2016 QHM Annual Report

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Lives Changed because of you!

You Are The Reason for this mission work IN 2016 YOU GAVE: $3,558,212

for missions

REACHING: 100,000+

WHICH MADE POSSIBLE: 367 130 mission team members gospel workers


people for Christ

RESULTING IN: 949 baptisms


children’s programs

3,179 kids learning about Jesus 18 chapels built 1,060Bibles given to new belivers 87 mission field clinics blessing more 12,891 people than

Thank You! and God bless you!




or the last 80 years, God has been leading Quiet Hour Ministries to find those people who are searching and hungry for Christ. No matter how needs have arisen and changed for people around the world throughout the years, God’s directing hand has gently steered this ministry to continue touching lives through various means. The ministry started with one man behind a radio microphone, but grew, as God led, into television, publishing, aviation ministry and now, international mission trips. And as God has directed and enabled Quiet Hour Ministries to touch hearts, you have enabled the ministry to reach even more people because of your prayers and gifts. When Quiet Hour Ministries entered its 80th year, our mission theme of “Follow Me” became especially fitting. Alongside God’s guiding hand, you have also been an instrumental part of the


forward motion that makes Quiet Hour Ministries so effective at spreading the gospel. Your continued support of this ministry is vital as it adapts to the needs of people who have never been reached. And you are invaluable to meeting the ever-growing need for Christ in the world. I think of the verse in John 10:27 that says, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” As we work together to finish this important ministry that God has given to us, we strive to follow the Master’s call. And as more and more searching hearts join us in the fold, God pours out His blessings in abundance. Thank you so much for your dedication to reaching one more person with Jesus’ love.

Ralph S. Watts, Jr. Chairman of the Board



n 2016, we rejoiced as God led us into our 80th year of ministry! Entering such a milestone, our volunteers proudly wore shirts proclaiming “Arise, Shine.” The power of the Holy Spirit arising in them and shining through them changed the lives of thousands. And this impact continues. As: • clinic volunteers show compassion, Jesus shines through them. • children’s eyes light up with Jesus’ love, the Holy Spirit is shining through the volunteers teaching them. • our speakers share Bible truths, the Holy Spirit shines the light of understanding into hearts. • each new chapel is built, it shines as a beacon of hope in the community. • their mission experiences change our volunteers, they are transformed through the Holy Spirit working in them. • each new believer arises from the waters of baptism, their joy is their

new-found love of Jesus. Every story told, every impact felt and every person reached, is only through the power of God and for His glory. God has worked in the hearts of: • our donors to support His outreach through Quiet Hour Ministries. And we are so grateful for your response to His call. • our volunteers who “arose” and spent time allowing Him to “shine” through them to light a dark world. And we are so grateful for their response to His call. • His children in the mission field to accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Hundreds responded through baptism. And together, we rejoice over every one. As you read this report and see all that God has done, may the love of Jesus inspire you to arise and shine. Randy Bates President/CEO 5

CLINICS SAVED HER FAMILY! Rosa and her family had heard that there would be a medical clinic in their town of La Chorerra, Panama. They all had various small medical ailments and although they were not complicated, Rosa and her family had no access to health treatment. When she heard about the medical clinics, Rosa gathered her family together, six children and grandchildren in all, and herded them down to the clinic. Arriving at the site where the medical clinic had been held, Rosa was not deterred for a second when faced with a clinic that was closed for the day! As our team members were packing up to leave, she marched right up to the doctor, ready to have her family seen. The mission team was tired from a long, hard day, but they were not about to turn away this desperate woman and her family. So the doctor saw each of them and treated their minor ailments. Because of her determination to find medical help for her family, Rosa was given the opportunity to be treated with kindness and care. As a result, when a team member 6

invited Rosa to the evangelistic meetings, she showed up on the opening night. And after attending every meeting after that and convincing her family to join her, Rosa and her six family members were all baptized! Thank you for supporting the mission work that allows people like Rosa and her family to hear the life-saving good news of Jesus!


