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1 Asian Youth Exchange - Background & Introduction B ackground Asia region consists of more than half of the world’s population. The development in this region is immense in many ways serving as the largest engine for economic growth. Yet, Asia region is facing tremendous challenges such as food crisis, pollution, water & sanitation. At the same time, the major conflicts also happening in this region such as issues concerning East-Asia, South East Asia, South Asia and Middle-East. Therefore, Asia is the core region potentially to uphold the mission of peace and prosperity. Asian youth will have an increasing voice in the world for peace and unity. This time, Malaysia takes on pro-active role to convene an international platform for youths to address the global issues and find positive solutions. We are applying the ‘Power of Unity’ to all conflicts and problems.

Introduction The Asian Youth Exchange (AYE) convene an international platform for youths to exchange ideas by addressing the global issues and find positive solutions towards fostering a culture of service, social entrepreneurship and ethical social media. Ultimately, it also aims to develop future young leaders with character, creativity and values.

2 Asian Youth Exchange - Objectives & Particulars Objective • Promote Moral & Innovative Leadership quality through volunteerism and building a culture of service • Sharing Moral & Innovative ideas, exchanging knowledge and technology for peace building • Facilitate Moral & Innovative global citizenship through global partnership

Par ticulars Name of Project: Asian Youth Exchange 2013 Malaysia Theme: “Vision, Service, Entrepreneurship” Date: 2-5 July 2013 Venue: International Youth Centre, Kuala Lumpur Co-Organizers: • Department of National Unity and Integration, Prime Minister’s Department • Global Peace Festival Malaysia Organizing Partners: • International Youth Centre, Kuala Lumpur • University of Malaya Number of Participants: 16 International university students 92 Malaysian university students

3 Asian Youth Exchange - Particulars

Malaysia Philippines Indonesia Vietnam Nepal China Korea Cambodia Palestine Brunei Darussalam

Countries that Participated

University of Indonesia University Brunei Darussalam Global Peace Youth Corps Nepal Padjadjaran University, Indonesia University of Shinsung, South Korea University of Sunmoon, South Korea Zaman International School, Cambodia

International Institutions that Participated

University of Malaya (UM) Science of Life Studies Secretariat Rukun Negara (SRN) KDU College University of Tunku Abdul Rahman UNITAR Malaysian Institute of Art University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Multimedia University (MMU) International Islamic University Malaysia SEGI College Kuala Lumpur Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Taylor’s University College Science of Life Studies 24/7 International Medical University

Local Institutions that Participated

4 Asian Youth Exchange - Expected Outcomes E xpec ted Outcomes

I 108 young leaders from Asia region to participate and learn about critical thinking in current issues, qualities in leadership, character-based leadership, and handson for volunteering works, building new friendships across regions and experience in embracing diversity through this program. II 92 of the local participants will take innovative initiatives and collaborate locally to advance the vision of Moral and Innovative Leadership between higher institutions to promote peace and unity in our country. A series of programs will be conducted to raise the future young leaders. III Create an alliance of on-going partners to form Moral and Innovative Leadership Academy between Department of National Unity and Integration, International Youth Centre, University of Malaya, and Global Peace Festival Malaysia.

W ELC OM I NG DINNER 2 July 2013 8:30pm – 10:30pm International Youth Centre, Kuala Lumpur

6 Asian Youth Exchange - Program Program Â

Opening remark by YBhg. Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hjh Zaleha Ismail Chairman, Global Peace Festival Malaysia


Hosting remarks by YBrs. Cik Azura binti Abidin Director, International Youth Centre, K.L.

