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Where to find the best single-sided circuits Single-sided circuits might either make or break your business, daily life, and even your home, the very reason why one should be very meticulous in choosing one. Qflex Inc. offers the best and high-quality single-sided circuits at a very affordable and reasonable price and at a very convenient time for its customers. Qflex Inc. lets its customers avail a very thin construction of its single-sided circuits at .004” to .008” or .10mm. to .20 mm. The said circuits are the thinnest of all the flexible circuits available in the market with that record. These circuits are also simple but long-lasting and perfect for interconnect and dynamic applications. Despite its thinness, it is still assured to have high quality and it can handle and withstand millions of operations. Qflex Inc.’s customer-friendly features also include the customer’s option to choose or design his or her own single-sided circuits without sacrificing the quality of the said product. Qflex Inc. offers a variety of thickness of the circuit that can customers can choose from. The said type of single-sided circuits also feature a one-conductor layer, reverse bared or back bared pads as well as supported and unsupported finger areas. These circuits are made up of a single copper conductor layer on a dielectric film which can be fabricated either with or without cover layers. A single-sided circuit is made up of a flexible polyimide film laminated to a thin sheet of copper. The copper layer is chemically engraved to give out a circuit pattern specific to your desired or planned design. A polyimide cover lay is added for the circuit’s insulation and environmental protection. These types of circuits are the easily-produced and quickly-designed. Due to these characteristics and traits, it is considered as the most basic of its type. However, a single-sided circuit may not be quite as simple as it may seem as it can also have dual access. It is can be a flex circuit that is manufactured in order for the conductive material to be easily-accessed from either sides of the circuit. These circuits are used in optical pick-up for audio and visual matters of a regular camera as well as a cellphone camera. Among these circuits' uses are also phone vibration motor and capstan motor camcorder in VCR’s, as well as production of transparent LED films, power supplies, security cameras,coffee makers, vending machines, packaging equipment, calculators and sensor products.

Qflex Inc. Single Sided Circuits  

Qflex Inc. offers single sided circuits in Santa Ana.

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