Quiet Hour Ministries 2012 Annual Report

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2012 Annual Report

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4/24/13 3:17 PM

Return Prodigal Return


rmando had grown up believing in Jesus. Yet as the years went by, he found himself far from Christ.

Almost without thinking about it, he’d become a total unbeliever.

But there was no happiness in that life. Armando often felt hopeless, wondering what his purpose was. One day he saw a sign advertising evangelistic meetings to be held in his Tacna, Peru neighborhood. Outwardly he shrugged and moved on. But inside, Armando couldn’t shake the feeling that he should at least attend one meeting. That feeling wouldn’t go away. Finally Armando decided he’d give the meetings a chance. The room was brightly lit and not totally full. So Armando felt a little conspicuous, shifting nervously in the white plastic chair.


But something happened he didn’t expect. The speaker— one of our mission team members—shared some of his own experience, of how he was saved by God’s grace.

2012 QHM AR.indd 2

It was a testimony that cut right to Armando’s heart. He was powerfully moved, wondering if perhaps the faith of his childhood could indeed fill the hole in his heart. Night after night, the more Armando listened, the more he knew he needed to come back to God.

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Arriving early the next evening, he moved past the local pastor and church elder that greeted him and sought out our team member’s translator. Armando asked to speak with our team member, saying it was his story that brought Armando there that night. The three men had a life-changing conversation. Here’s how our team member described it: “Before we left the room, he was in tears, my interpreter was in tears. And I actually felt a little bad because I was smiling, I was on the roof, I was five feet off the floor, I was so happy!” And he had a thought to share about Armando’s story: “Like the prodigal son, when he said, ‘I want to go home to the Father,’ at that point, as he’s coming back, the Father comes out and He accepts him right at that point!”

2012 QHM AR.indd 3

Mission Story 8 Jejomar had lived a rough life of crime in the Philippines. Despite being jailed in the city of Santa Cruz, for the first time he had hope of a better life. He’d been taking Bible studies with a local gospel worker. And now there was an American evangelist from Quiet Hour Ministries preaching in his jail about Jesus. Jejomar made his decision, he chose Christ! He and 70 other inmates were baptized in a small makeshift pool inside the jail.


4/24/13 3:17 PM

Chairman Chairman of the Board


discovered something recently that concerned me deeply. It was an article about the French government’s plan to defend the secularization of their government.

It read (emphasis my own): President François Hollande plans to create a new government agency that will monitor France’s official secularist policies. Building on a plan from 2007, Hollande said the new agency will strengthen laicite (policies established in the early 20th century) by developing a secular morality curriculum for public schools, monitoring religious extremism, and deporting those whose views tend toward “religious pathology.” Deportation may include creationists, said France’s interior minister. (Christianity Today, March 2013). We are watching bewildering events unfolding that were predicted many centuries ago. There is urgency in the air! Quiet Hour Ministries has set a goal to have 5,000 mission team members in the field every year by 2016. That would mean more than 1 million people hearing the gospel every year!


In 2012, some 591 team members responded to the call. Now, in 2013, our goal is to have 1,000 team members active in overseas evangelism.

2012 QHM AR.indd 4

We cannot delay. People need to hear the good news! Some days after His resurrection, Jesus gathered the disciples around Him on a Galilean mountain and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20 NIV). Fulfilling this Great Commission is the overriding goal of Quiet Hour Ministries. We are here to uplift Jesus to you, to our team members and to a fallen world. As the Apostle Paul put it, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (I Corinthians 11:1 NIV).

Dan Cotton Chairman of the Board

4/24/13 3:17 PM


Mission Story 8 Night after night, Mario hobbled painfully into our evangelistic meetings on his wooden crutches. He was paralyzed and desperately needed a wheelchair. But there was no money to buy one. Our Tacna, Peru mission team members were heartbroken watching Mario faithfully attend our meetings despite his obvious hardship. So they bought him a wheelchair of his very own! Just days later, Mario accepted Christ and was baptized!