7 Asian Youth Exchange - Youth Program

Delegate representative from each nation received a special Representatives from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam,souvenir Nepal, China, Korea, Cambodia, Palestine, Brunei Darussalam


Korean delegate Bae Hyun Jung led the other delegates in performing Gangnam Style by PSY

Dance performed by the delegates and group photo

Dance the delegates and groupDinner photo Groupperformed photo of allby delegates during Welcoming

YOUTH F ORU M 3 July 2013 9:00am – 12:30pm Moderator Mr K . Pun iamur t hy Sen ior Princ ipa l A s s is tan t Reg ist rar, U n ivers i t y o f Malay a

Panelists Mr M ichae l Teo h Su Lim Ma lays ia Am b as sador, One Young Wor ld Mr I rfan Ama lee Founder, Peace G enera t ion I ndone s ia

9 Asian Youth Exchange - Youth Forum Key note Address Top ic : Mora l and I nnovat ive Leaders hip J ame s Po on , Pre s ident of Global Peace You th Cor ps

The speaker emphasized that GPF is passionate to raising young leaders with qualities such as leadership and vision via the Moral Innovative Leadership Academy platform. Though today’s society is generally perceived as highly advance in technology and developments, especially with the prevalence of using smart phones in our daily lives; it is crucial for us to also note that 19 wars are happening in various parts of the world in the present day and that it is estimated 50,000 people are dying daily because of these wars. The speaker concluded that this happened because of selfishness. The problems in the world always begin with ourselves before it escalates to family issues, national controversies, international affairs and global concerns; therefore it is essential for us to have leadership qualities and the right vision. The speaker quoted that, “before you lead others; firstly we have to lead ourselves.” Thus, it is important to challenge ourselves everyday so that we can make a breakthrough from selfishness to values such as others-centeredness.

10 Asian Youth Exchange - Youth Forum Summary Of Main Presentations “The D efin i t ion o f Succe s s and Progres s Being Condit ioned” The youths and university graduates today often fell into the rat race blindly and conformed themselves to society norms and expectations. In general, they are conditioned into perceiving what success and progress means, in which both are commonly associated to one’s ability to own cars, properties, earning high incomes etc upon graduation. Youths whose idealism, adventurism and aspirations are at its peak should be more alert and mindful and instead of falling blindly into the dog eat dog world, they too should pause and ask themselves what kind of contributions have they give back to humanity. Instead of having conditioned perceptions on success and progress – the spirits of volunteerism and community outreach is also a type of success and progress.

Panel: Reach-Out – Volunteerism

Session moderated by Mr. K. Puniamurthy Senior Principal Assistant Registrar, University of Malaya

11 Asian Youth Exchange - Youth Forum Topic: I nsp ir ing G lo ba l Po tent ials On Sus tainable Volunteerism Mic hael Teoh Su Lim , One Young World Malays ia Ambas sador

The speaker thrown two major questions to the delegates; whether they are willing to jump into an opportunity without any experience, ideas or strategy; or are they willing to jump into a bigger opportunity without knowing the right people and platform. The few pointers highlighted by the speaker including encourage the participation of social peers, encourage healthy educational exchange, become a symbol of global goodwill and diplomacy, and encourage transfer and exchange of knowledge and expertise. The speaker strongly believed that youths should open up their networking to the world as they venture into generating youth movements and service projects. The speaker highlighted several challenges and stumbling blocks which youths commonly faced in kick starting their volunteerism projects and movements, including the lack of communication skills, lack of ‘product’ knowledge, the feeling of loneliness for being different from other peers, authorities would not recognize ideas and contributions from youths and also the lack of character. The speaker emphasized that, “to be meaningful, we cannot be arrogant.” On motivating the youths to kick start their volunteerism movements, the speaker suggested his theory which consisted of the ‘outer core’ - the need to program mindset for global potentials, exploration and discovery, case studies, global citizenship interview and international application; the ‘inner core’ – inclusive of gaining insights, having associations, local culture of adaption, establishing global ventures, and also the way forward. In conclusion, the speaker advised the participants to stop procrastination which will eventually lead to no action.

12 Asian Youth Exchange - Youth Forum Topic : “Peace , Vo lun teer ism and E ducat ion for t he Young er G enera tion ” Mr. Ir fan Ama lee , Founder o f Peace Generat ion, Indones ia

The speaker highlighted that 90% conflicts that are happening are recurrences of old; which are inherited and passed down from generation to generation. In order to change the world, the youths in the present day have to take charge and take action if we want to see changes taking place. On referring to the busy and hectic lifestyle, the speaker strongly believed that “youths can always contribute to changing the world even if we are busy or have limited time.” The speaker suggested few steps to be taken – first to have proper views of ourselves, and then only we can have proper views of others, after that we can proceed to relationship conflict resolution, then only we will be able to have peaceful relationship. In the process of resolving conflicts, the speaker reminded all conflicts made people to be more matured.