Belize Botswana Burkina-Faso Colombia Cuba Ethiopia Fiji

Gambia Guatemala Guinea Conakry Guyana Kenya Mali

Mauritania Mexico Mongolia Nepal Nicaragua Niger Pakistan

Panama Philippines Senegal Thailand Uganda USA Vietnam 7

YOUR IMPACT EVANGELISM Because of you, evangelism reached 17 different countries! As we meet the needs of people, our number one priority is sharing the good news of Jesus. Thanks to your support, 367 mission team members reached thousands of people!

● ● ●


67 949 1,060

evangelistic series people baptized Bibles distributed



uring a mission trip to Camaguey, Cuba, Pastor Cory Herthel met an exuberant young boy and two friends who were always with him.

Henkel, who’d spent his entire life in impoverished Cuba, the buggy was his prized possession.

A friendship was struck up between Cory and Henkel and when Cory asked for a ride in the ramshackle buggy, Henkel joyfully agreed.

With a youthful enthusiasm and a joyful spirit, Henkel was bringing people to Jesus in the best way he was able.

As they bounced and careened down the narrow, bumpy roads of Cuba, Cory was amazed by the young boy’s spunk.

The mission teams that you send to Cuba and countries around the world connect thousands of people like Henkel with a valuable mission and purpose—to share Jesus with the world!

Cory came to discover that Henkel wasn’t just a young kid playing The boy’s name was Henkel and he around in a horse and buggy. He drove a rickety old buggy pulled was attending the meetings each by a sad looking horse. Cory was night. And even more amazing, he impressed that even though Henkel was routinely driving around town was only 13 years old, he drove his and loading up his buggy with buggy everywhere around town, by townspeople and bringing them to himself! the meetings!

Though the horse and buggy seemed worn and rickety to the American team members, to


CHILDREN’S OUTREACH Jesus said to bring the little children to Him—and that is what we do on each of our mission trips. Thank you for making this possible by providing supplies and Bible stories for the kids to learn! With your gifts, you enabled more than 3,000 kids to learn about Jesus and His love!


children’s outreaches More than

3,150 67

kids learned about Jesus


children’s outreach kits given to the mission field

CHILDREN WEREN’T COMING TO THE MEETINGS! espite our team members working hard to put together a fun, engaging program for the children in San Andres, Colombia, only four children attended on the first night.


Can you guess what happened? The very next night, 51 children attended the meeting! Each one of them received a paper angel and had fun learning new Bible stories, singing and doing crafts.

The team had suspected that they’d have a difficult time attracting children to attend because the meetings were right between Christmas and New Year’s Day. However, they didn’t expect only four children to show up.

From that night on, there were at least 40 children in attendance every night.

But the dedicated team members that you send into the field to reach children for Jesus are determined to accomplish their mission! So the team came up with a plan to incentivize the children and draw more of them to the meetings, despite the holidays.

When you send teams into the field to do children’s outreach alongside the evangelistic meetings, many children are blessed with an exciting, new view of a God who loves them. Many of them have never heard of Jesus, but when they experience His love, they want to know more. Thank you for supporting children’s outreach around the world!

The team made some small gifts for the children. Then they told each child who attended that if they brought a friend, they would receive a prize! 11

CLINICS Many people who would never attend evangelistic meetings alone are softened to the idea when they are treated with love at your clinics! Thank you for providing basic but extremely needed medical care for people in the villages that our teams visit!

â—? â—?

87 12,891 clinics

people treated


CONSTRUCTION The gospel is spreading rapidly in many parts of the world. But without a place to gather for worship, many new believers can lose their connection to the church! Thank you for providing safe, sturdy chapels for your fellow Adventists to worship in. â—? â—?

