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I1031. Any Table Runner I1032. Embroidered Doily I1033. Cutwork Doily I1034. Tatted Doily I1035. Loom Doily I1036. Set of 3 Handkerchiefs - Embroidered, any color I1037. Set of 3 Handkerchiefs with crocheted edge. KITCHEN ACCESSORIES I1038. Tea Towels, Embroidered (set of 4) I1039. Tea Towels, Hand Appliqued (set of 4) I1040. Tea Towels, Ball Point or Textile Painted (set of 4) I1041. Pot Holders or Hot Mats (set of 2) I1042. Place Mats (set of 4) I1043. Any Other Kitchen Accessory I1044. Apron I1045. Dish or Casserole Carrier I1045A. Bag (Book or Shopping) I1046. Tablecloth I1046A. Any Other Items PILLOWCASES I1047. Embroidered, any color I1048. Applique or Cutwork I1049. Cross Stitch I1050. Monogram I1051. Tatted Edge I1052. Ball Point or Textile Painted I1053. Any Other Pillowcases BEST OF FAIR $5.00 WALL HANGING I1054. Embroidered I1055. Counted Cross Stitch I1056. Quilted I1057. Crewel I1058. Latch Hook I1059. Needlepoint I1060. Applique I1061. Any Other Wall Hanging I1062. Candlewicking I1063. Grouping of 2 or more items BEST OF FAIR $5.00 RUGS I1064. Hooked I1065. Any Other Rug I1066. Braided I1067. Woven I1068. Crocheted I1069. Bread Wrappers PILLOWS I1070. Any Other Pillow I1071. Embroidered I1072. Candlewicking I1073. Appliqued I1074. Cross Stitch I1075. Counted Cross Stitch I1076. Needlepoint or Bargello I1077. Hooked I1078. Pieced Design I1079. Quilted I1080. Folded Star BEST OF FAIR $5.00 DOLLS and TOYS I1081. Rag Dolls, Single or Pair I1082. Stuffed animal or toy I1083. Crocheted or Knitted Doll I1084. Any Pillowcase Doll I1085. Doll Clothes, any size I1086. Any other cloth doll, toy or cloth book not specified SPECIAL CLASSIFICATION I1087. Christmas Stocking I1088. Christmas Tree Ornament I1089. Holiday Apron I1090. Any other Holiday Article not otherwise specified I1091. Tatted Article, mounted I1092. Any Other Item BEST OF FAIR $5.00

QUILTS $3.50 $2.50 $1.50 Make note on entry tag if quilting done by exhibitor or by others. I1093. Baby Quilt I1094. Bed Quilt, Pieced, Hand Quilted I1095. Bed Quilt, Pieced, Machine Quilted I1096. Bed Quilt, Appliqued - Hand Quilted I1097. Bed Quilt, Applique - Machine Quilted I1098. Bed Quilt, Mixed - Two or more techniques, Hand Quilted I1099. Bed Quilt, Mixed - Two or more techniques, Machine Quilted I1100. Bed Quilt, Embroidered or Crossed Stitched, Hand Quilted I1101. Bed Quilt, Embroidered or Crossed Stitched, Machine Quilted I1102. Other Bed Quilt, Hand Quilted I1103. Other Bed Quilt, Machine Quilted I1104. Tied Quilt BEST OF FAIR $5.00 Wall Quilt-Must Have Rod Pocket I1105. Wall Quilt, Pieced, Hand Quilted I1106. Wall Quilt, Pieced, Machine Quilted I1107. Wall Quilt, Appliqued, Hand Quilted I1108. Wall Quilt, Appliqued, Machine Quilted I1109. Wall Quilt, Mixed - Two or more techniques, Hand Quilted I1110. Wall Quilt, Mixed - Two or more techniques, Machine Quilted I1111. Other Wall Quilt I1112. Miniature Quilt - 24” x 24” Maximum, Hand Quilted I1113. Miniature Quilt - 24” x 24” Maximum, Machine Quilted I1114. Other Miniature - 24” x 24” Maximum I1115. Quilted Wearable - Hand or Machine Quilted BEST OF FAIR - For Wall or Miniature Quilt INFANT THROUGH PRE-TEEN CLOTHING I1116. Bib (2) I1117. Diaper Set (2 pieces) or Sleep Wear (1 or 2 pieces) I1118. Dress and Coat, Cape or Jacket (2 pieces) I1119. Pants and Shirt, Blazer, Vest or Jacket (2 pieces) I1120. Dress I1121. Blouse or Shirt I1122. Blazer or Jacket I1123. Slacks I1124. Childs Sweatshirt (Decorated) I1125. Jumper Set I1126. Any Other Item ADULT WEAR I1128. Skirt I1129. Blouse I1130. Vest I1131. Decorated Sweatshirt, T-Shirt, or Jacket I1132. Dress I1133. Jumper I1134. Pant Suit (2 pieces) I1135. Wool Jacket and Skirt I1136. Jacket and Skirt, any other fabric I1137. Ladies Blazer, Jacket or Coat, wool I1138. Ladies Blazer, Jacket or Coat, any other fabric I1139. Men’s Blazer or Jacket I1140. Shirt I1141. Slacks I1142. Formal Wear I1143. Any other item BEST OF FAIR $5.00 CROCHETING AND KNITTING I1144. Crocheted Doily - Under 14’’ (mounted) I1145. Crocheted Doily - Over 14’’ (mounted) I1146. Pillowcase, Crocheted Edge I1147. Tablecloth, Crocheted I1148. Pillow, Crocheted or Knitted I1149. Rug, Crocheted Wool or Nylon I1150. Rug, Knitted I1151. Crocheted Flowers I1152. Afghan, Crocheted I1153. Afghan, Knitted I1154. Afghan, Blocked I1155. Bedspread, Crocheted I1156. Bedspread, Knitted I1157. Placemats, Crocheted


NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book  

NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book