Pertaining to launching youth movements and volunteerism projects that will attract attention, the speaker articulated that “the young people today pay attention to things which are interesting, not – important.” Thus, with that in mind, projects should adapt the “40 percent work and 60 percent fun” concept to sustain the young people’s interest and continuous participation. The speaker presented his strategy on cultivating peace in the younger generation – first he identified the community to work with, then he narrowed down the scope of education which is to teach peace, then he focused on disseminating these messages to young children, and in order to reach out the children with impact, he decided to use creative methods and materials as tools Wof outreach.

13 Asian Youth Exchange - Youth Forum Summary Of Q&A Session [Sustainable Motivation] The speakers agreed that one should always have strong reasons to kick start a youth or volunteerism movement. After that, we should decide what type of projects to do, conduct research, set a time limit for ourselves to achieve certain targets set. The speaker emphasized that it is essential for us to sustain the motivation to keep the movement on-going. [Project Copy] The speaker stated that it is human nature to ‘copy’ or to ‘imitate’; thus it is alright to start off by copying other people’s projects – then we are more established, then we can always generate a better module for others to emulate or copy. [Financial Sustainability] The speakers advised youths to conduct research and lay out their financial estimation before jumping headlong into any projects; and they should also work out a planning on how and where to get their necessary funding. [Profit-Making versus Volunteerism] The speakers articulated that youths today need to look beyond profit-making and redefine success and progress. Youths today need to understand that they are widening their network, being involved in a bigger agenda and that they are adding values to them.

Young audience all whom were dynamic and attentive

14 Asian Youth Exchange - Youth Forum


Youth empowerment and speak out

15 Asian Youth Exchange - Youth Forum


Appreciation presented by Mr. Nicholas Lee Chee Kuan to moderator & panelists Director, Youth and Program Development Global Peace Festival Malaysia

RECEPT I O N LUNCH E O N 3 July 2013 2:30pm – 5:30pm Dewan Serbaguna, Kompleks Kejiranan Presint 16, Putrajaya by Department of National Unity and Integration, Prime Minister’s Department

17 Asian Youth Exchange - Reception Luncheon Welcom ing D e leg a te s From 3 rd Internat ional Model Organiza tion Of Is lam ic Co op era tion and As ian You t h E xchange 2013

Welcoming remarks by Y.BHG. DATO’ AZMAN AMIN BIN HASSAN Director General, Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan lntegrasi Nasional

Greetings by PROF. DR. ABDELAZIZ BERGHOUT Deputy Rector, Internalization, Industry and Community relations International Islamic University Malaysia

Delegates from more than 50 countries gathered at Putrajaya

18 Asian Youth Exchange - Lake Cruise


Delegates enjoyed Putrajaya Lake Cruise

INTERNATI O NAL YOUTH E XCHANGE NIGHT 201 3 3 July 2013 8:00pm – 10:30pm International Youth Centre, Kuala Lumpur

20 Asian Youth Exchange - International Youth Exchange Night Ab out I n terna tiona l You th E xchange Night 2013 The International Youth Exchange Night 2013 (IYE) is a unique gathering organized by JPNIN who served as a bridge to connect the 110 participants of Asian Youth Exchange (AYE) and the 200 delegates from the 3rd International Model Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Global Summit 2013 for a meaningful inter-cultural experience. The night not only showcased traditional and multicultural dances and performances from Malaysia and the Middle East, but also highlighted a wide range of local dishes and traditional delicacies of the various ethnics in Malaysia. The program served as an exciting platform for both local and international youths and student leaders of diverse backgrounds and cultures to foster friendships and open up their networking to the world.