18 2,700

chapels built

church members blessed by these chapels




eam members are often blessed as much as those they are ministering to! Giving of oneself to reveal Jesus to those who do not know Him is truly a life changing experience. Team member Shawn Myhre is a perfect example of someone who was changed by missions. She shared her experience in Cuba: I just have to say how very grateful I am to have gone on this mission trip to Camaguey, Cuba. You don’t understand how much my life is renewed and how I am changed as a person. I can’t express how big an impact my mission trip experience had on me! In the two weeks after I returned home, I got very ill and even though it was right around Christmas, I didn’t have a single gift under my tree—but I didn’t even care! Seeing the people in Cuba and how they live such optimistic, happy lives with few possessions touched me to my very core. They live with so little, yet they are some of the most giving people I’ve ever met. They are hungry to show love and kindness, which is what we were supposed to be doing as missionaries. I’m brought to tears by how God worked in me on this mission trip. I thank Him for the experience that taught me to see the world in a new way. 14

MISSION TEAM MEMBERS Without your gifts and support, none of these mission efforts would be possible! But in addition to resources, volunteer team members are desperately needed to go into the field with the gospel on their lips. Thank you to everyone who dedicated time to serve as a team member!

367 18 17

mission team


mission teams


different countries served 15


You are the reason that Quiet Hour Ministries is still serving people all over the world in its 80th year. Without your generosity and your heart dedicated to changing lives, this ministry would not have continued to perform the gospel commission for the last eight decades. In 2016, total contributions reached $3.6 million. Planned gift maturities equaled $700,000 of the total, temporarily restricted gifts were $1.4 million and current gifts totaled $1.5 million. When the contributions were distributed, 54 percent went to international evangelism projects, 16 percent built chapels around the world and the remaining 30 percent was used for children’s outreach, gospel workers, Bibles and medical supplies. I want to personally thank you for your hand in sharing Jesus around the world. With your help, 46 mission projects around the world received funding in 2016! The gospel was carried to many regions around the world as you see in the graph on the facing page. 16

As you know, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” James 1:17 NKJV. God continues to pour blessings on this ministry through your gifts. Because of your generosity, contributions in the fourth quarter of 2016 outperformed projections! I’m deeply grateful for how God will change more lives through your gifts. In our 80th year, Quiet Hour Ministries is committed to following God’s leading as He touches more hearts and changes lives. Thank you for your part in allowing us to continue ministry for years to come!

Diana Oei Finance Director

$2,500,000 $2,500,000


Mission Distributions BY TYPE

53% 53% 21% 21% Central/South America Central/South America Asia/Pacific Asia/Pacific World Projects World Projects Africa Africa Other Other


$2,000,000 $2,000,000

Direct contributions and

Program Services

other $1,500,000

Support Services


Released from restriction

Change in value of annuity

Contributions from estates,


trusts and annuities $1,000,000 $1,000,000

11% 11%

$500,000 $500,000

10% 10% 4% 4%

$0 $0

2016 2016

Program Services Program Services Supporting Services Supporting Services Change in value of Change value of annuityinagreements annuity agreements

Mission Distributions BY GEOGRAPHIC AREA

54% 54%

$2,000,000 $2,000,000

16% 16%

Evangelism Meetings Evangelism Meetings Chapels Chapels Children’s Outreach Children’s Outreach Other Other Bibles Bibles Gospel Workers Gospel Workers

7% 7% 3% 3%

$1,500,000 $1,500,000

12% 12%

$1,000,000 $1,000,000

8% 8% $500,000 $500,000

$0 $0

Direct Contributions Direct Contributions andother other and Released from Released from restriction restriction Contributionsfrom from Contributions estates,trusts, trusts,and and estates, annuities annuities


NAME LEGEND CODE Hannah Abbott E Courtney Ackman E Elliott Ackman E Mary Aflague E Raquel Alipoon E Sebastian Anderson E Resty Antonio E Abraham Arroyo E Judey Austin E Levi Austin E Sarah Austria E Dwain Bankson E Ruth Ann Bankson E Carol Barron E Lynette Bates V Randal Bates B, E Greg Batla E Fred Batten E Hugh Baugher E Emmanuel Beauzil E Philip Becker E John Beishke E Preston Belser E Arody Bermejo E Randolph Bermejo E Charlene Binder E Roger Binder E Stacy Blanzy E Adrianna Blount E Larry Boggess E Ilene Bonson E Isaiah Bonson E Noah Bonson E 18

