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ZPEC-EGYPT March 2018

Chinese Annual Meeting of Headquarter

LEESON LEARN Slip & Cut Safe Procedure

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Mr.Li Wi General Manager

Mr.Zhong Xue Lang Technical Manager

Eng.Hassan Mabrouk Senior Operation Manager

Eng.Aiman Shaban

Monthly Magazine Issued by Safety Department Covering all ZPEC Company Achieves and Works During Every Month in order to Highlights and Illustrates all ZPEC Egypt Branch Success.

QHSE Manager

Mr.Andy Zhang Marketing Manager

Eng.Mohamed Gad Public Relation Manager

Eng.Islam Yakan Marketing Assistant

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Mr.Mohamed Salah Mohamed Procurement Assistant

Mr.Zhang Ge Finance Manager

Mr.Wang Yang HR Manager

Mr.Sayed Shetawy HR Generalist

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OEPRATION Slipping &cutting off drilling Line Safe procedures

By: Eng.Hassan Mabrouk Senior Operation Manager

1-Make work primed & job safety analyses (J SA).

2-Hold pre job safety meeting about slipping & cutting drilling hazard. 3-Rig floor should very clean & clear from tripping hazards. 4-When Getting Ready to cut off drilling line the traveling block should be hung in the derrick on block hanging lines that hang from the crown.


5-the hanging line should be rated for the weight of the blocks plus an adequate safety factor. 6-the (TIW) valve should install in the drill pipe prior to the hanging off the blocks & the elevator attached to the pipe in the hole. 7-the driller should at the master clutch ready for job. 8-the derrick man should be who is both secure the hang line should have fall protection harness. 9-remove the excess worn line form the drum & cut off as planned always use a wire cutter & remove the wire away from Draw work area. 10-clam the drum end of the line back into the drum &tighten the drum clamp as tightly as possible. 11-lossen the clamps in the wire line anchor & slip the rough as much line as is needed to put the desired wraps on the drum. 12-Tighten the wire line clamps on the anchor, pack up traveling block & removed the hanging line form block. 13-Re check all clamps and position of line and start in hole with safe drilling line.

14-Re install the crown protection device if it was removed, adjust as necessary to stop the blocks as required. 15-Re install the guard on the front of the draw work. 16-Re install the weight indicator sensor on the dead line & remove the (TIW) Valve.

Annual Meeting in China

Abu-Maeslam Mohamed Operation Manager

I want to take this chance to thank ZPEC company for allowing me to be present at this great event .I know that I work in great company but now I believed I work in very great company with great management .So proud to be one of ZPEC team. Thanks for full support, efforts and good hospitality, Also i would thanks head office for good hospitality. I would thanks to choose us to attend annual meeting, Also for his full support in improving the performance and good management for our


company as ZPEC-Egypt. Also to thanks Mr.kou and Mr. Andy for helping us and being guide for us. I cannot forget all ZPEC Egypt team and ask them for more their best to forward However still more works to be done. Completing projects and programs successfully on time is essential and continues to be the best company in Egypt marketing. To keep our place in drilling market we must continue in the same way and improved more and more our performance and not save any efforts for company.

We hope to get more and more projects in the future in all over the world and we must do our best to get it. Finally we hope also bright future for all ZPEC branches in the world. My regards to all ZPEC team and to not forget my best advise ,Team work is the efforts of two or more people working to gather toward a common goal.



Hany Hassan Rig Manager


I would like to thank all of the employees of the company for their full support and efforts to reach this honorable success and wish that this success will continue and increase. Summary      

Started working in the company as a Night-pusher in Minya during the two weeks training period; according to my evaluation and the need of Tool-pushers I was promoted. Started the new project in Nakhl as Tool-pusher at RIG 2, we have completed 4 wells at a standard time with good performance and suitable drilling parameters. Then I worked in the same project in Nakhl as Tool-pusher at RIG 4, I helped the crew to fix the Rig problems, the Rig performance increases and we have completed other 4 wells at a standard time with good performance and suitable drilling parameters. When I became Tool-pusher I focus on every one need to know what is his job and duties to give his best. Responsible for the supervision and inspection of the drilling operations, quality, health, safety and environmental management measures of the drilling team, cementing team, logging team and water testing team. We take every well as a new challenge and new start.