Official remarks by Y.B. TAN SRI DATUK SERI PANGLIMA JOSEPH KURUP Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department

Welcoming Remarks by Y.BHG TAN SRI DATIN PADUKA SERI HJH ZALEHA ISMAIL Chairman, Global Peace Festival Malaysia

21 Asian Youth Exchange - International Youth Exchange Night Â

Participants of IMOIC and AYE

22 Asian Youth Exchange - International Youth Exchange Night Friendship And Peace-Building Signing Ceremony



Delegates pledged to support Moral and Innovative Leadership for Peace

Y.B. TAN SRI DATUK SERI PANGLIMA JOSEPH KURUP marked this significant night to promote peace and unity through building friendship and cooperation across the world and support moral and innovative leadership initiatives.

23 Asian Youth Exchange - International Youth Exchange Night

(From left):Tuan Tuan Haji Karim bin Haji Semon, ZainahDr. bte Shariff, (From left): HajiAbdul Abdul Karim binAbu Haji Abu Dr. Semon, Zainah Dr. Akmal Khuzairy Bin Abdul Rahma, Y.Bhg. Dato’ Azman Amin bin Hassan, bte Shariff, Dr. Akmal Khuzairy Bin Abdul Rahma, Y.Bhg. Dato’ Y.B. Amin Tan Sri bin Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Y.Bhg. Sri Datin Joseph Paduka Azman Hassan, Y.B. Tan SriKurup, Datuk SeriTan Panglima Seri Hjh Zaleha Ismail, Mr Gandesan A/L Letchumanan, Dr. Teh Su Thye Kurup, Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hjh Zaleha Ismail, Mr Gandesan A/L Letchumanan, Dr. Teh Su Thye

Memorable moment with the Minister

24 Asian Youth Exchange - International Youth Exchange Night Â

Cultural performances from Malaysia and the Middle-East


Master of Ceremony: Alice Cornwell Neowcharurn and Kevinder Singh

VOLUN TE E R I NG & OUTRE ACH 4 July 2013 9:00am – 12:00pm Kuala Lumpur City Centre

26 Asian Youth Exchange - Volunteer & Outreach About Volunteering & Outreach The 110 participants of AYE were also divided into smaller groups to find their way around Kuala Lumpur city while raising funds via the Power of 10 Sen project to support the teenagers living at the low cost flats at Jalan Loke Yew for a community service project. In order to raise funds, the participants showcased various talents in singing and dancing to mall goers, tourists, shopkeepers and passers-by and raised a total amount of RM1, 064.95 in just three hours.


27 Asian Youth Exchange - Volunteer & Outreach Â

UNITY WALK AB OU T 4 July 2013 3:00pm – 5:00pm Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

29 Asian Youth Exchange - Unity Walkabout A bout Unity Walkabout One of the most unique part of Malaysia is our multi-religious society. In promoting understanding and religious harmony, the participants of AYE 2013 were taken for a field visit to various religious houses located in Brickfields, including Evangeline Lutheran Church, Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple, Sri Sakthi Karpaga Vinayagar Temple, Sam Kow Tong (3 Teachings) Temple and Madrasathul Ghoutiyyah. Amazingly, all these religious institutions were just 100 meter apart within walking distance. Â

Interfaith visits to various houses of worship

30 Asian Youth Exchange - Unity Walkabout


“The unity walkabout is something very special and meaningful for me. I am a Muslim and I have not visited any churches before. Now I believed that peace and understanding can be achieved regardless of our faith and religions,” Hanna Andari, Indonesia

“While the rest of the world is in conflict due to their differences in believes, faiths, or races; the community in Brickfields shown otherwise. The co-existence of these houses of worship actually inspired me on a new approach to unity and harmony. It was a site worth visiting and a wonderful understanding towards peace.” Song Jae Yu, SEGi College Kuala Lumpur

C LOSIN G OF AYE 201 3 4 July 2013 8:30pm – 10:30pm International Youth Centre, Kuala Lumpur

32 Asian Youth Exchange - Closing of AYE Â

Heartfelt sharings from AYE 2013 participants and certificate-presentation

W HITEWATE R RAFTIN G ADVEN TU RE 5 July 2013 10:30am – 4:30pm Slim River, Tanjung Malim

34 Asian Youth Exchange - Adventure About Adventure The program is an activity to challenge limitation and to raise leadership to embody core values such as teamwork, self-confidence, and energize team members to achieve the goals together.