2012 QHM AR.indd 5

More than 2,500 Bibles distributed around the world.


4/24/13 3:17 PM

President President & Speaker


ooking back on a year of God’s dynamic leading, I can see His miracle working power in Quiet Hour Ministries’ evangelism outreach. Indeed my cup is filled and overflowing by what God has done!

This past year, Jackie and I led an evangelism mission team to the city of Tacna, Peru. What we saw there was nothing short of the mighty work of God.

I witnessed entire families giving their lives to the Lord. I saw young people being drawn by the Holy Spirit to take a stand for Christ in the face of opposition by friends and family. There were the nearly 20 drug addicts accepting Jesus being baptized. Anointing several inmates on death row. And there was the unforgettable thrill on the faces of our team members as they watched people they’d ministered to going down into the waters of baptism. It’s a powerful experience to see lives changed before your very eyes!


I’m reminded of a favorite text, “O taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8 KJV. It’s one thing to read and hear about the wonderful things God is doing. But when you can be there to personally touch someone and lead them to Christ, then you are truly tasting and seeing that the Lord is good! I pray these pages will not only bless you, but encourage you to join us on a Quiet Hour Ministries evangelism mission trip. Come experience true discipleship and share the good news with others. Come “taste and see that the Lord is good!”

Bill Tucker President/Speaker

This is what Quiet Hour Ministries is all about. Giving hundreds of volunteer mission team members a first-hand experience of evangelism—to see lives changed, including their own.

2012 QHM AR.indd 6

4/24/13 3:17 PM


Executive Chief Executive Officer


n addition to the amazing numbers and stories listed throughout this report, there is another exciting result that I would like to share: answers to prayer. I have mentioned before how, in 2011, our staff and board gathered in a weekend of prayer and planning. We were searching for how to best accomplish our 75 year mission of sharing the gospel around the world. We believe that God led in developing the new strategy to significantly increase our focus on sending lay people on short-term mission trips.

Throughout the year in 2012, we worked on implementing the steps needed to reach our long-term goal of sending 5,000 team members out each year by 2016. I will admit that this plan created some worry about setting a goal that was too high. To put it in perspective, 5,000 team members is over 10 times our number of team members in 2011. The analytical part of me makes this goal seem impossible. Only God can make it happen. As we turned the matter over to God, the answers to prayer made it become very clear that we are on the right course. I believe that God is calling Quiet Hour Ministries

2012 QHM AR.indd 7

to increase our evangelistic outreach. Each unreached individual matters to God. He is asking us to relentlessly seek and share the gospel face to face and heart to heart. I am leaning on Christ’s promise that “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14 NIV.

When you hear about our goal of 5,000 people each year traveling into the far reaches of the earth to share God’s saving grace, remember these words of Jesus, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 NIV.

Randy Bates CEO


4/24/13 3:17 PM

We were blessed by God to share His saving grace in 32 countries in 2012.


Brazil Cameroon Canada Colombia Congo Dominican Republic

2012 QHM AR.indd 8

Ecuador Ethiopia Ghana Haiti Honduras India Indonesia

Kenya Malawi Mozambique North Africa (Muslim outreach in countries we can’t name) Panama

Paraguay Peru Philippines Sierra Leone South Africa Sri Lanka Thailand

Tonga Turkey Ukraine United States Vietnam Zambia Zimbabwe

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Mission Story 8 Avery didn’t want to go. Yet his mother insisted her teenage son get out of Philadelphia for a while and go on the QHM mission trip to Tonga. What an experience! Sharing Jesus with the children, working in the eye clinic, helping an impoverished congregation build their church—it all changed his life. “I’ll never be the same person ever again!” he says.