Rhonalin Borabon Nathalie Borges Cheryl Brassington Kody Brooke Hannah Brown Koby Brown Melva Brown-Hendricks Gloria Brunnbauer Isaac Brunnbauer Rebeca Buendia Val Buma Lillie Burnside Ashley Butlin James Butlin Elaine Campbell Yolanda Canedo Kathryn Carbaugh Walter Cardenas Sharon Carlson Gleibis Carmona Evelyn Carpiet Bryan Cartagena Robert Cartagena Taylor Castania Geizel Castillo Geylin Castillo Nabetsy Castillo Vincent Chapeta Alex Chavez Barbara Chavez Marco Chavez Ting-Yun Cheng Purin Chirachevin


Aram Chong E Sze Yim Chong Forshee E Praporn Churdsuwanrak E Leslie Clare E Seth Clark E Tanya Clay E Adan Colon E Carlos Colon E Mark Comberiate E Leah Cook E Elvin Cosme E Ashton Crone E Linda Dale E Sofia Dalla Tor E Emily David E Ethan David E Linda Davis E Thomas Davis E Jonathin De La Cerda E Jon Debulgado E Andrei Defino E Tsian DeFour E Giovanni Delgado E Esther Delva E Ava Dickerson E Gloria Dixit E Jacqueline Dohna E Ana Dumitrescu V Selvin Duncan E Margaret Elaschuk E Drucilla Elliott E William Elliott E

Edna Ellis E Ana Emery E Jesly Escalante E Dylan Eva E Heath Eva E Joseph Farah E Brittany Fast E Bryan Fellows E Dianne Fillman E, V Adam Fisher E Rachel Flerchinger E David Flores E Elizabeth Ford E Evonne Ford E Shirley Ford E Wade Forde E Karl Forshee E Henry Fraser E Albert Frederico E Kaitlin Freeman E Kristin Freeman E Alfredo Fuentes E Nelson Fuentes E Tania Fuentes E Landon Gainer E Christian Gallion E Kassandra Garcia E Rheanna Garcia E Rhidge Garcia E Roy Garcia E Nicholas Gehring E Judy Gilbaugh E, V Kahelena Giltner E Aric Glasser E

Daryl Gohl B, E, R, V Ruth Ann Gohl E, R, V Linda Golden E Andrea Gordon E Jamie Greene E Samantha Griggs E Jean Guilmeus E Arlind Hackett B, V Edwin Hall E Jean Hall R Richard Hall R Zoltan Hangyal V Jonathan Hanson E Carol Hargreaves E Jennie Harlaque E DahEun Harning E Andrew Harris E Amanda Harrison E Celeste Harrison E Holly Harrison E Danielle Harvey E Clive Hendricks E Claudia Hernandez E David Hernandez E Cory Herthel E Esther Hilde E Jeff Hilde E Mary Hilde E Jeron Holloway E Sable Howard-Hughes E Ariel Hudgens E Bobby Hudson E Jamie Hudson E

Ena Hunter E Angela Hyde E Joseph Hyde E Mark Hyde E Shayne Ibarra E Roy Ice E Shannon Injety E Cheryl Jacko E Donald Jacko E Rebekah Jackson E Tiffani Jackson E Ryan Jarvis E Johnje Jasper E Hailey Johanson E Bernadette Johnson E Mary Johnson E Willie Johnson E Martin Kambaki E Clara Kang E Brennan Katsuren E Kimberly Kim E Miles Kim E Jacob Kouvarakis E Benjamin Krein E Jacob Krein E Gloria Leggitt V Fruot Lenzer E Gregory Leuenberger E Keagan Leuenberger E Lilibeth Leviste-Garcia E Georgette Lewis E Sonja Lewis E Henry Linares E

Heinz Linser Andrea Lomax Alyssa Loriezo Frida Loya Gabriela Lua Wenkai Luo Joyleen Mabika Violeta Mack-Donovan Darley Magno Charles Mantey Adrian Marin Rodriguez Mara Marks Melvin


