 5 stems L1039. Zinnias, 5 stems L1040. Zinnias, Lilliput, 5 stems L1041. Wild flowers, arrangement L1042. Verbena, 5 stems L1043. Special Occasion with extra greenery L1044. Not otherwise specified BEST OF FAIR $5.00 YOUTH STEMS - Under 12 years L1045. Marigolds, 5 stems L1046. Petunias, 5 stems L1047. Roses, 3 stems L1048. Zinnias, 5 stems L1049. Cosmos, 3 stems L1050. Rose, 1, in bowl L1051. Dried Flower Arrangement L1052. Not Otherwise Specified BEST OF FAIR $5.00 POTTED PLANTS--Container Trimmed L1053. Geraniums, Any Color L1054. Begonia, any color, flowering L1055. African Violet, Any Color L1056. Any Other Blooming plant Not Listed L1057. Vines L1058. Any Other Green Plant L1059. Succulents Cactus L1060. Novelty Planter L1061. Ferns L1062. Terrarium L1063. Hanging Plants BEST OF FAIR $5.00 ARTIFICIAL AND DRIED FLOWERS L1064. Silk Flowers, Centerpiece L1065. Silk Flowers, In Vase L1066. Silk Flower Arrangement L1067. Fabric Flower Arrangement L1068. Dried Flower Arrangement L1069. Winter Bouquet L1070. Strawflowers L1071. Any Wheat Arrangement (90% Wheat) L1072. Not Otherwise Specified BEST OF FAIR $5.00 DEPT. M -- EDUCATION Josephie Strnad, Superintendent Munden, KS 66959 -- Phone 785-987-5557 Read all Floral Hall Rules in the NCK Free Fair Book. PRIZE MONEY: $20.00 M1001. Education Display M1002. Photo Display M1003. Banner FAMILY COMMUNITY EDUCATION (FCE) A. Entries received in Floral Hall between 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday, August 1. B. To enter a banner, the following guidelines should be followed: a. Banners are a two dimensional display, depicting one idea. Guidelines are listed below. b. Dimensions are no less than 12 and no more than 16 square feet, with a minimum of 3 feet on one side. c. Banners must be hung on a rod, and a rope or hanging wire, strong enough to support the banner. d. Banners should be made of materials that permit the banner to be folded or rolled without damaging the display. C. To enter a booth contact the Extension Office for available space, dimensions and details. D. An FCE may enter only a banner or booth, but not both. E. Basis of Evaluation: I. EDUCATIONAL VALUE 40 percent a. Presents suggestion or striking facts that are simple in form and quickly grasped, or b. Show extent to which EHU involvements meet a fundamental need or c. Promotes decision and action. II. INTEREST AND ORIGINALITY 20 percent a. Presents original, unusual or striking method of exhibition. b. Holds interest of people until they have read or observed essentials of the message. c. Defines clearly one central idea.


NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book  

NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book