2012 QHM AR.indd 9

200,000 people reached total


4/24/13 3:17 PM

Evangelism Worldwide Evangelism Report

Brazil – Thanks to your gifts, 10 churches were built in the city of Joao Pessoa. These churches will host QHM evangelistic meetings in 2013. Cameroon – Containers of urgently needed medical equipment were sent to Adventist mission hospitals. Thank you for making this possible! Canada – Mission teams from Canada were sent to Tonga and the Dominican Republic. Also our Canadian office supported a number of international evangelism mission trips and projects. Colombia – A mission team from Southern Adventist University held evangelistic meetings in the city of Barranquila.

Latin Ame rica 10

2012 QHM AR.indd 10

Dominican Republic – Mission teams from Bogenhofen Adventist University and Kingsway College held evangelistic meetings. In addition, the Kingsway team also held children’s programs and helped build a church.

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Latin Ame rica

3 schools, classrooms and orphanages built. Ecuador – Your gifts helped sponsor gospel workers in the cities of Salinas and Quevedo. We also sent an evangelism mission team to Salinas, where they held meetings, led children’s programs and worked on church construction. Ethiopia – Thanks to your gifts, construction on a new home for orphans was launched in the town of Legedadi.

2012 QHM AR.indd 11


4/24/13 3:17 PM

Afric a

programs, medical clinics and church construction. And as a follow-up to an earlier mission trip to Guanaja, a water purification system was installed on the island. Gospel workers were also sponsored in the city of Valle de Angeles. India – Mission teams of young people from Romania and Sunnydale Academy shared the gospel through evangelistic meetings. Thanks to your gifts, eight chapels were also built and QHM gospel workers continued their outreach in the city of Chennai.

A Asia sia PPa accifi ifi cc Ghana – A mission team of young people from Finland held evangelistic meetings. Haiti – As recovery continues from the devastating earthquake of 2010, your gifts provided a container of medical equipment for the Hospital Adventiste d’Haiti.


Honduras – Three separate QHM mission teams were sent to Honduras, sharing Christ in Siguatepeque, Comayagua and Guanaja. These mission trips included evangelistic meetings, children’s

2012 QHM AR.indd 12

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Indonesia – Your gifts helped build a new girls’ dormitory at the YAPI Adventist Orphanage after the previous one burned down, killing three girls. In 2013, our mission trip to Indonesia will include evangelistic meetings held at the YAPI Orphanage. Kenya – Young people from Korea, Czech Republic and Slovakia held evangelistic meetings in the city of Nakuru, where 320 people were baptized. Your gifts to our Bible fund also helped supply Bibles for local church outreach by the Tombe Youth Group. Malawi – Thanks to your generous gifts, a container of medical equipment was sent to support the work of three Adventist mission hospitals. Mozambique – Teams of young people from Brazil held evangelistic meetings. North Africa – Your gifts to our Muslim outreach fund supplied Bibles and supported gospel workers in countries we cannot name due to the sensitivity of the work.

300 orphans received food, Bibles and other care.

Panama – A team of young people from Michigan held evangelistic meetings. 13

2012 QHM AR.indd 13

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Paraguay – A special mission team of young people from across Central America held a series of evangelistic meetings. Peru – Your gifts provided for gospel workers in Cusco and in the Amazon Basin region. Jungle chapels were also built in the Amazon basin thanks to you. In addition, two mission teams were sent to Peru, including a team led by Bill and Jackie Tucker. More than 2,000 people were baptized in Tacna alone!


Philippines – Four mission teams were sent to the Philippines where they held evangelistic meetings, led children’s programs, offered free medical care and worked on construction projects. More than 1,000 people were baptized! In addition, because of your gifts,

2012 QHM AR.indd 14

motorcycles were furnished to pastors in Luzon, mission air support was provided to missionaries on the Palawan Islands and gospel workers were sponsored as they shared Christ in new communities. Sierra Leone – A mission team from Southern Adventist University held evangelistic meetings.

Asia Pacif ic

South Africa – Your gifts to our churches fund helped build a new church in Richmond. And a QHM mission team traveled to Jozini, where they held nightly evangelistic meetings along with children’s programs. They also offered free medical clinics and built a new church.