Keri Mau Victoria Mavunga Zursey Maya Hannah Mbungu Aleyha McCraney Angela McKinney Tracye McKinney Eliseo Mendoza Anna Merritt Esther Meza Lora Middleton Eidi Millington Filip Milosavljevic Caleb Minett Joshua Minett Gustavo Molina Jordan Mondak Juanfer Monsalve



Martinez-Bracamonte E

Jaehyuk Moon E Ryan Mujica E Shawn Myhre E Raquel Natal-Manso E James Neergaard E Mary Neri E Donna Nicholas E Mercy Nyangau E Sophia Ochoa E Diana Oei E Jimmy Oei E Alan Okamura E Nanaba Osae-Brown E Elizabeth Osborn E Jacqueline Osborn E Anika Palmer E Melinda Paluszewski E Ezra Panjaitan E Eliasib Parra E Allegra Patzer E Nadia Pearce E Niki Penola E Giselle Penton Bravo E Gayle Perez E Rebekah Perez E Daniel Peters E Rosalie Peters E Garrick Peterson E Jeannette Peterson E Bailey Poloa E Madalyn Powers E James Price E June Price E Mary Price E 19

Leni Puen V Ray Puen V Andrew Putnam E Jeff Quam E Landy Razafindrabe E Dennis Reed V Darold Retzer B, V Monique Rhoden E Neesa Richards E Madison Ries E, V Arna Robinson Gilkes E Demetrio Robles E Dinah Robles E Juliet Rock E Listiel Rock E Ismael Rodriguez E Linda Rodriguez E Maria Rodriguez E Pamela Rodriguez E Victor Rodriguez E Kayla Romero E Edwin Rosado E Dawn Roselio E Daniel Rotelli E Teela Ruehle E Mariah Sagehorn E Estefania Sanchez-Mayorquin E Kinley Sandefur E Daniel Santiago E Laxmi Saquilayan E Maria Scarlett E Haroldo Schmidt E Jacob Schmidt E 20

Enrique Schmitt E Tania Schmitt E Erin Seay E Alexander Selivanoff E Anthony Selivanoff E Carolyn Selivanoff E Marc Selivanoff E Janice Sexson E Lisa Shenk E, V William Sherrill E Sara Sidmore E Gwendolyn Simon E Alpha Siriwattanakamol E Kridhima Siriwattanakamol E Dominic Sitowski E Gabriel Sitowski E Kayja Sitowski E Malachi Sitowski E Tonya Sitowski E Jordan Skinner E Trevor Smith E Mason Snyder E Yuna Song E Wade Spalding E Adam Stacey E Ellie Stalker E Tara Staniszewski E Braden Stapleton E Joseph Story E Mary Ann Stumpf V Quintin Tabingo E David Taque E

Aaron Thomas E Shawna Thompson E Hal Thomsen B Steve Thorpe V James Tiffany E Lucia Tiffany E Ella Tolliver E Lovette Torres E April Tracy E Jackie Tucker E, V William Tucker B, E Phillippa Turner E Henry Tweedy E Michael Vasquez E Maili Velez-Dalla Tor E Justin Vest E Elfriede Volk E Heinz Volk E Daniel Watts E Patricia Watts B, V Ralph S. Watts, Jr. B Carol Weaver V Arlene Webb E Chris Webb E Fred Webb E Gina Webb E Lisa Webb E Rhonda Wells E Tim Wells E Patricia White E Gabriela Wicaksono E Kenneth Wilbur R David Wilkins B Mary Williams E

Pamela Williams Walline Williams Walton Williams ChaTess Wise Whitney Wright Victor Zill

B Board and committee member E Evangelism team participant V Prayer, puppets, felts, office and other R Ministry representative


Board of Directors Ralph S. Watts, Jr. Chairman Darold Retzer Vice Chairman Randy Bates President/CEO Daryl Gohl Arlind Hackett Hal Thomsen Bill Tucker David Wilkins

From left: Ralph Watts, Bill Tucker, Arlind Hackett, Darold Retzer, David Wilkins, Randy Bates 21

OUR MISSION Partnering with God in leading people to share His saving grace.

Worldwide Headquarters PO Box 3000 Redlands, CA 92373 (800) 900-9021 www.qhministries.org