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The most preeminent flexible heater brand in Santa Ana Established in August 1980, Qflex Inc. stood out as a quick turn prototype and low-volume production manufacturer of quality flexible heaters, single and double-sided flexible circuits. The company advanced from a small time to a medium sized volume manufacturer that also provides added value add services. QFlex Inc. concentrates on responsive actions to make sure that the products continually and gradually improve and give a lot of attention to customer support as well as customer satisfaction. QFlex products, especially flexible heaters are committed to their one and only goal: Make business easy for the customer. In accordance with that, QFlex’s flexible heaters are guaranteed perfect for small and medium volume applications as it underwent a particular heat configuration and production design. Qflex Inc. also guarantees premier quality flexible heaters made out of Polymide and Silicone Rubber, which helps customers have a quick availability of pre-tooled and varied rectangular or circular shapes and designs. QFlex’s flexible heater’s features include the ability to heat up to 260 °F or 127°C, resistance to most chemicals and soldered wires that are reinforced with epoxy. These flexible wires are electronic and computer apparatuses fit to operate even in extreme weather conditions and 100% tested before release. Customers of Qflex can be assured of its high quality with the standard etched-foil heaters built out of polymide. Also, these flexible heaters can be used for aerospace, aircraft, medical, laboratory-related applications, as well as general industrial instrumentation. Industries that require the use of these heaters include aerospace, telecoms, military, general electronics, outdoor electronics and medicine. QFlex Inc., aside from these flexible heaters, also offers electronic flexible circuit boards within electronic systems and provides services such as exploring extensive line of flex circuitry as well as knowledge in the field of technical materials. QFlex’s heaters can also be used as components and connectors. These heaters come in irregular shapes in order to adapt to its contours as well as three-dimensional patterns. Also, more flexible heaters offered by Qflex Inc. allow its buyers to customize it according to their specific demands such as the customer’s need for hotter or cooler surroundings. This requirement or demand can be adjusted by the single-processing sequence driven by the same controller. A potential customer may also demand for different zones driven by varied controllers and even choose one physical heater instead of multiple heaters.

The reason behind this is the QFlex multi-zone heater. The said zone heater allows the customers to have full control and flexibility in managing their processes as they provide easyto-install elements. These zone heaters in QFlex’s customized flexible heater can be purchased in either polymide or silicone rubber.

Qflex Inc. Flexible heater  

Qflex Inc. provides premier quality flexible heaters to customers in Santa Ana.

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