36 Asian Youth Exchange - News & Testimonies News Bulletin: University Sriwijaya, Indonesia



37 Asian Youth Exchange - News & Testimonies News

The Star Newspaper, Malaysia

38 Asian Youth Exchange - News & Testimonies “Thanks to AYE 2013, I have made new friends from all over the Southeast Asia and also the state of Palestine. Through its programmes, I have experienced and came to realization about the hardships of getting donations to help the community in need. This certainly gave me new outlook and perspectives in life. My heart is more ‘open’ and I am now less reluctant to the concept of giving and sacrificing - that we can be a generous donor, a good friend to someone, a friendly host to tourists visiting our country and a kindhearted person.” Syed Emir Irfan Wafa bin Syed Rozaidi Wafa International Medical University Malaysia, Malaysia

“Initially I was quite hesitant to participate in AYE 2013 but now I am glad that I did not miss it! Aside from making many new friends from different countries, backgrounds, cultures and religions; I also learnt that it takes a lot to become a great leader. Through the programme, I have discovered my strengths and weaknesses. I am also glad that we were given the opportunity to do fundraising campaigns for community - this is a meaningful experience and exposure for me and I see this as a good challenge for us to become more confident and to trust our instincts and capabilities.” Andrea Arul Abraham University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

“This is an eye opening experience for me as it is my first time attending a youth empowerment and social programme like this. I have the opportunity to meet and mingle with youths from different countries and I have learnt that we should respect and foster friendships despite our diverse backgrounds and beliefs.” Santosh Dharmala, Volunteer Global Peace Youth Corps, Nepal

“This gathering of youths from various countries in Asia region is very exciting - I made new friends and most importantly I gained new insights to new cultures by learning and sharing among each other. I am glad that through AYE 2013, I know more about Malaysia and its uniqueness.” Nguyen Ha Vy Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

39 Asian Youth Exchange - News & Testimonies “Through AYE, I made many new friends and they have supported me much these few days. The service project was very challenging but it has helped to build my confidence and patience to rejection.” Sok You Ly Zaman Itl School, Cambodia

“We should have more of programs like AYE. We get to meet and greet more people who are from different backgrounds and it will be even better to bring in even more international students for exchange purpose next time!” Muhammad Ismail Shahrudin Sekretariat Rukun Negara of University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“In AYE 2013 - I got a chance to mix and mingle with youth leaders from different countries and it is an opportunity to observe my surroundings. This observation opened up my eyes to qualities that a leader should possess. There are indeed many leaders all around - unique to him or herself, with different qualities and characters.” Law Yii Liang Malaysian Institute of Art

“Actually, I can’t express the feelings of my participation in this program. But I can recommend that Malaysia represents peace all over the world. . I learned many things. The best is about the unity in teamwork, and cooperation between group members to achieve a common goal. I discovered my personality, my participation had increase confidence and trust in myself. AYE helped me to make new friends from different cultures and gave me knowledge, experience and skills to spread peace. Finally, I hope create an international youth exchange in Gaza, Palestine next year, and invite participants from all over the world to come.” Munther Abu Rabee, Palestine

40 Asian Youth Exchange - News & Testimonies “I also loved the time when we had this challenge of volunteerism. As a foreigner, I was unfamiliar with the places in Malaysia, but I seek help from my team member and I really appreciate my group who really did their best, and together, surprisingly we got a lot of donations from people. I enjoyed it when we did the unity walk at Brickfields. I was very amazed at how Malaysia had put together different religious places in one community.” Jeremiah Dalilah, Phillipines

“My best moments are when everyone was helping each other out during the Power of 10 Sen fundraising event. It was a very challenging program where we need to go out and ask for donations. I knew fundraisings were hard to start with but I never knew it was that hard. I was rejected for so many times and yes, I did feel disappointed at that time but I kept thinking be positive and move on. My teammates also keep encouraging me and although my group made not as much as other teams, I am proud that we tried our best. Nevertheless, I learned how to befriend complete strangers. I learned how to communicate with other people. I leaned to support my own team. I learned to become a very good and reliable leader. I also came to know not everything is easy in this world.” Amirah Athirah University Technology MARA

Asian Youth Exchange Report