Problems and solve them and benefit from them:     

The main two problems are stuck and losses, we had some partial losses especially @ 150 m while drilling with high parameters and stuck caused by tight hole and differential stuck. We learned from these problems and tried to avoid them in new projects by using suitable mud weight for each formation and keeping hole in a good condition and well cleaning to save time and effort. Before every new connection we wash and ream two times to make sure that the hole is clean. Every 36 hours or 250 M drilled we made a trip to clean hole, take care about hole, check and clean bit then RIH again. At any over pull we use the Kelly wash and ream until it free.

Experience     

The important thing is safety for people and equipment. We did safety meeting before any job.( safety first) We did move plane for saving time and cost reduction. We succeed in carry out that. We can treat with losses ( partial or complete) and how to make hole cleaning by pump every 3 connection 10 BBls High Vis. Mud . We improved gradually our skills in time of RIH casing, cement and displacement The good management is the most important to achieve a good performance. Crew of Nekhil learned quickly and became a good work team.

Next work plane 2018       

We will try to keep our performance and improve it and taking this like a new challenge. Improving the HEALTH and SAFETY performance of the company that will lead to increase the motivation of the workers. Making a good plan for maintenance to keep our equipment always in good condition. Choose the suitable parameters and good bits for drilling to keep our equipment in a good condition and more safety than before. Periodic check on MCC units and RIG equipment. Make a good system for material to save time and cost reduction. Everyone have to know his duty and role to make a good work team.


Mahmoud Abdo Mechanic Supervisor Al-Hassna Location

Mohamed Saqr Geologist & Water Test Engineer Al-Hassna Location

QHSE The QMS documentation can consist of different types of documents. Usually, it includes documents such as quality policy, quality manual, procedures, work instructions, quality plans, and records.


ISO 9001 requires different types of information to be documented; however, not all information needs to be documented as separate documents. It is flexible so that the organization to decide on the size of the documentation and the level of details documented. For example, small companies can have documented procedures that will be included in the QMS manual.


The Integrity of

any organizer system Starts from the ability of Making Strong Plan"


Before You Lift • Plan Your Route: Path clear? Trip hazards removed? Dry? • Assess the Load: Too heavy? Can I use a hand truck or forklift? Can I slide it? When You Lift • Lift It Right: Position your body close to the object. Keep your back straight. • Move It Right: Don't twist your back. • Lower It Right: When you put the load down, bend your knees not your waist. Get Help If you Need It • Work Together: Don't be a hero. Communicate with your partner! Size up the load: • Can it be split into multiple loads? • Smaller loads cause less strain on the back. • Can you slide it rather then lift? Use material handling equipment if load is too heavy: • Forklifts • Hoists • Dollies Size up the load: • Can it be split into multiple loads? • Smaller loads cause less strain on the back. • Can you slide it rather then lift? Use material handling equipment if load is too heavy: • Forklifts • Hoists • Dollies Basic rules of good lifting • Size up the load before you lift. • Can you lift a corner? • Can you get to the item? • Do you need to move something • to gain better access? • Bend your knees. • Get a good hand hold. • Center yourself over the load. • Lift straight up - let your legs do the work. • Don’t twist or turn.


Carrying the load • Ensure a clear path. • Ensure a place where load can be set down. • Check for stability of load. • Can you get a good grip? • Use mechanical equipment if load is too heavy. • Get help if load is too heavy - lift at the same time to keep load balanced. Lowering the load • Bend the knees to let leg muscles support the weight. • Slowly lower it; do not drop the load. • Avoid sudden movements. • Lower the load at the same time if working with a partner. The closer to the body the more Strength you have. L&I Lifting Calculator Other tools: • American Conference Group of Industrial Hygiene (ACGIH) Lifting Threshold Limit Value (TLV) • National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) Lifting Equation

Principles for reducing heavy lifting • Reduce the weight • Increase the weight (to balance load) • Use mechanical assistance • Slide instead of lift • Team lifting Principles for reducing frequent lifting • Use mechanical assistance • Avoid unnecessary lifting • Use mobile storage shelves


Emad Ez-Eldien QHSE Engineer Al-Hassna Location

Remember Always….


Training Passport Training Passport is a smart and unique way of combining all of our staffs skills, competencies and qualifications regardless of provider/awarding body all in a single place. By utilizing today's technology, there is no longer a need for our employees to carry different documentation such as cards or copies of certificates to prove competency. All the data and copies of information is stored in the cloud making it accessible anywhere and at any time.

Benefits: 

 Automatic Reminders

 No need to carry

 Export Information

All qualifications in One place multiple cards or certificates


 Intelligent Traffic Light System

 Photographic ID  Full Reports

 Ground breaking Smartphone App

 Safe & Secure  Fast and easy Portal Access with NFC & QR Code Enabled Smart card

Used by Companies and Individuals Regardless of the size of your operation. Our Training Passport has been designed with everyone in mind. The platform includes a range of security roles to cover various job levels in our organization. Individuals: Have read-only access to their own training and skills information.


