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8. No exhibitor can enter more than ONE article under each class num-

9. All entries must have been made by the exhibitor, or, if horticulture, grown by the exhibitor, except in antiques and quilts. 10. The Superintendent or judge has the right to reject any article. 11. Any item previously entered in the last 5 years should NOT be returned for judging. If found to be previously entered, it will, at any time during fair week be disqualified and no premium paid. 12. No article deemed unworthy shall be awarded a premium. The judge shall decide if an article is entitled to an award. If there is no competition, awards will be on merit (awarded first, second, third, or disqualified). 13. BEST OF FAIR will be awarded only when at least 6 entries per grouping are exhibited. 14. In ALL cases premiums are paid according to the awards in the judge’s book. 15. Exhibits may be checked out from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Sunday, August 7. NO exhibits will be released before that time. Any items not picked up will be locked in the Fair Office and the exhibitor must make arrangements to get them. All perishables will be disposed of if not picked up by the exhibitor. 16. Prize money will NOT be issued before 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 7, 2011. 17. For any unsettled disputes over the premiums issued, the Fair Board must be notified in writing by August 31, 2011. 18. An Achievement Award will be given to the exhibitor in each Floral Hall division receiving the most blue ribbons in that division (6 awards to be given). DEPT. G -- FARM PRODUCTS, FRUITS and VEGETABLES Kyle Houdek, Superintendent Munden, KS 66959 - Phone 785-527-0573 1. Read all Floral Hall Rules in the North Central Kansas Free Fair book. 2. ALL EXHIBITS MUST BE GROWN in 2011 except as otherwise provided in their classification. 3. No duplicate exhibit shall be taken from one farm. 4. Exhibitors may replace with fresh product any specimen that shows tendency to decay at any time during the fair, except when the judge is working on the class to which it belongs. 5. Entries from #1107 - #1124 shall become property of the NCK Free Fair. PRIZE MONEY UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED IS: $2.50 $2.00 $1.50 IRISH POTATOES - 5 G1001. Red Potatoes G1002. White Potatoes G1003. Russet G1004. Any Other Variety SWEET POTATOES - 5 G1005. Any Standard Variety ONIONS - 5 G1006. Red G1007. Yellow G1008. White ROOT CROPS - 5 G1009. Any Table Beets G1010. Mangel G1011. Carrots, half long G1012. Carrots, long G1013. Salsify, 5 roots G1014. Parsnips, 5 roots G1015. Turnips, 5 roots G1016. Kohlrabi, 5 G1017. Rutabagas, 5 BEST OF FAIR $5.00 SQUASH - 3 G1018. Zucchini G1019. Acorn G1020. Spaghetti G1021. Butternut G1022. Any other variety, summer G1023. Any other variety, winter G1024. One Large, one variety

PUMPKIN G1025. Any Variety, 1 pumpkin G1026. One, largest by weight. G1027. Mini Pumpkins, 3 WATERMELON G1028. Any Variety - 1 MUSKMELON - 1 G1029. Honey Dew G1030. Any Other Variety MISCELLANEOUS G1031. Gourds - Collection of 5 BEST OF FAIR $5.00 TOMATOES G1032. Red - 5 tomatoes G1033. Yellow - 5 tomatoes G1034. Green - 5 tomatoes G1035. Salad tomatoes-10 tomatoes G1036. Red Cherry - 10 tomatoes G1037. Yellow Pear - 10 tomatoes G1038. Roma or Pasta - 5 tomatoes PEPPERS - 5 G1039. Sweet - green G1040. Sweet - any other color. G1041. Hot MISC. ABOVE GROUND VEGETABLES G1042. Garlic, 5 G1043. Dill, 3 stems G1044. Cucumbers, Slicer - 5 G1045. Cucumbers, Pickling - 10 G1046. Burpless - 5 G1047. String Beans, green - 10 G1048. String Beans, yellow - 10 G1049. Cauliflower - 1 G1050. Cabbage - 1 G1051. Egg Plant - 3 G1052. Rhubarb - 5 stalks G1053. Okra, 5 ponds G1054. Any unusual vegetables BEST OF FAIR $5.00 G1055. BEST DISPLAY OF FARM VEGETABLES - No less than 5 kinds $8.00 $6.00 $4.50 $2.50 APPLES - 5 G1056. Delicious Red G1057. Delicious Yellow G1058. Grimes, Golden G1059. Jonathan G1060. Rome Beauty G1061. Winesap G1062. Any Other Variety G1063. Crabapples - 10, any variety PEACHES - 5 G1064. Any Variety PEARS - 5 G1065. Bartlett G1066. Douglas G1067. Seckle G1068. Kieffer G1069. Duchess G1070. Any Other Variety PLUMS - 10 G1071. Any Variety GRAPES - 5 Clusters G1072. Purple G1073. White G1074. Any Other APRICOTS - 10 G1075. Any Variety MISCELLANEOUS FRUIT G1076. Black Walnuts - 5 nuts G1077. Any other variety of nut - 5 nuts COLLECTION OF FRUIT G1078. Most complete and perfect collection of fruit, no less than 5 kinds. BEST OF FAIR $5.00 SMALL GRAIN AND SEED (1 Gallon)


NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book  
NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book  

NCK Free Fair - 2011 Fair Book