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Afric a

3,474 people treated by medical, dental and optical clinics.


2012 QHM AR.indd 15

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Sri Lanka – Thanks to you, we were able to support local gospel workers and also provide an anesthesia ventilator and operating table to a local Adventist mission hospital. Thailand – A QHM mission team held evangelistic meetings as well as outreach-oriented programs and English classes for kids. The team also offered free

optical clinics. In addition, your gifts to our gospel workers fund allowed us to support local gospel workers to lay the groundwork for our meetings and follow up with new believers. Tonga – We sent a mission team, primarily made up of teenagers, to hold evangelistic meetings, children’s programs and medical clinics as well as to build a new church. Turkey – Your generous gifts allowed us to support the training of gospel workers in this Muslim-majority country. Ukraine – Because of your gifts, exterior construction of the Kiev Medical Center has been completed. A few interior projects remain. But a director has been hired and a medical staff is being assembled.


2012 QHM AR.indd 16

A sia P ac ific

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Mission Story 8 Butri was not about to miss the children’s program. Peddling her bright orange bike as fast as she could, she soon arrived at the open-air, tin-roof structure in Khon Kaen, Thailand. It was not yet 1:30 p.m. and our children’s program started at 4. But Butri wanted to be there! Raised in a Buddhist home, she’d never before heard about Jesus. She just loved the stories about Him. So she waited, excited to hear more from the kind people who talked about Jesus.

2012 QHM AR.indd 17

19 jungle tribes reached through airdrops of supplies.


4/24/13 3:17 PM

United States – We continued to share Christ through our Way of Life Bible course, daily devotionals and speaking opportunities. In addition, we also provided a special outreach to Muslims in Atlanta. QHM also celebrated 75 years of ministry in 2012 with several large events across the country. Vietnam – Your gifts provided for the translation of the Adventist hymnal into Vietnamese.


2012 QHM AR.indd 18

Zambia – A QHM mission team held evangelistic meetings, children’s programs and medical clinics in the city of Choma. Also, your gifts to our medical equipment fund provided shipment of a container filled with supplies to an Adventist mission clinic. Zimbabwe – A team of young people led an outreach to orphans that included clinics and programs to teach them about Jesus. And your gifts to our chapels fund helped build a new church in Evimileni.

75th An nive rsar y 4/24/13 3:17 PM

Afric a

18 chapels built in India, Brazil and three other countries.


2012 QHM AR.indd 19

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Power of One Mission Distributions

by type

3.3% 1.5%


5.6% 2.1% 2.5% 2.4% 6.0% 2.8%



Meetings Holistic Evangelism Chapels Bibles Transportation Children Gospel Workers Other Medical Muslim Outreach

Mission Distributions

by Geographic area

1.9% 24.3%

.1% 26.1%

2.7% 11.7% 1.2% 0.8% 31.1%


2012 QHM AR.indd 20

The Power of One

World Projects Asia SW Africa Eastern Africa North America Pacific Central/South America Euro-Asia Special Projects

hen we share stories and results like this report, we often hear, “I had no idea Quiet Hour Ministries is doing so much!” Yes, there is a lot going on around the world! Yet this report is not about what “we” are doing, it’s what God is doing. For more than 75 years, Quiet Hour Ministries has been following God’s lead in spreading the gospel around the world. Our work is based on prayerful consideration of the gospel commission and the available resources.

We’re so blessed to have faithful supporters like you who provided current gifts of almost $1.9 million. Additional restricted donations of

close to $2 million were released for use in the mission field. Total revenue was nearly $600,000 greater than 2011! Praise God for you and more than 9,000 other individuals who contributed in 2012, including 1,700 new donors! Your gifts provided increased mission outreach as well as the desperately needed services to support evangelism.