Supervisor: Have read-only access to their own training and skills information, plus those who They have direct supervision over thus making the management of their needs easier. Manager: Read-only access to all individuals and supervisors with a company, track and manage information through a wide range of reports. Group manager: For HR professionals and training providers read and write access to all individuals, supervisors and managers to ensure all training and skills information is uploaded.


Tubular running services ZPEC Egypt have two tubular running service teams with two set Tubular running equipment , Such as Power Casing Tong,Torque Sensor, various elevator and rig tong. They can be used for casing size from 5-1/2”to 13-3/8. The maximum torque is 35KN.m, the RPM is from 21-30. The elevator capacity is 2500KN.

Fishing services  ZPEC have a professional team for fishing job. All of them have sufficient knowledge for fishing tools and fish job. Some of fishing engineers have more than 30 years' experience on fishing.  We can catch the fishing successfully during down hole in complex condition. Sharp tools make good work, ZPEC Egypt have various fishing tools, such as fishing jar, overshot, left hand drill pipe, taper tap, box taper, strange magnetic fisher, releasable fishing spear, over-wash pipe, safety sub and so on. Though the professional tools provide the customer professional and effective services to short the fishing period to reduce the customer losses.

Well testing and production development


 ZPEC well testing team professional conduct all the wells in West Minya and Sinai. Equipped with Atlas Copco Cat diesel engine driven air compressor, ESP pump and 3 ½” DP

 With the latest water testing data analysis system, a lot of water parameters can be calculated;

MAINTENANCE ANNUAL SUMMERY WORK 2017 By:Faisal Abd-Elgawad Super Visor Electrician


The Achievements of work in 2017 for Rig #5  in this year we changed three soroniod for the generator.  We changed the main switch of generator and disconnect AS generator to replace oil ceal engine  We changed AC for generator which come from minya and the old AC its  fixed and its now is spare.  We changed the card panel for the compressor and now it’s good in working. And every week we make maintenance for it.  We check for the MCC every move and its good in working and it’s don’t  has any problems.  The panel plug its good and it has any problems.  We made a test meager for every motor.  We mad a key for power tongue on the rig floor because the workers of gesco were leave it working 24 hours.  We changed the cable for water tank which its length 25 m plus to changed  the plugs EX for it.  We changed cable 4*6 which its length 4 m for the shale shaker.  The agitators for the mud system working in good performance.  The hopper and the mix tank don’t have any problems.  We made the working of power tongue and its fans on one switch.  All cables for this rig its good in working and don’t have any welding.  We fix the panel for the camp for the rig and fixed the plugs for it.  All air conditions are fixed and now working in good situation.  We put 2 torch on the camp.  We need to increase the lighting for mud system and rig  Floor ,the lighting for the must need to replace.  All seller pump are fixed in Cairo.

The Achievements of work in 2017 for Rig #3:    


       

We changed the generator for rig 3, and replaced by new one. THE generator need main breaker 630 A-30 KVA We changed 2 card for the compressor, the panel don’t has any problems. We mad a key for power tongue on the rig floor because the workers of gesco were leave it working 24 hours. We made the working of power tongue and its fans on one switch, and o replace the plug for it. We fixed the cooling pump, and mad a switch for it. We made a test meager for every motor. We put the tray cable for rig 3. We move the switch for hopper on the system. We changed the cable for trip tank. We put a control panel for the rig and fixed the plugs for it. We check for all the battery for 2 rigs and increase the water for them and also the cement unit.

The Achievements of work in 2017 for the main camp:          

We made a rig up for the camp in February month. We changed the three sits for the Air conditions. We transferred one of Air conditions from camp to rig 5. We put one Air condition in the meeting room, and another one for the room for safety engineer We put 2 contactor , 2tromstat for the kitchen. We put the new oven and made a sit for it and cable in the kitchen. We put a panel and plugs for the laundry room. We made a rig up for the camp from the old location to the new location. We have a problem for the generator for the test pump and it sent to Hassan, and we made a cable for it from the generator for the main camp. We changed the main switch of generator and disconnect AS generator to replace oil-cel engine

ZPEC Egypt Principal Office 17D, 16 villa, Horeya Street, First Settlement, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt Mobile: +2 010 9765 1756 Land Phone: +2 23285526 Fax: +2 23285527 Email: /

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