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K1014. Collection of 3 of same paper item. POLITICAL ANTIQUE K1015. Any Political Antique SPORTS K1016. Memorabilia K1017. Garment K1018. Collection of 5 Items K1019. Any Other Sport Item BEST OF FAIR $5.00 VINTAGE TEXTILES K1020. Child Clothing K1021. Adult Clothing K1022. Linens (Pillowcases, Tablecloth, Runner, etc.) K1023. Antique Quilt K1024. Fan (Fabric or Paper) K1025. Accessories K1026. Hats BUTTONS & SEWING NOTIONS K1027. Collection of Buttons (6 or more mounted) K1027A. Collection of Uniform Buttons (6 or more mounted) K1027B. Crochet Hook (collection of 5 or more sizes-shapes) K1027C. Knitting Needles (collection of 5 or more sizes) K1027D. Collection of Thimbles (collection of 5 or more) K1027E. Tatting Shuttle K1027F. Needle Book K1027G. Needle Case K1027I. Sewing Basket K1027J. Sewing Machine K1027K. Sewing Pattern or Book K1027L. Sewing Scissors K1028. Hair Comb or Hair Accessory K1028A. Any Other Item. BEST OF FAIR $5.00 JEWELRY K1029. Heirloom Article of Jewelry K1030. Jewelry Box K1031. Pocket Watch BEST OF FAIR $5.00 PEWTER OR SILVER K1032. Souvenir Spoon K1033. Collection of 3 Spoons K1034. Child’s Silverware K1035. Silver or Pewter Coffeepot K1036. Any Silver Item K1037. Place setting of eating utensils K1038. Any Other Pewter Item KITCHEN OR PRIMITIVES K1039. Coffee Grinder K1040. Butter Mold or Print K1041. Tivit (Iron or Wire) K1042. Rolling Pin K1043. Tin Ware K1044. Potato Masher K1045. Cast Iron Cookware K1046. Reamer or Juicer K1047. Cherry Pitter or Apple Peeler K1048. Cookie Jar (Pottery or Glass) K1049. Churn K1050. Enamelware K1051. Any Other Kitchen Item BEST OF FAIR $5.00 GLASS AND CHINA K1052. Fiesta K1053. Carnival Glass K1054. Pressed Glass K1055. Cut Glass K1056. Milk Glass K1057. Depression Glass - Pink K1058. Depression Glass - Green K1059. Depression Glass - Amber K1060. Depression Glass - Clear K1061. Any Other Depression Glass K1062. Elegant Glassware (crystal, blown, etched, any color or clear) K1063. Hand Painted China

K1064. Nippon, Noritake, Made in Japan, China K1065. Czechoslovakia Item K1066. Dinnerware, glass or china - Place Setting K1067. Collection of 3 Glass Items K1068. Collection of 3 China Items K1069. Opalescent K1070. Any Other Glass or China BEST OF FAIR $5.00 MILITARY K1071. Any Military Item K1072. Any Collection of Military Items GUNS AND KNIVES K1073. Any Antique Gun or Pistol K1073A. Pocket Knife K1073B. Collection of 3 Pocket Knives TOOLS K1074. Iron Wrench K1075. Woodworking Tools K1076. Farm Related Items (Rakes, Sythes, Etc.) K1077. Any Other Antique Tool BEST OF FAIR $5.00 TOYS AND DOLLS K1078. China or Porcelain Doll K1079. Collector Doll K1080. Any Other Doll K1081. Cast Iron Toy K1082. Mechanical Toy K1083. Pull Toy K1084. Antique Bank K1085. China Doll Dishes K1086. Metal Doll Dishes K1087. Teddy Bear K1088. Any other stuffed animal K1089. Doll Furniture K1090. Farm Toy K1091. Any Other Toy BEST OF FAIR $5.00 POTTERY AND STONEWARE K1092. Art Pottery (Roseville, Hull, Weller, McCoy, Etc.) K1093. Spatterware K1094. Crockery (Pitchers, Bowl, Jugs, etc.) K1095. Mixing Bowl K1096. Any Other Pottery BOTTLES & JARS K1097. Canning Jars K1098. Miniature Bottles (Collection 0f 5) K1099. Other Bottle BEST OF FAIR $5.00 MISCELLANEOUS HOUSEHOLD K1100. Clock K1101. Picture Frame K1102. Tin Type K1103. Any Antique Furniture K1104. Framed Print K1105. Radio K1106. Other Household Item LIGHTING K1107. Candleholders K1108. Accessory to Candelight (Molds, Snuffer, etc.) K1109. Lantern K1110. Kerosene Lamp K1111. Electric Lamp K1112. Miniature Lamp or Lantern K1113. Any Other Lighting Item BEST OF FAIR $5.00 HOLIDAY K1120. Valentine Card (set of 3) K1121. Christmas Card (set of 3) K1122. Other Holiday Card (single) K1123. Halloween Costume K1124. Christmas Ornament K1125. Valentine Decoration K1126. Easter Decoration K1127. Halloween Decoration K1128. Christmas Decoration K1129. Any Other Holiday Item BEST OF FAIR $5.00


NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book  

NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book