In 2012, 61 percent of mission funds were used for what we are calling “holistic evangelism” which includes free clinics, children’s outreach, church construction, local language Bibles, and evangelism meetings. Another 13 percent provided

4/24/13 3:17 PM


preachers in locations where evangelism meetings were needed. The final 26 percent went toward a variety of projects including providing motorcycles for pastors to reach more people in remote areas, gospel workers who study with people before and after our holistic projects, providing needed medical equipment to Adventist hospitals and other evangelism work. Of all of the numbers included in this report, our favorite is the number “one.” It represents:

 Each person who prays for this ministry

Board of Directors

Whichever one of these you are, know that God can work powerfully through you. With Him, the power of one is immeasurable!

Dan Cotton Chairman


Randy Bates CEO 4,000,000

Daryl Gohl 3,000,000

 Each team member who steps outside of their comfort zone to share God’s love in another country


 Each supporter who gives a current gift of any size

2012 QHM AR.indd 21

Bill Tucker President/Speaker


 Each person who hears about Jesus for the very first time

 Each individual who plans to do something meaningful through a planned gift or trust

Darold Retzer Vice Chairman

Intissar Issa Dick Neuharth José Rojas Amalia Marin Ralph Watts





Direct contributions and other Contributions from estates, trusts and annuities Released from restriction

Roy West David Wilkins


4/24/13 3:17 PM

Financial Statements of Financial Position


12/31/2012 ASSETS Current Assets $2,308,269 Property plant and equipment – net 2,283,022 Non-current assets 5,494,799 Total Assets $10,086,090



12/31/2011 $2,422,682 2,394,630 4,745,994 $9,563,306






2012 QHM AR.indd 22




Unrelated business income tax Change in value of annuities Support Services Program Services

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current liabilities Long-term liabilities – trusts and annuities Total Liabilities Net Assets Unrestricted – for operations Unrestricted – designated for annuities Total unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets

$584,166 4,189,627 4,773,793

$394,358 3,564,378 3,958,736

2,382,992 841,443 3,224,435 2,087,862 5,312,297 $10,086,090

2,497,607 780,031 3,277,638 2,326,932 5,604,570 $9,563,306

4/24/13 3:17 PM


Summarized Statements of Activities For Years Ended December 31

UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS Support and revenues: Contributions Contributions – estates, trusts and annuities Interest, sales and other income Total Support and revenues Net assets released from restriction Expenses and losses: Program Services Evangelistic ministries and projects Publications and website Broadcast media Supporting Services Management and general Development Trust Management







266,983 2,826,570

(4,903) 2,586,158



2,453,444 146,336 66,568

1,985,190 190,607 182,514

823,272 1,116,656 120,864

903,998 899,083 145,722


For Years Ended December 31



Change in value of annuity agreements Unrelated business income tax

90,745 21,113

155,798 0

Total expenses and losses Change in unrestricted net assets

4,838,998 (53,203)

4,463,212 (257,733)

TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS Contributions 1,679,260 Changes in value of trust split interest agreements 40,895 Net assets released from restriction (1,959,225)

1,401,827 (13,605) (1,608,507)

Change in temporarily restricted net assets



Change in net assets



NET ASSETS Balance, beginning of year Balance, end of year

5,604,570 $5,312,297

6,093,402 $5,604,570 23

2012 QHM AR.indd 23

4/24/13 3:17 PM

Headed Where We’re Headed

Our Mission

Partnering with God in leading people to share His saving grace.

Our Worldwide Evangelism Goal

In 2012, our worldwide evangelism reached more than 200,000 people. But we have a vision to do so much more! Our goal is to be reaching 1 million people for Christ every year by 2016. To accomplish this goal, we’ll send more than 5,000 mission team members into the field every year. It’s a big goal. And there’s a big need for gospel. Will you join us in reaching a lost world with the message of God’s saving grace?

Worldwide Headquarters PO Box 3000 Redlands, CA 92373 (800) 900-9021 Canada PO Box 22085 St. Thomas, ON N5R 6A1 (800) 538-0331 www.qhministries.org

2012 QHM AR.indd 24

4/24/13 3:17 PM